Carla was interviewed by telephone on Mike Quinsey’s Connecting the Light program on BBS Radio on Friday, November 6, 2009, at 9:00 PM PST.

Hello everyone. This is Mike Quinsey, Connecting the Light. My guest today, who has returned, is Carla Rueckert from the Love/Light Research. We are going to continue talking about her book called Living the Law of One—101: The Choice. Can we say hello?

We can, indeed. It is so good to talk to you again, Mike. How are you doing?

Oh, very well, thank you. Getting excited as we are getting nearer to 2010 because every moment that goes by means we are getting a little nearer, I think, to something a little bit special happening.

Now for the benefit of the listeners who don’t know much of your background or might not remember it, I’ll just mention that you are a Christian mystic, a librarian and also have written a number of books. With Don Elkins you have investigated the UFO phenomenon and this led to you starting telepathic channeling and oddly trance channeling with space beings. Would you like to add anything to that just so that our listeners will know what you are about, and perhaps how you came to tie in with Don Elkins?

Certainly. The way I came to tie in with Don Elkins was that half a century ago now, when I was 19 years old and in college, I was looking for a silent meditation group. Synchronistically, across the street from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Louisville was the Speed Scientific School, which was the University’s engineering school. A professor there, Don Elkins, was fascinated with the paranormal and since the mid-fifties he had been researching everything from reincarnation to the J. B. Rhine’s work. He had many conversations with him. I think he may have given J. B. Rhine the term “paranormal,” which Rhine began using after that.

Don investigated a lot of the UFO experiencers of the fifties, back in the day when there was no ridicule lid here in the United States, so there was a much better degree of information. He had many good interviews with people like Dan Fry and George Hunt Williamson and people that were doing substantive work.

He found some material from a group in Detroit called “Man Consciousness and Understanding,” which was collected after a psychic UFO experience was had by a fellow named Walt Rogers. In his “Brown Notebook” (so-called) material, the instructions were given by the alleged UFOnauts as to how to generate UFO-type messages without having the messy business of having to have a close encounter of the third kind. Don was very interested in this, so he set up a silent meditation group according to the dictates of his instruction. I heard about it and said could I join? And so twelve engineering students and I, the poet from across the street, began the “Louisville Group,” which eventually became Love and Light Research or L/L Research.

I did not want to channel. I wanted to have silent meditation. So I didn’t start channeling for twelve years. I didn’t start until 1974, when all of the original channels had finished their education, gotten jobs, gone all over the United States and a couple even in Europe, and the group had scattered. Don was frustrated because he could not continue his experiment, which he felt had yielded rich results. So I learned to channel. I have always been a reluctant channel, but once I started channeling, I immediately perceived that the material was being used by people right and left. They were really giving me a lot of feedback that said, “Keep on with this, please.” So I have worked through the decades, after I started in ’74, to try and improve my ability to do this channeling.

I found that it is relatively easy to pick up information doing the so-called channeling. I also found that it is excruciatingly difficult to do it well. So that became my goal as researcher. By this time I was Don’s partner in L/L Research, and I really felt that I wanted to give it my utmost effort. So through the years I began to see various ways I could improve.

I don’t know whether you want me to go into how you can improve channeling, but there are ways and I really focused on them. Gradually I came to feel that I had sort of maximized what you can do intellectually to be a better channel. And that is to tune, as if I were an instrument, or as if I were a piano, ready to go into concert tuning so that I could be played by the Creator, by the Spirit and sing it as true a note as possible every time.

And also I learned to challenge spirits. That is very important. Other things I learned very quickly are, number one: if someone asks a specific question, let somebody else other than the Confederation of Planets contact answer that question. The Confederation contact is strictly a spiritual contact and unless you want to know about spiritual principles, it is pretty useless to you. You need to go to a psychic, someone who channels an inner guide, somebody who can tell what you want to know.

The other thing that won’t work for this particular kind of channeling is any kind of request for fear-based information. Fear-based questions carry a heavy energy that pulls down and detunes the channel so that you lose the channel that you originally had. You sometimes can start getting very mischievous and sometimes negative entities that either want to play with you or want to mislead you.

