Carla was interviewed on Lance White’s A Fireside Chat program on BBS Radio on Saturday, September 29, 2007.

Good evening everyone, and welcome to another broadcast of A Fireside Chat. I’m your host, Lance White. I’m also known as the Zany Mystic. Tonight I’m delighted to have someone I’ve long admired on the show. Her name is Carla Rueckert. Most folks in the audience will know her through the Law of One series, The Ra Material. Or is Ra pronounced “Ray”?

Well it is, in French.


But we say Ra.

It’s Ré in French. If you’re in France and you’re listening it’s Ré, otherwise it’s Ra here in the United States. Carla began channeling in 1974. All five books of The Law of One can be read from her website, She continues to refine her channeling abilities through working with the entity named Q’uo. And she has a column on the site called A Small Medium at Large, which can be accessed from the LL Research site,, in the Library section under Carla’s Niche. She will be joining the BBS radio site soon with her own radio show 1. So let’s find out more about this amazing outpouring of love and light by welcoming her officially to the show. Welcome Carla! How are you?

Thank you Lance. I am just swell! How are you?

I’m well. As that preamble shows, you’ve done so much that it’s hard to encapsulate you. You have created such an outpouring of spiritual material!

Well, remember I’m in my 60’s, and I’ve been working at this since I was 19.


So it just accumulates.

What happened when you were 19?

When I was 19 I was asked by Professor Don Elkins of the University of Louisville if I would like to join his meditation group. I was very interested in silent meditation. The church that I still go to, and went to then, the Episcopal Church, is wonderful for rituals and music, but is not particularly generous with its application of silent meditation in the ritual. So I jumped at the chance and found out latterly, after I’d gotten started with this, that it was a scientific experiment that Professor Elkins was conducting.

Now it’s not a normal thing for a professor of engineering and physics to have an experiment with a silent meditation group, but Elkins was never a normal professor.

He had been, since about 1955, doing research into the paranormal: UFO’s, séances, ghosts, psychic surgery. He was fascinated with the things you couldn’t explain, and always said that if there was one white crow it meant that all crows didn’t have to be black. So he was going after the white crows.

He had come across the material that was channeled by a person, an experiencer of a UFO contact, that explained how to create a UFO contactee group without having to go through that bothersome business of being contacted. No little green men, no bell-shaped craft, just silent meditation and the willingness to express the thoughts that came into your mind.

He decided to create an experiment that would test that theory, and I am still one of the results of that experiment, carrying on his experiment for him. He died in 1984 but I’m still working for Don.


And that’s how it all began. I didn’t actually start channeling until 1974 because I really was interested in the silence. But by ‘74, all of the people that had begun in ‘62 as college students were out on their own and moving all over the United States and unavailable for further sessions of collecting this material. So he asked me if I would learn. And it turned out I had somewhat of a gift for it. So I got fascinated with the idea of doing it better. Channeling is one of those things where it’s not that hard to do but it’s very hard to do it at all well.

Oh yes.

So here I am many, many years later, and very grateful for the wonderful voyage that began at Professor Elkins’ meditation group.

Well, you’re definitely known in channeling circles as one of the clearest channels that has ever channeled material. And I would have to agree having read enough of it, and enough of the Q’uo material, to have a great deal of respect for the material that you’re bringing through.

Thank you.

Can you tell us a little more about who Ra is? Is this the same as the Egyptian Ra, the god?

No, they’re very careful to differentiate between themselves and the deity.

They got that name, I suppose, because of the deity, and because they seemed like gods, but they are a group of people, a society from the planetary influence of Venus. I say planetary influence because they’re three grades ahead of us in the school of cosmic refining. They’re sixth density, which is the density of unity. Go back one density, density of wisdom; go back two, density of love; go back three, which is us, it’s the density of choice. So they’re talking to us from the standpoint of seeing that all is one. And they’re trying to explain how this works to people who are trying to make a choice in this Density of Choice.


The choice is how to serve the infinite Creator. Do you serve the Creator by being of service to other people, which is called the service-to-others path? Or are you of service to the infinite Creator by being of service to yourself, which is the service-to-self path? And they were hoping to explain through a channel to those who had need of this material, how to prepare for a time of shift that was soon to be with us.

