Topics: Source of a throat issue; the destruction of Mars and Maldek; news media and trustworthy sources; the experience of dual-activated entities; whether G is a wanderer; astrology and the tarot.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we greet this circle in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. As usual, we are overjoyed to be invited to join you in your journey of seeking; and particularly, in this gathering, we are encouraged to find that you have gathered with a desire to practice and to become better channels so that you may go forth in your chosen service as channels for the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator.

We find that in joining you for what can be called practice is, what could be seen from our perspective as what you would define as fun or as a game, for it allows us to experience the dynamic of our shared service in new ways and experience with you the thrill of new and novel experiences.1

We ask before we begin our typical disclaimer, in this session particularly, as it carries a unique quality, that any response that we offer be evaluated by the individual seeker’s heart, and that the sensibilities and discernment of the seeker be applied to any words that we share; for this allows us to engage with you as fellow seekers attempting to offer service to each other, and not as authorities prescribing a certain path to you.

At this time, we would ask if there are any queries to which we may respond.

Yes, Q’uo. Thank you for being with us today and for participating in our experiment to learn to be better channels, to test our limits, and to prepare ourselves for the coming public meditations.

I have a question about myself. I would like to know what the metaphysical source of this recurring throat issue that I have is. I experience quite a bit of a pain in my throat, often due to what medicine says is acid reflux, silent reflex, that is. But I would like to know what the spiritual or metaphysical or even the psychological source of this is.

We are Q’uo and we are aware of the query, my brother. We would include an additional preface to our response, given the context that this circle has gathered for a specific purpose of practicing, accepting, and responding to questions that emulate those questions that might come from what you call a public channeling meditation setting. In this particular setting, as you have gathered today in emulating these questions, we would like to point out that the environment is still quite different from what you might experience because of the energies that are present. For it is not simply the questions that are asked that may influence our ability to respond to the questions, but also the presence of those within the circle that contribute to the overall quality of the contact and our ability to respond in certain ways.

With this in mind, we may respond to your question with a notion that we believe is already present within the mind of the questioner, and that is that such information may be confirmed if it is already present within the mind of the questioner. We find that this dynamic has its own value, and that reframing one’s understanding with new words, even though they contain simple confirmation, may spark new insight into the dynamic given to the seeker who asks the question.

In this specific case, we may reflect to you, my brother, that the answers to this question can be found through examining the symbolic nature of what you are experiencing within the throat region of the body complex and what has been defined by your traditional medical professionals as the cause, that being the acid reflux. For there is a dynamic present, not just in the traditional view of the throat as the source of communication in an outward sense, but also in an inward sense in that it may symbolize that which is consumed, physically and otherwise; and the acid reflux being a response of the digestive system that may indicate the quality of that which is consumed and how the body as a system processes that which is consumed.

To speak further upon this, as you may be aware, would risk violating the free will of the questioner. But we encourage the questioner to contemplate the dynamic that we have spoken about beyond the bounds of the practice that this circle engages in currently, for it is relevant to the service of being a vocal channel for the Confederation in various ways.

Is there another query to which we may respond?

Yes. Thank you, Q’uo. We understand from the Ra contact that our neighboring planet Mars destroyed its biosphere, causing its third-density population to need to be relocated. And now Mars, at least from our perspective, seems to be a planet void of biological life—barren and rocky. So, I’m wondering what chain of events led to the destruction of Mars’s biosphere? Did it occur in an instant or was it gradual? How did the population respond to this destruction?

We are Q’uo, and we are aware of the query, my brother. To the extent that we can address this question through this instrument, both given the limitations that you are testing in this particular session of exploring knowledge beyond the bounds contained within the instrument, as well as the factor of free will, which is a factor in this scenario for the population that existed upon the planet that you call Mars is indeed continuing to work with this catalyst upon your own planet and within your current density. For this reason, the answer must be veiled somewhat beyond even the bounds of what this instrument may respond to from his own knowledge.

To speak about the timeline or timeframe of such a destruction, one must consider the relative nature of time in that, from the perspective of the evolution of a planet, even within the bounds of third density, a momentary destruction from one perspective may indeed still be slow from a different perspective, for a matter of years is but a blink of an eye from the greater perspective of cosmic evolution.

