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Hi, Carla and Jim. How are you doing today?

Doing good.

We’re just fine. How are you?

Oh, I’m doing really good. Really, really good.

Oh that’s great.

Well, let’s see, it’s one week until the big event, huh?

Oh, we are counting down. I am singing my songs, getting ready to do that show I told you about. I was going to do a little program of folk songs. Not everybody knows that I used to sing folk songs when I was younger, and I did that for a number of years, so… I thought well, I’ll just share that about myself, and we’ll have a good time with it.

Okay, great! Now, are these songs you wrote, or are you… popular songs that you’re singing… or…?

Well, folk songs are songs that are developed without usually being written down. People adopt them and then they sing them sitting on their front porch or you know, it’s usually a country thing - people that don’t have access to a lot of media or, in olden times, the people didn’t have it, it was just not there except for the very wealthy or those who were in religious orders. And so songs were made up by minstrels and all kinds of ways that they got started, and then they’d just be repeated for generations and generations. It’s fun to watch the movement of them, coming from the old country to the new country, and how they’ve developed and how they’ve changed. So, that was my area of fascination from when I was 13, and had to spend lot of time in bed, to when I was about 21. I did it for a while professionally and had a wonderful time doing it. So I’ll just do about a half-hour’s worth of it for people this time.

Okay, great!

It’ll be fun for me to hark back. It’s fifty years ago now that this happened, so it really is going back a long way. But it’s something that is just, you know, something to share with people. It’s kind of fun for people to get to know you a little bit better.

Okay wonderful! And Jim, how about you? What are you planning to share?

I’m just going to offer a question and answer session for folks. We have a lot of repeat attendees, and it’s been quite a while since we’ve done questions. So that’ll be what I do.

Okay, great! Great, okay. You guys ready to go on to the riff? Or anything else you want to add?

We are.

Okay, this is from Q’uo from August 16th 1986. “Separation seems to run very deep, and one forgets that the stones sing, that the earth shouts with rejoicing, and that the trees skip in the springtime. How easy it is to feel oneself separate from life that indwells all things. How easy it is to feel separate from oneself, to feel that there are factions within the self which must be reconciled, to find oneself analyzing and reanalyzing to no avail. The only road from separation into unity is keyed with meditation. Some there are who benefit from meditating at great lengths. Some there are who benefit from meditating a brief few minutes in each day. And some there are whose mediations are in action, and through, action they are centered and one with all that there is. Therefore do not assume that you know what meditation is and what your goals should be towards it, but rather as you meditate, listen to that voice which speaks within and meditate as that voice instructs you. There is no set time, nor is there a set method. There is one thing, however, which we must emphasize, and that is the fidelity to the practice.

Alright, thank you so much, Monica. We are, what? Shall we say that we are a complex of sensing devices that takes in things that we see and hear and feel and touch - all those five senses that we have - and with those senses that are more than our body - our intuition, our conscious, our sudden knowing- that comes from somewhere beyond. We are sensing mechanisms. And so it is so important that we sense correctly, that we have accurate information. On the other hand, it’s hard to question yourself. You feel that you know what you’re seeing, what you’re hearing, what’s going on. And yet, it’s good to question the self - not in the way in which you’re judging yourself and saying ‘well, you just don’t know.’ But in the way of saying, ‘let’s go deeper… let’s sense into that which is meeting the eye.’ And surely we have all had the wonderful experience of walking in nature… just walking, not roughly, ruggedly exercising trying to get things done for the day, but just walking. And we have come upon beauty that stuns us and startles us and brings us to the moment with an intensity that was lacking. And then we do hear the stones sing. We do hear the earth shout with rejoicing. We do feel the trees skipping in springtime. And we know that nature is alive. Full of love, embracing us and everything in the Creation. And dancing. Always dancing. And there are those times when we are quiet for a while. Maybe we don’t think we’re meditating; we just happen to be quiet for a while. We’re not talking; we’re drifting. And suddenly it comes; something comes clear to us, some realization from within. And we see at a different level. We hear at a different level. We find our hearts opening, and the new understanding happening about ourselves, and how everything fits together for us, and makes us who we are. And these are precious times.

