Carla was interviewed by Marcia McMahon on BBS Radio’s Forum for World Peace program, March 11, 2006.

To view this, to bring this forth on behalf of John Lennon’s intentions to have a more peaceful planet, I have been writing the lyrics as well for Peaceful Planet and receiving them in channeling, as John asked me to do. Maybe later this evening, during our break, we’ll have a chance to listen to “Peaceful Planet” And speaking of planets and such, we have a wonderful guest with us tonight. The one and only, internationally known Carla Rueckert. Carla, are you there?

I am indeed. Hi Marcia.

How are you doing, honey?

Doing just fine. How are you?

Oh, just great. I love your work! A little bit later in this evening’s program, we are going to focus in on Carla’s awesome and amazing books. One book is called The Ra Material now, also called The Law of One. Is that correct, Carla?

The first volume of it is known as The Ra Material. The whole series is known as The Law of One, and there are five volumes of it, Marcia.

Thank you for clarifying that. It is beautiful channeling from the entity, Ra, and we will be getting more into that after I read Princess Diana’s message. We are also going to focus a little bit on the other book. The other book is called A Wanderers’ Handbook. So bear with me, Carla.

Part of my format is that I read Princess Diana’s message every night, or try to, so that we can have a more peaceful planet. Diana is working on issues related to the war-torn areas of the world and she has been doing this work with me for five years now. There will be a message from Diana. I want to thank again our wonderful producer, Don Newsom, for his commitment to this message and for allowing this program to go forth and to do the good that it is intended to do for the world.

Diana’s solutions are outlined in my recent book, With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts, by Marcia McMahon and you can read her other messages on line and visit the on-line Diana gallery at I want to open with her message and speak on it a little bit and then we are going to get right to the wonderful work of Carla Rueckert.

[This following segment is separate from the part of the program where Marcia interviews Carla and has nothing to do with Carla except tangentially, in that she is mentioned. The segment is placed in italics so that you may read it separately from the interview itself.]

Today’s message is entitled “Princess Diana Speaks On Iran.” It was channeled today, March 11, 2006. I always connect with Diana and do a kind of conscious channeling with her concerning the state of affairs that the world is in. And she is always shining her light, particularly on the Middle East, where she has diplomatic solutions that can prevent terror if they are implemented.

Diana, I am here to listen for you if you have anything to say today.

Good, Marcia! We will get started right away, as there is much that needs our mutual attention in world affairs. We observe the taking of lives that is an everyday occurrence now in Iraq and we do see that the people there have taken on more fear with regard to the Shiite mosque bombings and the subsequent bombings of the Sunni mosque. We once again ask the people not to commit these acts of terror in the name of the great merciful Allah.

This is Dodie speaking. May the great, almighty Allah be with all of you, my brothers and sisters. It is now time that you learn to live in love and peace with one another and split your ground. So many are leaving neighborhoods and areas for fear of their lives. If you understood our great prophet, Mohammed, correctly, you would know that he never intended violence among you.

Now Allah, the most merciful, the almighty, gives you His mercy and peace at this time. Do not buy into the cheap lies and rhetoric of the Islamics who espouse hate in the name of the blessed and the all merciful Allah.

Dodie, thank you for speaking up for peace among Muslims. I think many moderate Muslims may already feel that way, but now things have grown worse in Iraq, I do feel the terror hold is strengthening and it is a shame for the country of Iraq. Diana, is there anything else on which you wish to speak, then, with regard to Iran?

Reading my mind again, as you do so well, darling, yes. That country is to be watched. The President and now his advisers just this week did, in fact, make direct threats to the United States, saying something like, “Bring it on.” Well I have to inform you that they are already working on nuclear enrichment and this is widely known in intelligence communities. This is very dangerous and in this, your President, is right.

