Hi, and welcome back to Post Script. I’m John Petersen from the Arlington Institute, and we come to you once a month or so from Berkeley Springs, our little resort town here in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. We bring speakers from around the world to a speaker series that’s named “Berkeley Springs Transition Talks,” the purpose of which is to illuminate and shed light on this extraordinary transition that’s happening in this world right now, both in terms of human beings and who they are and what they’re becoming, and the emergence of a new world, a dramatically new world that is going to be nothing like the one that’s before us.

Our guest today is Jim McCarty. Jim is one of the authors of a series of books called The Law of One, and they are channels from an entity called Ra. This is an extraordinary series that over a period of over three years and 106 different sessions, systematically explored the history, and the structure, and the meaning, and the progress, and progression, and the dynamics, and the logic, and everything, of how reality on this planet operates, and where we’re going and what we’re about. The thing that’s particularly of interest to us today is this transition that we’re in, and where we’re going from a previous era into a new era, and the kind of changes that that’s going to produce and is producing in human beings all the time. So welcome back, Jim, it’s nice to have you with us.

I’m glad to be back, thank you so much, John.

In the first segment we talked about some of the history about how you and your associates got together for this extraordinary experience back in the early 1980s, and a little bit of the history about how we all, as Ra said, how humanity got here and the process we went through, and we were just starting to talk about how human beings have the experience and the process that we’re in during this era, in this third dimension—you didn’t use the word “dimension,” but this third segment that’s moving to a fourth era, and so on. And the thing that’s interesting to me about this, and one of the deep truths that I got out of reading these books, is that the notion that you do not progress unless you’re presented with some kind of new or different, or unusual, or obstructive situation, that causes you to rise to the occasion to deal with the new thing in your life. It’s like in practical terms, everybody knows that you can’t get a college degree without going to college, so you have to put yourself in this different situation, in the process you come out somebody different, and you learned, but if there wasn’t a college and there wasn’t any incentive to do that, you would just stay the same. So every kind of event, and everything that comes into our lives, certainly anyone of any kind of significance is all about giving you an opportunity to rise to the occasion and learn how to make the kind of decisions that go forward. So, talk a little bit about that, if you will.

Yes, it’s fascinating. It’s information that was really revealing to us. Ra said, basically, there are no mistakes. That everything that happens in all of our lives has the chance to teach us lessons that we want to learn, that we have actually taken part in planning before the incarnation. They gave an example: say an entity wants to learn how not to be defensive in a situation that is very threatening, and they program a situation in which they are, of necessity, having to either die themselves to keep from being defensive, or a loved one is threatened with death, and they have a choice—either they do not defend, and the loved one dies, or they do defend and they don’t learn their lesson, but the loved one lives. So, people get together and make these plans before the incarnation, and Ra said that most of the learning that happens here for us on this planet, in any third density, is traumatic in nature, 1 because this carries more weight in our total being, and makes a mark that we don’t forget. It helps us learn lessons that are indelibly marked upon our spirit. So, a lot of things can happen.

Carla programmed for herself—Carla Rueckert, who was the channel for the Ra contact—she had arthritis. And for her whole life long people tried to heal her of arthritis, thinking, well, if you’re a conscious being, you shouldn’t have arthritis. But, it was chosen by her before the incarnation to keep her from going out into the world and giving her energy everywhere, and expending it all everywhere. Instead, she wanted to learn how to meditate, to pray, to contemplate, to be inner-directed, and to do exactly what she did in her life. So, in that regard she was successful, in that she was able to use the limitations that arthritis provided to do what she eventually did. What she wanted to do very much was to be of service by means of communication in channeling, and this was able to be accomplished because she had the arthritis.

This presents the possibility of looking at life in the world in a dramatically different way, because instead of seeing problems and issues that come into your life either personally or in the world more broadly, as things you’ve got to fight against, that they’re wrong, or some other… if you saw them as teaching/learning kind of opportunities explicitly, and that they’ve been presented to you in those kinds of ways, and that it’s not yours to fight or to get rid of or something, but to learn how to make the right kind of decisions, hear the little intuitive voice that tells you which way to go, then it takes down the stress out of the whole system because you start to understanding that in a sense this is an extemporaneous play that has some basic roles that we all have, but it doesn’t have a hard kind of script, but that you can do whatever you want to, and it’s a little like jazz, right, you can improvise.

Well, as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and we’re all actors and each in our time plays many parts.” [The physical world] isn’t the ultimate reality. The problem with most people looking at their life is that they think this is it—this isn’t the stage or step toward something better, but actually, it is. This is a learning situation here. This is like a laboratory or school, and we’re learning lessons here, and sometimes… I think there are more people these days that are able to look at what happens to them as being a lesson. They’re aware that they are students, and that there are many things that they can learn by going through their daily round of activities, and looking at them as something that can teach them something they want to know, that there are no accidents—there really aren’t. That everything that happens has a purpose and a reason, and you can learn from any situation. And like Ra said, especially the more traumatic ones really do teach us because they grab our attention, and we have to look at them carefully, and we have to relate to them intimately, because they’re happening to us, it seems.

