(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each of you in love and in light this afternoon. Once again, we are filled with joy to be asked to join your group, for your circle of seeking has become a special experience for us. We seek to serve, as do you, offering you information that may be of assistance to you in your own spiritual journey, and at the same time, we learn from you through your experiences, your questions, much of what is helpful to us, for you live within a difficult experience, an illusion which hides most of the One who is in all from you.

Before we begin, we would, as always, ask a simple favor of you, and that is that you take the words and concepts which we offer to you today and use them as you will, leaving behind any that do not ring of truth to you. In this way, we shall not become a stumbling block to you, for we would not wish to cause you distortions in your own journey of seeking, but to share those concepts with you which have been helpful to us. If you would do that small favor for us, we will be able to speak more freely to you.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query with which we may begin.

I have a question. I want to be of service to others in all that I do, but how do I deal with the feeling of being taken advantage of?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. To be of service as fully as one can be, it is often necessary to undergo a certain kind of testing, shall we say. The testing may be the feeling that you describe of being taken advantage of, it may be a feeling that you have fallen short in your service, it may be a feeling that you do not perceive a manner of being of service when perhaps there is one there, or it may be that you have difficulty responding in the manner in which you are asked to respond.

Each seeker of truth who wishes to be of service must be aware that it is not always a simple action that is accomplished when you have the opportunity presented to you to be of service. There are often obstacles, as we have mentioned, that cause misperceptions and difficulties in such service that is being rendered. It is necessary, in our opinion, to be able to move in an effortless fashion, full of will to serve, and the faith that all will be well, and all is well, so that your service is given freely, without any offering or expectation of return. To expect a certain return dilutes, shall we say, the service that is offered. If you can give of yourself in a completely free fashion so that that which you give is all you have, and the best you have, you have done all that is possible for you to do.

It is necessary, in our opinion, for each servant of the One, to give in a whole fashion so that there is no reservation in the giving, for the reservations reflect some type of distortion or disharmony within one’s own being that can serve as a useful vehicle towards finding a balance for that disharmony, and thereby enhancing one’s ability to serve.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, that’s perfect, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Greetings, Quo, I have a query. Harvest has commenced and the human civilization and population appears to be in a process of ascension, clearing negative karma and purifying their beings. How can we best be of service in that process, and also how can we get the best information from you to help with that process?

I am aware of your query, my brother. These are queries which are heavy upon the minds of many seekers of truth in your experience today, for within this planetary influence, resides a great company of goodly souls who have removed themselves from one density to another, who have come to be of service to this planet in whatever manner is most appropriate and the queries that you have asked are those which each has within his or her soul essence. The manner in which one offers oneself in service is that which takes the opportunity that is presented to each within the daily round of activities that may or may not have been expected to be of service, for each experience that you have with another entity offers you some means by which you may be of service, for that is the great purpose of the interaction of entities in the third dimension reality of the societies that you form based upon the yellow-ray activation of your energy centers.

The stuff of third density, the interactions of whatever fashion—be they harmonious, light and lifesome, deep and dark, exciting or dull, many or few—all offer the opportunity to present yourself as a servant of the One who resides in all. If you look for that One in each that you meet, you will find some aspect of that One responding to your desire to serve, and offering you a manner in which you may be of service truly in that moment, on that day, in some way, that will be made apparent to you if you keep your heart and your mind as open as your arms greeting a loved one. You will find many and sundry ways to offer yourself in service, for that is all that is here: manners of serving. No matter what you do, whether you send rockets to the moon, whether you clean the baby’s diapers, whether you sell items on the internet, everything is an opportunity for you to become a servant of the One in all. There is no other feature of this third-density experience that is as universal as the opportunity to serve.

As regards your second query as to how to get the most helpful information from our group, we suggest that the same technique be used, that which you have done repeatedly in your interactions with us, and that is to ask what is on your heart. For that which comes from your heart, is the purest offering that you may give to any entity, be they from your density, our densities, or from any place. For this offering of the heart is an offering that brings all entities together in the opening of that green-ray energy center, an unconditional love for all beings, for all of the creation, whether you are aware of them or not, for the love that pours from your heart touches all, for all are indeed One.

