Topics: Dealing with negativity in one’s life path; spiritual practices for mental wellness; maintaining connection to source energy; spiritual practices and sharing in love; usefulness of sacred plant medicine; abundance and healing beliefs of lack; limiting beliefs and the true nature of self; negative attachments; spiritual protection and self-love; self-reliance vs. support

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and great each present in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are most honored to be with this group today. We feel your presence as the open heart that each of you shared in your round robin before this session began. We are most pleased to be able to bask in this love and light that is the Creator shining through each of you. We have been able to make a clear contact with this instrument and this group because of the devotion of each in the group to seeking the truth of their own spiritual journeys, and we are very happy to entertain the queries which we know are within the hearts and the minds of each present.

We would ask that, as we make our response to your queries, you consider what we say as our opinion, and that it is possible that what we say will not meet your needs. If that is the case, whatever does not meet your need, please let it be forgotten, and focus only upon that which has meaning to you. If you will grant us this favor, we will be more able to speak freely to you.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query with which we may begin?

Yes, I have a query. I won’t make it personal, I’ll make it general. When a person attempts to work with—or I guess you’d say against—but work with the negativity in how they view things, how do we differentiate, and is it even necessary to differentiate, between negativity that is coming from the other side, the dark side, the people who are friends, and differentiate between those thoughts that seem to be put in your head to keep you going in a different direction, negative direction? Or are these things just a product of your own mind, your own negativity that you’ve developed over the years or came here with? How do you tell the difference, and is it even necessary to try to tell the difference? That ought to do it.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. It is one which each seeker of truth will find appearing within its consciousness from time to time. For are not you all things? Is not the Creator in each form alive within you as well? As you perceive any type of, what you would call, negativity, that which is dark, that which is separate, that with seeks to control, it really is not a matter of the source, whether it be you or one outside of yourself, for are you not a reflection of each other of the One Creator?

So then the question becomes: how does any person and a seeker of truth deal with that which they feel to be of a negative nature, of a critical nature, separating, controlling, dark, unknown, bringing difficulty and disparity to the life path? We would suggest that you take the image, the thoughts, the words, the manifestation of negativity that you feel at any time and meditate upon that sense of darkness and negativity, of separation, and so forth. And bring that sense of darkness into the light of your heart, of your being, of your mind, and your spirit. Take it within yourself and bless it. Give it the food of your love, the attention of the light that shines forth through you from the Creator.

This is the Creator speaking to the Creator. When you realize the reality of this situation, then that which seems negative can be made into that which is of the light, which is positive, which shines upon all the self and all other selves and brings each into the infinite love and light of the One Infinite Creator.

This is the journey of each seeker in your third-density illusion, to find the way in which to be of service to all others, whatever their nature, whatever their expression or manifestation of their life path may be as it is perceived by you. This is the great work, and we commend your fastidiousness in seeking to accomplish this work within yourself.

Is there a further query, my brother?

That’s fine. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, you heard during the round robin how I was describing how I’d labeled myself with seasonal affective disorder, winter after winter, due to the gloomy days as I perceive them, and how this year that’s not happening. And I’ve incorporated a number of psychological methods: setting intentions, sending love to those who I’ve been angry with, forgiveness, and showing gratitude.

I’m asking this because I have patients who are depressed and I want to understand, you know, what are the highlights? What are the ones that are most effective that are impacting me? How much is that? How much might be the group of eight strategies, praying with patients in groups, and then having patients now pray for others? How much of my better mood is that? How much of my better mood is that I feel that I’m on my spiritual pathway following up on every lead and every opportunity that comes through to create and succeed in their creation?

So I know the answers to some extent is all of the above, but maybe what are the highlights if I have a patient who comes in with seasonal affective disorder? What are the things that you think have the strongest impact?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, this is a query which each conscious spiritual seeker of truth will find it is necessary to answer in a way which is effective for the self and for those that one comes into contact with who seek those answers from you as well.

We feel that your beginning statement, of setting the intention, is the foundation upon which all of the rest of your suggestions may be built. For the intention is that which is within you of great power. It is how you direct your path every day, whether it is an intention that you are consciously making, or one that perhaps has gotten away from your consciousness, has moved into your subconscious and manifests in a way that may not be as helpful if you were able to take it into your consciousness would be.

