Ra says: “Within the experiential nexus of each entity within its second density environment, and within the roots of mind, there are placed biases indicating to the watchful eye the more efficient of the two paths. Let us say for want of a more precise adjective that this Logos has a bias towards kindness.”1 Q’uo, we’re wondering about this bias towards kindness. And we’re wondering if it’s evidenced in things like the care and the cooperation that’s visible in the animal kingdom, particularly in the higher animal or second-density life that don’t seem to be strictly a function of this Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest and random gene mutation and so forth. Or is this kindness visible in the inherent goodness that people describe in people? Or the desire that we all seem to have to gift [others]? Or the way that someone will rush to save a stranger’s life, etc.? Are these markers or outgrowth of this bias toward kindness? What is this bias? And what is kindness generally? And what is it good for?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. And we are honored to greet each of you in this circle of seeking in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We feel so much joy and purpose within this group today, each bringing with it the trials, the difficulties, the determination, and the focus to work upon the spiritual path and to share that with others. We walk with you, my friends, where this is a path that we all tread as one.

As we speak to your question today, we find it is one which is very much pertinent to the life each of you lives in your third-density illusion. As we make response in one way and another to various facets of your question, we would ask you to look upon those responses as potentially helpful to you. If they do feel that they may be of help, we ask you to take them and use them as you will. And if they do not have that ring of truth to you at this time, ignore them for now and that will allow us to give our answers in a more specific way, shall we say, so that we did not provide any difficulties on your own spiritual path.

The concept of kindness that those of us spoke of being related to this Logos’s choice as a means of, shall we say, accentuating a certain quality of the Creator within all about one and within one’s self in a manner which opens one’s heart center more fully and in more meaningful ways to various beings within the entire creation. This includes those that you have called in your animal kingdom who move about in groups or in pairs or individually so that there may be a relationship, one to the other, in some of those creatures that could be said to partake of a kindness of an opening to their feelings, their emotions, to their equivalents of the heart; so that there might be a relationship that is formed with others of their kind, to pursue the purpose of their life path, that being, to move in harmony with the Creator and the creation about them in such a fashion that they are able to reflect some portion of the Creator’s love to each other as they go through their experiences of moving into the feeding patterns, the relating patterns, the moments and times of sleep together, sleep in the physical sense; so that they may be renewed in the body to continue pursuing their expression of their own being in a way that does reflect a kindness to each other.

We see that there is also the manner in which each of these second-density creatures, after moving in a manner whether in the pack or the school or the grouping of those which you may call the herds, are able to find more and more of the ability and desire to move further on their path in a manner that would allow the awakening in a natural sense of the spiritual quality and add it to the mind and the body that has manifested some degree of kindness each to the other.

This is that which often occurs, as you are aware, in the kind of creatures that you would call your pet that do not need to respond to the general movement of the upward spiraling line of light, but may be invested with the kindness you call love. So that they may expand their experience within your third-density illusion at some point. Thus, there is a progression of the expression of kindness through this type of interaction that is more likely to occur within the third-density experience where the heart chakra has been opened in some degree. That kindness may be expressed here as well.

However, the kindness of the heart chakra is that which is the point of the spiritual path within your third-density illusion in order that you to may move higher and higher into the fourth density of love and understanding.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin Channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. We trace this progression of kindness as it manifests within your experience, and the forecast of where it can bring you, to demonstrate the impact of the decision made by this Logos, to imbue your experience with what has been called this bias. We, ourselves, are keenly interested in the kind of mechanisms that you inquire about within this question. For the exact ways and experiences of the Logos and the sub-Logos remain, in many ways, a mystery to us as well. For though we are not limited by the veiled experience of third density that obfuscates your own perceptions and generates even more mystery in the attempt to grasp what other forms of consciousness and creation are like, our own experiences are still quite distinct and the consciousness of creation that lives within the various Logoi and sub-Logoi are still quite foreign to us.

