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Hi, everyone! This is Monica Leal, welcoming you to the L/L Research radio program In The Now, with Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty. Today is Friday, October 19th, 2012. Carla L. Rueckert is an author, mystic, seeker and primary channel for L/L Research. Jim McCarty is Carla’s husband, the scribe for the Ra contact and President of L/L Research. Please visit the website, home to over fifteen hundred channeling transcripts, eleven publications, the Law of One material, interviews, speeches and more, and the community website – that’s “bring”, the number 4-T-H, dot org, featuring forums, blogs, chat rooms and more. I’ll be asking Carla and Jim questions that come from you. If you’d like to ask a question live on the air, please call 646-595-2294 and press the “1” key when prompted. Again, that number is 646-595-2294. Or you can join the chat room at llresearch. When submitting questions, please remember this is a Law of One Q&A. Try to keep your questions as spiritually oriented as possible. Again, I’m Monica Leal, and I’m talking with Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty of L/L Research.

OK, Carla and Jim, how are you doing tonight?

We are doing pretty well.

Quite well.

How about you?

Oh! OK. Well, good! Good! You sound like you guys are having an exceptionally good week.

We are! It’s Jim’s thirtieth week in his mowing season, and he always has the same 33 to 39 [weeks], so we’re talking about the last few weeks before his off-season, and he does love his off-season!

The colors of the leaves are just gorgeous now… they’re at their peak – red, orange, yellow, maroon, a few green ones…

Yeah, it is at the peak. I was so glad I got out in the wheelchair. A volunteer wheeled me around the neighborhood. It was so nice, and I just was able to see all this beautiful, beautiful country that we live in. And you know, when you live inside primarily, which I do, since I can’t walk right now, it’s just a joy to get out there and you know, I was just riding slowly, [laughs] in a wheelchair. It was just delicious, it really was!

Everything’s still green here. What do you do in your off-time, Jim?

Sometimes in the winter, I move snow, and I do a lot of honey-do work. I clean all the pots and pans and crystal and china and silver in the kitchen, and I deep-steam carpets… you know, things a house needs.

Honey-do’s. OK.

I’ve got a lot of my mother’s things. She always kept them in boxes, and I never understood why until I inherited it, and I got the boxes, and I was doggoned if I could figure a place to put it all, because it’s broken sets that she inherited from her parents’ family, which were wealthy. And, you know, when the sets got broken, instead of throwing them away, they put them in a box. So, like, we have six dishes or seven dishes, and sometimes a lot of different kinds of pretty old china, and punchbowls, and just the most beautiful, totally unusable coffee and tea sets and stuff. So since they’re not used much, I did make a place for them. I was determined to get them out of the boxes. And my dad had died, and the only thing he ever spent money on was the house. I knew it would be OK [with him] if I spent [his] money on my house, so I put the money into re-doing the kitchen. It costs a lot more to do that today than it used to.

Among the things I did, I had three shelves that went up above the cabinets. They were open, and I was able to put all the pretty things up there, and you can see them as you walk past, which was the point of having pretty things. And so in a year’s time, they really collected [dust]. So once a year, my sweet husband, Himself, gets up on a ladder and gets the stuff down and gently washes it and gently puts it back.

Once in a while, when I was cooking, and I had the ability to do this myself, I would get stuff down and use it. But the volunteers don’t want to do that. It’s like, “Gimme a paper plate, would you?” So it’s a new world. “Give me a cookie, and we’ll go on.” And so that’s that.

Oh, by the way, speaking of going on, we are going to be… in a couple of weeks we’re going to a conference in Philadelphia at the Fuge, and I will be very interested to see what all develops. A lot of people have been invited, and they’re going to be asked questions, and then we’re going to talk about them and share the answers with each other. And they’re all spiritual questions, supposedly. All questions about spiritual matters. So the fellow really wanted me there, and he paid for three of us to go from L/L Research, and I think it should be fun, the most fun! And besides, it’ll get me out there. And I’m so ready to get out there!

So it was OK with him that he had to put a hospital bed in a hotel room; it was OK with him that he had to get a potty somewhere so he could put it by my bed, and it was OK with him that I needed help and I couldn’t just come by myself. So all these things being as they were, I couldn’t say no! You know, I get to dress for a big fancy party. You don’t get a lot of chances to dress in my world right now. It’s just one of those… OK! Let me find something pretty to sit in, because that’s what I’m going to be doing today, and we need practicality above all things. I think I have pretty things to wear, but it’s not what you call party-wear.

It’ll be two weeks from tonight, November the second.

