Group question: Why is the divine feminine needed at this time during the harvest of Planet Earth?

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am now with this instrument at this time. We greet this circle of seeking in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. And indeed, it is within this love and light that we witness your group, for from our perspective, the great pillar of radiant light, shining as bright as the sun that we may see from time/space, is a great majesty to behold. It may be seen to the ends of the creation.

We are joyed and excited to be called to this group. We sense within this group anticipation and excitement, and we share this with you, for we too learn from this process, and we are aided by your call to us as we respond to you. This is not a process of us imparting upon you information, but rather us joining together as seekers of the One Infinite Creator. This is an important aspect of this circle of seeking to highlight, for it involves our regular request that any words that we speak through these instruments, any ideas presented to this group, we ask that you weigh them against your heart and use your divine discernment to determine if they are proper for you at this time upon your journey. We are not masters wishing to guide you upon a specific path, but rather fellow journeyers who have walked the path and wish to share simply what we have seen.

We would also offer to this circle an affirmation that the individuals serving as instruments commented on before the circle began. And that is the one known as Carla has joined this circle, indeed not just for this moment but for your entire time together throughout this gathering. She holds each within this group with a warm embrace and a bright, radiant smile of pride and happiness that you may join together as you have. 1

Your question for this evening is indeed a very prescient and important question, for it combines two elements of your current experience upon this planet and highlights an integral aspect between these two elements—that is, that which is known as the divine feminine, and the time upon your planet currently being experienced called the harvest. Indeed, as the question insightfully points out, the divine feminine—that primal aspect of the Creator—is incredibly integral in this process of harvest.

As we speak to this concept of the divine feminine, we ask that you release any strict conceptualizations of what this may mean, [including] any ideas of how the divine feminine may manifest in your current time, for we find upon your planet that the realization of the divine feminine and the divine masculine have been very confused. And it is indeed in this confusion that much healing may take place.

The process of harvest is one that has many aspects–among individuals, among groups, among your entire planetary population, and within the planet itself. We may draw your attention to the aspect of the divine feminine that is manifest within your space/time known to you as your Mother Earth or, as she is known in other ways, Gaia or Terra. In attempting to understand how the divine feminine is related to the process of harvest at this time, we would ask you to examine your planetary population’s relationship with this divine being of Planet Earth, and how your unrealized social memory complex has developed a distorted relationship with this planet. For it is within this relationship that you may view the particular distortions of your realization of the divine feminine. There is much exploitation. There is much harm. There is much healing to be done within this realm.

It is indeed the planet itself which will birth the fourth density, and we ask you to consider this process of gestation and birth given to the divine feminine, and how your Mother Earth has provided an environment for you at this time to experience the third density, and to go as a being in the womb to develop a sense of individuality, of purpose and direction, as individuals and as a population. This process of third density is akin to that gestation period within the womb, and indeed it has been a difficult period for your planet and for your population.

But as the fourth density approaches, opportunities to realize and accentuate those distortions given to your planet itself are becoming more and more available. And within this realization, there is the light of fourth density, which is the light of love itself—of unconditional love and understanding. And it is through these aspects of fourth density that your planet may come into a more proper relationship with its population as the population comes to reconcile the difficult aspects of that relationship. It is an essential and necessary aspect of the harvest at this time that these distortions be realized and healed. And it is through this healing that the birth of fourth density may take place. This planetary aspect of the divine feminine and the harvest is but one among many that may be explored.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Trisha to explore further aspects of this relationship. We are Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We appreciate the opportunity to exercise these instruments in this circle of support and love. These instruments similarly appreciate the patience and gentle touch as they step forward in this practice. Indeed, it is that flavor or hue of support which this group is providing for self and fellow self that is of the divine feminine nature, that is of this element which can be of a guiding light, if you will; it can be of great assistance and of utmost importance as this planet transitions and gives birth to its new heir.

As the instrument prior stated, there are many and various avenues and opportunities for the healing of potential imbalance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Again, we stress that these energies do not necessarily have the same definitions in terms of identity as they do in your experience. Instead, they describe a particular genre of energy—that of taking or that of receiving, that of love or that of wisdom, that of strength or that of vulnerability.

We imagine that those on this planet at this time are encountered frequently with instances of this energetic imbalance the closing of the heart, the distancing of self from other-self, the energetic investment into ego. Indeed this was a, how you may call, calculated or purposeful move on the part of the creation, as every moment, every experience acts as an opportunity for growth—for further knowing self, for further knowing other-self, and for further realizing the creatorship of all. Hence when we speak of this need for the divine feminine, it is that need for the open heart, the need for the nurturing of self, the need for the nurturing of other-self.