We find this mystery somewhat thrilling as we can imagine and contemplate the effects of this consciousness of creation that expresses itself through the Logos. And we appreciate this opportunity to join you in an imaginative process. And we would reiterate at this point our disclaimer with this in mind, that as we respond to this query, we may speak somewhat about those things that we can grasp. But there is much still that remains an exciting mystery to us.

When you speak about the bias within this query, and how it expresses itself—whether in your second-density experience or as it lives, in the experiences of those about you—we must point out that this bias is so fundamental in the creation that you experience that almost anything that you point to that speaks of kindness, you may be able to relate back to this very fundamental choice by your Logos to bias its creations towards kindness in order to suggest to the mind/body/spirit complexes under its domain and efficiency of choice.

The way that this fundamental decision is made by such a Logos can be difficult to comprehend. For it exists in a sort of timelessness, [but] we must speak about it in a way that implies a progression. With this in mind, you can imagine that, at the very beginning of the creation process that has manifested your experience about you, this choice was made. And alone, it was simply a concept, an abstraction of how this particular Logos wished for the, you may say, experiment of your creation to be set up.

In this sense, the Logos did not necessarily choose in specific ways how this bias would express itself. But there are mechanisms in place in this process of setting up the archetypical mind and pathways of evolution that allow the Logos to choose particular factors within the evolution of the mind, body and spirit of its creation to cohere and progress.

These choices can sometimes manifest in seemingly very specific ways, such as the form of body that eventually arises to host third-density consciousness, and aspects of that body, such as the opposable thumbs, or the reliance upon speech for communication. Though these manifestations seem quite specific, their origins are found within a very fundamental and abstract bias chosen by the Logos in the so-called beginning of this creation, these fundamental choices you can see having an effect upon the creation about you at each stage of its evolution.

If you imagine the Logos as the center or heart of the creation, and each iteration of evolution moving concentrically outward, the bias then takes on new forms in more complex ways, with each iteration of evolution. In this way, you can, indeed, look at the various manifestations of kindness about you, and trace the progression that led to this manifestation backwards through the process of evolution to that very fundamental bias.

In many ways, your biologists and scientists have done so in attempting to understand the mechanisms that influence your human behavior. From the standpoint of evolution, understood from a material perspective, we find that this bias within your scientific explorations of physicalism and materialism, though falling short of understanding the underlying nature of this bias, are still able to locate and demonstrate the effects of this bias within the physical progression of evolution from matter, to biological beings, to social beings, to your current state of human beings.

Indeed, those within what you call the field of evolutionary psychology who do their best to demonstrate how each behavior exhibited within your human experience can be traced through this material lineage often find themselves discovering that this material lineage, sometimes referred to as genetics, though understood to be an attempt to perpetuate itself does so through the means of cooperation, empathy, and, as those of Ra described it, kindness.

It is no coincidence that the bias described by those of Ra is alive within what your biologists have found to be the most efficient path of evolution for your biological beings. You can say that it is perhaps a matter of cart before the horse, and a debate upon which would come first in the rationalization of where this bias comes from, or whether it is a result rather than an instigating factor of this mechanism of evolution.

We may speak through this instrument to one more pathway of exploration that you can examine in order to understand how this bias has affected your evolution and, as hinted at by those of Ra, the pathway of evolution through the second density and the experiences available to those evolving through the second-density environment, and that is what has been very crudely described by your peoples as behavior theory and the ways in which you can psychologically influence the behavior of biological beings that operate with neurological systems that you can examine and understand. If you look at the ways in which your scientific community has discovered, in more recent years, the most sustainable and efficient way that behavior is influenced, it is not through the negative experiences, or what can sometimes be called, punishment, but rather through the more positive seeming aspects of reinforcement or reward.