Is there another query?

Yes, Q’uo, one brief query. Could you give any advice on how to deal with contrast in situations that we encounter in life—things that we prefer and not prefer, as we move along in the progression of life seeking alignment.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. There are many, many contrasts, an infinite supply of such that may be available to each entity within the incarnational pattern, for the contrasts of one thing to another are what the polarized nature of your third-density illusion is created of. All of these contrasts—the large and the small, the good and the bad, the male and the female, the light and the dark, and so forth, in each infinitesimal manner of representation—there is in each contrast an opportunity to balance the self by being able to look at the pairs of seeming opposites or contrasting features of one kind of beingness, so that you are able to take this within your mind, your body, and your spirits, and make it a portion of yourself, for do you not contain all things as a portion of the One Creator? Is there anything or portion or contrast with any other thing that you are not? We are all one, we all have each portion of the creation contained within us, the universe is contained within each entity. You are much, much more than you perceive yourselves to be in a normal sense of your own reality. You are this and you are that, that which you think you are not, you are that indeed. Take it all in with open arms, with open heart, with open mind, and take it as something that is of a beneficial nature to you to realize that you are far more than you ever thought possible, and as being everything in everyone, then look upon each around you as a brother, as a sister, as the same as yourself, the One Infinite Creator in another guise, another face, another feature, another form.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we again thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have one, please, Q’uo. You advised to ask what’s on our hearts, and if I think long about this question, I will come up with a spiritual answer, and an intellectual answer. And I think what I’m struggling with is trying to reconcile what’s going on in my emotional body. So my question at that level from my heart is: when you feel or perceive yourself to be in service to multiple people who are close to you, two or more, and you feel bound to these entities, perhaps by some calling or some pre-incarnative choice—maybe they’re family members or people who have a long-standing role in your life, and you have a finite amount of energy, or seem to have a finite amount of energy to offer to each of them, and their needs seem to be pitted against one another, in that if you are to offer your energy, whether the energy that comes through you, as much as possible, whether your personal reserves, to just one of these entities, the other suffers. How do you reconcile the feeling that you’re always falling short in serving those whom you love whose needs don’t seem to match up? I guess that’s all I have to ask. Thank you.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. When you wish to be of service to entities as what you’ve described, that seem to be at odds in their requirements of you, it is well to look within your heart, perhaps within the meditative state, to see and feel what is your true heart’s desire. If that desire is to be of as complete and loving a response to needs as you are aware of, go then to that source of request of service from you and give what is asked fully and freely, until you feel that you have given all that can be given by you at that time.

Then, when you are asked by another to give what seems difficult or contradictory in some fashion, give again from the heart from your being, that tells you what it is you must do to be true to that feeling of wishing to give all that you have. When you feel that there is contradiction, opposition, confusion, or any other feature of your service that is not clear to you, find within your own being the faith, that as you follow your heart, there is no higher calling you may follow. Find within yourself the will to continue to give as it is asked of you to give.

Service is not always easy—service is often most difficult when it is most valuable to be given. All services given freely from the heart are helpful to all entities involved in the service. Indeed, in any way in which you may open your heart to others, you affect the entire creation, for all are One in love and light. If there is a pain in your heart from any service you offer, ask of yourself the source of the pain. Perhaps it is something within your being that you do not wish to do, but did even though it felt that it was something that was not helpful. If you are of service to others in the most beneficial way, you give to them what they ask of you. If that is not possible, then you need to ask yourself, why is this so. If it is truly not possible from an open-hearted way of your own being, then think again as to how the service may be most effectively offered. In most cases, simply giving as you are asked to give is the most helpful way to be of service for you cannot know how to serve another unless they tell you, unless they ask you.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you so much, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