Thus, we would suggest that whatever tools one feels might be helpful in the manifesting of the intention, whether it be prayer, exercise, imaging, or any manner of expressing the energy of your mind, body, and spirit—in a way that moves into your conscious intention and into the heart of your being—is that which will be effective for you and for each of your students.

This is a manner in which each seeker of truth moves forward in the spiritual path, that there are those ways of perceiving one’s reality which are reflections to you of the path you are traveling, that path of being able to polarize your consciousness in a positive sense of service to others, of seeing the Creator in others, of opening your heart in unconditional love, of giving that which is yours uniquely to give as you feel the moment calls for you to give.

Any tool may be used effectively if the seeker wishes to grow, to expand its experience and acceptance of the world around it and the world inside of it. This is the means by which all structures of spiritual nature within the being are constructed so that the expenditures of energy will be funneled in a way that is effective to make the intention manifest.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, that’s very helpful. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and am now with this instrument. As we settle into our connection with this instrument, we would offer some short words of gratitude for this circle. We offer our gratitude to this instrument for the fidelity in the challenging process that we find increases in its effect and tuning as it is reiterated with each challenge.

We offer our gratitude to the tuning of this circle in the process of what you call the round robin, and the environment and atmosphere cultivated by the continual sharing of life’s joys and sorrows, hopes and fears in the creating of this space in which all of these experiences and catalysts can be offered—not just those seeming to be happy and positive, but those challenges that present opportunities for you as seekers.

While sharing these things in such an environment may not immediately resolve the disharmonies or the difficulties you experience with them, it does bring such experiences into a light that presents them as part of the spiritual journey that unfolds within the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. And it is an honor for us to witness such a sharing and to be invited to take part in such a group of seekers.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query to which we may respond?

I have a question. As we seek to operationalize unconditional benevolence toward other selves, I have noticed that the will and effort to see past surface language and behaviors of those who are deeply lost in the illusion is exhausting and depleting. I imagine this is due to the fact that I am a finite entity disconnected from intelligent energy.

How do more evolved beings maintain their connection to the source of all energy while attempting to love without condition or expectation so that they are not so easily depleted of the ability to presence love to those who so desperately need it?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. We appreciate the care put into such a heart-centered and thoughtful expression of your desire to seek and share the love of the Creator. We would begin by reminding and reiterating that the environment in which you find yourself now, the veiled third-density illusion, is one in which the illusion of finiteness is quite palpable, you may say. And this is particularly true upon your planetary influence, as your planet has evolved to a point nearing an expression of fourth density, and this evolution brings about certain complications as energies in the group mind of your planet attempts to untangle many, many distortions that have been developed and hidden for many generations.

In addition to this, there has been a very rapid evolution of technology and connection among you as humans which requires each individual to come into contact more and more with a wider variety of interpersonal experiences. These experiences have become greater and greater in the everyday life of each seeker. In times past upon your planet, the volume of experiences of this nature was limited to those—we pause to allow this second-density friend to settle.1

I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument. We offer our gratitude for the greeting of the one known as Boscoe. For he is indeed our friend, and we are quite familiar with his friendly energy.

To continue our response, the times that you find yourself in now are unique and cause a greater strain upon the complex web of energies of the individual seeker. This is the depleting effect that you have referenced. And we remind you of this complicated nature of your current situation in order to give you context that may allow you to, you might say, give yourself a break, to relieve you of any self-judgment or pressure that you may feel to perform to a certain standard. For you find yourself in an incredibly difficult environment, and even [just] the desire to share love and any attempt to do so resounds with the greatest clarity of the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator.

To speak more to the heart of your query, we may reiterate a very common lesson that we attempt to share in many contexts, and that is the meditative practice: the will to find space within one’s life where one may go inside and discover the silence within the self, to discover the Creator within the self, that aspect of the self that has generated your desire to love and to share love and to manifest the unconditional acceptance of all around you.

Attempting to continually rediscover this nature within yourself on a regular basis and making this a habit can then increase your capacity to find this self which is a source of energy in all situations so that, as a muscle that grows stronger, you may respond with greater and greater endurance and greater and greater capacity to share love and to see past, as you have noted, the complex distortions of those about you, and see the reflection of that source of love within others in a more natural and easy way. So that the natural path forward to how you may serve in any given moment seems more instinctual. [So] you do not have to try as hard to discover the love within yourself and contemplate the ways in which you may act and contextualize the behavior and the thoughts and words of those about you in order to find acceptance for them. It becomes a more natural process.