We ask that Dr. Condoleezza Rice stay on it with regard to the UN Security sanctions and that she and other diplomats continue to work with other nations to force a peace. We and the ascended masters are working on a plan to defuse the boiling pot that the Middle East has become. Bless the light workers that you are featuring on your show, for we feel that they, like yourself, are working for the entire re-education for mankind, which is really what this work is.

Mankind has allowed ignorance, greed and work to continue to dominate this planet. We cannot have ascension with war and the children and their children’s children, who so deserve an Earth free from all of this kind of contamination. I work with ascended masters to protect Earth and we watch over all this with great love, but we ask religions in particular to quit asking others to follow their doctrines and instead preach unity and oneness. We ask for special blessings on all the things in my message of Peace and ask that you look further into the message with my channel and consider buying her book to assist this great message of light.

My love in troubled times, Diana, Princess of Peace for the nations.

So Diana is highlighting that we already have a situation brewing in the Middle East, which we are all aware of, if you watch any of the news and, of course, she is saying that they are already working on nuclear enrichment, which is not good news. But she is saying that the intelligence communities are aware of that and I assume that is the case.

I think her main point here, and Dodie’s main point, is that they are exhorting people, especially in the Middle East, to risk involving peace. And she is also aware of Carla being on the program. She is always aware of my guests and she is saying in particular that Carla and I are working for the entire re-education for mankind, one another, and what a way to say that! And that is what Diana’s work is doing.

For those who are interested in learning more about my work with Diana, I again encourage you to visit the website at and the book entitled “With Love From Diana” available through Baker and Taylor, Amazon and New Leaf Distributing.

So, Carla, I think that was a very high compliment that Princess Diana gave you. She said that you are working for the entire re-education for mankind and, indeed, I think that you are, with the two great works that you have to offer.

I think that is true. However, before we get into that though, I would like to mention that we, about three weeks before 9/11, 2001, I received an email from an old friend of L/L Research who is very close to the Earth. He feels that he is an elder race member and has a very close relationship with Gaia, the planet itself. He was very distressed. He said that Gaia wouldn’t talk to him and that this was something odd. He was very, very distressed. This was three weeks before 9/11 happened. But, of course, on the inner planes things occur long before they occur in manifestation.

So Gaia was aware of that and very disturbed. So he said, “Could you do something about that?” And my husband and partner, Jim McCarty, talked about it. We decided that L/L Research should start a series of daily meditations for Gaia and for peace. And we have been doing that since August of 2001 every night. So anyone, anywhere in the world, can join us. I believe thousands actually do.

Wonderful. When are the meditations?

Well, they are at 9 PM EST, as far as when we do it.

Sunday night?

Every night. We do it daily. Sometimes Jim and I do it holding hands across the restaurant table, or while traveling, but we always do it. I actually don’t think it matters what time. People can do it any time.

I think there is something to having the united prayer.

There truly is! I think that the feeling of being able to join in a global effort is so much more appealing than just doing it on your own! So I thought I would mention that, and if people want to learn more about that, it is on our website, which is You can hunt up the Gaia meditations section on the site.

I think that is particularly important considering that I just read something that was channeled from Gaia. And for those that are just tuning in and may not be familiar with some of this terminology, Gaia is another term for our Mother Earth. It is an old term, I believe. From where does Gaia originate?

Gaia is a mythical figure and is simply the goddess of Earth. 1 The name has come to mean the same thing, basically, as Terra or Planet Earth.

Carolyn Evans, a friend of mine, spoke about Gaia in a channeled message which I read. She was asking that the pollution stop and pointing out that there were some very, very important issues with this phenomenon known as HAARP. 2 Carolyn is working on another book that is very similar to your book. It is called “Earth History.” I want to put out just a word of praise for Carolyn’s work if I may, simply because Carolyn is getting her own radio show too. All of those who are tuned in tonight, be sure you pick up on Carolyn Evans’ new show. It will be airing next week and it is going to feature a lot of her material on Earth history from Archangel Michael, who, as you know, is one of the co-creators of this planet of ours, the solar system, the universe and so on. I want to congratulate Carolyn.