They were somewhat concerned because the harvest that was soon to be was not coming along as they had hoped that it would. They would like to increase the harvest by just sharing information on how you can, I guess you’d say, learn how to play the game of life, and learn how to win through to graduating to the Density of Love.


They came from Venus, not precisely in ships but by thought. They have a sort of a parking bin in the fifth density of the inner planes here, as I understand it, from which place they are willing to talk to groups who are able to pick up their transmissions. And as it happened, they have a very fine-band transmission, being a sixth-density source. It just so happened that I was the first person—we were the first group I should say, LL Research—that was able to pick up that particular band of transmission. It was a very narrow band contact.

Now since ’74 I had been channeling other Confederation entities. I had been channeling mostly fourth-density entities, the Density of Love, people like Hatonn. I had channeled a few fifth-density entities, one of which was my favorite contact at the time, a group by the name of Latwii. But I had not gotten a sixth-density transmission before. And when I did get it, it threw me into trance.

I never knew how. I never could do it by myself. I was quite ignorant and still am. I’ve never been trained as a full-blown psychic or a spiritualistic kind of medium. But for this occasion, or this period of time between ’81 and ’84, when the Ra transmissions were going on, I was able simply to go to sleep and then begin offering this material.

I never really understood how in the world Don could keep asking questions, because if you listen to the transmissions, my voice is very unlike my normal voice. It sounds as though it is without inflection and without tone really. It’s just a breath, almost a whisper. It is very difficult to hear. It is very difficult to figure out where one sentence ends and another begins. And the material is somewhat dense, being somewhat like German philosophy heard over a phone line with a bad connection. And yet Don was always able to pick up the gist of what they were saying and ask intelligent questions as a follow-up.


That was kind of a marriage made in heaven, literally, between this very advanced, great mind of Don Elkins and those of Ra, with whom he was able to utilize the wonderful contact.

Now you mentioned that they’re from the sixth density. There are so many questions that come up. One is, is it your understanding that some from the fifth and sixth density have incarnated on Earth in order to assist us with this shift as well?

Yes indeed. They talk about this a lot. In 2001 I actually wrote a handbook for people who have decided to leave their native densities and come to third density in order to help with the harvest. 2 I consider myself to be one of those people, actually. And mostly these people are coming from the sixth density: some from the Ra group, some from allied groups. Others are coming from fifth-density wisdom sources. Not too many fourth-density wanderers have been here until just recently. Recently we stared getting a wave of fourth-density wanderers. And guess where they’re coming from Lance? They’re coming from Earth.

Oh really?

These are the people who’ve already graduated. They’ve gotten to the end of their lives, they’ve died a natural death, which I think is what ascension actually is. They walk what the Ra groups describes as steps of light, every step of light being a little bit more dense with light, dense with information.

And when the person that has died and is going up these steps of light stops, that’s the point where he says, “Ok, this is where I’m comfortable.” And if that’s still in third density, that entity will be moved to another third-density planet to continue his learning experience in third grade.

And if it’s beyond that point where third density has become fourth density, then that person is a fourth-density entity. So that person sits down with his guidance system and goes, “Gee, I have all these courses I can take now. You know, I have electives. All these things I can do. What shall I do?” Well, it’s the Density of Love, so generally they look for somebody to help.


And of course they just came from Planet Earth, it’s dear to their hearts. So people are coming back by the thousands and millions to incarnate as indigo children, and try to help with the harvest.


Also, to try to help Earth. Because there’s a tremendous amount of planetary karma we’ve accrued through so many cycles of empire and generations of people who are polluting, misusing and abusing the Earth instead of living in harmony with the Earth.

Right, right.

So when people get clear, whether it’s in this life experience or whether it’s beyond it, they realize: I don’t want to live this way. There’s a lot of restitution that people can see to do. And so you find these young people, especially, very keen on busting any systems that don’t make sense, and starting to try to create a sense of stewardship for the Earth.

Could our accrued karmic relate somewhat to being of a negative or positive polarity? And how does that work?

You mean how does polarity work?

Yes, so people understand that there is both negative and positive polarity.

Yes, there is. And that’s what the choice is all about. You can nail examples of “good”, positive polarity and “bad” or negative polarity; the obvious ones stand out. For instance, Genghis Khan was not a nice guy.



