Carla was interviewed on Marcia McMahon’s Peaceful Planet program on BBS Radio on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 1:00 PM EST.

Today we have a wonderful guest, Carla Rueckert, who’s going to be bringing in some amazing information. Our show is going to revolve around her work with The Ra Material and A Wanderer’s Handbook. This is going to be ascension information that you do not want to miss. And I know that there are many of you all over the listening audience who are already tuned in to this special light worker, Carla Rueckert.

Before we actually get to Carla, I want to mention that something very extraordinary is coming up this summer! There will be an opportunity to visit France and see the Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna sites in Europe, with a focus on Mary Magdalene for relics and the secret holy blood line. I’m also a channel for spirit, and have messages from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Princess Diana.

We’ll be landing in Paris to commemorate the transition of Princess Diana, whom I work with and channel. So there’ll be messages from all three great ladies. There is going to be a special focus on the divine feminine, with a lot of viewing of wonderful art work through all the centuries. As well as we visit these historic sites, I will be bringing through messages. To find out more about this, you can go to the home page of “The Peaceful Planet,” right here on BBS, where it says, “Click to find information about this program.” You can also go to, where you can see more information and the total itinerary for the pilgrimage.

I will be one of the featured speakers. The other featured speaker is going to be Andrea Pinkham. There’s just going to be so much good stuff to see over there in France! And I want to invite everyone listening. If you didn’t catch the website, or if you’re just tuning in, you can also send me an e-mail at for further information about the coming tour. So, Carla, are you with us, then?

I am, indeed. Hey, Marcia.

Hi. It’s nice to hear your voice again, and to speak with you. It’s a great honor and pleasure to have you in our company.

Well, thank you. I’m glad to be here.

Well, I’d like to read your bio for those people who may be tuning in to your work for the first time. I think it’s an impressive bio! We’ll go ahead with that and then we’ll just kind of meander wherever spirit wants us to go.

Sounds good to me.

All right. Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty was born in 1943 in Lake Forest, Illinois. She completed undergraduate studies in English Literature at the University of Louisville in 1966, and a Master’s degree in Library Service in 1971. She served as a librarian and bibliographer to college and school libraries for six years.

She was a meditator with the group Don Elkins started early in 1962 and became partners with Don in L/L Research in 1968. In 1970, she turned full-time to assisting Don with his research. She read and abstracted books and periodicals and did correspondence and writing for Don.

In 1974 she began channeling and continues these activities today. In 1987 she married Jim McCarty. She enjoys corresponding with a wide variety of wanderers, seekers and spiritual outsiders of all kinds, as well as reading romances, fantasies, sci-fi, and mysteries, gardening, cooking and writing.

She continues her channeling efforts with non-trance, weekly, Saturday meditation meetings. For more information about Carla and her books, you can visit And the “ll” is short for “Love and Light”?

That’s right.

Many light workers the world over sign their e-mails “Love and Light.” If you want to know what is happening right now, and what the love and light vibration is all about, you probably would want to start with The Ra Material, which is an extraordinary series of books that Carla channeled in the early 80’s.

For those just tuning in, there is a huge influx of love and light coming in to the planet at this time, as we are stepping up our vibrations into the planetary ascension and the energies of that. Carla, we’ve talked about your channeling and your spiritual background before on “The Peaceful Planet,” but I wonder if you can give us a definition of what the love and what the light vibrations are and how love and light go hand in hand.

All right. The sources that I channel, which call themselves the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, always offer a greeting and a farewell in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Occasionally, they’ll enlarge upon this a little bit. They’ll explain that they’re leaving us in all that there is; that it is all sacred, and that the way creatorship works is that the Creator is outpictured into our ability to grasp the concept of creatorship as a thought.

Even the Gospel of John begins with, “In the beginning was the Word.” 1 The utterance of that Word was love, unconditional love. It’s very difficult in English to find a decent word for unconditional love that really packs a punch. Basically, this Logos, or Word of love is the thought that working with free will, which is very, very central to the Confederation’s scheme of things. The Creator chose to know Itself, and therefore used light to build the creation.

