Carla was interviewed on Gina Jones’ Flying Higher program on BBS Radio on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 10:30 PM EST. Gina Jones is the author of Flying Between Heaven and Earth.

[Carla was interviewed on Gina Jones’ program, Flying Higher on BBS Radio on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 10:30 PM EST. Gina Jones is the author of Flying Between Heaven and Earth. Her website is]

Welcome to Flying Higher with Gina Jones. Each Sunday, Gina highlights the efforts of conscious people who are empowering individuals with a universal knowledge and the spiritual tools to fly towards their highest potential. Now here is Gina.

Good evening and welcome to “Flying Higher.” This is Gina Jones. I am glad to join you this evening. And many thanks to Karen Stone, who has been hosting this show the last few weeks. We have an exciting program for you tonight.

And what an exciting time to be alive! It is a tumultuous world in many ways these days. Change is even changing. This is a life-changing program that has the power to help replace and heal with love as we try to answer questions about the true purpose of our lives and where we are ultimately going.

And our guest tonight is one who can certainly shed some light on that from multiple levels and multiple dimensions. Tonight our guest is Carla Rueckert, and we are excited to have her here. She has been instrumental in my life in many ways, in that the material that she has brought forth has changed my life. And she has done so for many, many people here on the planet. It is our pleasure to introduce Carla. Are you with us?

Yes, I am, Gina. It is good to be with you this evening. Thanks a lot for the kind words.

Well it is certainly my pleasure! And I appreciate your being able to be with us, as your call is coming to us from Anchorage. It sounds so odd!

Yes. We’re northeast of Louisville, Kentucky.

I think of Anchorage, Alaska.

Just think of Anchorage as on the old Ohio River. A captain that used to have a steamboat on the Ohio put his anchor down when he settled in Anchorage, Kentucky. Hence the name. But it is the Louisville area, actually.

Oh, okay. We are glad to have you with us. You are certainly an extraordinary person, an extraordinary woman and a messenger for all of us, and I am so excited in having you on Flying Higher this evening so that you can share with us so much that you have done.

And, of course, it is going to be a little hard to do that in just the fifty minutes that we have, but maybe you could sort of bring our listeners up to speed about who you are and what you have been doing. I know that you have spent a lot of time in the Louisville area with school there, and attended college and got your Masters and worked as a librarian. And then somewhere along the way you met Don Elkins. Maybe you can pick up at that point and tell us who Don is and what happened after that.

Don Elkins was a professor of engineering and physics at the Speed Scientific School in Louisville. He started an experiment in ET [extraterrestrial] communications because he had been looking into UFOs since the middle ‘50’s. He found some information about being able to get in contact with guidance that was not from the inner planes but was from an outer source, sometimes described as an UFO source and sometimes not. And he wanted to test whether or not this way of gathering information was viable.

And in 2007, over forty years later, we are still pursuing the possibility of this kind of communication. We have on our website quite a few transcripts of channeling sessions so that people can see what we have been up to all along.

As far as I can see, we are one of many, many small and large groups of people who have awakened to feeling that they have something that they want to do in this life that has to do with an incredible shift of energy that we are experiencing at this time.

Some people describe that as lightening the planetary vibration. The whole feeling is that we are all “lighthouses” or groups made of “light workers,” which are trying to allow the Creator’s light to shine through us and into the world and just help people wake up to who they are, why they are here and what they can do to be a part of this incredible shift of consciousness that is going on.

Because it certainly is no elite or unique thing for people to be able to be a part of this. It is as simple as deciding, “Yes, I think I am worth listening to. And, yes, my guidance is telling me that there is more to life than the work-a-day world might suggest. And yes, I think that I can pursue this very resonant thought and begin to help myself to wake up.”

The information that we have gotten all along has been pretty simple, really, and I don’t think that it is hard to understand. It is so simple, in fact, that it is sometimes a little baffling. But the message is that we need to wake up to love, and to live that truth that we all have heard, that “love is what makes the world go around” and that loving and being loved is a very worthy thing. And that, indeed, if you love one another, you are loving the Creator, and you are becoming one with everything else in this world because all of the world is one thing.

The information that we have received has sometimes been called “The Law of One.” That is the law that we are all things. The Universe is one integrated whole and we can be a part of the Godhead principle simply by waking up to the realization that this is who we are and what we are.

Thank you for that. That is very interesting. And that is certainly my understanding of love when I read the material. And you convey this to people. It sounds almost hokey to say that love is being. This is the message that all of the masters have been sharing with us and yet, it is the one we don’t seem to get either.

I think it is really just too simple, Gina.

It is.

It is so straightforward! But if you look at what we do in our lives and the choices that we make, if we ask ourselves where the love is in a situation, a lot of times that will propel us in the way we should go with that.

Sometimes we are looking at a situation, say in a relationship, and we can’t find the love in the situation and then we know that we are the love in the situation. So we look for where our hearts are and where our consciousness will help bring things into a harmonious whole.

When you started this whole adventure with Don and with Jim 1, when you started channeling the information of the Ra material, did you realize that that would be the answer? That love is the answer in the Law of One? Because you spent an extraordinary time and took extraordinary measures to get this information. Did you know that in fact the answer was so simple?

I did, indeed. And it is interesting that they offer such a unified, simple, straightforward message. But the way that the entity called Ra offered the particular body of information called “The Law of One” is so sophisticated that it is the first philosophical system that I ever saw—and I read philosophy in college; I took every course they offered—that is self-consistent, that has an internal consistency to it. And the cosmology that it offers is sophisticated compared to most dogmatic systems. It is not as dogmatic, but it offers an explanation for how the creation came about that holds water scientifically and to technical people. And I think this has been the great appeal of this particular body of material.

To the listener, let me explain the difference between the kind of channeling that I do normally and the kind of channeling that I did when I was doing the Law of One channeling. Since 1974, I have been doing conscious channeling. And I really love these sources. They are very easy to read, I think, compared to the Law of One sessions, and they hold the same kind of truths.

But there is a purity, a clarity and certainly a brevity in The Law of One channelings that stems from their being sessions done with me in trance. I never knew how I would enter trance. It simply occurred.

As you said, Don and I had been working together since the sixties, but Jim McCarty joined us three weeks before the contact with those of Ra began. We always felt that the reason that it began then was simply that Jim had decided to join us and had loaned his unique energy to our communal efforts and research. When he came I was simply in the process of doing my teaching. I was teaching channeling students when this contact came through and as far as I was concerned, I just went to sleep.

