Theme of the Opening Riff: 2012

Hi, everyone. This is Monica Leal, welcoming you to the L/L Research radio program, In the Now: Q and A with Carla L. Rueckert. Today is Friday, January 27, 2012. Carla L. Rueckert is an author, mystic, seeker and primary channel for L/L Research, and I am the head moderator of the Bring4th Forums at I will be asking Carla questions that come from you. If you’d like to ask Carla questions live on the air, please call 347-884-8770 and press the “1” key when prompted. Again, that number is 347-884-8770. Or you can join the chat room on the web page for In the Now at

When submitting questions, please remember that this is an L/L Research Q and A. Please try to keep your questions as spiritually oriented as possible. We are actually back after almost a year of being off the air because Carla has had a surgery and a rather difficult time recuperating from that. Carla, are you with us?

I am with you. It is so good to be here, Monica!

It is so good to hear your voice and just to be back on the air. I know it has been a rough time for you since the surgery, and everybody has been so concerned about you. Everyone has been praying for you, and asking about you on the forums. And I am sure the first thing everybody wants to know is how you are doing now.

Well, I am doing just fine. I’m not going to tell anybody that it is not challenging in its way. It certainly is, but when you consider that when I walk, I go out and I try to walk my laps and keep the spirit moving, even when the flesh is weak, I have so many cards everywhere that we ran out of places in the house to put them. I would walk laps around the house, and going from the kitchen into the living room, from the living room into the hall, from the hall into the kitchen, etc., around and around. Every door frame was so full of cards that we ran out of places to hang them. Eventually we had to take the first ones down so we could hang up more. It is just incredible how much support there is; how many prayers; how much absent healing.

And really, if you think about it, for someone who is spiritually oriented, you know it is not a mistake. You know that you are not being punished for anything. You know that it is not some kind [occasion for] New Age guilt. You have been offered a gift of quiet time. I really took it as such, and I said, “Okay, Spirit. What is the gift that this quiet time has in its pocket for me?”

And I have had very intense inner seeking because I realized what the gift was: time, simply time: time to affirm who I am and what my work is. Time to stand and hold the light, when I could do nothing else except hold the light. I have said to people all of my life, “Don’t pay attention to my channeling. Pay attention to my being. It is not doing. It is being.”

Well, this was my chance to express that this was where the rubber hit the road, and it has felt really good. I’m certainly a fool and an idiot and I fall off of the wagon every day. At least every fifteen minutes! But in general, I basically have been spending this time counting my blessings.

It has been difficult. There is a lot of discomfort involved in the recovery. I came home from the hospital with five infections that I did not go in there with, and it’s not the operation itself, which was on my lower spine and has been a success. I am still walking, and it looks to me like that nerve problem that was going to put me in a wheelchair has been reined in, and I will continue to be able to walk. That is what the operation was all about.

It is the infections [and failing drains]. They simply could never successfully close the wound. So it was like every six weeks, I would be back in the hospital for another [debridement] procedure, and another drain, and then that wouldn’t work either and I’d be back for another debridement. Eventually they got the idea of putting me on something called a “wound vac.” And this is a piece of technology that has been used most notably, I think, for people with Caesarean sections that have trouble healing because the floor of the pelvis area is a complicated place for a woman, and a lot of things happen there. It is very easy to get infections there and so the wound vac places a negative vacuum on the wound. You don’t close it. You clean it. You do everything that is necessary to it and then you sort of shrink wrap it and place this negative vacuum over it, and at the corner of everything there is a pump. The pump pulls away all of the infection, all of the liquid, all of the serum, all of the things that are coming off of the wound, and it just pulls it away and pulls it away, and it is very slow, but it is very safe. It is steady and it has worked beautifully on me.

So my wound is beginning to get smaller and I am beginning to think…You know I said last year, I will heal with the spring time. Well, I just had the particular year wrong. I’ll heal with this springtime. I’ll bloom with this summer’s flowers, and I am very, very grateful to those people who made this [wound vac] thing up, although I never thought that medicine would be a matter of plastic patch kits and shrink wrap. It is just that is the way it is, and it’s what saved me, and I am just so grateful to have come through everything, and to be more and more back living a normal life, and getting back to some of that outer work. I tell people, “Don’t pay any attention to [the slow recovery]. Just pay attention to the fact that I stand here, and that I hold the light in my being.” And I still think that that is true. I think that when all is said and done, if people can say, you know, “Well, you know she really did,” I’ll be happy.