And, of course, if you start going into what the scientists say about the actual nature of creation, it’s all light vibrations of one kind or another, with different orders of magnitude and different kinds of vibrations. But everything is in motion. Everything is love, manifesting through light. So you and I are love, with light organizing our bodies and our minds—and everybody else’s too. And everything we see in nature is basically part of that unified and interactive creation that is all made of love by using the manifesting abilities of light.

So love and light is all that there is. Love-and-light is the house of the Creator, and everybody in that house. That’s the way they express their cosmology, or their philosophy of how things began. It’s really kind of fun to think of things the way the Confederation does, because nothing ends, ever.

Everything’s an intelligent infinity.

Right. Intelligent infinity. Not an infinite intelligence, but intelligent infinity.

So it’s something that we can’t grasp, that concept. We can’t grasp infinity. We can’t grasp eternity. Our minds work in a linear fashion. We work in space and time. So when anybody starts trying to seek spiritually, he’s going up against the prejudices of a culture that is geared toward quantities, things that we can see and measure and know are there.

The metaphysical world works on the other side of the door that, say, splits the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. In the conscious, everyday reality that we have, we’re sitting on solid chairs or sofas or desk chairs, or wherever we’re sitting to listen to this show. Everything has form and color and characteristics we can talk about. But in the metaphysical realm, thoughts are the furniture on which we sit.

We stand our ground, thought, by thought, by thought. And our reality is not our physical body at all. Our reality is all of the vibrations in our thoughts that create the picture of who we are, in terms of our metaphysical identity. So qualities like unconditional love, truth and beauty, all of those things that are very intangible in the everyday physical world, are real and sturdy, those things which have reality in the metaphysical world.

But in this creation, which they call the Creation of the Father, we, as people are in, like, third grade. They call it third density. They’re basically saying that we’re in a school for souls and we’re in third grade. We pass through seven grades before we return to the Creator.

This grade is called Density of Choice. We’re simply trying to choose whether to express our love by being of service to ourselves or by being of service to others. Now of course, when you’re in service to others, you always end up being of service to yourself as well, but the basic difference is doing things in a radiant, generous, open manner or doing things behind closed doors, manipulating people for their own good, and that sort of thing.

Right. And there’s a lot that Ra goes into in the original Ra material. I have a copy of aspects of it which I want to quote, and then have you expand on. There’s so much coming in right now as far as ascension information, and I think you have some of the clearest information on ascension that exists on the planet, along with a few other sources. It’s really accurate and, for me, it’s easy to follow, because I resonate with the idea of light and love. That just comes naturally for me. A lot of people resonate with light and love, and sign their e-mails that way, and think that way.

Yes, and I think also there’s a very limited “marshmallow fluff” factor in the channeling from the Confederation, especially the Ra channeling that you’re speaking of—the Law of One channelings. This is because of the fact that it was a very narrow-band channel, which was capable of giving very precise information, and because of the fact that the questioner was a scientist, a physicist, and a mechanical engineer. So his approach to metaphysics was a hands-on, practical approach that I think really appeals to people, especially in the technical and scientific areas of study, who dismiss most channeling because of said marshmallow fluff factor.

In Elkin’s questions and Ra’s answers, there is no marshmallow; there is no fluff. It’s very advanced philosophical material. But as you said, I think it is easy to get, easy to follow, because of the fact that they’re very specific in their language. They even make up words that let you know about yourself. For instance, they don’t call people “people.” They call them “mind/body/spirit complexes,” which immediately tells you what they think a person actually is. There’s the body aspect, there’s the mind aspect and there’s the spirit aspect, all of that together. So I think it is pretty easy to follow.

I think it’s amazingly, scientifically correct. I am not a science person, but I also work with other higher-dimensional beings. The information is always exactly right-on. It’s amazing how accurate this is.

I want to talk a little bit about Earth as a planet moving into the fourth density by approximately 2011. I’m going to quote it a little bit, and then you can give me some of your thoughts.

What is the position of this planet with respect to the progression of cycles at this time?