So I have gradually, through the years, developed a protocol for questions. If I get fear-based questions or specific questions, I send them to somebody else. If I get questions that are borderline, I tell the questioner that here is how you ask that question. Ask, “What spiritual principles should I think about in working with what is on my mind? And here’s what’s on my mind.” That way, even if it is borderline-specific, you won’t get any specific information, but you’ll get everything that they can tell you about the spiritual aspects of your interest.

I started channeling in ‘74. I have always said, if people stop coming, if people stop finding this to be of service, then I’ll just go back to cataloguing L/L Research’s Library, I have never been back to catalogue it yet.

Yes, I can remember many years ago, before I got into this fully, seeing articles that came out of L/L Research. They were quite popular and no doubt they still are. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe your book is really, in some ways, a compilation of all of the messages that have come since it began in the l950s. Would that be correct?

Well kind of. The original five volumes of the Law of One material from Ra are the only work that I have ever done in trance and these sessions really do seem to have their own level of excellence, a level that I have not been able to achieve in conscious channeling. A lot of people find them dense and difficult to read and like my conscious channeling better, but the original stuff is the Ra Material or the Law of One. In 2001 I attempted to write an easy-to-read explanation of the principles of the Law of One in a book called A Wanderer’s Handbook. I discovered after that came out that although it was very popular, a lot of people still had trouble reading the material.

So the present volume, Living the Law of One–101: The Choice, is the product of my determination to write a true entry-level document that reports on the principles of the Law of One as given by the Confederation. I discovered that here in America, our average reading level is seventh-grade, which is abysmal, but that is the way it is. And our average educational level is about eleven and a half years, just shy of a high school degree. So I would write each chapter of the book and then I would comb through it and comb through it again, taking out anything that you didn’t know by the time you were a junior in high school and simplifying the language. It is not a dumbed-down version at all. I don’t leave anything out and I am as fully explanatory as possible. However the words are short, the sentences are short. There is a lot of space. There are a lot of short paragraphs. It is designed to be truly entry-level and the feedback has been very good on this book.

I am excited now because I am working on the second chapter of Living the Law of One–102: The Outer Work. 101 is the basic bullet, what you need to know in order to graduate. 2012 is coming up. We all want to graduate. We want to make that harvest. If you read 101 and do the very simple things that it suggests, you will graduate. So that was the first priority, to get that out there so that people could do the work that they wanted to do if they were awakening. It is really a companion book for when you awaken and go, “Oh, there’s is more to heaven and earth than was dreamt of in my philosophy, Horatio.”

The second book goes into the work we do every day with the outer world. It is called 102: The Outer Work. This book is for people that want to get a handle on how to live every day—not necessarily how to be high-flown and to do idealistic, arcane work in consciousness or be magical. It is just like, “What about my marriage? What about my job? What about if I am homosexual? How do I deal with that? How do I deal with the fact that either I have an abortion or I have a child out of wedlock? What do I do?” That is the book that I am working on now. It is really an attempt to ground us in how to work with those lower three chakras, the chakras of sexuality and survival, personal relationships, and committed relationships like your birth family, your marriage family, your job, and then on into the open heart.

I will keep working and hopefully I will have it out by the end of 2010. And then I get to go on to 103: The Inner Work, which is the last of the three volumes. That will take up higher-chakra work, the magical personality and work in consciousness.

So it is just splendid! I wake up every morning and I just can’t wait to get to my office and get to work.

Wonderful. You are a busy lady. Now before we move on to other questions, there is one thing connected with Don Elkins that I think is fascinating. I gather that at one time he was into hypnotic regression. Do you know the details of when he met the various UFO contactees? I am just curious to know how it came about and who he met, if that is known.

Oh sure. Yes, he was very interested in hypnotic regression. And in the early seventies, after I had gone to work for him, we flew all over in small planes. We were part of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and submitted reports to Flying Saucer Review and other publications. They would hear of something and they would say, “Don, can you go to Tennessee, or can you go to Ohio, and check this out? And we would fly there in a small plane and interview the experiencer. Don was a pilot as well as a professor. We would talk to the people. It was very interesting. But he only did this until he had thoroughly convinced himself of the reality of physical UFOs that made dents in the ground, where the ETs got out and talked to us and took us on board, and took us places.

