Wynn, Carla and the crew share their stories and experiences regarding reincarnation.

Host: Wynn Free

This is January 21, 2013. My name is Wynn Free. I announced tonight we were going to do a talk on reincarnation. It’s a good thing we never run out of topics. Actually, I can’t believe it. If I had to think of doing this three times a week and keeping people interested, I’d say it was impossible. Now I see it’s not impossible; in fact, it’s quite amazing.

I’m going to open the lines for a second. I want to just take a poll of those of you who are on the phone lines. I want to ask the question: How many of you are sure reincarnation is real?

[General affirmative response]

All right, how many of you have any memory or recollection or confirmation of a past life? How about some of you that have a recollection, are you willing to share your recollection and how it came to you? Keep it not too long, like maybe two or three minutes; anyone want to do that? I’m going to mute everybody. If you’re one of those people that want to share, do a ‘star-six’.

All right, I’m one of those people

Is that David?

Yes sir.

Go ahead David; we’re on.

All right. It was like watching a video tape backwards; I saw myself dying of an injury that I suffered. I guess I was in battle fighting for my daughter’s honor. It looked like it took place during the 1400’s on a straw-thatched roof that I saw. I kept looking down on myself and I was kind of blurring between the way I look like now and the way I looked then; just kind of flickering back and forth.

I was wearing what looked to be metallic, kind of like a knight’s armor; something similar to what the Romans would wear—something like that. I had blood running down my right leg.

Remembering that incident, did it relate to anything you go through in this lifetime? In other words, do you have pain in that area? Sometimes people do, if they had some kind of painful death in another lifetime, particularly when they died, they have some kind of pain in the same place. Is there anything you can put together that bleeds through from that lifetime?

There’s a birth-mark there.

There is, okay. Okay, thank you for sharing. Who else wants to share?

This is Merrill.

Hi, Merrill, go ahead.

Yes. Mine is related to place. When I was in high school, I became obsessed with New England. I grew up in California. I was obsessed with it until my forties, when I was finally able to move back there. I found about seven places that I recognized; I recognized I had been daily attending a cemetery in Boston. Unfortunately, they had moved the bodies around, so I couldn’t tell whom it was I had been visiting, but I knew which corner I had gone to daily.

I recognized a pub in Gettysburg. I recognized John Greenleaf Whittier’s home when I toured it in New Hampshire, I believe. There were three or four other places that were really powerful.

Then, when I went to the South I was just eating at a restaurant one day and I had a vision of this really shabby house and there was a grandmother. The mother and the son came to visit her and none of them seemed to feel that the house needed cleaning or the yard needed trimming or anything; they were just totally okay with it. It had such a good feeling to it.

The last thing is, sometimes when I’m walking in a forest I feel like I was an Indian scout. That’s a really, really good feeling also.

When you saw Gettysburg that was [having to do with] Lincoln, right?—The Gettysburg Address. Did that have to do with that?

I guess so; it had to do with the Civil War, I believe. But I went into this tavern which is a restaurant also. When I went downstairs I remembered being there.

Great; thank you. Thank you for sharing. So you just remember the places; you don’t remember what you were? You don’t remember what you were, but you kind of had a déjà-vu with all those places?

Yes, right, except for the Indian; I kind of did remember what I was.

Okay. Do you remember anything you did in the Indian life? Were you a warrior?

No, but I was male. I was a scout and I would lead people through the forest.

Okay. Thank you for sharing. Who else? Who else here has something they want to share? Star-6. That’s it?

My name is Roger; I’m in Austin, Texas.

Hi Roger.

I had an experience when I was in the Air Force. I had an assignment where I was in Turkey. I got to visit some old castles from the crusades. These places were totally unsupervised; they were not supervised by the government of Turkey or anything. So they were just out there; they were ruins out in the middle of the countryside.

I visited a couple of these castles and I knew I had been there before. I knew the layout of the structures; I knew where the barracks were and where the keep was and all that stuff. I was amazed about all this.

Later on, a few years later, I had the opportunity to visit Scotland. I had this incredible feeling like I was home again. You know what it feels like when you come home again; when you’ve been away a long time and you come home again.

Some of us don’t have that feeling yet.

You know it was amazing. I don’t know what else I can tell you about it, but I had that incredible feeling. I’ve also been attracted to that period of history right after the Dark Ages, when many of the Crusades took place and all that stuff. I came to the conclusion I must have been a participant in all that activity. It just has a special attraction for me.

Thank you, thank you for sharing; anyone else before we cut you off?

I remember my past lives.

I was afraid you were going to say that. Uh-oh, if Terry talks we’re going to use the whole hour.

It’s like continuous, I mean the last life, in-between lives, everything.

Terry is amazing; because it’s almost like she continues and kind of has a pretty good memory. One of the things that’s interesting about you, Terry, at least as I get it, is that you went from a lot of lifetimes [here on Earth, in the physical realm] to a lot of lifetimes in the astral. You didn’t really go into the higher realms and get renewed; is that correct?

Yes, in-between lives, right. I didn’t go back to the higher realms to get renewed; I just would stay in the astral and then come back.

That’s probably one of the reasons you can remember your lives so well. Some of them go really far back, right?

Yes, very far back.

Terry remembers being a spaceship commander; she remembers her last life, where her husband’s mistress knifed her, killed her and threw her in the ocean. That’s been like one of her biggest issues this life subconsciously. This is the way it works; I’ve watched this and seen that so often, a pattern which seems like you, it seems like it’s how you feel; and yet it’s not you, but it’s something that you put into your matrix from another lifetime.

