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Well, it’s Christmas Day, 2012, and I couldn’t think of a better topic for our illumination than a show about The Law of One. The word “unity” has gone mainstream. Everyone is speaking of the great shift in consciousness toward unity consciousness. Today, we are going to explore unity consciousness directly from the source, Ra, through channel Carla Rueckert and her husband, Jim McCarty. They are co-researchers, as well as husband and wife at www.llresearch.org. L/L Research was originally founded by Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert in November of 1968. In 1962 Carla first joined Don in his research as he and a dozen of his Introduction to Physics students were conducting a channeling experiment. Later, coming from his own perspective at the Rock Creek Research Development Laboratories, Jim McCarty joined forces with L/L Research. Today, they use Rock Creek as their legal name and they do business as L/L Research.

L/L Research started this experiment in 1962 and refined the process for 19 years. Then, in 1981, the experimental results of their efforts changed profoundly, in both quality and precision. The results were that Carla began channeling, or more accurately called using “tuned trance telepathy” to channel the extra-terrestrial race, or the social complex known as “Ra”, which first landed on Earth about 11,000 years ago, as a sort of extra-terrestrial missionary, with the object of helping Earthman with his mental evolution. Failing in this attempt, Ra retreated from the Earth’s surface to its inner planes, but continued to monitor activities closely on Planet Earth. Ra is a sixth-density social memory complex.

Since Earth is near the end of the third-density cycle of evolution, this means that Ra is three evolutionary cycles ahead of mankind. In other words, Ra’s present state of evolution is millions of years in advance of Earthman’s. Ra is also a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, a group of social memory complexes that assist humanity in evolving to fourth density.

So, we’re going to explain all this, hopefully, in the show so that you understand it more, and if you want to, while you’re listening, go to www.llresearch.org, there’s all sorts of information there.

Welcome, Carla and Jim, thank you so much for being with us tonight.

It’s a real pleasure to be here, and thank you so much for your kind words. We’re excited about being here too.

We truly are. thank you so much.

You’re welcome, you’re welcome. So you know that no one gets off this show without answering the ordinary hero’s journey question, and that is, when did you get your call to adventure and how did you respond? So basically, you’re going to have to give me the short version of how this happened—that you were noodling through your life, and then all of the sudden were attracted to this information, and answered your call to respond. I know you have two different stories, so Jim, would you like to start and tell us how you got your call to adventure?

Sure. I had a pretty ordinary upbringing. Didn’t want to do much in high school besides go to classes and play sports. In college, I took one class in religion, World Religion, and it got me very interested. I read a book called The Taboo on Knowing Who You Are, by Alan Watts, and it started me thinking about things, and I continued on with my education and decided I really didn’t want to pursue the business and economic degree that I had received.So I came back for another year of sociology, thinking that might be the answer, and that wasn’t either. So then I decided to enter Teacher Corps which was in Gainesville, Florida, and they were combining their efforts with Head Start and Follow Through to try to help kids in urban environments and inner city areas, so I got a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and decided I didn’t want to pursue that either.

But I found, at the back of a book on schools—a lot of us there were experimenting with our own classrooms and how to teach in the best circumstances and some innovative methods, and one of the books we used was called Raspberry Exercises. It had a number of authors that were quoted in the book, and way in the back was this fellow in Colorado, Adventure Trails Survival School. It sounded very interesting, and he was dealing with how to get the brain to its full potential, in the primal nature environment.It was a self-therapy sort of a course, so I went out there and learned about working with dreams, and keeping a journal, and acting out some of the memories that seemed to be blockages to my energy to flow forward naturally. The whole idea of the school was that the frontal lobes are a natural progression in human evolution, something that we will be experiencing in the fourth density.– But it’s available at any time that you focus on it, and clear out the blockages that are pretty much enculturated by a society that’s not really aware of how best to nurture the human being or the human brain.

So, after that, his philosophy was “each one, teach one”. So I bought my own piece of land in Kentucky and happened to be close to Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, and I was in the country there, and some of the folks that were part of their meditation group also had land in Marion County Kentucky, central Kentucky, and they introduced me to Don and Carla.And it just seemed like a natural attraction there to what they were doing. They had a meditation group on Sunday night, and I traveled up every Sunday night, made the 140 mile round trip just to listen to some of the messages that were being channeled, and the inspiration that was coming through, all around the focus of unity and love.

