Wynn, Terry and Carla swap paranormal stories.

Welcome everybody, this is Wynn Free. This is Monday, January 17, 2011 and this is our internet live broadcast on BBS Radio. We do this every week. We have different formats, depending on different factors, except on the third Monday we have a standard format. We have Carla Rueckert on as our guest, with Terry Brown, who is no longer a guest, she’s a host. Carla, are you there?

I am there. Hello, Wynn. How are you?

Fine, thank you. Terry, are you there?

I’m here.

I picked a topic and I didn’t run it by Carla, so she may say, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ Did you have a nice holiday, Carla?

I had a couple of splendid holidays; very quiet and intimate and family and very pleasant. For New Year’s Eve we talked on the air. We did a question-and-answer show for L&L Research. It was not party night for me; it was shared with my people.

Were you channeling or answering from your conscious mind?

I was answering questions [from my own conscious mind]. We do this every week and Monica and I talked about [whether to do] it. She’s the one who is the moderator for that and also for our forum on www.bring4th.org. She said, ‘You know, I really need Christmas Eve, but I’m not doing anything for New Year’s. What about you?’ I said, ‘We try to stay off the streets.’ She said ‘Let’s do a show, then.’ That’s what I did for New Year’s Eve; I just hung out with my seekers.

When I was in high school I had one of my few car accidents on New Year’s Eve. Some drunk driver came head-on and clipped me. I’ve tried not to go out on New Year’s Eve since that time.

Did you have something special happen on Saturday?

Saturday—it was special, Wynn. It surprised both Jim and me, but a whole bunch of people from all over the globe wrote in thank-you notes on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our first Ra session and it was just the most moving thing. I haven’t finished reading them all yet. It just lifts you up so much to know that you’ve made a difference. Everybody hopes in their life that they get a chance to serve, a chance to make a difference. I’ve got a big, thick scrapbook of people that wrote in and said, ‘You made a difference and thanks a bunch’.

I am in awe.

[The letter I wrote] was in there.

I haven’t gotten to you yet; thanks a lot.

Do you know we wouldn’t be doing this show right now, if it wasn’t for you?

[Our material] has been a wake-up call for a whole lot of people and I just feel so privileged and so humble that I was able to serve. Hopefully, I still am serving. Somebody in their thank you note said it so well, a guy named Jeremy. He said ‘It’s not just that Jim and Carla were part of the group that channeled The Law of One contact. It’s that they’re still kicking and they’re still trying to serve. That’s living the Law of One. ’ So that’s the other part of The Law of One, and that’s the part that I hope goes on for a long, long time.

I’ve got a feeling that even when you leave this realm you’ll still be kicking.

I hope I’ll be saying, ‘Alleluia, alleluia.’

I would be expecting all those people to get kicks in their heads and saying ‘Oh, there’s Carla! She’s back with the Ra group, but she’s giving us a little kick.’

I didn’t tell Terry, or I’m sure she would have put something in there, I just quickly got it out.

For those of you who are listening and are not aware of who Carla is, I don’t even know if that’s the right way, because who is anybody? It’s what Carla has done, not who she is.

I would say ‘has channeled.’

I can tell you who she was. Who she is, is whatever she does tonight. Who she was: thirty years ago, she was in a little channeling group, an experimental channeling group. The guy that was the head of the group, I believe, was also a teacher of hers in a college there. Is that correct? Am I getting that right?

He wasn’t my teacher but he was a professor. He was a professor of physics and mechanical engineering and I wasn’t a student of either. I went to his experimental ET channeling group from 1962 onwards.

1962, Carla had been experimenting with channeling from 1962 and in 1981 he asked a very sophisticated question and the voice that came through Carla said and I am paraphrasing this, ‘I am Ra. You have called on us; you need us to answer the sophisticated question. We are a social memory complex.’ Carla went unconscious; she didn’t remember anything, she said.

This was a whole new experience and for the next, I think, three years, they asked a whole series of questions of this voice that identified itself as Ra. [The Ra group], the way they explained themselves, is that they were a social memory complex, or in simple language, a group soul.