In this sense, we can say that the bellicose attitudes and the intention of aggression and harm between various populations on the planet of Mars led to a scenario in which there was a gradual decline in the biosphere due to literal destruction of ecosystems. This gradual decline was exacerbated as energies escalated, and weaponry and attitudes became far more destructive in nature as the desire for destruction grew. Thus, you may see a slow decline of both ecosystem and population for a matter of time that eventually concluded with a singular event that spawned a much quicker decline—that being what you would experience as a matter of months, because of weaponry that disrupted a central aspect of the planetary ecosystem, being that life-giving force of water and the cycle of water.

Through this disruption of the cycle of water, there was a chain of events that unfolded in which the ecosystem itself deteriorated, and the soul of the planet, as you may understand it, faded, thus resulting in a deterioration of what you would recognize as a magnetosphere, thus solidifying the lack of ability of life to again take grasp upon this planet.

We reiterate that this catalyst of destruction is continuing to be processed and explored upon your own planet and within your own population. And you may draw correlations between what you witness upon your planet currently and its relationship to the planet as an ecosystem and what unfolded upon the Red Planet.

Is there a follow up to this question, my brother?

Very intriguing stuff, Q’uo. Thank you. Well, since we were able to gain some window into the Mars experience, the more fruitful avenue of inquiry here would be to explore the ongoing use of that destructive catalyst. But I’ll sidestep for a moment over to Mars’s former neighbor, what Ra identifies as Maldek. According to Ra, that planet… excuse me… the population of that planet literally exploded the planet and destroyed it. I can imagine what energies of bellicosity and division went into that. But I’m wondering how such an outcome came about? Through what mechanism/weaponry did they destroy a planet, one? And two, was this suicidal destruction? Or was it an inadvertent outcome of the exercise of weaponry?

We are Q’uo, and are aware of the query, my brother. We find the inquiry of whether this destruction was a self-conscious destruction that intended to destroy the planet of Maldek, or whether it was a circumstance of a lesser destruction, you may say, to be insightful and intriguing. And we believe that you may find inroads into exploring that intentional self destruction that you have termed suicidal.

The type of what has been described as weaponry, while we may not explore this in a technological sense, may better be viewed as an exploration and a study of the inner workings of the planet itself, and how a population upon a planet’s surface may influence the very dynamic, meaningful, and living processes beneath the surface of the planet, extending down deep to its very core. This was both a technological and spiritual understanding that was gained that then allowed for the destruction of the planet itself. And the tendencies towards that suicidal notion were very much present in the inception of this destruction.

We find that this instrument feels adequately exercised for this session, and will now take our leave and transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. It has been some time since we have been with this instrument. But despite his concerns about his ability, we find a high degree of readiness and receptivity.

We appreciate this group’s willingness to, as you would say, step outside of the comfort zone in a spirit of growth in seeking to engage this service on a deeper level, and to be available for those seekers who have questions upon their hearts and minds. Not all of [those questions] you will find to be conducive to this contact, whether that be due to limitations of free will, or a poorly formed question, or the limitations of conscious channeling that are inherent with an instrument who is fully awake and aware and participatory in the process, clothing our concepts in their own words and language, filtering our message through their own worldview, biases, knowledge base, experience, personality traits, and so forth.

We applaud this group’s effort to test the selves before being available in that sort of environment. And once again, we would reiterate the request that any consumption of our message through this session or others be undertaken with some salt in front of one for the serving—which is an idiom to request that the seeker always exercise their highest discernment when analyzing our words through these instruments. With that, we would open this instrument to questions. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

I have a question, Q’uo. It has become increasingly difficult to understand in our social environment what constitutes a trustworthy source of information, and figuring out how to determine the truth of what’s happening in the world, particularly as it pertains to outlets known as news media. I was wondering if you could recommend a particular news outlet that is the most trustworthy for us.