Not nice.

Hitler didn’t quite make fourth density negative, however. He wasn’t pure enough, because he thought he was helping his people. That really held him back. A really good fourth density negative candidate has got to know it’s all about him, not about anybody else.

On the positive polarity side, you can start with Jesus and work your way down to Mother Teresa, and just so many people in the lives we all have. I don’t think most of us know nearly as many service-to-self people as we know service-to-others people.

But what happens, in terms of the surface things like politics and the way the world wags, is that the people who have been in power before in a service-to-self sense, become used to it. And they become preincarnationally slanted toward reacquiring power. It’s something for which one gets a taste, I think.

Once one is in power in Babylon, and then in Rome, and then in the Holy Roman Empire, and then maybe, in a dance through the Nazi era, when it comes time to incarnate in the 20th or 21st century, what do you think will happen? They will gravitate towards positions of power in the empire we have going at this time.


So it’s pretty obvious that the surface of things is service-to-self oriented. In corporations and in the army it’s very specifically service-to-self oriented. Whatever happens in a platoon, the sergeant gets the credit. And so it goes up the line, so generals and admirals are the ones who are given credit for winning wars.


But then, when you look at the nature of service to others, you’ll see that most of the service-to-others work is done below the radar of politics and empire. It’s people being good to other people, sometimes on an astounding level, like Mother Teresa. And like so many people’s mothers, you know, and parents in general, and so many people who are just stellar examples of living a radiant, love filled life. But positive polarity doesn’t get the kind of credit and notoriety that the movers and shakers do. It doesn’t make the money, it doesn’t collect power


So, it’s a fairly clear choice really, between the things of this world, and what is often called the things of the next world, although I think that love and light are very much of this world.

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I think that we focus so terribly much on the negative polarity news. The way we collect the news in this culture is partially responsible. We collect news because of its sensationalistic quality. “If it bleeds, it leads.” So we don’t hear about all of the magnificent things people are doing for each other.


One of the things I love to do once in a while—I have a weekly column, as you said—is to throw in a difference-maker now and then, and just talk about someone that’s really making a difference, in his own little way. Not so much the politicians, although one gravitates towards good politicians. You know, I’m really thinking about doing an article on Hugo Chavez. What they’re doing in South America is an outstanding sort of revival of democracy.

But I like to talk about people who are service-to-others oriented, so that the regular Joe can see that there is hope, that it’s possible to live a beautiful life and to make a real difference in the world just by the way you are. That’s the great thing about service to others. The heart of service to others is being. So as you focus in on just being yourself and just seeking to know how to be yourself in a more deep and true and authentic way, you’re changing the world. But you’re changing it from the inside out, instead of from the outside in.

That’s beautiful. You mention the Confederation. I’m in quite a few groups on Yahoo, and you know various people talk about confederations and alliances and star nations and so on and so forth. What’s your idea of the organizational chart, so to speak, of, you know, the alliances that exist in higher dimensions or densities for us, beyond us?

Lance, I get the impression that they’re trying to give us that kind of information and finding the nearest way to say things, and that comes out very human oriented. So they call themselves—at least the entities I have channeled—call themselves the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator.


Or, for short, Confederation. It works better doesn’t it?


I think that it’s a far less organized group than we are used to, in the sense of how we would organize things, where somebody’s the president, there’s a vice-president, there’s a secretary …

Right, right.

I don’t think it’s precisely like that, but I think that it is a Confederation of those who wish us well.


And who have agreed to a certain amount of organization. For instance, in making group decisions such as putting Earth under quarantine, which I believe they did at the beginning of this 75,000 year cycle that we’re seeing the end of now. I think we were put under quarantine pretty soon after it began.

What happened then?

The problem was, you see, that one of the Guardians of Earth, a group called Yahweh, had this bright idea, 76,000 years ago. They had all these people coming in from Mars, which had totaled itself in some extinction of which we’ve never been given the details. There were millions and millions of these Martian souls that needed bodies.

And they took a look at the great ape on this planet which was evolving naturally. It was gradually beginning to stand upright and losing some of its hair. But not fast enough to suit Yahweh. So, they decided - they being a group entity, just like others in the Confederation—with the best of intentions, so I understand it, that they were going to create enhanced bodies.