…And the week after, I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

Sounds like an adventure, so have fun! So November 2nd – no show, no radio show. All right! Well, I’m going to go ahead and go to our opening riff for tonight. This is from Q’uo from January 10th, 1987:

Q’uo: “The very sunlight, the white-capped sea, and the waving long-leafed branches of summer burst with the vitality of realization, for they dwell as do all things within the consciousness of love and are part of the one original Thought. Thus, one who is in a contemplative state, watching not the shiny face of illusion, but the face of the Creator within each illusion, may see that one original Thought in color after color, distortion after distortion. Some distortions may seem horrible and some wonderful, yet all are the Creator, and realization lies within each moment’s burden of love which is infinite to the discerning spirit.

Love cannot be seen by those who are not willing to open and call upon the consciousness of love. Thus, there is always the leap, shall we say, of faith that states as a necessary assumption that the mystery behind all the things that are not is, in the end, the one thing about the illusion which cannot be denied—that is, love. We may talk about the terrible distortions of love, we may drag the name of love through the dirt of every battle and war that has ever been fought, we may deprive love of every satisfaction it has ever been given by poet or musician, yet there is not one honest spirit that can deny the palpable effect of love within the life experience.

Thus, the leap of faith is not so great, but only an optimistic telling of what each entity knows is the most creative and powerful force, illusory or real, within the creation.

There is always something in the present moment to spark the heart and engage the passion of a seeker, for there is always a chance for adoration, forgiveness or some expression of the love of the one infinite Creator.“

Thank you, Monica. When I was in college, and we’re talking close to fifty years ago now, the big thing in philosophy was a total denial of anything you couldn’t see, feel or touch. I don’t know why, but it had taken that turn, and it would seem to me to be mostly about arguing about words – what a word might mean. I guess it all started with Kant, but it had gotten really arid and I thought that it had lost its way. It was not fun to read; it was not fun to talk about. I took a lot of philosophy, but I was the least fond of the newer philosophies that seemed to me to be mostly dealing in semantics, as though they could pin down cookie-cutter words that didn’t really have much depth to them except that we use them to symbolize something on which everybody agrees, you see. And so you agree that you see it, but then the argument is sort of secondary. HOW do you see it? WHY do you call it that? That kind of thing.

So I had a friend who was very fond of this kind of philosophy, but he was also a spiritual guy, and a couple of times he hauled me into it – “Oh, come on, Carla, I love to watch you work!” He talked me into just sitting in on the class so that I could get in a wrangle with the teacher about things that were and weren’t real, and I would always argue that love was real. And I would slowly circle him, and then in the end pin him down, because whatever else happened in his life, as Q’uo said, “There is not one honest spirit that can deny the palpable effect of love within the life experience.”

So it was a pull to get the person talking about objective philosophy to admit that he had a subjective bias that love was real, that he could not pin down, that you could not prove, and yet which he knew was real. And that’s really important to remember. It’s important to remember because this is a very objectified world. We look at objects. We look at the way people look, the way WE look, and are judged on that. We look at gadgets and are impressed at the newest and the gadgetiest – if that is a word… we could argue about that! Yeah! [Laughs]

And we have a tendency as a culture to ignore, or least debate, those things that are idealistic. I think one reason that we are not a socialistic country, the one reason that it doesn’t make sense to us to take care of the people in our society and have gone so wrong that they have no money and they have no hope, is an objectified view of reality that looks only at people that are functioning as being valuable and people that are not functioning as being dysfunctional people, and therefore not to be helped. The basic attitude here is that they should get a job. What this translates to in the large cultural picture is an incredible lack of caring about dysfunction.

But what it translates to spiritually is something that is even more subtle, and is even harder to pin down. It’s the reason that we have to burst from the bubble of culture, our own culture that supposedly defended our freedoms, in order to have the freedom to think about things that have a right to be here because they work, because they are functional, because they are objects. We have no cultural ability to appreciate “the sunlight, the white-capped sea, the waving, long-leafed branches of summer.” Why? Because they don’t do anything. It’s the whole reason that we have been able to tear down forests, destroy the health of oceans, wipe entire species off the face of the earth. Why do we need that species? It wasn’t doing anything. And yet Philosophy argues, of course, in a cliché way – sorry – that one butterfly more or less in the Pleistocene Era makes all the difference today.

We who are attempting to live our lives according to fourth density values of love and understanding have our only refuge in getting out of the box into spirituality. I’m not saying religion does it for everyone, I’m saying it does it for some. There is the attempt in religion to value the non-functional, the non-objective, the very subjective love, love that sacrifices, love that cares, love that gives more than it receives.

