Prayer and how that works*

This is Monday, March 21, [2011]. [I am] Wynn Free and we are now recording.

Hello to everybody who is listening to the recording and everyone that is listening to the replays. It’s our Monday night live broadcast on BBS Radio. Tonight we are having a conversation with Carla Rueckert. For those of you who don’t know who Carla is or what she’s done, the word that describes her is a channel. She’s a human being; one of the things she does is to channel. She brings through messages and voices from other dimensions. She is probably one of the most conscientious, highly intended, highly service oriented people that do that. Her work has influenced people around the planet. One of her most famous, most well-known works is the four books of the Ra channelings.

Ra is a group soul comprised of graduates of this realm who act as helpers and guides for lower levels of evolution—like ours. They said in Carla’s channelings that there were two ways that they connected with our realm. One of the ways was through the verbal messages through people like Carla, or maybe just through Carla. At the time they said that was a very unique opportunity for their communication. The other way is through the beaming of love/light, the sending of energy from their dimension into this dimension for people who requested it. They said they worked with people who requested their assistance.

Of course, in order to request assistance you have to get the idea that there’s something to request. I think one of the most valuable aspects of channeling is that it gives the idea that there’s something out there from whom you can make a request.

I want to be sure Carla concurs with our topic for tonight. I didn’t ask her and I just announced it—she probably will. Carla—the topic tonight is “Prayer and how that works.”

That’s a wonderful topic for tonight.

Okay, good. As you see I’ve kind of set it up in that initial entry discussion because the Ra group answers prayers. They are one of the groups that does that.

I don’t usually call them prayers. I’m afraid to use the word, prayer, because prayer automatically puts many people into the thought of religion and into the thought of churches or places of worship. I like to use the words, ‘intention for the highest good of all concerned’, or ‘intention honoring free will’. I think that’s very close to the idea of prayer. Carla is a very interesting person in this respect because she’s a member of her local church; she has used religion as a way of staying connected, and yet she also channels the Ra group. Now, she channels the Q’uo—I always call it the “Kwo” group.

While we’re introducing people, we have Terry Brown on the line. Terry has been my close friend, associate and partner for a long time now. Terry also channels a group that identifies itself as the Elohim. They say sometimes the Ra group is mixed in with their channelings and they [have] made collaboration.

When I hear voices I have no idea that anyone is who they say they are. I’m telling you what they say and I can tell you the results of the interaction with them. I remember the first time I had something extraordinary happen with the Elohim. Most people have heard this story, but in case somebody is listening for the first time, the first time that happened was extraordinary.

I got a notice that my sister was going to the hospital with a critical case of cancer and she wasn’t expected to survive this operation. I asked them, “Can you help my sister?” They said they could. The next thing that happened was [that] my sister survived the operation. I was thinking, of course, it was coincidence. This was early on in this experience of talking to these guys. A few weeks later I got a call from my brother-in-law and he said something really weird happened because Joanne had to go in for tests to see if the cancer came back and the nurse said there was no cancer! And her lupus had disappeared. Lupus never goes away.

At this point I was convinced that I had some kind of intercession from this voice I was talking to. I asked them, “How did you do that?” They said it was like putting a filter in her blood and taking the lupus out.

In subsequent conversations they said that in their realm they don’t ever call it miracles because things just readjust themselves according to intention all the time. In our realm things are very sluggish and slow, so when you make a connection between their realm and our realm some of that sluggishness and slowness can shift.

I would suppose that when I was just having this channeling experience and I said, “Can you help my sister?” that was like a prayer, wasn’t it, except I was talking to them?

Terry and Carla are both channeling these voices—and, in some ways, I think these are the sources that are able to re-adjust reality and that answer the call. I believe that it’s the same sources that answer the call in the more traditional uses of the word, prayer. We’re going to have a really interesting discussion and hopefully the outcome at the end of this show will be that we will all know a little better how to ask for things we want to shift. And we will make sure that we all do a prayer at some point here for Carla’s impending operation. When is it coming up Carla? Is it scheduled yet?

April 15, [2011].

April 15. Tax day, right.

Everyone’s sending [the IRS] their form. I’m sending my form into the hospital.

All right. Why don’t you tell everybody, first of all, what church you are member of, okay?