So by changing the genome and then a cloning process, they created hairless apes—which are us.


We are 95% great ape. If you look at the DNA it’s indistinguishable from the great apes. But that other 5% was that with which they diddled. They made physical changes in the size of the brain and its ability to hold information. They changed the shape of the face so we could speak words. They changed the way a person stood so that a completely upright posture was possible. And just in general, they made a smarter better great ape. They thought this was a great idea because that type of body and mind would be able to understand better, and be a better student of third density. The new great ape would be able to make that choice of polarity more quickly, and just in general be ahead of the game in terms of the ability to grasp, understand and use information, to progress and to evolve.


What they didn’t count on was that on this planet, late second-density great apes are all about protecting and defending the clan, and gathering the resources that the clan needs. Built into that attitude is violence and aggression, in order to garner the resources that the clan needs. So simply by re-identifying who the clan is, we find nation-states that are perfectly willing to do violence in order to obtain the resources they feel their clan needs.


So one thing led to another and cycles of empire began to sweep across the planet, and that action has not stopped yet.

No kidding!

And it may not in, this third density, above the radar. But people’s hearts are changing. That’s what I keep telling people. I can see the difference between the 60’s, when I began this area of research, and today. There is an enormous outbursting and blooming of many people from all different parts of the world who are forming groups in order to further the ways of peace, love, understanding and all of those beautiful, harmonious ideals. Our L/L Research’s logo is Don Quixote, and we’ve been tilting at windmills since the ‘60’s.

That’s amazing. I’m so glad that you have, too. Because you definitely make an enormous difference on the planet. Now the Earth is an entity herself, is she not? She’s ascending as well?

She is indeed. We call her Gaia in our group, and have a Gaia Meditation each and every night. If your listeners would like to join us, you’re so welcome! It doesn’t matter if you only have five minutes. That’s all most of us ever have. Even two minutes. It just takes stopping and realizing that we belong to our land, the land doesn’t belong to us. And we want to connect to that beautiful entity, Mother Earth, who has borne us and who gives us the breath in our bodies and the sunshine that warms us, and everything we have physically. It is a time to stop and offer a thank you, and shout out, “Hey, we’re here and we love you.” That’s something that we’ve been doing for years. People all over the globe join us. And we would welcome you all to join us as well.

That’s wonderful. How do we do that?

Just whatever you’re doing, sit down for a moment and visualize peace, and pray or whatever your habit is. Some people simply going into the silence, some people visualize a lavender or a violent light around the globe, which is supposedly the color of peace. Some people have an image.

I had a dream a long time ago that I could see the angels, and they were weaving a golden web of love all around the planet. So sometimes when I’m doing the Gaia Meditation I just catch up with one of the angels and I weave some gold threads with her as she’s weaving away at this net of love.


So you can create your Gaia Meditation however you want to do that, however you would visualize your offering to the cause of peace and Mother Earth. Just stop a minute. There’s that wonderful thing, where you stop! You stop talking, you stop thinking, and you enter the silence. What you want to do after that is up to you. But to stop: that’s the key, right there. I think the key that unlocks the door to higher consciousness is simple, ordinary, everyday silence.

Carla, I have to ask this question, because I know it’s on everybody’s mind. And that is, many of us are pretty convinced we are in a harvest period. Some call it ascension, some call it the shift or the lifting, but we don’t know when it will occur. Do you have an idea of when the harvest is going to be occurring? Is it going to be within our lifetime?

Yes. I think that it’s already happening. I recently gave a talk at an L/L Research Gathering that was at Mackinac Island, at the Grand Hotel. For that speech I collected the various predictions. It was interesting how they center around 2012.

Right, right.

Of course the Mayan calendar is an ancient calendar. It is divided into months of 20 days, and years of 360 days. And then you have a katun of 7200 days and a baktun of 144,000 days. According to them, the world lasts for exactly 13 baktun cycles. And then it starts all over again. That time of starting all over again is December 21, 2012. At that time, the galactic center aligns with our sun. This begins what they call the fifth age. So that’s one very heavy-duty prediction.