They were composed of graduates of this realm, beings that went through a period of evolution here, got off the wheel of reincarnation, continued a period of evolution in other realms and eventually teamed up to be, how many?—millions or billions, I never know.

Of what?

Of how many individual souls comprised the Ra group?

I don’t believe they ever gave a quantity to it, but when you think of how many people are on a planet, I suppose it would be billions.

Billions, okay. So the Ra group is a huge conglomerate; they have sub-councils; they have all kinds of organizations, but they don’t have bodies. They’re all operating in energy, except for the ones that have decided to come back into this realm to help that have bodies. Probably many of you who are listening might be in that category, because there are millions of Ra souls in this realm, so they say, that have bodies.

One of the circumstances of coming into this realm from a higher dimension is that once you’re here, you don’t remember that. According to her channelings, I believe the figure is, 90% get caught back up into reincarnation episodes and 10% find their way to be of service.

It’s very hard when you come in from a higher realm, obviously, to be of service down here, to know what to do and how to do it. I know that Carla’s material, her Ra material, has awakened probably tens of thousands of people on this planet that say, ‘Yes, that’s it. I am one of those people who came in from a higher realm to be here. I don’t fit unless I’m of service.’

Some of you listening are saying that to yourself and thinking, ‘That’s it!’ And it makes sense to you. That’s a very big realization, I would say, because now you understand why you don’t fit in. Prior to that you probably thought you were crazy, alienated; ‘What am I doing here? How come I’m different from all these other people?’ You may have even gotten married and tried to be normal and found out, ‘What am I doing in this marriage? How do I work this? I don’t fit. This is boring.’ Those kinds of people who have those kinds of feelings could very well be Ra souls.

Usually, if you’re a Ra soul, not only will you only have those kinds of feelings, but you will also have deep intuitive looks at people around you. I’m sure I’m a Ra soul, just for the record. I’m sure I am. I remember when I was a kid, I looked at people and I just understood them all. I said, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to meet people who really understand.’ I couldn’t engage them at the level that I was understanding them. Do you have that experience? Do you look at people and you can see deeply into them, but they won’t reveal that part of themselves, or it’s not polite or whatever?

Carla did a very heroic thing, bringing in all that information. The heroic part was that there are negative beings in other realms that do not want this information available in this realm. It actually has the power, if it was like ‘full blast out’, to liberate a lot of this realm.

When Carla started channeling this Ra group, she was attacked. She came close to dying, she was disabled. She kept doing it. She had some inkling of the amount of service that was involved in bringing this in and she didn’t back down. After a while the Ra group stopped coming in; after her partner left this realm she started channeling the Q’uo group, which didn’t leave her open to such attacks.

As I’ve gone through this experience of interdimensional communication, I experienced attacks, mostly through Daphne, who would get really attacked. When she would be with me she would channel and I started to integrate this idea that there were things in other realms that didn’t want this to happen.

Those of you who are listening, this is not like other things, and you’ve got to reach back towards it; explore it and study it. For some of you, if you do that, you will change your life path and you will change your future incarnations; I’m sure of that. But, you have to reach back. It doesn’t happen just by itself. Carla, did I say everything okay?

It was great. Thank you very much for that. I think about those days. It was a golden period in my life. Of course, as you said, I was under a ‘psychic greeting’ all the time. There are just so many stories! It was an adventure, I guess you’d say. I lost weight. I kept losing weight, until I was having trouble keeping 80 pounds on my body. Don kept begging me, ‘Just try to get up to 85’. Fortunately, I have very small bones and I never had any problems. It didn’t cause me a health problem to lose all that weight, but it was obvious that something was burning away a lot of my physicality.

In that state I was more open to infections: a sore throat became bronchitis, became a staph infection. At one point in the sessions, Don was asked by Ra if he would ask me to cough before I spoke. Don would ask the question and he would say ‘Please cough before you answer,’ because the Ra group had to get it together to get this body that they were working with to cough. There would be this pause and then a cough.