I remember the great fascination in those days because of the fact that the stories really are highly strange and so one would get the feeling of moving into fairyland or some mythical landscape where these thing were possible. But they were obviously happening.

Don talked to people like Orfeo Angelucci, George Hunt Williamson and Dan Fry. If you name somebody that was being visited and that talked about it in the 1950s, Don probably got into his plane and went and talked to him in person. There really weren’t any people that had a lot of publicity at that time that he heard about with whom he didn’t follow through. He finally was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the physical UFOs was here and were here in many different guises and different descriptions and obviously from different places and with different looking ETs on board, et cetera.

So he set that [area of research] aside. He resigned as a consultant and focused on the messages. He focused on the channeling. He really felt that the fruit of all of his work from the last 25 years was these messages, especially when he hit the Law of One material that started coming through in l981. He felt this was the culmination of his life’s work and he focused intensely and completely on that until he died in ’84.

Was he aware of where the space contacts came from that gave him the messages for L/L Research?

You mean, from what planetary influence?

Yes, that’s right.

The planetary influence of those of Ra was said to be Venus. There were others who were said to have come from some of the nearer constellations and planets of stars like Deneb and Arcturus. It seems like, on a cosmic field, it is the neighborhood. The ones that we have focused on the most have come from Venus.

I guess Don must have had an interest in George Van Tassel’s contacts.

Indeed, he went out to Giant Rock He created a large chicken coop that was supposed to be turned at some point by the UFOnauts and it never was. Don always said that he could see the Integratron every time he went down the localizer into Los Angeles. He could spot it off to the left. Don spent over a week at Giant Rock There was also George Adamski in California, the one created the seven principles books.

You must have had a special interest in him, as he said his contact was from Venus.

Yes. He spent some time channeling with George Adamski. He knew both men personally and with great cordiality on both sides. He was quite an adventurous fellow but never doubt that he was a thoroughgoing scientist always.

So what does the Confederation consist of?

It consists of over 300 societies from this Milky Way Galaxy that wish to serve the Creator by being of service to others. They have banded together to organize their efforts to serve. The Ra group explained how the Confederation was set up in response to Don’s questions in The Law of One. It was set up with something called the Council of Nine, or The Council of Saturn, as its governing entity. It met in the rings of Saturn. Obviously, there is nothing in the rings of Saturn on which to set a plane down. You would have to be in the inner planes. But in the form of energy bodies, which higher-density beings find quite useful as bodies, they meet there. I believe they are still meeting there. They are backed up by, I believe, twenty-four Guardians of Earth.

The Guardians of Earth decided at a point long ago to put us under quarantine because of the fact that we were so far behind the power curve on getting ready for harvest. So they blocked casual visits. The only entities that get through quarantine are entities that get through according to the desires of the people of Earth. There are a lot more people on Earth that desire positive information than those that desire negatively-oriented information, so there is a lot more service-to-others contact that manages to get through quarantine [than service-to-self contact.] The Orion group as the negatively-oriented entities are called, also attempt to get through quarantine and, as they are called, the windows open and they are also able to get through.

The preponderance of material coming from elsewhere is of service-to-others in its polarity, as opposed to service-to-self. And just very briefly, service-to-others really isn’t a confusing term because it is just attitude. You know many people in your life who go through life just glad to help, glad to help anybody. They are just loving and giving and kind. And it’s that radiance that marks the attitude of the service-to-others contact. The marks of a service-to-self contact are that they are explaining to you how important you are, how unusual you are, how special you are and how you really are the Creator and you really need to organize the creation according to what you want to do.

Now, we see this [service-to-self attitude] in the Army, where the Generals give orders and anything that happens from Privates on up is credited to the General, not to the Privates and on up. [We also see this service-to-self-polarity] in corporations, where the chief executive officer of the corporation gives orders and the orders are followed. He is just looking out for his interests and his corporate interests. So we are familiar with service-to-others logic. We see it all of the time in the world. We see it when people are trying to build an empire or when a nation-state is attempting to access natural resources for their own use and that kind of thing. So there is really not much of a mystery as to what is service to others or what is service to self.

This quarantine will hold right through to the harvest.

Now this harvest is in 2012 and you talk about it in your book. At one time the Confederation’s estimate was that the harvest would be quite small, but having said that, it is trying for the better. Have they mentioned any specific change? Can they say that it is now, say, 40% rather than 10?