There isn’t anyone who has had more natural resistance to meditation than I. I know that it startles people to hear me say that. But I have always been one that knew the value of meditation and wanted to meditate, and looked for friends to meditate with, and why was I always looking for a friend to meditate with? It was because I am not very good at it myself; I have never been able to master this mind of mine that made it hard for me to want to shut it off. But I do every day. Fortunately I have a companion in my husband, and he and I take the task of meditation seriously, and we spend time at it. We don’t spend a lot of time, but we give it our best shot for the day, twice a day. In the morning we offer thanksgiving and praise. We have a morning offering and we have our prayers and meditation time, readings, hymns. It’s a lovely time together and it gets us up and going for the day - lets us make our intention clear so that we at least start the day off knowing who we are and why we’re here. At the end of the day, we come together again, about twelve hours later, maybe a little longer than that. We make our affirmations, we meditate again, and we pray. And at bedtime we pray the Lord’s Prayer. All these times that are hacked out of our day are the hardest. There are always reasons why you don’t want to take the time to meditate. Trust me, I know! I’ve been there, many a time. And it’s always seductive. “Oh, well, let’s let it go, just today.” No. We, for the most part, we know that we need to do these things for our souls’ health. And we do know that that is important to us.

I thank God that I have someone that helps me with this, because I do not think I’d be so faithful otherwise. It is so hard for me to sit and meditate, just sit and do nothing. I’m restless, my mind is restless. Not my body, so much. I can read for hours. I can sit in front of a computer and be happy, working or playing. But it’s the mind that is so busy. But is there love in that busyness, I think that’s always the question. And that’s the quality of my life that I hope to improve with these daily times of silence. I hope you’ll take the time for silence, dear sisters and brothers of the open-heart. I know that for the most part you come to us through the filter of the Law of One, and I’m so grateful that you’re here. Thank you for listening. And that time that we have with you is precious. I love sharing the energy with you, even if you’re listening to this on the replay, that energy is still there and our auras are joined for that time and I really appreciate and embrace that. I do sneak in a request, you know, that I be able to getup on my soapbox from time to time and share the best that I know, in hopes that it will help you. Ignore me if it feels like the right thing to do by all means, but if it feels like the right thing, give it a try. Give silence a try. I think you’ll find that that which is within you will reward you over and over for the effort that you make to enter that silence and come to that place within the open heart where consciousness resides, and the Creator, and love, with it. Thank you everybody. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Monica, what do we have today?

Well, first I have a comment about what you just said, and about this passage that I read from Q’uo, and this part right here: Some benefit meditating a few minutes each day, some whose meditations are in action, and through action they are centered and one with all that there is,“ and, I have never noticed that before. I mean, I just now caught that when I read it and that makes me wonder if there’s maybe a broader definition of mediation here. Because I thought at first well meditation is just you know, sitting still and being in the silence. But what do you think about this?

Well I think that there are a couple of… I understand… I thought you were done, I’m sorry. Did you have more or shall I answer?

It’s okay. Go ahead.