Not everybody can see the face of love in religion. And that is really why I started getting an interest in channeling in 1974. I was hearing messages from the Confederation that I wasn’t hearing from my church. I was beginning to hear things that I really cared to be true that were so far out of the box that I needed to investigate them. And, I don’t know, thirty or forty years later – I haven’t counted recently – the channelings still seem to me to offer to the serious seeker some help if that person is oriented along certain lines. Or, if not our work, other spiritualists that are not working in a dogmatic way, but in a mystical way.

I think it’s an age where mysticism, in whatever coat or hat it wears, is all-important to the serious seeker, because we don’t want to look at the face of war and see love, not as a culture. We can only see love in those ugly distortions of love by accepting the fact that, in the end, all things are distortions of the consciousness of the Creator. And no matter how distorted those distortions are, no matter how they seem to be lost to any redemption, mysticism can always say and believe that there is a miracle waiting to happen around the corner.

And as a reader of these readings, [I feel] that the miracles are happening right now. People are waking up all over the world and waiting to hear, waiting to see, that thing that is going to make it possible for them to finally “get it”; finally see that we all are One, and that there is beauty in the world. It’s simply been badly used.

I hope that those who are listening, and those who read our work, will find that mysticism, will find that ability to move out of the box of cultural thinking, will find that positivity that lets the mark of the Creator in nature and in people be all that it can be, be that in which we can believe. I’m certainly standing here saying that I will, every day of my life, intend to be a servant of that love, and it has changed my life completely to so intend.

Wonderful, Carla. Very, very eloquently spoken. Jim, did you have anything to add to that?

Heh, heh! Shall I follow a symphony with chopsticks?

Yeah! How do you top that?

You know, I would just say also that she was speaking very well tonight.

Really. Definitely. OK, I’m going to go to our first question. It’s from Wonderbear – “Wunderbar”, I guess it would be. OK – Wonderbear says, “I have three cats, Peanut, Mack and Baby. Peanut and Mack never go outside, but Baby lives outside and comes in every day. When darkness falls, he cries to go outside and stays outside all night, never complaining at the door. Baby is a talker, and often makes a cute sound when he sees me. If I talk to him, he talks back with that sound. I don’t have a clue what he says. Peanut and Mack will do the same, but to a lesser degree. However, before I brought Baby home from a neighbor as a kitten, Peanut and Mack didn’t answer me when I talked to them. Since Baby has been here, Peanut and Mack apparently have understood some kind of communication is possible, so now they’re more vocal, which I find very interesting. I’m wondering what manner of spirit they are.”

Whatever happened in Baby’s life before he came to Wonderbear, he was invested to some extent, and he was aware that there was communication possible through love, through the miracle of love with people. And he basically was teaching that love to the cats around him. They simply had no idea that what they had to say would matter. I’m reminded of an old joke about the kid who was healthy in every respect, but he never said a word. And finally, when he was about four and a half, he spoke for the first time. He said, “There’s something wrong with this porridge – it doesn’t taste very good!” And the mother goes, “You’re speaking! You’re speaking! Oh, my God– you’re speaking! You never spoke before – how come you spoke now?” He said, “Everything was OK up until now.”

And that’s pretty much what I think was happening. Baby was more invested with love. Baby had probably been picked up and talked to and snuggled and petted and had no feeling that humans were outside the possibility of family. You know how cats make up – if they’re lions, you call it a pride – I’m not sure you call it a pride when it’s as small as a cat. But at any rate, you know how they all snuggle together and there’s a lot of simple trust involved in that. Well, the idea of a human joining the pride was unheard of to them, and they were simply going their way and doing their thing and not aware that their life could be better if they talked to the human.

And so it was really great that Baby gave P and M a boost, because I think that one of the things that we’re here for, as far as animals are concerned, is that investment of love and bringing them from second density to third. Have you ever seen that incredible video of a guy that brought a lion up from babyhood because the mother died, or there was some reason that that baby needed bringing up instead of with the mother that wasn’t there any more. And he brought this big lion up until it became so big that he wasn’t able to keep it around the house. And then it was given into the wild to become wild. Well, I don’t know, several years later, ten years later, definitely a long time later, he went back and this baby lion had become a huge, maned wonderful, big lion and recognized him, and dashed over and jumped up, and you’re thinking, “Oh my God – he’s going to kill this guy!” And he’s doing nothing but putting his arms around the guy’s neck, and they just starting loving each other and hugging and hugging and hugging… it’s just made me cry the first time I saw it. Remember that, Jim?

