Carla was interviewed by telephone on Leah LaChapelle’s Unzipping Reality program on on Sunday, February 7, 2010.

[This interview was not recorded from the beginning. The text starts somewhat after the beginning of the conversation. I believe I was explaining to Leah why I no longer channel the Ra group and who the Q’uo principle is. Basically the principle consists of three group entities, fourth-density Hatonn, fifth-density Latwii and sixth-density Ra.]

[Channeling Q’uo,] I have Ra in a way that makes it safe for me to continue doing this year after year. I am so grateful that they actually took me seriously enough to work on their side of things and to form a collaborative partnership with those of L/L Research. I put it that way because it isn’t just I who channels. The channeling would come out differently, depending on who is in the group. They channel not to me. They channel through me, using the energies that are in the group to shape and tailor the message that they have to offer. The message is always the same: Love

So it is like balancing energy off of others, in a way.

Right. The whole group really creates the message. So I would never say, “I did this.” I would say that our group did this, and I happen to be the one that was translating from concept-communication to words.

There is a great big difference between concept and words. The difference is that between time/space and imagination and intuition and all those energies that are basically incident, and the linear mind of the intellect, which is words and more words, relationships and patterns, linear thinking in general.

I believe that the seeker is well founded to use every bit of his intellect and his analytical mind. We need the culture, I think, to value intuition and gnosis, direct apprehension of reality more. As the channel, I am getting bundle after bundle of concepts. What I think we do as channels is, we sort of roll it out, we cookie-cutter the words out and we get some of what they are saying, some of what they are giving through us, and it gets out in words. I always end up at the end of a channeling session feeling so aware that I got part of it, I got some of it, but I did not do what I was receiving justice. [The content of the concepts] just goes on and on.

Oh, that’s beautiful and very reminiscent of “an humble messenger” that Ra [says he] is in The Law of One 1. It is very reminiscent of that. Let’s move on to Suzanne because our time is so limited.

I want to thank you both very much for answering my question. Thank you, Carla.

It is nice to hear your voice again.

And I hope you feel better. OK.

Well, thank you.

All right. God bless you.

Thank you so much, Ralph.

All right, now we have Suzanne in L.A. Suzanne, are you with us?

I am, indeed, enjoying you and Carla. Thank you so much. You know, I wanted to tell your listeners, I am such a fan of Carla’s, as she knows. I took myself all the way to Hawaii, where she was doing a presentation at a recent conference, 2 and I got myself there so that I could meet her, having been a fan for decades now. There is channeling and there is channeling! And as Carla is speaking here, it is obvious to me, that she is coming from this beautiful place. Just listen to her voice. But she is not really telling you what she is talking about - her channeling - and not talking about the content of it very much. I just wanted to tell your listeners to look up this material that she has brought through, because it just is astonishing. It is just one of the clearest, truest voices of the way it is, and the way we need to see life in a more holistic and loving way. Let me just give her a huge endorsement so that your listeners know to check out her work, in case they might not have done that.

Thank you. Thank you. Well done.

Thanks so much, Suzanne. It is wonderful to hear your voice.

Well it is lovely to hear yours as well. I have been a fan for decades. How far back does that go, when I got every newsletter that you ever put out?

Oh gosh, back in the eighties.

Then that is longer than my newsletters. But [the material] is as good as ever, Carla. It hasn’t diminished.

Oh thank you. Suzanne’s a moving force in Hollywood and has just come out with a movie on crop circles that everyone should see!


What on Earth is the crop circle mystery? If your viewers want to get my material, look it up. [Google on] Crop Circles Contact.

Send me an email, Suzanne.

I will. OK.

Thank you. I would appreciate it. We do have one more caller and this caller is from 575 area code. It is Douglas from New Mexico. Douglas, are you there?

Hello. Hi, how are you?

Wonderful. Welcome to Unzipping Reality.

Well thank you very much. I got an email from Carla’s group. I have been involved with The Ra Material going all the way back to 1982, when I first came across the material. They were [formatted in] large, 8 ½ x 11“ [volumes] with blue covers. I referenced The Ra Material probably as much as any source material, and I have actually been to Carla’s house a couple of times.

