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Hi Jim. Okay, so good afternoon, this is Debbie West on Lost Knowledge on Revolution Radio. We are delighted to have as our guest today Jim McCarty, who was part of the three-person group who channeled The Ra Material. It’s been transcribed into five books called The Law of One. Jim, together with Carla Rueckert and Don Elkins, conducted 105 sessions with the social memory complex named Ra from the sixth dimension who describes how our incorrect understanding of time/space prevents us from comprehending the UFOs, the purpose and the hierarchy of the 500-member federation of planets in our solar system, the Council of Nine from the rings of Saturn, and many more interesting topics about what’s happening here on Earth. So we’re going to get right into it. Jim, welcome to Lost Knowledge.

Thank you for having me.

And my co-host is Michael Hathaway.

Hi, Jim, it’s nice to talk with you again.

It’s good to talk with you too. Long time no hear.

About three years.


So Jim, let’s start out by talking about who Ra is and how you made contact. Can you just kind of briefly go over that.

Yeah. Don and Carla had been working with the channeling phenomena since 1961, and they got together formally and formed L/L Research in 1968, and finally in 1974 all the original members of the group were gone—the ones who had begun channeling—and so Carla was the only one who hadn’t learned to channel out of the original group of twelve, so Don said, “Well, we need to channel now so it’s time for you to learn.” So he taught her how to channel and seven years later, after she’d gone through a lot of conscious channeling where she was channeling other members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Creator. That was the type of channeling where she was aware she was channeling; she was sitting in a chair, she could have stopped it any time if she’d have wanted to.

Well, on January 15, 1981, she was teaching another student how to channel, but this time an entity came through that called itself “Ra,” and after she had challenged it—she always challenged each entity in the name of Jesus Christ because that was her Lord and Savior, and that was the way she would determine whether the spirit was true. So she challenged it three times and Ra said, “Yes, of course, we come in the name of Jesus, you’re not the only ones who have Jesus.” So at that point something happened that had never happened to her before. She went into a trance, and apparently she left her body, and this was something that happened for all the sessions with Ra, she would leave her body by a means which we never understood. It seemed to be a pre-incarnative gift. But while she was out of her body, Ra was not in her body, Ra was using it from a distance, you might say, from the inner planes of Planet Earth, and using it like a telephone instrument to make the responses to Don’s questions. And it had been Ra’s feeling that a number of other contacts in the past had not operated as well as they could. The extra-terrestrial type, they’d somewhat violated the freewill of humanity by just giving little sermonettes. Brad Steiger called them “cosmic sermonettes.” So Ra decided that they would not give any information without a direct question. So that was the way of preserving our freewill. They would respond to just about any question we would ask, although there were certain types of questions—the type with transient information that had no relevance to the evolution of mind, body or spirit, they didn’t have anything to say there, and they asked us not to ask that type of question because their contact was what they called “narrow band,” it had only the philosophy of the evolution of mind, body and spirit, as its purpose, so we needed to stick to a line of questioning.

And who Ra is is basically a group of entities, six and one half million entities who were able to successfully go through the fourth, fifth and sixth densities on the planet we know as Venus, and they are what they call a “social memory complex.” If you are familiar with Carl Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious, if everybody on Planet Earth had all the memories of every life that anybody had ever lived, you would have a social memory complex. It would be a tremendous library of information, so that’s basically who Ra is. We spoke to one individualized portion of that social memory complex, but it was, in effect, the same as speaking to the whole social memory complex of 6.5 million souls.

Okay, yeah, that’s awesome. So what did, what was the main message that Ra was conveying to you during those sessions?

The idea that the entire creation is one thing. It is the One Creator. The Creator made it all in order to have more ways of knowing itself. It created all the planets, the galaxies, people like you and me, people that are more advanced, people that are less advance, and gave us all free will so that by our spiritual journeys we are seeking unity, we are seeking love, we are seeking revelation, we are seeking enlightenment, we are basically seeking the One Creator, and as we do that seeking, everything that we do is a means by which the Creator has another way to know itself. Each of us is unique so each of us has a unique contribution to make to the Creator knowing itself. And as we come to know the Creator, the Creator comes to know itself and we come together into a unified field eventually and that’s much further down the line, but that’s the whole process of evolution, is throughout this unified Creation.