There are a couple of things that come to mind when you ask me that and Jim I’ll give you a chance to answer also but, I have two things that come to mind. One is that what I was 20, 21, my first library job professionally was in the reproduction room in the bowels of the University of Louisville library. And there anything that needed reproduction, Xeroxing, or library cards, you know then it was all on catalogue cards, and we reproduced the catalogue cards that, you know, you have an author card, a title card, subject cards. And we reproduced those cards for the catalogue, and cut them. And I manned the Xerox machine; that was my job. And lots of professors had things that they needed copied and law students and medical students had things that they needed copied, graduate students and so forth. So I Xeroxed all day. And especially with the law students, they would need like 36 copies of a 39 page paper. And so I would sit in front of a series of shelves, which is how I sorted them, and I would put out the 39 copies that I was making of this 36 page document, and I would sort it. I would sort 36 pages. And it was repetitive, and it went on and on and on. And in that repetition, I no longer had to think, but I had to pay attention enough to get it right or I’d mix up the pages. So after a while I would come into a state of really high meditation. And it did a wonderful thing to me, to be involved in this repetitive action that I didn’t need to think about beyond just getting a very simple action right. So that was one thing. I used to enjoy so much sorting these things out, because I could depend on it to put me in a wonderful meditative frame of mind. And the other thing I would be sitting and knitting. I would knit. And, after a while that repetition of the stitch was automatic, and I simply had to make sure that I was following the pattern. And you could spend hours doing this, or stitchery, and even though you were doing something, the mind was relaxed and repetitive. And I think a 3rd thing that does come to mind is when athletes are working out, people that jog or run or lift weights, do things with a lot of repetitions, there’s no need to think about it. You just have to pay attention to the action that you’re dong in getting it right. And in that repetition, I think, it puts you in a state of mind. I think sometimes computer games like [inaudible] or solitaire puts you in a state of mind that is very philosophical and meditative. So those are the sorts of actions that come to mind when I read that sentence. Jim, what do you think? Am I missing something?

No, I absolutely agree. Before I really got into meditation much myself I heard of walking meditations, where you do what you were talking about at the first part of the program, just walking in nature, and enjoy the beauty and then feel a harmony with it, and I think that puts you in that frame of mind as well. I think that anything that we do with our bodies that’s rhythmic, repetitive, and can be eventually relegated to body memory, so that it frees the mind to focus, can be something that enhances this meditative state.

I don’t think the meditative state is relegated to only to sitting in silence and not moving. I think eventually that it is a goal perhaps and quite possible that one meditates at all times, no matter what you’re doing. If you’re able to focus yourself on the seeking of the open heart and sharing love unconditionally, of seeing people as souls, and that becomes real enough in your life. There are times when the daily round of activities offers the opportunity for meditation too. I think that’s rather an advanced course, but I think that’s really where were headed here in 3rd density, and we introduce ourselves to this whole concept by getting to the silent, restricted one place, eyes closed, traditional type of meditation, but I believe we can expand that out to include the whole realm of activity in 3rd density.

Yeah, one of the things… I’ve had great meditation doing the dishes.

There’s a book written about that: “Chop Wood, Carry Water”, about moving meditation.

That’s right.

And I was thinking it could even, I mean I guess to be in that state of mind where there’s stillness - definitely that can come from rhythmic action like Tai Chi. My husband practices Tai Chi, or other martial arts. And that’s called moving meditation. But then what I read it, I actually was wondering if Q’uo was referring to even being in the flow, and doing you know, being out in the world taking action, that you feel compelled to do, and yet…. I mean, there have been times when I’ll be talking to someone, maybe they were going through a rough time or whatever, and the words just…I guess it was a type of channeling, I mean the words just flowed out and I just felt totally at one with that person. And I knew that I was saying the right thing for them. It’s not something that happens… I mean it just happens spontaneously. It’s not something that happens like I have to think about it. But it just kind of flows out. But I don’t know…


…I don’t know if I’d call that meditation.

No, no I think you’re absolutely right. And that Spirit comes in and as you say, I mean, just living… I think the effort of trying to… when you’re taking it seriously and trying to give the very best of yourself that you can, I think there’s a prayer that comes out in Spirit, “Oh help!” you know? “Let me do this well. Let me give the best that I can.” And I think that you get a lift and you come together with your higher self somehow. It is a kind of channeling, but it’s a channeling that we all can do. There’s no art to it. There’s just the intensity and the focus and the desire to serve that is just part of being a good human being. I think we all have that. I really do. I totally think that that’s part of what that meant. I really do. And I’ve had the same experience. Jim, don’t you have a wonderful story of an atmosphere between two people that was fighting and scary, and all of a sudden you find yourself talking and they were actually listening, and you thought, “my gosh, what’s running my mouth? Because it isn’t…” Don’t I recall that?