The so-called highly evolved beings that you reference in your query are those who have developed such pathways, either through regular practice within their current incarnation, or through many incarnations, and have been able to maintain these pathways so that the reflective nature of that generative source of love within the self is seen within others without effort, and the words and challenges that others may offer to you are seen for the illusory nature that they contain, the distortions that are innate within them. There is no longer a need to work through them, and it becomes a natural reflex to see directly to the Creator within the other self, as the Creator within the self.

Is there a follow up to this query, my brother?

The follow-up question is related to the experience of spontaneity in response that you just described, which seems afforded by certain compounds or plant medicines that we are blessed with from Mother Earth to help us feel that way, but we cannot. They don’t… they wear off. They don’t last forever. They seem to give us a glimpse and allow us to feel the flow of unconditional love towards other-selves. Is there a wise use of these compounds in healing the self and other selves?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. In the simplest context, we may respond in the affirmative, that there can exist a wise use of such gifts that have been given to your planet by your planetary sphere. However, we would reiterate that we, of The Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, have found it infinitely more efficacious to suggest that a regular spiritual practice of meditation be the foremost attempt to discover the quality of love and the pathways that these other types of experiences given by substances can be discovered. For one who attempts and discovers these qualities within meditation need not rely upon any particular outward distortion or substance or circumstance in order to discover these things within the self.

And so as you have formed your query, our opinion is that such experiences that have positive impacts for the seeker can serve as a type of reminder and even a type of guiding star to show to the seeker what is possible, and what can exist if the seeker has the will and the faith to follow a dedicated path of inner seeking. And trusts that, within one’s life, one can find a way to manifest these experiences, and the awareness that can be offered in these altered states, through the capacities of the self alone and in this discipline. Then such substances are no longer needed or called for, and one can even share these types of experiences through one’s own quality of being with others.

Is there a follow up to this query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

We are Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, if someone is in such despair that they think that ending their life is the only way to stop that, can you speak some words of wisdom that might help?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my sister. Indeed, we find that within your illusion, the depths of separation can manifest in such painful ways that the notion of departing from the incarnation to escape this pain is not uncommon upon your planet. And we feel, within our own hearts, the sorrow and the depth of separation that can create this. And we offer you, our sister, our love in this capacity for any experiences that you have gone through that cause you to present this query.

In terms of any wisdom that we can offer, we find it a difficult situation to address from our standpoint. For we have a clearer view of the process of the mind/body/spirit complex that can incarnate and reincarnate. And so, from our point of view, there is no end to life. There is only a cycle. There is a continuation. And while the difficulty that creates such a situation is very palpable to us, it is difficult for us to relate to the pain generated by the situation for the other-selves about one who makes this choice to exit the incarnation proactively.

We can only offer our words of comfort and encouragement, that the best thing you can do in any situation is to open your heart as much as possible and discover, within that, how you may respond no matter what the circumstance is. The attempts to discover unconditional love and share it may look different in each situation, particularly the type of situations that you have referenced.

For each time a person wishes to travel this path will not look the same. Each individual may be reacting to different circumstances that have led them to this decision. And so we cannot address things in a specific way, but only encourage that, so long as faith is cultivated within the self on a regular basis, one may tap into that faith in a given moment and attempt to share the love that one knows one has within one’s heart in the greatest way.

And we would remind each individual seeker that, though one may be successful in discovering and shining that love and light in any given moment, that the free will of your illusion will take precedence within the actions of your other-selves. You cannot control how another will receive your love. You cannot cause any specific change in their behavior or action. Through sharing your love, you can only offer an opportunity for them to recognize this love as a reflection that exists within themselves. And in your attempts to do so, you increase the chance that they might discover healing necessary to, you may say, step back from the ledge and reconsider the quality of life that they felt was missing in that scenario.

But your illusion is difficult. And we simply wish to remind all that no matter what unfolds, the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator can abound, and there is no end to experience. And where there is deep pain, there will also be, at some point in that path of each individual, deep love and healing. This is one thing that we can share with complete certainty: that all is reconciled, and all is healed.