The resulting messages were sufficiently more unusual and interesting than my usual channeling that Don, as a scientist, immediately perked up his ears and began asking all kinds of questions. The body of the Ra Material is Don’s questions, as a scientist, engineer, physicist and one who had been investigating paranormal matters since 1955. So his level of awareness of the kinds of questions that might be asked was quite deep.

And I think that it forms a unique body of material because he is asking a supposedly ET source about physics and about how light works and not just about love and light and that sort of marshmallow fluff that you can get with channeling, but very careful questions and very precise answers. I think that is really the appeal of it.

It is the same kind of appeal that you have in any philosophical system where there is a lot of information laid out in a fairly dense format and it is appealing to certain types of minds.

Well, one can read that and realize that someone of your age and your experience and background could never in a million years come up with the answers. Some of them are quite mind-bending. You really have to try to wrap your hands and arms around it and read it many, many times to process it and understand it. And it was someone like Don who was able even to glean the information from that and figure out what is the next question, to follow up an answer like some of the ones he got. It was like, where do you go with this? It was beyond the average mind.

And if you could hear the way the Ra group spoke through me, it was a very narrow-band contact and so they didn’t have any inflections in their voice. It was all they could do to get the words out. And so it was very quiet and there was no inflection to the words. There was really no way to tell when one sentence ended and another began and yet, Don’s mind was so brilliant!

He really is the greatest man I personally ever met, as far as his intellect and the reach of his intellect. He was able to hear those incredible responses and somehow come up with the next thing to ask. Even when I read it over to this day, I just marvel sometimes at his deftness and quickness of mind.

I do too, as well. Now for listeners who are just joining us, we have Carla Rueckert with us this evening and we are talking about her Ra Material, The Law of One series, the Wanderers’ Handbook and the Channeling Handbook, several books that Carla has brought forth. And you can find out more information about Carla and the work that is being done at L/L Research if you go to There you can find all sorts of information, information about their newsletter, the meditations and some upcoming workshops.

Carla, some people who are new are not completely familiar with what we are talking about. Maybe you can explain a little bit more. What is channeling? What is the difference between someone who channels and maybe someone who is a medium? Maybe you can help our listeners understand a little bit more what the distinctions are.

All right. In general, there are many ways or levels of receiving subconscious information in a consciousness manner. We do that when we dream. If we keep a journal, we find ourselves opening up to subconscious insights that just come to us. And that is the subconscious opening up to us with its guidance.

The basic divisions, as far as I am concerned, of the art of channeling are, firstly, those types of channelings which contact entities from the inner planes of this planet, like those Indians which people experience that used to live in their area. When I go to a séance, the inner guides, that are usually so chatty and charming, can give you specific information. And people love to get psychic readings and hear about their past lives from entities like this. It doesn’t happen to be the kind of entity that I have ever attempted to channel.

I have always attempted to ask for the highest and best that I can receive in the way of guidance, which pulls me outside of the inner planes and into the realms of say the outer planes of energy, which is the second kind of channeling. It involves energy coming not from this planet but elsewhere than the local time and space.

And that really is what sets our channelings apart from inner-planes channeling. I have for a long period of years, ever since 1974, tuned carefully to the highest and best. Say that we are all radio stations. I tune myself so that I can get the best radio station possible in terms of how good the information is that I am getting. And when I do receive a spirit, then I challenge that spirit and I make sure that spirit is who he says he is.

I challenge him in the name of Jesus, the Christ, and people in the spirit world will respond to that challenge as if to a very physical brick wall. If they do not come in the name of Jesus the Christ, then they simply have to go away. So there are steps that I have taken through the years, since I have learned more about channeling, to insure that I am doing the best that I can do with my gift.

Now I think my gift was always to channel these outer sources. I think that other people have the gift of channeling inner-planes sources and they are like the other half, the other shoe. You have to have intimate information from your inner guidance as well as more abstract information from outer guides. I think both of those types of channeling are very worthy, but for instance, if one asked my sources, “What I was doing in a past life?” the source wouldn’t respond at all. They would say that this was not something that they could discuss without infringing on our free will.

But if you asked the same source, “Well, what spiritual principle should I think about when I am looking at my past lives?” then they can respond. Do you see the difference?


One is very specific and personal and the other is more abstract and metaphysical.

Now when you were doing the Ra material, you were talking about being in trance. My understanding is that when you channel now, you are not in trance.

Right. I am in a fairly focused conscious state.

Is this something that you have learned to do just through the process of experimentation?

Yes. I prepare by “tuning.” I pray. I sing hymns. I call the archangels for protection. I physically count myself down from my age, which believe me, is getting longer and longer to do because my age is beginning to be a long count down! After I count myself down to a more focused state, then I have developed a way of going into my “work room” and calling in the Holy Spirit, which is my own personal guidance because I am a mystical Christian. That is my own path of faith.

It is kind of ironic. I am channeling an ET source, but I am a mystical Christian! But then on the other hand, Jesus was an Essene Jew and he started Christianity. So in metaphysical matters, your gift or your service to the Creator and to the world is ahead of where you are personally. You are just an instrument. You are just the messenger. And that is the way I describe myself. But I am as carefully tuned and accurate a messenger as I can be.

Now when we look at the channelings of the Ra Material, many people may think of the Ra deity in ancient Egypt. Maybe we need to clarify a little bit more who your Ra is.

Oh yes, let’s.

Before we go any further, we need to clarify who we are talking about.

First of all, we are not talking about the “Stargate” Ra, who is a thoroughly rotten person. And he doesn’t have anything to do with the Ra group I channel. Nor does he have much to do, except tangentially, with the system of many gods of which Ra was one in Egyptian mythology. They specific mention in the course of The Law of One sessions that they were not to be confused with that system of gods. They have certainly been mistaken for them, but they were not them.

They described themselves as humble messengers of the Law of One and they described themselves further as being of the influence of Venus and having graduated from the same third density there that we are trying to graduate from here. They were looking around to see how they could be of service and discovered, “Oh my goodness! Here is Planet Earth in a heck of a mess and headed for the end of a major cycle here. What can we do to help?”

They call this major cycle third density. We would call it Planet Earth—you know, the everyday world. And really, people haven’t awakened and gotten ready for the next density, for fourth density.