Another prediction is Terence McKenna’s novelty theory. I was charmed with this. I wasn’t familiar with it until I got on the internet and hunted around on this topic. McKenna also is looking at that same alignment of the galactic center with our sun. What his novelty theory is all about is that when you have an unusual situation, odd things happen.

So, when you have the most unusual thing that has ever happened since the beginning of history, which is the coincidence of the winter solstice and the helical rising of the galactic center, he proposes that levels of planetary novelty will exponentially increase. So, he’s speculated that perhaps we’ll have a solar explosion, or a quasar ignition of the galactic core. He doesn’t know, but he thinks something’s going to happen.

Or another big bang.

A big bang, yes.

We all go out the black hole of the galactic center and come out the other side.

Now there are two more heavy-duty sources. One is western astrology, which suggests that the Age of Pisces will be succeeded by the Age of Aquarius.

(Singing) “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.”

OK. Oh yes.

On 12/21/2012, the same date exactly. It just so happens that classical, western astrology predicts that.

Another somewhat heavy-duty source—I’m fond of it anyway—is the pyramid inch calculation. In the pyramid inch calculation, they give a date of between 2004 and 2032 as a time when everything is in chaos. And then in 2032 things pick up again and are just fine.

They figured this out by measuring the Great Pyramid at Giza, the King’s Chamber and the approaches to the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber. With all these different measurements, they created something called the pyramid inch, sometimes called the sacred inch, which is uncannily close to the regular English inch.

By using this pyramid inch, and figuring various mathematical things, they have found that the Great Pyramid at Giza suggests that we are descendants of Sirius. It also suggests that the earth’s circumference was known by whoever made the pyramid. And of course the Ra group talks about making the pyramid in The Ra Material 3. Our Ra, not the Ra of Stargate—SG-1, nor the Ra of Egyptian deities.

So then, in addition to all of those sources, you have the Confederation sources that suggest we are in a time of shift, and have been so for some time. They suggest that the culmination of the Earth’s shift—the Earth itself, Gaia—is the winter solstice of 2012.

They say that we ourselves must shift because the planet, after shifting to fourth density, will not be able to support the Density of Choice, will not be able to support the ability to choose, the ability to make that choice of polarity. The light will be too full of information, and people will either be cooperating with that more dense light and responding, changing and transforming as so many people are these days, or they will become baffled and frustrated and fed up and just quit.

And you see some of that also. The fourth-density vibrations have completely interpenetrated third density at this point and we’re getting wave after wave of fourth-density truth. And really, it’s not that the truth is in the light, it’s that the light exposes truth. So we are beginning to be uncomfortably aware of our own dark sides.

No kidding.

So it’s difficult to face that and to say, “OK, I’m ready, let’s boogie with this.”

I’m going to learn how to live with fourth-density values in a third-density world, with everything against me as far as the culture is concerned.“ And the people who are doing that are having a wonderful time, I think, but feeling challenged from time to time.

The people who do not want to face this are simply going to have their last incarnation on Earth, pass on, as we all do, walk those steps of light as they go through the healing process after dying, and probably get off, in third density still, to repeat another major cycle of 75,000 years on another earth-like, third-density planet.


So I figure, guys if you don’t want to go to Mickey D’s for the next 75,000 years, if you want to move on, it’s time to make that choice, and decide that I really do want to live my life as a secret agent of love.

Aha. I love that.

I want to be of service to other people. Let me find a way. We all came in with a cluster of gifts, and the desire to fulfill whatever mission it was we gave ourselves. So it’s really a matter of waking up.

Yes, yes.

But I think that as far as the humans are involved, the shift has already begun and it will continue for probably another hundred years. But I don’t think we’re going to get any new people being born after 2012 that have this choice to make. I think that at that point Earth’s population will become those people who have already graduated and come back as fourth-density people that are wired for dual activation: third-density bodies in activation and fourth-density as well.

The great advantage of this is that if you’re dual activated, you have a much thinner veil, so you kind of have a head start at remembering the truth: that we are all one, that the golden rule does apply universally. If you harm someone else, you harm yourself—so why would you want to harm someone else?

Exactly. Just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

No. So I think that what’s really pulled the teeth of “ascension” for me is this information from the Confederation which suggests, yes ascension is taking place but it’s a metaphysical shift. It’s not a physical shift.