Is there a follow up to this query, my sister?

Thank you. That was it.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. At this time, we transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. And once again, we greet this circle through a new voice hoping to offer support to those journeys which you walk and those weights that you carry, those doubts and concerns that will follow your days and your nights.

Is there a query to which we may respond? We are those of Q’uo.

Q’uo, I feel immense joy to be part of this circle and be in tune with The Ra Material, which probably the balancing exercise that I use to combat my feeling of lack that has manifested for so long with the views of myself. But that sense of lack, that fear of lack, even though I’ve made great progress, has manifested itself in something greater. That I feel like it’s paralyzing me from looking at it or growing spiritually for the moment. It’s shutting me down. So I wondered if you could maybe riff on unconditional love towards that, or show me a path. Give me the words to tell myself that lack is not real?

We are those of Q’uo and receive and appreciate this query, my sister. We feel we are in the company of one with great energy and gusto for this path, who is, as your peoples would say, on the beam, as are all in the circle, of returning and returning again to do that work; to attempt not strictly to be pulled and pushed by life, or to follow the narratives of the surrounding culture, but to stop and to reflect and to ask regarding the meaning, regarding how you may relate to that which is transpiring, regarding what it is that has revealed to you about yourself.

And, my friend, it seems you have made great progress in simply coming into the awareness of this operational dynamic within yourself, that being this seed belief in non-abundance and not having enough; in being incomplete or deficient; small, unsupported; and cut off from that infinite supply of love, of nonjudgmental acceptance, of nakedly and truly being who you are fully in the light.

This seed or core programming in your mind and body you see manifesting in different ways as described previously in the form of that ever-seeming finite resource in your world which binds and enslaves your peoples—that being the finances, a powerful catalyst reflecting this experience of lack back to yourself.

In receiving your question, my sister, we hear within its framing the seeds of its own balancing and solution. That is that you see this dynamic within yourself as this outgrowth of a particular perception about yourself and about the nature of life. You understand that this perception did not arise from nowhere but has roots that travel back to earlier experiences in the formative years and perhaps even to lives past.

Where a belief has arisen, such a belief can, through knowing and accepting the self—really knowing and really accepting the self—be dissolved and be healed such that the self does not call upon this belief any longer, it does not energize it into manifestation on an unconscious level, such that it falls away and the self can experience life without the encumberment of this belief, helpful though a teacher it was in mirroring to the self where the self has chosen limitation where there needs to be no limitation.

This ambiance of lack—which you sense in various ways, which seems to be already there, as if you find yourself in this state not as a consciously chosen experience, but as one you respond to because it is how your mind is operating and what your immediate vicinity seems to be reflecting back to you in certain ways—this is a distortion which you, our sister, as with all distortions experienced by all entities on some level, inadvertently or intentionally chose.

It is a quite common distortion endemic to a world whose founding mythos or shall—we correct this instrument—whose… This instrument is becoming somewhat tongue-tied.

We hit reboot to clarify that one of the founding assumptions of your peoples that has been practiced and held for so long that it seems to have become reality itself, operating as it does at the mythological level, is one of non-abundance, is one of scarcity. You, my friend, and all within the circle, have been born into this environment. It, in varying degrees, has impressed itself and imbued into the fabric of your own being, giving each the opportunity to [either] further identify with such programming as reality as it is, or to use the opportunity of lack—which begins with the awareness of its operation within the self to discover the truth—which is that there is no lack and can be no lack and never has been any lack.

Certainly, you as a consciousness inhabiting a physical vehicle, operating within a physical world, work with energies and materials and resources that have limits. Your incarnation itself is not unlimited. The body will cease viability. The sun will set. The patience will wear thin. But underneath these forms is forever and always infinite supply. Indeed, these dreams of limitations and boundaries, and you being one entity and the other being another entity, manifest from this infinite space.

From your incarnational perspective, this is a resource upon which you can draw as if it were a spring which never ceases, offering its life-giving crystalline healing waters.

But on an even deeper level, this is not just a resource in potential to the conscious self, but it is who and what you are. It is your essence, your true nature. That you believe otherwise and are convinced that there is something more you need to be complete—[that] there is some outcome to fear, something to defend against, that you must protect this personality self from some anticipated, perhaps even vague harm or loss—is, in a sense, a denial of your greater truth.

