About the Silver & Gold Flecks

During the years of the Ra contact, Don, Carla, and Jim would find silver, sometimes gold “flecks” occasionally and suddenly showing up on their skin. Appearing one at a time, weighing next to nothing, they were geometrical in shape, most notably the cube and the hexagon, and they were quite reflective.

Thank you. Can you tell me of the silver flecks that we have found sometimes on our faces or elsewhere?

I am Ra. These of which you speak are a materialization of a subjectively oriented signpost indicating to one mind/body/spirit complex, and no other, a meaning of subjective nature.

Who creates the silver flecks? Are they real?

I am Ra. Picture, if you will, the increasing potential for learn/teaching. At some point a sign will be given to indicate the appropriateness or importance of that learn/teaching. The entity itself, in cooperation with the inner planes, creates whatever signpost is most understandable or noticeable to it.

You’re saying that we ourselves then create these?

I am Ra. Entities consciously do not create these. The roots of mind complex, having touched in understanding, intelligent infinity, create them.

According to Ra in the above Q&As, they were signs from the deeper, unconscious self designed for the conscious mind in order to indicate the “appropriateness or importance” of a particular learn/teaching. They were also, according to Ra, materializations—meaning that from a non-physical dimension to our physical dimension, they manifested or appeared. In other words, they were not created by any earthly means.

However, the Ra contact was not the only time these little doodads made their appearance. As early as 1976, the then-group experienced these flecks. Sometime around mid-2019, during a conversation Gary and Austin were having about L/L’s future, maybe connected to the Ra Contact audiobook, memory is fuzzy, Austin noticed a silver fleck on one of the printed Ra Contact books sitting in the office. Upon comparison, it was the same sized silver hexagonal type as that which appeared to Carla, Don, and Jim almost forty years prior. (See the photos of Mr. Fleck on the mahogany desk.) And Gary discovered a teardrop-shaped silver fleck with him in his meditation cell during his 10-day silent meditation retreat in 2022.

We’ve never had these analyzed. Whether they are made of actual silver or gold, or some other more mundane material, we don’t know. We don’t invest these flecks with mythical powers. Jim simply stores his on a shelf with other items of historical and sentimental value. And ours is in a white envelope marked “Silver Fleck Depot.”

We share these pictures for the devoted reader who has held some curiosity about things mentioned in the Law of One. For them, these photos may be just another very slight nuance making tangible that material which has become so sacred to their hearts.

On all sides we are surrounded by an intelligent, incomprehensible, wondrous mystery which peeks occasionally through the curtains of our comfortable reality to leave hints of itself in signs for our journey. May you be met with your own signs, whether from the word of a friend, the way the wind blew that day, that impossible coincidence, or materializing hexagons.