Because it is not what you do. It is how you are. You have the choice. And that choice for me is love. So I am back here [on the air], talking about it. It is so good to be here.

Wonderful. Well, you know you look around and just about everybody we know is either going through some sort of physical challenge or they have a loved one that is. There are just so many physical health issues going on right now, and presumably because we do have increased catalyst right now. I am sure that everything you just shared is going to be very helpful to those who are in the midst of some sort of physical challenge. So thank you for being so open with your own struggles and sharing the lessons that you have learned from that. I think that is really wonderful.

Okay, we are going to start tonight’s show with a greeting from one of our members at bring4th named Plenum, who is one of the people who is concerned about you and this is just a quick comment that he made. “Dear Carla, I don’t have a question as such, but I just wanted to wish you all the best on your recovery. I also wanted to thank you for all of the work that you have done in the last thirty-plus years. It is spiritual nourishment for those who don’t have the particular skill of channeling. Many thanks from Plenum.”

What a beautiful message. That is wonderful. Thank you so much for these kind words. And as I said, every day our people write in. Some of them don’t know anything about what is going on with me personally, but they run onto our site and they go, “Oh my heavens.”

I have found where I love to be; where I can actually cope. This is home and that is why we are here. We are at this pop stand because people let us know that we are on the right track. My husband and I are two of the three people that began this L/L Research, and we will be here as long as we are alive and enjoying ourselves here. And we’ll turn out the lights when we leave! Because we are going to stay here for every single instant of this fascinating time.

Monica. Okay. Well we are so glad you’re here.

Yeah, I am too. I have wanted to come back.

Some people have written and are so concerned about 2012 and so I thought, well let’s start with that. You know we always start with a “quote” and then I talk a little bit, so let’s start with a quote about this very interesting subject.

I am going to read that quote, but just briefly, before I do, I need to make a quick correction to the phone number I gave earlier. Apparently blogtalkradio has changed the guest call-in number since we last had our show and so everyone can just disregard the number I gave earlier. The new number to call in to ask your questions live is 646-595-2294. That is, 646-595-2294. And be sure and press the “1” key so that we know you want to be live on the show. Or you can just listen, if you’d rather not [ask anything]. Okay, our quote for tonight is from Ra, from Session 40.8:

Then what will be the time of transition on this planet from third to fourth density?

I am Ra: This is difficult to estimate due to the uncharacteristic anomalies of this transition. There are this space/time nexus beings incarnate, which have begun fourth density work. However, the third density climate of planetary consciousness is retarding the process. At this particular nexus, the possibility/probability vortices indicate somewhere between 100 and 700 of your years as transition period. This cannot be accurate due to the volatility of your peoples at this space/time.

Has the vibration of the photon increased in frequency already?

I am Ra: This is correct.

Okay. A couple of comments before we begin because there are some terms there that are head scratchers. One, the concept of densities, where supposedly according to the Confederation material we are in third density, the yellow-ray, as they call it, the true-color yellow-ray density. We are transitioning at this point into fourth density, which is the Density of Love and Understanding, in the Confederation scheme of things. It is the true-color green-ray density. They are talking about the shift of the ages, as it has been called. They are talking about that predicted event to which people give different dates, depending upon what person they believe is the most accurate in talking about Jesus the Christ’s prophecy or talking about the prophecy of Mayans based on the Mayan calendar.

One often bruited about as the date [of this shift] is the winter solstice of 2012. We have heard 2011. We have heard quite a few different dates [in 2012], but whatever that basic time is, it is shifting.

In terms of astrology, it is shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Now that is the density thing. We are moving from the Density of Choice, [or third density], as the Confederation calls it, to the Density of Love and Understanding [or fourth density].

Now there are, Ra says, at this space/time nexus, people who have begun fourth-density work. In other words, they are ready to move on. The planet is certainly ready to move on, so the Ra group says. Well, because of the fact that the planetary population is having a very hard time coming up to the vibrational level of [the Density of] Love and Understanding, there is an in-between transition period that may be be 100 to 700 of your years long.

The confusion usually centers around the fact that the planet and its people are changing from the Density of Choice to the Density of Love. The planet doesn’t have a choice about when it happens. It happens, whether it is the winter solstice of 2012 or what precise time it happens. As far as the Ra group is concerned, it has happened because they say that has the vibration of the photon increased in frequency already. Don asks this, and Ra says, mildly, “This is correct.”