Well you are very blessed.

Yeah, I should say!

Does your last name begin with an M?

Yes, it does.

Glad to hear your voice!

And how are you, Carla?

I am splendid. What did you want to ask?

The question that I have is this, “How does the source that you are channeling now differ from the Ra? I know the Ra is a collective that has ascended. Are there the same contacts after a collective has ascended? Who or what are you channeling now?”

Yes, it is the same contact. It is the same type of collective consciousness that is offering words through me.


The difference is the difference between the trance, where my mind is not involved, so my experiences never come up in the channeling, and the channeling when you are conscious, where they encourage you to explore your experiences and memories for an example. They don’t just say, “All is one and that one thing is love.” It is such a simple message! They actually glory in the opportunity to use the experiences of the channel, not to substitute those experiences for the message, but to give color and tone to the message; to make it always different although it is always the same. When you are simply saying, over and over, “Look, we are all one, and that one thing is the one great original Thought that created all that there is, love, the Logos.” Okay, that is pretty short and that is pretty much the heart of the matter. You can imagine! There are over 1500 channeling sessions of mine on the archive site Obviously they have found more ways to say that.

This is a question just out of curiosity. What I have gotten from The Ra Material is basically knowing the self, serving others and then working towards collective ascension. In the source that you are now channeling, is there an emphasis or is there a message for what humanity can do to aspire to work towards collective ascension? I know that [the Ra group’s solution] is positive-service-polarity-based organization, cooperation. Ultimately, how [does] the transition take place from the service of a planetary body when it is positive into the cosmos as an on-going form of infinite eternity, for lack of a better term?

I think that probably they would say, most of all, to love, to accept love from others and to be willing to give wholeheartedly of your own love, not just with those with whom you infinitely agree or who are very close to you, but seeing everybody as the Creator.

And fall in love with yourself! They talk a lot about how we are all imperfect through our own eyes, and yet we are all perfect in the Creator’s eyes just as we are. So basically there is this energy of falling in love with yourself and forgiving yourself for every defect of character that you would name for yourself. Once I have had compassion on myself - and I had to work a bit at this because I had some difficulties in childhood because I was different. But I got a raggedy Ann doll and I brought myself back to my childhood by hugging on that doll and telling her that she was okay. It was okay to be different. Really, for a while I took that doll with me everywhere. It really helped me to do the work of falling in love with myself, just as I am - then I discovered this tremendous compassion for everybody else. Because once I had accepted myself at the soul level, it was so much easier to see everyone else that way.

And I think the other thing they encourage in us is to see ourselves as instruments; to see ourselves as channels of light and love and realize that when we gather together, when we collaborate, when we form groups, that we exponentially increase the power of that lighthouse. I think that their hope is that groups and then groups of groups will [choose to] be lighthouses more and more, and will shed that light, that radiance that comes through us, not from us from the Creator. [There is] nothing human about it. [It’s] the Creator.

Isn’t that how infinity unifies itself, through that process?

Yes. I think it is more like, you know, [the way] diseases infect, and the circle grows. I think that you can infect people with love. You can infect people with a radiance of being. You can infect people with the desires to say, “Hey, you know, I want some of that. I want absolute power to serve.

Absolutely. I am looking at the clock! I am sorry. I am trying to be sensitive here. I am looking at the clock and I have a question for Carla and that is: Carla, would you be willing to remain as the guest of Unzipping Reality for thirty more minutes.

Well sure. I could do that. Is there going to be a time where I could go and come back?

That would be beautiful. I think we are just going to continue. We’ll just continue right on and end at, my time, 8:30 central. Is that agreeable for you?

That is just fine. I need a couple of minutes and then I will be back on the line.

That is absolutely fine. Oh good, you gave me the answer I wanted to hear! I am sorry for stomping all over you, Douglas! So please continue.

