Hi, and welcome to Post Script. I’m John Petersen from the Arlington Institute, and we’re happy to have you with us this rainy Saturday afternoon in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, here in the eastern panhandle about 100 miles from Washington and Baltimore. We do this about once every month when we bring speakers here to our little resort town to talk about some particular aspect of the extraordinary kind of change that’s happening in this world. The transition to essentially a new world is what it looks like—a new human and a new world—and we have speakers from all over the world that come about once a month, and we encourage you and invite you to come and be with us. You can find out more information about that at www.transitiontalks.org.

And by way of introduction of our guest today, let me talk a little bit about this whole process of trying to understand what’s happening in this extraordinary kind of transition to a new world. This is an event that has never happened before in terms of, at least, the understanding that humans have right now. By that, I mean the rate of change and the kind of change and the quality of the change is unprecedented. So, you can’t go to the regular kind of experts, and you can’t go to them and say, “So, what do you think is going to happen,” because this is nothing like what has happened in the past. And so you’ve got an amazing kind of change happening in conventional terms, in terms of energy, technology, and the implosion of political systems and geo-politics, and at the same time you’ve got an amazing emergence of a new world and a new human being coming, in terms of elevated consciousness and new capabilities, and new perspectives, and there are two major trends that are going on at the same time, and from all sources that are available to us that purport to have a perspective on this from a big point of view, is that this new world that is emerging with these new people with a new set of characteristics, are seeing themselves and their consciousness in quite a different kind of way.

And so, the question from the point of view of somebody like myself, a futurist, would be, “How do you get a big picture of what that might look like? How do you reach out into this space where nobody has ever been before, that by definition has an extraordinarily different kind of character to it, nothing like in the past, and start to get your arms around that in some way that you can start to anticipate and see what might be coming down stream?”

Our guest today, Jim McCarty, is part of an extraordinary group that has been able to get that big picture, to give us an extraordinary, unusually big perspective; and necessarily, because it’s in this space where nobody has been before, the source for these kinds of perspectives turns out to be unconventional, right? And there have been a number, over the last 50 years or so, a number of non-human sources that have come forward with this integrated picture of who humans are, where they came from, where they’re going, how this kind of transition is going, and so on. Many people are familiar with the Seth books from Jane Roberts, and this integrated big picture that came over a whole series of these channelings, these communications over a period of time, and similarly, in the early 80s a group came together, a small group of just three people including Jim McCarty. He’ll tell us a little bit about it, had made contact with an entity called Ra, R-A, Ra, and Ra said that it was an integrated group of a lot of things; and again, we’ll let Jim tell us about it, because this stuff is non-standard and it doesn’t work in conventional ways, but the interesting thing was that Jim and his group had the ability to, the opportunity, over about three-and-one-half years, to have 106 sessions, about hour-long ones, or something like that, to where they could ask Ra anything about anything—about where and how humanity emerged, how the planet emerged, how the whole structure operated, what’s the nature of God, where are we going, all those kinds of things. And one of the many interesting aspects of this series of interviews was a deep understanding, or a new understanding of the underlying structure of this transition we’re in right now and where humanity is going and how the mechanics of it all works.

Now Jim and his associates wrote five books so far, called The Law of One, and these have become rather famous books of late, influenced in part by David Wilcock who is a well-known person in the new agey area, and David has spent a good bit of time studying these books and giving a great deal of exposure to them. So, there are five books now, and they are working on a sixth one, and I’m just very pleased to have with us today, Jim McCarty, who’s with us today. Jim, thank you.

Well, thank you for inviting me, John. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Good. Tell us a little bit about how this all got going and you and your associates, and how it all came together.

Well, it goes back to 1961, when Don first started investigating the possibility of getting any—

This is Don Elkins.

Don Elkins was the questioner for the Ra contact, and he had started back in 1961, getting information from a group in Detroit, that was channeled information. It came from a fellow who had a face-to-face encounter with a supposed extraterrestrial entity, and back in the 50s there was a phenomenon called “the lingering telepathic contact”, that seemed to be a feature of having these types of encounters. This happened for Walt Rogers. He was the guy who headed the group in Detroit, so he had a contact with this entity that supposedly was a planetary entity, a group mind, and his name was Hatton.