It’s like you don’t necessarily have to know the events of the lifetime, but you can start looking at unusual belief patterns you have. Oftentimes you can reverse-engineer it, because—can I talk about that lifetime, Terry? I can talk about it; we’ve talked about it before, right? Where you were knifed?

Yes, okay.

Is that going to trigger you?


All right. I’ll make it short. She was involved with this guy who ended up having a mistress, and [Terry and his mistress] got into an altercation in the kitchen. The woman stabbed Terry. In this lifetime, she has this pain on her left shoulder blade in the back. She’s getting a lot better, but she’s had it and not known where it came from. I say that she’s shy, but in fact there’s this aspect where she has stepped out in the past and gotten in big trouble.

I think another lifetime that she remembers—you know what? I’m not saying these lifetimes are real, but I think they were. When did you remember that lifetime where you were stabbed in your past lifetime?

I think that I started to remember it in my forties in this lifetime. I had certain symptoms, but I didn’t know where they came from. Then little snippets of memory started coming back: pictures and…

Visuals, right?

Yes, little snippets. It’s like, all of my lives. I spent one lifetime as a seamstress designing beautiful dresses for the Queen of France. I lived a long time in that lifetime. In this lifetime, when I go to sleep and close my eyes I can just see all these beautiful dresses. I just love to close my eyes and see those beautiful, beautiful dresses.

I will have dreams sometimes where I will be walking up three flights of stairs in Paris, France, to my little room at the top of the third story. I’ll go buy pastry; then I’ll sit on the landing going back up the stairs and I’ll eat the pastry. It’s like I’d dream that dream over and over.

Daphne, are you there?

I am here, yes.

Do you want to confess to any past life memories that you’ve had? Should I bring them up or not?

Do I want to confess?

Not confess, that’s not the word.

Which ones were you thinking about?

I was thinking of that one in Egypt; and any others that you remember that we haven’t even discussed. You actually have discussed it. You thought you were in Russia; you were in Egypt. Any others?

Kind of like what Terry was saying, I’ve had really strong flashes and really strong déjà-vu. You can talk about the Egyptian connection part. I think it ties into the Russian one as well; sure. Yes.

When I look at these things, of course I tend to be a skeptic. If Terry had told me fifteen years ago what she just said now, I would have said, ‘She’s making it up. How do you know? You’re just fantasizing, because there’s no evidence of it other than memories.’ For me it’s tougher than that. I had my first experience with a pretty strong validation, on a past life.

A number of years ago there was someone that did a reading on me; this is when I was travelling all over the country playing music, playing at coffee houses and colleges and whatever. I didn’t know how to stay in one place. I was on the East Coast, the West Coast; it was really easy for me just to go anywhere and be anywhere. I would always create a scene.

Someone did a reading on me and they said that I was a troubadour in a past life; they said [it was] a thousand years ago. They said I was duplicating the patterns of that lifetime. Then they went on to tell me this whole story of what happened to me in that lifetime. They said I would go from town to town and I would carry news. The troubadours were the people that would carry the news from one place to another.

If I was accepted by the Lord of a particular town, I would get a piece of royal material. I would wear that material and that would become like a credit card in the town. I’d go into the bars and they’d give me free drinks. The women would throw themselves at me.

In fact, it seemed like it was an honor if I happened to write a love song for a woman. That would be a point of great celebration. I did this going from town to town. It was not so different from this lifetime. When I was travelling, I didn’t have swatches of material. But, I used to wear hippie kind of clothes, colorful clothes.

Then he told me that I had an attraction to this lady-in-waiting in one of the towns. That lady-in-waiting was my girlfriend at the time and then I couldn’t get the Lord of that town to give me his approval. I really tried to get his approval. I would tell him stories about what was happening in some of the neighboring towns and I was stretching the truth. I still couldn’t get his approval.

So I made an arrangement to have a secret rendezvous with this woman at an inn on the outskirts of town. As I was going to that inn there were two groups of soldiers, one from the town where I was staying and the other one from the town that I was lying about. The [Lords] met and they caught me in the lies. They decided to teach me a lesson; they stripped me of all of my swatches of material, my credit cards; I was very humiliated. I thought they were going to kill me.

I went back into the inn and the innkeeper was this very proper guy, who then poisoned me because I embarrassed him and his inn by bringing this thing down. Maybe there was more to it, because it seems like a pretty harsh penalty for something like that. Nonetheless, this is the story the guy told me: that he poisoned me. Then he told me that innkeeper was my father in this lifetime and that my sister was his daughter and my mother was his wife.

Then he told me that I chose to have him as a father because he owed me a life. There’s a little more to this. He owed me a life and I could play that card and get an incarnation through him. As he was telling me this story, keep in mind - I’m fairly skeptical; I’m saying, ‘Is this true? Is this true? Could he be telling me the truth? How do I know this is my past life?’

I started thinking about the people. I thought about the woman, who was a lady-in-waiting. When I met her, I had an incredible desire to be with her. We actually lived together for about three or four years in Venice, California. Then I thought about my father and I was starting to review it. Some of you have heard me say how unloved I felt as a kid; how rejected by my father. I started to think, ‘Here’s this guy that he killed, coming back into his life. He wouldn’t be that happy to see me, would he?’ My mother was always defending me when I was a kid.

Then we had this incident. I think I was, like, 15 years old. My mother put some food on the table. I said I wasn’t going to eat it. My father had this reaction and he stuffed the food down my throat. I was thinking, ‘Maybe that was a re-enactment of being poisoned.’ I had reason to think it was, because I went into rebellion against my family at that time. It became a huge issue for years.