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we laugh at the conclusion of this question, for we felt it was on a great track before taking that well-designed turn to, as we spoke previously, emulate conditions that you as instruments may encounter. Now, we would be glad to let you know which cable news network is among our favorites and most unbiased, reliable sources of information, but we fear it may upset some of your population. So, we will refrain with the remark that we, of course, speak in jest. Not only do we have no such thing as favorite, but we could not identify for you which source of information contains the least distortion in the news offering: the least agenda, the least corrupting influence from political and economic power, etc.. To do so would be to interfere, not only in the seeker’s individual journey by doing the learning for them, but to interfere in the planetary game and its outcome, which can only be discovered and chosen by your peoples, not by us who do not live and operate in a body upon the physical plane within the limitations and gifts of the third-density experience.

We will note, however, that that quarter of human activity which you call the news, whether it be via that which is known to you as social media, legacy news, the television, or that news which spreads by word of mouth through your cultures, is a vital organ and aspect of the individual and collective movement through third density. As an organ, if you may see it that way, it is something of the whole’s ability to make a sense of itself, to understand and interpret the events of the world. Even more so, it may be seen as analogous to the faculty of attention within the self. For as this instrument was recently reading in a book,2 the experience of consciousness within the third-density plane can be likened to being in an immensely, impossibly large, darkened warehouse where the self roams only with a flashlight, shining that light of attention onto that shelf there or that doorway over there and so forth, illuminating only a portion of the experience of the mind at any one time through the spotlight of the attention, and not often successfully interpreting what is being seen, given the lack of holistic overview of that which is being taken in.

The news media operates much like this attention on a collective level. What is it that the light of attention is being shined upon? What is being revealed? Is where that light shined a function of inquiry of a spiritual evolutionary nature? Or is it a function of increasing profit and, as you say, clicks? Is that light shown in order to conduct social engineering upon your peoples? And so forth. These are some questions the seeker may use in discerning the veracity of any particular given source of information, including our own.

We would conclude with empathy for your plight, as you are inundated in a sea of conflicting information where intentionally biased sources of information may be, through their careful manipulation, understood to be sharing truth; whereas the more, shall we say, neutral and dispassionate sources may be understood oppositely. It is a challenge, to say the least, for any of your peoples, whether of a strong intellectual or intuitive slant, to understand what is really happening within any given dynamic or situation. Trust is a glue which keeps a society coherent and capable of making sense of itself, and its environment, and its desires and values. And as that erodes on a societal and institutional level, then fragmentation follows. And your peoples have not been known to navigate fragmentation with the heart open.

We would, in closing, encourage the ever-valuable faculties of patience and the light touch in sifting through information, whatever the source may be, knowing that something of value can be found from a multitude of voices, even those one does not agree with, or those which do not confirm for one automatically the worldview with which they are comfortable.

We would open now to a follow-up or other question. We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you, Q’uo. I’ll read between the lines in understanding that ESPN is the greatest source of accurate news. Of a different line of queries regarding what those of Ra referred to as dual-bodied or dual-activated entities, those being fourth-density entities who are incarnating into an environment like ours that is transitioning from third density to fourth density. When Ra first spoke about these in the 80s, they said this was a relatively new phenomenon, and there were relatively few of these individuals at the time. So, I’m wondering if you could give us an update, perhaps some kind of percentage of population of how many of these entities exist on the planet at this time.3

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we are interested in attempting this query through this instrument. First, however, we would caveat that the questioner was mistaken in that our preferred source would be the Cartoon Network. However, ESPN, as you identify it, is not without its value as well.

The situation of the fourth—we correct this instrument—of the third-density harvestable being incarnating upon your plane at this time as the dual-activated entity is one which has increased in quantity. We give this instrument a percentage in the one-third range, that is, roughly 33%, to the instrument’s discomfort in transmitting such hard knowledge or hard facts, and the uncertainty about speaking such things. We can affirm that, through the processes of incarnation, more such entities are being born and are commencing their work upon your planet to continue watering the seeds and laying more seeds in the collective consciousness that, through time, will burst forth from the soil, if not already shooting up in the form of sprouts, and grow further into fully blossomed realization about the nature of love and the divine essence of each entity. And in that world [of] your experience, these dual-activated beings are finding one another more readily upon your plane and forming community of various sorts, whether local or non-local, in shared mission that seeks through the tumult and confusion, to which these entities are not immune themselves, to work gradually toward the healing of the planet and the people, to make way for the birth of a new world.