That being said, I think a fair way to appraise or describe Carla’s work is to call it an accurate, correct cosmology of the universe. When I was re-reading The Law of One, I thought that is really what it is, isn’t it?

It is. It is a very specific type of philosophy that sets about describing what the creation looks like, how it began, what it is doing, what the purpose of it is and how it is going to conclude. It is a type of philosophy.

I have read a lot of philosophy in my life. I studied that in college. That is what it is. A lot of people have tried to make it into something closer to a religion, but actually it is simply a description of an organization and a structure of the creation, the inner planes or the unseen realms and the outer planes or the regular, consensus, everyday-reality world.

What I find so interesting too, when I go back into the first section of it, is that there are a lot of references to other planets that existed at one time. All of this information is given from the entity Ra, who I think describes himself as a social memory complex.

Yes, it is just like a bunch of us that have lived together for a long time and know each other very well; only an entire society decided that they wanted to do a good thing together. This apparently is something that frequently happens in higher densities.

By higher densities, you mean beings who have gone on to heaven and have no need to return to the Earth plane again or any other planet for that matter. So it is this group, this Ra group entity, speaking through the voice of Carla and known as Ra. They consist of a large number of, I guess you would call them angelic souls or ascended souls.

You could. They describe themselves as being from the Density of Unity, in terms of the cosmology about which they talk. We are in third density, which is the Density of Choice. First density is the density of earth, air, wind and fire, the elements. Second density is the density of plants and animals. Third density is us. Fourth density is the Density of Love and fifth density is the Density of Wisdom. When you get to sixth density, you are working on the unification of wisdom and love. And then they call the seventh density the Density of Foreverness. It is pretty much involved with getting ready to go back into the heart of the infinite Creator so that one creation can end and another one can begin.

But are you saying that the sixth density is where Ra is from? And that is mostly the density of unity?


I am finding this so interesting, from the standpoint that I have as an art teacher. In college I taught art history and theory. Ra always speaks as though he is speaking in terms of color.

He does. And there is an octave of color; the prism of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. So we are in the yellow-ray density and Ra is speaking to us from a little bit higher up there, in the indigo-ray density.

As he speaks of these rays, sometimes I get a little bit confused, but if you think about the rays as being part of the rainbow, that is really all it is, is the “Roy G. Biv” 3 that we were taught. We are talking about vibrations that are actually kind of an “eyesight” language too. It is speaking of the dimensions, the dimensions that are unseen in particular.

Now, I know that you and I have some things in common, because both of us resonate strongly with Jesus Christ and consider ourselves Christians. And I think it is very interesting that you are able not to throw the baby out with the bath water, in favor of just all New Age. And you have got this marvelous work from Ra, who resonates to my analytical mind, although sometimes it is hard to wrap your mind around some of this stuff, Carla.

But I am always fascinated by the words. They talk about Jesus and his crucifixion and ascension, and I think that Ra may have said something about Jesus being a fourth degree master.

What they said about Jesus was that he had completed fourth density. He was ready to graduate to the Density of Wisdom and before he went on, he asked for permission to come back into third density and express perfect love, to take on that cloak of Christhood and carry it forward in incarnation the best he could. He did a good job.

Is his incarnation into our destiny because of another previous life? I know he had many previous lives, according to the work of Dr. Joshua Sells. Anyway, he graduated when he was on the cross, as I understand it, from fourth to the fifth. Is that how Ra phrased that?

No. Ra said that he was in the process of graduating to fifth density and he asked for permission to come back to third density, before he went on, to have an incarnation trying to carry the Christ consciousness to the planet the best he could. So he was already graduated when he did this, but he wanted to do it before he moved on into studying the lessons of wisdom. And, of course, for unrelieved compassion you couldn’t have a better example than Jesus the Christ.

