(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and in light this afternoon. We are most honored to be able to join your circle of seeking. We have observed your circle and your being over the past two days, as you would call them, and have been most inspired by the open hearts that we have noted sharing the love and the light of the One Creator who resides in all, with all, and we join you in rejoicing in that love and in that light, and in the comradeship that you have built this weekend.

We are aware that there are queries which have been offered to us in hopes of clarifying certain concerns that are upon your minds. We would ask one favor of you before we begin to respond to these queries, and that is that you would see us as your brothers and sisters who are wishing to be of service to you, but who have no authority over you, and do not wish to be seen as infallible, for we have walked but a further step along the path than have you. If any word or thought we speak does not ring of truth to you, we ask that you lay it aside without a second thought. Take only that which has value to you and use it as you will, as you must, for this is the density of choice, and all information and inspiration may be utilized by each seeking soul to further the journey upon the spiritual path.

At this time, we would ask for the first query to be read.

Q’uo, the first question from the group asks: “How can we embrace being vulnerable in the face of catalyst from other selves?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query. This is a salient query, for your third-density experience, for all of you, living beyond the veil, are quite vulnerable to any questioning or doubt that comes from any other soul, or even from yourself, for there is nothing that can be known for sure, or experienced in a way that can be explained with certainty, for all that you experience is that which is subjectively experienced. Thus, it is necessary, in order to gain the confidence to continue walking this path of seeking and serving, to be able to develop your own inner strength that propels you past any doubt or fear of further movement upon this journey. To develop your own inner strength is a process which may take a variable length of what you call time and experience within your illusion, for to some it comes more quickly, if this is not a portion of their pre-incarnative choices, shall we say. For some, it is easier to look upon the path of seeking as that which is the most natural thing in the world, shall we say, for they are born with a knowing that there are other lessons that they shall face upon this time that you call an incarnation within the third-density illusion.

However, for some entities the choices of lessons include the potential for working with what you would call the lower self-esteem, the concept of the self that has introduced to it that doubt or uncertainty that what you are doing is what you should be doing, or what you can do, or what you might do. In this instance, we would recommend that you retire to your meditative state, perhaps at the end of your day, and review the day that has just passed, seeing all of those instances in which you moved with certainty, and those in which you moved with uncertainty. Look carefully at the factors and features of each instance in which either certainty or uncertainty was experienced. See if there is a triggering mechanism, a commonality that is contained within either the certainty or uncertainty, whether there be one or the other, look then to seeing the balance between the two that you can achieve when you observe how you have expressed these qualities within your being.

Look then to the uncertainty—see there a reflection of the self at a younger age, progressing backwards, shall we say, from your current time period to the time in which you feel this quality was born within your being, that time in which you first experienced the doubt of whether what you were doing and what you were feeling, and how you were being, might have value. Was there an instance in which another entity introduced that doubt to you, calling it to your attention, making you wonder if this was real or if this was not. See then, the forces, as much as is possible, which have conspired to bring about this current state of mind, the configuration of that which is called uncertainty.

If you are able to remember the time and experience in which this uncertainty was planted within you as the seed, look then to what has happened since, follow the path of the growth of this plant within you, to observe its effects upon your incarnational experiences. Was there any indication of a lesson that could be learned by experiencing such doubt? Was there any fruit that came or comes from such experience of doubt? Were you able, in any instance, to overcome the barrier that uncertainty built about your own mind and perception of yourself? Can you see how you might ascend that barrier? Can you see beyond the uncertainty?

Then look to that time, or those times, in which you have been able to find within your being, the concept of certainty. How was this expressed? What was its trigger or genesis? Was there, in your experience at that time, any motivating factor from without, from another entity for example, that gave you the feeling of confidence, of assurance, of the ability to move forward with strong and sure steps?

Look then to both of these experiences to see what each has had to offer to you through your life experience. Many times there is a great learning that can come from that which seems of a negative nature, for that of a negative nature that seems to oppose your own sense of self can be utilized as a motivating force to move you forward upon your spiritual path.

Indeed, my friends, there are no mistakes within your life path. There is nothing that is in your journey that you have not placed there of your own free will before the incarnation. Thus, if you can examine the factors which have created your experience of both certainty and uncertainty, then you may be able to fashion a further path through the remainder of your incarnation that walks with a more certain tread.

