(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and in light. We are honored to be asked to join your group today. You are a shining example of love and light of all that there is in the one infinite creation, and the variety of your experiences, the dedication of your spirits, and the movement of love between you is an example for all humankind. Before we begin, as always, we ask a small favor. We wish you to understand that we are not ultimate authorities. If you will but help us in a small way by taking those words and thoughts that we offer you and use them as you will, leaving behind any that do not ring of truth to you. In this way, we will be able to speak freely to you and not becoming a stumbling block for you.

At this time may we ask if there is a query with which we may begin?

Yes, Q’uo. First a question from the circle is: “Can you speak to the importance of creating and coming together in groups such as this. How can we work to harness what we receive from such a brief meeting with so many beautiful souls?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This gathering is a wayshower, shall we say, an example for all of humanity, in that the purpose of the gathering is to find those vibrations of love and understanding beginning to resonate more fully and freely within your heart, the green-ray energy center. The third-density experience upon this and all such planets has, as its purpose, the opening of this heart energy center in a manner which gives that which you may call unconditional love to all about one and all things about one, seeing the creation as one being, existing within every entity and everything that one may experience in the life incarnation. This purpose is one which resonates with the true heart of every being on your planet, whether the being is consciously aware of the possibility of opening its own heart similarly in love and understanding.

There is, as those of Ra have said, love in every moment and in every entity. As you gather together in this group and share that love vibration between you, that vibration begins to resonate outward in ripples that reach to the ends of the Earth, around the Earth, and engulf it in a manner which is perceivable by any entity which is sensitive to these vibrations. Each entity, whether sensitive or not, within this planetary influence has then the opportunity to similarly begin the process of conscious seeking of that which you may call the truth—the truth of the unity of all things, the truth of the One Infinite Creator that has created all things and exists in all things and all entities, and is there, waiting within each entity and each iota of the creation to be discovered by those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to open in love and in light.

Thus, as you take with you these loving vibrations back to those residences and homes within this Earth sphere from which you have come, you have the opportunity to begin to share, in some fashion, these vibrations with those that you meet in your daily round of activities, for each of you has made what you may call the preincarnative choices to see the world about you in a certain fashion that allows you to learn those lessons that are most important to you in this incarnation.

Thusly, if you can imbue each experience, each generation and experience of catalyst with these loving vibrations, you have made a large step forward within the metaphysical realms to bring this power of love into the daily round of existence, into the mundane environment which is the third-density illusion in which you live and move and have your being at this time.

As you are able to do this, you are sowing seeds of love and understanding all about you, within the environment, within the entities you meet, within the air that you breathe, within the soil upon which you walk. These loving vibrations, then, consciously sown, have the opportunity to bloom and grow and bear fruit, as others become either consciously or subconsciously aware of their existence within their own being. Thus, you are, like the Johnny Appleseed of love and light. You wander where you may, seeding the planetary influence and its population with the love vibration.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Q’uo, the next question from the circle is: “I was wondering: in service to others, is there or can there exist a warrior aspect or energy?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This query is an interesting one, in that it puts forth the possibility of that which would seem contraindicated—the warrior characteristic or mentality that would not normally be seen as a companion of the fourth density of love and understanding. But, within your third-density illusion which is so heavy and problematic at this time for so many people, with so many divisions between entities, so much doubt, anger, confusion and separation, it is not an easy process for the conscious seeker of truth to move through the illusion about it in a loving manner at all times. There are difficulties that prohibit in some instances the freely shared love and light when it seems to be rejected and thrown back into one’s face, causing one to feel perhaps to be a failure.

We would suggest that the warrior mentality is one which may be defined as fearlessness, the ability to continue in the face of seeming despair, hopelessness, or failure, to give that which is of love and of light regardless of the response of any entity about you. Indeed, to receive any response with love and light, for this is the purpose of this illusion—to learn the ways of love. And, if you are able, under any circumstance, to respond to any catalyst with love, you have triumphed in a warrior-like fashion over those forces of darkness which would wish for this darkness and separation to prevail upon this planet.