The photon is that unit of light that makes up space/time. Everything is made of light in the space/time world and that unit of light has changed from third-density to fourth-density light. So the planet has gone and left us behind! But we don’t have to be left behind. What we need to do, you see, is what we can do, and what we are called to do. What we can do and what we are called to do is to live by fourth-density values.

The Ra group of the Confederation talks a lot about fourth-density values: love, understanding, unity and compassion. It’s not difficult to figure out what the fourth-density focus is. The fourth-density focus is one where everything is now, nothing is hidden, and everything is forgiven.

Now it is very difficult for people to forgive. And the hardest person in the world to forgive is the self. So people are having a great deal of difficulty with self-forgiveness. What needs to happen at this moment is for people to let un-forgiveness go.

Knowing the self means realizing that you have thoughts that are in the shadow side [of the personality]. In fact we have 360 degrees of personality. We have a big shadow side. We are everything. “You are everything, every person, every emotion,” the Ra group says over and over. We have those [characteristics]. We choose among the things that we have as resources of our personality and use those things that we feel best express, for us, our belief system. And

So we choose to react to those things that occur to us, to the situations that happen, to the relationships and the things that happen within those relationships, with love and understanding; with forgiveness, forgiving not just the other person when there is something wrong but forgiving the self also. When there is something [that goes wrong in a relationship with another, we feel] we must change this, and change ourselves, perhaps. But, you know, we are human. This is the Density of Choice. If we didn’t have all of those feelings, what would we have to choose from? It is all right that we have all of these things that are offered to us as ways to act.

Our responsibility at this time is simply to choose well the way of love and understanding. That is what we need at this point, not that process where we worry, “Oh dear, what is going to happen on the great day?” Because you see, it is not a physical event. It’s a metaphysical event. It’s not an event in the illusion. It’s an event that is beyond the illusion; that changes the way the illusion manifests. So in our latter days of third density, thoughts are beginning to become things, and it is not surprising that you have very good people showing up and seemingly very negatively oriented people showing up, because it is a two-way graduation.

You can graduate in service-to-others. You can graduate in service-to-self.

So that puts us into a very interesting situation where we are looking at the best of the best of those who want to grow in love-of-self and service-to-self by enslaving others and using them. And also seeing of those wonderful Mother Theresa types and those unspoken, unheard of, unsung heroes that all of us know that are service-to-others.

Watch all of that going on and let the reaction that you have be fearlessness, calm and surety because we know what is happening. We know that third-density light is waning. We know that this is probably our last incarnation here, definitely our last incarnation as a third-density person, whether wanderer or native. And if we come back here during this period of 100 to 700 years, it won’t be as a third-density entity. It will be as a fourth-density wanderer who has decided that the first thing that he wants to do as a fourth-density person is to serve the one Creator by coming back to Planet Earth and trying the best they can to heal the planet itself - to love Mother Earth, to heal the water, to heal the earth, to heal the air and to set things right. Sort of tuck everything all neat and tidy on the way out the door to fourth density.

Let’s hold that in our minds! Because I believe that we truly are at a tipping point where we can choose to live in fourth density and we can, indeed, experience that surety, that peace and that power and see how that it is not because we are in and of ourselves so terrific, but because we set our intentions to make a space in this world to allow the light of the one Creator to flow through us.

As the song says, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” One person after another, after another says, “Yes, I’m going to let my light shine. I’m going to turn to the light. I am going to let the light flow through me and I am going to be part of the lightening of Planet Earth.” And you have right there, by your intention, helped the planet. That is the work we have ahead of us right now.

Monica, I know that there is almost no end to the things that one can talk about concerning this question. Do you have any follow-ups that you would like to get to first before we go on to other questions? Anything you think people may be asking?

Yes, absolutely. There have been a lot of discussions about this very topic on the forums. There seems to be a lot of concern and confusion among our members regarding the harvest. I don’t have all the quotes at my finger tips, but there are some threads in the harvest section of our forums, if anyone wishes to pursue those in more depth. People are asking questions and bringing up quotes from Ra such as the one saying that we will be in 4D in thirty years. That date was supposedly November of 2011 1, and there is some question about it being 2012. You just answered that to a great degree, but I am wondering if you might clarify a little bit more about the difference between planetary harvest and individual harvest.