Is there another query at this time?

Thank you Q’uo, the next question asked, or says rather, “Greetings, our brothers and sisters of Q’uo. My question is, what exactly is a thought? Where does it come from, and what exactly is it made of? I understand that the origin of all things is the Infinite One, and that everything is made of light, but I am wondering if you can expand upon this topic. Thank you so much.”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query my friend. This is, again, an important concept to consider, for, within your illusion, what you have to propel you through the illusion in whatever fashion you move is the power of your own thought, the power of other thoughts, the power of all thought which has created your cultural milieu. The thoughts that you think, and that are thought about you, are the creation of the mind as it forms consciousness in a certain relationship with itself so that there are considerations given to the qualities of your mind that has perceived the illusion about you in a certain structured fashion.

Thus, you describe to yourself the nature of everything—of your being, of the illusion in which you move, of other entities about you, of the possibilities of your movement, of the creative aspects of anything or being that you encounter. Thus, thoughts are your own creation made of the light of the One Creator fashioned by your mind to serve as instruments of understanding of a certain nature.

We realize that your illusion does not contain the concept of clear perception, or understanding, but we use this term because it is closest to our meaning. Thus, the thoughts that you create are your expressions of your perception of your reality, your relationship to it, the means by which you shall move through it, and the ultimate goal or destination of the steps that you take in a conscious fashion.

Thus, your thoughts are the means by which you move yourself through your illusion, experiencing those choices that you have made prior to the incarnation in the manner in which you hope to make them, for before the veil you are aware of those needs which you have yet to accomplish within your own beingness, and will provide yourself with these opportunities to learn in a certain way within the incarnation, according to the thoughts that you create as perceptions of your journey.

Is there another query at this time?

Thank you. The next one asks: “Will you please share any practices or methods that may help us understand and work through the core traumas that we experience, especially in respect to other selves who experience these traumas in different ways than our own.”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my friend. Much of the learning that each of you will experience within this illusion will be related to that concept which you call trauma, for by a traumatic experience, whatever lesson you learn will be engrained far more deeply and surely within your own being than a lesson that is learned without trauma. The type of learning that includes trauma is that which requires a certain kind of inner strength that many find lacking within their own nature. Thus, the desire to move through and heal trauma is that which is the observation of a certain experience or instance of experience that is a reflection in microcosm of the larger journey that you make through this illusion. Again, we recommend that meditation is the greatest tool by which you may process the gaining of strength, the healing of trauma, and the moving forward from trauma, using it as a base upon which to make your next evolutionary step.

Within the meditative state, again we recommend at the end of your day, to take that traumatic experience and to examine it as you examine all experience to learn from experience as you process the catalyst to be more precise, to achieve experience. Look then to that which has brought about the trauma—what was the nature of its origination? Can you see any helpful fruit that came from it? Is there any means by which you have previously been able to withstand the trauma, to move forward from it, and to seek to heal the trauma and thusly learn from it? This is practicing what you might call mindfulness upon both the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind. Your mind is a powerful quality that you may utilize in examining the nature of all of the experiences or catalyst that you encounter in your daily round of activities. When you can look upon any experience, any trauma or difficulty with a calm and accepting mind and heart, it is far more likely that you will be able to receive intuitional hunches or flashes of inspiration that come from your subconscious mind that utilize its contact with your pre-incarnative choices.

If you sincerely ask of your subconscious mind that it give to you that hint or clue as to the direction of movement in your own daily round of activities regarding the traumatic experience, then you may be able to process this type of catalyst in a successful fashion. We also suggest that you might engage in what you would call the journaling process so that you look upon the experience that brought about the trauma and talk about it to yourself. In many cases, such an activity can activate what you would call the automatic writing that is communication from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

If there is a kind of trauma within your life experience that seems so large and difficult with which to deal that you need extra help, shall we say, from your subconscious, in perhaps another fashion, we would recommend that you utilize your dreaming experiences. Take then, the tablet and the pencil, placed beside the bed, perhaps with a lighted source of some kind, a flashlight, shall we say, and be prepared to record any dream that comes when you are preceding the sleep time with mental contemplation upon the trauma that you have experienced. Your dreams can give you these clues, as can the automatic writing, as can the intuitional flash.