Now thirty years ago, when the Ra group was speaking through me and Don was asking his vastly intelligent questions, they were kind of discouraged, and did not know if there was going to be a harvest at all.


But you see that since that time not only has our group been vocal, but so many others have smelled the coffee and awakened and nudged each other. And really, it’s a sort of infection. You infect other people by the fact that you’re radiating and people go, “I want some of that! Gee, give me some bliss and joy, let me have that.” And then they catch on that there’s nothing to it really except just re-thinking the moment.

Every time you start getting down and you start getting heavy, you sort of look up at the beauty all around you, the beautiful people around you, nature and all of its beauty around you and all of the wonderful melodies you can hear in your head if you just stop a minute and listen for the angels. And it becomes something that you want to do, and you feel badly if you’re not doing it.


You start doing it; you start being people of love. And it spreads. It’s spread tremendously. It’s amazing. We get letters, email especially, from all quarters of the globe. I don’t think we’ve gotten a note yet from Antarctica. But all the other continents appreciate what we’re doing, and I know they also appreciate so many other thousands and thousands of other groups that are doing beautiful work, just as well as us.

And they’re not all ET-oriented groups. You have your Buddhist groups, and your Christian groups and all of the classical or traditional religious groups that are also giving this same information out in various forms. But the beauty of the ET message, or at least the Confederation message that’s been channeled through our group, is that there’s no dogma. There’s no judgment. There’s only the encouragement and the support and the resources for people who want to cobble together their own path of seeking.

Well, obviously you believe in extraterrestrials and UFOs. Do you have any personal experiences you would care to share about?

Well as long as I’ve been in this area of research, I’ve never seen a UFO.

I haven’t either. I believe, but …

I once thought I did. It seemed to be a somewhat cylindrical shaped UFO. It had lights along it so I could see the shape. It got down really close to me. And then it flashed, “I am not a UFO. I am the Goodyear blimp.” It was landing at Bowman Field, a private airport here in Louisville, Kentucky. That was a laugh for me!

That’s funny.

But I used to do research for Don. Don was a pilot, and he would rent a plane when MUFON or CUFOS or one of those groups got a good report which was in our area, which was Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, like that. And they’d say, “Listen, can you go check out this report?”

So we’d get in the airplane and we’d go and talk to people. And once you’ve talked to maybe a dozen people who have had an experience, you know: something landed, somebody got out, they invited them into the craft, they went for a ride. You know they have very specific, clear experiences, they come back and talk about it, and you know that something’s happening. Because the typical person that is taken on one of these rides is not particularly intelligent. They choose people who are in the deep country a lot.


And maybe telling you about one example will do it. This was right here, right outside Louisville, Kentucky, in Fern Creek. This Fern Creek fellow was a nineteen-year-old truck driver who had left his girlfriend’s place to go home to his mother’s home, after the monologue on The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson was holding forth at this time.

Oh yes.

It was some time back in the 70’s. This young truck driver lost time. He got back to his mother’s house almost an hour later, and it was just a five-minute drive. She wondered where he’d been.

And his eyes were bright red. That’s very common. The radiation involved in a close encounter is sometimes harmful to the eyes and you see this red-eye problem.

So we were interviewing him while his eyes were still red. Don had very carefully learned regressive hypnosis in order to help with his research. He hypnotized the guy and took him back to what happened, and he found what happened in the forty-two minutes he lost.

His truck stalled and would not start again. And he was taken from the truck into the UFO in a beam of light. Of course it sounds ridiculous, but this is what he remembered.


When he got into the UFO it was much larger on the inside than it seemed from the outside. This is typical of UFO reports. He was given a kind of physical examination, but not by people. There were three entities on board this craft. One looked, he said, like an old-fashioned coke machine, one of those short red machines. But it was nervous. And then there was a white box that was very calm, and really didn’t have anything to do but to boss the other two. And then there was a black square, or cube I suppose, that seemed a bit menacing to him.

And all of the tests that were done on him were done by the black entity and the red entity. Various needles and things protruded from them and fluids were taken from him and so forth. During this entire experience he seemed to be in a state of calm; immense, heavenly calm. This is also very common in UFO reports. He got back to reality by awakening in his car. The car started immediately, and he drove on home.