And secondly, there was a quote about, once the planet is 4D, that it would no longer sustain 3D life. So people were thinking, “Well wait a minute. We are still 3D beings except for those who might be a little 4D-ctivated, so how is it that we can continue to live here on this planet once the planet is 4D?”

And there is a particular quote about the physical vehicle needing to die in order to go from 3D to 4D, then there is some question about, “Well, gosh, does that mean that we are all going to have to die in the next year in order to go live in the 4D Earth, or belong to our home planet, or wherever the case may be?” There seems to be a lot of confusion about that whole thing.

Well, who would blame people for getting confused! Because the Confederation material turns what we think we know on its ear and goes 180 degree out. It says that what we think we know of as real, that we can feel, touch, see, taste, etc. is a system of illusions that is created by light, structures of light. It says that that which is far more real and less of an illusion than that is what they call time/space as opposed to space/time. Now, people can more easily distinguish the vibrations of space/time from time/space if they think about the mental brain, the intellect, the encephalon versus the brain of the heart, which is insight, knowing that can’t be proven and living by faith, that unseen and unknown which is far more real than that which is apparently seen and known.

You know the difference in yourself between the consciousness that you have when you rest in the presence of the one Creator and just say, “I’m here. This is where I want to be. I am in Your presence. Thank you so much,” and you just rest there, and then when you look at the busy mind scurrying about, trying so very, very hard to make sense of it all, and intellectualizing and rationalizing over and over forever.

It is not that I condemn the intellect. I’ve got a good one. I think it is an important thing to use. What I ask people to do is to become aware of the other mind as well: the mind that they have when they just know something; when they just know that love is the right way and that faith is not foolish; when they reach out to people in insight and they can’t prove what they see, but they realize that the person on the soul level is a completely different person than the person that is expressing at the level of the intellect.

There is so much more to us than we can rationally understand. The Confederation simply says to give yourself time to move from your head to your heart; to move from that which lives and then dies to that level at which you are a citizen of foreverness; a creature that is eternal, so that the things that really matter will matter the same in 10,000 years as they matter right now.

When you can say that a question that you have will be of the same concern to you in 10,000 years as it is now, you know that you have moved into the realm of consciousness. You have moved into that which we all hold in common, because we have completely individual minds, in terms of intellects, but we only have one consciousness. We share that in common. We are all one.

So if we are third density we are living here as our last incarnation as a single-activated third-density person. What is going to die here, what has pretty much died here now, is the light that has now failed in the third density, in the third-density sun. The [third-density] sun has pretty much gone down. We are in a fourth-density light now. Fourth density light is a light which reveals thought so that thoughts become things, and when we are working at the level of consciousness, when we are working at that time/space level, then we can claim that fourth-density beingness that is ours. There is within us [the ability] to seek and to see and to love the Creator, as we accept the fact that we are, indeed, all one; that we are all made of love and that we do share that love in common.

The confusion about why you can’t come back any more into third density, because third density won’t support you, well [it is] just like second density, which is fully here even during the true-color yellow third Density of Choice. Third density is still here during the true-color green Density of Love and Understanding. But you can’t do the same work in the Density of Love and Understanding that you can do in the Density of Choice.

I think the people who are here, the people who by seniority of vibration have earned the right to have one last incarnation here, know the truth. And as they claim that truth that we are all one, and that one thing is love, and as they begin to act as if they knew that, to behave as they are inspired to behave by Spirit, by faith, by a realization of what the heart is telling them to do and to live by fourth-density values, they do quite well.

Certainly this is not a good place to make The Choice any longer, because our thoughts will become things. And [by negative thoughts] we are killing ourselves off in droves. For instance, Ra’s Session 40 goes on to talk about healing. To talk about how anger can become cancer, because thoughts become things. And if you have not forgiven somebody and you have no realization that you need to forgive, then that can express in your body as an unwanted cell growth or cancer.

And Ra has very specifically said that it is not just the other-self that you need to forgive but also yourself. You need to forgive yourself for being human. Because now is the time to welcome the dawn of fourth density. To say, “Yeah, I’m ready to live by love,” and that I think will clear up the confusion of, “Is everything going to stop at once.”

I don’t believe it will. It’s never scared me to think, “Well, you know, I could be wrong.” Certainly you can’t prove any of this stuff. There is room for doubt in any system of revealed faith or belief, and certainly the Ra group was ambiguous at times. But I think that the simple truth is that we are as we are. We are probably in our last third-density incarnation and it is time just to grasp our lives and say, “I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to love. I am going to set down my intention to offer myself as a place where love dwells. Not because I create that love, but because I make the space for love to be within, to flow through me and out into the world.”