They don’t quantify it or give it a measure. But they do say that the world is waking up with astonishing rapidity. What is happening is like people who get the flu bug and they cough or they sneeze and pass it on, then it spreads. We are having a pandemic of unconditional love. Of course, it flies pretty much below the radar of what is on the news, but people more and more are opening their hearts. They are trying to help each other. They are realizing the situation on Earth today—that we are in danger of destroying our natural habitat here. And they are really, really wanting to change their ways and to turn around and to become of service to others and to the planet.

And let me say one thing about 2012: there is a large, usually fear-based, contingent of people who are spreading doom and gloom about the winter solstice of 2012 by saying that there will be a Rapture and that everything will end.

Now I can’t prove that this isn’t true. I don’t think it is true. The Confederation says it is not true. But, of course, if it were true, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. We would all have finished here and those of us who were able to graduate and go on would all be meeting in the green room before we got to walk the steps of light and find out where are we going to go next. And we’d have a party! So I am not at all concerned that this might be true. If it is true, then, you know, hey, our work will be over at the winter solstice and it will be a delightful transition. But I don’t think that is the way it is going to happen.

The Confederation sources say that it is the planet that is switching to fourth density as its major active density on that date, like the turning of a clock. It is time. And of course, astrology also says that it is time. The Mayan calendar says it is time. The somewhat discredited, but I still love it, pyramid inch, says it is time. Even Terrence McKenna’s theory of rare events says it is time. It is probably time!

But for us humans, I do not think that it will be time for us to walk those steps of light and see if we have graduated third density or not until we die naturally, drop the body, take up our energy body, and move into the review of the incarnation, the healing of the incarnation and the walking the steps of light to find out where we go next.

Now you have spoken about us being close to a tipping point. You have considered, as you just say, that everybody will be involved. But is that actually true? If there was a tipping point, would everybody go through, necessarily?

No. I think that the hundredth-money effect, so-called, the idea behind the tipping point, creates the concept that at a certain point, the whole species begins to understand what a substantial majority of that species has learned. This is a concept from science. Science discovered that there were some monkeys on one particular part of an island that was separated from other monkeys. At a certain point, the monkeys learned something on one island that made it possible for them to eat better, and all of a sudden, everybody all over that island knew about it. All of the monkeys knew about it. And this is the hope [of the tipping point], that eventually so many people will really get it and understand that if you make a choice of service to others, to just set your intention to help people and to love yourself and to love everybody else, basically follow the Golden Rule, then other people in your species, in the human species, will at a certain point know that too.

And I think that is hopeful. We have hope that that may be true. It hasn’t proven to be true yet. However, it has proven to be true that you can affect people with the attitude of service to others. You can infect people with the desire to pay it forward. You can infect people to make sure that the people in Africa have water and not just the people in Europe or the people in America. That people in Africa or South America or wherever people are hurting, like the Middle East, India, wherever people are hungry, that you want to make sure that they have some food. You want to make sure these people have education. And so people are turning more to volunteerism and to offering more donations and trying to find ways to change the energy on Earth for the better. And I think that is the way it is spreading. So far it is not a tipping point where everybody is suddenly going to get it. I think that may be hoping for too much, but I don’t know. It is possible. I would like to think that it is possible.

Oh, it could be lovely if you included everyone in the human race! But possibly something in your book might point to the fact that it is [our individual] choice. Because you do mention, obviously, that we have until the end of 2012 to make the maximum use of the last of 3D. And you say attitude affects polarity. So presumably if someone decides that they want to stay in 3D, it doesn’t matter what else happens. They will create a reality or move to that reality because that is their intent. Would you agree with that?

I would, indeed. I think that what we set our intent to do is pretty much what is possible for us to do. So it is always good to aim high and set that intention to the highest and best thing that we know. Those who want to experience an enhanced environment need to get their legs under them and start using the power that they were born with and that is the power of choice. That is why the book is called The Choice.

We have that choice-making ability and we are set up to make choices. That is the way our minds work and that is the way that our hearts work. And just getting ourselves organized to meet that moment of ethical choice is just a really precious thing to do. And we have ethical choice-point moments all of the time. Some of them are very small—you know, “Can I give you half my sandwich? I see that you are hungry.” Some of them are very large.