No, I don’t think so. I don’t find myself particularly conflicted, but I think some people will think the Ra Material anti-Christian in some ways.

You know, Marcia, that is easy to think. My own brother is in fear for my very soul. It is a very serious problem when one, as a fundamentalist, chooses to judge people. It is tough if you happen to be the relative of one and you are saying to them, “You know, I am a mystical Christian. I just don’t believe that dogma. I don’t care about the dogma. I don’t focus on that. And I do believe that my channeling is of service and not a satanic thing.”

But a Fundamentalist type Christian really takes it very hard that you might possibly be endangering your soul because you are in contact with the devil. All of the discussion in the world does not serve to make my brother feel better. And so finally, in the fullness of time and with a little bit of maturity, we have agreed not to talk about it. And that really is the best solution. Because you can’t talk about some things. And matters of faith and belief are certainly one of them. You have to respect everyone’s feelings. I totally respect my brother’s. And his problem was, of course, that he could not respect mine because he was so busy trying to save my soul. So now we just pole around that island.

I have heard some of that. You know, I am right here in the Bible belt too, here in Illinois and I have been pretty much blown out of every single church of which I used to be a member.

I have been very lucky in that I was born into the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church began when Henry VIII wanted to divorce one of his wives back in the 16th century, when he was trolloping about.

Anyway, in the l6th century, about 1534, he just said, “You know, I am not happy with this wife and I am going to get another one.” And the Pope said, “No you are not. You are staying married to this one.” And so Henry VIII said, “I am leaving your church and I am going to start one of my own.”

So I think one of the great advantages of the Episcopal Church is that we all know that is how it was started. It was started over issues of politics and that there wasn’t anything pure about it. It was a political, a logical and a practical solution to a specific problem at the time. The Anglican Communion all around the world has become a haven for mystics, for intellectuals and for people who think, in general, “I still want to be a Christian.”

So I simply went to my Bishop when I began channeling in the seventies and I said, “I need some counsel here. I am concerned. What do you think?” And I showed him the material that was coming out. And he looked at it and he said, “It looks fit to me.”

And Marcia, then he said something really important to me. He said, “You have to realize, Carla, that if you put this out there, to the people that are listening to you instead of going to church, you are Christ to them. So please be careful what you say.”

And he said, “Please let me see this from time to time. Let me keep in touch with you on it. But as far as I can see it is very loving and very positively oriented.” I have been through three Bishops and I am now on my sixth priest. They retire and I get a new one.

Congratulations! I have been through various denominations and now I attend the Spiritualist Church.

Then you are in no trouble whatsoever because that is what they do.

They have got rules too and I like my church family there. I used to be Presbyterian, that is another story, but I was raised Catholic. You know how it goes. A lot of people have this kind of life. But I have been attending this Spiritualist Church in the last year or so.

I actually used to be invited to speak and give Princess Diana’s message and then talk to them, and I felt welcomed and so on. But the national headquarters came up with one of these rules that suddenly there was to be no channeling from the pulpit. So the last time they invited me to speak, they had to have a special conference with me because their rules and regulations would no longer allow me to mention Diana. And, you know, I am very respectful of religious tradition, et cetera. But the message can save America!

And I think that is the whole point of the New Age movement. You have to remember that Jesus was not Jewish. He was an Essene. But he created a way of thinking that went beyond what had been given to him as a legacy. He basically summed up the Old Testament by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself. These are the two greatest commandments, upon which hang all the law and all the prophets - the whole rest of the Old Testament.” So he was ready to move on.

And I think that is the nature of the way people are. And when people that are in the 21st century have grown up with religion, they have seen that it is kind of moribund. A lot of times you have the frozen chosen. They are just sitting there and they are going, “Okay, we are right. And we belong and we are going to judge everybody else.”