So the books say The Ra Material by Ra, a humble messenger of the Law of One. Is that what Ra means by describing the Law of One.

That’s basically it. They say that the idea that we’re all separate here is something that gives us a challenge in this illusion, this third density—this is the only place where we have a “veil of forgetting,” between the conscious and subconscious minds, and that gives us an opportunity to grow much faster here than it is possible anywhere else because of this veil of forgetting. When you are absolutely certain that all is one, it’s a little harder to move forward in your evolution than it is if you think you’re all separate from each other and you have to search to find the nature of reality and the truth, and answer the big questions: “Who am I? What is life? Where am I going in this life?” So, yeah, they say that even though it seems very much like we’re all separate from each other, it is all One Creation. That is their message.

And one of the topics they talk about in the sessions is the graduation, or “harvest of souls.” Can you explain what that means?

Well, again, in the third density, where we are now, we have one basic purpose and that is to decide how we’re going to continue our evolution in seeking unity with the Creator after the third density. There are two paths: one is called the service-to-others path, or the positive polarity, and the other is the negative polarity, the service-to-self path. They say that if we are able in the positive nature to be 51% successful, if 51% of our thoughts, words and deeds are intended to be of service to others, then we are able to be graduated into the fourth-density positive. On the negative side, entities have to be 95% successful in all their thoughts, words, and deeds of controlling other selves and manipulating other selves in order to be graduated into the fourth-density negative.

Can you say what you mean by “graduation?”

We’ll go into another density, we’ll go to another grade in school…

So what is it, again, sorry to stop you, but these are new words. What is a density?

When Ra speaks about densities, it’s the same as dimension. They use the word density because what they’re describing is the amount of light that is available in each dimension or level of being, and each succeeding density or dimension or level of being is more densely packed with light. Light is the basic building block of the universe. The photon—there’s various angles of rotation and speeds of rotation of the photon that forms what we see as matter, as the physical matter, and as Einstein and manner other physicists have told us, there’s really no such thing as matter. It’s all energy fields vibrating fast or slow. So they’re talking about the amount of light, or information, that’s available at each level of our experience.

So during this particular cycle on Earth we have a chance for what Ra calls the “harvest” or “graduation” into a higher density or a higher vibration of light, is that right?

Right. And there won’t be any veil of forgetting there. The next density is the one which Ra says there’s a group consciousness, we form a social memory complex—all of those who graduate from Earth in the positive sense form a social memory complex, and we pursue our seeking as a group, that the information that we all have from all our previous experiences is available to everybody, and so we all seek as a unified group. The way we communicate is by telepathy, by the concepts, not just little words, but the transmitting of entire concepts and great masses of information at once, so that everything is much more efficient, you might say, as far as being able to perceive the nature of reality, your path through it, and how you work together with the entire Creation as one unified being.

So out in this intelligent universe, Ra talked to you about hierarchy, sort of a galactic, I guess governing bodies, if you will. Can you sort of explain that and what it means to Earth, what all these sort of galactic, other counsels and such—how that affects us?

Well, the one we’re most familiar with is the one to which Ra belongs, and that is the Council of Saturn, the Council of Saturn is the governing body of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, kind of a long name, but they’re entities or social memory complexes that have decided they wish to be of service. It seems like the way that entities proceed in their evolution past our third density is by being of service to others if they’re on the positive path. So they decide how they wish to be of service, and when it comes to being of service to a third density planet that still hasn’t been graduated, who still hasn’t been harvested, still hasn’t made its choice of how it wants to proceed, if there is seen to be a need on that planet, such as there is on Planet Earth, for some outside assistance, shall we say, there has to be a council session such as we have in the rings of Saturn, the Council of Nine, that determines whether or not this assistance will be allowed, whether or not it is necessary. Because the ideal situation is for a planet to evolve without any outside assistance. Freewill is the most important part of any of the evolutionary process. So they want to be sure that there is no violation or abridgment of freewill by any outside entities, either positive or negative having contact with Planet Earth. So this council is able to hear the plans of the various social memory complexes that wish to be of service—and they’re answering a call. We make a call for assistance when we give out—basically it’s like an SOS—a distress call. We’re in mental turmoil, spiritual turmoil, emotional turmoil, we’re trying to seek but we’re confused. We don’t know exactly how to proceed. So different social memory complexes decide that they would like to try to help.