I would be glad to. I worship with the believing community of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Anchorage, a very good group of people. I sing in the choir on a Sunday. I haven’t been able to do that lately because of difficulties, but I hope to get back to that after this procedure. I don’t know if you know this, Wynn, but I ran an intercessory prayer group for 23 years.

Did you? I didn’t know that.

There was already an intercessory prayer group at St. Luke’s [when I transferred there at the turn of the century]. I am the Kentucky representative for the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer. I have believed in prayer all my life and worked with it for a long, long time.

I have an immediate question. Did any of your religious friends know how weird you are on the side?

Yes. I have always lived my life really straight; I’ve lived as transparently as possible. It wasn’t that I proactively come out with it but those that were close to me, of course, knew what I was doing besides singing in the choir at church. Fortunately, I never had any problems with people feeling that it was not something that I should be doing, to do the channeling.

I would point out that it doesn’t really matter what your service is, as opposed to what your belief system is. Remember that Jesus was an Essene, or a Jew depending upon with whom you speak. And He began a whole new church. I’m not trying to begin a whole new church but the people that I care about are not the people that are in church. The people that are in church are set with lots of help. They have people to talk to in the clergy, in the laity; there are tremendous networks of help for those who are believing Christians.

It’s the people can’t do Christianity, can’t do Judaism, cannot do Allah and Mohammed and Islam, cannot do Shinto and cannot do Hinduism that are pretty much twisting in the wind. Those are the people to whom my heart really goes out. Those are my people and, if I can produce materials that are helpful to them, that is totally the blessing of my life. I really care about the people that are waking up and going, “What do I do next?”

It doesn’t really matter what your belief system is. What the Creator has for you to do may have nothing to do whatsoever, except tangentially, with your belief system. You have to go with it.

Right. Terry, are you there?

Yeah, here I am—here.

There you go. You know, Terry sometimes blows me away because she’ll sometimes be listening to the radio and the news. I don’t usually listen to the news; I do when there is something really provocative. One point of view is, why listen to this stuff when you cannot impact it? It’s going to happen anyway.

I used to get irritated with Terry for listening to the news and then we had a conversation about it and she said, “Well, this is how I find things that I should be praying for.” Why don’t you share a little bit about how prayer works for you, Terry.

What I do is, first of all, if there’s something that is going on in the world like, say, the fires. They got one in Arizona one time near Show Low or the fires that were in San Diego. I would listen to the news and see where the hotspots were and then pray for them. One night, the fire was heading to Show Low and they announced in the evening that there was no chance at all that they could save Show Low but they were really trying. They had a whole crew of men out there trying to save Show Low and to keep the fire line safe.

Show Low is a little city in Arizona right? Right. It’s probably about 300 miles from Sedona, correct?

Yeah—in Northern Arizona.

By morning they announced that the city had been saved. I was up most of the night praying for it. I get visions. I can see what’s going on, sometimes, just in my mind’s eye. I listen to the news and I get an idea of where things are needed and then I can pray. Sometimes it doesn’t change something because there’s something like, for instance, with the Japanese nuclear situation, the news has been so widespread that’s there’s so many people holding the idea of what’s going on that its really harder to change. If something can be caught early it’s easier before everybody is thinking a certain way about it. So those are some of my ideas about prayer.

Thank you. Maybe I’ll ask both of you the question and that is, since prayer is aimed towards something in your mind, do you think of a group soul when you’re praying, or do you think of the traditional idea of God? In a certain way I see that it’s all the same. Since everything is one, then when you think of a group soul it sounds like it’s a multiple, but it’s a multiple of one. Of course we’re one with one. I don’t think it makes any difference, as long as your intent is pure. Carla what do you think?

When I’m praying I’m simply conversing, but I’m conversing very intently. Sometimes I’m just praying, “Lord this is your day, and I give my will to you. What would you have me do?” Then there’s silence. I don’t get a direct answer. But, as the day unfolds, I discover what it is.

If I’m interceding for someone else I say, “Lord, I’ve got this situation. I’m concerned about it. Here is how it feels to me. I just ask for your light.”

A lot of times if I’m praying—I’ve been singing in choirs since I was four so I know the Episcopal hymnal really well—I will sing a hymn that is pointed towards that particular situation or problem.

Basically when I’m praying I know what I’m doing is basically moving light. People say, “Well, send me some light.” That is literally what prayer does. I think the angels are very much involved in the activity of prayer in this conversation. They are an agent of the Creator directly, linked with the Creator, never having been incarnate.