Thus you move forward without fear of rejection, without fear of any type of difficulty that may stop your intense desire to seek and to serve the One Infinite Creator within all entities that you meet, for if you speak to that One Creator in all entities that you meet, in love and in light, at some level, the Creator will respond and return your love and light in kind, and then the love and light of the One Infinite Creator will continue to grow more and more within this planetary influence as it moves more and more into the fourth density of love and light and understanding.

Is there another query at this time?

Yes, thank you Q’uo. The next question from the circle is: “At times I have found it difficult to differentiate between discernment and judgment of a situation or others’ actions. I have the desire to share by interpretation of a situation, or others’ actions, but I’ve found it difficult without infringing on the others’ free will. How can I know when it is appropriate to share my thoughts with others?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. Each conscious seeker of truth has within it the desire to be of service to others, for that is, indeed, the heart of the positive path that seeks to be of service whenever possible. The determination of the possibility of service is one which is oftentimes left to the intellect, in which case there is the necessity of some type of discernment or judgment that may give you certain qualities or parameters within which it is appropriate to share that which is yours to share, and we do not say this is not appropriate. If you feel that it is necessary to wait until you are asked by any entity to share that which is the heart of your seeking, then, by all means make this your method of being of service.

However, if you wish, you may also look within your own heart at the level of the intuitive comprehension of the appropriateness of being of service to others when your heart tells you the moment is right for the sharing of that which is yours to share. Your intuitive nature is that which connects your conscious mind to your unconscious mind, and furthermore, connects you to the greater mind of the racial mind, the planetary mind, and the cosmic mind, so that you are resourcing the deeper levels of intelligence that are yours to call upon in any moment of doubt or possible sharing of that which is yours to share.

Thus, if you exercise your intuition in other areas of your life experience as well—for example, as to which road to take in the pursuing of your daily round of activities, which entity to consult for such information as would be necessary for you to obtain for one reason or another, or any way that you do not have obvious direction in the movement of yourself and your path throughout the daily round of experience—The exercise of intuition is that which may be most helpful to you as you continue your journey of seeking to be of service to others.

Is there a further query at this time?

Greetings, Q’uo. Next question from the circle is: “Can you comment on positive catalyst? Does positive catalyst exist, and how is it balanced?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. My friends, we would suggest that all catalyst may be seen as positive or negative, for it is, in truth, neutral in its own beingness. The choice of each entity as to how the catalyst is used, determines the positive or negative nature of catalyst. Positively oriented entities, then, would look at any catalyst that they come before in their daily round of activities and use it in a manner which could produce positive polarization. Just so, negatively oriented entities may look at any catalyst that comes their way as negatively oriented if they are able to use it to dominate or control another, and thereby increase their own power of service to self. Thus, the catalyst itself is of a neutral nature. Its use, and how it is used, and what it produces, determines whether or not it may be seen to be positive or negative as a result.

Is there another query at this time?

Yes, Q’uo, the final question from the circle says: “How can we be more intimate with our own bodies and with the land to which we belong, and are those two interlinked?”

I am Q’uo and believe that we perceive the query, that intimate is the operative word. Is this correct?

Yes, Q’uo, that’s correct.

We thank you, my brother. The intimacy that is possible for each seeker of truth to obtain, to share, and to build upon, is that which realizes the unity of all creation, for as the seeker attempts to become more intimate with its own self or with another self, or with its environment in which it moves, [it] is attempting to become more knowledgeable of, to increase its experience of, and its appreciation of, the One Creator which exists in all things and in all entities.

This intimacy is a kind of conscious union with the small self, the greater self, and all selves that reflect some portion of the One Infinite Creator. The intimacy that is possible for each entity to experience and express becomes that which is a unifying factor so that when the eyes look upon the world about one, there is less and less division and separation noted and experienced, and instead there is more of the feeling of oneness with all of creation—which is, indeed, the truth of the creation, thus the intimacy of which you speak is a tool which may be utilized to increase one’s perception of that which is the truth, that the One Creator exists in all things, and is there deep within each entity waiting to be discovered, to be expressed, to be loved, and to be experienced as the greater self that exists within the smaller self.

Is there any other query at this time from anyone within the circle of seeking?