So they decided they would try to become like Johnny Appleseed, in the sense of thoughts. They would hang out and wait for people like me, who are able to tune into the concepts that they are offering, and they would try to be of service, not directly, but indirectly through instruments and through channels. They have been doing that for quite some years now. And they are satisfied that the effort is worthwhile.

In fact, the Ra group said, “Well, if we have only illuminated you, meaning Jim McCarty, myself and Don Elkins, then we are satisfied. Because you just need to plant the seed and then that seed will grow and spread and people will begin catching on.

I have seen that happen. I have seen a huge global movement arise since I started doing this work in 1962. And it is not from the top down. It is not from the sophisticated intellectual people. It is from the grassroots of people who are waking up all over the globe and seeking very actively for information that can help them as they try to cope with these feelings that they have.

People have very strong feelings. They are waking up feeling that they have a mission, feeling that they are more than just people living and dying on Planet Earth. They sense that somehow they are spiritual beings, like they are angels in Earth-suits. They can’t be limited by the way we think of human beings and so they want to find a way to grow into these feelings that are there. I think that is what brings them to sources like ours.

I would never suggest that people leave a source such as the Church, the Jewish faith, the Buddhist faith, Shinto or any path that is working for a seeker. But there are lots of times when those paths peter out for the seeker and the seeker really doesn’t have much in the way of guidance from the Church of his childhood.

And so that is when the seeking begins. We are all on this road together where we are trying to find how we can fulfill the next step in our destiny. And really it is not a matter of setting sail for one particular thing, but rather it is a shift in attitude, where you begin to wake up and say, “How can I serve today? Where does love want to put me today? Come into my life, love, and let me have a day in which I am serving you.” And when you ask that, however you want to ask that, things happen in your lives! And it then becomes a real adventure.

We are talking about the Ra group. In my understanding, this is like a social memory complex of how many? Ws it thirty million or sixty?

I am not sure they ever told us how many people were in the Ra group in communicating with us. They did say that at one time, they had worked with people on this planet and there were about sixty-five million people on Planet Earth that were directly resonant with their message, meaning that they were part of the Ra group; that part of their society had decided to come to Earth and go through the process of incarnation so that they could have the right to be a part of things on Planet Earth and to make a difference here.

The one thing that the Confederation entities such as Ra always say is that they can’t interfere. Our free will is absolutely paramount to them. It is sort of like the old Star Trek thing, where there is a free will directive and you can’t interfere with a growing society. They feel that way, as an ET source. And yet, when they incarnate and become part of the bone and the blood of Earth, they have earned the right then to speak their peace and live their life and see what they can do to help the light shine through.

Well, I must be one of those sixty-five million, because when I read the Ra Material, I was activated. I was like, wow! I felt like I had found home. It was the call for me and it literally changed my life. It made everything make sense and made me realize who I am and why I am here.

For those listeners who are just joining us, I have written a book “Flying between Heaven and Earth,” and a lot of it is based on the foundations that are presented in the Ra Material and the Law of One. My goal was to bring that forward. And as a matter of fact, in two weeks, two weeks from today, I will be at the Great American PitchFest, pitching my movie version of the book to the Hollywood studio executives, hoping to bring those ideas forth to even more people so they can also understand what is going on from a higher level.

And your other book, “The Wanderer’s Handbook,” that brought tears to my eyes. I had a hard time trying to finish that because it really connected. It was just heart-wrenching for me because I connected to so many of the people that had shared their stories with you over the years, and maybe you can elaborate a little bit more for our listeners on what “The Wanderer’s Handbook” is.

Yes. The term “wanderer” was used by the Ra group and other Confederation entities in talking about people who, as I described before, decided to enter the Earth plane and take Earth bodies and become natives of planet Earth, so that we would have the right to help. And many, many people have done this. As a matter of fact, I think we are on our third generation of wanderers now. I think the original wanderers were oldsters like me, who were just very focused and dedicated to service. You see a huge outpouring of art, music, the pop stars that were writing spiritually oriented songs like the Beatles, in the late sixties. This is part of that first wave of wanderers.

There was a second wave of wanderers that sometimes gets called, like, Generation X or whatever. They were a second wave of wanderers that were not quite so focused on service to the planet. They suddenly realized that this was a time of tremendous change and they could help themselves to become better people by entering the very rigorous metaphysical atmosphere of the fiery furnace of Planet Earth in late third density.

So you see a lot of people who are very self-involved in their spiritual process. And what they need is not so much to be helped with their process, because they are doing very well with that, but to be reminded that they did come to serve others and that they need to kick that energy up a notch and open up to the whole world. You have to realize that when you work on yourself, you are working on the world. That is how you change the world. You don’t go out and physically try to change the world. You work on yourself. So the second generation of wanderers has that energy to it.

And then the third generation of Wanderers is these Indigo kids that we are seeing now. Information from our Confederation sources, especially the Q’uo group, has it that these Indigo kids are the first graduates of third-density Planet Earth. And what did they do when they got graduated and offered their choice of how they wanted to be of service in fourth density? They decided to come right back here and help the rest of their class graduate.

So these Indigo kids that are so pro-actively who they are and system busters and all that, the reason that they are that way is that they are coming in with a lot of thinning of the veil, because they have fourth-density DNA as well as third-density DNA. So they are able to pick up these truth vibrations and not experience them with the kind of challenges that we third-density folks have. They can cooperate with them a lot more easily.

I think we also can cooperate with them, whether we are wanderers or not, but unless we are Indigo children, we are going to have to work with ourselves in order to be able to open up fearlessly to these new energies. Because they are quite a tsunami these days. The wanderers are a very specific and literal group of people, souls who have decided to come here from elsewhere to help lighten the planet.

In a way I wish that I had titles “A Wanderers’ Handbook” “A Manual for Users of the Human Mind/Body/Spirit Complex” or something because, really, once any person awakens, that person becomes a wanderer. Such a person is no longer fully at home in third-density Earth. And so there is this feeling of being a stranger in a strange land and not really having people to talk to. I think that is really why I wrote that book.

Since 1983, when most people began to see the Ra material, there had been people just pouring questions to me about, “Okay, now that I understand that I am a wanderer—what do I do about it?” And they were telling me all of these woes that they were having because they didn’t fit in.