These entities find that there is a good deal of work to do—too much, in fact. Often, they may experience a sense of overwhelm or burnout themselves, and may be afflicted with the many distortions which permeate your world. But these entities have inherent in their being the need and desire to do this work, though they may be unable to fully identify or understand it. On a collective level, that work happens largely off the radar, shall we say. To connect to our previous response, the collective spotlight of the news media, for the most part does not fully recognize this work being undertaken or its potential for transformation for a variety of reasons, including those that we already mentioned, along with the collective mindset and the sinkhole of indifference being stuck largely in an old story on a systemic level. But the door has been cracked open to these new energies. And those who will help to steward this transition are streaming in through that cracked door.

We would take this opportunity [to encourage] those assaulted by the daily barrage of, as you would say, bad news from the world to take hope—to put into simple terms, but nevertheless true—that love is here. And those attuned to this vibration, confused though their patterns of mentation may be, are strengthening that vibration, and planting it ever more firmly into the ground beneath the feet. All who, through the maze of the catalyst with which you grapple, seek the open heart which seeks to find, to experience, to embody, and to channel love in every situation, for every person, regardless of the stories circulating about, is participating in this work, be they dual activated or activated only in that body which is conventional for third density, that being the third-density yellow-ray body complex.

We would take one more query through this instrument before transferring this contact. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

Thank you for that, Q’uo. In the same topic, you were describing kind of the role these entities will play and the task before them. I would like to explore a bit more about sort of the specific individual nature of the dual-activated entity. I think we can infer from the Ra contact that they have these two bodies activated at the same time in order to better appreciate the fourth-density energies that are available on our planet at this time while also existing within what is still a third-density environment. Could you describe a little bit about the experience of being able to appreciate those and how it contrasts to somebody who does not have an active fourth-density body? And then, what that kind of individual who has both bodies activated, what they can do to utilize that in their service?

We are those of Q’uo and appreciate this well-articulated question, and would give voice to that which was circulating through the instrument’s own mind of his appreciation for this particular environment.

You asked about the contrast between the experience of the dual-activated entity to the non-dual-activated entity, and how said dual-activated entity can make use of this experience. The dual-activated being [who is] operating upon your plane at this time may manifest their dual-activated nature in ways unique to their idiosyncratic path of service. In broad terms, it does involve an expansion of some faculty of sensing or awareness. That expanded awareness takes on some flavors of holistic understanding in that they are able to pierce, or move beyond, or transcend, to a degree, the self-limiting old stories of which we were speaking; seeking, if not outright disengagement with those stories, then being uninspired by them in the recognition that there is a better and higher way. Their dual-activated, expanded awareness may seek, then, that new way. It will likely come packed—we clarify, two words: come packed—with a more vibrant and vivid experience of the nature of unconditional love for the self and others; though, as with all third-density beings, they may struggle with self-denying, self-judging, self-hating aspects that are conditioned into the self, unconsciously absorbed.

Their expanded awareness may lead to or open the way for greater connection and intimacy, particularly with the first- and second-density realms of your planetary sphere and all the biological and non-biological life therein. They may exercise a greater sensitivity to the suffering of others. In rare cases, we would say that there may be some ability which you would consider paranormal or supernatural due to this dual-activated connection, but that is far from the norm at this time. Beings of this nature are not here yet to demonstrate such powers, but to be radiant, crystalline beacons of love; to lighten the planetary vibration and to infuse the collective consciousness with an ambiance of loving those who are perceived to be other or enemy or in the opposing camp; to unifying the fault lines between peoples, and between people and the Earth, through this healing, melting influence of love, as those of Ra phrased it.4

There will come a time when miracles, as you may describe it from your present vantage point, will be more readily available to those who have dedicated themselves in service to the One Infinite Creator through unconditional love.