Oh that is quite all right. I was just going to say that I am just glad that Carla is still going strong and still doing her thing because I have been involved with The Ra Material. I recommend it to people all of the time because to me it is the best stuff in print of pretty much anything that I have read. I have always been drawn to collective sources as opposed to independent or individual sources. The Ra Material is just, as far as I am concerned, as good as it gets as far as information, because it is very, very comprehensive. It has definitely helped me and my attunement and my own personal growth and what I am involved in. I like to write. I have books in print and I [appear on] talk-radio shows and that kind of stuff. And if you are going to talk about anything, it as good a material to talk about as any that is in print, as far as I am concerned. It is very cool.

I completely agree. Well, we are at the top of the hour and I promised Carla a couple of minutes for her own use and Carla, if you would like to be excused, go ahead and get refreshed and then come on back whenever you are ready and we will continue this incredible discussion. Does that work for you?

I can live with that.

Wonderful. Thank you. I am very excited and boy, that really was the perfect answer to the question. I could listen to Carla Rueckert all night. It is not just the information. It is the whole package. It is the vibration. It is the quality. It is the spiritual intelligence that she offers in which I find such great value.

We will go ahead now with just a few promotional offerings and after that, we will return and Carla will be with us to partner again with more Unzipping Realities, the Third Awakening. I am Leah LaChapelle.

[There is a five-minute station break with promotional material offered.]

We are back now with more Unzipping Reality, the Third Awakening here on, the Community Listening Network. That is my home.

All right, tonight we have the honor of having the author of Living the Law of One–101: The Choice, Carla Rueckert [on the show]. Carla has written more than one book. She has written A Wanderer’s Handbook and A Book of Days. Carla asks these questions: What are Wanderers? Why are they here? What are they like? What are their special challenges? I wonder if I’m a Wanderer. Carla, are you with us once again?

I certainly am.

Beautiful! Thank you for accepting the invitation. I know that was impromptu but when it is this good, we just have to go for it. So thank you so much.

We have spent quite a bit of time reviewing The Law of One, Books I through V by Ra. Now I’d love to move into your new book, Living the Law of One–101: The Choice. Tell us about how this came about. Let’s just dive in.

Okay. When people read the Law of One, the thing that is the most challenging about it is that it is episodic. It ranges from here to there because of the nature of conversation. It was spontaneous and did not turn out to be linear at all, although there is a general movement through the five volumes. It goes here and there. People were always writing in to me and asking me about this point or that. So in 2001 I wrote A Wanderer’s Handbook, which was crafted from all of the email I had received since I started having emails, about a ten-year period of email.

I analyzed all of my correspondence and came up with about 106 questions that people asked over and over. I wrote essays on all of those questions. I [arranged] them in a flow so that it basically made sense - so that you could read the book through. It also basically is an owner’s manual for the human being, where you think, “Let me look up free will. What is going on here? Let me look up being a homosexual. Where is the Law of One with that?” Basically, you just take what you are interested in and find it in the Table of Contents and use it that way.

Well, it turned out that although I thought I had written a book that explained everything about the Law of One that I knew, it turned out that I really hadn’t, because I wasn’t writing at the seventh-grade reading level. I wasn’t writing at the eleventh-grade educational level, which is the standard of our country. And so people were still saying, “Well I just don’t understand.”

I got the inspiration from some very dear friends of mine who really wanted to help me out. They said, “Look. Why don’t you write an entry-level book on the principles of the Law of One?” That is why it is titled 101: The Choice. It is intended to indicate that this is introductory, entry-level. You can give it to your Aunt Betty and she will understand it. It’s that kind of book.

But I don’t dumb down any of the principles of the Law of One at all. I just take it baby step by baby step and build on the information that I have shared so far. So I spent all of the time going out to Nebraska and back again with my husband [in our car], talking through these [principles]. I wrote each topic down on a 3x5“ card. You remember those! I worked it out so that all of the information that I wanted to share was in a flow. It is a twelve-chapter book. I am happy to say that I have been invited to teach it on an on-line university. Anybody who wants to know how that is going, it won’t happen until next year. I will be teaching this book on line. It lends itself very well to it because of the fact that I intended it to be a book you could teach from.