The general name for these groups among themselves, they call themselves The Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. So when they see or hear or feel a call of sorrow from another planet, for them it is like a part of their own body is injured; a part of their own being is in agony, so they wish to serve. So they go before the council and the council makes a decision as to whether or not the service is appropriate, and then, if it is, then we may have various experiences—a lot of experiences that people here on Earth have with extra-terrestrials is not exactly with what we would see as a UFO, although some of them are, some of the face-to-face encounters are—most of them seem to happen in the dream state or in meditative states or in those ah-ha experiences, or synchronicities, or little hunches and flashes that come my way, we meet the right person at the right time, the right book comes our way, various things like that. There are all kinds of ways, there are an infinite number of ways that these entities can be of service to us, so the Council of Saturn is the means by which the Confederation has an opportunity to be of service in whatever way they wish to offer.

So I think that Ra explained a bit about some of the intrusion into sort of the Earth’s sphere, and I just wanted to cover that briefly because there appears to be, you know, this Orion group that doesn’t necessarily want to support the harvest here on the planet—are they still—is that part of what Ra described to you, and…

Yes. As I said, there are two paths for a while—two paths to the Creator in Unity. The negative path has to be abandoned at some point, but for a great period of time, the negative path is a viable path and you can go a great distance on the negative path. As Ra said, “The Creator blinks neither at the light nor the dark,” so the negatively oriented entities proceed in their own evolution as they are able to dominate and control others and use their energy for themselves. If you look at the Army, for example. If there is absolute obedience on the relative rank or power of entities, that’s the way the Army operates, that’s basically negative polarity. So this is the way the negative entities operate, and what they would like to do, is they would like to add Planet Earth to their own empire. Sort of a Star Wars thing. We asked Ra once about that and Ra suggested that Star Wars is kind of like a children’s story and it was basically correct in what they were talking about, but the negative entities have also to observe the freewill of Planet Earth in certain ways.

If they can trick us into changing our desires—for example, there are a lot of groups that are channeling and sometimes they’re not aware of how careful you have to be in selecting who you allow to speak through. Most know that you have to tune yourself very well so that you offer your highest and best each time that you channel. Most don’t know that you need to challenge each entity each time that you channel in the name of whatever core principle or spiritual principle that you believe in, that for which you live and for which you would gladly die, if necessary. You need to challenge these entities to be sure that they are of the light because the negatively oriented entities are very tricky, they’re very sly, and they will try to move your positive information slightly away, more and more, until eventually you’re not channeling positive information any more. And what they’ve done, when they’re able to do that, is to put out the light and they take the power of the light for themselves. This has happened time and again, so we are aware that these entities are around, so Carla, through the various years of her channeling discovered the challenging portion of the preparation for contact with extra-terrestrial entities in channeling, and we’ve tried to get the message out to others as well. A great many groups do know that so they are working with the challenge as well, but the negative entities are looking for any means by which they can gain more power, because that’s the way they progress in their own evolution. They take it from others.

Michael, did you have some questions?

Yes, I do. First of all, what’s your role in this now, Jim?

Well, we’re doing a lot of different things. I’m speaking to any group I can, including you guys, about the information, and more groups are offering me a chance to speak; we’re making audiobooks out of all of Carla’s twelve books written and channeled material; we’ve got a new book coming out that takes into account an interview that our director did with Carla and me two years ago with all the history of L&L Research, biographies of Don, Carla and me; we’re going to put out a new edition of The Law of One that has new information that was discovered by a group of volunteers who listened to all of the 106 sessions again and that will probably come out next year. So we’ve got a lot of good information and a lot of good work to do. We’re just trying to keep getting the word out however we can.

How are you getting the word in now?

Well, we still—Carla taught me and another fellow from Carbondale, Illinois, how to channel about 25 years ago, so we started channeling again this past September, 2015, and we just finished [this channeling season] from September through May, and we take the summer off, so we had a number of good channeling sessions with good information coming through. We’re trying to keep that portion of L/L Research going because that was really the way we first started back in 1961 when Don got the first group going. So the information is still coming in in that fashion, and we’ve got more research going on, as I said, they’ll be another book called Tilting at Windmills, and it will be coming out in about two months as a result of this interview with Carla and me.