So, Hatton transferred some information about how anybody could start a group of meditators, and be able to receive this kind of information. So, Don tried it out and discovered that it worked, and he had met Carla Rueckert at that time. He invited a dozen of his students from his physics class at the University of Louisville to be part of this experiment, and one of them brought his girlfriend along, who was Carla Rueckert. (She would eventually become the Ra contact instrument, or the channel.)

So, it took about four or five years for Don and Carla to really get together, and when they got together in 1968, they continue this work, and she learned how to channel, and I discovered them by hearing them give an interview on a radio station in central Kentucky where I was living at the time. So, when they talked about the philosophy of the extraterrestrial entities, I was very interested. They weren’t talking about what a lot of people talk about, “Well, what did that ship look like, what were the landing traces.” They were talking about the philosophy, and that the One Infinite Creator had made all this universe, all of us, and that we are all part of the same Creator, so that kind of a concept was something I’d never heard of before.

I had been interested in consciousness expansion, but I hadn’t heard of the concept that there was One Creator that made everybody and everything, and was indwelling in all of its creation. So, I was fortunate enough to meet them about six or so months later when I found some folks in my area who were members of their meditation group in Louisville.

So, I began driving up there and for a year went to their channeling meditations, and they invited me to join them. We got along great. I helped them move to a new location and they invited me to join them in the fall of 1980, and I joined them in December.

Now Don Elkins was a Ph.D. Physicist?

He didn’t have a Ph.D., he had a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Oh, Mechanical Engineering, but he was teaching physics.

He was teaching physics at the University of Louisville, Intro to Physics for the freshmen.

And then he turned out to be an airline pilot. So, he was a commercial pilot, so this is a guy who understood science, and mechanics, so it’s not just kind of a woo-woo kind of folk, but he had his feet on the ground.

He started in the hard sciences trying to figure out the nature of reality. As a kid in high school he had an inquisitive mind, he wanted to know, “How big was the universe? Who made it? How’s it work?” So, at that time all he could really do was to go to take the biology, chemistry, physics, and so forth, but as he got older, and was graduated from U of L and started teaching, it was clear to him that the answers he was seeking weren’t in the hard sciences. He needed to get into another area, so he began investigating the paranormal area, and that provided more information for him.

Then Carla became the principal, as they call it in the books, the “instrument” for Ra who was speaking through her. What were the mechanics of how that worked?

Well, it was unusual, as far as we could tell. She had learned how to channel by doing the normal conscious channeling. She was aware she was sitting in a chair, and she was speaking words that she was aware of in her mind, and she could have stopped that process at any time if she had wanted to. But, when the Ra contact started, it was totally different. It wasn’t expected, and we weren’t trying to do it, when Don and Carla were teaching another student how to channel.

She, all of the sudden, went into a trance, and left her body. We never knew how she left her body. It was a mystery to us and a mystery to her.

…where she went…

…or where, well, Ra said that they actually had her spirit with them. And they weren’t indwelling in her body like Seth was indwelling in Jane Roberts’ body, using the body and speaking with it, they were using her body from what they said were the inner planes of Earth, so they had hardly any use of her body except for her vocal cords, her tongue, her mouth, her lips, and so forth.

So, how did they describe themselves, and why were they doing this?

Well, they said that they were a group consciousness, that there were six-and-one-half million of them, that they had gone through the same process that we’re going through here on Earth, and they had become able to become a planetary mind. They were apparently from the planet Venus, and they had been successful in being able to go through the third density—they call the densities of experience according to light, the denseness of light, so we have a certain amount of light in our third density, we’re moving into a fourth density that has more light.

And this is the evolutionary process of human beings that you’re talking about.

Right. So, they’re here to help us with that process, because apparently, we’re having difficulty with it, and when people like we are here on Earth have difficulty, we express the disharmonies that you can see in the news every day, that when we’re unable to learn how to love and accept ourselves and others, then we have wars, we have a lot of problems getting along with each other. We haven’t learned how to play together well. So, that, in itself, is a kind of a call for assistance. So those of Ra are aware of such a call, that there are entities who wish to do better, to try to harmonize their vibrations, to raise their vibrations, to be more inclusive in their ability to see the environment around them as part of themselves, and something they’re responsible for, so they have tried for a great deal of time to help people on Earth.