We plan to start selling the downloads of the actual sessions, as soon as we can go through all of the rigmarole that you have to do to start offering them. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into it and they want Jim and me to tell people what our memories were of each session; after the people listen to the session they’ll get Jim and me, just talking about it.

They’re going to have to edit all the coughs, right?

I don’t think so; I think they’re going to leave them on there, because the whole idea was, ‘what was it really like?’ And it was kind of funny, what it was really like when the coughing was there. At any rate it was an adventure indeed and it was quite clear early on that what the ‘greeters’ wanted was for me to leave the incarnation.

They didn’t make that; I really, really, really, wanted to do this service. Then, too, I adored Don Elkins who was the Questioner in the contact. He was just a wonderful, wonderful man and probably the single most intelligent, wisest man I have ever met in my life. I knew him well; this is not something that I’m saying because he impressed me. I lived with him for sixteen years so I know him well. You can’t say too many good things about Don Elkins.

I wanted to do [the Ra sessions] for him, because he was a melancholy man. Remember that song by the Moody Blues: ‘I’m a melancholy man, doing what I can.’ He was like that; but he was happy when he was talking to those of Ra. I wanted to see that look on his face one more time, so I always wanted to do the next session regardless of whether I was fading or if I was keeling over. Whatever was happening in the drama of the body, I just really, really wanted to do that next session.

It was a golden time for the three of us, Jim McCarty, Don Elkins and me. I pulled up the first session and just to give you an idea of what it’s like to listen to Ra. Nobody had asked a question yet; he was just saying who he was. He said:

‘Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought? Took you then thought today? What thoughts did you think today? What thoughts were part of the original Thought today? In how many of your thoughts did the creation abide? Was love contained? And was service freely given? You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns, for you have not yet completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original Thought.’

That little paragraph gives you an idea of what Ra was like. The original Thought, according to Ra, was love, the Logos. Remember how the book of The Gospel of John starts in The Bible:

‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God…’ —and so forth.

The word for ‘word’ in Greek is ‘logos’. One of the definitions of the one great original Thought that Ra offered was ‘Logos’. As far as Ra is concerned, it’s a universe of love. He’s asking us on the level of our thoughts, ‘What are you thinking? Are you thinking loving thoughts? Is love part of that thought? If not, where is the love and why don’t you go there?’ Basically the inference is just good advice. If you can move your mind to ponder thoughts of love; if you can think of love when you’re looking at the person to whom you are talking; if you can keep love in mind when there is no love in the situation and everybody is wrangling, then you bring love to the situation and you see what you can do with that. Sometimes you can’t do a thing. Sometimes you just have to sit there and love and let it all happen around you. Sometimes you can make a really big difference.

Oftentimes, I find that there’s a situation that, if I go into it and I say certain things, the whole situation turns around. The problem is, when I say those things it’s going to catalyze the situation. So the situation might not turn around, and everyone will get mad at me. Usually, that never happens but I know there’s an act of volition that I have to take, and I have to be willing to risk where the situation has settled.

Like, maybe, I don’t know if I’ve done this in particular, but sometimes people get together and there’s a social interaction and there are people who are bitching, and they’re negative and they’re complaining. They’re talking about other people.

You’re in that situation and you can feel the energy of it. Then, you walk in and say, ‘Listen, guys, if you’re going to continue talking like this, I don’t want to be here. If you want me to be here, we’ve got to change the nature of the conversation, or I’m out the door.’ That really confronts people and they might say, ‘See you later.’ You know what? I mean it. It puts it on the table so that it forces the issue.

Almost every time I’ve forced an issue, the situation has changed and people became more present; there’s more loving interaction. We start to talk about the things that they were doing or that I was doing rather than doing them. When you’re in a circumstance like this, there is no judgment when people are doing that, because it is so habitual. It is so normal that you can’t blame them for doing it. If you blame them, you’re not going to be able to put love into it.