So, in the last three years since we talked last, how do you perceive things moving with the cosmos.

Well, it seems like everything is moving forward much more unexpectedly, shall we say, interestingly, in a number of different ways. It seems like the planet itself has already moved into the fourth density. We’ve got that information a number of times and that was—basically, Ra had that to say, too, way back in ‘81, that Planet Earth itself is in the next density, the fourth density, but there are a lot of people on the planet now that are confused. There’s a small group of positive-oriented entities that will form a social memory complex. There’s an even smaller group of negative entities that will do the same thing, but most of the people on Planet Earth seem to be in a state of confusion and not exactly sure what it is that they really value. They are still, you might say, dealing mostly with the illusion of separation, of trying to get ahead, to win the game of monopoly and haven’t really begun to question themselves as to what their purpose of life really is, beyond the gaining of material things, and status, and money. So there is still, according to the information we’ve gotten, there’s still the hope that the entire planet will have the opportunity to be graduated into the fourth density. The great majority positively, and a few in the negative sense, that this is something Ra talked about in Session 65, I think, when we were talking about some of the predictions Edgar Casey made, and it looked like that at that time what Casey saw was a large vortex of kind of confusion at the end of the cycle, and a great many people having to repeat the third density because they weren’t successful in grasping the light and charging their course in the positive polarity. But Ra said there is always that chance that one fine, strong moment of inspiration, the entire planet could change its polarity to the positive polarity. So that is what our hope is, that as we all continue to do our work, all the lightworkers in all the countries around the world continue doing their work, there can be this “one fine, strong moment of inspiration,” so that’s what we’re shooting for.

That’s fantastic. Incidentally, Deb is really a great source for information that might even connect with what you’re working on. She has that ability to go out and bring in information—I’ll just put that out there because I’m quite impressed with what she does. How do you perceive this information getting to, I hate to use the word “common man,” but those that have not connected yet to the higher consciousness—how is it possible to get this information out so people have that opportunity?

Well, there is a documentary film maker from New York City who is talking to us now—we’ve agreed to go ahead with it—he would like to do a documentary on Don, and that would cover, of course, the Ra contact, and LL Research and what we’ve been doing for all these years. He’s got about a dozen people lined up that knew Don well and he’s going to—he’s already begun some of the interviews and we’re hoping that that might be… That is not the type of a movie that would make it to the big screen though, it’s a documentary which people would probably be able to access via the internet, but it would also make it around the world to different film festivals because that’s a great way of sharing information from documentary filmmakers. Then we’ve got another fellow who was a friend of Don’s back in the 70’s and 80’s when both of them flew as pilots for Eastern Air Lines, and he’s been retired from flying for quite a while, but he’s gotten into the movie business and he’s got a producer friend in Memphis. He, himself, lives in Atlanta, and they’re both interested in making a full length movie about L/L Research, but this time the main character would be Carla. This fellow is a Christian himself and he would like to emphasize Carla’s Christian mysticism and her ability to channel and make contact with what seems to be angelic sources. So there’s a couple of possibilities and that’s something that for years and years, way back in the 60s some of the first messages from the extraterrestrials said “make a movie” and this is some of the information you can use in the movie. So Don and Carla tried for a while to make such a movie and didn’t have much success so they kind of dropped that as soon as the Ra contact started, so it might be that something along that line would be successful in the future, and there are a couple of possibilities for it.

I have a feeling that that future is now.

We’re hoping. It seems like a lot of time has gone by and a lot around the corners—something is happening around the corners, there’s been a lot of corners, and I think there is a time now that where it seems like there’s just a chance that—there’s a yeastiness, there’s a fertility within the human mind. There’s just so much going on in the world, it seems like people are ready for something much different, much better, much brighter, much lighter, and that’s our hope.

I think it’s real.

So, Jim, let’s get back to what Carla taught us about—one of the things that when I contacted you this time we wanted to discuss was her book on the wanderers, and can you tell us, you know, who are the wanderers and have they chosen to incarnate here on Earth at this time—was there a call out for them to come here and how can you distinguish them from anybody else?