So I wrote the book by analyzing thousands of emails that I had gotten over a ten-year period. I jotted down about 120 of the most frequently asked questions. So “A Wanderer’s Handbook” is really made up of my responses to the most frequently asked questions from The Law of One series. I was just trying to write the principles out a little more clearly.

And I have discovered since 2001, when that book came out, that there is a whole group of people that I haven’t really touched yet, in terms of making this information available. That is the kind of a person who is just a regular person, who has just has gotten through high school and started working and just hasn’t gotten into those intellectual spheres where it becomes easier to read a fairly dense and scholarly work.

So now I am trying to write a very plainspoken and simple book about the principles of the Law of One, so that if my Aunt Betty or your Uncle Joe wants to know about it, they can pick that book up and absolutely, for sure, be able to understand it if they want to. That is what I am working on right now, just trying to make the set of principles more available to people. Because it really is a pretty simple system and a very helpful system, no matter what your background.

I continue to follow my religion of Christianity and yet I find The Law of One extremely helpful. It is not a choice thing. The Law of One and the whole philosophy of it is like a big basket that has lots of places where you might fit your religion. They don’t see any problem with any of the spiritual or religious systems of the Earth fitting somewhere in the big basket of The Law of One, because as they say, all positive information harmonizes. So if you are in a religion and you discover that your system isn’t harmonizing and it is tending to be exclusive and say, very judgmental, like, “These people are okay, but because these people don’t believe such and such, they are not okay,” that is the kind of exclusivity that the Law of One suggests might not be in the best interests of the people who are seeking. So they really encourage you to follow a dogmatic system that is working for you, but if it starts not working for you, they say, “Okay, drop the dogma, but keep the faith. Keep the understanding that you are a piece of the one Creator and go from there. Don’t turn your back on the things that you learned in your youth.”

For instance, if you follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, and you decide not to deal with the dogma, you are still left with a collection of stories and parables that constitute a system of guidance that inevitably leads you back to love.

What did Jesus say? “There are two commandments: love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. And the second is like unto it. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

And again, Jesus says, “Thank you for taking care of me when I was in prison. Thank you for taking care of me when I was hungry.” And the people he is talking to say, “But you aren’t in prison and you aren’t hungry.” And he says, “Ah, but if you did this to the least of these, my brothers, you have done it to me.”

So tying in a mainstream religion here is exactly the same thing as The Law of One. We are all one. We are here to love each other and bring each other home.

That is right. Let me just take a little station break here, Carla.

This is “Flying Higher” and this is Gina Jones, your host this evening. Carla Rueckert-McCarty is with us. If you would like to call in this evening, we will be taking calls now. The number is on the screen of BBS Radio Late Nights. You can call on the toll-free number here in the United States, 877-270-8714.

The information that you have brought forth in the Ra Material, there are people like myself who are also working on trying the message of this material to people in a way that they can understand. Since my book is fiction, it is a novel, but is also fact, I call it “faction.” I sought to include that information that you have brought forth in the Ra Material in a way that makes it understandable and your friend, Jean-Claude Koven, has done the same thing with his book, “Going Deeper.”

I think it is tremendous that people with your ability and skill have been able to have activation from seeing these basic thoughts and then find creative ways to tell the story in a new way that is accessible to people that I would never have access to.

You know, we all have our individual gifts. And I just thank heavens for you and Jean-Claude and others like you that send me manuscripts, not daily or weekly but probably monthly. I will receive a manuscript from somebody that wants to know how close he has come to catching some of these concepts, because he also wants to write about it, and it is like watching a field of flowers begin to grow. And you realize that you have been a part of something that has become quite a bit beyond you. It just warms your heart!

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to see this energy moving so quickly through so many people in my own lifetime. I really feel that it is this kind of a grassroots reaction. There really is an activation that is going on. So many, I think, came in kind of encoded. We were ready, but we had to be activated. And once we are activated, we see one word and a whole book will flow out from that one resonant thought.

But you know, there has to be someone around to plant the seeds of those thoughts. I have done my share. I continue to channel and hopefully will for a long time to come. But I am only one of many, many sources of channeling, creative writing, poetry and music. And all of these energies help us to move beyond the safety of what we already know and what we already believe and to begin to explore.

Yes. Carla, explain to our listeners a little bit more about graduating, about densities, about the Indigos who have returned to help us graduate. Maybe you can explain what we mean when we are talking about densities and talking about graduation.

Yes. The cosmology that the Confederation offers is a cosmology of densities. They say that the creation has seven densities, then moving into an octave, which means that a whole new creation begins.

The first density consists of the elements of our planet: earth, air, fire, and water; elements like the chemicals.

The second density consists of the plants and animals. That density is a density of consciousness, but not self-consciousness. Animals can move around and walk about on the Earth. Plants can turn to the light. But second-density life doesn’t have self-consciousness.

Third density is us. We are self-conscious beings who awaken to say, “Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life?” That is the beginning of our metaphysical quest. That is the actual activating thing. We are here, according to The Law of One, according to the Confederation, to learn the lessons of love. We are here to learn to love each other and to let ourselves be loved in return. It is just as hard to allow yourself to be fully loved as it is to allow yourself fully to love. It is difficult to accept love. Sometimes it is easier to love than it is to be loved.

But at any rate, that is what we are here to learn. We are here to learn how to use that love,

We can love ourselves and decide that we are the best in the world and we are just going to create our world so that everybody around us does what we want them to do, which is a polarity that the Confederation calls service-to-self.

Or we can decide to follow the many, many versions of the Golden Rule that are offered in so many religions and spiritual systems, which are just basically “do unto others as you would have them do unto you;” “love one another,” that kind of thing

And if you choose one of these polarities, their suggestion is that you will begin to approach harvestability.

You may have heard about 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. It is also in 2012 that the shifting of the classic western astrological age from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius occurs. There is a lot of energy around this particular date. And there is also a simple, scientific energy around this particular time, and that is that we, as a galaxy, are rolling into a new area of space that has never been hit before by us. And we are experiencing new subatomic particles and the bending of the rules of physics as we enter this space.

All of these things come together to suggest that this is a time of graduation on Planet Earth. The Confederation suggests that we have spent 76,000-plus years learning how to love each other; learning how to make that choice of whether to love ourselves and follow service-to-self or whether we are going to love other people and try to serve them as a way of serving the Creator. And as we naturally die, the Confederation is suggesting, we will face the time of the opportunity to graduate from this density and to move into what they call the “Density of Love—the fourth density.