So we eventually got together in 1980. They’d already been together since 1962, and three weeks after I joined them, the experiments that Don had been conducting for 19 years changed, and we were able to make contact with this group of entities called Ra, which apparently was like a Jungian idea of the unconscious mind—you would have access to the mind of all the other entities in your race of beings. Apparently Ra was a conglomerate of about 32 million souls that had gone through the same evolutionary experience we’re going through, but they went through it on Venus, and they had teachers that helped them through their third-density experience, and so they sought to do the same with others, and that’s pretty much how it all happened for me, after joining Don and Carla.

Talk about the ultimate transparency, right? Sixth dimension. Everybody knows what’s on everybody else’s mind. Carla, what was yours—yours is pretty interesting. You met up with Don Elkins at some point.

Yes, I had always been—when I met up with Don Elkins I was already on my way, but I didn’t know what it was. The thing that really woke me up was that I died. I’d always been a very religious person, and Jesus was part of my magic kingdom, along with my cat, and trees that talked to me, and things like that, and instead of going to sleep, I would slide out into this—I would put my glasses on part of a Venetian blind, and I’d focus them so that you could get a piece of light, and I’d look at it and I could just slide out, and I would slide into this wonderful magic kingdom where everything was love and all the colors were vibrant and living, and Jesus was there. He never talked to me—the only human that was there. All the cats and dogs and trees talked, but Jesus didn’t, but he would sit there and hold his hand out and I would come and hold his hand. He would look into my eyes, beautiful golden eyes, and I would look into his eyes and my heart would just stand, and just be open, and I knew what love was, and that was when I was just two and three, so I was an odd little child.

And so, when I was 13 I died, and I was very religious, but I hadn’t really explored mysticism. I was just a cradle Episcopalian and I went to church and sang in the choir, and I was totally uplifted. But I wasn’t a regular Christian because I didn’t know what to call it, but I didn’t believe in any dogma. I was there. I did not do dogma, but I still loved Jesus and I loved going to church, and I just didn’t let it bother me. I didn’t understand it, but what the heck.

I understand completely.

So, when I died, my kidneys failed and without any change of anything, my consciousness shifted into this place that was like my magic kingdom, and the colors and things talked to me and I was interacting with the environment. I got about half way to a temple that I saw over the crest of a hill, and I knew all my friends were there—I couldn’t wait to get there, and a voiceover came and sparkled in the air, and it said, “We don’t usually do this, but we think maybe you took on too much in this incarnation, and we want to offer you to go back to two different incarnations and do your work in two incarnations. Or you can go back and try to finish in this one, but your body will be very fragile. And I thought about my childhood, and how hard it had been to be so different. I thought, “I don’t want to do two childhoods.” I thought, “I’m going to go back and do it with this body. That’s all there is to it. I’ve gotten almost through childhood here”. So I went back into my body at this point. I’d just been out for a couple of minutes. My heart had stopped, and they had gotten it going again. And there I was back, and nobody ever believed me. But that’s what happened.

So, I then knew, from that point on, that I had something to do, and I thought I was going to be a doctor and go to Africa and help people that didn’t have any money and didn’t have any doctors. That was the best thing I could think of, but I really didn’t know. And then, when I met Don Elkins and I started meditating—I was looking for quiet; I was looking for something silent. Episcopalians are great, but they do not understand silence.

Western religion doesn’t understand silence.

Right, and they’re very uncomfortable if you’re silent over about four or five seconds, and so I found Elkins’ meditation group. It happened to be an experiment looking for ET’s. And there it went—my whole life was changed forever. I didn’t want to channel, but eventually Don asked me to channel in 1974, and I tried and discovered I was gifted at it. So that was my story.

What a gift, what a gift, I mean truly. I look at the pictures of you guys in the Book I. What sweet innocent faces and what earnestness is in them. You are totally earnest about what you are doing, and the being that you’re channeling is The Law of One. It’s like hitting the jackpot, you know?