Though both aspects of influencing behavior can have effects that can be seen, it has been discovered more and more that the pathway of influencing behavior that relies upon understanding and empathy and kindness, that seeks to reward the behavior that is desired, creates a more holistic change within the entity. We reference this not as a demonstration of how you, as third-density beings, can relate to those around you and attempt to influence those around you—for that is indeed a very difficult pathway to explore—but rather, in understanding the so-called science behind this mechanism, you can then look at how the Creator, alive through the Logos that you have experienced within your creation, has influenced behavior of the second-density beings evolving through to the third-density beings. [You may look at] the environment that those beings evolved through, and how certain behaviors may have been rewarded, and how the more long-term behaviors that have perhaps manifested as cooperation, and signaling signs of empathy and kindness and even self-sacrifice, are supported through this mechanism of influencing behavior and the receptiveness of your biological being to certain types of feedback, such as reward and punishment.

This is an intricate exploration, and we are finding it somewhat difficult to examine more specifically these pathways through the instrument at this time. Yet, we encourage any who are interested in understanding how the ideal of kindness manifests at any stage alive within your own creation, that this concept of how behavior is influenced is a rich exploration and worthy of careful examination and application to your personal and spiritual journey.

We consider ourselves, in this way, scientists, for it is an unending source of inspiration and mystery to continue to examine the infinite variety of how the consciousness of creation that is expressed through the Logoic manifestation of the archetypical mind, as you experience it, speaks to the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator; and the power contained within each infinitesimal and subtle way. There is nothing within your creation that cannot reveal the Infinite Creator in all of Its power and glory.

At this time we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and find our hearts swirling with joy to be with each of you, with your energy fields as individuals and as an harmonious group which operates as one which then merges, to some degree, with our own energy that we may embark upon the journey of service together in shared mission.

We find a concern within this instrument for his tired state, being under-slept due to over-activity in your recent period, but still find that, thanks to the tuning, there is an alertness that is held that allows for an inhabitation of beingness, and a detachment from, or setting aside, of the busy and tense mind.

We would continue our exploration of your question which seeks to understand an important aspect of the foundation of your own experience, that being the intentional bias which your Logos, our Logos, planted into the deep mind of the third-intensity being and of the planet itself.

This chosen bias is a function of this Logos’s free will. In other Logoic systems there are other options, including a more unbiased template within which the workings of confusion may unfold, along with the potential for bias in the other direction.

Upon your world there is that which, if noticed by the entity, points and encourages that application which, in shorthand, may be described as kindness. As we spoke previously, this is woven into many aspects of your experience. From the configuration of your bodies and your minds and the workings of the planet itself.

This being a bias available in a creation of free will, the entities of your plane are at full liberty to ignore this inclination within their deep mind; indeed, rejected altogether and choosing an opposite bias. The intention of the Logos is not to predetermine the course but, from its standpoint, to offer a hint, shall we say, and lend some strength, it might be said, in that direction. And for those who do catch notice of this bias and find it is that which speaks to their heart, then, with such eyes, it is possible to see it even in your troubled world where kindness may at times seem few and far between.

But with the right eyes it becomes possible to see that this inclination is innate within all beings and aspects of your sphere, and available to those, in particular, of higher conscious awareness that they may take advantage of this inclination in its eventual conscious development, perhaps even offering the catalyst to awaken the recognition of this bias within the other-self and other-selves as well; for there is, in this configuration, a natural, shall we say, reward system which promotes and encourages and invites a deepening of this orientation on a purely neuro-chemical level. This may be manifested in the balances of dopamine and serotonin and so forth which release and become activated when engaged in the act of generosity.

This may, on this level as well, be manifest in that which is presently called those mirror neurons which help a physical being, seemingly individual and separated from other such beings, to feel what [other beings] feel to some degree, to relate to and understand and even inhabit, in a limited measure, their other-self’s experience without the aid of the direct telepathic sharing of energy and concept.

One can, within your sphere, place oneself into the shoes of another entity. And in this affinity—or more fundamentally, in this capacity to relate to and to feel another’s pain as if it were one’s own, and to express sensitivity, therein, one is then inclined, perhaps, toward the alleviation of that pain, or the finding of ways to be of support—one finds cause to celebrate and appreciate others in their awareness, whether met or unmet friend or stranger, in this [awareness] that beauty may manifest through an infinite number of other-self portals into your illusion; that the contribution of an other-self enhances the group-self in shared fate and evolution, and shared mutual enhancement and betterment. This is an orientation of consciousness which, thanks to this bias, is given somewhat of an advantage or leg up, shall we say.