I make forty-nine thousand mistakes in any given year, but you can always pick yourself up and go, “Whoa. That was a mistake and I now firmly intend not to do that anymore.” And you start over. You just simply don’t get discouraged. You realize that every moment that you make that choice is a moment that you have given to the values that are most important to you, and you know that they are the moments of forgiveness and love and understanding of others.

Okay, it sounds like what I am hearing you say is that we are already in 4D light and that the whole question of whether harvest is planetary or individual is really kind of moot in a way because it is really the present moment that is important to know, and what we choose to do with the light that we are in now.

Yes, that is so true. It is impossible to prove. There will always be fundamentalists in any religion, fundamentalists even of something that is not a religion at all, but a philosophy like the Confederation philosophy is. It is that mind set of grabbing onto some [text or dogma] and saying, “This has to be literally true,” and then because of that [text or dogma] you say, “Well, we are doomed. We are just absolutely doomed. Gotterdammerung is here, the Twilight of the Gods is rollicking merrily and we won’t wake up after the winter solstice.”

I don’t think that is the way it is. I think it is a non-event in terms of physicality. I think that the planet itself has moved into a new area of space and time and that light itself is vibrating at a different rate. The photon itself has changed. Scientists are scratching their heads trying to figure out all kinds of sub-atomic particles. Because they weren’t here before, but they are here now. Because the photon has changed.

So I think it is time to let things go. People are so focused on what will happen, but the thing of it is we are eternal. We move into incarnation, out of incarnation, move back into incarnation. When we finally learn the group of lessons, we are harvested to another whole density of learning and we start that school of life all over again on a new level. And we have new lessons to learn. Of course, the lessons are much more in detail [in fourth density]. We are working more slowly, more carefully, and we are not able to make the sweeping decisions that we were able to make in the Density of Choice. When you try to make sweeping things like that happen in these last days of third density and you are not in full awareness of who you are and in full acceptance in self-forgiveness of who you are, then you find yourself in increasingly toxic situations. So I would put prime importance on knowing yourself and, above all things, accepting yourself, both your physicality, your third-density personhood as it is in this incarnation and the eternal, infinite self that is one with the one infinite Creator and part of a unity that extends in love to all densities, all entities, and all situations whatsoever.

Okay! I’d like to remind everyone that we have a new phone number for the guest call-in: 646-595-2294. You can call in and listen to the show or, if you’d like to join the show and ask a question live, please be sure to press the “1” key to let me know you’d like to ask your question and I will let you in and you can ask your question to Carla.

The next question is from Pablissimo. Pablissimo says, “Hi, Carla. Great to hear you are feeling better. We are so grateful for your work and your spirit. This is a joy to hear. I do have a question or a topic for the radio show. Could you please discuss what is the time lateral and how was it formed, in your opinion? This topic is being discussed in a recent thread on in the focus section and the thread is called “What is a time lateral?’” Pablissimo goes on to say, “It prompted me to look further into this topic and then I realized that I do not fully understand the Q’uo transcripts. I would appreciate your insights on this topic, especially regarding movement between the time lines. Thanks and love to all.”

Okay, Pablissimo, thank you for your kind words. I greatly appreciate the time lateral. It’s a marvelous story. Let me tell you about that a little bit.

You don’t find it in the Law of One material because Don died some time ago and that question was not one that he asked. The questions that he asked gave you all the basics, but the time lateral is a story that was left to those of the Q’uo group to offer. When someone asked about the fact that it seemed as though we were having more time to make fourth density here at the end of third density than was possible, the story unfolded from those of Q’uo over several different readings and in many questions after that.

It was a story of those service-to-self entities who saw an opportunity at the end of third density to use the extension of time that was the time lateral. This [extension of time] had been proposed by positively oriented helpers to give to those trying to make the decisions the absolute maximum time available to make this decision before the end of third density. And as this was granted, it was as though the space/time of our illusion shunted off the main track into a time lateral, where it took a little bit longer for time to pass, so that it was more mismatched than usual from time/space. During that time we had additional opportunities to make dramatic decisions for ourselves, to change the way we wanted to make choices.

And the service-to-self entities simply said, “Look. What if we take this time lateral and hijack it? What if we cause so much fear among the planetary population of Earth that they lose all hope and everyone is certain that all is lost? Fear will reign. Everyone will take care of himself and his people and will make sure that his family has what it needs and not worry too much about the planet as a whole, but just take of itself.”