Well, that’s the way Don felt about it. He told me many times at the end of his life—he died in ‘84—that this was his life’s work and he was satisfied that he had done what he came here to do. And it made me feel so good because he was always a melancholy man, and he was always just seeking the answers to “Why?” “What are we doing here”, all that, and he was so incredibly gifted as far as being a questioner, that he was able to get things out of Ra that nobody else could have. He was a scientific man; he approached things as a physicist, as a chemical engineer –not as flowers and hoop-dee-do. He was very sincerely interested in how it all worked. He got Ra talking about light, and about, I don’t know, things that I—it was good that I was not conscious for this because I don’t know anything about it. I would have been scared to death to channel that stuff.

I understand that. I really identified with, I guess it was Don that was the questioner then, because I have a science background, and I love nature. I grew up in the Eastern Orthodox church where it was all in Serbian, so they dragged me to church every Sunday for this beautiful service in Serbian. I just thought it was beautiful, and it felt like love in there to me. So, I grew up without any of the dogma as well, which I consider probably the biggest break I got in this life. So I always wondered how does it all work because I felt like there was a unifying principle, that everything had to fit together. I’m all the way through Book 2 and into Book 3 now, but it takes awhile.

Anyway, we’re going to take a short break, and then we’re going to come right back and get into the meat of The Law of One. Don’t go away, folks, we’ll be right back.


Welcome back, everyone. We’re speaking with Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty on The Ra Material, The Law of One, it channeled through Carla. This was back in the ‘80’s . Their website is www.llresearch.org where all the channelings are available as PDF downloads at no charge. Additionally, there are 105 videos on YouTube, for you to listen to whilst you follow the text in the PDF which I’ve been doing, and I want to thank you both, Jim and Carla, for offering these materials for free to the public. That’s a very generous gift.

Well, it’s our joy. You know, Don—I was devoted to Don and he asked me to do two things in this life, one was to make the materials that we had available to anybody that might find them useful, the other one was to be part of the spiritual community, and lead it. So, I’m so grateful for the internet because without it, and without a fellow named Ian Jaffrey, who offered to put all this stuff up (it wasn’t in digital form until he got hold of it) and he OCR’s thousands of pages of channeling and edited them so that they were basically readable and put them up there.

They definitely are. I put on one of the YouTube videos and I follow it on the PDF, and I make comments in the margins on the PDF for myself for future reference. It’s slow going because the material is so intelligent, so you have to take it in bites.Basically if you kind of listen with your knowing, you get it. That’s what I figured.

What I found out about it (you know we’ve been reading it along with the bible for our morning offering since we channeled it, since the group channeled it) and I find it follows you. I will, to this day, whoever’s reading it, the other one is going to say, “Wait a minute. Stop. Read that again. I don’t think I ever got that before.” This is so many years later, and we’re familiar with it for so long, but it follows you. It’s just a wonderful thing, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with the world. It’s available in printed form and you can buy it, but it’s also for free.

Yeah, beautiful. All right. Well, let’s sort of get started. The quote that I wrote down, and this is in Book 1, Session 1, Ra says: “Consider, if you will, that the universe is infinite. This has yet to be proven or disproven, but we can assure you that there is no end to yourselves, your understanding, or what you would call your journey of seeking, or your perceptions of creation. That which is infinite cannot be many, for manyness is a finite concept. To have infinity, you must identify or define the infinity as unity, otherwise, the term does not have any referent or meaning. In an infinite Creator, there is only unity. You have seen simple examples of unity. You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity. In truth, there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity, for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time.”

So, take it away from there, and if you will just expand on The Law of One because, honestly, I don’t think we need to know any more than this.

I think that The Law of One starts with Ra saying that we are all thoughts dancing together. That there is nothing but thoughts dancing in an illusion, which is given to us so that we can think thoughts. And he asks, “What did you think today.” “What are your thoughts today, because your thoughts are everything.” “Were your thoughts full of love?” “Were your thoughts full of the Infinite Creator?” “Were your thoughts full of service?” You know, attend to your thoughts.

The vibration of the Creator is within all of us, and we, as the Ra said, we please ourselves by distorting that vibration. But we can also come back to that vibration, and it is within all of us. So the idea is to lesson our distortions, to let joy come up within us, to let all of those things that are infinite and that makes us one have a place in us, and have a free run through our bodies and out into the world again so that we’re really lighthouses. We receive the light from the Creator, and we don’t close our hearts to it. If we don’t do that, then the light just funnels through and just roars out into the creation, and people don’t understand sometimes why they enjoy being with someone who’s filled with joy and who is a lighthouse. They just know that it’s nice to be next to them, and the reason is that their vibrations are so comforting.

