(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you in love and in light on this blessed day. Blessed, we say, because it is an opportunity that you offer us to serve the One Creator, which is in each of you as you query us concerning those matters that have meaning for you on your spiritual journey.

As always, we begin by asking a small favor, that you take our words and use them as you will, leaving behind any that do not ring of truth to you, saving and utilizing those that do, so that you might use them however you will. If you would grant us this small favor, then we may speak without fear of placing a stumbling block in your road of seeking. We are those who have moved perhaps a few steps further on the road which you yourself travel, and we are happy to share what we have learned in our own journey, with you freely, though we are not what you would call “ultimate authorities.”

May we ask if there is a query with which we may begin at this time?

Q’uo, can you give us any information on the formation of our solar system?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We appreciate the scope of your query, for to answer in detail, would require a great deal of time as you perceive it. However, we may give you what you may call a thumbnail sketch of this process of creation which is true not only for your own solar system, but for the infinite number of solar systems and galaxies spread throughout the One Infinite Creation—for as you know, this solar system in which you now dwell is one of an Infinite Creator which has placed itself within each portion of all solar systems, and each portion of each planet and each person, for there is nothing but the One Creator existing within that which you call the creation.

Thus, the beginning, shall we say, of this process of creation was when that which you may know as the intelligent infinity, or the One Creator, existed in the state of total unity. There was not what you would call a creation at this time, if we may use that term in a sense in which there is no time.

At some point, this Infinite Creator made a choice—the choice was the first movement away from complete unity, and is called a distortion of that unity—a freewill distortion in which the Creator decided that it would know itself in ways that would not be possible if it did not create other intelligences and give them this same freewill which the One Creator exercised to begin the creation of a multitude of galaxies, each of which took the creative energy of the One Creator, that which you call love, or Logos, and from this primal Logos, extended the desire to know itself to an infinity of other Logoi, each of which created its own galaxy of experience.

Each galaxy, as well, contains greater or lesser numbers of sub-Logoi, such as your Sun, so that the plan of the One Creator to know itself was formulated within each Logos to contain an octave of vibration, or densities of light, from the red through the violet, so that there would be a path available for each individualized entity that might exist within each planetary body created by sub-Logoi such as your Sun, so that your Sun, as a representative, or model, for such sub-Logoi, then took the plan of the prime Logos, and refined it in a fashion which allowed for greater and greater expression of freewill to be shared with each type of consciousness that could evolve through the densities of creation, red through violet.

Thus, your planetary sphere, your Mother Earth, has now moved through the red ray energy center, in which the qualities or entities of earth, wind, fire and water have been able to solidify in a fashion in which life as you know it, the simple awareness of being, was able to come forth. This simple awareness of being then expressed itself as those four basic elements so that the elements of wind and fire could blow and burn incandescently, in a manner which would teach earth and water to be formed into rivers and lakes and land and islands and continents and so forth.

This simple awareness that was able to express itself began to move forward, shall we say, to be drawn forward or upward by the upward spiraling lines of light that are the intelligent energy of creation that has made all that there is, and which calls forth each portion of all that there is, into higher and higher expressions of consciousness so that within the second density—or the orange ray energy center, that which you know as movement and growth—was possible, so that the lower forms of plants and animals began to have a beingness within the orange ray energy center.

As they were continually drawn forward as well, or upward by the upward spiraling line of light, they began to expand the simple awareness of the first density, so that there became what you may call the very beginnings of self-consciousness, of movement and growth, seeking the light.

Then there was a further transformation, or quantum leap, into the third density, that of the yellow ray, in which you now live and move and have your being, and have self-consciousness expressed to its greatest degree, calling forth the quality of the spirit so that that spirit, which was latent within second density, is now activated within your third-density illusion, so that you are a completed being, having the mind, the body, and the spirit, with which to process the catalyst of this illusion with the purpose of opening the green ray energy center, and moving into that harvest into the fourth density of love and understanding, which is the process which your Mother Earth and its population is now engaged in.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother.

Is there another query at this time?

Yeah, Q’uo, I have a question. It’s my understanding that the service-to-others path and self-care are not mutually exclusive, and that we can be positive beings while at the same time taking care of ourselves, such as taking care of our health, taking care of our spaces, making sure we have time to ourselves, and going out of our way to enjoy life. My question has to do with where this falls in the system of polarity.

I imagine that doing these things out of an intention to better ourselves in order to serve better would be positively polarizing. But, what if we’re doing these things just for the sake of ourselves—if we just want to be healthy, if we want to enjoy ourselves and enjoy life, not necessarily with the ultimate intention of serving others through that means. Is that serving ourselves, or where does this fall on the spectrum of polarity?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is, indeed, a salient query, for the times in which you find yourselves experiencing much catalyst of a seeming divisive nature, and yet providing opportunities for those who wish to serve to do so, as those which ameliorate, or attempt to ameliorate, the divisions that now persist upon your planet.

The difficulty with the planetary consciousness at this time is that many, many entities have not chosen either the positive or the negative polarity to pursue in their life path, and the query you raise is one which is within the boundary of the, shall we say, non-polarizing gravity well of indifference, as those of Ra have called it.