The thing that really closed the deal was, I remembered a song that I wrote. I remember when I wrote the song in Berkeley. [At that time] I was [always] writing songs. It was like a stream of consciousness song. When I finished it, I said, ‘Where did this come from?’ It was actually written in a Baroque English motif and the lyrics told the same story that this guy told me, [with] the same images, way too close for it to be coincidence. Let me see if I can remember the lyrics:

In the corners of time are the ladies who wait (remember this is a lady-in-waiting) With their sleek silver smiles polished on On the edges of time are the poets who watch And freeze their sleek smiles into rhyme. From my window I watch all the players in the court And position my players to their squares My red king lies begging at the mercy of his knight While the Bishop swallows all his prayers. Steaming at the wayside my jeering crowd looks on And cries for the color of his blood In the depths of her bedroom tears fall from my queen She knows her king will never be again.

Now, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I was going to have a rendezvous with this lady-in-waiting at the inn and they locked her in her bedroom so she couldn’t get to it. Finally:

In the beginning I waited for the end But a voice beckons me from my games I wait for the signal from my master who sits Beneath granite walls, to open my day.

I remember thinking, even when I wrote the song, that sounded like reincarnation. There were just too many parallels: the baroque melody, the lady-in-waiting, the jeering crowd, the queen locked in her bedroom and the end of a life. I had no idea, when I wrote it, how it all went together; what it meant. It was like a haunting story. I said, ‘That has to be more than coincidence that occurred.’ That was a pretty good indication that he was right. It was the first time I actually said, ‘Reincarnation must be real. That must be the way it works.’

Then another incident was this Egyptian thing, where Daphne and I apparently knew each other in Egypt.

In our channelings, the only time I can ever remember them being completely forthright when there was a question asked about reincarnation is when they addressed Terry and said, ‘Look up Saint Catherine of Siena’. Otherwise, even when we do readings for people, [when] people say, ‘Can you tell me about my past lives?’ they’re reticent to do it. I can see why. Most people will not take that information in the right way. Some people use it as an ego trip. Some people limit themselves if they’ve done something in a past life.

What’s interesting about the information about Terry is that the information did not come through Terry.

It came through you.

That information came through me. I didn’t even know Terry at that time. In fact, I’m not even sure [if I knew her then]. Maybe I had met her once.

Well, you had to have met her. When we were first together and we were living in Pomona, Terry came over to that little apartment because I wanted someone to witness you bringing through these messages. You gave me that information after Terry started channeling. It did come out of the blue; I didn’t ask for it. It came out and I think they wanted Terry to validate herself at the time, which it did.

When we were originally doing this, we were all saying to ourselves, ‘We must be missing something. This can’t be real’. Of course when they said, ‘Look up Saint Catherine’—you’ve probably all seen the picture. If you haven’t, go to the website and look it up; one of the links is Terry-Saint Catherine.

When they said, ‘Look up Saint Catherine,’ there was this story of this woman who used to go to a Catholic Church, I think in 1400 AD, and they’d write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her. They told me, ‘Look up Terry,’ and of course Terry was the spitting image of that woman.

If you go read Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God, 1 which are still available, you find a lot of very wise and inspiring stuff, not so different than the kind of stuff we put out here. Except it had to be under a very strict, Christian, Jesus [-oriented] format, because it wouldn’t have been accepted otherwise. But a good portion of it was where they were actually being very critical of the priests at the time, who were corrupt, [since] they were worried about their money and their job more than their spiritual work.

That was a remarkable thing. But I was going to go back to Egypt here and I wanted to share how that came about. This is really interesting.

It was when Daphne was first starting to bring messages in, probably in the first couple of months. I asked, ‘I know I exist in other dimensions. Can you give me some information on how to connect with the other dimensions?’ They said, ‘Write down your dreams and that will help you connect’. That night I put a pad by my bed and I kept waking up in the middle of the night and writing down whatever was in my head. By the way, some of you might try this. It’s not going to work for everyone. Some of you might get this to work for you.

In the morning I looked at the pad. I didn’t remember anything I wrote. I was expecting to find dreams. Instead of finding dreams, I found messages, like somebody was talking to me. It said things like:

‘It’s the insanity of passion that makes things happen in the real world.’

‘You have to look tall and thin.’

‘Through your dedication to love, serve and care, the negativity goes away.’

‘Communication from another dimension, just like Cayce; he slept to connect with this dimension.’

Basically at that time, I couldn’t, in my wildest dreams, believe that I was doing what we’re doing here. I was very much in my contracted human space and I was thinking, ‘Why are they talking to me? What is this about?’ It was like a science-fiction movie.

In any case, every night for the next few [nights] I was getting messages like this. Finally, I went and did a session with Daphne. Someday, I’m going to put all these old sessions up, because we do have them and they’re fascinating.

I said ‘Where are my dream messages coming from?’ They said ‘Akhenaten.’ I said ‘And Ra?’ and they said, ‘Under the auspices of Ra.’

Some of you may not know who Akhenaten was. Sometimes he’s called ‘The Heretic Pharaoh of Egypt’. 2 [He reigned] sometime around 1300 A.D., Egypt, as many of you know, had all these gods and goddesses: Osiris, Isis, et cetera. I can’t remember them all.

It’s like they were having these gods that they were paying homage to for thousands of years. Now there’s this Egyptian Pharaoh that announces that he’s outlawing all the worship of these gods and that there’s only one God. He called it ‘Aten’. He was married to a woman by the name of Nefertiti, who I am sure you’ve all heard about.

At the beginning of his Pharaoh-ship, historically speaking, Nefertiti was considered his co-regent. They operated really tightly. He would do public appearances and she would appear with him, which apparently was very unusual for a Pharaoh, who would have a harem. Women were considered lesser-than. Yet this Pharaoh would be very open and affectionate with his wife in public.