Yeah, I’m amazed you remembered. Back in college, my freshmen year, I wasn’t at all a spiritually-awakened person. I hadn’t begun seeking at a conscious level yet. A friend of mine, my roommate, and I were walking through one of the student lounges one day, and we both work for the underground newspaper, and there was an article in there that my roommate had written about football players and the general public of the… general students at that college. It was during the Vietnam War days, and lots of demonstrations, and there was a lot of separation of factions on campus. As we’re going through the student lounge, a fellow who happened to be from my home town who was on the football team came high and took Jamie, my roommate, around the throat. He had his hands around the throat and he was starting to strangle him because he’d had this article read to him. He hadn’t actually read it himself, he had it read to him, but it was not flattering to the football players and so forth. So he was ready to take Jamie apart, and quite able to do it as well. All of a sudden I just started talking, I don’t remember the exact words, but just the feeling of we had to learn how to live together and resolve our difficulties without being physical, and you’re much better than this, you know there’s a better self you can call, you can do better than this. Basically, I had no idea where it was all coming from, and all of a sudden he just stopped and started listening. And I thought that was, at the time, quite unusual.

Yeah, and I bet you’ve had it happen a thousand times again since then, right?

In less intense ways, yeah.

Yeah less intense.

Nobody’s going to get hurt here if I happen to fail.

Right. [Laughter.] Oh, that’s great. Okay, our first question today is from Lycen. “Warm greeting to you, Monica and Carla. Reading from the January 28th 1981 transcripts Carla mentions, ‘We helped with the now-historic mind link of 1977, in regards to Andrija Puharich.’ My question is what was the mind link? I did some searching around the net but found no immediate answer. But is sounds like it was something considerable at the time it took place. Thank you for the service. Love and light, Lycen.”

Okay, well this is something that happened to me before Jim came along, so I’ll answer this one. It was 1977. I had known Andrija for 3 years, and Andrija and Don had gotten pretty close. They talked quite a bit. Andrija was a researcher; he’d written several books that had caught the attention of the public. He’d written one on sacred mushrooms - that was the first one he wrote. He’d written one about a Dutch psychic and substantiated some of the things that this guy was able to do. He was pretty amazing. And Andrija was a scientist; he was trying to figure out how it works, what was happening. He did the same thing with Uri Geller, came out with that I think in the mid-70’s, before the mind link anyway. He wrote a book called “Uri” and that was a bestseller. So Don had initially read about Andrija in “Uri” and then called him up, just called him up because in the book Uri, there was a whole appendix of channeling that had come to Andrija through various sources. And supposedly there were various higher beings that came in through pressing down the buttons on a tape recorder even though there was nobody there. Andrija just loaded the tape recorder, then the buttons would go down and this message would come through. It was fairly computerized sounding message. So these messages - the ones that had come through from people, the one that had come through from the tape recorder - were enough like the channeling that we were doing, that we were receiving from our source - that Don wanted Andrija to know about it.

Also, it was quite shocking actually. We had written a book in 1969, it was the very first thing that Don and I had done together when we first started working together. It was a book of fiction called “The Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater”. In that book one of the characters was a fellow named Pablo, and Pablo was Andrija - to the point that there was a physical description of him that was exact. His description of the kind of person that he was pretty close, and even the house that he lived in was so exact that when we drove up to his mansion in 1974 I just, my mouth was just open. I thought, “Andrija! This house is in our book! But when I saw it the only difference is there were there were peonies all along the circle driveway.”

And he said, “Oh we had those taken out three years ago.” So between 1969 and1974 they’d been taken out.