If you can think of a school of souls, we have been in the third grade. And we have had fairly limited options. We have been stuck pretty much in core classes. We have had to learn the basics -Loving 101, Loving 102, Patience 103: that kind of basic learning of how to make ethical choices, how to contact our guidance, how to trust the wisdom that is within us.

And if we are able to walk those steps of light that they talk about in the process of graduation, and end up on the fourth density side where we are accepting a much more full sense of the love and light of the one Infinite Creator, then we have reached fourth grade in the School of Souls and we are able to start refining this Choice of positive or negative polarity that we have made.

Okay, we are going to love each other. And how do we go about that? Because we are all so different and we are all so ornery! How precisely do we begin to harmonize?

You know, I look forward to that. I think it is going to be a lot of fun to be in fourth density and to have more choices; to be able to take some elective classes. But first we do need to get ready for this graduation deal. And what we do is, we just wake up each day and see what we can do to make that day a day where we really loved the people that were around us and we really honored the situation that we are a part of.

We really have honored ourselves when we take ourselves seriously enough to approach making any kind of ethical choice as almost a game, a godly game. You realize that what it is you want to do is actually important. And so you bring some deftness and some thought to it, so that you don’t simply make a knee-jerk reaction. You ask yourself, “I know this looks this way on the surface, but if I go underneath the surface, what is really happening here, and where is the love in this situation? How can I make a difference that makes people feel better, that makes the light flow better or that makes the energy feel harmonious?”

I think there are lots of little ways that we can do that.

Yes, and is that the truth? The title of the show tonight is The Law of One and the Choice.

Yes, that is the choice. It is the choice of polarity.

And when we are talking about polarity, we are talking positive and negative?

If you want to think about polarity really easily, you can think about what it takes to start a car. You have got to have a spark. And the way you create power in your own nature is to make that Choice very decisively. As long as you don’t make the choice of service-to-self or service-to-others polarity, you are sort of going along being nice to people, but then being selfish and then being un-selfish, and then being selfish again. I am being very simplistic here, but you have to be in order to describe this simply.

If you decide, “I am going to be of service to others, no matter what, then you begin to get in situations where it costs you something to be of service to others, where you have to hold your tongue; you have to deal with your own hurt feelings but not hurt somebody else’s feelings. You begin to get into situations where you are developing power by your ability to use your choices wisely.

As you continue in that same way, day after day and year after year, through your incarnation, you are beginning to build your polarity to where you are beginning to radiate like a lighthouse. The light is starting to shine right through you. And you become transparent. It is not you any more. It is the Creator shining through you, because you have made enough of these ethical choices that you know where it is you want to be.

It may seem sometimes to the world, and certainly it has seemed so to my family from time to time, that you make a foolish choice because you feel the lightness. But then you can look back, after you have been doing this for a while, and say, “See? This was the perfect thing to have done,” even though you couldn’t explain it at the time.

You begin to follow path of resonance and begin to get that sense of yourself as a powerful person. And then the question arises which always comes with polarity: “How can I use this power that I have developed in the very best, most loving and wise way?”

This is a caller. That came to you almost three decades ago with the Ra Material?

The Ra group started coming through in 1981, but actually I had been channeling the same sort of concept, but more generally, since 1974. So it has been a long time.

When they were communicating with you, they stated that in about thirty years there would be this event, which does coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar and a lot of these galactic alignments, a lot of these prophecies. And all of this, of course, has been pointing to the same period of time, relatively. Yet back then you probably didn’t even know about it.

Right. I had to do tons of research.

Questioner Kim: Carla, Gina, can you hear me?

Carla and GINA Hi.

Questioner Kim: Good evening. My name is Kim. I am from Louisiana. I have a question, Carla. Two things: I don’t know your work specifically, but I know it kind of through this experience I had when I was a teenager. My higher self or whatever said to call this male presence Ra. So that is just an aside.

What I was wondering is, if you could shed any light on the fact that in Don Miguel’s work on the Four Agreements 2, and at the end of [Mary Carroll Nelson’s book, Beyond Fear 3, he writes a prophecy section. He basically equates Ra with Christ consciousness, and I was wondering what you thought about that.

Well, I can say that I challenge in the name of Jesus the Christ and that the first time that Ra came through to me, I was conscious. I challenged that entity very thoroughly because he was a new entity and he passed the test just fine. So I would say I don’t know if there is an identity between the Ra group and Christ consciousness, but I would say that they are of that consciousness and are very congruent with that consciousness. I think a lot of people that are working psychically have told me that they use the Christ consciousness because it is the highest consciousness.

It is not because they have been trained as Christians, but because that as psychics they can feel the difference in the energy. They think that Christ consciousness or cosmic consciousness is certainly something that Jesus the Christ was able to demonstrate in a very living way, but if you look at other inspired lives, you can find that same cloak of Christhood that has been able to be borne by other humans. I think that all of us potentially can bear that same consciousness as if it were a cloak, not because we are, in and of ourselves, Christ, but because we are parts of the one Creator and able, if we wish, to vibrate at this level and to share that vibration with the world.

I see us all as instruments, as being able to be tuned up to be just this perfect pitch, and then allowing the spirit to play us.

Questioner Kim: That is beautiful. Thank you.

Thank you, Kim, for calling and light and love to you. Carla we have just a few minutes left on the show, but my understanding is that we don’t have a show following us, so would you like to continue on?

Absolutely. If there are questions, I would be glad to answer them.

Okay. One perfect example of service-to-others is BBS Radio. This network is totally dedicated to service to others and bringing forth this information in many ways to help enlighten everyone and to help with the light workers and support them in their efforts to bring forth the messages that are coming through them. So we would like to thank Don Newsom and everyone at BBS Radio for their living examples, day in and day out, hour by hour, of everyday service to others.

I have had people ask me this: You know, we talk about the different paths, and the polarity of service to others vs. service to self. When it comes time for graduation, what is the graduation point? How do you know that you are on the right path? Or if someone really needs reassurance about how much they should be doing in their life, what do I tell them? Because you still have to have a job and pay the bills and kind of walk in two worlds. How does one know if they are on the right path or if they are dedicating their life enough in service to others to feel as though they are able confidently to look forward to the days ahead?

I think that anybody who has the intention to live honoring the ways of love and attempts to love those whom they come across in their lives and to love situations that are theirs to deal with, can be assured that they are graduating come graduation day. It is as simple as that.