Well, probably by their fruits you shall know the tree. Wanderers are extraterrestrials who don’t always know they’re extraterrestrials. Another way for social memory complexes from the higher densities to be of service, is to actually become, as Ra said, brave enough or foolhardy enough, depending on your point of view, to come to Earth, to go through the very same forgetting process that everybody else goes through, and hope to remember why they came. And Ra said back in 1981 that there were 65 million on the planet, now I have a hunch there is a great deal more. And also, there are graduates of other third-density planets who are already here early—they have come early to help with the harvest, to help with the graduation. So the wanderer can help right away just by being here, just by having lighter vibrations within its mind/body/spirit complex. Then, they can also help in a more specific way depending upon what type of service they had chosen to offer while they’re here. And again, all these little coincidences that happen in everybody’s life, every seekers life, take them along a certain path. Maybe some become teachers, maybe some become channels, maybe some become community organizers, maybe some become artists or poets or writers or filmmakers. There are all kinds of ways of people being of service. There are really as many as you can imagine—probably a lot we can’t imagine. So all of these wanderers, all these millions of wanderers are here for the express purpose of helping Planet Earth to discover its own identity as a fourth density planet and to take the population with it.

So a lot of these Wanderers have discovered who they are and what they are. The basic description of the Wanderer is they start off with the feeling of not quite feeling like they’re at home. There is something about the Earth that just doesn’t feel right. And so that’s one of the things that starts them on the path of well, if I’m not from Earth, where am I from? What am I doing here? And so that leads them further and further along the path and it is the hope of each one that they will remember why they came and be able to do whatever it was they chose to do, to teach or to inspire, to lead, to organize in whatever way. So they’re extraterrestrials and they may or may not know it.

Yeah, and I think they’re also astronauts and scientists and some of our great inventors and the Elon Musks of the world and those that are really pushing the boundaries in the sciences, the physics, the nano-technology, so many are just keeping a little quiet about their inner thoughts and rightfully so because of the—sometimes what can happen in the 3D mainstream, so hopefully we can open that up so people feel comfortable coming out with these wonderful knowledge of their multi-dimensional selves operating all throughout the cosmos. And the call to come to Earth, I think makes us feel connected more to Earth when we understand it as opposed to wondering about it, so I have personally met so many Wanderers that I would count them as more the norm now than those who are unusual and I guess it’s through the Law of Attraction but I’m also wondering if they aren’t just more prevalent than any of us can imagine.

I would say so. Like I said, there were 65 million 35 years ago and now, I mean who knows. Within the last 200 years has been the greatest influx of wanderers. Apparently though there have been some here for as long as 50,000 years, but not very many.

Yeah, and Cayce talked about the 5th root race, and we’ve discussed that a lot and the evolutionary cycle seems to have given us the opportunity to witness the birth of a new species and the transmutation of an existing species as we evolve into this fourth dimension, so I think that’s one of the reasons why being on Earth during this particular end of this cycle is so amazing because, what a great time to be here.

Oh, yeah. This is the time to be here [laughs]—the finale.


The finish with a flourish.

Right, so let’s talk about Earth for a minute because I think Michael mentioned too, I mean what is happening on Earth, are we—so we’re right in the midst of the ascension during the last, say, 3,000 years of this present cycle, and people are waking up all over the planet and either they’re incarnated or not, and the light is just flooding over us, what Michael calls “this golden bath of light” that we’re receiving from the inner sanctions. And we wake up to this new sense of beingness that is endless—is that how Ra sort of pictures this ascension process? Because I feel like it really is an inner thing, it’s not something external, it’s done from the inside.

Right. And because the Earth itself is in the higher dimension, these energies of the higher dimensions are available to everybody who’s seeking, and like it says in the Bible, “If you seek, you shall find; knock and the door will be opened; ask and it will be answered.” So if people really start seeking and think more are now, there is a lot more energy available to help inspire them, to help draw them forward, to help give them that which they seek because that seems to be the way the Creator works—we get what we seek, we get what we desire, whatever we point our will towards is what will come our way. So I think there are so many more people now that have been lightworkers for so long they’ve been successful in spreading the word, that there are a great many people who are really excited about the new energies that are available and about what they feel within themselves, about how their lives are changing because they come in contact with this book or that book, or that speaker or this idea, or meditation. Meditation is the way that the Confederation of Planets has always said we can make contact with the higher sources of information and energy. It’s what they’ve said from the very beginning that this is the way to not only get in contact with they have to offer, but to find the Creator within us, because each one of us has the Creator within us. Everything is made out of the Creator. There is nothing that is not the Creator and that we are included, and if we seek in meditation, there is some point in which the Creator will begin to make contact with us in some fashion. It may not be spoken words, it may be inner inspiration. That still, small voice that is within every person is the Creator, and it speaks to us when we wish to hear it.