We are all guarded by angels. Not the archangels, not the ones that are at the top of the hierarchy. But there are lots and lots of people, and there are lots and lots of angels. When you’re in a prayerful or penitential or meditative situation, the forces around you help you to grow brighter with the infinite, loving light of the Creator which is always flowing through us. We focus it when we pray, when we set an intention and when we have a concern.

I recently ran across a story, an anecdote told by someone I respect—a guy named Frank DeMarco. I was in the midst of writing a blurb for his new book and I ran across this anecdote. He said that he had been working to get out of the body with the Monroe Institute and that he was practicing, I guess you would say, in a car. The car was going down the highway. He wasn’t driving. This is a good thing!

He saw an accident across the divide on the other side of the interstate and it was a bad one. There were ambulances there and it was obvious that people were hurt. He saw light from the passing cars going to the wreck. After he woke up and he was thinking about it he realized that those were the prayers of the people that were passing. He sent just a passing prayer to that stranger, and said, “Lord please help that person.” There is no prayer that is not answered.

There is an actual movement in the universe, in the inner realms, when we pray. We are powerful, powerful people. We just sometimes don’t realize it. When we set our intentions and we focus our desires, things happen. Sometimes the answer to a prayer is, “No,” and so people will say, “Well my prayer wasn’t answered.” Well, it was answered. You didn’t like the answer, but it was answered.

A lot of times a prayer doesn’t really have to be an intercession. It can be an expression of joy. It can be an expression of thanksgiving. There are a lot of emotions and moods to prayer. The important thing about it is that we realize that we have no control in a large portion of the things that occur around us. That is not our area of control. What happens to us, happens to us. It’s incoming! And here it comes!

Our arena of control is in how we respond. Terry’s the perfect example of this: listening to the news so that she can move right into the middle of the hotspots, not avoiding them, turning the station off; [but rather] learning all she can about them so that she knows for whom to pray. That is a beautiful example of how you can set your intention and live your life according to principles that actually make it so that you live in a heaven on earth; so that you live in your own little universe, your own little creation that you’ve created. The way you live, the way you react to things, the way you respond, makes your creation unique. It makes you a little bit different from everybody else because you have the choice over how you react.

I think that prayer is especially important right now, Wynn and Terry, because we have a fresh disaster on our hands. People are going, “Well this nuclear accident in Japan, this terrible tsunami that hit everybody and this awful earthquake—what can we do? How can we help?”

You can help. I think you can help in a couple of ways. I’m talking about prayer. I’m not talking about obvious things like sending money to the Red Cross or whatever, or of course, the [Presiding] Bishop’s Fund for World Relief, which is where [Jim and I] put [our donation] money because there are bishops on the ground there that know where the money should go. So Jim and I always donate through that. 1

First of all—prayers help. Second of all, in addition to praying, if you set in your intention that you wish your prayers to join the prayers of all the people who are concerned for this matter, you get a doubling effect. By leaning into that doubling effect you can increase the light even more, so that light just is pouring into the place that we’re concerned about right now, which would be Japan.

You can also do this for absolutely everybody that is suffering on Planet Earth. The great thing about prayer is you don’t have to say, “Okay I want you to send help to that knee, that tricky knee that is giving my poor friend such a horrible time.” You just say, “Lord, my friend needs help. Please send it.” The spirit knows where to go; you don’t have to direct prayer.

I remember one time I was praying for a young boy that had one tumor after another that just started showing up in his brain. I was praying and I got an impression of massive light. The next day my friend called me in tears, the Mom, and she said, “There’s nothing wrong with my son.” She said, “First of all he was in the MRI taking one test, one last test, so the surgeons would know precisely where to cut to get these tumors out of the brain.” She said the [MRI] showed complete white light. There was nothing on the film but white light. So they took it again and there were no tumors. That’s how powerful the light of prayer is.

That’s beautiful.

How much time was between the first time they took it and the second?

Just minutes.

Minutes. So it disappeared in minutes.

If you’ve ever had an MRI scan you know that things don’t happen quickly. They have to set up this massive machine. So it was probably ten or fifteen minutes before they could get it going again. It was an instantaneous healing.

When you were leading your prayer group, did you have a lot of phenomena like that?