I sure do!

And then he brings the guy home to meet his family and he tells the pride members, “This guy’s OK! He’s a member of the pride.” And they all accept him. I mean, they don’t jump up on his shoulders, but they accept him instead of eating him, you understand. It took a tremendous amount of courage, I would think, for the guy to do these things. It was a beautiful way to see that love really does make a difference… love lasts… and you can love an animal and the animal does love you back, and that’s what’s happening. So, Wonderbear, just keep investing those cats with everything you’ve got, and tell them how wonderful they are. And tell them if they can’t come back after they die and be with you again, and maybe they’ll be third-density kids. We’ve had cats, Jim and I have had cats, that have come back two and three times as we’ve gotten old enough that that happens because they live so much faster than we do. And we’ve got one kitty-cat that’s a smaller breed than most for an American Domestic, a little tom… probably six pounds, Jim?


And at sixteen, we’ll probably not be with him too much longer, but cats can live twenty years, and we certainly hope that he’s around that long. Anyway, he still chases his tail, he thinks he’s a kitten. But we’ve had him before as a cat, as a tiny little Himalayan kitten that absolutely loved us half to death but drove us crazy. Pickwick’s much better. He’s learned a lot since the days when he was … What was his name before?

Chocolate Bar.

Chocolate Bar. And then, Jim, didn’t you say that this same soul had been with you before?

When I was in the fourth grade, I had a cocker spaniel named Trixie. And they all seemed to me to be the same soul.

Had some of the same mannerisms and so forth. And I think that one thing that can happen is that you share so much love with cats that [they think],“I don’t want to go on and be a third density! I want to come back as a cat! I want to be with this person!” And we’re honored, we really are.

I’ve had cats come back to me a number of times. Right now I’ve got one that was my son’s beloved cat. Well, we think she is. So I’ve had that happen a number of times, and just recently, one of my friends from The Forum lost a beloved cat and he was going through all this grief, and they had a beautiful little ceremony, a little burial for the kitty, and the next day his wife brought home a kitten from the animal shelter… she volunteered… and the kitten needed extra-special attention, and he just reminds me so much of this other cat. She was doing the exact same mannerisms and all this stuff, and it didn’t make sense, because the kitten was like six weeks old. So I’m wondering if they could be living simultaneous lifetimes, you know, parallel lives. What do you think?

I think it’s possible. I think anything is possible.

I mean, why not?

Jim The spirit of the one that died could have entered into the spirit of the other one who did not have a spirit, it was simply a second infant creature until the spirit of the other one entered in.

Oh, and you said about the lion, I’ve seen videos of that very thing with lions, and gorillas, and even bears, where they go back and the animal is an adult and … I just saw one recently with gorillas – it was really a tear-jerker; it was really cool…

Oh, yeah.

OK, I’m going to go to the next question. This is from Jake-Rob or Jack-Rob [He spells it Jacrob], I’m not sure how he says his name. “Hi Carla and Jim! I want a relationship like yours! Listening to Jim and you on the show, I can feel the love and warmth, and it opens my heart. I hope you’re healing and getting better every day. Thank you for your service. Sorry, this isn’t a question. Oh, and Monica, I love listening to you, too, and keep up the excellent work.” OK, thanks.

Yea, Monica!

So, I assume the question is to figure how such a thing can happen in a relationship that is somewhere close to the ideal? I think for Carla and for me, the foundation of the relationship is a devotion to something that’s more than ourselves. From the first time we met, we were both interested in being of service, and specifically being of service to the Creator, and the way that we have been these last couple of decades, and that is through communication, through channeling and through hopefully being able to inspire people into their own seeking. So we’ve had that as kind of an advantage, I guess, at least that’s the way I see it, as having something that we both aspire to, and we both give our all to that, and we help each other do that. We know that it’s the most important thing in our lives, and it just seems to be the most natural thing to do – to help each other in that service.

And of course it always helps if you’re able to communicate, willing to communicate. I had to have a little coaching along the way, especially in the first years. I wasn’t so able to communicate because I didn’t have much experience with it. My family was the cowboy style – you know, yep, nope and maybe. And when I joined Carla, I discovered that that didn’t do it. You had to expand a little bit, you had to flesh out the skeleton there. So Carla helped me a great deal with that because she was such a good communicator to start with, so I learned from her, and whenever we have a problem, we’re both very willing to talk about it. And we have this simple ideal, I guess I should say, that is never to let the sun set on a problem. Work it out before you go to bed. Don’t let it fester through the night and pop up again the next day. So, you know, that willingness to communicate is invaluable as well. Carla, how about you?