I remember Don asked the exact same question in the Ra contact, and they quantified it, naturally. Don being scientific in nature, they would have to give him a quantity. They said, “Well, if your mind is on serving others 51% of the time, then you have graduated. That is all that you have to be in service to others, just 51% of the time.

Don said, “Well then, what is it that you have to do to graduate in service to self?” Because there is graduation in the negative sense as well as in the positive sense?

And they said, “You would have to be thinking of yourself 95% of the time.

And Don said, “Gosh, how come it is so much harder to graduate in the negative polarity than in the positive polarities?”

Their answer was, “It is not. It is just that to be 51% service to others is precisely as difficult as it is to be only 5% service-to-others. The dead zone is between the 5% and the 51%.

Just by nature, by our culture, by our training through school, we have learned enough meanness to be vibrating maybe 33% or 35% service-to-others, where we know that we want to be helpful to other people. We know we want to honor the Creator and be good stewards of our resources, but there are reasons why it is inconvenient to do that so we don’t do that.

What we just need to do, as we get up for this one particular day, is just to see what we can do. “I set my intention for this day. I am going to be focused on the love in the moment as much as I can today.” And when you set that intention, you are already over 51%—way over 51%.

So it is a matter of living that intention out through the day and not letting yourself get fatigued and become despairing, simply because you see the many, many disturbances of our Earth world. If you look only at what is happening on the surface of things, you figure, “We’re doomed,” because it leads in the news. So all we see is the bad news. But actually there is a huge amount of good news that is happening also.

That is true.

When you think of people helping people, you see this coming through. Whenever there is some kind of a disaster, people just pour out their desire to help each other. Hurricanes and other disasters bring out the most wonderful service-to-others energy because that is who we are. When we are poked with a stick that is how we react. We want to help each other. We are going to get each other through.

So I think it is a matter of reconnecting with who we really are and what we really think and not being so politically and economically motivated and just going along with the prevailing thoughts. Because a lot of times the prevailing thoughts are kind of limiting and a lot of service-to-self energy is within them.

You do have to kind of examine the wisdom of the day and see if it really resonates for you. It might not be part of your intention to follow that particular party line.

Exactly. Well, for anyone just tuning in, this is Flying Higher. I am your host, Gina Jones. We are going to continue a little bit longer this evening. We have Carla Rueckert with us as we discuss L/L Research and the work that they are doing, and the books that have come forth through Carla’s channeling. All of the services that they offer can be found on their website at If you would like to call in this evening, we have some open lines and you can call toll-free here in the United States at 877-270-8714. We will be glad to take your calls if you have any questions with Carla.

When I was talking just a minute ago I used the term “light workers.” In your understanding, and in all of the channelings and the information that has been conveyed to you, what about dark workers? Are there dark workers or is it just the light and the dark within ourselves that are the ones? We have our own battles and challenges. Are there actually dark forces outside of us who may not want us to graduate and want to keep us in the lower densities and the lower vibrations?

Yes. You can have it both ways actually, because metaphysics is a paradoxical study. It is both inner and outer. The outer dark forces are just the out-picturing of the dark forces within ourselves.

And let me say that one of the things that The Law of One taught us is that we are all things. We are every emotion, every feeling, and every point of view. We have a complete 360 degrees of the light and the dark of human nature. So if you look at the worst of the criminals of this Earth, we are those people as well as being the saints and the mystics that we would like to be. We have all of those things as part of our human nature.

So we have choices to make about what we want to manifest of that nature. And a lot of times, when we make those choices as newly awakened spiritual seekers, we are so attracted to doing work in consciousness, to doing the meditation and the contemplation and the journaling and all of these wonderful things that we have discovered, that we don’t particularly want to spend any more time in the lower energies. And yet, we need to keep moving to them, on a daily basis, down to the very basic energies, the basic energies of sex and survival, the energies that fuel our personal relationships and our group relationships, which come before you ever get to the open heart. Because unless you clear the energy body of those energies, then you are not getting full power through to the heart. And that means that you are not going to be able to make choices with all of the power that you really do have available to you. If you will just use it.

And I think, that, at the same time, you can’t just say that the outer aspects of the dark forces are simply a projection, as Jung would say, an archetypal projection of our inner nature. Because the fact is that people, including myself, have experienced psychic greetings that were very personal and very much organized either to distract me from the path that I was on or to take me out of this incarnation entirely. For instance, for a while during the Ra contact, when I was walking I would look to see if a car was coming and I would not see a car. I would start to cross the road, but a car would be coming and I simply hadn’t seen it. Things like this happened repetitively throughout that time. So there was no question that there was a force outside of myself that would have liked to see me die.

I certainly can’t dismiss energies that are that clearly unfriendly and hostile to what it was that I was doing. I think that what happens with light workers is that it is not that we are great, in and of ourselves. We are all bozos. We are all human beings. And no matter how much we would like to be better than human beings, we are error-prone human beings, on this side of the veil, not really understanding things and making many, many errors.

But, in doing light work, just in our intention to do the work, we, by that intention, stand close to the light in a metaphysical sense. In this world, thoughts are nothing and objects are real. In the metaphysical world, things are nothing, but thoughts are objects. So when you set an intention, it is like opening a door. It is like doing something in the physical world, as far as in the metaphysical realm is concerned. And so I think that the more clearly that we set our high intention, the more high we set the bar, let’s say, that means that we are standing close to the light.

And when you stand in really bright light, it casts a really sharp shadow. And so I think that when we stand in that light, all of our human frailties, the chinks in our armor of light, if you will, show up as shadows. And it is easy for the loyal opposition to take pot shots at those shadows, because they are pre-existing. It is not that they can do anything to us. It is that they can energize pre-existing distortions. When I was not being able to see what was coming on the road, my bad vision was being energized.

But usually what happens is that you get thoughts that distract you from your purpose energized. As soon as you decide that you are going to love somebody, that person is going to say just the perfect thing to take you back into your lower self to be jealous, angry or upset. “No, this person is not telling the truth.” Then we go into judgment and separation.

So you have that choice there. And given that you’ve become a Player of this Game of Life, you say, “Aha! I am getting greeted psychically so that I will be distracted from my purpose, which is to graduate and stop eating at McDonald’s forever. I want to do something else.” So you remember, “Aha! I am not going to get distracted. I am going to be good to this person. I am going to be loving to this person. I am not going to kick this person out of my heart. No way! No matter what this person does to me, I will love this person.”