Now they said this Pharaoh was talking to me.

As I studied Carla Rueckert’s The Ra Material, which I was doing at that point, Carla Rueckert’s material said the Ra group was in communication with this Pharaoh, with this Akhenaten. I said, ‘That’s really interesting! The Ra group was communicating with him.’ Then I asked them in a channeling [session], ‘Did I know Akhenaten?’ and they said, ‘You were his right-hand man.’ I said, ‘What was my name?’ and they said, ‘Amenhotep.’ 3

Now I went on the internet and I Googled the word ‘Amenhotep’, because I wanted to see where I showed up. What I found out was; Amenhotep was the name of Akhenaten before he changed his name. ‘Amun’ was the name of the chief of all the lower god-forms, negative god-forms that were running Egypt, the same negative god-forms that are connected to the Illuminati and to the negative groups today.

Akhenaten changed his name from Amenhotep to Akhenaten, because he didn’t want to have any homage to the Amun god-form. By the way, if you look in Christianity, you’ll see that a lot of homage is still paid to that Amun god-form because how do Christian prayers end? Amen. ‘Amen’ is another way of spelling ‘Amun’.

I asked myself as I was researching this; ‘Why would Akhenaten’s right-hand man have the name Amenhotep, when that was the name that he denied himself?’ Plus, it seemed like Amenhotep was the name for the Pharaohs that went through: Amenhotep I, II, III, IV and Akhenaten was Amenhotep IV.

This became a puzzle; I didn’t know the answer. It was a puzzle that I was trying to figure out. I was researching Egypt and kept looking in that period. There’s that famous statue of Nefertiti. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it. When I saw that statue, I said, ‘Man, this looks a little bit like Daphne’. I really got curious at that point; I started to think maybe Akhenaten’s right-hand man was having an affair with his wife or something. I was trying to put the pieces together.

Finally, I found the book called, My Son Ikhnaton, by Ann Ree Colton, which was a channeled book from Akhenaten’s mother talking to somebody. It told the whole story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti and what happened and how for the first few years, Nefertiti was very close to Akhenaten and then she got annoyed, because she thought he was destroying the heritage of Egypt and she left him.

Some of you know Daphne has gone through a lot of negative attacks. Some of you don’t understand it. It is hard to explain how intense they were. She would shake. She would not be able to formulate her words. It was like her brain was disconnected from her mouth. She would lie in bed for days. In between, she would tell me, ‘They want to talk to you again.’ And I’m keeping a record of all of this stuff.

We were in Ventura. We had a visit with Barry Morrow, who is the guy who was interested in doing a movie on my story. He wrote Rain Man. We had left him and Daphne was freaking out, totally. We checked into a motel. At that time, she would say, ‘Why don’t we do a session and see if those guys can help with what’s going on with me’. So we did a session and I was shocked at what came through Daphne.

A voice started out saying, ‘I am she; I am Nefertiti.’ It went on to talk about this whole period with Akhenaten. Later on I said, ‘How can that be? If Daphne was Nefertiti, how could that voice come through?’ They said the soul-fragments of each lifetime exist in the field forever and that it was the soul-fragment of Nefertiti trying to communicate.

Daphne didn’t even remember that. Recently I sent her a transcription of it and she said, ‘I said that? That came from me?’ At that point I knew it was real. I knew she was Nefertiti and that I was Akhenaten. All the pieces fit. She didn’t want to believe it. She said, ‘I think you’re making it up. How do I know that’s real?’

We’ve really had some amazing additional validations of that. I’ll share one of them with you. By the way, if you’re connecting with this story, I did a workshop a couple of years ago called, ‘The Egyptian Connection’. It’s a four-hour workshop. I go into great detail in that workshop. It was a very emotional workshop for me, about that period of Egypt and all of the things that I uncovered in it. I was also cross-referencing many things with The Ra Material from Carla Rueckert. It’s probably the reason why, when Daphne and I met in this lifetime, we had such a strong impetus to connect.

Daphne, do you want to say anything about the memory of all that stuff?

The memory of the Nefertiti material coming through, or meeting you, or which part?

Anything you want to say that will be important to other people.

This is a fascinating story; it’s an unusual validation of a past life that actually is famous and people have heard about it. It’s influenced this planet in a big way. Akhenaten was declaring one religion, or one God. He eventually ‘disappeared’ and his followers were massacred by the lower priesthood and everything he did was destroyed. He had built his own city and moved all his followers to it and then they destroyed the city. There was no record.

Akhenaten, Akhenaten’s destroyed capital city a.k.a. Amarna, yes, this is very interesting stuff. I’ll tell you, it’s the timing of it that’s very interesting.

I just connected a few days ago with a friend whom I connected with back in 2009 when I was living up in Alaska. Michael Jackson has just passed to the other side. It was June 25th of 2009.

Terry and Wynn were living in Los Angeles. They were very close to Staples; to the center where actually Michael had been performing and doing his rehearsals for This Is It, for the series of concerts he was going to give, I think it was in the U.K.

Wynn had mentioned to me that Michael had started coming through Terry. I thought, ‘That’s interesting’ because I had been at the store. For some reason, the whole thing around Michael Jackson had been—the tabloids were kind of pulling to me, too.

I’m not a tabloid person at all; it was a little bit weird. So for a few days I really, really resisted it. Then, the energies became overwhelming. It was like Michael Jackson was in my face 24/7. The energy would not go away until I started communicating with him.