So that was the beginning of our relationship, and it was a close one because there aren’t very many peers that you have when you’re researching in this area. It’s considered a soft area scientifically. You don’t get a lot of scientists to talk to. You get people that are coming from the standpoint of channeling and so forth, but their background is in the arts. If they have college at all, their background is in the arts somewhere - in the liberal arts.

So Andrija got some information in 1976 and early 1977 that really disturbed him. It was that the people that were visiting us and offering these messages to humankind - these entities from elsewhere - had just about decided to give up and go home - you know, take their ball and go home - because they were no longer in the belief that humankind was capable of coming together and creating 4th density, basically. Creating an atmosphere of mutual love and understanding. And so Andrija asked, ‘well, if I’ve got a bunch of people together, and we created that, would that make a difference? Would you stay?’ And you know it was like, the man looking for 10 honest men so that the city would be saved. And the answer was in the affirmative - yes, if you can do this, then we will continue trying to help.

So we agreed. And Don was considered the co-partner. He and Andrija together created the - it was called the “Mind Link” for obvious reasons. That was what we were suppose to do was link up, person to person to person to person, and create a unified effort to become that which we had not been able to be before - that which would us to enable us to come together in love and understanding. So we all gathered and Andrija’s mansion, some were living there, some were living in motels. There were about 30 of us. Some of those who were with it were psychics that were of a certain age. Others were 18 to24, and had been originally collected, you might say, by Andrija as a gene pool in case the world came apart, as the messages sometimes suggested that it might, because basically if humankind couldn’t wake up and listen and do this thing - get together and link up and love each other - then it was no telling what was going to happen. Armageddon could be around the corner because humankind had the ability to create Armageddon with their bombs.

So we gathered and we mediated twice a day; we did exercises in the morning, and we took our meals together when we could. But the center of our gatherings were these two meditations. Andrija and Don created a series of concentric circles. Those who were I would say - they considered themselves the best of the lot - the ones who had middle age or maybe older than that even - and were psychics or known for their abilities and so forth. Definitely there were some ego questions there. They sat in the center of the circle and then in concentric circles around, I think there were 4 circles, sat those who were younger and who didn’t have the importance. But Don and I sat in the outer circle because we were anchoring the circle. Don was at the north and I was at the south, basically, the positive and negative poles of a battery. And in magical language, the feminine is considered the negative side, the masculine the positive side, and it doesn’t have to do with service to others polarity, it simply has to do with energy - positive and negative being necessary to put together to have the energy work. Sun and moon - think of it like that. I was the moon, Don was the sun. So were in the outer, and we sat for a half hour.

What was happening to all of us, each in our own way, was that we were having a common vision take place within us. All of us were being taken aboard some kind of place, many called it a craft, some just had a feeling of place, and we were being given instructions. Some of the instructions were clear, some of them were not. But it was all about working together and loving each other. So we would meditate and we would give ourselves - set our intention to love and serve together - and just do the best we could do hold that intention for a half hour. And we did this for about a month.

We did most of it in Andrija’s estate in New York. He had a huge living room and that was here we sat for our meditations. And then we all gathered together and caravanned down to North Carolina to Josh Reynolds’ place in the country, and we would do our meditations in his barn - a great big thing that had been built during the Depression with NRA funds. There was a whole-


Oh, excuse me WPA. There was a whole village of cabins, and there was a generator. It was living completely off the grid, and it was an experiment that the government ran in basic living. How to go back to nature and do that. So the government was doing amazing things. Anyway, this was just leftover, and was in private hands. It was in Josh Reynolds’ hands at this point, and he gave it to us, and meditated with us. It was a wonderful place down there. Of course it was absolutely gorgeous. The North Carolina woods are wonderful, and there was a place you could fish - a little brook that ran through it. There was a great big lake that had been created, and it was for the generator for the electricity. And that was also a wonderful place. Several UFOs were sighted; it was a very spooky time, really. But the center of it was always the meditations. And at the end of it, I think 6 different psychics got in touch with me or Andrija to let us know that they had picked up this effort and that it had worked. That it was positive. So that was the Mind Link of 1977. And I don’t think it made a blip on anybody’s radar but it did on the awareness of those who were heavily involved in meditating and in psychic research. So we were satisfied that it was an effort that was worth it.