I am Ra. This sphere is at this time in fourth-dimension vibration. Its material is quite confused due to the society memory complexes embedded in its consciousness. It has not made an easy transition to the vibrations which beckon. Therefore, it will be fetched with some inconvenience.

Is this inconvenience imminent within a few years?

I am Ra. This inconvenience, or disharmonious vibratory complex, has begun several of your years in your past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years.

After this period of thirty years I am assuming that this will be a fourth-density planet. Is this correct?

I am Ra. This is so. 2

Ra says that we’re ending a planetary cycle. And there’s an awful lot of science out there that confirms that we’ve come into a higher energy band or aspect of the galaxy which is affecting all the planets, giving us solar flares and doing all this other stuff that’s helping us to come into the fourth density. Have you received further clarity on what fourth density means? I interpret that to mean the love vibration.

We’ve gotten a lot of information lately because of the questions people ask. Of course the questions are always involved with spiritual principles. People will say, “Well, talk to us about the spiritual principles that we might need as we face this shift in consciousness, these great changes, and so forth.”

So we’ve gotten a lot of information tucked into the framework of a discussion on spiritual principles. It’s a time of tremendous shift. They say that we’re being just bombarded now by wave after wave after wave of truth and light and the various qualities of fourth-density light as opposed to third-density light.

People that are positively oriented and realize that this light is a transformative and changing light are having tremendous difficulty, one way or another, with this light. The Earth has become a hotbed for new life, new thought, new love and new awareness. These people will empty themselves and say, “OK. I’m ready to change. I want to live according to fourth-density values. Bring it on! Let’s try it! Let’s do it!”

And as people really engage with these incredible, crashing waves of fourth-density light, they’re actually changing their DNA. They’re actually becoming able to live in fourth density. That’s why there really isn’t any need for a planetary shift at this time, as far as a pole shift. At the grass roots level, all over the world, people are waking up and saying, “I realize that our society looks like it is a little on the service-to-self side, with big corporations and politicians and so forth really taking a good deal of money for their own use and the poor people in the world really not having their needs addressed.

But we, as human beings, are not really political animals. We’re not really the ones running the country. We’re the ones that wake up in the morning and live our life. And as we live our lives, more and more people are waking up and saying, “I want to live differently. I want to live in love. I want to radiate love. I want to be a channel for the infinite Creator. I want my life to be so full of love that I will be able to act as a lightworker, or a lighthouse if you will.”

In the Bible it said, “Don’t put your light under a bushel. Put it up on the hill.” 3 That’s really what we need to do now: step up to the plate and start living according to these fourth density values. That doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be a difficult time. It’s always difficult to change, especially when the change is so profound. But it does mean that every day we get lighter. Every day we get lifted up a little bit more, and a little bit more. And as we cooperate with these energies, we will find it easier and easier to deal with these things as our bodies change in order to tolerate fourth density.

The people that are resisting these crashing waves are having a slightly different experience. What these waves of light are doing is bringing up, into everyone’s conscious, everyday thinking, all of those little places where we haven’t developed our own light yet. We all have a dark side to our natures. And for most people, we haven’t integrated every single part of that shadow side. We can do that, but we have to do it on purpose. It doesn’t just happen. We have to look at road rage and go, OK … that’s undeveloped light. It looks like it’s happening to me, but actually that’s me in the car cutting me off. That’s another part of me, so I’m going to take that as mine, and I’m going to ask myself to see my own dark side. I’m going to ask myself to find my impatience and my anger, and my greed, and my hurry, and those dark things that happen in road rage. And I’m going to bring them up, I’m going to ask them to be my knights in shining armor so that I will use that anger and that impatience and all of those edgy energies to make myself more determined to make myself have more stamina and more spiritual steadiness, because that’s what you can develop those dark energies into instead of simply acting out and expressing anger. You can ask these parts of yourself to heal and to be redeemed by your unconditional love for yourself as part of the Godhead Principle. And, once you’ve done this, the compassion that you feel for everybody else’s dark side is just miraculous. You know, it’s there. You don’t have to look for it or seek for it. If you’ve done the work on yourself, then you have compassion on everybody.