It’s 7:49; we have about seven minutes. Why don’t you let Terry share what happened to her, briefly, when that whole thing with Michael Jackson occurred?


From my point of view, I want to share; I didn’t believe it was Michael Jackson. This is, again, like being in my science fiction movie saying, ‘This can’t be.’

I just want to make one brief point, or connection, before I give it over to Terry. That is, that the information coming through this friend of mine in Australia was that Michael was Tutankhamen. Tutankhamen was not Nefertiti’s son; but, according to some accounts, Tutankhamen was Akhenaten’s son.

When I was a small girl, when I was ten years old, I was absolutely obsessed with anything Egyptian, obsessed to the point of making my mother go and procure books that were out-of-print; she had to special-order them from England. People thought she was a Ph.D. student and she’s like, ‘No, I’m getting them for my ten-year-old daughter.’ I was drawing Tutankhamen’s death mask. I would sit for hours and draw this death mask.

The fact that this was coming through, it was odd to say the least. I can share more about what happened in Ventura, but go ahead and give it over to Terry.

Let me just say that because Daphne’s friend said Michael Jackson was Tutankhamen, that doesn’t mean it’s true. And, just because the voice that came through Terry said it was Michael Jackson doesn’t mean it was true. But after a few weeks I became sure it was true. I’ll tell you what convinced me. But, go ahead Terry. Just share; we’ve got about four minutes.

Okay. So Wynn and I were going to be doing a channeling. He was somewhere else and we were taping it. We were starting to do the channeling. I could not bring the Sources in; I could not bring Ra’An in. I kept getting this same vision of like this scary picture. So finally I just said—Wynn has this on the tape recording, because we were going to tape the channeling—‘Okay, let it come in. We’ll see what this scary thing is that wants to come in.’

And, it was pictures from Thriller. I said, ‘Okay; we’ll just let them come in and we’ll take a look’. Then behind it, there was Michael Jackson. He was absolutely furious, because he was ready to do his tour, he was ready to go. He didn’t want to be dead; he was like, ‘I’m ready to go; I’ve got my dancers’.

Then the coroner-people, at one point, came in to view his body. He said, ‘I’ve got to go, because maybe there’s something that they can do to fix me.’ He was just hoping against all hopes that they would bring him back to life, because he said, ‘I’ve got to keep my promise to these people; to this tour. I’ve got to show my kids what I can do.’ It was amazing; it was just totally amazing.

Who’s to say? I was thinking to myself, ‘Is this really Michael Jackson?’ I think we had three or four sessions which I have on tape; then I asked him, ‘Why don’t you tell me how you write a song?’ So he did; he went into this complex thing about how he laid tracks. I said, ‘Terry didn’t make this up. It sounds like he knows how he wrote his songs.’ I said, ‘Could Terry sing one of your songs?’ If you can imagine, this is on tape, Terry was singing, ‘Beat It; Beat It. Beat It.’

That’s about when I told Daphne; Daphne was living in Alaska and I started sending the audios to Daphne of these conversations. The next day Daphne is emailing me and saying, ‘Guess what? Michael is talking to me.’ Then there are these emails about how much he loves her and how he’ll be with her always. Daphne starts sending these transcriptions of these sessions with Michael to a friend of hers who has a fairly popular website. In a few days, they’re all over the world! Everybody’s putting them up on their blogs.

Now that I’ve told you, you can go look on the Internet and you will find them. I think it was very popular in Japan. Just look up ‘Daphne Michael Jackson’. I’m thinking ‘Oh my God.’ At that point, very few people were paying attention to the fact that we were talking to the Elohim. I said, ‘This is going to ruin our reputation. No one is ever going to believe it.’

Then, Daphne called me and said, ‘Michael told me this story about how he knew us. He was connected to us.’ She went on to tell me that Michael was an entertainer in the court of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. He had a crush on Nefertiti. Can I tell them about your past life, Daphne? I’ll tell them, yes; that was in the past.

He had an affair with Nefertiti and Akhenaten was really p.o.’d and he—according to what Michael said– castrated him. In the channeling, Michael said that he forgave Akhenaten and that he was here to help us. Particularly, he wanted us to play music; he was really encouraging music.

At that point, I started doing searches on the Internet. Write this down, you’re all going to want to do this search. I typed, ‘Michael Jackson Nefertiti, Michael Jackson Akhenaten, Michael Jackson Egypt’. The first thing I found was a bust from Egypt that they unearthed that was the spitting image of Michael Jackson and you’ll find it: ‘Michael Jackson Egypt bust’.

The next thing I found is what closed me. On You-Tube there was a music video of an old Michael Jackson song called, ‘Can You Remember the Time?’ Write that down and go look it up. ‘Can You Remember the Time?’ In that music video, Michael Jackson is serenading Akhenaten and Nefertiti and he’s making eyes at Nefertiti.

Akhenaten sends the troops after him, and he gets away. That blew my mind. I remembered my song that I wrote about being a troubadour when I didn’t know that I was a troubadour. I said, ‘He did the same thing.’ On that note, we’re going to close this session.

By the way, there’s a workshop, if this caught your interest. It’s called ‘The Egyptian Connection’. You can get it at egypt.intelligent-infinity.com. You can hear the whole four-hour story of that. I don’t remember what else I put there, but it’s fascinating. Some of you were there.

I see Carla Rueckert’s on the line. We’re going to say good-bye to BBS Radio. Thank you all for listening on BBS. We have a special thing that we do with Carla on the phone lines. Last week I stopped the tape recorder running at this point. I got all these emails from people who were listening to the replays and saying, ‘We want to hear Carla.’ So I’ll let it run. What we’re going to do now is:

Carla has an unusual liaison with an angelic being named Rosie and Carla and Rosie have collaborated and found out that there are a number of angelic beings; these are not high like Ra group-Elohim group beings, they’re at lower levels. They’re beings that are discarnate souls that didn’t want to take a body, but they wanted to help; they were available to work with somebody. Rosie can be the intermediary.