Deb is probably impressing those thoughts or analyzing as they go along. I call that, that what you’re talking about sometimes, is the “transition team” that is here on Earth.

Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.

And to be a part of that is just such an amazing journey. How about gratitude or heart-based positive feelings as a part of this connection?

Gratitude and the praise and thanksgiving for everything that’s around you, no matter what it is seems to be the way forward. It doesn’t matter how your life is really going, if you can give praise and thanksgiving for everything that is in your life and feel gratitude for it, then you begin to see that there is an alignment of your own energies with everything that is around you of a positive nature, that everything can teach. As Ra said, there are no mistakes, there is a purpose for everything. We’ve all made pre-incarnative choices that have brought us here to put us exactly where we need to be to learn what we need to learn, to help everybody else learn what they need to learn. We’re all a transition team, we’re all helping each other one way or another, and if we can just be grateful for it, and give praise and thanksgiving for it, that’s the way to accelerate, that’s the way to build the momentum and keep it going forward.

So one of the things that is going on right now during this ascension, I feel, is that we all have to operate on a very high level of discernment and Carla was so blessed to do that, and that’s how I think she made that amazing contact with Ra, because the ability for us to make that connection into the cosmos, into the higher realms and to get—build our frequency up to the point where we can tune in, is done over exhaustive years of work in the Earth plane. And what people don’t understand, like you said earlier, is that sometimes they just want things the way we sometimes seek things instantaneously, and I know that Carla spent 20 years tuning in her body, her mind/spirit complex, in order to make this contact, so if we want intergalactic contact throughout the cosmos, we, ourselves, individually or collectively, I think it’s a very strong heartfelt urgent need that we express, and it’s through our heart and our soul that we truly reach up to that higher dimension.

One thing I wanted to ask you about, Jim, is a comment that Don made at the end of the first book, “it’s a strait and narrow path,” meaning the Law of One, “but there are many distractions.” Can you comment on that because I feel like that’s where we’re at right now.

Right, well, the strait and narrow path is the shortest way to get where you want to go if you’re a positively oriented entity and you want to seek the Creator and to become of service to the Creator everywhere you go and with everyone you meet, and the distractions are what you see, our television, our newspaper, all of the news, the things that, you know, “if it bleeds, it leads.” All of the stuff that’s going on in the world, it is of its own value to those that are involved in it, but we don’t have to get ourselves distracted into the mainstream media-generated way to be a human being, the way to be an American, the way to do whatever…

Yeah, I get that, but here we are and we understand now the Law of One, that we are each other, so when I look in the mirror I see myself and I also see the Creator, and when I look outside, I see my other selves, so it hurts when I know they’re having endless wars and suffering and don’t have clean food or water. I know it doesn’t affect me personally, but how do we stop from empathizing with it as we wake up.

Well, empathy is great, and sympathy and making a donation, giving either time or money, doing whatever you can—the important thing, I think, for each of us is to do whatever we do with love. We need to be able to see the Creator around us everywhere and even on the news where people are suffering, it is the Creator, the Creator is knowing itself, and it may be suffering so whatever we can do, let’s do it. But let’s also do whatever it is our normal thing to do during the day, let’s do with love, even if it’s washing dishes or gardening, raising children, going to work, splitting another atom, maybe the brain atom, do it all with love because this is the way we really communicate with everyone around us. If you can take the feeling of love and shine it towards those who are in agony, there is some portion of that love that does get through, and they can feel that support, that compassion. It’s a way of nourishing the best you can from a distance, because there is so much suffering in the world, that’s about all you can do with that which is so far away, so maybe part of your meditation each day—we always had a Gaia meditation at night for Mother Earth that was in agony, we would send love and light to all of the places on the planet that we saw that were dark, that had some sort of either geophysical disaster, war, medical disaster, disease, whatever kind of agony was being experienced, and we would send it love and light. I think each of us can do that and if we do it at a certain time each day, make it a regular part of our day, it becomes part of the healing of the planet. I think a lot of people have been doing that over the years and this is the way that we can really be of service to those places we can’t go, or maybe won’t even know about.