Not a lot, but enough to make you realize that miracles occur. Of course they would not say they’re miracles at all. It’s just the way natural law works. So we just have to cooperate with that natural law. The natural law is that we are powerful beings and when we set our intention, it works. Energy is moved, and positive love is directed towards our concern.

I think it may help for me to say a little about getting ready to pray. You can’t always get ready to pray. Sometimes you have to pray on the fly. When I see an accident on the expressway, I always send energy to the wreck because I want them to be okay and I want everybody else on the road to be okay too.

It’s very helpful to realize that you’re working with an energy body rather than a physical body when you are praying. You’re not simply praying from a physical mind to an unknown. You’re praying from an energy body whose mind is consciousness. The consciousness is one with all other consciousness. So you’re moving into a very united, connected stance. You’re asking some of the distortions of that stance to be altered for the better for that one person.

What you need to do is work with your energy body to open it up, to relax it, clear the chakras up, clear up any concerns you may have over sexuality, survival, relationships, work, marriage, children or whatever. Let it all fall away. Realize that you are an instrument and you are asking this instrument to vibrate with some love and connect. You’re basically moving your consciousness from the very beginnings of sexuality and survival up through the chakras, up through relationships, up through birth family, marriage family, work—all that stuff—moving up through communication right into the brow chakra.

Once you get your heart open you can use these higher chakras, you see. If you have an open heart and an open energy body and then you reach up through the gateway to intelligent infinity and you say, “Help please, I need some help here!” You express your concern. Then you let it go. What is going to pour through you is the response to that prayer. It’s going to pour through you. It’s going to pour through the person for whom you are praying.

It’s not infringement on free will at all because the energy would never go where it is not asked for, [or where] it is not accepted. It only goes where it is needed. You don’t have to worry that you’re infringing on somebody’s free will. You don’t have to ask for permission to pray for somebody. You can just go ahead and pray.

That’s very well said.

I don’t know if you know this, but every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. we do a ‘grid healing. We actually do that. We do exactly what you just said—well, not exactly but close to it. We bring the energy up through the heart and then up through the higher chakras and up the top of the head. We make a group energy and we create intentions. Sometimes it’s just blows me away how powerful it is.

I think at one point in my life I thought about prayer. This is really the comparison that keeps coming to my mind. It would be like you’re constipated and say, “Oh help, help!” It’s not that way, it’s easy. It’s like, let it go, and ask with your high intention.

One of the things I see as a key is, how do you get into a state of high intention? How do you do that? It’s not just the asking, it’s the asking with a high intention. Terry, do you want to share your answer to that? How do you ask? How do you get into a state of high intention?

Well, there’s a differential between what is going on in some area and what I wish to have going on and what I feel is the optimum to go on for the highest good of people. There’s a big differential—like, in Libya. It’s hard to imagine the bombing and the problems going on there. There’s a huge differential between the intentions of the people over there. I can feel the prayers of different people which then can weigh the accumulative intention in a certain direction. When that direction is for the highest good, then the higher forces—the Elohim—can come in. It’s easier to make the connections between all the people’s intentions for peace and any other things going on that’s against peace.

The ultimate outcome can be changed, including the free will of everybody, by not taking advantage of the people or eliminating their free will by, in some respects, showing them how many people are projecting themselves towards peace or praying towards peace. There can be a more overriding view, including the Elohim and all the people praying for peace. Then their light can combine and can make a greater statement towards peace which can affect the situation.

It starts with an intention, a desire, and a hope in a certain direction. And then other people who have that similar intention—can merge together with [yours] their desire for peace, say, and it increases the strength of the position towards peace, which can be felt. [This increase] creates a shift within the consensus reality. It’s a little bit more of a cosmic view. An individual might not see all of the other parties that are praying for peace, but they can just put forth their fervent hope, their fervent desire, and it all counts together. It’s all heard.

Like Carla said about people driving by and the lights going to the car that had the wreck, people prayed and send their energy to the people in the car. The more of those that happen, [the more]it changes consensus reality. And individuals get it. All that is gets it, and it helps shift the outcomes. So, those are my comments.

Question, Terry. Obviously we’ve been talking to the Elohim. Were you praying and asking questions and learning how they operate and seeing some little miraculous things prior to our doing that? Did you tend to pray?

Yes. I would just simply pray.

The old-fashioned way?

Oh, did I pray in the old-fashioned way?

Like, you say, “Dear God, please help this …”?