What happens is, some of you, if you’d like your own personal angel, we can fix you up in the next few minutes. We’ll be on for a half hour; we have room for five or six or seven people maybe.

Carla, why don’t you go on and tell a little more about it?

All right. These angels, I’ve come to find out, are little ones, usually. They’re beings that have been human. They have passed in this incarnation into larger life at some point. They have made the choice to stay in the spirit-realm and not to come back into reincarnation, because they wanted to serve directly, rather than through being human. It’s very difficult to know that you’re serving, when you’re human.

It’s also because of the fact that we’re in flesh and we can’t feel it. Somebody will say, ‘You’re really helping me,’ and you still have doubts. Or you know that you’re helping but you feel unworthy. Anyway, there are lots of problems with serving within an incarnation, because you can’t see the spirit world.

Rosie’s realm, I think, must be one of the middle metaphysical realms of this third density, the inner planes, but because of the fact that it’s the inner realms, it’s in time/space. So they have the great capacity to share that feeling of being loved, being loved within an inch of your life, being totally loved, feeling safe and knowing that all is well. This is the essence of spirit.

When people touch into Spirit, they become radiant with joy, in the flesh. If they’re able to make a good contact with Spirit, they come back from that and they’re just glowing. There’s a little glow that is waiting to be an angel to various people.

There is a problem with choosing to be of service as an angel, or as a disincarnate being. That is, that people need to believe that you’re there and they need to ask for your presence and they need to thank you for it, develop a relationship, even if it’s not much in words, but just to thank the angel that you get for being with you and for loving you and giving you that space with Spirit.

I didn’t have that problem of belief, because it happened to me in a séance. This guy, his name was Reverend James Tingley; he probably passed from this realm a long time ago. He was in his sixties when I knew him in the 70s. He was incredible at producing entities and sometime when we have more than half an hour, I can tell you the story of this man and how evidential our times with him were.

One of the things that happened [in the séance with Tingley] never happens in a séance, especially a fake séance where they can’t make it up. They have to be able to be in a closet somewhere so they can run out in this dark room in sheets and fool everybody. This didn’t happen in the case of Tingley. Half way through the séance there was so much energy that entities started coming up out of the floor.

One of these entities was Rosie, and she ran around this big circle of chairs—there were 24 chairs—and came around to me and cast herself on my knee. She was a little thing, four or five. She said to me, very clearly, out loud, ‘Can I be your angel? Will you let me be with you all the time? I love you; I love who you are. I want to be with you.’ I said, ‘Sure Rosie, you can be my angel.’

So I’ve come to find out, from giving angels to other people, that when these angels are talked to, sometimes they can talk back. Sometimes you can have great conversations with these angels. I had a conversation today with Rosie, just to make sure that she was okay with my doing it.

She said the only thing that would keep her from being able to do it was if I wasn’t true and I wasn’t totally in faith. Of course, I believe. I just need to be true and to focus on this process, if necessary, to wait a little while, until she feels that we have found out enough about that person’s vibration.

It’s not actually that you have to tell all about yourself to get an angel on this program. What you actually need to do more, is just stop a little bit, let the angels feel your vibration. They can feel the kind of person you are from your talking; not so much from what you say as from your energy. They need to feel your energy. Of course, across the miles, across the cyber network, there’s nothing but your voice and that’s through my ears.

We have a bunch of angels and, as far as I can tell, none of these angels has had a human before. They’re really eager to have a human, but they’re waiting to find a human they’re compatible with, so that they can really love that human to death and just love them, love them, love them. That’s why you have to talk a little bit.

I’ll turn it back over to Wynn. I thought it would be good to say a little bit about what spirit has to offer to help support human beings.

Carla, see if I have this correct. Imagine you’re lonely. You’re feeling depressed and you walk into a room. There are all these people in the room that don’t have to worry about money for the rest of their lives; they don’t have to worry about anything. They can survive. They came to that room to say, ‘We want to help cheer up people that are depressed.’


So, you tell them a little bit about yourself. One of them says, ‘Hey, I like him; I can connect with him.’ Suddenly, they’re assigned. Now you kind of have a friend.


Of course, I’m making it like it’s a physical body. But, these are not physical; they’re energy beings that had physical bodies and they want to make a contribution. So what it’s like is, by doing this you’re inviting them into your field.

It’s totally free will; if you asked them to go away they would go away.


But you now have an energy in your field. Now you’re going to think, ‘Is this real? Is Wynn making this up? Are those guys nuttier than [I ]thought they were?’ Like everything I do, I said; ‘Is this really Michael Jackson?’ I said; ‘Okay, I’ll jump.’

I’m not even as weird as Wynn, because before I started investigating the paranormal I was a librarian. There’s nobody more normal than a librarian.


I’ve kicked the tires. But there’s no question in my mind that they’re as real as anything else.

I just was watching a beautiful DVD on crop circles called What in the World?, by Suzanne Taylor. She’s the director-producer. It’s a wonderful piece of work. You just sometimes have to realize that ‘…there’s more in heaven and earth than is dreamed of in your philosophies’, which is [Hamlet to Horatio in] Hamlet. 4 It’s a play. There’s so much more and sometimes you can’t prove it. I would not be surprised, if we had instruments delicate enough to sense small changes in vibration, if we actually could prove it.