And so I think that we all have that within us, and it’s not hard, as your way of teaching says. It’s within you; it’s simple; it’s ordinary; go into the silence; tabernacle with the Creator. Allow yourself to know yourself because the deepest part of yourself is consciousness, and we share that consciousness with everybody else. That consciousness is the consciousness of love—infinite, absolute, love. That is the Creator. That’s what makes us one. We’re parts of the Creator. There’s nothing that is in anybody else that’s not in us. There’s nothing in us that’s not in other people. We really are one.

This is the part that I think everybody is grappling with at this point… is this sort of unifying your parts. So each person is kind of unifying their parts, and I’ve been grappling with this now, I think, consciously, for the last six months. I finally realized that it wasn’t about getting rid of something. It’s about welcoming this part into the—at the table. Everybody comes to the table, the dark parts, the not-so-dark parts, the pretty parts, the ugly parts, and that was just a whole—I didn’t get that part, and…

Well, what the Ra says, basically, is everybody else is helping us by being a mirror of ourselves. They’ve distorted the one consciousness in different ways than ourselves, but they’re mirrors to us, and if we notice something in them, good or bad, the reason we notice it is because it’s in us, and that’s particularly personal to us. So if we notice something that bothers us the sad truth of it is it’s bothering us about ourselves, in some way or another. So, the thing to do is to go into the shadow self, to be fearless about it, and go and find that part of the self that you don’t like, that was disturbing you because that person beat up on somebody, or raped somebody, or killed somebody. Find the rapist, find the killer in yourself, and say, “Come to me; I will love you; I will redeem you; and I will ask you to do good work for me”. Bring that sad shadow portion into the sunlight of love. That shadow portion of the self doesn’t just contain killing, and raping, and maiming. It contains grit, and determination and tenacity, and so it can be turned, not away from its nature, but towards the light.

I call it, giving them a new set of marching orders.


I talk to my parts and I say, “Okay, let’s update you. We’re going to march to the tune of love now instead of fear, so I could really use your tenacity, but I don’t need you freaking me out.”

That’s right. [Laughs]

Ra gave us an exercise that we could do in meditation that helps balance all of these parts. Ra suggested that at the end of the day that we look at anything that moved us in either a positive or a negative direction. The more intense the movement, the more we need to look at it. What you do is expand it in your consciousness while you’re meditating, the way it happened to you in your experience, and then you are silent and let the polar opposite naturally appear. As it appears, you allow it to become as large as the first emotion, or concept that you’re considering, and then, at the end you accept yourself for having both parts within your being, as being a whole and perfect person.

It’s a way of balancing, and you can see that the polarity is there, and then you allow those polarities, the two sides of the coin, to come together.

Anger/love, doubt and knowledge, acceptance and rejection—all these polarities that we have within us.

I think the prayer of St. Francis is so good as a polarity prayer, because it talks about the dark side–“Where there is hatred, let us sow love; where there is injury, pardon”, and so forth.

When I started this thing, it happened quite by accident, actually. I was preparing photos for my son’s wedding, and I started making a pile of all my own photos from all the years of growing up. And it progressed to where I sort of took one from every year, and I made a round table of myself, and then those girls would start speaking to me. Then I realized from listening to Bashar that they were like parallel lives. It wasn’t just psychic parts of yourself, but it was now, and so then I realized that there were masculine parts too, in there. So finally, in the shower at night, I would make a round table, and I’d say, “Okay, everybody gets to be at the round table.” Now the round table is really crowded, but I sit there, and I say, “Who wants to speak, and who wants to be heard”? But this is a good one that you gave us, Jim, about that emotion, because with this little round table thing I do, I can say, “Okay”. I liken it to letting somebody out of the basement where you relegated them years ago when you didn’t want to acknowledge that you had this part of you. I appreciate very much the exercise you gave.

It’s a very helpful way of looking at your life, and of being attentive to it, and being able to move forward in a balanced way. Especially at the beginning of a spiritual journey when the person is really excited about things, to kind of go off the deep end, or to travel into areas that you’re not quite ready for because you’re so excited. This exercise allows you to go in a balanced fashion, so that you can handle the energies as they come to you and continue to expand.