You look through the lens of oneness.


Which so many of us do. We see others as ourselves and we want to unite with others. And I think that sometimes, as lightworkers, we find surprises with people who don’t think like we do. And we get into uncomfortable situations. I think that even a little bit more often now there seems to be sort of a polarity forming among those of like mind that want the unity consciousness, that want peace for the planet, that want all the good things. They are working on themselves. And then there are others who seem to want to persist in their patterns and do not want to see the amazing amount of awakening that is going on, on a spiritual, intellectual level, among all of humankind. So it can be difficult dealing with people who are difficult.

But that’s OK, because we’re not here to convince people or to persuade them. We’re here to make material available. And if that material speaks to the seeker, then they can use it. If it doesn’t speak to that seeker, then they simply just move on. There’s a tremendous array of various sources out there, all of which are good to think about, you know.

And to finish up my thought about what happens to people who are service-to-self oriented, or as you say don’t want to change, don’t want to learn fourth-density values, don’t want to live the Golden Rule to the extent that is needed to live in fourth density, they’re going to find themselves getting sick. They probably already have found themselves getting ill with various things because of the fact that their energy body is trying to run this new energy that’s interpenetrating third density and it is not able to do so. And so they’re not getting energy through to the heart.

It’s like if you already have some energy going through to the heart, so that you can open your heart and start living in a new way, then more and more comes to you. And if you aren’t able to get up into your heart, if you aren’t able to open your heart at this time, then less and less will happen because you’re not able to develop. So we see a lot of people leaving the planet earlier in life, having heart attacks and cancers earlier in life than you’d expect. I think it’s an attrition because of the fact that this is an increasingly challenging vibration in which to live. Because I believe that fourth density is here, virtually here now, and that we are experiencing fourth-density energy right along with the third-density energy.

You don’t see this as a cataclysmic earth change with the earth suddenly ending? I had someone on my show last week, a very fine lightworker, who had information that Earth would totally disappear into the Sun, and would raise to another vibration entirely.

Well, I’ve heard a lot of things like that. I’ve heard a wide variety of things, and the Ra wouldn’t speculate as to whether we needed a planetary shift or what. But I think the thing to remember here is, in terms of the information with which I’m familiar and which I really think is useful, this shift is not a shift that affects the physical part of our planet. This shift affects the metaphysical part of our planet. The shadows of these very real metaphysical events may outpicture themselves in terms of an increasing amount of natural disasters, all of which are small; not so small that nobody gets hurt, but small enough not to rock the planet. We had to make a shift of about twenty degrees in order to organize the planet for fourth-density light. And we only have just a tiny bit to go. I think these disasters have shifted, shifted, shifted, slowly enough that the planet hasn’t had to come apart. And it’s been aided by the fact that so many people are waking up and kind of leaning into praying for the planet, loving the planet, seeking out peace.

And we definitely need that!

Your work, of course, is all about peace on Earth. Something that you channeled a while back, I wanted to read here because I thought this was really good.

Oh, well, thank you Carla!

It explains what we’re doing here right now. I’m quoting here from Marcia, and she channeled,

“Much work awaits. Therefore you must stay on Earth to create the changes you wish to see materialize.”

And I think that’s what we really need to think about at this time of shift. We have power! We have tremendous power! We are magical beings. The rubber hits the road metaphysically through each of our consciousnesses. What we choose to create in our little creation sticks. If we forgive people in our creation, they are forgiven. If we don’t forgive people in our creation, they remain unforgiven.

So we need to decide what changes we want to see materialize. And then, we need to get up in the morning and say, “Spirit, help me out here!”

[Marcia and Carla laugh.]

“Because I want to create some changes today.” Once you ask for that kind of help, it’s amazing what will happen to your day. It’ll not be the day you had planned!

You know, that a wonderful reminder.

That’s the kind of power we have!

We have some of these earth-change prophecies lately, and some of it is just so totally cataclysmic, I can’t get my mind around it. In the past, I always dismissed things like that, but I’ve had more recent information that indicates that these cataclysms will be continuous and keep on coming. I’ll get other people’s sources too, just to cross-reference and compare. And for that reason it can put you in a state of fear.