And so they say, “Well I don’t like that so I am going to have to move on.” The whole impetus for the reason that I have done this work for so long—and I started back in 1974—is that I am totally aware that there are lots of my brothers and sisters out there, that I love with all my heart, and they cannot make it with the church. They cannot find satisfaction with any of these religions. And so I figure, “Okay, here is another take on spirituality. Here is some material that might help. So let’s make this available too.”

So it is not like you are trying to replace the old. You are simply trying to offer more options and choices, tools and resources for people who are basically going to have to cobble together their own spiritual process. Because they don’t have a priest. They don’t have a Rabbi. They don’t have a Mullah. They don’t have whatever.

What I have from Diana in my book really addresses the shortfalls of religion in our modern world. And I think one of the greatest errors that we are experiencing right now in all three of our major world religions, those being Christianity, Judaism and Islam, is the tendency towards fundamentalism, which also has political implications, including terrorism. The very idea that someone can kill in the name of God is a ludicrous proposition, I think, for most of us. But there are factions within radical Islam that we know of. And although we are aware of that danger, they exist in Christianity and in some forms of Zionism too.

They do. Not only do you have that political and controlling and powerful side to those three religions, but they also have a hidden side that is very unified in its feelings and very mystical. And so you know, whether it is the hidden traditions of the Christian church, which lead into western white magic, the traditions of the Jewish church which lead into the Kabbalah, or the traditions of Church of Islam which lead into Sufi, very mystical sides of that, the mystical parts are very unified.

They are. And I think that the unified message is that by which Dodie is exhorting his people to live in peace and unity. He is saying a lot of the same things that you are saying in your work.

But going back to this idea of being Christ to people, I see no conflict with the Ra Material and the Christ consciousness. To me the Ra Material reflects the Christ consciousness perfectly.

It is something into which my Christianity fits. It is a world view, a picture of creation, if you will, into which this whole experience of life on Earth, this whole creation that we are experiencing now, fits. It drops in. And yet you have this over-arching and underlying structure that I think is very helpful in terms of sort of coming back to yourself. “Okay, who am I? What am I doing here?”

To remember the big picture is so helpful. You don’t have to focus in so intensely on this little life. You can look at it as part of a really grand and infinite pattern, of which you are a part, now and forever. It creates in us that not only are we important to the Creator in this lifetime, but that we and the Creator are a creative principle working together to learn more about who we are. And this is going to go on forever. It is not going to end. It is wonderful that we are part of a pattern that doesn’t end simply with one lifetime and then heaven, but rather we experience ourselves as part of the Godhead principle if you will, and are part of the ongoing adventures of the Creator knowing itself.

Exactly. We go on infinitely. It is a very comforting thought to know that we have the realm of the infinite to look forward to.

We are going to take a little break here and we are going to listen to “Peaceful Planet.” And then we will come back and I want in the second part of this interview to get more into with what you can share with us, Carla, about Ra’s teaching on ascension, if you would.

That would be delightful.

Wonderful. Thank you so much.

[Pause while “Peaceful Planet” plays.]

This is the Forum for World Peace with Marcia McMahon and you just heard another version of “Peaceful Planet.” This was a remix done by our own Christopher Morris, who took the music that was created by John Lennon from spirit. And then he took my lyrics, which I channeled in from John, and recreated it all in one song. He took my lyrics and John’s music and put it together brilliantly. And he even has a wonderful Lennon sound to it in that song. So the intention here is that John would like all of us to sing along with the lyrics, because there is no real voice to John any longer, and to create a more peaceful planet. I thank Chris for that wonderful job he did on that song.

And we are back discussing The Law of One and A Wanderers’ Handbook with Carla Rueckert. I want to ask you, Carla, what your thoughts and feelings are about the ascension that Ra is speaking of, not only in the planetary changes that we know are taking place, but if you could highlight some of the main principles of ascension and what you think we should be expecting in the next few years while waiting for this ascension.