It starts out with unity. It moves on with the first distortion from unity, which is free will. From there it goes to the one greater original Thought that created the universe and that we all are interactively Logos, love, the Creator.

Then it goes into light. I talk about light because all of the manifested worlds are illusions created of energy fields made of light. After that we get the cosmology set right. This is the environment in which we will live. Then I talk about graduating from third density to fourth density. I talk about the energy body. I talk about how to work with each chakra in the energy body; how to work with all of the different issues of your life.

Then it is just basically the bullet. It is the initial blast!

[She talks over Carla here.]

It’s 101.

It is 101! Now I am principally working on 102, which is going to be all about the outer work. 102: The Outer Work will be about [life issues such as], what about my job? What about my marriage? What about my children? What about my parents? I’m thinking about having an abortion. How do I think about that? You know, all the outer problems of life. Basically, [the book involves] working with the first three chakras and up into the open heart.

Then 103, may I live that long and be able to write that, is going to be about the inner work, the meditation and contemplation and journaling and all of those wonderful things that are waiting for you once you get your heart open and you start wanting to explore now this whole new, wonderful world that you have found outside of the box. “How shall I create this? How shall I live my life?” It is just a wonderful time in my life!

The reason that 101 is like that is because I really wanted to do an entry-level book this time. All of the feedback that I have gotten so far says I managed it. I don’t deal with the picking and packing of the books any more, but the gal that does that told me that one lady ordered ten copies of 101! I guess that she thought that it was worth giving to her friends or something. That kind of thing really inspires me. And people write very kind things when they order the book.

Well no doubt. If someone wanted to get a copy of any of the books that we have discussed this evening, they can get them at Is that correct?

Well, that is not quite correct. You can get there from, but that is our archive site. It has all of my channelings up for free—free download. It has my speeches, a lot of my counseling that I have done via tape in the old days. That’s up there. Interviews like this. If you send me an audio of the program, I will be sure and get it transcribed and send you the text back after I have edited it.

Beautiful. Thank you.

But there is another, companion website that we created, just a year ago actually, and it is There is an on-line store there that is a secure place. It is a secure site. You can use your credit card without any worries. And that makes it so much easier to click around and get what you think you might like.

yes, I am looking at it right now. The cover of Living the Law of One is just beautiful. It is just so rich!

I’d like to ask you, Carla, since I am very committed to forming these groups on the planet and am just doing what I can do, would you advise using Living the Law of One as a text for steering these group experiences?

Well, you might check it out and see if it resonates with you. It is designed for that.

So that is the basic design.

Yes. But I think that any family that you create is a group right now. We don’t see each other, but all of the people that are listening to this show and you and I are creating a sacred space. And in that sacred space, we are a lighthouse and we are resting in that light that is flowing through us.

The reason that it is so much easier to [do this in a] group, is because we each give to each other what we might even be withholding from ourselves, because we believe in each other. The hardest person to believe in, I think, is the self. Because we know what we are thinking! And “I’m just a bozo.” Well of course, all that the Lord has to work with is bozos.

Uh huh.

Or I wouldn’t be here.


So I think we need to be aware. You are already doing that work by having the radio show.

Oh yes, definitely. Most definitely and it is my delight. It truly is.

Carla, talk to us about the Confederation and the harvest. Some people become uncomfortable with the terminology of the “harvest” and I am not talking about in a biblical sense, but in this interplanetary sense. It is kind of unnerving to them. Can you give us some balance?

I think so. I think that a lot of the energy of fear that surrounds the idea of the harvest does come from childhood readings of Revelation in the Bible in the New Testament. Possibly preachers that you may have listened to when you were a child warned you about, “Some will go to heaven and some will go to hell,” and there is hell and brimstone, reaping, throwing the tares into the fire and only the select few are going to get to heaven. The Confederation doesn’t see it that way at all. To the Confederation, 2012 and the harvest is a duple thing, not just one thing. The planet is turning into the main density being fourth density.

Are we not there yet? Are we still not at fourth? I am kind of declaring that we are there.

Yes. I think that the planet itself will move over into fourth density [as being the active density] at the end of 2012 or thereabouts.