It is a state of fear. I think a lot of that channeling comes from a place of fear, where fear-based questions are being asked of channels, and the question itself detunes the channel to the point where they’re not channeling the source they think they’re channeling. They’re channeling a service-to-self source. And that source is happy to take on that name, you know, “I’m so-and-so.” As a friend of mine described mixed-polarity channeling, it’s “I love you, I love you, I love you, FEAR!

Well, I don’t think this person was expressing a distortion, and I don’t think what I’m getting is distortion. But I have to say that I’ve gotten some more information on earth changes that suggests that severe difficulties will occur.

I really don’t know, Marcia. It could happen that way. It could happen that it might all be gone in a moment. It says that in the New Testament, as well as more recent channelings. But my sense of it is that is not going to happen that way, physically. Planet Earth is going to continue paddling along, and for about a hundred to three hundred years or so, it will be winding out its third density life.

For instance, look at all these Indigo kids that are here now. We got information from the Quo group that these are the first wave of people who have graduated from third-density Earth into the density of love and understanding, which is fourth density. And they’ve had to choose what they wanted to do, and what do you think that they chose to do in positive fourth polarity? They chose to return to Earth and help.

So here are all these kids that have their fourth-density DNA all completely together and are much more able to see through the illusions of third density. Whereas for us, the veil is not thin, and, you know, if we don’t watch it, we can just continue to believe misinformation and disinformation and downright lies, because of the fact that we really can’t discern what is true and what is not.

So for us in third density, as we’re trying to learn to live with fourth density values, we have two things going for us besides determination and patience. We have our willingness to change and our ability to ask for help. Because there is always help available. If we have the faith to remember to ask for help, then we’re going to be getting information that reassures us.

We’re all going to die. And I think that in some ways, the more paranoid of the channelings about the end of third density are psychologically coping with that fact. I think that the thing to remember here is to remain fearless. Because if it is a time of straitened difficulties, where we no longer have power, where we no longer have situations that we take for granted now, because of so much of a cataclysm happening, then what people will need from us is not fear. They will need us to be calm and reassuring and live by faith.

And you can say, “Well how can a person do that? How can a person live by faith when everything’s falling apart?” Well, I would talk about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a cleric in Germany in World War II. He was taken into prison because of his anti-Hitlerian views. And he was imprisoned, and I mean profoundly imprisoned. He was put into solitary along with other political dissenters. Bonhoeffer used code, you know, tapping on the pipes that connected all of the cells. Several times in each day he would perform services, praying, giving praise and thanksgiving and encouraging all of his fellow cell-mates who also knew Morse code. He himself did die during that incarceration, but the people that lived came forth from that prison new men. They had been saved by the faith of one man who was tapping out the love that he had in his heart on these old pipes.

I do remember reading his life story somewhere. It’s in the recesses of my memory somewhere. I admired what he did.

We have to pause for a moment to do the music and a new ad that’s coming in that Don has created, so I think we’re going to take a little break here, Carla, and go to our message, and then I’d like to also ask Don to play “Appreciated Angels” by Bob Murray. Our music, by the way, for those listening, is synthesized from spirit through the mediumship of Bob Murray, and you can hear more about it at


We’re back and you’re listening to “Appreciated Angels” by Bob Murray, as inspired by the great John Lennon. I’ve also been working on lyrics with John for the show. We’re back with Carla Rueckert. She was just telling me during the break that she is now writing another book, and this book is going to be dealing with just the basic principles of light and love. And if you would, tell me again a little bit more about the book, Carla.

Surely. Well, I had had a lot of people write in and say that they loved the original channelings from Ra, which were called The Ra Material or The Law of One. But they asked me question after question, what about this, and what about that. So I took all of those questions and wrote A Wanderer’s Handbook in 2001, thinking I was now making the material available to everybody.