You have many sources upon which to draw, including your inner guides and those angelic presences that are drawn to you because of the nature of your own being and your seeking. Look, then, with both the conscious and subconscious minds, to the experience of being able to ask with a whole heart, from those portions of yourself and your guidance that they may aid you in your conception and perception of additional information that may aid your growth.

Is there another query at this time?

Thank you. “When groups like this meet for positive service, what happens in the metaphysical world and what spiritual concepts are involved?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my friends. As we, in the realms of the spirit, look upon you with many other beings of light, we see gathered before us our other selves who are so eager to learn, so full of the optimism and energy of inspiration, that we ourselves are filled with inspiration with love for you, and shed light upon you to join you upon your journeys. When you gather together in gatherings such as this, the very heavens themselves rejoice, for you are but they at another stage of evolution, and yet you are they as they are, for each of you has a soul, a spirit that exists within these lighted realms which has sent you forth as an emissary into this illusion to suffer what is called the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” and to come together in groups like this to share means by which to deal with such outrageous fortune, to see it as a friend which teaches, as a guide which points the direction, as food which nourishes the soul.

For there is nothing but love and light, my friends, in various configurations in this illusion in which you inhabit and indeed within the entire creation. The One Creator has fashioned us all as means by which it shall know itself in greater variety and intensity and depth. You are the creator in earth clothes. You move as the Creator moves, yet there are times when you wonder, “How does this all work?” It works together, my friends. As you learn to be a community, and to commune, not only with each other, but with the natural environment about you, with those you know and do not know, with those within the angelic realms, and those beyond this Earth, for all are, indeed, one. There is no true division. Call, then, upon your friends at any time, and you shall be answered. The very heavens rejoice at your every step.

Is there a final query at this time?

Yes, Q’uo, thank you. This one asks: “In attempting to help others understand and experience the energy Suzanna 1 spoke of, could you provide any appropriate insight into the nature of this energy? For example, is this energy only sexual in nature? Is it a portion of a larger, more universal energy? In its most efficient usage what takes place, etc.?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my friend. This energy is the energy of the creation. This energy that you call the sexual energy is the energy that is created and contained in and by each iota of the creation. For all the creation is the One Infinite Creator. As you experience this energy in your normal sexual exchanges of energy, you begin, and we stress begin, to appreciate what the very nature of creation is, for it all is of an orgasmic joy. There is nothing but this joy in the higher realms. Those within your illusion that are able to attempt to potentiate, and are able to do so, within their own life experience, have begun that process that each of you shall eventually realize in your own life—if not in in this one, then another. For this is your birthright. This is part of what propels you through the illusion.

But, much is shielded from the conscious knowledge of most entities upon your third-density planet. It is shielded in order to provide you a protection from energy which you are not able to process until you have made certain realizations or balances within your higher energy centers. This energy, if run through the circuit of your energy chakras without the opening of the higher chakras would be quite damaging to your energy centers.

Thus, though you are experiencing this, you are not aware of it. You may become aware of it by certain practices that involve the balancing of each energy center, seriatim, from the red through the violet. This is a process that those of Ra have called “the balancing of all catalyst” so that you do not pick and choose, shall we say, those things of which you approve, and those things of which you disapprove, but are able, at some point, to see the entire array or realm of experience that you have had as that which is the One Creator, with no distinction of good or bad.

This is something that is the goal of each conscious seeker of truth, and each shall experience more and more of the opening of the beingness of the self to the experience of this energy, as the energy centers themselves are open and balanced, and allowed the free flow of the intelligent energy of the One Creator to move through each center until it is open and activating the indigo ray energy center, and then the violet. This, my friends, is what you have to look forward to. Thus, there is much which you may experience and expect to occur within your life patterns.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave you, my friends, as we found you, in love and in light, in unity, in peace, and in power. You are the Creator. Make no mistake—that is your true essence. Rejoice, then, as we rejoice with you. We are those of Q’uo. We leave you at this time in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. The Homecoming Gathering was attended by Suzanna Miller who offered a presentation on ecstatic or sexual energy. Her website is www.blissrunner.com