Q’uo, I’d like to build upon the question about positive catalyst. Can catalyst be something happy and not necessarily always the 2x4 to the head, and if so, is there some balancing that’s needed for that, or is that just easily accepted and therefore not necessary to balance?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The quality of happiness is one which is quite subjective in the experience of entities upon your planet, for if you look at the variety of entities that you meet within your daily round of experience, and ask each what would make them happy, you would find a great range of examples that might cause happiness in some, but not in others. There is happiness that comes from taking advantage of others and succeeding in getting what they have, and using it for one’s own self in the negative polarity. In the neutral polarity, or lack of polarity, happiness may come from winning a lottery, from buying a new car, from digging a garden and planting it, from anything that one can imagine.

Thus, we recommend that one look at the experience of happiness as that which also might be balanced to one’s benefit, so that the happiness which may have its antithesis as sadness, be seen as transitory experiences of the nature of your reality and of your own being. As one then sees a new level of happiness, perhaps emerging within one that is more spiritually oriented, the happiness of the feeling of love unconditional for all those about one, the happiness of seeking the One at each moment of one’s existence, the happiness of feeling love for all of the creation, and so forth.

Thus, we would suggest that each seeker of truth look not just at that which makes one happy, but at that which is at the heart of the happiness—is it that which is transitory, that which is infinite, that which is enduring, that which is ennobling?—and thus be moved by the nature of what causes happiness, so that that quality may be balanced in one’s own being.

Is there another query at this time?

I have a question. Are our spiritual guides helping us all the time, or only when we ask?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest that in truth both statements are correct, for spiritual guides have a self-chosen responsibility to do that which is of most use or benefit to those entities that are within their providence of guidance. At some point, an entity may, for example, ask for assistance in some matter, choosing a path of service of making spiritual choice as to one type of meditation or another, and so forth, and the guide, at some point, may provide a symbol or sign or indication to the entity that such and such a direction is the appropriate one to follow at this moment.

However, when there is no need for the guide to intercede, then the lack of intercession or guidance, if you will, is that which is felt by the guide to be of most assistance to the entity within its beingness and providence. Thus, the entity itself begins to gain more spiritual strength, shall we say, by exercising its own free will. It is a matter of the most appropriate means of being of service to one’s guided spirits so that there is the most opportunity provided to accelerate the path of seeking for this entity.

Is there a final query at this time?

May I ask a question? Is there, in the conceptual idea of the Nikola Tesla mind projector, was it a metaphor for something, or is it possible to make it as a real device?

I am Q’uo. My sister, we must ask you to repeat your query, perhaps with more volume as this instrument’s ears were unable to perceive some portions of your query.

Is it Nikola Tesla last conceptual patent about mind projector, was it just his conceptual metaphor to introduce humanity to something bigger, or was it an attempt to create a real machine?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. The one known as Nikola was desirous of being of service to the population of this planet by giving them an example of a means by which their own mental abilities could be harnessed in a conscious fashion to be able to have an effect upon other portions of the One Creation in which the entity had its beingness. This mind projector was, therefore a kind of training aid that would allow entities to expand the abilities of their mental capacities to move into the spiritual realms and be able to fashion visual images of an inspirational nature that could inspire entities on a larger scale to have an expanded point of view that would see the world about them as more than simply a three dimensional expression of the mundane nature of third-density experience.

Thus, the mental configurations were meant to be of what you may call an artistic level of expression of the unity of creation reflected in a kind of four-dimensional metaphor that allowed each entity viewing such an expression to expand its own level of consciousness and ability to apprehend the depth of not only the artistic creation, but of the nature of reality in general, thus moving beyond the three dimensions of your planetary sphere and seeing the existence of the fourth dimension of love and understanding that is, and was at that time, beginning to have its effect upon this planetary influence.

Therefore, the one known as Nikola had as its objective, the expansion of the consciousness of this planet by the use of this mind projector as it had hoped to be of service before its incarnation, and found some difficulty within the incarnation in being able to realize those pre-incarnative choices. Thus, this entity was somewhat saddened in its ultimate comprehension of its effectiveness in this illusion, although many felt that it had been quite, quite helpful in its inventions and in its very beingness.

At this time, we would thank each in this circle of seeking once again for inviting our presence. You have inspired us by your seeking, by your love, and by your light, and by the joy that is within each heart. We leave each of you as we found you, in love and in light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.