And though that action itself may seem extraordinarily small in the scale of a whole-populational harvest, it is those tiny micromovements that act, in fact, as beacons, as lighthouses for inspiration, as vibrational positive transfers between aspects of the creation. So we see that the healing of the heart, the healing of the self—what the self sees as identity, the pains and trauma that come with the self—is very much of great import at this time. For then that healing can traverse the space between self and other-self to allow the healing of the aspect of the illusion which you call relationship. And with this action, one heart opens yet another, and opens another and another, multiplying. When the intention is set towards this healing of imbalance, the letting go of control, the full acceptance of everything, then you may see the clear channel, not only of us tiny aspects of the Creator, but the creation itself as a whole.

We ask you to imagine yourself as a mother tending to her child. As you walk this planet, as you dance within this illusion, [we encourage you to] you operate with the open heart, open arms, the gentle touch, and the desire to serve and nurture other-self. It is through that dynamic that the, what you may call, reality of this experience can be discovered: the true interconnectedness and unity of all things, the realization that the hand outreaching is the same as the hand that grasps. Once those connections are established and fortified and fully embodied, so then may the heart of not just the self, but the planet be full, the experience be primed, and the space be advantageous for this massive growth, this step in evolution.

We’ve heard many words spoken throughout this gathering of seekers that appear to align with this desire to heal, to hear, to fully see—a desire to uplift the planetary consciousness towards this evolutionary step—and we are immensely appreciative. It is this kind of light work, this desire to serve unconditionally towards love, that is extraordinarily healing and, though it may not seem to be, [is] incredibly inspiring.

Before we transfer our contact, we would like to leave through this instrument with the thought that every entity in this group holds the potential to be that lighthouse, that spark of inspiration, that source of connection for another seeker on the path, for another self navigating this experience. And we wish to remind each that that position is one which each and every one of you is absolutely worthy of standing proud within. For each individual light shines so beautifully, so purely, so brightly.

At this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and transfer contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. And we greet this circle once again through this instrument, who found himself wanting to continue listening to our stream through the previous two instruments, doubtful of his own capacity to be equal service. Which is why we help to warm up this instrument, speaking through him so that he may ease into greater comfort, and speaking that which comes to him, from us to you and to all who may hear our words, in the discernment of their own thinking and their own heart.

As we have expressed, it is an immense moment of joy to witness the working of this circle and the almost-effortless blending of energy which has occurred during this, or rather that which you call this Law of One gathering. Each time the heart opens as you relate to one another, it is as if a light has become brighter. And though metaphysically not visible to your physical eyes, it is quite apparent to us and to all who may witness these workings from beyond your space/time realm. We witness and cherish this as we do the many such workings around your planet, where those of your people come together in mutual support and loving-kindness with a desire to see one another.

And it is this type of work which makes a way for the healing of the feminine within the self and within the collective. For if one studies that known to you as history—at least those recorded portions thereof—one sees not just a story of events and empires, migrations, and so forth, but one sees one of our universe’s most fundamental polarities in action; that being the fluid, dynamic, ever-shifting ratio and tension between the masculine and feminine. And what characterizes your particular planetary people’s story, at least among its dominant cultures, is a story and wherein the feminine has been subjugated, exploited, suppressed, and feared by those of your peoples.

We have watched the technologies change over your centuries and millennia—from fist, to sticks and stones, to swords, to gunpowder, and to your more digital-based technologies—all expressions of this great conflict of imbalance between the masculine and the feminine. Yours is a story, as a collective, with many, many exceptions on an individual level and in pockets of cultures in society, but in the main, a story of imbalance between these two fundamental energies. These energies in proper proportion and balance, which differ for each individual, are sacred when understood. There is no inherent taint in the masculine principle; there is only rather its destructive, harmful qualities when it has come out of balance with the feminine principle.

It takes little to see evidence of this imbalance, as there is conflict within the self and between peoples and, as we had spoken previously, with your relationship with your Mother—that being the planet which gives you life and experience in this plane. Thus, it is of central importance to heal, to address, and to heal this imbalance within the self and within your peoples. To address this imbalance is to restore your place as a child of the Creator, as a member of this infinite cosmos.

In terms of that which may begin to heal this imbalance and to restore that which has been suppressed of the feminine within you, there are many ways unique to each individual and each culture. There are however some central principles which we may suggest for your attention. They include and perhaps begin with listening. For as we have said, what characterizes the masculine and feminine at its root is that which seeks (for the masculine) and that which awaits the seeking (for the feminine). Inherent in that feminine quality, which is inherent in all beings is this quality of receptivity: of receiving, of not embarking upon a desire to penetrate the unknown to bring back insight and understanding, or to configure one’s environment to a vision of one’s liking, but rather to await with humility and sensitivity that which is always speaking to you.