So, essentially, humans are going through this evolutionary process, and when individuals, in particular, get to places where they feel they need something—praying or reaching out or whatever it is, for some way to work their way past whatever problem that’s in their way, or on their way to the next thing, that that prayer, almost, if you will, is answered, in part, by these kinds of folks?

That’s right. Sometimes it is actually prayer. Sometimes its conversations like we’re having here, that people are trying to figure out what’s going on in the world, why aren’t things working the way it feels like they should be working, so it can be a lot of different ways of people putting out a call and of wishing for some assistance with what they feel intuitively and intellectually is their purpose in life and their destiny. They want to do better than they’re doing, and they need help.

So this is really quite encouraging, because what it essential says is for those who want to evolve or move forward, or rise to a new level of consciousness, that there’s help, and that help comes to push us along and help us along.

That’s right. It seems like those entities that have gone further than we are, they’re traveling the same path, but they’re a little further along than we are. The way they continue on that path is to come back and to help others.

It’s like mentoring.

Right. That helps them too. By them helping us, they also help themselves continue along the path, because it’s all looking at each other as being the same, as being the Creator, as being the same as yourself, and so it’s brothers and sisters helping brothers and sisters, basically.

So is there any particular reason, other than that the three of you reached out? Was there any particular reason that Ra came to you? Was it anything related to this period of time, or anything?

It was definitely related to this period of time. They had two basic reasons, and the most important was that Earth is at the point now that it’s going through what we call a transition, or a transformation, so that there is an evolutionary leap in consciousness that is being made right now by individuals, but it is possible to make it as a group, as well. So, they’re here to help with this, because at a time like this on Earth, when we’re having difficulty realizing what’s going on as a culture and as a society, and as planetary consciousness, then this difficulty results in a kind of a call.

The second reason is that for a long time they have been wanting to correct some distortions or misapprehensions of what they say is the Law of One. The Law of One simply says we are all part of the same being. We are all part of the Creator. So, 11,000 years ago, or so, they apparently walked among the Egyptians to teach the Law of One in person. But, the Egyptians had a hard time perceiving Ra as being their brothers and sisters. Apparently there was something about them—they started to worship them as gods, and this was distressing to those of Ra because they were not gods, they were brothers and sisters who wanted to help out the Egyptians, so they had to cut their visit short with the Egyptians, and try to figure out how to correct the distortions in the Law of One that came about by them being worshipped as gods, because they were not gods delivering an edict—they were brothers and sisters saying we are all one, we’re together, we’re here, we’re here to help you.

So, they had two reasons. But the most important though was the Earth itself going through this transition.

So give us a little bit of background. How did they explain what the human experience, or the evolutionary experience had been historically, and how that we came to this point in time?

Well, they said Earth is a unique case. Most planets such as Earth, are able to go through this evolutionary process over a 75,000 period. They call that a Master—

How many planets are there?

They say that there are an infinite number of planets, that there is no counting—that the One Infinite Creator made an infinity of planets, and that all of them, at some point, go through this stage of evolution, that there’s more waiting for us, that there’s an evolutionary tract behind us as well. So, they said that planet Earth has become a repository, you might say, for a number of other entities from other third-density planets that did not make the—

What’s third density?

Well, they say there’s an octave of densities of light ascending, that each density has more light in it, more light, more information in it. Just like the Do, Ra, Me, Fa, So, La Ti, Do, with Do being one octave higher than the beginning.

And what they say is that everything is light to start with, and that as this light increases in frequency, right, then you have these—and we’re up at the third level, is that right?

Right. They say that the first level is the very basic level of the basic elements—earth, wind, fire and water—that the fire and air are active elements, they teach earth and water to be formed in such a manner that when the light of the Sun interacts that there is the possibility of life to spring forth, so at some point within the first density this has a very simple awareness that there is this first single cell creature, the polymorphus dynaflagellate, they called it, that then can evolve into the second density where this simple awareness expands into plants and animals that have something approaching self consciousness, and then after a great period of time they can evolve into the third density where we are, where they are complete beings, where we are complete beings of mind, body, and spirit with very well-defined self-consciousness.

So, there is a time of 75,000 years that we have to make a transition into the fourth density. A lot of other planets have had this transition where their population was unable to make it, and so they’ve come to Earth to try again. You can try as many times as you need. There is no limit. You don’t go to… there’s no hell, you go back to Earth, or another type of Earth, and you try again.