You’ve got to open your mouth and provoke the circumstance either to move or to walk out the door. You’d be amazed how that works. You also notice how hard it is to do it, because, ‘Oh God, if I do that, this is my daughter-in-law; she’s going to be mad at me. I can’t say that to my daughter-in-law.’ You’d say, ‘I don’t want to rock the boat.’

You’d rather stay in the situation as it is where everyone just bad-mouths everyone, than to upset it. You have to have a little bit of courage to be willing to upset it and risk it. I hope I don’t get in trouble now and have all these emails coming in from people saying, ‘We did it, Wynn, and it didn’t work and now they won’t ever talk to us again’.

That’s not Terry’s style. Terry, how do you bring love to a situation?

I just carry it. At the highest frequencies it’s just really pure. If everything falls apart I just go there and spread it out, just like drawing down a drape or putting it over it, or like sending it and waiting until things cool down.

The amazing thing about Terry is, I’ve watched her and there could be a bunch of people doing the kind of conversation that I just described, where they’re just talking about people and complaining about people. Terry would probably never do what I just suggested. Somehow, she sits in that situation.

I’ve watched the situation kind of like flow out of where it was to a new place because Terry has the ability to—how can I say this? I’ve been using this analogy of water and rock, where water wins when it comes up against a rock—and if you just gently flow around it, you get on the other side, as opposed to bumping your nose into it and confronting it. Terry seems to be able to put all these fuzzy little angelic things around the rocks and they just go ‘poof’, and disappear.

It’s not really fuzzy, Wynn. She’s holding the truth, she’s holding the light. It goes through and it’s like a lighthouse for everybody and they go on to that light.

Right. Everyone has their different style, but the question for everyone is, ‘How do you move the situation from where it is to love? How do you that?’ If you keep asking that question, something inside you will give you an answer and suddenly it’ll work. You’ll transform all those difficult situations into loving circumstances.

Or, you’ll leave them, if you can. There’s no reason to hang out in a circumstance that’s not loving. Actually, I won’t say there’s NO reason. There could be a reason. Somebody could be paying the rent and you have to get along with them or you’re going to be homeless. That’s a reason; I’m not saying you should risk that.

Nonetheless, I had a topic tonight and the topic was: ‘Miracles and Phenomena’. One of the things I have observed is that when you’re involved with what we call multi-dimensional consciousness, things happen in this realm that wouldn’t happen or couldn’t happen without that multidimensional connection.

The way I’ve come to understand it, is this realm is built from other dimensions, except we can’t see them. Mostly this realm is working by the laws of this dimension. But, when you start bringing in dimensional frequencies from other realms, you add a whole new realm of possibilities to the mix.

I remember in one conversation with the Elohim, they said, ‘You see it as a miracle, but to us it’s not a miracle. We just think it and it happens.’ When you start connecting with these guys – and connecting doesn’t mean you have to channel. It could mean you come to these Conference Calls and you can feel the frequency of the Calls; there is a frequency on these Calls. These sources are actually energetic. I’ve learned this over time, I’m pretty sure of this conclusion: that those sources are paying attention to these calls.

Their frequency is here in the spaces. If you keep coming into these calls, you start getting into those frequencies. As you get into those frequencies, you start to have the potential to recreate things in the physical through the flowing-in of frequencies from other dimensions.

Of course, when you even think of the possibility of this, if you want to engage positive group souls, you have to do things for the highest good of all concerned, It has to be of very high intent and not violate free will. Beyond that, magic can happen here. I’ve had a lot of magic; Carla’s had magic; Terry’s had magic. Everybody wants magic. It’s my hope that if we share a little bit of our magic, the potentials for that might rub off on other people and they’ll take it home and find their own way of connecting with the frequencies that can transform their lives and even transform this planet.

That was my topic. So, Carla, is that okay with you?

That’s fine.

I am sure lots of things [have] happened, and I don’t know them all, in your life. I remember reading this amazing story of Don Elkins flying a plane, I believe, and Uri Geller fixing his plane from the ground.

That’s right. I was there. It happened.

Why don’t you share that story? In terms of miracles—was that before you started channeling Ra?