It is this quality of listening which is necessarily an honoring of the feminine within you and of your subconscious resources. One who is not in a state of listening feels that perhaps they have the right answer, that they need not pay attention; and this imbalance may lead to imposition and infringement. But one who is listening is recognizing that there is an intelligence greater than their own, that they are but a vessel or instrument for a will greater than that of their conscious mind and their conscious drives.

It is not within your conscious minds or the masculine principle alone to know how to chart the way to fourth density from your present position. No genius, shall we say, upon your planet has a set of instructions which, if followed, will produce fourth density. Rather it is by listening to that which wants to be born, which involves patience, sensitivity, and humility, that the self may more and more cooperate with these energies in whatever way they may manifest for the self or the group, whether that is toward a particular service or just on a fundamental level towards a change in one’s consciousness and orientation and attitude.

For fourth density and the planet through which this level is born is knocking on each of your hearts, and on the doors of the hearts of each of your peoples upon your planet. It is the overabundance of the masculine that has numbed your peoples to this knocking, shall we figuratively say, upon the doors of your heart. If those upon your planet could set down the mentality of the masculine mindset, be they gendered male or female, and hear this music, it would begin, shall we say, playing in the air. Your societies would find their centers of gravity shifting; their network of ideas changing; their configuration of power, economy, and social relationship transforming, by being receptive.

We do not mean to imply non-action. We mean to imply a humble awaiting and listening from a place of receptivity to that which wants to be born. And we assure you that—whatever your position in society, reinforced as it is by the sense that you can do little to affect the outcome of trends and forces and politics and governments greater than yourself—each has a critical role to play. You would not be here if you had no part to play.

And that role is, first and foremost, that which transpires not on the outer plane of your actions, but within the sanctum of your heart. Wherever you may find your body—in this city, in your bedroom, at the workplace—fourth density is born, shall we say, in your chest where your true power resides to create change in this world, which is to say, to change yourself by allowing, by trusting, by taking time to set aside your preconceived notions and your plans about what should be done and what needs to be done, and by listening.

And as you change your heart—or shall we say, heal your heart—and allow the layers and the burdens that you have carried for so long to fall away, light shines through you, not by virtue of a particular feat or some particular talent, but because you are discovering who you really are. You are discovering that you are the One; you are that which made this; you are that which chose to forget what you really are that you might play the game of returning to that which you never left. And in this return and in this allowing, light shines through your mind/body/spirit complex. Not the light of your personality per se, which is its own light, but the light of the Creator.

We move toward concluding through this instrument by reminding you that fourth density is not something that happens to you, but rather happens through you. Fourth density is waiting right now to be born, and it is born only when those upon your planet are ready to release their resistance, their war, and their ideas, and cooperate with this energy. Fundamental to this is a rebalancing and a healing of the feminine-masculine ratio, and the cherishing and the honoring and uplifting of that which has been suppressed and feared and conquered, seemingly; that being the divine feminine, of which each is a unique representation.

At this time, we will transfer our contact from this instrument to the one known as Austin with the gratitude for all. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument. We reiterate our sincere gratitude for this circle of seeking for providing a space for us to speak to not just the necessity of healing, but the potential of healing [that is] alive within each present and with each upon your planet. We feel this topic is quite relevant to closeout your gathering of seeking, for such a gathering as this may be seen as an oasis upon your journey through the desert. You find yourself reinvigorated. You are able to rest and realize your true potential and the potential of others within this gathering. And it is our request to you to carry this realization with you as you continue upon your journey and realize that your journey is one of service, and that service involves healing of self and of other-self and of all. And the potential that you have witnessed during this gathering is present within you at all times. And indeed that potential is infinite.

At this time, we leave this group in the love and in the light and in the peace of the One Infinite Creator. We are Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. For these three instruments it was their first time channeling in front of a gathered group. They had nervously accepted the invitation to channel on the final day of the 2022 Prague Law of One gathering. It turned out to be a very supportive and conducive atmosphere. The energies of all blended harmoniously together in shared spirituality throughout the weekend so that a circle of seeking was formed. While the attendees tuned together using sacred sounds, the instruments gathered in another room to perform their own tuning. When the instruments finished their tuning, and before the circle gathered, Trisha tearfully reported that she could see Carla present and glowing with love and appreciation.