But I’ve gotten a lot of people who have read A Wanderer’s Handbook and have continued to have questions. It’s not written simply enough. So my quest here was to make the principles of the Confederation teachings—love and light, polarity, so forth—available to everybody, including people that haven’t gone any further with their education than high school, people that are reading at the national level, which is a seventh grade reading level. I’ve found that it’s the hardest work that I’ve ever done because of the fact that I have a style of writing that reflects the breadth of my stream of consciousness. It’s more like a raging river, and I’m generally talking about more than one thing at a time.

Well, you’ve very articulate and you’re very well educated.

But that’s not what’s needed for a simple book, so I have to keep taking things out and saying them in a simpler way, and using examples that everybody already knows about instead of going back into my literature that not everybody knows about. So it’s really been an intriguing and interesting work of love, a labor of love for me. I really think that it’ll be good when I finish it, but the writing is just going slower than any writing project that I ever had, because I’m trying to be stringent about making it really easy to understand. Don Elkins, my beloved companion and the Questioner in the Ra contact, who died in 1984, was a teacher of physics, and he said, “Always maintain the baby step.” He felt that was the secret of teaching. So that’s what I’m trying to do in this book.

Well, you know I’m a teacher, too, and I can see where if you don’t cover the basics, they get lost completely, so you have to explain A to B to C, or you don’t get any comprehension. For me, it was so easy. I read through The Ra Material in one sitting.

Wow! You inhaled it!

Well, I did. I was just ready for it.

A lot of people are like that; they just can’t put it down.

I was full of love and light when I read it. It gives me a sense of awesome wonder to contemplate the fact that the universe is completely infinite, and that we, as a reflection of the divine Creator or Source, are also completely infinite. It’s amazing to read these concepts, knowing they’re scientific. Science is beginning to … more than beginning, with the quantum theory …

The quantum theory, the superstring study, all of that re-says what the Confederation source says, and what so many metaphysical sources say, which is that we’re all one.

So tell me a little bit more about what you have recently from Quo. You’re getting that earth changes are not immediately imminent, and that there’s going to be a couple hundred more years here at least where the Indigo children will be coming in. Will there be more lessons to complete?

No, I don’t think it’s about lessons any more. Let’s see, this is 2007, and we’ve got maybe four or five years of choice-making to go before that energy will have completely left this planet. And it’s not that we’ll die because we’re in fourth-density light, it’s that we can no longer do third-density work. So we really pretty much have this time to make up our minds to choose to serve others or to serve ourselves. Because the people that have no power are the people that never choose.

Once who choose your polarity, then you just need to keep staying on that polarity. But what they basically say is that the people who have not graduated either in service to others or in service to self from our planet’s population will be offered reincarnation for a whole new cycle of third density on another planet that is now in third density in its own progress. Because planets are living things, and they go through the densities, too. So, basically, this Earth will become fourth density, but until all of those who contain third-density DNA have left the planet, it will not manifest. You will not see it. You can only feel it. This is done out of respect, out of wanting to maintain free will and have people’s choices made by faith alone.

If we started seeing Truth and Beauty walking around and giving us dissertations on how to do this, then we would pretty much have to pay attention. But the way spirit works is, it asks us to move ahead by faith and by our own free will choice. So until such time as the last third-density entity has naturally died, we will continue not to see fourth density.

And then after that period is up, and I don’t know how long that’s going to be, then fourth density will emerge. And maybe at that point third-density Earth does disappear. Who knows! I don’t know how it works. But it’s very unthreatening in their description.

I don’t know if you have time to go into this, but there was an interesting channeling, several channelings, in fact, about the stretching of time for us as we approach the end of this density. Kind-hearted entities have stretched our time out by moving all of Planet Earth to what they call a time lateral. And in this time lateral, we’re living slower. I mean, it seems like time is passing normally fast or faster than usual, but in terms of the actual movement of people going into fourth density, it’s artificially slowed so that more and more people have a chance to make this choice.

And I think that’s the beauty of the whole thing. I know some people that are exactly in between the dark and the light, and spirit has, you know, taught me that’s where they’re at, and in the Christian terminology, it’s about saving the person. You want them to come in full force into the love-light vibration because it’s such a pleasant place to be, you know, into the fourth dimension. Let me ask about that. I’ve been told by my guides that I’m in fourth, moving into fifth, meaning that your psychic abilities are more accelerated and you have the ability to commune with spirit once you’re in the fourth. That’s my definition of it right now, anyway. But the question is always how to be of assistance of those who…

[The first side of tape ends and the tape is flipped over.]