You were talking about when you have this emotion that comes up in the day, and I do do a process at the end of the day. I always go outside in nature, no matter what it’s doing out there, and let that emotion build. Is that what you said? You bring it back up and you let it build, and you feel it as much as you can?

Right. You’re remembering it because it made a mark on your mind, and anything that makes a mark like that, you go back and examine it. Let it again, in your meditation, become as large as it did, and allow it to grow until it wants to stop by itself. Then, in silence, you allow the polar opposite of that (it just seems to be a natural process) will show itself, and it will begin to grow. You let it grow to the same size so that they’re both equal, and you then accept yourself for having both of these ways for having the Creator to know itself contained within you, and ways for you to know the Creator as well.

Okay, this is good information.

And it’s all about thoughts. You see, you’re looking at your thoughts. What thoughts did you think today? Were they thoughts of love? It comes down to a very simple thing. Self-examination. What was your consciousness doing? Where were your thoughts? Were they thoughts of service. Were they thoughts of love, or did you go into the shadow side?

I think the biggest challenge for western culture is to just get ahold of the human mind and direct where you want it to go—to take the time out to reflect on a daily basis. Or even if you’re having a feeling in the moment just acknowledge you’re having a feeling—“I’ll deal with you later. I promise I’ll come back”, but we don’t, we kind of stuff it.

People are so used to being fast, to going fast, talking while their driving, talking while they’re in the grocery store to somebody, talking on the street, walking very fast and talking, and with the telephone you’re in constant communication with everybody. So much is boom, boom, boom, happening. The buzz is going, going, going, and there’s no suggestion anywhere that you should stop for just a little while and let things be. There’s just this constant jamming in of as much information as you can possibly get in. If you look at television shows, the things that are happening are extreme, and they happen in very short takes. Very seldom does the camera stay on one person’s face, or whatever, on scene, for more than two or three seconds, six seconds at the most. Changing, changing, changing, and that’s the way it sort of entrains the mind, and the person becomes the creature of the media, sothat you’re not just getting the buzz, you’re also getting the next thing to buy; you’re becoming a consumer; and that’s all you think about is consuming, and getting something else.

Well, I think you get the idea that everything happens really quickly. But to spend time with this part of yourself, with this emotion, and to allow it it’s natural flow, to come to resolution—first of all, it takes that you love yourself enough to do that, to actually love yourself and honor your journey enough to think that that’s the most important thing you could be doing in your day. I have to confess, it took me awhile. I know this material clearly, but to do the work personally, it was another whole matter, and I think you can attest to that. You can know something intellectually, but you have to actually apply it. This is where “applied spirituality” came up.

And I think that there’s a big part of it that’s moving from the intellect to the heart. Where the consciousness is, is in the heart.There’s like you have two minds—one is the bio-computer. It makes choices and is very good, but it runs away with most people. The other mind is the heart, and it gives you intuitions, and dreams, and hopes. All these places where a different kind of knowledge, a different kind of knowing exists, and you can come into an appreciation of yourself and trust your hunches, trust your intuitions, and gradually as you do that you discover that all of nature is talking to you.

Exactly. Oh, I know it. That’s why I’m in nature all of the time. I feel like I’m getting the straight scoop out there.

We’re going to take another short break, and then we’ll be right back. Please don’t go away. We’re speaking with Jim McCarty and Carla Rueckert and The Law of One.

[Station break]

Welcome back, everyone. We are so blessed this Christmas Day to have Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty as our guests, delivering $1The Ra Material’s Law of One $1, to assist us in the evolution of the consciousness of mankind, and you personally. The website is www.llresearch.org.

Jim and Carla, let’s talk about the practical application in our everyday, ordinary hero’s journey life of The Law of One, in order to help us ascend to the fourth-dimension positive. What’s required of us?

What do we need to get? What do we need to understand? What do we need to realize?

Well, understanding doesn’t really come into it. It’s more a feeling of heart.If your heart is open, of service to other people more than half the time, you’re in good shape. You don’t have to know this, or know that. You don’t have to follow this, or follow that It’s just are you serving others? Are you loving others? Are you letting them love you back? People think, “Well, what can I do? I can’t do anything”. But you can. You can smile at somebody on the street.You can pay attention to who is helping you at a store— find out their name. Ask them how they are instead of ignoring them and thinking that they’re part of the machine.