Well, I think that everything that you’ve said is entirely true. And that was really what floated our relationship in terms of mutuality for a good fifteen-sixteen years, even past the time that we were married. There wasn’t much romance in Jim. His parents hadn’t had much romance, and I don’t think he was really capable of that kind of romance. I don’t mean to be… Do you think that’s fair?

Yeah, I think it’s true.

Yeah. And then something happened that … you know, you can’t just cause these things to happen, and they just do… I guess it was the last time we actually had a vacation, like sixteen years ago now. 1996 – how much… how long ago is that? That’s closer to twenty years.

No, that’s sixteen.

Sixteen years. Sixteen years ago. We were at the shore. We love to go to this place called Pawley’s Island…

South Carolina.

…and it’s a wonderful little place. I don’t know what’s happened to it since, but at that time it wasn’t a condo place, it was a place of some wonderful castles and shacks, you know, side by side, and everybody on the island found a way to get to the ocean. It was really a summer place for people in Columbia. Was it Columbia, South Carolina that was the biggest place… fifty miles inland?


On the shore, you could always get a cool breeze on the hottest day, so… I think the same way wealthy people in New York send their families to the Hamptons and in Boston it’s Cape Cod, I think in Columbia it was Pawley’s Island and places around the shore there. And we found a place that we loved. We stopped being able to afford it in 1996, but up until that time we went there every year, and it was great.

I was a good swimmer, Jim was a paddler. He had taken swimming lessons, but he had asthma when he was a kid, and he got over his fear of putting his head under water, but that was basically something that kept him from being any good, because he didn’t like to get in the water… it was not fun. So he would like, “Hold my hand”, because he trusted me and I swam like an otter and floated like a bar of soap. It was Ivory Soap – that was me, you know, 99 percent pure. And I loved to swim, and he trusted me, so we were holding hands, and it was a day before a hurricane, so it was a crazy day for the ocean, but actually, what it was doing, it was causing the whitecaps to be frothy, and they didn’t have any force to them. So we were jumping in, and we were having this fun, and just enjoying the sun – it was a glorious day. And then somehow we lost hold of the sand, we lost our bottom. I guess we must have jumped out just beyond where it fell off a bit, and all of a sudden Jim couldn’t put his foot down, nor could I. So he started, not panicking, but doing the best dog-paddling that he could, which was nothing. And I knew that I didn’t have a lot of time, I mean, really, this can get bad fast. So I don’t know what happened. I got behind him, and I was praying for all I was worth, “Holly, Help!” That’s what I call the Holy Spirit, and I just prayed, “Come on, Angels! Come on Holly and unseen friends, come on! Help! Help! Help! I gotta get this boy into shore!” Well, I tried doing the typical lifesaving hold, and I was going out to sea. So that wasn’t working… the tide was too strong…

It was a rip tide.

…which I didn’t realize it at the time. I’m not smart about oceans… you know, we just went there on a vacation and this is the first time this ever happened to me. So we were completely ignorant of what you’re supposed to do, which is to swim sideways. We didn’t know that. So we found that we could not swim for shore, so I got behind him after I found that my lifesaving techniques were kaput, so I got behind him and I just prayed, and somehow the ocean firmed up behind me. It felt like a wall. And I got my feet right on his bottom, right square in his bottom, and I pushed for all I was worth, and he went in. And he got his feet on the sand and he got out.

But of course, I was going out to sea really fast, so I made myself as buoyant as I could by floating on my stomach and putting my arms and legs out, sort of like a water bug on the water there. Nothing was floating down, and I was about 80 pounds at the time, so I didn’t have anything holding me back. And it probably wasn’t more than a minute… I had time to think, “Well, this is a good day to die.”

Looking around, there was nobody else there, they had all left the island – it was supposed to hurricane the next day. And we were just idiot enough to stay, we didn’t want to go. And about 30 seconds or a minute later, a BIG wave came and just threw me into the shore, and I got out.

Well, Jim looked at me, and he said, “You were going to die saving my life! You saved my life, and you were going to die!” He stopped repeating it, but that’s what he was thinking, and I could almost see that cement cracking, you know, down around his heart. And he started laughing at my bad jokes. He always laughed at the good ones, but there was a certain amount of critique going on there. And I said, “What’s going on here?” and he kept laughing at my bad jokes, and said, “I don’t know, but I just feel differently about you that I ever have before.” And that was where the romance started.