And it was a very exciting time for us. We really enjoyed it and saw a lot of things that we never could explain. A lot of psychic activity. And that was very enjoyable also. I had never had any doubts that these things happen, but it was good to see them happen. We made friends that were deep friends at that time, and I have kept some of those relationships even through till now. Even though it was a long, long time ago - ‘77 - what is that? It’s 37 years ago. So that was the Mind Link.

Something along the same lines I might mention in that regard happened - I’m not sure when the date was. Oh, yes I am because it was 9/11. Three weeks before the twin towers were taken down, a friend of mine got in touch with us to say that he communed with Mother Nature every night, which I knew that he did. It was his way. And that She had said that She was going to stop speaking with him, and with anybody because they had just about - they were ready to give up on planet Earth. So he asked us to do something and Jim and I talked about it, and we decided we’d start meditating. We’d do the Gaia meditation. Meditating for Mother Earth. And we do that to this day. And I think that it was because of the great horror of the destruction of the twin towers; things happened in the psychic world in time/space long before they happen in manifestation. And this, I think, was happening, and causing those forces of nature that are in link with humankind to just want to give up the ship and not try to link with us in spirit anymore. So once again meditation was the answer, and as I said it’s one of those things that L/L Research does, as part of our service. People all over the globe now tune in with us and meditated nightly at 9pm. It doesn’t really matter about the time as long as they do it, because it’s 9 o’clock at different times all over the world. So some meditate with us, and some meditate with us in spirit. But I think that in time/space that different way of looking at time means that it’s all simultaneous. So there are ways in which you can comfort those great forces of Nature, and those sources of help that are from elsewhere. They all have to do with meditating and asking, you know, asking for help and learning more about being a good person. I think it’s as simple as that.

Very fascinating, as [inaudible] would say. Fascinating story. I’m not finding the thread right now. I’m looking at the Bring4th website, but I remember there was a discussion about Andrija, and I remember somebody saying there was some controversy about him. And… something about the MK-Ultra program, or something, what’s up with that? I don’t really…?

Oh, well, Andrija was a person that was a scientist but had done work with psychics, and he himself was a man of some psychic power. And he learned how to do remote viewing back when it was just called, I think, it wasn’t called remote viewing at the beginning, it was just called going out of body. Anyway, go ahead…

Astral projection.

Astral projection, right. Thank you. So the government became interested in this ability that people were demonstrating, to be able to do things like go out of body to scan different places and see inside things. See inside the human body. See inside a building. See what was happening anywhere they wished to move in time and space. And they thought this might be a very handy thing for their people - the CIA thought that it would be handy, so they asked Andrija to train some of their people, which he did. Remote viewing became a very controversial tool in the hands of those who might use it not for the service of humankind, but in pursuit of national policy, which might or might not be in line with love and light.

Another thing that he did that put him in - up against the government - was that when he worked with Andrija Puharich, Andrija was also working with the government in Israel, working with those of Assad. And it was felt that Andrija knew more than he should. The government became paranoid about him and put him on various lists, and basically drove him from the country. And some say that eventually they killed him. I do now know what the truth of it is, but I would not be surprised to know that that was the case, because I do know that he at one point - he had to leave the country and he lived for awhile in Mexico, just to get out of the range of being taken out. He left virtually in a, what he said was, a hail of gunfire and was driving away in his little trailer, driving as fast as he could. And gunshots had dinged the trailer up but it had not messed up anything, and he got away and kept going.