The only thing he remembered consciously was seeing this UFO gradually come down right over his car. So everything else happened in an altered state of reality.

But it happened during that lost time.

Now who could make up a nervous coke machine, I ask you? Especially a nineteen-year-old truck driver from Fern Creek.

Right, right.

He was a fine guy, you know, but he was not a creative fellow particularly. He was just a regular fella.

I notice a lot of comments in some of the groups I’m in about Grays and Reptilians, and some people seem to have more of an idea about that material than others. Are you familiar with those?

Well I’m familiar with them, but not in the sense of having studied them recently.


I became aware that there is as hefty and hearty a loosely formed confederation of negatively oriented entities as there is positive. Now this would make sense, right.

Right, of course.

If you’re going to have positive help to those who want positive help, you’re also going to have negative help or service-to-self help, that encourages people toward empire, toward the taking of power, that sort of thing.

And the Grays and the Reptilians seem to be solidly in that service-to-self empire, the Orion Empire, many call it. But I think that that’s really deceiving because it would suggest that the whole constellation of Orion is negative, and that’s no more true than that everybody in Atlantis, or everybody in the Third Reich, you know, was negative.


You know there were dozens of negative, very, very negative customers in the Third Reich, for instance. But you talk to Germans who went through that time and they were as much as victim of the times as we were. They had no more liking for what was going on than we did. They just had to go along for the ride because of the ways of power.

And I think that it would be naïve to assume that only the good guys would be able to talk. But you know, it depends on just what you want to listen to, whom you want to listen to.

It’s one of the reasons I haven’t taught channeling for a long time. It’s because people are very naïve about channeling and they don’t spend the time to tune their own instrument, or to ask for the source’s identification and to challenge that ID with everything that’s in them so they nail down a good source to talk to.

How do you do that? When information starts flowing through you, do you have to ask …

No, I challenge before I accept the contact. I spend about a half hour tuning myself. I pray, I talk with the Holy Spirit, whom I call Holly. I sing. I get myself to be at my Sunday best in my orientation, in knowing who I am.

And then I go through some protection. I ask for the archangels to come be with us. I also invite all the entities who aren’t incarnate, that come in the name of Jesus the Christ—and there are millions and millions, obviously, that have at one time been in incarnation on Planet Earth and are disincarnate but still respond to that vibration.

I get all the unconditional love to join with me that I can. And then I ask for the spirit who is coming and I get the name. And I challenge that entity. I myself am a mystical Christian, so I challenge in the name of Jesus the Christ. And I ask them, “Can you say: ‘Jesus is Lord?’” And they must say that. And I go through it again. And I go through it again. Just to make sure I’m not having a bad day.

Third time’s a charm.

And once I’ve been satisfied that I have a good source on the line, then I just let it all hang out, and accept whatever comes. And so far, that technique has worked really well.

But the problem with most people who begin to learn to channel is that they don’t know who they are. They don’t know what they’re living for, precisely, and they definitely don’t know what they’d die for. And I think you really have to get to that level of surety about yourself before you begin to become, metaphysically speaking, a person. In the sense of time/space, in the sense of eternity and infinity, you’re not really a person until you have that knowingness, that gnosis, about who you are and why you’re here.

And so, most channeling really is involved with coming to a sense of who you are. So that when you say “I challenge in the name of,” or “in the principle of” this, be it unconditional love, or Jesus the Christ, you know for sure that this is your heart. I trained a lawyer to channel once and he challenged in the name of Justice. It worked for him. But whatever higher principle you really would die for, that is the level of commitment you need to have attained in order to be able to challenge spirits.

And when you have that, you are a person of power. And you can simply send away entities that cannot answer your challenge. You say, “Go away kid, don’t bother me.”

What density is Jesus the Christ? Where does he operate from?

Well, the Ra group said that Jesus the Christ had completed fourth density, the density of Love and Understanding. And he was ready to go on to the Density of Wisdom. And the last thing he did before he went on was to come back to third density and try to live a life that exemplified love, unconditional love. And people can judge for themselves how well he did.

Do the entities that you channel ever speak of a God as we think of God?


They don’t?