You know, the one thing that can’t be taken from me is my ability to love. And that is really the answer to a psychic greeting when you get it. If you feel like you are being greeted psychically, then just embrace with absolute faith the knowledge that all is well; the whole situation is OK. If it is a situation that is causing you discomfort, embrace the fact that it made you feel discomfort. Because that is the situation as it is, and all things are perfect. So you just simply turn the other cheek and say, “You know, I can deal with this. And I am not going to break faith with you, whoever you are.”

So as you go through your day, these everyday situations come up. Maybe it is irritation with a family member or somebody at work. That person is being used to greet you psychically, so that you will be distracted from your intention to love unconditionally all that you meet. And they say, “Okay love this!” And then somebody will try to cut you off on the expressway. How do you deal with road rage? Can you love that person too?

Don Elkins’ Uncle, Marion proved to me once and for all that you can, because one day, probably fifteen years ago, he was driving on the expressway and a guy careened onto the express way, cutting him off completely. And his only reaction, as he jammed on the brakes, was to say, “Okay, buddy, there is room for you too.”

That would be true too here in California!

That is the level at which you deal with psychic greeting. It gets really dramatic. There are people whom I have counseled that have had wolves sitting at the bottom of their beds all of a sudden, snarling, and I am afraid the answer to that is that you have got to take that wolf into your arms and tell that wolf that you love it.

As soon as you do that, the teeth are pulled. The fangs are gone. The fur hackles come down and that wolf is your guardian and is in your grip and willing to help you be strong in yourself. You have to love that shadow side of yourself until it becomes light too.

In the Ra Material, they talk about the Orion group. Is it your understanding that there are people here on the planet who are actually here to be human that are part of the Orion group; who are actually manipulating and controlling many of the things that are going on the planet politically or otherwise?

Well, it is hard to say. I wouldn’t say that there are wanderers from the Orion group like there are wanderers from the Ra group. But I would say that on this planet we have had thousands and thousands of years of repetitive cycles of empire. I won’t go into what the Confederation information has about what happened before history, but in our first recorded history, which is a very shaky recording, is Plato’s story of Atlantis. And metaphysically speaking, a lot of information has come about to indicate that Atlantis was caught in this war of light and dark. And the dark forces did take over the political system and used apparently very advanced power that the Atlanteans had developed for technological warfare. And they ended up destroying their culture and then their whole island, so that it sank. And these same souls then reincarnated in Babylon, in Rome, in the Holy Roman Empire, in Germany and now in Atlantis II, which is what I call the present situation that is not precisely national.

Certainly it could be said that there are some forces within the United States that are making choices that seem very service-to-self and very excluding of the rights and honor of other people. But also, if you will look at the world situation, politics is almost subservient now to multinational corporations, which are very specifically to service-to-self organized, just like the Army is. You know: the person on top gets everything and makes the decisions for the people down below them. The idea of everybody in that corporate structure is not to be thankful that they are slaves, but to keep trying to climb the corporate ladder because they want to become the ones who are giving the orders.

So you have that kind of negative energy which begins to make it seem to people like it makes sense to gather resources and to direct everyone on the planet for their own good. And that is service-to-self. So you could say that the dark forces are among us, but whether or not they are agents from Orion or not is going to have to be somebody else’s bailiwick. I’d rather not put a name to that and just say that we are responsible for the choices that we make.

Although when you start to look into work that is being presented and brought forth, there is a lot of information from Nick Begich 4 and others who are talking about mind control. Then you start to wonder, are we really going to be given the opportunity to make the choice when the time comes if, in fact, some of these technologies are implemented to alter or invade our personal choices, spiritually, physically and mentally? I am not sure. And I wonder if, with this information that is coming out and that is being utilized in things like HAARP and other technologies, if it is not our responsibility as light workers to shed light on what is being done so that people who may not know of this stuff can become aware of it, so that they can, in fact, make these choices for themselves.

Well, Gina, that is a dicey question. I think that you certainly can’t ignore the things that are coming out. You need to respond to them. If it were just a matter of sharing information, it would not be difficult at all to say, “Well, of course, we share this information. Let everybody get this information and then go from there.”

But the reason that it is dicey is that the whole tenor of the situation changes when you realize that one of the main things that the negative energy wants to do is to keep you in a state of fear. So if you share the information that partakes whatsoever in fear, then you are simply helping them out by sharing the information. So I think what you have to do is become so settled within yourself as to what your polarity is that when you do share the information, you share it from a very conscious, sincerely peaceful awareness that all is well. You say, “Here is what we came to love. Here is the situation. But it doesn’t mean that we are doomed. It simply means this is what we are up against. So break the enchantment.”

I mean, it is a kind of enchantment to live in fear. And we can break that enchantment by our own conscious choice. But I think that the voices that speak of these things need to be voices that are powerfully loving and that are reassuring and are saying, “Look, this is what we came to love. This is not our enemy. This is simply the way the shadow has out-pictured right now. We do not have to choose to be enchanted by this fearful construct. We can choose to beak the bonds of this by our intention because always within us, we have what is much more powerful.”

I love that beginning figure in the gospel of John where they say, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And there was darkness, but the darkness could not put out the light.” 5

I think that is the case as long as we are just going to let our little candle burn. It is going to be seen for miles and miles to overcome the enchantment of these darker forces.

Yes. I agree whole heartedly with what you said. But I do feel that people need to be aware. And I think a lot of people are just not aware of what is going on outside of their little world, maybe in their home or their family or their business, from a higher perspective. And they may be caught off guard when stuff starts to happen. They may not exactly understand the dynamics and how they are being played like pawns in the big chess game of the light and the dark. And, not understanding, they might go into the fear.

Just like you, as a channel, when you are putting your antenna out there, you know that there is light and there is dark and that is when you ask the question, are they of the Christ consciousness, before you engage that you do that because you as a channel are aware of the fact that there is positive and negative out there.


So again, I feel that in some ways it is important to share with people what is going on, so when the time comes, they will know which way to turn. They will know what is going to lead them on the path that they ultimately want to go on. Because I think in the days ahead we are all going to get squeezed a little bit and find out really who we are.

I think that is already happening.

Yes, but it is not over.