Eventually his house burned down, and that too was found to be - Don happened to be in the house, Andrija was not, but Don was in the house living and, you know, waiting for him to get back. He was at one time planning on moving up there to live on the property with him in his little guest house that had been built for people. It was a good place to live. It as not at all basic -it was quite nice. Anyway, he was up there making arrangements to move up there, and he came back from breakfast and saw smoke coming out of the house, and got all of the people out, found a ladder tall enough to reach to the 3rd floor, and got people out of their little dormitory that they had up there. And the house burned to the ground. It was found that a substance that was used by the CIA - and nobody else - that the fire-people knew of at that time, as they told Don, was used to cause the fire. It was a shame, because people were in the house, and it could have burned down if Don hadn’t seen the smoke and gotten the people out. So that was a scary thing. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrija lost his life, certainly they came in within days of Andrija’s death and took all the papers that he had so carefully preserved, writing down each and every experiment, the results of it. He had done this for decades. So that was the controversy. He was actually a very genial man, a sweet man, a good person who… I mean he had a weakness for women; there was no question about that. But basically he lived to serve, he lived to work, and nothing would get in the way of that. He always worked; he was always on task, on target, moving to the next research project and so forth. And all of these things that happened to him they were peripheral, they were details. He was a man with a great mind. He was one of Don’t few real friends, so I mourned his loss.

Do you think he was aware that the work he was doing for the government was being used to control people? I think that’s how the controversy … or that’s what people were talking about…

I suspect that he ended up knowing it, and I think that it really bothered him, but there was not much he could do about it. You know, the cat was out of the bag. If he hadn’t talked, other people would have. I mean there were other people also working with the government on that same remote viewing. Imagining if you could talk to Robert Monroe today, you’d hear some interesting stories.

I think that’s was the controversy was, now that I’m thinking back, remembering that… you know… people were saying ‘Oh, but he did these bad things…’ or something, and … there was somebody that joined the forum awhile back, I can’t even remember, and they were questioning, ‘Oh, well, this Law of One material, it’s … there’s evil in it because look at these people they were associated with, and they were doing these bad things…’ it was that kind of thing. That’s what it was.

Yeah, well, guilt by association is a known method of trying to smear people, but it doesn’t really work. I think Don’s life holds up to the most rigorous examination, as does mine, as does Jim’s. We’ve spent our lives in the service of good to the best of our ability.

I was one of the ones defending on that thread, that’s for sure.

I thank you for that. But really the work doesn’t need any defense. It stands by itself, and I’ve always felt like that.

Oh yeah, I agree.

Let people look at the work. Forget the humans involved, because what are we humans but a bunch of bozos? It’s a miracle that we were able sheerly by our intention to serve - to come together that way - Don and Jim and I. And it as just a wonderful time for all of us. But I mean I continue to feel that people that gather at L/L are part of a labor of love that is given, you know, its energy from above. It’s totally one that’s borne in love and continues in love, and people that come to our site feel that - feel the authenticity and the reality of our intention. That has never wavered. And we will not waver. The days of our life are set, happily, on the path of service to others.

Absolutely. Do you have all of his books? Andrija’s books?

No, I don’t think I have all of them, I have most of them. The sad part is that he wrote several manuscripts, one of which I edited, so I know for sure that he continued writing, and he did a beautiful job of doing the research, and showing the research in such a way that it was readable to the regular reader. But it was rigorously scientific at the same time. The one I edited was - I think he was going to call it “Time No Longer”, and it was about the extremely low frequency, the ELF energy that was coming from Russia. He had evidence, and he had it laid out in that book. You know, he had a lot about Tesla and Tesla-driven research, which of course is very, very involved in psychic things too. That book was sent to the publisher and somewhere in the publisher they never would publish it. They would give all kinds of reasons for not publishing it; they would continue to pay him and keep him under contract so that he couldn’t’ write the book and give it to someone else, and effectively shut him off from publishing after “Uri”. I don’t think he got any books published after that, but he wrote several. So it was very frustrating to him.

I just did a search, just on Amazon.com, out of curiosity, and “The Sacred Mushroom” looked real interesting. Have you read that one? It looks like it was put in fictional form.

What was it called?

