The notebook includes no preface or explanation, it just records pages of questions—a fraction, at that, of the 2,630 questions that he asked over the course of the 106 sessions. He may have recorded questions in other notebooks that did not survive, or he may have simply logged the remainder of his questions in his mind and/or developed them on the fly in response to new information from Ra.

At 89 pages, the notebook also contains mathematical formulas, doodles and illustrations of abstract concepts, some questions written by Carla near the beginning, and two pages of handwritten questions from Jim at the end. However, 98% or more consists of Don’s questions written in Don’s writing, a gift considering how little he left of his own writing.

Don had some kind of classification system using numbers in the upper right of the page whose meaning isn’t entirely clear to us. He also evolved a system using red X’s and circles adjacent to questions in order to indicate their status. Circles seem to denote unasked questions, but it’s puzzling because there are circles next to questions that he did ask. Maybe they were asked at a later session? Then there are circles with X’s which seem to indicate questions that were asked or satisfied. And, many questions have neither circle nor X to them. Perhaps this is something that translated to Don.

What is particularly fascinating about the notebook is the evidence of the variety of questions that he didn’t ask. Some outstanding examples include:

  • “What is the earliest origin of the religious orientation”

  • “Define emotion what is the use and source”

  • “Are there any demoted wanderers from 4th, 5th, 6 etc.”

  • “Some 2nd density entities seem to have a form of polarization like spider”

  • “What is significance of winged serpent emblem?”

  • “What is the difference between mental and spiritual pain?”

  • “Blood (metaphysical significance)?”

  • “What about suicide”

  • “Both Maldek and Mars carried bellicosity too far to continue on their planets yet the Siriuns (sic) find it necessary to study bellicosity. Must all entities experience warfare?”

  • “What determines life span of animals?”

  • “P. 158 Nuclear evolution – What effect does starlight have on earth man?”

  • “The questioner can heal but does not”

  • “What was the reason for holes in Mayan skulls”

  • “Do Jim and I lose energy during a communication?”

  • “Do accidental injuries occur at all or is every catalyst of this type programmed?”

  • “How are wanderers selected/volunteer?”

  • “Explain rotational speed of energy centers.”

  • “Secondary energy points = acupuncture points? How does acupuncture work?”

  • “What are the metaphysical principles of magnetism on which raising the kundalini depends?”

  • “Explain – experiences attracted to the entity through the South pole.” Add on: “Before and during incarnation.”

  • “Corrections and expansions of these concepts are requested:

    Proper thought and action for minimum blockage and (+) polarity.

    1. Red energy center

      • Do not employ defensive action
      • Do not try to survive at the expense of others
      • Give your last available food etc to others in need
      • Love your aggressor
    2. Orange

      • Treat every individual you deal with as the Creator
      • accept anything offered
      • Giving anything requested
    3. Yellow

      • Work harmonically for the benefit of the group
  • Drafting a survey for reader feedback that, so far as we know, was never sent

  • “What was the purpose of the Sphinx?”

  • “Ra states we are not a part of time and can be with you in any of your times – explain (future?)”

  • “How can healing aid be sought from the Confederation while staying within the 1st Distortion?”

  • “What is the philosophy of compassion/unattached to an outcome”

  • “What is anti-matter?”

  • “What was the purpose of the other 2 large pyramids at Giza?”

  • “Dolphins”

  • “Does an individual choose his sign of the zodiac for birth so as to use catalyst more efficiently?”

  • “Does the planet progress through signs of the zodiac?”

  • “What is the advantage of tantric yoga methods, if any?”

  • “Identical twins – split of consciousness?”

  • “Were social memory complexes formed in 4th den B.V.?” (before veil)

  • “What was the worst conflict B.V.?” (before veil)

  • And one of our favorites: “What about porpoises?”

The doors of the universe were opened to Don Elkins and his trio in a way that few humans have ever experienced or will ever experience. Thanks to Carla’s strength, dedication, and purity, Jim’s power and care, and the harmony and dedication of their group, they had an utterly unique opportunity to dissipate the blanket of fog thick and ageless with philosophical paradoxes and perennial puzzles. In so doing they revealed a stunningly wondrous and elegant vision of our universe which clarified as much as it deepened the mystery of existence.

But he couldn’t ask anything he wanted to and still preserve the contact—Don had to stay carefully within bounds of inquiry that would yield information of an empowering spiritual and philosophical value to the positively oriented seeker. Where he went within those boundaries was uniquely a product of his own curiosities and hungers. His pursuit, however, was not merely for self-edification, but for that which he thought might help to enlighten, free, and heal this troubled world.

Yet, even within that narrow range of inquiry open to him, there are thousands upon thousands of other compatible questions that could have been asked. How many religious figures could have received some focus? Buddha stands out in particular. Lao Tzu. Mohammad. Any number of yogis, mystics, and others blessed with direct spiritual revelation, along with the various religious systems that sprung therefrom. How much more focus might he have placed on the path to self-discovery and enlightenment, of healing and psychopathology, of sacred medicines and spiritual technologies, and spiritual development as illustrated through historical biographies?

How many more questions moved through that intelligent mind which could have been explored had the opportunity continued?

Whatever the answer to that question, thanks be that he asked the questions that he did. People’s lives—our own included—continue to be changed irrevocably thanks to the philosophy of union with the Creator that his questions revealed. We give unending gratitude that he could comprehend Ra on the fly while holding patience and attention through the slowest most monotone delivery in all of history, dancing with Ra question after question, session after session into and through the deepest unknowns the human heart has ever considered.

On behalf of spiritual seekers in this and many generations to come, thank you, Don Elkins.

– Gary L. Bean