This is not to say that one needs to abandon discernment and reasonable analysis of the circumstances of their lives, the proper management of their resources, including that known to you as the money. But the use and balanced understanding of those limited materials available to you need not become your identity or occupy the entirety of your consciousness. [It] can rather be that which is accepted as it is by a boundless being, who knows—not strictly through their philosophy and intellectual contemplation, necessary and helpful though that is—that they are not these thoughts, not this body, not these circumstances. But that they are eternal. That the body shall pass. The incarnation shall come to a close, but their consciousness shall, as always has, continue. That deep down within, the self was never born nor will the self ever die, because the self always and forever is. It only temporarily plays a game whereby it takes on the cloak of limitation and dons the costumes of an individual self which has become separated from other individual selves and become separated from the All.

This sense of lack is one of those choke points that, once so identified with the costume, the self cannot seem to look back, shall we say, to its Source, to what it is. And the self becomes trapped, you may say—though never truly being the case—within its own concepts, within its own dream.

This is not a condition to be fought, my sister. Insofar as you feel the friction of this limitation and, as such, your heart yearns to expand into greater being, then it is your catalyst that invites you to contemplation of this question. And we would affirm and encourage that this simple act of continuing to bring this catalyst into your conscious purview is an act of processing this catalyst and learning from it.

The conscious mind has a certain duty, shall we say, but it is not necessarily of its own to solve the catalyst, to find the master solution. Instead, the conscious mind can contemplate the catalyst, can analyze the self, asking penetrating questions of the self, including attempts to investigate the roots of the catalyst, to ask the self how the self feels. How this catalyst may be manifesting. How the self adds layers of distortion to the core catalyst with reactions of fear or judgment. How it may come up in relationships and cloud those relationships, and so forth.

The more purely that the attention can be brought to bear upon the catalyst, and the more activated the heart may be—that is, in releasing resistance, disentangling from judgment, and practicing acceptance—the more that this catalyst may sink down into the roots of mind such that the subconscious can offer that insight which you seek, including helping the self to release its tight grip, shall we say, upon this programming.

Ultimately, when the catalyst has been fully appreciated by the mind/body/spirit complex, having been processed, having offered the gem of insight which is cloaked ever so cleverly at its center, then the self can choose a new and broader point of view free of this catalyst. The self can choose new programming.

Perhaps the catalyst dissipates altogether, or perhaps it visits the self from time to time but without the troubles, without boxing the self into that formerly tight and cramped space where abundance was forgotten and seemed to be impossibly out of reach. Because in that new programming, and in that wider perspective, the self knows beyond whatever may seem to transpire in the circumstances of one’s life that the self is an infinite being. Whatever harm loss or limitation that may seem to transpire on the surface, there is ever that peace which passeth all understanding available to you and to all beings.

Is there a follow up to this query?

No, Q’uo. The fear is already starting to subside. Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister.

Is there another query at this time to which we may speak? We are those of Q’uo.

I have question for Q’uo. Many of our psychologists and hypnotherapists work with their patients and have discovered attached entities, sometimes known as earthbound spirits, who haven’t successfully made the transition to the light. Or in some cases don’t want to, and cause their patients quite a bit of suffering and distress and, in fact, sometimes physical pain and emotional suffering. And these therapists have been able to help these patients release, in many cases, these attachments.

My question is, are these the creation of the mind of the patient, or are they perhaps actual earthbound spirits who are attached to these people for whatever reason? And if that is the case, wouldn’t this be a profound violation of the free will of the patient since they are oftentimes completely unaware of these attached entities?

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we thank you for this query, my brother, which has multiple layers, we find.

We would begin by saying that it is impossible to give a general answer as to whether the source of such experience is strictly of the self’s own making in the patterns of their thoughts, or whether indeed there is some external agent, nonphysical being which has attached itself to such an entity. For there are a great variety of possibilities in this situation that you described.

But you are correct, my brother, in the supposition that, indeed, insofar as there is an illusion of different entities, that the incarnate being within your third density can receive the service, shall we say, of a nonphysical being in this sort of invasive or parasitic way whereby that energy attaches to the incarnate being.