Yes. It was in 1975. That year we were asked to go to the Fort Smith conference of, I believe, it was MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, or it could have been Association for Paranormal Research. One of those two UFO groups was having an annual meeting. It was a big 300-to-400 person meeting, and Don and I had been asked to be consultants on a movie called The Force Beyond. After Don saw the last cut of it, he changed the title to The Farce Beyond. But I digress.

We went to Fort Smith in a ‘Baron’, it’s a high-end [private, non-jet] plane; it’s sort of like taking a Cadillac. Don rented one, because we had Morris Hoagland and we had Elizabeth Hoagland with us as well, and me and Don. We needed the four seats.

Did you say ‘Hoagland’? Connected to Richard Hoagland?

It’s no relation, [they are of] the Kentucky Hoaglands. They were with us. We had done the shooting that we intended to do at Fort Smith and we were on our way home. It was icing badly, the windshield was completely covered. We were in a zero-visibility condition; we could not see out of the airplane. Then, the ‘horizon’ failed. When the horizon fails, you don’t know whether you’re straight in the air or whether you’re tilting to one side or the other until you fall off of one wing. We’d fall off of one wing and then Don was able to recover and get straight again until the next time we fell off to one side. We couldn’t see out, you see. It was a terrifying thing. It was completely dark; it was very cold; it was raining; it was thundering. Don was doing his very best to keep us in the air, what he was concerned about was running into something, a tower or even a very high hill, because we weren’t that far from Evansville, Indiana. It’s a university town, there’s a lot of radio tower activity there. It was a tense moment.

All of a sudden, the horizon started working perfectly. Of course, the horizon [normally] never starts up again. A horizon is like a toy top. You spin it, it spins and if it goes down it doesn’t pick itself up and start spinning again; that’s the way a gyroscopic horizon works. It was a miracle that it started working again. And Don didn’t trust it so he put us down in Evansville and we stayed the night and came home the next day. However, the horizon continued working perfectly and they could find nothing wrong with it. It had been out for a solid half hour before it came back on.

About a month later, Don was ‘deadheading’ to Los Angeles to pick up a flight. He was an airline pilot; that was his day job. He worked for Eastern Airlines; he was a captain of a 747, a very good pilot. He had to get to work, so he was deadheading to pick up an airplane and start his working day the next day in Los Angeles. He was coming from Atlanta. He found out that Uri was going out there too so he made arrangements to deadhead out on that flight. He was a little early so he had some time. He wanted to talk to Uri. They were good friends at the time.

Don was talking to him and he told him this story and Uri said, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute!’ Don was sitting on one of two hotel beds in the hotel room where Uri was staying. Uri says, ‘It’s a manila folder; look! It’s on that bed right by you. Pick it up.’

Don picks up a manila folder, he opens it up and there is Uri’s writing: ‘horizon went out?’ He had felt the energy move through him at precisely the time—he dated it and timed it—it was precisely the day and precisely the time when we were in extremis in the air, falling over our wings, and Don just getting us back up by his great skill as a pilot. Uri said, ‘I think I fixed your horizon.’ I think he did too. We were mighty grateful.

By the way, if you don’t know who Uri Geller is, in the 60’s, I believe, the 60’s or 70’s, he was the first guy…

Uri, [the book], came out in 1974.

1974? He was the first guy who was bending spoons publicly, bending spoons and forks on TV with all the major shows. He would even tell people to take their broken wristwatches or broken alarm clocks and put them on the television and he would fix them. Remember that?

Oh, yes, I remember that. The only time he had difficulty doing those things was when he was in the presence of scientists who were very skeptical, of course. But even under those situations, he was able to manifest enough demonstrative ability that he worried the government greatly. He really did.

He was doing something at Stanford University and there were classified research projects in the same building, a couple of floors over him and a couple of floors below him. He had no idea, but the energy that he was putting out when they were doing the tests on him was messing with the government tests.

Of course, it was inadvertent on his part, but it got the government very, very suspicious and the poor guy was shadowed for years; I doubt that they’re doing it any more, but they certainly were then. They shadowed everybody connected with Uri and with Andrija Puharich; Don was also a very good friend of Andrija’s.