You made a comment early in this interview alluding to the fact that when the ego gets in the way, it can mess things up, and I think sometimes when we feel it with empathy then our ego takes over and we’re trying to over extend, thinking we’re lugging the whole world rather than the fact of us being a piece of a team that’s all working together.

Yeah, I think you’ve got a good point there. We need to remember the positive side of everything that is going on. That there are no mistakes. There is suffering, but there’s a suffering for a reason, and maybe one of the reasons is to get us empathizing and getting us to send some love and light, maybe send some money. When I get an envelope from some group whether it’s the March of Dimes or the Indian School in Montana that needs money, I send whatever I can, because I know that every little bit helps. We can send love, we can send light, we can send our concern.

So Jim, one of the things that I think is so unfortunate during this end of the cycle is sort of the truth embargo where we’re not really given this opportunity through mass media to hear voices like yours and Carla’s and to talk openly about the UFO, about time travel, about interdimensional beings, and I think that part of the work that you’re doing can help open us up in a non-fearful way to this multi-dimensional universe of sentient life where we all exist as endless beings.

Well, that’s our great hope—that’s what L/L Research has been about all these years. Don had two desires for all the information, especially the Ra contact and The Law of One, and that was it being made available worldwide for free, and the internet has allowed us to do that. All of our books are available from our website, for download for free. If you want to get a hardcopy book, well that will cost money because it costs money to print them. But the information is available for free.

Can you also address this issue of having no end to our beingness, because I think that also prevents us from the bigger picture, thinking that we’re not only individual, but that our life ends as we die here on Earth.

Well, there’s a whole field of life-between-lives hypnotherapy; various entities, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, among others, have investigated not only previous lives, but the time between lives where we make choices as to how our next life is going to be lived. This field has been going on for over 20 years, and during Carla’s last year I read her eight books in the field. We thought it was just amazing of how descriptions of people who pass on are given and they actually remember where they went, they talked to their guides, they talked to the special council to determine well, “How did you like your last incarnation? Did it go the way you wanted it to? What do you think you need to learn in the future?” People met with their spiritual families. We’ve incarnated with the same people time and again, we do have spiritual families and they go on that there is a way to communicate with those in the next dimension and that’s basically where they are. They’re at a higher level of being. There is just so much good information now about what happens when you make your transition—what we call “die.” When your physical body is no longer alive, but you, as a mind/body/spirit complex still go on, and you have much more to learn and there is so much more to do. Maybe you’ll come back in another incarnation, and maybe you’ll stay on the other side and help the Earth from that side with the harvest. There is no end at all to our being. We do go on forever. We are connected to the Creator. We are illusions that seem to be other than the Creator, but in our hearts we are the Creator. All of us are, we are each other, it’s all just one thing, it really is.

So when Ra describes the other contacts made here to Earth, and I think they were 11,000 and 18,000 years ago, and maybe there are others, how was that contact made? Was it similar to what you and Don and Carla did?

Some were and some weren’t. Eighteen thousand years ago they appeared in the skies over Egypt but they didn’t land. There wasn’t enough of a call for them yet, so 11,000 years ago was when they landed. They walked among the Egyptians, they taught the Law of One in person, but they discovered that the Egyptians at that time mistook a lot of what they said. They reserved the information for the rich and the powerful, so that caused Ra’s stay with them to be short. So they retired to the inner planes to try to figure out how to be more successful in imparting the Law of One, and for removing the distortions that they, themselves, felt were responsible for the Egyptians creating. So 3,300 years ago they contacted a pharaoh, Akhenaton, in the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, and for a period of time, he decreed the Law of One as the official religion of the country, but the priests gave only lip service so there wasn’t very much in the way of helpful over-all long-term information given at that time.

What they’ve done since is to appear to people in dreams to help awaken people to the purpose of their incarnation, to give them what you would call a vivid dream that would be of an inspirational variety and it would cause them to begin seeking the answers to the great questions of, “Who am I? What is life? And where am I going?” As far as the other contacts, they haven’t made any other telepathic contacts, as they had with Carla, in the last, I guess 100 or so years, but they have all kinds of ways of getting in touch with people. There’s a lot of ways of inspiring people to awaken to the purpose of their incarnations and of being of service to others.