Okay. I think in terms of the planet itself, the planet is moving through the beginning of the fourth density of love. The planet. Gaia, is where the new Heaven and the new Earth is being formed. Interestingly enough, a lot of people have been seeing this in a kind of mass-consciousness vision of a crystal city. A lot of people haven’t been clear about that. But I think that is the new Heaven and the new Earth.

It is here, interpenetrating this density. We don’t see it, by their careful choice, because we need to be free to finish out third density here. But that part of it is taking place just like the seasons roll around and the planet goes around the sun. It is just time for this particular part of this creation to move on. It is late days in third density and the very beginning of fourth.

Incidentally, I agree. I want to ask you, though, more specifically: can we or do we expect to have sort of a mass ascension? And will there be any physical things associated with that? You know, you hear everything and you don’t know what to believe inside.

Well the Ra group never said anything specific about whether or not there was going to be a physical removal of people from the Earth all at once. They simply said that their processes of ascension was as regular as the ticking of a clock and that clock was going to tick over in 2012 during the Winter Solstice.

I believe, from channeling that I have done much more recently than that Ra contact, that it is really a metaphysical process. We see the planet having heavy weather of it, quite literally, as the Earth moves through the changes and the new energy hits the Earth. And, of course, every bit of aggression and anger and war, all of those energies, the control of people by other people, et cetera, just pushes heat down into the planet, which has enough heat already and it makes the situation worse.

It doesn’t really help, also, that we are in the middle of a political situation where people have learned how to diddle with the world’s weather. And they are probably doing so on various parts of the globe and for various reasons, to which I am not privy and to which I do not wish to be privy. But, at any rate, this is making the weather patterns bad too.

So you have got a variety of reasons where you could think, “Well, this is a physical problem. This is a physical ascension.” And for all I know, it could be, but I don’t think so. What I am getting is that it is a tremendous metaphysical change. It is ascension from thinking in a certain way to thinking in another kind of a way.

So what we are being hit with now are these waves of energy which are encouraging us to open our hearts and see everyone as one large organic body or tribe of humankind now; we are all one thing. We are all little pieces of the Creator that have gotten together here. And we are trying to create a dance with all of densities. And we are trying, I think, at this point, to learn how to be what the Ra group is, a social memory complex. We are trying to get together. You know, the internet is like training wheels for fourth density, because it is has created a social complex. It isn’t a memory complex yet because we are not comfortable enough yet with each to share our innermost thoughts with each other.

This third-density Earth is where we sort of put on our Sunday face and we do the best we can to be polite and well mannered and appropriate. But in fourth density, we are, in actuality, all going to know what everyone is thinking. And we will not find that to be a burden because they will know what we are thinking as well. And so everyone’s thoughts will be acceptable, in all of their distortions and all of the various ways people think.

It is not that when you get to the next density, you think nothing but good thoughts. You have your full spectrum of personality, still. But after the ascension process takes place you have an increased awareness of who we are and why we are here. That information is hidden from us by the veiling of the subconscious mind within this particular Density of Choice because how can you make a choice in free will if you already know all the answers?

So you are trying to encourage people to choose faith and to choose starting with the idea that all is well. It is as simple as that. That, basically, is what faith is, the knowledge that there is a divine plan and that all is well. It is not like you know what is happening. Usually the pattern is much too large for us to grasp when we are going through an intense change like this.

If you start with the idea that all is well, then as things occur to you, you are asking for guidance: “How can I cooperate with this because, man, this is really powerful. I am really feeling these intense vibrations that are coming in here and I don’t really know how to cooperate. Help me to cooperate with these instead of tensing up.”

I think this is the time for us to be confident and serene and encourage each other to hold that faith, hold that hope, and hold the light. We know that all kinds of horrible things have occurred on this planet. And we have seen how that pattern is completed. And a wonderful thing happens and new freedom and new energy come in.

Women get to vote. All of our children, no matter what the color of their skin, can learn together and can live together. We have seen these things happen in my lifetime! And what is going to happen next? I don’t have any children myself, but in people’s children’s and grandchildren’s lifetimes, I think, we are on the very brink of tremendous breakthroughs in consciousness.

