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Interpretations and Use of the Law of One

Statement on Interpretations and Use of the Law of One

We at L/L Research seek to do our best not to interfere with the seeker’s interpretation of the Law of One, principally because we cannot do the learning for the reader. Who are we to say what this material means to anyone else? Or how it ought to be interpreted? Or what the individual really needs? We certainly share our own perspective about its meaning, but we always promote the seeker’s own evaluation. Our primary job is to make the material available to those who are interested and may benefit from it.

While this is our fixed attitude, there are certain limits to the range of interpretation we can, in our own integrity, support. Those unsupportable interpretations include any use of the material that seeks to aggrandize the self; that is to say, any use of the material that is used to accrue to the self some sort of special or elevated status. The core message of the Law of One is that, no matter our seeming outer differences, we are all one, and love is our pathway to recognizing that unity. And in humble reverence of this awesome understanding, one recognizes that we are all teach/learners to one another.

Each is free to do as they will on this planet, of course. Free will is a core principle of the material that we share. However, we, as individuals and as an organization, disagree with any use of this material toward teaching that intends to:

  • Confuse
  • Promote fear
  • Create dependency
  • Energize conspiratorial thinking
  • Encourage separation from others
  • Reject or discourage universal love
  • Avoid self-responsibility and accountability
  • Be intentionally provocative or sensationalist
  • Encourage or promote negative control of self or others
  • Exhibit elements of deception and manipulative thinking
  • Claim being a spokesperson for truths inaccessible to other spiritual seekers
  • Put the focus upon or glorify the individual personality instead of the Creator and the seeker’s journey

Interpretations and use of this material in these ways may create significant distortion in the self and in others. However, we recognize that these boundaries are not always clear or black and white, but complex and nuanced. Discernment is ever a subjective art.

Our understanding of the Law of One suggests that as the heart activates and crystallizes, as the self realizes the self ever more deeply, as the higher chakras are penetrated, then the service will necessarily radiate qualities of compassion, clarity, loving-kindness, transparency, empathy, and generosity. The focus will turn increasingly from gaining and getting to radiance and giving.

At the foundation of the Law of One cosmology is free will, and at the foundation of the path of the positive polarity is respect for the free will of others. What does that mean and how is that applied? The lived answer is a continual discovery and refinement, and is part of the fabric of the third-density journey. There are no hard and fast rules.

As a general principle, we support those interpretations and uses of this material which seek to honor the free will of others in compassion, kindness, and other facets of that great energy known as Love. It is upon that basis that we share this material.

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