We would, before closing, remind each that whether or not dual activated, each has the highest potential within third density to liberate the self from old forms that they may serve through love and communication and embodiment of the sacramental quality of the present moment. The dual-activated entity may have just more of an in-built magnetic attraction to and, in some cases, even ability for this work. But contingent upon the choices of each third-density entity and their exercise of will and faith, the way is open for all.

At this time, we would, with gratitude to this circle and this instrument, transfer our contact to the one known as Trisha. We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. Before asking if there are any queries that we may speak to through this instrument, we would like to issue a note of gratitude and appreciation for the collection of souls gathered here today to progress or attempt to challenge their own abilities in this art or practice of channeling. As this instrument prayed in her tuning, this particular session requires a most potent balance between bravery and meekness, open-heartedness and wisdom, welcoming and discernment. Therefore, the strength and the safety that is fostered by this circle of seekers is powerful in that it provides this particular environment—this environment which is one wherein each instrument may take a further step in their journey and in their seeking and in their practice.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query to which we may speak.

Thank you, Q’uo. That was… I took inspiration from that. I would like to know if I’m a wanderer. And if so, what density I am from?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of the query, my brother. Though we can recognize that this particular question comes from a place of desiring to understand the self in its truest and most basic form in pure intention, we feel that this particular line of questioning is one that would, if spoken to, infringe upon the free will of the question-asker.

We would also add that this particular set of information the questioner seeks, though it may provide a sense of relative comfort or understanding, is ultimately not for the instrument to, as you may say, know at this time. The designation of wanderer or density is ultimately not of great import for the seeker in this incarnation, at least in the sense of having concrete, unmoving proof or identification as such.

What the questioner may mine from this particular line of query, though, is an opportunity to witness the self and observe the self through the eyes of the self’s inner guides or higher self. We would venture further in this direction by stating that the motivation for knowing this information may highlight a larger desire on the part of the questioner. Therefore, we would suggest that the questioner sit with what is motivating the self to ask or seek this confirmation or this information. For we feel that the identification itself is a guidepost or a magnet, a compelling force towards or one of attraction, for the soul to discover something larger about the self, for the soul to understand that which it truly seeks.

The classification of the self as that which is this or not this, is perhaps a larger question of where the self can find unity within separation, where one can explore the connectedness of all that overrides these aspects of our illusion, that identify and classify and group self and other self.

Perhaps that is the seed that will allow the seeker desiring such information the inspiration or direction in which to pursue, to take into moments of silence and to ask of their higher self their intuition.

May we ask if there is a follow-up or an additional query at this time?

Thank you, Q’uo. In the Ra contact, Ra discussed the archetypical mind and how we could explore it using the tarot as a basis. But they also mentioned that the studies of astrology and the Kabbalah are valid ways to explore it as well. They described exploring the tarot, and a means of exploring the tarot, by way of viewing the images and drawing symbolism from those. Could you give an overview of how studying the tarot from an astrological point of view might be done? Any inroads into how one who is familiar with astrology could use that to explore the archetypical mind?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of the query, my brother. Apologies for the deep exhalation of the instrument, for she is feeling the experience of that of a child wearing his father’s business suit at his corporate annual meeting of the board. That is all to say that this query is perfectly designed to test this instrument’s, what she would call, paygrade. The studies of the tarot and astrology, indeed, may be helpful instruments through which a seeker can understand or study or develop, and discover new realms of application of these archetypes—the archetypes that underlie and manifest throughout the illusion.

For one who is knowledgeable of the study of astrology seeking an inroad into the use of the tarot and its application to the archetypes, we would suggest, through the humble and limited understanding of this particular instrument, that the seeker first familiarize the self with the iconography, the imagery, which is associated with both fields of study—tarot and astrology. Take the time to digest and observe the depictions of the various cards and the interpretations that are connected to the astrological formations. From those observations, we would suggest that the seeker look for, perhaps, explicit and implicit patterns of connection—be that repeating imagery or themes, or even something as subtle as energetic intuition, feeling inwardly a connection between the two fields of study—perhaps a particular tarot image and a particular astrological sign.