It was wonderful to have a romantic relationship. I had always felt romantic about Mick… he just floats my boat. He always has, he’s a very handsome guy, not that it matters. And he’s not tall, dark and handsome, he’s short, dark and handsome, and sort of a black-Irish guy with a very fair complexion and dark hair, blue eyes, hazel-blue eyes. His impeccability, his character was always sexy. I’ve always found that to be very sexy in a guy when there’s character there, when there’s something to take hold of… he was always very strong that way. And all of a sudden, I was getting back the kind of feelings that I had for him and he’d never been able to return. So it took a decade or two to create the actual love relationship we have now, and it’s a wonderful thing when it happens for both people. Unfortunately, for the majority of people, it’s always one person that loves a little bit more than the other, and there’s always some lack of balance. In our case, that just hasn’t happened, it seems to have grown for both of us.

Oh, definitely. Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing.

Yeah. And you know, he’s taken care of me, not just this time for the last three years or so when I’ve been in bed and unable to do much, but I had a siege like that that lasted about four years around the turn of the eighties into the nineties, and he took care of me then. I was not able to sit up and walk, I was not able to stand or to sit upright. I couldn’t get vertical because my head had become too heavy for my shoulders, and my shoulders are still delicate, but in ‘92 I finally found a doctor that would support me. You have to have doctors to support you, or you can’t get into places that will give you rehab. You can’t just show up and say, “I want rehab.” The doctors look at your x-rays and they say, “Nah, I don’t think you can do it.” And then the referring doctor says, “Give her a chance.” And Doctor Blodgett, if you’re still alive, Thank You!

I did get in there, and it was a crushing, difficult three weeks that I spent being evaluated and learning pain management and various other things. But I found out what I had to do. I was much better informed about what I could do, what I could push and what I couldn’t, and that information has seen me through even to this day. At that time, Jim was even putting makeup on me. I mean he was accessorizing me.

I learned what blouses were good with what jewelry and what was bad…

[Laughs] In his lawn service, he’ll be talking to one of his customers, and he’ll say, “I really like the way you’ve accessorized your socks and your earrings. That’s just beautiful!” And she’s going, “What??” [Laughs] And all of a sudden, he becomes a very interesting person! “Somebody noticed that I made an effort this morning! Oh, my goodness!” [Laughs] Yeah, he learned how to do all that because I was completely unable… I’m much better now than I was then, even though I can’t walk.

Actually, you’re walking with your walker pretty well. She did six laps today!

Yay! Six laps around the house. [Laughs] It’s a beginning! We’re building from there. I can stand up on my very own two feet and I can take about six steps, and then that’s about it. I’ve gotta have something to hang onto. It’s a shame…


…but I’ll get there.

Carla, I have a question for you, and then I have a question for you, Jim. Carla, my question for you is: What was going through your mind when you… I mean, why did you just automatically save his life? Did it even enter your mind not to?

No! Heavens, no! All I cared about was that he was in trouble and he needed help. I can’t say that it was logical, maybe it was stupid even, I’ll admit to all of that. But that’s what was in my mind. “I must help this guy – he cannot swim.” I thought I had a much better chance…

Isn’t this the very hallmark of the STO path? Of polarizing…

I think that’s probably true. I’ve been polarized like that all my life.

Whenever a situation arises and something needs to be done, she’s always willing to do whatever needs to be done, and that’s always amazed me. You know, to put herself out. This was just the extreme example of that.

So, Jim, my question to you is… well, Carla, that was a wonderful story. I could feel the sand between my toes and feel the ocean. You really told that story well. But, Jim, can you share with us your perspective if it’s not too private? Why that was such a turning point in your relationship?

Well, I wish I could tell you exactly how it happened… it just happened. After she gave me that big push and got me in toward the shore, and I was able to get my feet on the sand, and get to safety again, and she was able to be brought in by the wave, for some reason, I just saw things differently. I guess it’s sort of like a few weeks ago when I decided all of a sudden it was time to become a vegetarian. And I can’t explain either one of them, it’s just like something went off in me and I just recognized it. It wasn’t like I had to make a decision, it’s like the decision was made and I just had to realize it. And for me, after the experience in the ocean, my heart just opened, and all of a sudden she was just… she was Woman to me, the best that I could imagine. I’ve always been attracted to her intelligence and her individuality and her independence, but now there was this open-hearted giving that came from her just like as freely as the water floated in the ocean. So it seems like it attracted me as well.