So, our population seems to be composed of a number of sources. Ra said there were thirteen minor sources of plants and three major sources that compose the entire population of Planet Earth. That’s why we’re so diverse, and perhaps one of the reasons we’ve had such difficulty in coming together as a unified consciousness is because we are so different. It’s been a problem that we have not yet solved. We’ve had thousands of years of wars, and disharmony, which is just the opposite of being able to come together into a unified consciousness and point the needle of the compass in one direction and continue on as Ra was able to do on Venus.

When you say that there are three different groups that were contributing to the formation of humanity, as we understand it, would that be anything like Asians, and Africans, and Europeans? Was there any indication that there were physical identifications presently that we could look back to and see?

Well, that’s possible, but they didn’t emphasize the physical nature, the color of the skin or anything like that. They said it’s probably more accurate to look at how a certain culture or people views the individual—how they see the individual fitting into the larger culture. Is it an autonomous individual with self—

So it’s divine, it’s an orientation—

Right, it’s a way of looking at people, at human beings, and how they relate to each other as individuals and the individual to the group. So, I haven’t tried to do that myself, to figure out who is who, but it’s obvious we have a lot of different ways of looking at human beings, at individuals on the planet.

And it’s really quite clear that you have people at different levels throughout the planet in every culture, from every place. I gave a speech at Shanghai once and there was a room full of Buddhists and I couldn’t believe that there were all these sweet, wonderful folks, and I said, “How in the world can you do this in a communist country”, and they said, “They can’t tell us how to think.” And I was rather amazed at what I found in different places around the world.

So, tell us, we’ve got about five minutes here, and then we’ll do a second segment, but tell us a little bit about the emergence, or the process of transition from one era to another one.

Well, each 25,000 year cycle that makes up the 75,000 years, has increasing opportunities for people to learn lessons. As we go along on our process of spiritual evolution, of expanding our awareness, there are opportunities that are provided for us to learn in a more rapid fashion, shall we say, so, entities have… it’s sort of like astrological descriptions of how the stars affect us, at how the moon affects us, and so forth, that there is a time for cosmic forces to come into the planet, to generate increases in intelligence, in exploration, in curiosity, and so forth.

So, people have chances throughout all the 75,000 year period of time to learn more about the nature of reality, about themselves, about how we’re all related to each other, because in this particular illusion—and it is an illusion, because we have what is called the “veil of forgetting” that separates our conscious from our subconscious mind. And here on this Earth and other third-density planets, we have this veil that makes it hard for us to see the entire picture, we can’t see the whole picture, but that helps us in one regard, because it makes us work harder while we’re here to use our will to persevere in seeking what we have faith in that actually exists, that there is a reason for being here, that it includes the concept of love, of understanding, of compassion, of being of service to others, and of creating our conscious to be biased in a certain way just like a car battery, that if we can get this power to want to be of service to others and to share our love with others, then we grow more quickly in a spiritual sense.

So this is all based upon the concept, of course, of reincarnation.


That we, as components of the larger one, come back and have increasing experiences on this planet which contribute to the… what would you call it?… the awareness of the Creator.

Right. We have times between our incarnations where we can look back on what we’ve done in previous incarnations and figure out, “Well, where did I do what I wanted to do, and where did I fall short? Where is there a place that I can do better, or increase my knowledge, or increase my ability to love and express this as compassion to others?” So, we can choose our lessons, and program, you might say, the next incarnation, and our subconscious mind is aware of these programmings and kind of puts a little bias on the way we see things happening in our lives so that we’ll look at a certain kind of situation in a way that gives us the opportunity to learn what we want to learn.

So, what I want to do in the second segment, is come back and talk specifically about that kind of process from a personal point of view and then from a large transitional point of view for the species, and that will be another interesting conversation, thank you so much for being with us. We really appreciate it, and we hope that you’ll come back and join us in the second segment of this Post Script interview with Jim McCarty from the Law of One and Ra series, and we’ll be back and we’ll talk about the details and the process by which the personal transition happens, and the opportunities that we have to rise to the occasion of this new world.

So, thanks for being with us. I’m John Petersen, from the Arlington Institute. This is Post Script, we come to you from Berkeley Springs in West Virginia, and you can find out more about our series and our meetings here, our presentations, at www.transitiontalks.org.. Thanks so much.