A brief follow-up question, Q’uo. What about when the other entity asks for us to provide a service that we deem to be not productive or even harmful to that entity?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. If such a service is requested of you, and you have seen repeatedly from past experience to fall short of the desire of the one who asks, then it might be the most helpful thing to engage in conversation, to ask for a refinement of the service, explaining with the blue ray of freely given and received communication, how further a service of this kind that has failed previously, will be able to succeed at this time. Asking for clarification of service is often a good way to find the most helpful service, because it is not just you that adds your thoughts, but the one who asks your service who will also respond in kind. This may, indeed, move the service to a higher level of beingness so that it is truly effective. Being of service and offering what is asked is sometimes enhanced by freely given and received communication. A service does not necessarily need to be blindly given, for there [is] oftentimes, as you are aware, a certain contributing factor or essence to a service that needs refinement before the service may be considered truly helpful.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, Q’uo. What if the other entity does not appear to learn from catalyst, and makes the same mistakes over and over?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest meditation in this case. Meditation to discover what is the heart of your own being, so that you may see whether or not this is a practice or offering which you wish to continue., For in your own heart, if you feel that there is a failure for a certain kind of offering that the entity receiving does not yet recognize, then it is perhaps a good movement, shall we say, to move within your own meditative state and see what it is that your heart truly tells you. For oftentimes those who wish to serve rely too heavily upon the mind, seeing certain features of an outward illusion that may not be correctly perceived, whereas if the perception of the heart is queried, or sought, then there is another level of realization and explanation that can be availed. We hope that this has been helpful, my brother, for this is not an easy situation in which to find one’s true path, and we realize that oftentimes when one finds oneself in such a quandary that it is necessary to consider carefully the further steps upon a path that has led in a direction which seems to be unproductive. We realize that there are oftentimes situations in which one must rely upon one’s own intuition that is another form of viewing that which is within the deepest levels of the heart, for the intuition is often the means by which many entities access the deeper levels of the heart that are not immediately available to the conscious mind.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you once again, my brother.

Is there a final query at this time?

Q’uo, we’ve got one sent in from Luis, who asks: “If one is pursuing the path of the adept, seeking to find and be able to hold oneness within, is it recommended to maximize the time spent in awareness of the Creator, and in a more meditative state, or is it recommended to consciously take breaks from the state often, in order to work with the ever-present catalysts around us, or will the path simply present itself and there is no need to aim for either?

I am Q’uo and believe that we understand the query, my brother. We find that a great deal of thought has gone into this query and that there has been a good deal of experience with each facet of the query. The meditative state in which the presence of the One is sought is a means by which to imbue one’s own being with a sense of direction and purpose, also the sense of actually moving into the workaday world, shall we say, and utilizing the presence of the One to color those interactions with others in a manner which is most beneficial as it is that which contains the overview of all of the creation, and how each tiny portion fits as a piece to the greater puzzle. We are also aware that there has been a great deal of experience with allowing the moments of one’s life experience to evolve as the seed that grows from the ground that has been watered by one’s attention within one’s own being.

We would suggest that this query is one which has basically answered itself, for if one has availed the self of the opportunities of feeling the presence of the One, then this great nurturing food for the soul might be taken with one into the daily round of activities, and shared there with those hungry souls who come one’s way, for each in a day’s experience will discover that there are many opportunities to be of service: whether by a simple smile, a short conversation, the offering of a service, the finding of that which is lost. And then discovering again, within the meditative state at a later time, that this was that which was most appropriate in the reviewing of the day, in the balancing of the events of the day that, taken together, cause one to feel a certain kind of wholeness within the being so that there is that feeling within oneself that the path that one has followed for this particular day has proved helpful to others and gives one a feeling of being whole and helpful and inspired by that which comes from within and moves to the outer realms to bring the peace and the power of the inner realms to that which is the illusion around one.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group for this instrument is becoming somewhat weary. We thank each, as always, for offering the queries, for offering the love, for offering the light to us, for you are inspirations to us as you move through your daily round of activities. You live within an environment, as we began to say at the beginning of this session, that is most difficult. It is one which has many challenges, and the doughty seeker shall find many opportunities to open the heart in love to all about it, and we leave you in that love and in that light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.