Wonderful! And… let’s see, what was I going to ask you? There’s something you said a minute ago. Well, two things. The first thing is… you said about having something bigger than yourselves to reach for together, and I think that was pretty profound. I remember there’s a saying, “Love is not two people looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction.” Can you elaborate a little bit about having that spirituality, it being something that holds you together, holds the relationship together, because you’re both focused on the same thing?

Well, I guess it’s been that way all my life. I’ve always felt that there’s a direction in which I was headed, and it was appropriate for me, and I couldn’t explain that to anybody. But I knew that at some point there was going to be an opportunity to realize my purpose. And it just seemed like when I met Carla, that that opened up, and I realized that she and I were both pointed in the same direction. We were both wanting to do the same things, and we had the same core values, even though we had obvious differences which made things more interesting. But at the core, there was this similarity. It was like recognizing an old friend, a very dear old friend that… here we were. And let’s do this! So it just happened that way. I don’t have a clear and logical way of explaining how these things happen – I think they’re emotional, they’re spiritual, these currents of feelings and purpose that have been flowing through me, I think that they just brought us together, and we recognized each other and, “Let’s do this!” So we did!

He’s not telling the whole story, of course, because before I had met him, he had spent ten years of working on his own spirituality. He sort of woke up in college. First of all, he became an activist, and then he turned more toward mysticism and decided that was the way he wanted to go. So after graduate school, he made enough money that he could buy a piece of land in rural Kentucky, you know, in the back of beyond. And he founded his own school, The Hummingbird Mountain …

…Research and Development Laboratory.

Thank you. And he made it a 501(c)(3) organization, but it was also tax-exempt, cleared, which is really difficult for anybody trying to do that. The tax people are very suspicious of people who don’t want to pay taxes, and they put you through it. But he had done that – had got the 501(c)(3), and he did teach survival and opening the frontal lobes to people in nature. That was his school. And he did that for a while, and he became more and more reclusive, and ended up pretty much working and living all by himself.

He still supposedly was doing the school, but he had a sign on the creek – a running creek was a part of his driveway – and at the beginning of his driveway he put a sign that said, “Visitors welcome Sunday afternoons”, and Sunday morning he’d take off, and he’d be back at the cabin sometime after dark. So he didn’t see anybody except when he went to town on Saturday and got himself what he needed for the next week. He built his own home, his own sixteen-foot square cabin. I loved that cabin, every inch of the walls was taken by something that had a need of its own, and everything was beautifully organized. And he lived a very beautiful life.

He found us, Don and me, on a radio station, listening to a radio station that came out of Lexington. And he got interested in what we had to say, and so he found out some people that also knew us, and came up to visit when we had meditation. And he loved meditation. So he and a friend of his… – his closest neighbor lived half a mile up and half a mile out [Laughs]. He was in the valley and Eric was up on the mountain. They came together for several years to our Sunday night meetings, and he started trying to learn how to channel, and at that point, Don and I agreed… we thought he was great. Don fell in love with him, too, in the sense that he recognized Jim’s actual, basic spiritual nature, and thought that he would be a good spiritual part of the family. And so we asked him to join us and join our work. After Jim took care of a promise he had made to another guy, another channel named Paul Solomon, and This Awareness – he went out there for a short period and helped them. But he was told in meditation, “Time to go and see Don and Carla. Time to join them and their work.” And he just came back and joined us in 1980.

And three weeks after he came back, the Ra sessions began, and Ra said somewhere in the sessions that I needed the two of them as batteries to power the communication, that it was not safe for me to do such a narrow-band communication without both of them. That’s why I never have tried to get Ra again since Don died. There’s no way in the world that anyone else could love the way Don did. He was an incredible person. And that’s another story that’s difficult to tell because he’s not here. And I tell you, you spend an hour watching that YouTube visit with Don and me that somebody put up on YouTube for us, and Don is talking about UFOs, and you listen to him for just that hour, 1 and you get a feeling for the incredible breadth and depth of his nature, and the amount of unbelievable purity of intention that he had. It was all about finding out what was real. He was done with the scientists – he wanted to find out what was really real. He knew, as a physicist, that we didn’t know anything. We could use stuff, we could make stuff work, but we couldn’t explain the basic stuff. You understand – we could manipulate it, but we couldn’t explain it. We couldn’t explain gravity, we couldn’t explain magnetism, we couldn’t explain anything about how we used the things that we use and take for granted. Nobody could realize the fact that, “No, we don’t know what that’s like – we just know how to make it work for us…. Oh, well – it doesn’t matter, it’s working!” We don’t think about that, but Don did. He really did, from the ‘50s on. He was absolutely on the trail of anything that he could figure went beyond. Whether it was a séance or a UFO abductee, he was there, even if he had to fly across country, he was there. And he interviewed all the early abductees. Had he had me around in the ‘50s, a writer that could express, he would have had books out long before he did. But he didn’t, and so the first book that he was able to get out, which I still think covers the field in a way nobody else has, and gives you information that you never get anywhere else about UFOs, is Secrets of the UFO that he and I wrote together in ‘76. Don was the kind that could write an outline of it or page 1 of it, one or the other, or even both, but he couldn’t get beyond Page 1 much. He wasn’t much in this world. He didn’t talk much. He was a silent kind of a fellow, except when he got on the things in which he was interested, and he’d tell you anything he knew. He’d talk for six hours sometimes when people wanted to sit and listen. So, yeah, the three of us together were a mighty force! Don with wisdom, Jim with power, and me with love. That’s the way it seemed to work out.