From there, where connections are made, if made, the self may perhaps conduct study of how these connections are in relationship with the specific archetype—that is, how a connection between a particular element of astrology is related to a particular element of tarot, and zooming, as you might say, more inward to see the underlying archetype that is connected to that element of the tarot.

We would also suggest that the seeker who is studied or interested in astrology may find those connections of archetypes. And this instrument is feeling resistance to saying this due to her own lack of understanding, but that those connections between astrology and the archetypes need not warrant the use of the tarot, that particular connections or meanings can be distilled without the addition of another school of thought. This is not to say that the tarot is only useful in certain circumstances, or that astrology is likewise limited in its ability. Instead, what we are attempting to state through this instrument is that the inclination of the seeker—the discernment and attraction the seeker feels towards a particular belief system, or other means of understanding or making sense of the illusion—is of ultimate import and not necessarily defined. That is, there is no singular source that one may use to understand or apply these notions of the archetype. Rather, each fragment of the Creator, each self, is an infinitely unique arrangement. Thereby, it is to be understood that their path of understanding or seeking or utilizing these tools would be just as unique, just as complex and broad.

We would state to the seeker wishing to establish this connection to also ask itself its motivation for establishing such a connection. If the seeker is really attempting to make that connection between astrology and tarot because [they] feel [that they] must [in order] to understand the archetypes, we would ask that that seeker meditate on that attempt to understand that motivation. For the universe and this creation is ripe and pregnant with innumerable avenues for discovery and contemplation. Limit the self not, but instead allow the self to speak freely, utilizing the discernment alongside the open mind.

This instrument, feeling as though she just delivered an ill-prepared fourth-grade book report on a book she did not open, is also feeling as though her ability to continue is at a deficit at this moment. We would again, through this instrument, issue our gratitude for this dynamic, this configuration, that allowed all instruments to feel safe, allowed each one to be vulnerable, and encouraged each to be brave. We are delighted to see this attempt, and look forward to what ground and confidence is gained from such a practice.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and transfer contact for a final time to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. We offer our sincere gratitude and admiration for the instruments gathered in this circle. It has been a pleasure to us to experience the unique dynamic designed for this working. For while we understand that there is some discomfort and anxiety involved in the exercises that you have prepared for this working, to engage with these uncomfortable feelings is somewhat thrilling for us. And we appreciate the sincere effort in preparing as instruments to better serve in this capacity.

We would offer a final note of encouragement and guidance towards the discomfort felt during the session for the request for information that seems completely outside the realm of the instrument’s own expertise or bounds of knowledge. It is a good thing for an instrument to be well informed and to have a well-rounded worldview, full of understanding and knowledge to draw from in performing as an instrument in this capacity. But the muscle being exercised during this working is equally, if not more, important for an instrument, and that is the muscle of openness and bravery in taking a step into the unknown, to be willing to speak words that one is unsure are correct, are relevant, are meaningful to the question that was asked.

We hope that, in this exercise, those present engaging in this unique dynamic have become more comfortable taking that step, and will continue to open the self to the unknown and allow for the inspiration and information that flows during this process of channeling to come from that place of unknowing. For it is through this dynamic that the most engaging and inspirational messages may arise.

We leave you, as we found you, in the comfort and joy of the love and the light of the One infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. One limitation of the instruments’ training up to this point is that they have received only questions curated to be highly suitable for this type of contact. Now that the public meditations are starting up, the instruments in this and the next session wanted to prepare themselves for questions to Q’uo that might skirt the boundaries of free will and/or move far beyond the instrument’s knowledge (a limitation inherent to conscious channeling). So they simulated the environment to test and prepare themselves, presenting some questions that they typically would not ask in a channeling circle. 

  2. That reading mentioned would be Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani. It is a story about a woman who loses her four-year battle with cancer, subsequent to which she has a near-death experience similar to Carla’s childhood NDE where she is given a choice to move on or return. 

  3. See #63.12 

  4. “You cannot remember your hand, their hands, perhaps even the rules of this game. This game can only be won by those who lose their cards in the melting influence of love; can only be won by those who lay their pleasures, their limitations, their all upon the table face up and say inwardly: “All, all of you players, each other-self, whatever your hand, I love you.” – Ra, #50.7