Don Elkins had been researching UFOs since 1955 and had spoken by telephone or visited in person many of the contactees of that era such as Dan Fry 1 , George Van Tassel and Orpheo Angelucci.

In 1961 he met Hal Price, who had just moved to Louisville from Detroit. Hal had been a member of Walt Rogers’ contactee group in Detroit, a group he had formed after learning to channel while attending Clyde Trepanier’s group, which at that time was also in Detroit. Clyde was the channel for the sessions that have been republished here as the Clyde Trepanier Transcripts (Circle R Group) documents.

Walt showed Don The Brown Notebook which was a record of the channeled messages given through Walt from his sources within the Confederation. After Don read it through, he conceived of an experiment in channeling, seeking to reproduce in “the Louisville group” what Walt—and eventually other channels—had produced in “the Detroit group.”

We include The Brown Notebook in order that readers may see our origins. This was the material which started the experiment in producing channeled material of interest to the spiritual seeker which is still on-going here in the Louisville group, which since has been named L/L Research.

The material in the following two sections has not been finally edited, but we hope it will provide a useful side-note for anyone who is interested.

  1. For more information about Daniel Fry, please see Sean Donovan’s site