We’re almost out of time here, so I just have a quick follow-up question: since you said that Ra said that Don and Jim were like the batteries for you, this question comes up, I know, from time to time. Does anybody else channel Ra, and do you think that Ra may be communicating with anybody else? Or have you heard of any such thing?

Ra said “Through us”, and I never say “Through me”, because it’s always the group that fuels a channeling, it’s not the person. He had looked for 200 years to find us, so I doubt if the Ra that spoke through me is speaking through anybody else. That does not mean that an entity calling itself Ra might not have interesting spiritual information. I’ve never, ever talked down anybody else, or say, “No, that’s impossible.” And I do not say it’s impossible that somebody might be speaking the same… What I say is, “Look at their work. Read a little bit of The Ra Material, and see if you think it’s the same?” [Laughs] You have to admit that that stuff is pretty eccentric and I don’t think that I could sound like Ra, frankly, if I wanted to.

There were three preconditions for the contact that Ra gave us over a period of time, and that was: (1) There had to be at least three people in the group, there had to be some support for the channel – there could be more, but there had to be at least three; (2) There had to be a question-answer format. Ra doesn’t give sermonettes without a question; and (3) It had to be the type of a trance in which the channel leaves its body and allows the body to be used by those of Ra. So I haven’t seen anybody that meets those preconditions yet. I would hope that somebody else could channel Ra, I would love to hear anything else anybody is able to channel from Ra.

Yeah. I know everyone would. Especially now! That would be wonderful, but we’re grateful for what we got. We’re so very grateful for what we got.

You know, we have about two minutes left. I gotta ask – teaching classes on opening the frontal lobes? Jim?

Yes? Well, that was a course that I took in Colorado – Blackhawk, Colorado – in 1970 through ‘72 . The fellow there, through about 25 years of research, discovered the primal nature environment provided a situation in which the human brain would, if the blockages to its natural functioning [were removed], move the energy into the frontal lobes, into what we would call Extra-Sensory Perceptions and abilities, increased intelligence, and so forth. So we had a program of how to use the primal nature environment, using your dreams, using journaling, using neuro-drama to remove those blockages, usually just a handful of what person has been enculturated with… things that the culture doesn’t know that are bad for the brain. And so that was what he was teaching. It worked for me, so I bought a piece of land and tried [to use] it for the same thing, and that’s how I met Don and Carla.

It’s funny – Jim was reading an autobiography of Judy Collins, one of our favorite singers from ever, and she talked about T. D. Lingo. She called him…

Lingo the Drifter.

…Lingo the Drifter, and she was in Colorado and said he was never new to the place, he always came in as if he knew everybody and got himself something to eat and sat down and talked and her dad, who was apparently quite a guy, loved him to death and she was fascinated by him. She was a teen-ager then.

Both her dad and Lingo were DJ’s in Denver, playing folk music at the beginning of the folk music revolution, I guess you would say, and Lingo actually taught her how to play the guitar.

How old is Judy? Sixty-six?

Yes, indeed! And she’s made a record just recently, and it’s just beautiful.

Well, speaking of time, we are out of time. And so thank you so much, Jim and Carla. And Carla, once again, you were particularly eloquent and you said some profound stuff in that first segment. That was just exceptional, so thank you so much for being of service in the way that you are. And the same to you, Jim.

Thank you very much, and we’re going to go ahead and close now. Join us next week. You’ve been listening to In The Now with Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty. We’ll be here next week Friday at 8 o’clock pm Eastern. We’re here every Friday, except we will not be here on November 2nd. No show on that day. Please visit – check out The Law of One material and other channeling transcripts – and – that’s “bring”, the number 4,T-H, dot org. Have a great week!

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