So we need to choose between the two polarities. And again, it’s all a matter of individual free will. I suppose there’s nothing we need do for those who haven’t made up their mind.

Well, nothing in a worldly sense. Nothing in the sense of, “OK, this is how you convince the world to change.” But we are all one. We are an interactive, unified network of consciousness throughout the infinite creation. So when we work on ourselves and make changes in ourselves, and then bless those changes and let the light flow through us and out into the world, we are changing the world. We may never say a word to anybody, but the radiance of our lives will bring people awake.

And that’s really what we want to do. It’s almost like we’re infecting people. We’re infecting people with a very contagious disease—unconditional love. And once people get that from us, they will feel the blessing of that love and the true affection that we have, which is just coming through us. There is nothing egotistical about it. It’s just part of the way that we have allowed spirit to work through us.

Once people feel that, then they want to do that too, so they start living lives that are more radiant, and then they’re infecting the people around them, and so on it goes, and it just keeps being passed on. I have had wonderful visions of angels sewing a web of love in golden thread all over the planet, and I think that we’re setting stitches in that web when we live in love, when our reaction to a disharmonious person is, rather than being disharmonious in return, simply to remain comfortable and serene, and find that it’s much too much trouble to be angry, because this person is yourself, and you love this person with all your heart.

So you just rest with that love, and that person doesn’t get back the anger that he was expecting, and goes, “Hmm … Wow! She’s just sitting there loving me! What do I do with that?” I think it really startles people, And you can have a lot of good things happen for people just by your witness. And it’s not a speaking witness. It’s a silent witness.

Well, you’re so good, Carla, to bring up a good example of how to demonstrate mastery and spiritual centeredness to people that aren’t in their center. But I think it’s very important for all of us to remain in our center as this ascension process proceeds, and these different dimensions begin to open while others begin to close down. It’s almost like you can kind of see it in various people around you, where they’re at. Not that you’re judging, but you can just sense whether they’re open to the love and the light, whether they’re open to psychic things, or whether they’re just totally closed and they’re totally in their 3-D world with their job, their car, their house - you know. And you can see where they’re sinking.

Yes. The Ra group calls it “the sinkhole of indifference” when we’re not polarizing. It’s just a non-powerful position for souls. And once that choice is made, we become very powerful, because our will is everything. When we decide how to use our will, then we’re people of great power.

Yes indeed. And you are so powerful, and you put me so much at ease from just talking with you, and the vibration of your voice, and the way you command the material. You’re such a wonderful spokesperson for The Ra Material and A Wanderer’s Handbook!

We’re coming almost to a point where we will naturally close out the interview, but I want to give your website address. I’m also going to offer the opportunity to let people call in and ask questions.

I’d love that.

Our phone number is 877-876-5227 or, from Canada, 888-810-8322. And I want to mention Carla’s wonderful website again, where do I have it here …

It’s And, Marcia, I would like to mention that if people want to keep up with me, I have a blog on that site. You can link from that site. And also, I do a weekly article for UPI’s website. My column’s name is “A Small Medium at Large,” and I just finished writing a seven-part series on the work of Dana Redfield, who is well-known UFO experiencer, and also a scholar on Gematria, kabbalah and language. She had just a fascinating life and her work is excellent. She just passed into larger life because of cancer.

And now I’m starting a series on “Can One Person Make A Difference?” This last week I wrote about Ariane Kirtley, who has devoted herself to bringing water to a particularly drought-ridden, poor part of Niger. So hopefully, if you’re interested in either of those you can check them out.

Oh, I’m definitely going to check it all out.

You can go to the website, click on Carla’s Blog and Carla’s Niche, and all those links will just pop up.

And do you have a link directly to the Religion and Spirituality website?