I think that when voting day came and I went out and voted for Barack Obama here in the United States, I really felt that I had acted in service to others because I had been distressing my heart because of choices made by the previous administration. And so I put a sign in my yard and I put a sticker on the bumper of my car and I voted! It felt as though I were doing my utmost to make a change for the better, to lighten the consciousness of Planet Earth, at least over the size of the United States. We have choice points all of the time. And when we can identify the love that is in that choice, and then when we follow the love, that is acting in service to others.

I think that what happens with people that really haven’t made that initial choice of how they want to approach life is, they might do something nice and then they will turn around and do something selfish, perhaps beat somebody out of a parking place, or a job, lie or steal something and then turn around and do another service-to-others thing. And they never develop enough energy, either in service-to-self or in service-to-others, to make it past the well of indifference, which is what the Ra group called that range between 5% service-to-others and 51% service-to-others. If you are in service to others over 51% of the time; if it is on your mind that you are intending to be of service to others, you are harvestable right there. You don’t really have to know anything except just be service-to-others and you are already harvestable.

I think the negative harvest is very difficult, because you can only have a 5% impurity in your thoughts of service-to-self. Anything more than 5% service-to-others and you haven’t even developed enough power to graduate. So you are going to stay in third density, even if you are very evil. You are just not evil enough. Hitler wasn’t evil enough, which was surprising to me when I channeled the Ra group saying that in answer to Don’s question. So it is a lot easier to graduate in service-to-others than it is service-to-self.

Absolutely, yes. You mentioned a Rapture. There is a good reason for introducing this report that David Wilcock put out, saying that he has certain reliable sources saying that President Obama will have a worldwide TV program going out before the end of the year announcing the reality about the space beings. You have possibly heard that. What do you think that will do to the population?

Well, if it happens, it will be a paradigm challenging event. I have heard things like this ever since I began doing research in this area. There is always a very credible person—and I think David is definitely a credible source—that feels that they have gotten that information, that it is going to happen. And then it doesn’t happen. Now, are they wrong? Well, you know there is such a thing as a probability-possibility vortex. This is Ra’s term. There is a possibility this might happen. There was an even larger possibility of it when Carter came in back in the eighties because of the fact that he announced his intention before he even became president. He had seen UFOs and was convinced that it would be better if everybody were OK with this information. But then you get into power, you run into your security people and they say this and that and it’s not a good idea to disclose and here is why. And you end up being shut down.

I absolutely feel that David is a good source. He and I are very cordial. David has done more to turn people onto the Law of One and our channeling than anybody on Earth. So I hope he is right. If it does happen, I think it will be a signally positive event. But I see it so often now, having been in this since the sixties and it being 2009, we are talking about a half a century of experience here. And there has never been a year during that time when some credible source or another was not saying that it was time for everybody to know, that it was time for the ETs to land physically. And it never has happened yet.

Now, here is what the Confederation says about that in the channeling that I have received. They say that they did try in the fifties, one last time. They talked to a fellow named Eisenhower, who at that time was president. Eisenhower felt that it would not be a good idea for them to land or to make their presence known. This has never been absolutely confirmed. However, I think it probably did happen because I have seen so many reports from people surrounding that situation and working with Eisenhower at the time. And I think that Eisenhower is the kind of guy, pragmatic, practical, very experienced in a worldly sense, where he really thought about it and he said, this is not going to fly.

I think this was the last time that positively-oriented UFOs have toyed with the idea of physical contact. What the Confederation, which is a service-to-others, positive contact, is doing now is working through channels such as I am and making positively-oriented information available to those who wish to find it.

Interestingly enough, all through the years we have gotten hundreds, if not thousands, of reports from people saying that when they decided to investigate what was happening outside of the box, they came upon our information far faster than you would have thought possible. Sometimes it is because of a web search which goes from, you know, one to two to three and all of sudden you are into L/L Research. It is not logical, but it happens.

Or people will actually have our books fall on them, or show up at the checkout counter in a bookstore. And then people say, “I’d like to buy this book.” And the store keeper is going, “We don’t have this in our inventory, but since it is there, I guess we will sell it to you.” This has happened not just once but dozens of times, so I think when people are ready for the material, it sort of comes to them by some strange mechanism that is not seen and is definitely unseen.