It was kind of hairy for us there for a couple of years, because we were bugged so much; our telephones were bugged so much that it was difficult getting a call out. I’d just pick up the phone and I’d say, ‘Okay guys, I’m calling my mom and I’d like to apologize ahead of time. It’s really going to be boring, but I need to call my mom, so would you please give me a line?’ Then I’d get a line; it was that obvious.

The thing that really baffled them the most was, one day I had a friend come over while we were being so incredibly bugged and I was telling this guy the story. I did not know this, but he had just taken an elephant dose of LSD, which he was prone to do in those days. These were the days before he became a psychologist so that he could help the people that he used to be.

Ralph found out that the CIA was on the line and so he picks up the phone and he starts rattling off numbers and words at random, and you could not do this if you were in your normal state of mind, but he was very much free from all moorings and his brain was sagging greatly in the middle. He just, for probably five minutes, rattled off: ‘five, telephone, computer, blankets, six, seven, bowl, smaller, bowl, book’; I’m doing it, because I’m looking at things and naming them. He wasn’t looking at anything, he was just off. We had a whole lot of activity around the house after that. I’m sure that they’re still trying to figure out that code.

On the story of Uri Geller, there was a little question mark on the story. The question was: Uri obviously had awareness of this plane that Don was flying, but he didn’t know it was Don, did he?

He didn’t know it was Don and he wasn’t even absolutely sure it was an airplane. He could just feel the energy going through him and it felt like he was fixing a horizon; he just got the impression that the energy was fixing a horizon, so that’s what he wrote down on this manila folder.

I see.

He was not entirely in control of his gifts and they sometimes scared him, especially when he would heal. He didn’t like to do that, he didn’t like anybody to talk about it but he could heal you.

Gene Roddenberry was riding with him on the airplane one time. Uri found that he had burned his hand badly and so Uri just put his hand over Gene’s hand and held it there for a minute. All the pain was gone and you could almost not even see a scar; you couldn’t see the blisters or anything. It was fading from red to pink to nothing.

Uri said, ‘Please don’t talk about this to anybody.’ You know, Gene Roddenberry was in a very nosy business; he was in show business and TV. If he started talking about Uri healing his hand it would have been even worse for Uri than it was.

When these things happen to you, when you get a gift like that, you’re not in control of the gift. It’s a gift, but at the same time it’s sort of running through your system. That’s something that I wanted to say about miracles and phenomena.

The reason that we can be magic, the reason that you can be magic, the reason that everyone can be magic, is that we are this unique being that is completely in space-time, completely in the world of matter and weight and mass and physics as we know it and we have this energy body that lives within us while we are incarnate.

That is the vehicle in which our soul stream moves into this physical vehicle. It’s hooked there by something called a ‘silver cord’ in spiritualist terms. The silver cord hooks this energy body right along the spine and this energy body, with all the chakras – you’ve heard about the chakra; they are present in space-time, but that’s the time-space part of us. That’s the magical part of us; that is the energetic part of us. The energy is much more real than the mass, the weight, the physics and all that.

When we are free enough of our self-definitions as a limited being to use our energy and to use it with great intensity and pure intention, wonderful things happen. You’ve heard all kinds of stories about how a mom finds out her son is under a car, so she picks up the front bumper. Mom could never, in a million years, pick up the front bumper, but because it’s her baby under there she gets it up and gets him out. You hear stories like this all the time.

You know the story of my sister, right?

Yes. Why don’t you tell that one?

I’ll tell it really fast. I’ve told it so much and there are newer stories, but that was the first story that happened to me that got my attention. The Elohim—I had asked about my sister in 2002. My sister had lupus. I asked them, ‘Can you tell me something I can share with my sister about her lupus that would help her?’ They said that in three months she was going to face a decision where she was going to choose whether to live or to die. I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s not the answer that I wanted to hear.’