Many there are which have moved into the level of attempting to be conscious in their own private experience, so that the manner of viewing the self is that which attempts to care for each portion of the mind/body/spirit complex. However, most of the attention is given, in these instances which you mention, to the body and mind, attempting to become informed as to the best means of achieving the most balance of mind and health of body, with the intention of extending the life span, shall we say, to enjoy the pleasures of life, the qualities of existence that in your particular country may be described as the “American Dream,” to have those accomplishments of education, the result in successful employment, the results in emolument to pay for houses and cars, and those accoutrements that aid in the convenience of the daily round of activities and style of life.

This type of self-consciousness is neither positive nor negative, as we mentioned, for it is the intention to provide the basic necessities for the life experience that moves no further than the intellectual apprehension of what makes the life more agreeable.

At some point, this type of energy and intention has an opportunity to express itself in service to others for those great majority of entities that are now incarnate upon your planet, due to the seniority system of incarnations that allocate the incarnative opportunity to grow in a spiritual sense to those most likely to be able to do so, so that each entity now incarnate in this positive sense, has programmed, preincarnatively, the opportunity to be of service to others at a certain point within the incarnative pattern. There will be catalyst offered that will invite the choice to be of service to others. The catalyst is of a great variety of potential means of expression, for each entity is quite unique, and will chose that which is in harmony with its own beingness and intentions in balancing the previous incarnations and their choices in the upcoming incarnation.

It is hoped by each entity then, in the positive sense, that this opportunity to serve others will become that which is paramount within the experience. This choice of service to others, then, at that point, marks the beginning of the opening of the green ray energy center, and the conscious apprehension of the reason for the incarnation, and the ability to see through the more illusory the entity, seeing beyond the health of the self, seeing beyond the comfort of the self, seeing beyond the caring for the family and looking to the expression of the service-to-others orientation in a conscious fashion.

Therefore, the intention becomes altered to the degree that the self, then, looks beyond its own boundary to others selves, and finds a means by which service may be offered that will operate to polarize the consciousness in the sense of this service-to-others opportunity.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, just a clarification. I think I’m understanding that if there’s an entity who is generally polarizing positively, and their focus, for most of the part, is upon serving others, and they maybe go out of their way to do something to enjoy themselves just for the sake of enjoying themselves and not for the sake of serving others—so long as it’s not at the expense of another self, that activity is not necessarily positively polarizing, but it’s not detrimental to that entity’s positive polarity in itself. Is that true?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is true, for it is the intention that is the most important ingredient in such choices. The intention in the case which you describe is not that which is desiring to be of service to others, or of service to self by controlling others and separating from others, but is that which contains no polarizing possibility, for it is in the, shall we say, gravity well of indifference, indifference to the polarization process, and ignorance, shall we say, of that process’s existence and opportunity to be utilized for any entity.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, not on that topic, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yeah, on a different topic. I would like to ask about the idea that the information that you share, and that we provide on the internet, generally falls within the realm of—let me reword that.

People typically find it through a means of researching conspiracy theories, and there’s a path to finding the Law of One and the other channeled material by first discovering conspiracy and then finding the channeled material. And sometimes people sort of fall away from the conspiracy aspect, but I wanted to ask what the role of conspiracy theories, and that path of first finding conspiracy, and then finding the spiritual information, what the dynamic is there, and what the proper role of the conspiracy theories are in the heart of spiritual evolution.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The so-called conspiracy theories are, for many entities, as you have mentioned: a beginning movement away from the generally accepted explanation of the nature of reality, for that which is hidden is known within the inner being to be of a spiritual nature ultimately for each individual. Thus, this subconscious knowing of the need to seek that which is hidden within the self oftentimes begins with seeking that which is hidden in the outer reality, there being an inner sense that the hidden quality is of importance to the individual mind/body/spirit complex.

However, when this path of seeking to know more about the hidden qualities of the so-called planetary game, or conspiracy theories, as to how this game is played, is pursued long enough by an entity which is enough interested in riddles and puzzles to move beyond that which is of the conspiracy nature, eventually such an entity discovers that it does not feel fulfilled in that inner sense of craving fulfillment by knowing more and more of the conspiracy scenario—who did what to whom, and why.

When this sense of lack of fulfillment becomes strong enough, such an entity becomes more aware that there is something lacking within this hidden story—there is something there that might point the attention and the consciousness, and the expenditures of energy inward to this conspiracy buff, shall we say, for it is discovered that this sense of craving is stronger than the desire to know something that was hidden, and therefore, feel more informed than the average consumer of information within your culture.

The desire to move beyond being controlled by forces that are unseen and who have supposedly contact with entities of an extraterrestrial nature, perhaps, who are behind their machinations, causes the seeker of truth to be born in a fashion within the conscious mind and the sensitive heart of the entity who has heretofore decided that there was something more to the illusion than normally experienced, and now has decided that there is more to the illusion than conspiracies, and illuminati, and Malta, and so forth. Thus the seeker may be born as a portion of the path of seeking begins within that investigation into the planetary game.