Yes, I have a friend who was walking through a book shop and a book literally fell out of the shelf, almost into her hands. And when she looked at it, it was obviously intended for her. And she bought it. Yes, I have heard that type of account.

Now, there is an unusual link here, isn’t there, between your group and Ra, and, oddly, David Wilcock, who is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I read this somewhere, and at the time I tended to believe it, that Edgar Cayce was also the reincarnation of Ra.

It is true there is a fellow named Ra Ta who was a priest at the time in Egypt that the Ra came, to which Cayce was linked. But he wasn’t Ra, but Ra Ta. And yes, that is true, and it is fascinating how these things dovetail and make a web of information that all of a sudden seems to be holding. And you had no idea. And you think, “My goodness, how can all of these coincidences happen?”

David actually lived with us here in Louisville, Kentucky for a year and we have always had the most cordial relations.

I am not surprised. Now, what do you think will happen after 2012?

That is an interesting question and I really do have a strong opinion there. I think that life will go on. For the people of Earth that date is going to be that same kind of non-event that Y2K was, or the harmonic convergence. Things were happening in the inner planes but not in the physical planes. And I think that this is also true as far as Earth and the winter solstice of 2012.

A lot is going to be happening in the unseen world. The third-density light, instead of waning, will be out. And the only people that will be here that will be able to use that light are those people whom I call the Indigo Children or the third wave of wanderers, who are wired in their DNA to use both third-density and fourth-density light. I think the majority of the population of Earth is wired like that. Scientists are finding all kinds of strange DNA in the younger people, those born since ‘77. And I think what is happening after then is, there will be a small number of people who are simply finishing up their final incarnations of third-density Earth. And whether or not they are ready, they will walk the steps of light. And they’ll stop when the light becomes too bright and will discover that, oh, I am still in third density. Well OK, it is time for me to repeat third grade in the school of souls. And there will be a transfer to another planet, to have another series of incarnations in third density to make their choice. It is not a penalty. It is just that that is where they belong, that is where their interests are.

And meanwhile, those who are able to continue walking the steps of light into denser and denser light before they stop and get uncomfortable will have graduated, will have gone on to fourth density, or in the case of many wanderers who have come from fifth and sixth densities to help lighten the consciousness of Planet Earth at this time, they’ll just keep walking until they walk home and go back to the density whence they came.

So I think that the people who are left here are people who, for the most part, not only want to help each other, they really have an overriding desire to help the planet to heal its third-density Earth, to leave it in better shape than it is right now. It will heal itself over a long period of time.

[Side one of tape ends.]

However, they are here to alleviate the adhering karma that has been collected by people such as those who came from Mars, and others who came from planets which were rendered uninhabitable during third density by their inhabitants. There is this sense of the desire to love the Earth, to become better stewards of the Earth. And you can see the waves and waves of good energy coming from people who are trying to get back to being in good stewards of the Earth, to growing good food to eat and to being kind to Mother Earth, to cleaning up the water, cleaning up the air, cleaning up the soil, planting trees again so the deserts will go away, and just working very lovingly and carefully and thoughtfully to express their service-to-others orientation with regard to the planet itself, which is, of course, a living entity.

In fact, one of the surprises I had when I very first began channeling was that we were asking questions about Earth and all of a sudden I had contacted Earth. I was talking to an entity called Earth. I was talking to the planet. It was a fascinating! I don’t think that the tape recorder was on at that time though. Don started taping my sessions a couple of months after I began learning, but this was while I was still learning. I will never forget the shock that I had in talking to Planet Earth herself, She was a lovely lady.

So looking back, you would probably say that was Mother Gaia?

Yes, it was indeed. And she has such love for us.

Now, you have been talking mainly about the third density there. So the people that move into the fourth density, will they just simply disappear from sight because they are in the higher vibration and be in a level still around the old Earth? Or will they actually be progressing to a new Earth?

Well the densities are nested. You have all of the densities nested. And once you grasp the fact that there isn’t any such thing as mass, there is just energy fields, you can see how there is plenty of room to nest all of the densities of Earth together and have them inter-penetrate. So we are interpenetrated with the fourth density now. And as our third-density light wanes and dies, fourth density light dawns and becomes brighter and starts its scroll of unwinding progression through that density.