This can indeed be the function of an earthbound spirit, as you have described it. There are various dimensions within time/space, or the nonphysical realm of your existence, populated by a great variety of entities of various grades of consciousness and ability and agency. Just as is true in the physical plane. Just as is true of that known to you as virus and bacteria. Some there are upon these planes whose intelligence is such that they may have an agenda, shall we say. That they may have intelligence sufficient to seek to offer this negatively oriented service to a third-density entity which is discovered to be vulnerable to such a service.

Others, to connect back to our metaphor of the virus, may be likened more to programs, to specific energies that have lives of their own that are inhabitants of the planetary shadow, shall we say. The shadow of the planetary mind of those great regions where live all of that stored pain and trauma and wounding—the fear and the hatred that exists within the collective mind and imbues [itself] into the individuals in various ways.

Such entities have varying degrees of autonomy as well, and may even be agents to one degree or another of even higher-density negatively oriented entities who may attempt to use such entities toward their end.

As to whether this is a violation or infringement upon the sovereignty of the third-density incarnate entity, we would offer a yes and a no. The conscious self of a third-density entity would, in nearly all cases, not seek or desire such an experience. It would indeed seem an infringement upon their boundary, upon that which they wish for themselves. And it may even be intended as such from the attaching negative entity.

However, on a deeper level, the attachment happens in correspondence with, and in proportion to, some preexisting vulnerability or distortion or a chink in the armor within the self. There may be some unacknowledged opening to some degree. It is not, we would clarify, an opening which [is desired int the sense in which the entity thinks] I, as an entity, desire the experience of attachment, but rather is a point within the self which can be exploited.

This would seem an unfortunate situation from the perspective of the incarnate being, particularly as these seemingly uninvited attachments do not bring messages of joy and well-being, peace and ease to the self. But rather [they bring] the opposite, offering intrusive thoughts, self-sabotaging instructions, energies, and impulses, and prompts that precipitate separation and disharmony, and otherwise seem to deter the self from the light which it seeks and the polarization which is its path. It may indeed seem unfortunate from this perspective, but even this catalyst can be understood in the dynamic frame within which you understand the polarities of consciousness themselves.

The service of those of the negative polarity only truly harms or defeats or limits the self when such catalyst is not used. When the self enters a state of fear or diminishment or aloneness, and there arises resistance, judgment, or any manner of cascading layers of distortion as the self struggles and fights against this catalyst—any number of thoughts and patterns of behavior that distort the relationship of the self with the self, and with other associates and loved ones in this non-using of catalyst—the self-destruction or harm to others becomes a possibility as the thinking becomes confused and distorted.

But if, instead, that catalyst is used, is brought into the light of the conscious awareness, is allowed to enter the open heart of understanding and forgiveness, then this catalyst becomes a great service to the self, much in the way that negative greeting can; as it, in metaphor, becomes a highlighter over those areas within the self which are unintegrated and which require the attention of the conscious self. The attachment or the negative being energizes these portions of the self as if to make a giant, squeaky wheel within the self which says to the self, “Here is where love is needed. Here is where understanding is needed. Here is where perhaps part of yourself has been rejected and split off.”

And the self then has a great opportunity to practice praise and thanksgiving for this opportunity that such has been brought to its attention. And the self can, through careful work that may also involve the guidance of the professional, of the friend, of the healer, reach a place where they reclaim their power that has been given away to this attachment, declaring who they are in the firm knowing of their wholeness.

And as is the immune system, which rejects the service of the virus, so too can the energy body of the incarnate being reject the service of the entity who would offer the attachment as not needed at this time upon the journey.

Is there a follow up to this query, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you Q’uo. How might an individual go about using or interacting with their energy body to both protect the self or help a friend who may be suffering from a similar affliction?

We are those of Q’uo and have received this query.

We are generally not inclined toward the prescriptive response. However, we may offer some general principles toward the development of this protection in relationship to this circumstance.

We find that prayer or invocation can be of aid to such an entity on a couple of levels. The lesser of which is the potential power contained within the prayer itself, particularly if it is one known to your peoples and having enjoyed prior development in that it may alert those upon the inner planes, who would offer their service in a positive fashion, to be of support, to lend their energies to the self.