What is the inner plane?

The inner plane is where you go immediately after you pass from your incarnation. The inner planes of the Earth—the Earth has all the densities in potentiation. The first, second and third are activated right now, but all of the inner planes are the potential—the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth are available to those who are either graduated or who are in between incarnations. In those areas there is a lot of work that can be done in the way of helping people, as they say, “from the other side,” by inspiration, occasionally by communication through telepathy. There are various masters who exist on the inner planes, that have, for thousands of years, been able to make contact with those who follow them. A lot of the great gurus of India and China and the near and far East, supposedly still exist upon the inner planes and are in contact with others who have followed in their path who are in the schools that were set up after them. So the inner planes are basically where we can go if we wish to go without coming back from incarnation, we can go and continue to be of service there, in another fashion, not quite as easily perceived but yet perhaps even more profound and when it does occur to any person that they have a contact there then it can also be quite enlightening.

Is that somewhat of the “collective unconsciousness”?

Well, it’s part of what could be the collective unconsciousness. Actually, the Akashic Records, or the Hall of Records, are the potential social memory complex of the Planet Earth, because they are a record of every incarnation of every person that’s ever been on Planet Earth. So that is what awaits us when we do form a social memory complex; that great wealth of information is already there that so many psychics are able to tune into some portion of.

So, as we sit here today in 2016, it’s been awhile since you channeled this information through Ra, but the message is very clear: we’re in the midst of ascension, Earth’s ascension, all beings are available for the harvest period which is almost ending, and the simple choice is between love and fear. I think Carla said that brilliantly so many times in so many books. So how do you, Jim, feel that it’s best for people who are wondering if any of this could be true? Could we actually have a multi-dimensional universe, are there really sentient beings all over that we can access through our meditations? How do you convince somebody that this is all very real, maybe more real than who we are in our normal days, maybe what we see is actually more real than we can imagine? So how do you convince people? How do you explain it?

Well, we never had the philosophy of being proselytizers. We respond to questions, and if there is an interest on the part of any person or any group of people that says, “Well, what have you got to say to this?” we’re willing to share everything that we know, but we don’t really feel that it’s very valuable to try to convince people of something they don’t want to believe, because free will is the most important thing. And eventually, if you let people—if you just drop a seed here and there, a thought, and let it get down into the fertile soil, perhaps it will grow and maybe they will come back and they’ll say, “Well, tell me some more about this or that.”

So you might have misunderstood my question. How do you know it’s real?

[laughs] Well, I was in the Ra contact and I got a lot of information from the source I really value. I’ve had various experiences that have been what you would call “paranormal,” and they’ve been illustrations to me on a personal level that these levels of reality do exist and that they are accessible if you really want to get there and if you’re willing to work for it, and especially in meditation. If you meditation at least twice, at the beginning and ending of the day, and more, if possible. Meditation is the way to find out whether or not all these really works. When you seek you will find.

So is it an inner knowing? Is it just something that resonates so strongly that you can’t believe it’s not true?

For me, it’s an inner knowing, but also I think faith is something that comes into play here. In this particular illusion we can’t know anything for sure, so what we have to do is depend upon our faith that certain things are true because people we really value, and throughout history, philosophers and mystics and artists have given us indications of these greater realities. And they must be talking about something that they had all had perceived together, and that maybe does really exist. So I think that our faith and our will, our will to continue to seek all of this that we believe is true, is what will discover it for ourselves—that it will be a personal discovery, it will be a way of our own inner selves, our higher selves, however you want to look at it, subconscious mind, or guides giving us indications that, “Yes, this is the way it works.”

Right. And I think when somebody goes down this path, you decide for yourself and you don’t need to convince others, and you’re not waiting for a government or other outside source, religious or whatever, to verify or validate your knowing, you just have a knowing. So I’m so glad that you’re sharing again such important information on The Law of One, and that we have new information coming out that has not been shared before. The documentary on Don Elkins is going to be fabulous. His book, Secrets of the UFOs, still, to this day is probably one of the best informational books on the UFO phenomenon. Your website is, is that right?

No, dot o-r-g.

o-r-g. The Law of One books are available free on that website, and have I missed anything?

We also have a social site

[recording ends abruptly]