I think that it is out of courtesy to third density that we don’t see the fourth-density entities now. I think that when the last purely third-density entity is gone, we will start seeing fourth density, just like we in third density now see animals and plants in the second density and the elements and powers like earth, air, water, fire in first density. They inter-penetrate and they can be seen. But the Confederation has said quite a few times that there is a matter of basic good manners, which would mean that you do not blow third-density people’s minds by having fourth density appearing, with so much more light, so much more information, etc.

What you are getting in third density, however, is this inter-penetrated fourth-density light; this light of truth that has so much more information and is pretty much, especially as third density light wanes, forcing the people that are working to make their choice, to make their choice. to see everything about themselves that they did not want to see. It is all coming up and demanding to be noticed so that it can be integrated into the self and so that the self can gather itself into the open heart, forgive itself, accept itself and love itself.

You have mentioned the Indigo Children. What role do they have at this time?

Well as I said, the Indigo Children are those with double wiring and almost certainly they came here for personal reasons. They came here to learn and to balance themselves and they came here to serve, as we all do, by just simply holding a space for the light to shine through us. I think their interest is largely the planet itself. They are interested in offering themselves as those who are healers in stewardship to Mother Gaia. And although, of course they want to be of service to the people of Earth, they are actually focused more deeply on the planet itself, and restoring 3D Planet Earth to a more healed condition than it is now.

Yes. Do you believe that over this period of time up to the end of 2012, that there will be major changes of a physical nature on the Earth? Will we sort of go catastrophic? Do you see that?

I do. I remember when I first began going to meditations with Don Elkins’ group in the sixties, there was a book out called We Are the Earthquake Generation 1 and he was talking about how it seemed inevitable that we would have a planetary shift in 1998, which Cayce had also predicted when he was alive, back in the thirties. The Confederation said that almost happened, but groups such as L/L Research sprang up all over the planet in the intervening time and the situation was alleviated.

It was almost as though the situation was that of a rubber band being held and just about ready to be let go on one end so it snapped, and that would be the planetary shift. And instead, it was gradually lessened in tension, gradually released, so that at no time was there a planetary catastrophe, but each time a little bit of the heat that had been generated by disharmonious vibrations among the people of Earth throughout all of these thousands of years of this major cycle was let go. There were tsunamis, there were hurricanes, there were the earthquakes.

And so we see Mother Earth trying desperately not to shake us off like fleas; trying instead to have a little bit released here, a little bit released there, of the heat that has been stored in the planet from all of our continual desire for empire, our wars and our kind of disdain for each other. This heat has damaged Mother Earth and she has to release this energy as she goes into fourth density. So I think what you are seeing here is not bad news, but excellent news, great news. Because, instead of the whole planet having to go through a planetary shift that would make oil deposits of us all sometime in the future, we are seeing localized catastrophes that take a few lives, but spare a great many others. And this has happened time and time again.

We’ll have to stop you there because we are coming up to the last couple of minutes, believe it or not. Take a minute to give our listeners your website address where they may get more information about the book and the details on how to buy it.

All right. Our archives are at and there you can find over fifteen hundred of my channeling sessions, almost all of my books. They are all down-loadable for free. My speeches, interviews like this one and other materials are also there. We get a recording of an interview such as this one and then we put the text up. We archive anything that we can put up that may help seekers. Anything that may be useful for them, we try to make that available. The store and the chat room and the blog room and all kinds of forums etc. are all on our community site, which is On Bring4th there is the store, my daily Camelot Journal entries—if you want to find out what is up at L/L Research, you just click on that. Also I write an article once every week or two for UPI which is called “A Small Medium at Large” and you can click on that and read my articles or you can contact L/L Research to be put on my send list.

OK, that is wonderful, Carla. I will have to leave you there. It has been lovely to have you back and it has been terrifically interesting! I really don’t know where the time went so quickly. So thank you again,

And dear listeners, I have someone next week who doesn’t need introducing. It is Susie Ward, known for channeled messages from Matthew, her son, and we will be discussing her book about her conversations with animals, so that should be very interesting.

So thank you for being with me today. I do hope you can be with me next week. So thank you very much wherever you are.

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