But such an orientation is not inevitable or default. For the other orientation, and we speak now of that which is known to you as service to self, sees a very different landscape, and understands reality, as it sees it, from a very different standpoint which does not emphasize this inclination; and, indeed, where it [does] see [this inclination], may even attempt to take advantage of it and the other-self, not only in the quest for acquisition of personal power and dominance, but in the promotion of that unkind orientation and worldview [in order] that kindness may be stamped out, as it is seen as a weakness and folly and way in which one becomes vulnerable to the power-driven self.

The positive polarity, on the other hand, sees this inclination and its many manifestations in that which blossoms into a bouquet of gift and service and beauty, as a great strength, as that which is desirable, as that which informs the world which the positive entity wishes to build and inhabit, a world where to give is not necessarily to lose, even if it is to give something which is finite and is not to be regained by the self; but to give is to enhance the self as well, is to, as it is known to this instrument, get that buzz of satisfaction and glow and radiance of doing something, shall we say, simply nice for another; to support, to uplift, to know that to help an other-self is to help the individual-self, and to help ultimately the group and all-self.

In this orientation, pursuing and enlarging this inclination, there is the ambiance of desire to give that becomes reciprocal. He or she who receives gift then becomes inclined, perhaps, to give gift as well, whether in some form of service at present or future to the original gift giver or to other-selves, whether that is an outwardly transferred material or tangible item, or simply the sharing of the self freely which, due to the intrinsic beauty and glory of existence itself, is, when undertaken with less pretense, less fear, less judgment, less thought given to self-gain, [that which] necessarily inspires and beautifies the environment and others. In this way, the gift builds upon itself and the glory of the infinite becomes more evident and palpable and lived as it is given space to manifest through this increasingly matching of vibration of the third-density consciousness to the One Great Original Thought.

For as we have described, the path of the positive polarity is the path of that which is, that is to say, it is the path which seeks to see and understand and become clearer; to know truth as it is; to remove the illusions and the blinders and the fantasy notions about who and what the self is that things can be seen as they truly are. Which is in contrast to the opposite path which seeks to enhance and intensify an illusory dream of separation, choosing not to understand or seek the greater truth, but finding the power available in the darkness and relishing and becoming consciously addicted to that.

Kindness is within many, many hearts upon your world, my friends. If you can but exit your silos of concept which separates you, as you find yourselves on conflicting ends of various ideologies, to make human-to-human contact with other-selves in their own environment, and to see their suffering and to see what they do with their hearts; to see that he or she or they who have, shall we say, voted differently from you are exercising enormous care and sacrifice in the care for their sick loved one, we again correct this instrument, a loved one or the love with which they tend to their environment or the positive thoughts that they hold so on and so forth.

Come into contact with your other-selves, my friends. Get out of your boxes, whether conceptual or physical, and in the face-to-face encounter you will have myriad, countless opportunities to see how that fundamental bias planted into this third-density experience by your Logos is manifest. However, confused, distorted and even warlike your peoples may become, this quality survives and persist through all the hardship and terror of your world. Those of your planet still, somehow, in general, incline in this direction. Perhaps not purely, as many are under the throe of intergenerational trauma, but this quality still beats within the hearts of many and speaks to the resilience of your peoples in a hard illusion.

At this time, we will transfer our contact with joy to work with the one known as Trisha. We are those of Q’uo.

(Trish channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. Though this instrument feels challenged in the realm of physical pain at this time, we will continue to attempt to use her as an instrument for our words. We are deeply appreciative of and for this opportunity.

