Note from Carla L. Rueckert: Don Elkins had a very limited exposure to both Walt Roger’s and Clyde Trepanier’s channeling in the early 1960’s, after which time he had no more contact with either man’s work. Clyde Trepanier continued to channel until the late 1980’s. L/L Research became reacquainted with this additional material of his in 2011, at which time we offered to create a section on the L/L site to archive it.

We would like to make it clear that the transcripts in the zipped file below beyond the early 60s do not have any direct relationship to L/L Research. That material moves into areas which are not in congruence with the work of L/L Research. Because of this, we would take a step back from recommending or endorsing it to anyone. It is, however, a part of the extraterrestrial channeling story that otherwise might have been lost to research. We are grateful for the willingness of the Detroit Group members, past and present, to share this material.

Man, Consciousness and Understanding: The following volumes are transcriptions of channeling done by Clyde Trepanier during group meetings in Detroit and that were previously published in the pamphlet form.

The groupings of communications contained in this enclosure are informative, teaching-instructions for developing a better understanding of ourselves, of the problems of our modem times, and of the magnitude of the future lying before us. The nature and the text of these communications differ in respect to the many spiritual studies of Truth available to the seeker; therefore, a few words are necessary to explain their source.

On and around our Earth there exist millions of beings from other regions and other realms of the Universe who have attained a much higher and a much greater degree of understanding in their evolution. To those who will listen, they extend their friendship and offer their understanding and wisdom that the homo sapiens race on Earth might awaken unto themselves and work to usher in the New Golden Age presently dawning.

Within these pages, the words you read are those received from physical beings aboard spacecraft who hail from other parts of the Universe, and from wonderful, Radiant Beings who enjoy the Perfect Life in the higher realms of existence.

The reader is to understand that these communications were received through a human channel who was one among a small group of earnest seekers of Truth. These words of enlightenment, even though spoken to a small group, also apply to the whole of mankind and may be used by any and all who are seeking a more Abundant Life.

With their deepest Love and Blessings, these Beings of higher understanding of fer their knowledge to all who seek the Truth.

A total of 690 Circle R Group transcripts are offered in PDF format within a ZIP file.