“The Sacred Mushroom.”

No, it was - he usually wrote a combination of pure research and anecdote. He wrote about how he got the information as well as the information. I didn’t read it…

The reviews make it sound like it’s in a fiction format - you know, a story format.

Well, I don’t believe it was fictional.

Okay. Just wondering.

Yeah, I read it at the time, and did not think it was his best work, but it was good.

I found something else really interesting: he’s got this paper, a 52-page paper, called “Water Decompensation by AC Electrolysis”. It says here he reportedly his (home?) for hundreds of thousands of miles around North America in the 1970s on only water as fuel. This is a paper on electrolysis splitting the water molecule. That’s exactly what that machine does that’s sitting in your kitchen.

Huh. Isn’t that interesting? Well, I know that he had patents - his fortune - at one time he was a millionaire - and his fortune was based on the patents he did in pure research that was involved in helping deaf people hear. Some of his products were really effective in improving the hearing of people who were considered completely deaf. So he was a very clever fellow, and whatever he put his mind to, he usually had a good deal of success in investigating.

You haven’t read this one, by chance?

I haven’t read that one, no.

Of course I’m curious, being that that’s my business. I mean they’ve been using the elect…

I don’t even know where that book might be located but it might be worth a search.

They have it on Amazon.com.

Oh, well there you go!

They have one copy, but I guess the now have zero. [Laughter.] Yeah,

well being that that’s what I do; I mean that’s my business. I’m particularly interested in that. Of course they’ve been using the ionizer machines in Japanese hospitals since 1975… @Carla Isn’t it a coincidence that you and I would find this in our background? That somebody that…


…that somebody that was one of Don’s best friends was actually working in your area in the 1970s… I mean that’s an incredible coincidence…

…I find that pretty interesting.

Synchronicity strikes again, Monica!

[Laughter.] Might look at that machine in a whole new light now. With a whole new perspective.

Well, we’ve managed to get one question answered. [Laughter]. We’re thorough but we’re slow! Let’s put it that way.

But that was a fascinating story that you told, and we are just about out of time. Don, well I know I guess all that happened before Don… before you were around, Jim?

No, I was in the picture at that time.

She was asking me that question.

Oh, excuse me.

I meant to say Jim and I said Don. That was before you were in the picture, Jim?

Right, I was living on the land in central Kentucky at that time, about 70 miles away from where I met Don and Carla later.


To give you a quick little idea about how this material that Andrija taught can be used positively, we ran into a read of Law of One who is an ex Navy Seal, Michael Jacob - wrote a book called “Spiritual Warrior”, and he used remote viewing to keep from running into the enemy. And as a Seal he had a lot of encounters here and there in 24 years, and he said he was very grateful to never have had to kill a person, because he was able to use remote viewing.

Hmmm. Interesting. So that’s an example of using it for good, instead of for bad, huh?


He was able to avoid that. Hmmm. Interesting. Okay. Well, we are out of time, so let’s see. There will not be a show next week, and you guys are going to be busy with your big party? Homecoming.

It’s going to be fun. I hope all of you send us a little happy prayer.

Absolutely. And I’m sure everything will go very smoothly, and I hope you all have a wonderful time. And we’ll be back next week. So thanks again for everything. You’ve been listening to L/L Research’s “In the Now” with Carla L. Rueckert and Jim McCarty. If you’ve enjoyed the show, check out LLResearch.org, which is L/L Research’s archive website, featuring the Law of One material, over 1500 transcript, 11 publications, interviews, speeches, and more. And you can participate in discussion about the Law of One and other spiritually-oriented topics at Bring4th.org. You can also submit questions, comments, or discussion topics at Bring4th.org. Just look for the thread entitled “Discussion Q&A with Carla L. Rueckert” submit questions. And I’m your host Monica Leal. And we are here every Friday at 8 o’clock P.M. eastern, except not next Friday, which is, what, the 30th? So we’ll be back on September 6th. Have a great week.