So, in those regards, we have ways of learning that are absolutely unprecedented as far as people’s point of view in previous years—looking at life as being something that doesn’t teach you as much as it provides you opportunity for gaining money, or status, or family, or friends, or the things of this world. We’re looking for things beyond this world—things that take us to another world.

Right. It’s intriguing because as very clearly communicated in the books, is that this third density—what do you call it?

We call it density, because it refers to the density of light, but dimension, or whatever you want to call it—they’re all the same thing.

But this third density is particularly full of all of these—you call them distortions or something?

Well, I use “distortions”, not in a pejorative sense, as in it’s twisted or mangled or odd looking, but in that it is a movement away from total unity. So, everything’s a distortion. Everything in the creation is a distortion of unity. Ra said originally the One Creator was just infinity, there was no distortion. Then, it decided it wanted to know itself, so it exercised free will and that was the first distortion. Then it made the creation through love, the galaxies and so forth, and those are all distortions.

So, all of these things that come into our life are distortions which allow us the opportunity to be able to change, and to rise to the occasion, to get a degree, to get yourself educated or whatever it is, learning. Some sources say the whole issue is how you make the decisions, and the learning comes out of it. But this whole process in this third dimension is that there are a whole lot of them so that you can learn very quickly.

Oh, yeah. Ra said that in the third dimension there is at least 100 times more opportunity to learn, it’s 100 times more intensive than any higher density. This is the place where, as they said, the statue is forged in fire—the statue of our being, that which will go forward into the future, into the fourth density and beyond. That this is really where it happens. This is where the rubber meets the road. So, this is the place where we learn what is eventually going to become a foundation for the rest of our experience throughout the movement through the succeeding densities back into unity with the One Creator. We are all moving on that path, back to the Creator.

So this is the place, the forging place, that has the opportunity to make the most progress in the shortest period of time, to allow us then to transition to the next era, or the next density. So, talk about how that happens.

Well, if we are able, in this density, to use our catalyst, or the ways of growing…

Talk about what the essential nature is that service to self and service to others.

Right. Well, service to self and service to others, are two paths back to the Creator. One is a positive path: service to others. And one is negative: service to self. And they are both an illusion as far as the eventual destination, but the service to others has the ability to use the catalyst of every day, of learning, so that we see love as being the way to respond to whatever situation is in front of us, at least 51% of the time. If we can do it 51% of the time, if our thoughts, and intentions, and actions, can reflect love, no matter what’s in front of us and what we’re going through, that’s enough to make it into the fourth density.

Now the negatively oriented entities, they are a little different. They do not see each other as being the same as the self, as being the same as the Creator, they see others as that which they shall separate themselves from, and they shall attempt to control them, enslave them, use their power for their own growth. So, they have to be 95% successful in being able to control all others around them in order to make that graduation.

Throughout the entire universe, as far as we know, Ra said that 90% of entities in the third density choose the positive path. Ten percent choose negative. The negative path will take you through the fourth, the fifth, and the beginning of the sixth density—millions of years of evolution—but it can go no further, because in the sixth density you have to be able to see everybody as yourself and as the Creator. That’s easy for the positive path, that’s the way they do it, that’s the heart of their path. For the negative entity, it’s impossible, so then they have to immediately re-orient their polarity. They have to be a car battery that changes polarity, and they become positive, so the negative path is given up, it’s abandoned. So, it does go that far.

So this is experience is basically about positioning yourself, or taking a direction in a spectrum on which one end is service to others, and the other one is service to self, and the idea is to try to choose whatever direction you want, and through a series of all the daily decisions we make, and the events we’re confronted with, is to make these love-based decisions increasingly such that you move yourself over toward service to others, is that right?

That’s exactly right. And the negative entities practice the love of self, and that is the way they progress. But, like I said, all of the creation, and all of the positive and negative entities have the basic function of giving the Creator more ways of knowing itself, which is seemingly, according to Ra, the basic reason for the creation, so the Creator can know itself.

So, the process is, or the big picture, the strategy is that those that concentrate on the right-hand side, such that they are more in to service to others, more than 51% of the time, then are part of the group that transitions up to the next level, right?

Right. They can make it to the next level of the fourth density, which Ra called, “the density of love and understanding.” The love, of course, we have some concept of what that is—the compassion that we feel, the caring for other people, but understanding is something that we think we do here in this density, but we don’t so much, because there is that veil between the conscious and subconscious mind, so we only begin to grasp the nature of reality, but we get it enough that we can pursue it. We can use our will and our faith to travel this path, but in the fourth density there are various levels as well. 51% will get you to the level of the fourth density, but you’re there. You’re through with third density for a while and all the trauma it’s gone through there, so the fourth density, apparently takes 40 million years.

Oh, really? Oh, we’ve got time. [laughs]

Yeah, there’s plenty of time. But, as Ra said, the progress that is made in the higher densities, they need that time because they progress there just like they’re turtles, and we here back in third density are cheetahs, we go a lot faster, but we’re doing this so that we can build the foundation upon which we will stand for the rest of our incarnational experiences through the higher densities.