If you’re on your deathbed, and you can allow yourself to come into a place of gratitude and thankfulness and start counting your blessings, and that energy starts to flow, and that beauty and joy starts to flow through you, you are lightening the consciousness of Planet Earth because you are connected to everybody else. There is no place where you are unable to serve. If you just allow your consciousness to be in an open-hearted place, and let your interactions with other people start with love, start with, “What can I do for you”. “Are you okay?” “How are you doing?” “What can I do?” And allow that—not the over concern— but just that openness and fearlessness with other people to be your way, then people will find it very comfortable to be near you, and kind of wonder, “What does she have?How can I get that?”.

How about loving yourself?

Well, if you don’t love yourself, then you don’t know how to love other people.

So that’s the first order of work.

Yes. A lot of times people feel selfish because they’re trying to find out who they are.They’re going through a state of expansion and awakening, and they’re going, “Whoa, I’ve got to understand this more”. And that’s important. You’ve got to fall in love with yourself just as you are. We didn’t come here to be perfect. In our imperfect way, we’re all just wonderfully lovable, and so we need to see that first with ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves for so much that we’re holding against ourselves. You know, “When I was a kid, I did this, or I didn’t do that and I’m still mad about it”. You know. We need to get through that and forgive ourselves and give ourselves big hugs.

At one point in my journey, I got a Raggedy Anne doll, and I held it with me because I felt so unloved in my inner child. I carried it with me wherever I went. I took it on trips. I took it to my friend’s houses. I took it to restaurants, and I fell in love with myself that way. I had to objectify it so that I could make sure that my inner child was being taken care of, and that released so much in me that had been tight, and resentful because I hadn’t been taken care of. I’d been taking care of others all my childhood.

Now, I’m at that point where I don’t have problems like that because I do love myself, so then I can love others. You’re absolutely right.

Right. I worried about that as I was reading the materials because I think that’s such a hard job to do for humanoids, is to just love ourselves. That’s a big piece of work right there. And, I wanted to ask, too, about—you are obviously a devout Christian, and how would other religions, as well as Christianity, resolve The Law of One.

Well, everything flows into The Law of One. Everything—usually, when you look into a religion and you find the mystical part of it, the Kabbalah, the mystical part of Christianity, the mystical part of Islam, the Sufis, it’s the mystical part that tends to harmonize because it’s not working with dogma. It’s working with the basic essence of man and of the Creator and the self. We can be those who call upon the Creator and stand with the Creator and are the Creator’s arms and legs in this life. I think that all religions are basically ways to work out a relationship with the Creator, and it may work for some; it may work for others; and you have to find—a lot of people are able to find that in religion, while others are not able to find it at all, and so they have to build their own spiritual path by themselves Its those people, I think, who are helped, for the most part, by things like The Law of One because they haven’t been able to find anything spiritual that helps, and The Law of One is actually just philosophy, but philosophy that is so complete that it reaches out and embraces all religions.

When the Ra group was working with me, they didn’t want any metal in the room because they had a very finely tuned vibration that they were trying to use, and any metal was likely to mess it up. But they allowed me to wear my cross, and they asked Don and Jim to put an altar there, with a chalice and the incense. All of these were signs to my physical self that I was in a holy place, and Ra said they were distortions, yes, but they were distortions that she needs in order to tabernacle with the Creator, and that was fine with them. We’re not asked to give up our distortions.

I call them “permission slips.” [Laughter]

Good. So, yeah, whatever the religion is, I could sit down with somebody and just carefully, point by point, find places in The Law of One that embraces them specifically.

I want to ask another question. We’re running out of time, and there’s so many more questions that I wanted to ask. But, could you talk about the Confederation, and if there’s time, the Orion influence as well.

Well, the Confederation in the Service of the Infinite Creator is the long title that we’re always given by any entity as part of that Confederation when they speak through any of our channels, and over the years we’ve probably gotten six or eight different entities from this Confederation. Basically, what they’re saying is that after there is a graduation, as we’re approaching now on Earth from third to fourth density, then those that are of service to others tend to form together with a unified desire to continue to serve others because they can see and feel all of this mass desire and love. You can look at it as the point of the needle of a compass that they begin to move in the direction of service to others. And, part of what they do is, just in general, to send love and light to planets like Earth, so that anybody that is meditating and in need of some assistance can get this general uplifting feeling, this vibration that is being sent to our planet to help us through this period of change that we’re going through now.