It is hitting us in waves. And people are experiencing all kinds of difficulties in their lives. And it is just the undeveloped parts of themselves coming up and saying, “Please, please, develop me. Develop me. I need to be part of you so that we can all walk into the light together.” Because you know, it is a question of how to integrate your personality and bring all of those unredeemed parts of yourself into the whole.

Well I have just two more questions to ask of you. I know that it is getting really late over there in Kentucky! And I want to just say that, in reading The Law of One books, I felt such a connection with Don Elkins. When I was on the airlines I was with Delta, unfortunately, since he was with Eastern. Later on I wished I had had the opportunity to meet him. I have met people who did meet him and actually work with him as a crew member. Have you ever had contact with Don since he passed over? Did he ever just said, “Hi,” or “How are you doing?” or “How are we doing?” Has that ever happened?

It has indeed. First of all, I saw him for the first time three days after he died. He was golden, radiant and laughing, enjoying himself. He was fine. But in a deeper sense, when I tune, one of the things I do is I ask for the feminine and masculine aspects of the Holy Spirit to come and to sit with me, one on my right hand and one on my left. It is part of my preparation for beginning the challenging process, before I accept the contact and start to channel.

So previously, when I had asked for the male aspect of the Holy Spirit, I would get a person I didn’t really recognize. He was British. He wore a hacking jacket. He was very nice. He was fairly small. He had a little mustache. I just got this impression of him. And he was the male aspect of the Holy Spirit. But about, oh, I suppose, a couple of years after Don passed, I asked for the male aspect of the Holy Spirit, and here came Don in his light blue shirt and khaki pants that were a little too short for him because he is six and half feet tall. And his hand even felt the same when I grasped his hand. And he has been there ever since as a male aspect of my Holy Spirit. He is part of my guidance system. I spend intimate time with him every time I channel. It is wonderful to be with him.

I am sure it is. That just sounds like a beautiful relationship. Tell him I said hi. Even though I never met him, I just felt such a connection with this man. It is really strange how it came through in reading that material.

He was a powerful person and was such a good person. I really can’t ever do Don justice, but I will say that ever since he died, through the years, dozens and dozens of people have written to explain how Don has related to them in their lives and helped them through difficult times. So he is very active on the inner planes as part of people’s guidance who have responded to the book, et cetera. He is doing good work.

Well, good! I’ll have to invite him on the show! I could use some help right now.

That is the great secret, Gina, just to ask. Whatever it is, whether you are asking for the spirit or you are asking for discernment, just set the intention and ask. Because there are a lot of energies in this metaphysical part of creation that are just poised to help. But they have to be asked because of free will.

Here is my final question for this evening: I heard Whitley Strieber on “Coast to Coast” last night with Art Bell. He was talking about a movie that is coming out in a few years, based on a book that will be released in September called “2012, The War For Souls.” Are you familiar with that?

No, I haven’t heard about that project.

Well, Whitley Strieber has written, I think, about twenty different books, both novels and non-fiction as well, and this story is certainly going to be a sci-fi thriller, where a mysterious alien presence suddenly bursts out of sacred sites all over the world and begins to rip human souls from bodies, plunging the world into chaos.

Oh, this is great …

Yes, this is the promise of “2012.” I am reading this from out of I am not making this up. There is a scientist or someone who actually goes to an alternate Earth in a parallel universe, an alternate universe, and he finds out that this apocalypse is happening to every Earth and every dimension on every parallel universe, alternate universe, whatever you want to call it. And so he connects with himself in another universe to try to save this from happening.

But it becomes sort of a surprise ending where heroes and ancient bones reveal themselves and in the end something new and unexpected happens. So it is certainly interesting and quite compelling. But I hope that my book and the movie that will come forth, and hopefully the TV series subsequently, will be able to help set some balance to that. Because I tried really hard to convey to people that fear is the thing that will keep one from moving forward. Because you can’t be in love and in fear at the same time; that is, one is actually the opposite of the other.

So many people think the opposite of love is hate but it is really is not. It is fear. So there has got to be that trust and the faith and that love, and then the Creator and the creation, which is all of us, will move us forward. I always try to use the analogy that we are in our third chakra and we are in third dimension and to move to the fourth chakra, which is the heart chakra, we need to be in love to qualify us for that next level, to get us to a graduation point. That is where we have to be and we can’t be in both fear and love.

Yes. I think we live in the midst of a lot of darkness. And yet, at the same time, we can be in love. We could be in the worst battlefield in the world, but with love in our hearts we stand up and take a bullet so that the soldier next to us can live. And we have demonstrated love all over again. So you can’t keep the light out.

And talk about a fear based movie! That really sounds like it is going to be an extravaganza! But at the same time, that is an out-picturing of the worst fears of the human soul, so given that we have those fears, then maybe we can even do some intellectual thinking and analysis. “Why do we have this fear? What is it in us that knows that there is a light and a dark?” That might bring us to make that positive choice, not because we are scared but because we realize that this wouldn’t be coming out in the popular media unless there was something to it. Down deep, there might be a shred of truth here. And the shred of truth here is that big things are happening, but we can meet them completely fearlessly.

I love the part in the Bible where St. Paul—and I am not crazy about the guy normally, but he had his moments—said, “If I live, I live in Christ and if I die, I die in Christ, so whether I live or whether I die, I am in Christ and Christ is in me.” So even if some horrible soul snatching somebody were to come after me, I would stand on my love and I would be invincible. So I have no fear. And I think we need to begin to stand on our metaphysical ground and be fearless.

Well if there is just one thing for you to say that you could speak to every single one on the planet, what would it be? Do you have a soliloquy all ready? Maybe you could just sort of recap your message to humanity.

There is a little song that we sing sometimes when we are tuning in our meditation group, and I will just say the words because it says it all:

Love one another as I love you. Care for each other as I care for you. And bear each other’s burdens And share each other’s joys. Love one another and bring each other home.

That is very nice. I can see why you chose this, in bringing each other home. That is what it is all about.

It is the gathering time, isn’t it?

It is, indeed. Carla, I want to thank you. The words seem inadequate because of what you have done for me and for so many, in allowing yourself to be a channel of this communication from higher dimensions, in sharing with us these messages that do seem so simple, but yet they are timeless. And it really is what it is all about. But I just want to thank you for the sacrifices that you have made, not only in time but physically, as I understand that you suffer with arthritis and a lot of the things that were difficult during the Ra channeling.

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