You see people doing this at this point. People are going off and trying to create safe places where they are off the grid so that if we run out of power, they don’t run out of power. If we run out of money, they don’t run out of money, etc. There is a lot of that kind of fear, that everything is coming to an end. The economy is collapsing, etc. And there are a lot of rationales that show how things could happen very wrongly.

So, will [the service-to-self entities] succeed? No. Because we did get to a tipping point, sometime ago now. I think it was in 2007, I’m not sure. I haven’t had time to look that up and so I may not be giving you the right year. But it is possible for anybody to use the key-word “Search” function on the L/L Research site, which has all of the channeling that I have done from the Confederation on it. And, of course, the Toby Wheelock site,, has the Ra sessions not only numbered but also the questions numbered. There is a beautiful “Search” function on that so you can find out what The Ra Material said and, beyond that, what the Confederation in general said about virtually any topic by searching out the “Search” functions on and on

The basic feeling from the Confederation is that they had their go and they made a lot of people scared, but more and more people are waking up, from the grassroots level onward, and they just don’t buy it. They no longer buy the fact that there are no more good guys and that the bad guys are going to win. They don’t buy it and they are acting as if they don’t buy it. They are moving on, loving others and serving others.

I know of all kinds of beautiful people that donate their young lives to getting water to people who don’t have water in Africa. A daughter of a friend of mine, whose mother and father both, at one time, worked for National Geographic, was, as a baby, in many parts of Africa, and rode the desert on camels [in her mother’s lap]. It is quite an unusual childhood! She became aware of the desperate need for water [there] It makes the difference between life and death. In many cases you can’t just dig a well in the desert. You have to dig a borehole, which is a much more expensive thing. She has spent her young life [since college] [soliciting funds for these boreholes]. So far she has gotten thousands of dollars together to get first one borehole and now another one drilled. Now she is on her third one. She is simply tireless and people are inspired by her. And little by little, the money comes in. Possibilities are opened.

And she is by far not the only one. You see this happening time and time again, small scale, large scale. It doesn’t matter. People just say, “No. I won’t be afraid any more. I am not going to be on amber alert, or whatever. I am going to serve. I have the light to serve and [refuse to] worry about whether I am doing a good thing or about how well I am doing, but simply do the best I can

The guys that show above the radar, who have all of the power, [like] the Homeland Security people—they look so much like the German SS of World War II that it is kind of scary. [They even have] the uniforms and with the little riding pants. You kind of go, “Oh, why do they pick that?” It is just a little spooky. But when you look beyond that you realize that they’ve lost. The dragon is still thrashing its tail, but it’s walking off the stage. It has not been able to stop the time lateral from rejoining regular time. And certainly after the winter solstice of 2012 - or whatever the actual date is, we will be on the regular [time] track and the train is going to be very comfortably normal and they will have lost.

It doesn’t look like they have lost, because in our society it is exciting to watch disasters happen. As the saying goes, “If it bleeds, it leads.” But that is not what is actually happening at the spiritual level. At the spiritual level, the tipping point has been passed and that time lateral is closing, I am very happy to say.

All of the readings report that, as we ask again, “How are we doing now?” It is closing and just like the wound-vac on my back, it is taking the poison away, harmlessly, and it will be no more. So we just need to realize that that is a marvelous story, but a story that has an ending and the ending is that we all live happily ever after.

Just so I can have it clear in my head and hopefully the person that asked this question [can too], I am envisioning the time lateral like an alternate timeline, what people would call an alternate time line on which the negative entities think they are in control. When the time lateral rejoins the main timeline, then I would assume the negative entities would have no more [opportunity for] control Am I understanding you correctly?

Yes. It is one of those things where those who are service to others thought of a way to make things happen more easily for people, to try to give more resources to those who were trying to make the Choice, so they went before the Council of Saturn and asked if they could create a time lateral to give people more subjective time.

In other words, there would be more dramatic ways that people would come to realize and see as if an epiphany or vision that it was time to make a choice and the choice was for Love. And so there [has been] an additional intensity to the time between then and when fourth density will hit the planet. And during that time people would have more chances to make these first choices on which the rest of several densities actually depends.