Almost three months to the day, I get a call from my brother-in-law. He tells me my sister is going into the hospital, and she had this serious cancer and they aren’t sure she was going to survive. Then we did a channeling and I said, ‘Excuse me, can you guys help?’ They said they could. The next thing I get is a phone call from my brother-in-law that my sister is alive and that she survived the operation.

At this time, I was about four months into these communications and I didn’t believe that they were real. Daphne was tapping me and saying, ‘Those guys want to talk to you again.’ They’d just say, ‘Ask us questions.’ They tell me they’re the Elohim and they created the physical universe. There’s no way I believed that. But they didn’t ask anything of me other than to ask questions, so I just asked questions.

Now, a few weeks after my sister’s cancer went away, I get another phone call from my brother-in-law where he says, ‘Her lupus disappeared.’ She had to go in for tests to see if the cancer had come back, and the nurse said, ‘There’s no cancer, and there’s no lupus.’

And they kept testing her and there was no lupus. The nurse said, ‘This can’t happen, because lupus never disappears from a test.’ Now I go back in a channeling and I say, ‘How did you guys do that?’ They said, ‘It was like putting a filter in her blood and taking the lupus out.’ That knocked me for a loop.

Imagine there’s an intelligence in another dimension, that’s maybe at the beginning of all dimensions. If you believe what they say, they can project energy through all the sacred geometries, everything, and move right into my sister’s blood and take a pathogen out. That was incredible. My sister is still alive. She didn’t really get healthy. She still had a lot of things wrong with her, but her lupus disappeared and her life has served a purpose since that time.

Terry, as usual, you’re sitting in the back and sending us your angelic vibrations.

I was thinking, when people are in the situation you mentioned earlier, when people are talking and you just don’t judge anything they’re saying, but you just put love/light in, then it can dissolve some of the chitter-chatter. It takes non-judgment, just loving them and getting them where they’re at. Those are my thoughts.

The stories about Uri Geller are fascinating. I love stories like how he fixed the horizon. I had the story the other way around.

We might continue this topic for our next talk, Carla. I think that when you talk about these phenomena, it gives people a kind of hope. I think so many people are jaded; they don’t believe this can happen. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have believed it could happen.

There’s something you can learn from this: there’s a way to project intention. One of the things about learning how is, you have to be very careful. I don’t know if we should talk about that or not. That could cause people to start trying to use the power of intention in a negative way or a self-serving way. The way dimensions integrate and the way they blend so that we can access the creational part of our energy body that gives us the opportunity to change circumstances in the physical at hyper-speed; that’s the potential. It’s a matter of slipping out of the consensus energy that everyone’s clamped down under. Carla, are you there?


It’s 7:50. We probably can be on for another minute. Why don’t we take a moment and hold the space for everyone that’s listening? If you’re listening and you’re feeling an uplifted energy and we’re quiet for a little bit, why don’t you put your request, remembering the highest good of all concerned and not violating free will. Insert your request into the higher dimensions for something that you would like to transform in your life or for someone you care about, or even for the planet. Is that okay with you, Carla?

That sounds like a lovely idea.

Terry, is that okay?


Right now we’re just going to ask each of us to expand to the greatest and the highest of our potential; to feel the energies of the connection with the higher realms. When you feel that space, I want you to think with your highest thought, with your strongest intention, of the transformation you’d like, remembering the highest good of all concerned and free will. Do it right now; we’ll leave about thirty seconds for you to plant that seed.


All right, it’s 7:52. Thank you, everybody who is on the conference call. Let’s all say goodbye to BBS listeners together 1, 2, 3:

[Wynn un-mutes everyone's microphones so all can talk on the air and be heard.]

Goodnight! Goodbye. Goodnight! Thank you.

Thanks for being here tonight, Carla. Her website: www.llresearch.org. She has loads of her channelings up on her website. If you like the expanded space, read her channelings, it helps you hold that space. If you want to know more about my work, Terry’s work and Daphne’s work [the link is] www.intelligent-infinity.net. We’ll see Carla in a month and we’ll see some of you on Wednesday when you submit your questions to .