But on the greater level, the prayer offers the mind an opportunity to focus, to reclaim the attention that was inadvertently given over to this attachment, to come back into the center, to become more conscious, and to ultimately declare who and what the self is by asserting that they are a being of the light. That they seek the light. That love enters and fills every portion of their being, the energy body included. That grateful though the self is for the service, the service is no longer needed.

The greatest protection, my brother, is love itself. As the increasing ability to inhabit and vibrate this primal core frequency of love, it is its own immune system, shall we say. And there are many portals to the generation and development of this love within this self. It is a holistic total working on mind, body, and spirit. There is no one ritual.

And some portals [are] known to you, including the strengthening of those bonds with the loved ones; the seeking to serve where and as you are able; the connecting with and appreciating of nature; the application of love to your own being and the realization that you are this nature which you appreciate. You are the best qualities that you see in the other. You are nothing less than divinity itself, that the foundation of your consciousness is the sacred, and you are that. It is your birthright and your being. And no energy in the universe, attachment or otherwise, has the power to tell you otherwise, unless you or such an entity in this circumstance gives such power and such a belief to it. So it is a rediscovery of that core being and the love inherent there. Many are the paths to this love awareness within.

And we commend you, my brother, for your fidelity to this path of the truth seeking. As had been expressed in the round robin portion of this circle, the attempts to express forgiveness and love where a negative seeming personal interaction may prove difficult, and many of your peoples would respond unconsciously with no further attempt to process the catalyst. Instead, you, as is true with others in this circle, seek instead to transmute that difficult experience into love and light.

At this time, we will transfer our contact to the one known as Jim for a final question. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim Channeling)

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We ask, at this time, if there may be a final query?

Yes, Q’uo. I have a question from F, who quotes Latwii as saying, “If any guide or presence should give you the specific answer to this query, then your opportunity to gain and the spiritual strength required to solve this dilemma would be removed”2

So F’s question is, “What is the meaning of that sentence? Does that mean that when someone has a dilemma or is processing any emotion and trauma, is it better not to find a helper, a meditation guru, or taking advice from others?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a query which has a variety of responses according to the level of activity within the mind/body/spirit complex that is able to focus upon the type of energy expenditure necessary for dealing with any difficulty.

It may be that an entity has experience with difficulties in its past experiences and has learned how to expand its own energies in a manner which is fruitful for this entity. This is a more advanced, shall we say, process that is able to be effectuated by those who have travelled this path for some time and have discovered that the difficulties of the life experience are the means by which growth is attained. For the difficulties of change and advancement upon the spiritual path are often painful, painful in that they require that one expand one’s consciousness in a manner which can accept the pain of change realizing that it is of a beneficial nature. Thus, such an entity would not need the guru or the teacher to stand in its place in order to accomplish the dealing with difficulties.

However, it may be that at an earlier time in their life experience, that it would not have had the opportunity to reflect upon such difficulties in the manner in which we have just described, and would need, shall we say advice from the teacher, the guru, that entity which had such experience. This is oftentimes an efficient manner of learning how to respond to difficulties. However, it also takes away the responsibility of the seeker itself to move forward in his own path in a manner which activates within itself those qualities of love, of light, acceptance of the ability to move forward in the path of its own seeking that may be, in what you would call, the trial and error manner.

This is oftentimes a slower method of travel. However, it is a method which eventually strengthens the seeker in its journey of expressing and experiencing responses to difficulties.

So this is, in each case, the free will choice of each seeker of truth to find within itself in the meditative state those paths which it wishes to travel and how it wishes to travel them. For it is an infinite creation with many different paths in each incarnation that are traveled as lessons are learned which are preincarnatively programmed. Thusly, we can say that whatever feels is the most appropriate intuitively or through meditation to the seeker of truth is that path which can be traveled, always keeping in mind that there are alternatives that may be experienced and expressed at a future time, as you would call it.

At this time, we would thank each entity within this circle of seeking for being present, for bringing the heartfelt feelings, the difficulties, the joys, the imagination of all that is possible within the infinite creation that exists within your being.

We thank you for experiencing this type of life pattern and of sharing it with those around you this day and always. We are those of Q’uo, and we have travelled this path with you today in great joy. And we would leave each now as we have found you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Boscoe the cat desired Q’uo’s attention for a moment, distracting the instrument. 

  2. Latwii, July 13, 1986