They talk about the one infinite Creator as being intelligent infinity. They talk about how the first distortion of the Law of One—that is, that all things are one, that one thing being the Creator—is free will. And it is by this distortion from absolute oneness that the Creator decided to know Itself better. So It decided to send forth a Thought of Itself, of Its own nature. And that Thought is unconditional love.

The Gospel of John says, “In the beginning was the logos, in the beginning was the Word.” That is the precise word, Logos, that the Confederation uses in talking about the second distortion of the Law of One, which is love. And then by the very nature of love itself, in order to create manifestation, it created the third distortion of the Law of One—light.

Light has various graduations of rotation and so forth. Gradually—the physics of Dewey B. Larson shows this clearly—all of the chemicals in the elements were created, and formed, all the combinations of chemicals which are earth, sky, us. And, you know, take it from there.

After light was created and manifestation began you have this universe acting itself out, and being a stage with many densities and many, many experiences possible. And little parts of the Creator, which is what we all are, are going through these seven densities, from the beginning timelessness, through the elements, and then through plants and animals, and then through us as humans, making this choice of how to serve the Creator.

And then the evolution moves through the Densities of Love and Wisdom, either in the negative sense or the positive sense. Interestingly enough, in sixth density, the Density of Unity, the negative entities get to the end of their strength. They can’t go any further in evolution without acknowledging that there is such a thing as love. Once they acknowledge that there is such a thing as love, and that it makes us all one, their whole game is shot. Because they can’t be of service to self without being of service to others.


So they have to flip polarities. And of course, like any convert, you know, they’re the greatest believers in service to others possible, after they change polarities. They give it a good fight. I personally would not want to work through fourth and fifth density as a service-to-self polarized person. I think that service to others is definitely the way to go. But we do have that choice.

The great thing to remember here is that you won’t make fourth density negative by mistake. The worst that you can do is have to spend another 75,000 years in third density, where the veil is very thick, where we can’t remember who we are without some real work.

Sometimes the veil gets very thin. Because somebody died, some terrible thing has happened in your little world, and all of a sudden everything sort of falls away and you have a stark awareness of what’s important. Or you almost die. It sometimes happens to people that way. But some emergency or trauma is often the alarm clock that wakes people up from their comfortable sleep.

Right, right.

And they say, “You know this world, the way I’ve been living, is just not right. I need to widen my point of view. I need to shift my point of view.” And at that point, you’re off and running. And then you really have the chance to become a candidate for the harvest, for graduating to fourth density in this very lifetime.

So I look forward to the time of my death and my passing and the ability to walk the steps of light and get a little further up the road. But I don’t want to go until my work is done, so I hope with every fiber of my being for great longevity and the ability to share that which comes through me for a long, long time.

That’s wonderful. Wow. Carla you are such an inspiration. I’m just in awe of how you express yourself here on the planet. We’re just reaching the end, the very end of this hour now. Maybe you could tell us, you know, where your website addresses are and what you’ll be doing for BBS radio in the near future.


Before we have to sign off. The hour’s flown by.

OK, L/L research.

And what was the other thing you wanted?

Oh, you’re going to be doing a show for BBS radio.

Oh yes. Well it’s not precisely a show. I’ve been doing the channeling since ‘74 and we’ve never broadcast it before. But Don Newsom of BBS radio is one of those difference makers who should have a column all his own. He approached us about the possibility of sharing those channeling sessions.


You know, broadcasting the sessions themselves. So on Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time, you can hear our channeling, taped live, just the way it happened. It also repeats early on Sunday mornings for those on the other side of the Atlantic.

Oh wonderful.

We take an audio recording right off the mike I’m using to do the channeling. And whatever we got, they get. It’s really kind of exciting because you really don’t know what’s going to happen. The question is not formulated until the last minute and so we’re off and running and it’s always an adventure.

That’s wonderful. And Carla, I thank you so much for being on the show tonight. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have you. And I’d love to have you back sometime soon.

I’d be delighted, Lance. It was a pleasure.

And I wish you the best on your new show at BBS and of course at L/L Research, and so on and so forth. Many blessings.

Oh, blessings right back at you!

All right. Thanks a lot, and goodnight, everybody.

Sweet dreams!

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