Naturally, those service-to-self entities who were disgruntled at this saw a way to use even that. By taking the time line over, not allowing third-density Earth ever to rejoin the normal time line, people would be stuck on this side railroad [track] that had nothing but fear and more fear and war and terror. They envisioned a place where people were constantly at war, where people felt that it was the right thing to do; that to die for one’s country was noble, etc. People would send the best of their young men again and again and again into battle, and there would be this constantly growing fear, this constantly deepening sadness because of all the loss, this constantly embittering distance between one nation-state and another.

To some extent it can be seen to have had some success in the foreign policy of even our own nation-state. It is crushing to realize just how warlike we are and how many warlike aggressions that we have expressed in the last little while. It certainly shows all of the symptoms of say the last days of the Roman Empire or any empire.

Look at empires. They rise and they fall. The way to sustain a nation-state is not to become an empire but to become a self-sustaining, service-to-others place where the value system is such that there is no need to move into separation. There is the need simply to talk things out, to work out differences, to help others, to accept help from others and to say, “Okay, here we are. We are on this together. What shall we do to make this a better place for all of us, whether it is a better city, a better country or a better world?”

It’s thinking that is the issue here. It is not so much what people do. It is how people think. And when you catch people thinking, “We have to separate from so-and-so because we think they are simply wrong and we are simply right; we must win; we must conserve resources; we cannot let those resources go to others, et cetera,” you develop an ever growing fear, an ever growing terror.

And if you, instead, use the capacity that we all have for communication, for working things out to find win-win situations - and there are so many people who are wonderful spokespersons of this kind of thinking - then you begin to find yourself opening up into a world where positive changes can occur, and where you can, in a relatively short period of time, create a whole different reality.

It hasn’t happened. As we see the world, it hasn’t happened. But it is beginning to happen in people’s hearts. It is beginning to happen, down below the level of the economists and the war mongers, et cetera. It is beginning to happen with regular people who just want to reach out to others, with volunteerism, and taking care of and reaching out to people who need this or need that, and swapping things with people. “Look, I’ve got what you need. You’ve got what I need.” There is a whole way of thinking about things in which everybody can achieve positive changes. We just need to be looking for that. And we need to look to release the fear, to release that easy acceptance of, “I guess we had to be in that war. I guess we have to have those resources.”

No, not necessarily! What we need to do is keep our integrity and stay in the ways of love, so that when we act, we feel good about that, and it feels right to us to live the way we do. I think from simple questions to ourselves like, “Does this feel right? Is this what my highest and best self would do?” we begin to become free of that pervasive fear that some people in our society would very much like us to buy and just spend all of our time just quivering in fear. You know [how we live under a constant] series of alerts.

I don’t know how to make it so clear that it is obvious because of the fact that it is not obvious in a world where appearances are taken to be what happens and what is actually happening isn’t even seen. It’s very difficult to move into a spiritual perspective where you live in faith and you feel, you simply feel, that some energies are one with love and some are not, and you would choose to be [one of] those who allow those energies that love.

It really is a choice. And it is a choice in which love is always available. It is a matter of letting the world hubbub die down just long enough to feel that ever present consciousness that we all share. It is a consciousness of love. Once we know who we are and whose we are, it is very difficult to shake us. We will acknowledge, “Yes, it looks really bad, but you know what, I am going to live my life and do the best I can.” And it is hard to shake a person from that.

When we die we will have the opportunity to wake up in the process of graduation. After this incarnation, we all will subjectively be able to walk those Steps of Light that I talked to you about before, Monica. Hopefully we will all be ready to go on to the Steps of Light that are in fourth density and, therefore, are just burgeoning with so many more choices of ways to serve and so many more exciting things to learn. A whole new grade in school is beginning and there isn’t any need to fear or to hold on to anything.

I’m not saying that we should yearn towards death. I don’t say that at all, because we are here. We thought maybe we could be of some service here, so you know, [we need to] stay here every minute that we are here and take every opportunity we have [to make that difference]. But at that point at which a physical incarnation ends and another begins, we move with those energies and we are without any disruption whatever in our consciousness or our being.

Wonderful. Thank you so much for that, Carla. We are actually out of time. I would like to mention to the person who was on hold for the last few minutes, I am so sorry that I didn’t get to you. Please be sure and call us back next week and we’ll be sure and answer your call and have you ask your question live on the air. The call came in about ten minutes ago and we just didn’t have time to get to that question. But please do call us back.

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  1. In Ra Session 40, Ra says we are already in the true-color green density. That session was recorded in March of 1981.