So to sum up, I really think the ascension process is metaphysical in nature and that we will go through the gates of ascension as we die naturally, when it is our time to go.

You don’t see there being a lifting with the spaceships or shuttles?

I don’t see that at all.

I don’t necessarily buy into that either. You know, Carla, the only concern that I have now is what we are working with in the Middle East. And I deal with this all the time. I read the world newspapers and there is so much darkness, especially there, and all over the world, with the disrespecting of mankind, the unwillingness to share, the selfishness, the killing of innocent children, and on and on it goes. There is still so much strife. And yet we have to hold that space and try to be pure vehicles of the light ourselves, and shine the light. And every time we read about in the news there is more war and ethnic cleansing and God knows what, you know, these horrible things, And God forbid that there would be another terrorist attack in the United States.

There are so many worries now. It is hard for people to believe that things are getting better. A lot of people believe they are getting worse. I see it in meditation groups with which I am involved and in work with other light workers that have messages from Archangel Michael. And even my messages from Jesus, which you can read on my website, are about Earth changes. And the drift of it that I get is that the more war and havoc that is created, the more the need for Earth changes. So Mother Earth is going to gradually cleanse itself of these horrible things. And it may be that as a result Earth changes, volcanoes, earthquakes and this kind of thing will come in and sort of take out the war. Because I noticed, like last year for instance, and Diana confirmed this in her work, that they had this huge earthquake in Kashmir and the Pakistan region, where they have had this fighting. That big earthquake that hit was very tragic.

Can you speak to any of these Earth changes? Do you have any thoughts to relate about the Earth changes and the ascension.

I think that the Earth changes have been going on very intensively since the sixties. That is when I became aware of them, as a young researcher in my twenties. (I am in my sixties now. Do the math!) And this entire time, this entire forty-year span, there has always been an increasing amount of inconvenient, disruptive weather patterns. Now whether it is tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes or simple straight-line high winds, we have people all over the world having to deal with the natural evolution of planet Earth. And I do think it is a natural evolution.

Getting to the point then, I think that what is Ra is saying is that these Earth changes are happening as a result of Earth entering fourth density with the increasing vibrations.

Yes, and also as a result of the fact that we have put so much heat into the Earth in terms of our emotions, our anger and our intense desire to control resources and to control entire nations for our own use. And not just other people! The United States has its empire thoughts as well. And so we are not at all innocent in this regard. No one on the Earth at this point is innocent.

So I think that as Earth expands, it does have these cyclical events and I think that is why we do see inconveniences. The Ra said at one point, in its elliptical and terse way, that “the inconveniences have begun.” But he also said, “We do not concern ourselves with the situation that brings about harvest. What we are interested in is to help you guys figure out that it is time really to wake up and make the choice to love.”

Carla, I am really sorry but I’ve got to cut it short here because we are at our time. Could I have you back another time?

I’d be delighted.

I think your work is marvelous and we just broke the surface of it.

The name of her book, for all of those listeners and wanderers out there, is A Wanderer’s Handbook: A Manual for ETs and Other Spiritual Outsiders, by Carla Rueckert.

It is a true pleasure to speak with you, Carla. Please check out Carla’s website at Thanks so much for being on our program. It is truly an honor. Your work is magnificent. I hope that everyone who has been listening checks your website out and the work of Ra. And we’ll have you back another time when we can go into greater detail.

You have been listening to the Forum for World Peace. Please join us next time. Thank you again and good-night.

  1. Gaia is the Greek earth goddess, arising from the original Chaos and believed by the Greeks of classical times to be the foundation of all the other Gods of Olympus. She is believed by some to be the original deity behind the Oracle at Delphi. 

  2. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Its official web site describes it as “a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.” Nick Begich and other scientists warn that this program is a “Pandora’s box.” 

  3. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet = Roy G. Biv.