When the seeker then discovers the spiritual journey, then all seems to fall into place, as the pieces of the puzzle are more able to be placed in the proper location within the mind/body/spirit complex of the new-born seeker of love and light. Thus, within this realm of secrecy may be sown seeds of infinity, and the seeker of truth moves forward.

Is there another query, my brother?

Yes. The realm of conspiracy theories is vast, and some of the popular conspiracy theories, if they are true, could be at the root of all suffering on the planet. So some positive seekers, after finding the spiritual heart of evolution, still care about the nature of these conspiracies and want to raise awareness. But doing so can sometimes induce fear and create distortion; it’s my understanding that that’s why the Confederation tends not to wish to speak too directly about these conspiracy theories.

Are there any suggestions that the Confederation has for those seekers who do care about these particular conspiracies, and want to raise awareness but not create more distortion and fear?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, we move back to the concept of intention. Whatever action an entity undertakes with the intention of being of service to others is that action that begins to polarize the consciousness in the positive sense. Many seekers, in the best of intentions, tend, at times, to move into areas of transient information and experience. It is difficult to move clearly and concisely within the realm of illusion in which you now find yourselves, whether there is a conspiracy afoot or not.

Thus, the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Creator feels that it is important for entities to look first to the intention of service to others, and secondarily to look to the amelioration of the suffering that is caused by the so-called hidden hands, and hidden motives and entities. When there is a means of avoiding the difficulty of the fear being introduced, it is most necessary to then step back from the movement into that realm of experience.

We feel that this has not been as well stated as we would wish, for this instrument is beginning to tire. We shall attempt clarity.

The seeker of truth who wishes to serve those who are in need of the basic ingredients of their life experience—the ability to chose their path, the ability to live without fear, the ability to feed and clothe the family, the ability to consider the nature of the reality in which they move, the ability to seek a greater reality within all—these are the areas in which entities may, indeed, serve others with the intention to give assistance to those who require it and request it. Thus, the intention is all.

Is there a final query at this time?

I have a query, please, concerning that subject on intention. My question is where does the resistance … what you resist, persists. I’m trying to form the question, I apologize.

What you resist, persists, so it’s sort of like we hesitate, confrontation with those that are in fear, out of fear that that will perpetuate the fear-based intention. So, how do we … I’m not sure I can form the question or not. How do we act as effective participatory individuals by serving others most effectively, and still avoid the resistance, and perpetuate persistence? Does that make sense?

I am Q’uo, and believe that we grasp your query, my sister. The way that we, of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, have always suggested that the spiritual seeker pursue the path of service to others is to attempt to exemplify those qualities of that path, which are fundamentally the love of the Creator within all beings, sharing the light of this Creator with all with whom each entity comes in contact on a daily basis, and attempting to see the unity of all creation before one, whether it seems an illusory separation of entities pursuing various means of control and manipulation of others, or seeming to give that which is needed to others, when it is needed.

Thus, our suggestion to each serious seeker of truth is to become that which you seek in the actions of your daily round of activities. Attempt to love with a whole heart when you’re confused as to the nature of the experience confronting you. Attempt to share the light that you know of as the Creator within you. See the unity of all beings. Seek the light, and praise the light, and praise the One Creator in all.

This, of course, will be translated by each seeker in an unique fashion, for there is no one way that works for each seeker. But if you have, within your heart and within your mind, the desire to be of service to others, then it will be a natural thing to resist not evil, for it perpetuates, as you say, that quality. If you fight or attempt to control that which is done to others, even out of the best of intentions, you are perpetuating that which you seek to eradicate, for that is the game of negative polarity—to control, to resist, to manipulate, for the benefit of the few.

The seeker of truth, however, does not recognize any division of a true nature in any being. That which is seen as evil, or negative, is the darker side of unity. At some point, all negatively orientated entities will, of their own freewill choice, desire to seek the light in the same sense as the positive entities do, for at some point within the evolutionary process it is not possible to move forward without seeing all the same as the self.

In your illusion, in this third-density experience, it seems that there are the positive and negative entities that are so vastly separated from each other that there could be no possible union at any time. This is another illusion, my sister. See, then, the Creator in all, for the Creator has made all that there is—there is nothing but the Creator. Look above and beyond that which seems negative and divisive, for it is an illusion and at some point it shall be ameliorated and rectified. There will be, once again, the unity of all of creation as each individual within the infinite creation exercises its freewill to move back into unity with the One Infinite Creator, bringing all its infinite choices to the One Creator as means by which it may know itself more fully, more intensely, and with greater variety. All is one, my sister, there is no other truth.

At this time, we thank each for calling our presence today in your circle of seeking. We are honored to have been able to join you. We are inspired by you in your seeking within this dense and heavy illusion which seems to cloud every perception and make it difficult to see where the path might be. Move forward in love and in light at all times. That is your truth, that is your heart, that is your destiny. We are those of Q’uo. We leave you now in that love and in that light. Adonai vasu borragus.