Once I was going to channel and a nurse sat down beside me and said, ‘Can I check you out?’ She put a pulse thing on my finger and one other piece of equipment on me where it didn’t bother me. At the end of it, she said, ‘Your blood pressure went down and your pulse went steady and the next instant, you started channeling’.

She said, ‘When you finished channeling, in the next instant, your pulse became somewhat destabilized and your blood pressure rose.’ Now I have those two problems. That’s a very gross way of proving that there are differences in energy, depending on who is in your field.

So I have a feeling that one thing angels do is steady your field.

Carla, we only have like 21 minutes left; is that right? Carla will only be on for a half hour and here we’re taking 9 minutes up ‘B.S.–ing’. I know there are people thinking, ‘I hope they have time…’



We got you. What you need to do is talk a little bit, maybe for a minute or two, so that our angel review committee can look you over and figure out who is the right one for you.

It was a year ago this time, after I had a water main break and repaired that. I was shaving early in the morning. This young lady who told me, I want you to hear me and really hear me and let me know. In the image I saw was a blond-haired young lady about twenty, gray-blue dress; really very pretty. Most important was, she put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug that left a very deep feeling of ‘I’m loved.’ That lifted me for the rest of my week.

I said to myself ‘Wow! You can’t help but feel loved that way.’ I always desired to find out what happened to her and could I have her back?

Michael, what you got to do is say why you want an angel. Why do you want an angel through this?

I want an angel because sometimes when I’m driving I need to know that there’s someone there beside me, more so because I travel two or three dimensions at the same time. I feel sometimes kind of alone at that point.


Okay, Rosie says that Corinne has asked to be your angel.

Corinne, did you say?

She would like to be beside you. Just ask for her and she’ll be there.

That was Corinne; is that correct?

Corinne, um hum.

That’s a lovely name.

Thank you Michael. Let me know; I like to keep track of this. One day, I’m going to tell you guys, we’re going to do a report about Carla’s angels. We’re going to hear all the people who have had results, okay?

Jim from South Dakota.

Okay Jim, go ahead. Why do you want an angel?

Yes, I have six angels: four on my right shoulder and two on my left shoulder. I’d like to communicate with them if I could.

I don’t know if that works here.

I can’t do that.

This is a new angel.

I’m sorry.

I’d like an angel to communicate with something.

I think mostly they’re just feeling rather than communications. I’ve known people that can communicate with them. I know one lady said that, ‘We’ve never stopped talking’. But I think her heart was totally in ascendancy and her personality rather than her intellect; because intellect doesn’t help with angels.

Well, then I just need an angel to talk to then.

Okay; your name is?


Jim. Alright, Rosie, do you have an angel for Jim? He needs to have an angel to talk to.

Jim, there’s a little girl that is Mary; I don’t think she’s above seven years old in the way she looked; that’s how old she was when she died. Of course, she’s a spirit now, so she’s ageless. She says she’d love to be with you and if you’d like to talk with her, she’d love to talk with you.

Very good. What was her name again?

She’ll listen until the cows come home; her name is Mary.

Very good. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

You have to call on her, Jim.

I’ll do that.

‘Mary, are you there?’ And see when you say, ‘Mary, are you there?’ if you notice a little lift in your spirits and you’ll probably know you made a connection.


More than listening, just feel. Feel the love.


Thank you.

Thank you, anyone else? Star-6


Wait a second; we have Ron in Mountain Grove, right, Ron in Mountain Grove. That’s not Ron who I know, is it?


Hi Ron.

Can you hear me?

We hear you.

I became acquainted with the Edgar Cayce work back when I was 16 years old. I’m 69 years old now and I have pursued this search all my life. It was such a relief and a joy when I discovered the work of David Wilcock and Wynn and Terry and Daphne. But I have absolutely nobody in this material world that I can talk to. I have probably a hundred friends and acquaintances and family and none of them want to hear anything about this work. So I just feel very, very lonely.

You don’t have to say anything more because Rosie’s very quick this time. She says Connie is dying to be with you; she just loves you and she wants to be with you. Just ask for her and she will be there.


Connie and Ron.

You may not be able to talk to her, Ron, but you might just feel this warm, fuzzy feeling.

You can talk to her; she might not be able to answer. She says she wants you to talk to her. She wants you to tell her everything. Whenever you think something she said she wants you to tell her about it. She’ll do her best to share.

I understand; thank you very much.

Okay. You’re very welcome.

Ron, we love you.

We love you, too.

Connie sure loves you.

There was no hesitation there, was there?

No; Connie was just jumping on that. As soon as she found out you had nobody to talk to and you were in this for a lifetime. She said, ‘I got it; I’ve got to do this’.

Allie in Orlando, is that right? Allie, why do you want an angel?

I’m sort of in the same boat as Ron; I’ve been studying this material and reading The Law of One, starting to get into it and listening to your calls for almost a year now. There is really nobody I have to listen or discuss this with. So it’s kind of isolating. It would be nice to have a little moral support from an angel.

Okay, Rosie was very quick with this one, too. A fellow named Eddie came forward; he’s a little tyke in this life. Of course, with spirit he’s ageless. He knows all that there is to know. He says, ‘Please talk to him.’

Eddie? That’s great. I really appreciate it. Thank you Carla; thank you Wynn.

You’re welcome. Is Joel there?

Yes I’m here.

Now Joel, what do you want an angel for?

It’s really just to help with discernment. I’ve had some people that I work with; I deal in fraud, waste and abuse. I’m kind of a nice guy and I’ve had people take advantage of me; you know, take money and move out of the city in the middle of the night. So it’s a little difficult to deal sometimes with discernment when it comes to people’s honesty and trying to trust people, because I’ve seen so much fraud. I have a little difficulty with that sometimes.