So, the Confederation is a natural form. Ra calls them “social memory complexes” when each person in the group knows everyone else’s thoughts, then it’s a social memory complex. So we have “social complexes” on Earth now. We’re not aware of each other’s thoughts, but at fourth density we will be aware. We’ll be a social memory complex and very likely desire to continue our service to the Creator and to become a part of this Confederation because it’s a natural progression of those who wish to serve others to join together in that effort. So, this Confederation consists of the fourth density of love which we’re now entering, then the fifth density of wisdom, or light, and then the balance of the two, love and wisdom is the sixth density work of power. Service to others is most easily achieved when there is a balance between love and wisdom, and that is spiritual power.

So, those are the densities that are beyond ours and towards which we’re now moving, and the Confederation is composed of those four densities. Each Confederation member has certain ways of being of service. It’s just like each of us has certain talents and abilities. It’s the same with social memory complexes. They move in service; they continue to move in service; and that is the way they continue to evolve— by being of service to others more and more, until they, as Ra says, become love, until they become light, until they become the balance between the two. They continue to journey back to the Creator which eventually ends in total unity. And that is the direction through which we’re all moving.

I’m reminded of the scene in Contact—did you see the movie Contact, written by Carl Sagan many years ago?

Oh, yes.

And she gets in that machine; and she ends up on a beach somewhere; and she finds her father who had passed away years ago; and she was the scientist. And she said, “I don’t understand”, and he said, “It’s always been done this way”. It’s always been done this way. That’s what I always thought, that this is the cycle, and we were great explorers to come down here in great darkness, such heros to come here and endeavor to raise ourselves and raise the planet into light and life. It’s a great thing we’re doing, and we’ve been at it a long time.

That’s so true.

All the Confederation sources say that what they’re telling us are things to help us remember what we already know. It isn’t new information.

Right. I’m sure that’s true. It’s just interesting to live this long and see this happening. Maybe you can relate to it. Years ago I felt like I must be nuts. [laughter]

I certainly can. Actually, I never felt that I was nuts. I’ve always felt that very strong inside, and so I was spared the self-doubt when it came to things like this, and I was ready for channeling when it happened. I guess it was a matter of, I had always wanted to serve the Creator, but I had also wanted to be ethically impeccable. That was so important to me, and I did things not because they pleased me, but because I wanted to keep a promise, or honor an obligation, and those exact things which seemed so hard turned out to be exactly putting me in the place where life picked me up and gave me the best job in the world.

Yeah, no kidding. [Laughter]

I love my job, I really do , I get up in the morning going, “Oh, good, what’s next!” It’s so much fun.

I feel that way too because I get to talk to the greatest minds/hearts of our time. And a lot of them have been quiet for many years and have been silently doing this work, consistently doing this work. Now they are the elders, and they are being very useful, leading the way, and it’s really kind of an honor to meet all of us because we’ve been all over the planet for so long, working quietly, and it’s an amazing time to be alive, that’s what I think.


Well, what else can people do with L/L Research, and where can they go to learn more about The Law of One, besides the website. What else is there?

Well, besides the website where you can find out many things besides the channelings, you can also look at speeches that I’ve made, read the courses that I’ve given in things like learning how to channel, all of that is there for free. Or, you can go to our social website, our social community, www.bring4th.org, and I think the forums on Bring4th are just wonderful because for so many of us, there’s just nobody in the family or circle of friends that wants to hear about this. Who do you talk to? So get online with Bring4th, and there are people having conversations about just those things. And we have a lot of good conversations going on in different ways, and there are different forums for different trains of thoughts. It’s a tree house where you can just get on there and have fun.

I’m really happy to hear there’s a forum. You will be hearing from me in the forum for sure.

Wonderful, wonderful. You could do a blog on our—share your journey with us. Jim and I do a daily blog.

I’d be happy to. Carla Rueckert, Jim McCarty, thank you so very much for being with us on a New View of Life on this Christmas Day. God bless you in your work. You have definitely answered your calls to adventure. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

And God bless.

Merry Christmas