Well, it’s www.religionandspirituality, all one word, dot com. You find my articles by clicking on Columnists, and then under Rueckert—and it’s R-U-E, folks, that’s the only difficult thing about my name… it’s hard to spell. Click on my name, and all my columns will come up, and you can sort of surf around and choose what you want to read.

Well, I’ll definitely be checking through there for your columns. It sounds wonderful! And, you know, I’d love to have you on the France tour. Is there any chance that you’d have the time to accompany us on that awesome pilgrimage?

Well, it does sound like a wonderful thing. Probably not, because of my health. I need a pied-a-terre with a hospital bed and then I can make short trips out from there. I could not do the touring around like you probably will do. I do have a good suggestion for the people that are lucky enough to be included in your tour. And that is, when you do approach the Black Madonna and Chartres in general, bring a flashlight. Bring some sort of a torch, a small one would do fine. The church is not lit except through the ancient stained glass windows, and it’s very, very dark in there.

[There is a blank space on the tape.]

We do have our phone lines open, if someone would like to call in and ask questions.

That’s good advice, I remember many years ago when I was visiting Italy, and I was going through St. Marks in Venice, it was lit primarily with candlelight. And there are all these great mosaics in gold leaf inside there, but when we got inside …

You couldn’t see them. Yeah! And there are all these friezes and very intricate carvings, wooden carvings all over the walls, and so much beautiful artwork in there. And you simply can’t see it unless you have a flashlight. So, Listeners, I hope that you’ll consider going. It’s a wonderful place, and all of the places she’s talking about are just steeped in the faith and the desire for holiness of generations and generations of people.

While I was in Chartres, one pilgrim after another would show up, and I finally asked my hostess, Aubine Kirtley, who’s Ariane’s mother, where these people were coming from, because they were dusty and dirty and ragged. She said that these people are pilgrims. They start walking in Paris, and they walk to Chartres from there, which is a long, dusty walk. And when they get there, they come and worship at the feet of the Black Madonna. It’s a beautiful place of pilgrimage. You can just feel the sacred energy in that place.

The devotion to God, yes. There’s a lot of history along ley lines, too. Thinking back, there is another pilgrimage to Santiago. They often, in medieval times, would come on their knees. Our tour is also going to be explored from the perspective of the holy blood line. And I have new revelations from Mary Magdalene that are quite startling and do reveal the marriage of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, and a child. And so some of the places we’re going to explore deal with this, and there will be a lot of really exciting metaphysical information coming through on the trip. So it’s just going to be so interesting from so many levels of perspective.

So anyway, Carla, it was really a joy to have you on the show. Thank you for sharing all of the wisdom that you have in both of your books. And we’re going to mention again that your website again is Check out Carla’s books there. Can you buy the books online, Carla?

The books are available online. You can order them from us by fax, by phone, or over e-mail, and we’re trying to get an online store together, but we haven’t quite gotten that together yet. Soon people will be able to have a secure PayPal-type place to pay right online. As it is now, you have to print out our order form and write the sensitive information, and then either fax it to us or mail it to us in order to save the privacy of your bank card numbers.

Oh, I see. I have a secure site—it’s PayPal. I’ve never had a problem or a person complaining, or any kind of fraud.

Right. PayPal is very trustworthy. We also have a PayPal option, but then people have to go to PayPal, and it’s a little more complicated than it will be when we get the unified store together.

I think they have an e-mail option, too. I’ll look at mine and see what’s what. But I haven’t done any web design in a while, and it can be complicated. But I don’t remember it being so. It was real easy to install.

But anyway, your work is magnificent! We encourage our listeners to tune into your two books and read your website, and see what they think about the love and light. And we’re going to leave everyone in a higher vibration of love and light. When you say the words love and light, think of Carla, because she’s one of the first pioneers here on Earth to have gotten that right, and gotten that extraordinary information from Ra. We’re going to close out by listening to “Prelude to Savannah.”

[End of tape.]

  1. Holy Bible, John 1:1-5: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. 

  2. Ra, channeled through L/L Research on January 24, 1981, labeled Session Six. 

  3. Holy Bible, Luke 8:16-17: “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed, but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light. For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”