When I was a kid I used to say my prayers. I would pray in the more standard, traditional way. I would hold the Bible and pray. I felt sometimes there were answers and sometimes like I had the veil over me and I couldn’t really tell. I couldn’t hear the answers all the time. Every now and then I would hear the answers, but when I grew more and learned how to open up, then I got more connected with the surroundings and I could hear more answers.

Thanks. Let’s see what time it is now—we have about six minutes. What I would like to do, if you guys will go along, [is pray together]. We have a few hundred people who listen to these calls. I know that all of them have something that they’d like to shift or heal, or they’d like their husband to heal. We also have Japan that’s in a fragile state. Maybe we can actually do some prayers for the next six minutes. In particular, I just want to have a little prayer for Carla and her operation and her health. Is that okay with you guys?



One thing I’d like to say before we finish the discussion and go into the actual prayer—beyond all of the prayers that you talk about, there is a prayer that I think is the central prayer and that’s when you realize that your life can be a prayer, so that you pray without ceasing and you’re constantly bringing yourself back to that tuning, that focus that is the state of prayer. I think that when you get hold of that idea and you work with it you find that you impact your life tremendously for the better.

I absolutely agree.

You know you’re doing it. You can keep all that to yourself and just let the energy flow.

You know if I was going to put that in my words, I would say, “What happens is, [as] a person learns to connect their hologram up to source and they hold that there, wherever they go they’re changing the vibration on this planet. They’re just holding the space of source down through the realms and their body is anchoring it and radiating it and other people feel it.” That’s my way of talking.

Of course, if you think something while you’re in that space, every thought you think is part of that flow and you’re helping to re-enforce that flow in its impact on everything around you.

Do you want to comment on that? You don’t have to, but before we go into our praying-mode?

I would like to say that we are really like cosmic beings. We’re beings that are really from the other side. So this whole Earth experience isn’t the final word. The outcomes in the physical realm are not the final outcomes for each and every one of the individuals on this Earth, and the animals, and life. There is a higher order and a higher sense and a higher growth pattern. We need to visualize life [on Earth] as just one chapter in our journeys. I just wanted to say that.

Thank you. You know what I want to say? I want to say, “Terry, this is the first time that we’ve had Carla on that you’ve talked as much as Carla. Congratulations!” Between your shyness and Carla’s talkativeness somehow we’ve crossed a new barrier today successfully.

Praise the Lord.

I’m talking more!

We have about three minutes. Carla, why don’t you lead a prayer for Japan and the healing in Japan.

All right.

Then I’ll have Terry lead a prayer for all the people listening and help them shift whatever they want shifted. Then, I’ll lead a prayer for Carla’s healing. We only have three minutes so we have to do quick prayers or we’re going to cut short. Go ahead, Carla.

Creator, we offer you the situation in Japan. We offer you the people suffering. We offer you the incredible courage and dedication and the sacrificial nature of the people who are working to contain the nuclear problem with the reactors that are at risk. We offer you the hearts of all the people. We offer you the fears of all the people around the world who are concerned about radiation. Put this up, Lord. Put this into the light and help us to know that all is well. Help us to gather our energies and send forth our good intentions, our deep love and affection for our fellow beings and the tribe of humankind. Be with us. Let [the Japanese at risk] know that they are not alone. Let them know there are friends here and friends in the unseen world.

Thank you. Terry?


You’re going to do the prayer for all the people who are listening for all the things they want and need and help them focus their intention for the highest good they can bring those things in.

Creator, we offer you the prayers, the desires for healing, the hopes of each and every individual who is listening or reading the transcript that these prayers be heard and open communication be experienced and that the individuals may know that their prayers are being heard and the individuals may receive the sense that all is well and that they are cared for and they are loved and they are not alone.

Thank you; I’m going to do this fast right now, fast but powerful. I’d like to ask all of you who are listening on this line and all of our sources right back to original creation to beam in for the highest good of Carla’s physical body, and that anything that can be lifted to free her, to heal her be done right now. And, that everything from now until her operation is on a steady flow of release and healing.

And on that note, we’ll take a moment to anchor all of our prayers. And we’ll say goodbye to you!

And thank you, Seth or Doug, for not cutting us off—it’s 6:53. And thank you, Carla, for being here tonight. Thank you Terry. We’ll see you next time.

  1. A good link to this massive Anglican/Episcopal charity effort is