What do you think Carla? Can an angel help with that?

Rosie hasn’t given me a name yet. Let me ask. Rosie, who wants to be with—what’s your name again?


Who wants to be with Joel? Okay; it’s the same name. That’s why I was having trouble; it’s the same name as Rosie. This is a little girl named Rosie and she says you can definitely trust her; you just hang on to her and she will never let you down.

Okay. Thank you.

I’ve gone through the books one through five; it’s extraordinary.

Thank you.

We have Linda still, Wynn.

Yes, I’m still waiting.

Oh, Linda! Excuse me; I skipped you, Linda. Wait a second; there’s Linda in Charleston. Thank you Gijs; I’m glad you’re helping here.

I don’t know what to say, other than I’ve always known since I was child, that there was more to this world than we can see or what we were taught conventionally about our existence and our future existence. I’m getting older; I’m a great-grandmother now, [in the] latter years of my life. I’m in a lot of pain; sometimes I feel like I’m a prisoner of that pain. I need someone to talk to.

Your angel’s name is Kay. Kay says she would love to be with you in pain or not in pain, it doesn’t matter. She’ll be with you through thick and thin.

Tell her thank you; I appreciate it, Carla and Wynn.

I hope you really, really enjoy her.

Thank you.

Linda, let me know how it works okay?

I will; I will. I definitely will.

Thank you so much for being one of our listeners. It’s a pleasure having you. You know there are a lot of people in the background that are listening.

Yes. I’ve been listening to you for about a year now. For some reason, I went searching for information on Edgar Cayce and I ended up finding the book that you wrote with David Wilcock and bought it and read it. I read one of David’s other books that he wrote. Then I’ve been listening to your show and I find it very interesting and it answers a lot of questions I’ve had all my life.

If you come in early I’m going to tell Gijs to give you a very special big greeting when you show up, okay? So you feel like you’re known; you’re not anonymous.

Thank you.

Now, Joyce, are you there?

Good evening. Good evening Wynn and Carla. I feel so blessed; I’m so fortunate. I have all the angels I need, but I love learning and reading and hearing about angels and listening to other people’s stories. I would just like to recommend a book that really helped me a lot; ‘Angels in my Hair’, by Irish Mystic Lorna Byrne to all your listeners. I think they’ll find the book delightful and helpful.

And, thank you Carla for your work tonight; it’s so important.

Is Lorna in Canada?

She lives in Ireland.

In Ireland. Excuse me for interrupting Carla. Go ahead.

No, I was just thanking her.

Okay. So you don’t need an angel? Good.

I am in the company of wonderful angels and guides, yes.

Somebody said I didn’t need an angel either. They said I’ve got my hands full with angels around me. Okay, Carla; it’s 8:28. Should we call it a day?

One more.

One more, do we have another one there?

Press star 6.

Anyone, star 6 if you want an angel.

Earth Angel is on my mind tonight. You know that song? That old, old song.

Earth Angel?

‘Earth Angel, can you hear me?’

I keep thinking, ‘I got a date with an angel…’

Is there one more person? Rosie, we’re really being serious about this, Rosie. I swear to heaven, don’t leave.

Is Leslie there? Do we have Leslie on the line?

Hello, can you hear me?

Yes. Is that Leslie? Leslie, did you want an angel?

Yes. I was thinking of writing you but I didn’t. So I didn’t know if I was getting…

When I said, ‘Does somebody want an angel?’ why didn’t you speak up? Were you shy?

Why? Well, I did. I think I was muted. I thought you ran out of time.

We’ve got time for one more; we’ve got one minute. How come you want an angel?

I’m looking for work right now, kind of unexpectedly and so kind of need to find, I’d like to find, something that is suited to me; not just temporary work and something that I don’t like. I’m working on several things, so I could probably use a lot of help. I know that I do have help, but I would like a special angel to help me find work that is good for me.

I don’t know if an angel will help you find work.


Excuse me, Carla. But what they will do is cheer you up so you look more desirable.

Like a joy-guide.

You just need to be cheered up; the cheerier you are the more people want to hire you. That’s where I think one of these angels can help; they can help cheer you up. You have to do the work. You just say; ‘Okay, I’m ready; cheer me up. Are you there?’ Is that what you were going to say, Carla?

Yes. Rosie. We’ve been on each other’s minds for a while now; I dream about you. Okay, Rosie.

It’s a little boy named Stan. He says, ‘I’m old enough to be called Stan, but most people called me Stanny in life.’ He’s a little thing. He says he would love to be beside you. Whether you get a job or not, he’ll try to give you joy.

Okay, great. What was his name?

Stan or Stanny. He says he’s old enough to be called Stan. Apparently before he died in this life, most people called him Stanny. But he would answer whichever way you want: S-t-a-n —the way people call little kids, they called him Stanny. So he was standing there, about five years old, saying, ‘I’m old enough to be called Stan, but you can call me Stanny if you want’.

Okay, great.

We’re going to end this; thank you all for listening in. We’ll see you all Wednesday with your questions. That’s it; I’m going to unmute everybody.

God bless everybody. Good night.

Channeled by Terry Brown Transcribed by Connie O’Brien Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty Edited some more by Carla L. Rueckert

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  3. It is difficult to pin down which Amenhotep Wynn refers to, as there were many of them, and one of them changed his name to Akhenaten! It is likely, then, that the source was telling Wynn that he was, in fact, Akhenaten. 

  4. The exact quote is, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ (Hamlet (1.5.166-7), Hamlet to Horatio)