Now for each of us, it is a completely different thing. It is an inner thing. This is a metaphysical event, not a physical event. That is what they are saying. That is what the Law of One is saying. That is what the Confederation, in general, basically says: when you die, when you drop the physical body, then you move into your electrical body and move on into larger life. You go through a brief healing period, just to get oriented and then you walk steps of light. This is how you graduate or not. You walk into the sunshine, and every step that you take into that light is a bit more dense with information. There are sub-densities, you know. We are probably in the last sub-sub-density of third density. And then [comes] the beginning sub-sub density of fourth density. {It is not] that great a step forward.

You walk the steps of light. And if the light becomes too harsh for you, you stop and that is where you are comfortable. That is where you are vibrating and that is where you need to be for your next incarnation. So then you find out, “Oh, I didn’t make fourth density. I am still in third density light.” And then you know you are going to have another major cycle on a third-density planet, not Earth. Earth is becoming fourth density active. The punishment is that you repeat third density. Most people don’t consider that so much of a punishment, really.

I see. And would that be on Earth or could it be in another planet?

it would be on another planet, because third-density light is waning on Planet Earth and it cannot sustain third-density energy for much longer.

Most of the people who are here that are younger than, say, thirty are wired to use fourth-density light as well as third-density light. So there will be people here for awhile. But I think the last third-density person was born a long time ago. As the planet is changing, the people are changing. It is going to be fourth density soon, so third density will be on another planet that carries third-density vibration at this time. And those of us who go on, who walk the steps of light and are able to keep walking into the light and finding it useful and helpful and nice instead of just glaring, will walk into fourth density. There is no judgment involved. It is a matter of where are you comfortable?

So the Creator doesn’t judge us, according to the Confederation. We don’t even judge ourselves. We are simply finding our next comfortable place, the next place that we want to be. I really think that probably a lot of the Wanderers who have awakened and remember who they are and why they are here, will have cleared all of that mist out of their minds where their outlook is sort of mystifying, that sort of mystification of Earth where you are seeing things so much more clearly and you are feeling yourself as more real. And, why not? Why shouldn’t the Wanderers that have awakened be able to keep walking the steps of light right back to their home density?

Definitely, definitely. I have a question from one of my friends, Stephen, and he wants me to ask you, what you think about the work of David Icke in terms of his information on reptilians and also Zachariah Sitchin. Do you have anything to offer along their work?

I am more familiar with Sitchin’s work than I am with Icke’s work. I know Icke’s work mostly by triangulation—people asking me about him, telling me about what he said, and it sounds to me like he has on the horn the negatively polarized helpers that would be called to those who want to graduate from third density in service to self.

And there are a lot of people on Earth [who seek that information.]. I rest before you the evidence of empire after empire, all of which are based to service-to-self principles. There are a lot of people that think that maybe that is the way to go, to glorify yourself as the Creator and to use the people around you as they become helpful to you; to amass whatever you need of power and resources, and basically take care of business with yourself and with whatever group that you accept as your group. Those people are also calling for information, so it would be perfectly natural to assume that there would be those who would be glad to come into conversation with those who want to know how service-to-self works. And I think he is a very good deliverer of a message that is basically service-to-self. There is a lot of fear in that message as opposed to the service-to-others [message] in which love has replaced fear. So it is a matter of, “Are you interested in fear-based information or are you interested in love-based information?”

Right. Actually I read a book by David Icke entitled Love Is the Only Truth, Everything Else Is an Illusion. So David has been doing the work, he has been really evolving. I think that a lot of people aren’t familiar with that particular book that he has come out with.

Among them are…

Have you heard of it?

No, I have not but I am delighted to hear.