In this aspect of kindness, which you and we are discussing today, is one that permeates throughout all layers of what you call your existence. As it has been said, this planet and this system has a bias, your peoples have a bias, and that is one towards that which is known as kindness. However, this bias as you may see it, could be also seen as an awareness. By that we mean that kindness runs at the surface of everything within this illusory experience on this planet. The lower density experiences and entities and energies on this planet also dance with this element known as kindness. You see it in the way that the plants gift higher-density creatures food. You see it and feel it in the way that a gentle breeze can soothe the tired or weary soul. You hear it in the sound of crashing waves, or a still night. Even the very act of sensing the warmth from the sun or the life-giving moisture from the rain are all extensions of this kindness. It is with evolution and progression that one becomes aware of the kindness. Becomes a participant in the bias, if you will.

As has been mentioned, the third-density entity has a level of participation which allows it a certain degree of awareness and the free will to walk one of two paths. And we understand how, if lost in the throes of separation or injustice or pain, it can be difficult to recognize or be aware of the inherent kindness that surrounds one. But as in those moments where one feels truly challenged, that practicing presence, practicing gratitude can be most potent and kindness can truly be felt. To be able to see through the clouds and feel the warmth of that sun. That life-giving force, that nourishing beam of energy requires great faith, much grace, and at times patience.

And so, kindness is not a feeling or an action that is limited to the way in which entity A interacts with entity B, or an entity interacts with its own environment. Kindness is also an action one can practice within oneself for oneself. It is that loving, patient, and understanding open hand. The care of the mother for the child, the full acceptance of self, flaws and all. That is a powerful expression of kindness and one that can inspire not only self to manifest kindness outside of self, but inspire other-self to act accordingly, to engage with that kindness for self and other-self.

And again this may require or request that the third-density entity practice intentional moments for presence, for awareness, for gratitude, for seeing what is reality, as you call it, which is ultimately an illusion that at its core is oneness. To see the blade of grass, or the rock on the road, or the bird in the sky as self, as of equal worth, as an equal power, as of equal intentional purpose. And to then step into that radical awareness can be a step towards full realization of this action you call kindness. To strip away the boundaries and the walls which the third-density entity uses to identify and other and separate, and instead see the vital force that is within every atom of this existence.

That what the eye sees, what the ear hears, what the nose smells, the hands touch, the mouth tastes all spring forth from this single unit of oneness. Simply highly fragmented to create the conditions where one can choose and learn and practice and find out and discover what kindness is, what love is, what light is. Is that not a most beautiful gift? Is that not a most important lesson, as was spoken through the previous instrument, to take the time to spend with other-self—to truly hear them, to fully see them, to put self in other-self’s shoes and to recognize the ties that bind all? That is the ultimate action of kindness and one that is far more easily accessible given the inherent bias of this environment.

It is true that, to step into that kindness, though it may sometimes seem challenging or impossible, is never impossible; it simply requires faith, presence, and grace. You have all of the tools that you need to align yourself and hone that which you call kindness. And to inspire others, to inspire this planet as a whole and its inhabitants to form a singular energetic beam of kindness.

Regardless of how many walk that path, regardless of how many moments a self may find failure in their goal towards kindness, it is always there, it is always accessible, it is always available. It is inherent in the air that you breathe. You cannot escape it, for lack of better phrasing, you must simply recognize it. And once recognized, it multiplies and redounds outward into the universe.

We thank this instrument and this group for this opportunity to speak about this very sweet part of reality or existence. And we are thankful that this group feels this direction toward uncovering and understanding kindness more deeply; it is an inspiration.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one now as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument once again. And we thank each of the instruments for their conscientious focus upon those words and concepts that we have shared through each. It is one of our greatest joys to be able to speak upon those qualities of a spiritual path in your third-density illusion that are enhanced by something as simple and yet as intricate as kindness. As you move upon your path today, back into your normal environment, we would ask that you attempt to make an effort to shine your kindness, your love, and your light to those about you.

We know that this is what you might call a default setting for each of you who have been a part of the spiritual path for a great portion of what you call time. We hope that each who hears and reads these words will also take it upon themselves to plant the seeds of kindness around them in their communities, their families, wherever they travel. Let this be the lens through which you see those about you in that feature and quality of kindness within you.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group and this instrument, thanking each for being so kind to invite our presence. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in love and light and in kindness. Adonai, adonai my friends; adonai vasu borragus.