It is a glorious book…

On the other one, Sitchin, he recreates a possible scenario that has elements of the Law of One information in it, in that the Ra group suggested that when those of Mars created a third-density disaster and made their planet uninhabitable, they had to be moved on to another planet to finish third density. And the guardian of Earth that was responsible for this was a fellow named Yahweh. This is in the Ra Material, not Sitchin’s material. That guardian decided that it might be a good idea to do some genetic diddling with the local candidates for third-density life, which are, of course, the great apes, by changing the shape of the head to have more brain power; changing the shape of the jaw to increase communication, changing the adeptness with which the hands could be used to make the person a better tool creator. All of those are ways to create a physical vehicle and a mentality that was more capable of understanding and solving the Law of One. Unfortunately, what happened was that here we were, with all of these gifts, but we were very young humans and our energies were second-density energies, great-ape energies. Desmond Morris wrote a great book 3 about great apes and how we really carry a lot of great-ape programming, which would make sense. And basically your loyalty is to your clan. And you amass resources that your clan needs. And you move in defense of your clan if it is threatened. And so instead of moving into a cerebral appreciation of the Law of One, these enhanced bodies turned to ways of empire. This has been happening ever since.

That is the Ra Material’s description of how those of Mars were brought to Earth. And it fits, here and there, with information from Sitchin. Certainly the genetic diddling is something about which he talks. I think that, in general, when you are working with spiritual material, what you need to do is read for resonance. If something resonates to you, then you need to follow that. And at the point where the material stops resonating for you, then you need to put it down and look further. Trust yourself that what you need for your spiritual maturity, for your process, is going to come to you because of the fact that you are hungry and you are thirsting for the truth. So what you need to do is not so much reach and search as you need to organize yourself each and every day to take yourself seriously and to frame your life as a gift of the Creator and really set your intention each day: “I want to be the best I can be. I want to be the best servant. I would hope that all of the information that I need today will come to me.” Just set that each and every day. Set it and forget it. Because you need to have laughter and sunshine and lightness too.

Oh absolutely. You know, I came across something and I can’t even cite the source. Does David Wilcock live with you or near you?

Not any more. There was a point in his life, when he was leaving Virginia Beach and he didn’t really know what he was going to do next, and I said he could stay with us for awhile, if he liked, and he did that.

Well, he is very popular in so many of our groups and I enjoy him so much. What a character!

We enjoyed him too. And we blessed him on his way when he felt that he needed to move on. Of course he could never do the kind of thing in rural Kentucky that he can do on the west coast. And I think he is doing very well out there. We have a very cordial relationship, but we weren’t that compatible as far as our life-styles. I am not that careful, you know. I have been known to drink a coke. I have been known to drink vodka or a glass of wine. David would never do anything like that.

Oh, is that right! A balance in all things.

He is so very careful in all things. He is very careful with what he puts into his body. Our lifestyles just didn’t mesh. He wasn’t that happy here.

I understand. You know, we are coming down the home stretch here. We have only got like a minute and half max and Carla, I want to tell you, this has been so full for me. And I have just enjoyed it so much. I’ve taken notes. I just want to congratulate you for being such a beautiful contribution to humanity. I would really like to consider you as my friend.

Oh Leah, that is so heart-warming. You just lift me up. I would be delighted to consider you my friend.

Well thank you so much.

Love is reflected in love!

Yes, definitely. Thank you so much! I will be procuring a copy of Living the Law of One–101: The Choice. And we can visit Carla via her website at

That’s all for this evening. Oneness happens with allowance and balance. Trust the process as we unzip reality.

Bye-bye, everyone.

  1. In session 13 of the Ra Material, dated January 29, 1981, Ra calls itself “an humble messenger”. Here is the phrase in context:

    I would like to title the book, The Law of One, by Ra. Is this agreeable?

    I am Ra. The title of the book is acceptable. The authorship by vibratory sound complex Ra is, in our distortion of understanding, incomplete. We are messengers.

    Can you state who then should author the book?

    I am Ra. I can only request that if your discernment/understanding suggests the use of this vibratory sound complex, Ra, the phrase “An humble messenger of the Law of One” be appended.“

  2. The gathering was the Fourth Annual Earth Transformation Conference, held in Kona, Hawaii in January, 2010. 

  3. Desmond Morris, The Illustrated Naked Ape: a Zoologist’s Study of the Human Animal: London, J. Cape, 1986, c1967.