So, this is really important.

Yes, this is the axis upon which the rest of the creation turns for us, the choice we make.

So, talk about the transition—how does the transition happen between third and fourth.

Well, the transition for individuals is going on right now. Ra said it’s been going on for the last eighty-two years, before World War II. Every person that dies now, and goes through what we call the “walking into the steps of light,” is being given the opportunity to make the fourth density. Our various energy centers, or chakras, as they call them in the East, are related to certain kinds of experience here on Earth, from an individual dealing with ourselves, dealing with one other self intensely, dealing with groups, we’re dealing with everybody, going higher and higher in the energy centers. So, we have a chance to be gauged as we go through the death process. The light we walk into gauges our energy to see if we can take the light of the fourth density—it’s more powerful, it’s more potent. So, everybody’s doing it right now—as a society, and as a consciousness, a planetary consciousness.

There apparently will be some point at which this will come to an end; that opportunity will be over. Ra said it’s really hard to tell right now because it is a result of the people’s choices as individuals and as groups, and our peoples, our cultures, are very volatile. It’s hard to say which way they’re going to go—what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen. They said between 100 and 700 years. Now, it started before World War II, so we’re already 82 years into it. So, it could be at any time. But, it’s something that will be determined by the choice that is made on the planet.

Well, there’s multiple other unconventional sources that suggest that the leverage point, the inch point was 2012, December 2012, and that we’d made it in general into this new era, then the question is how ragged is it going to be, and how painful, and other kinds of stuff, but what I hear you saying, is that in order to get to the fourth density, you have to die, is that true or not?

Not necessarily. Some people are able to, shall we say, harvest themselves while they’re still alive in the third density. These are what you would call the adepts or the masters, or the bodhisattvas, those like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and so forth.

How many of them are there?

Well, I don’t know. But every culture and every religion has had some. Ra said that every culture and religion has got a portion of the Law of One, a portion of the truth, and all of them have some distortions as well. So, each seeker in every religion and culture has to determine for him or herself what they believe, because there is distortion, and there is truth. There is a true path through each religion.

Was there any suggestion that there would be a kind of a general transition while folks are alive in this dimension into the fourth dimension—that there would be a change of outlook and perspective, maybe from some other catalytic event or source?

Well, Ra did mention one wildcard possibility. They said that every option that you can think of, mostly for Earth right now, is one that is retards [the duration of the transition into a] long span of time, but that there was one opportunity that contained love, peace, joy and light, and that to turn one’s back upon it was to omit the possibilities of the future. “Could your planet polarize in one fine strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends, it is not probable, but it is ever possible.” 2 So, it could happen. Things could get bad enough on the planet with us fighting each other, that everybody all at once says, “Why are we doing this? Let’s do something else. Let’s love each other.”

Yeah, right.

Pow, and we’re gone.

What about the new generation of kids coming in. Do they see the world in a different way?

Well, Ra mentioned that there was an incarnation of entities that were from other third-density planets that had already made the transition. They were now fourth density entities, and they were coming to Earth early to help with the transition here, and they were going to be part of the fourth density population here, and they were—well, a lot of people have written about them as the indigo children, the crystal children. According to Ra, they have both their third-density and fourth-density bodies activated so they’re doubly activated and they tend to be more psychic, they tend to have more abilities that most of us don’t have.

Their brains are wired, they parallel process seven things at the same time, they’re quite interesting, and there are now examples of young people that have three and four strands of DNA that are showing up at different kind of places.

Well, they’re here, and they’re here to help us, and there are supposedly more and more coming, and hopefully more and more will come.

I’m intrigued by the possibility that some of us that are still alive could make it across into that new space, because a lot of good people are spending a whole lot of time trying to raise themselves to a new level of consciousness.

The important thing is the intention, because we don’t know exactly what the outcome of any of our actions is going to be. It’s not usual for us to see, “Well, I sowed love here and this is what came from it.” The important thing is we intend to love people, and we try our best to do that. So, I think a lot more people have the opportunity to make this transition because you don’t have to show the fruits of… “See what I did over here, I’ve got my love resume here.”

[laughs] 36 points of love. Well, we’ve just got a couple minutes left here but I wanted to come back to some wild and crazy thing that showed up in one of the early interviews, I think the ninth one, when you told me that in passing, Ra said, and this is back in the early 80s, said that the United States had space ships that were UFO kind of things that we were building in underground facilities in Mexico and New Mexico, and that there were large numbers of them that were already flying, and that was really hard for anybody to believe then, right?

Well, yeah, even Don, who was the questioner, was aghast, he said, “Are you telling me that these ships are being built in Mexico, out of this country? And who knows about them? And why aren’t we using them for transport? And, could we solve all of our problems with the energy that is being devoted to this.” And Ra said, “Yes. You could solve each and every problem that you have on your planet, with hunger, with housing, with medical needs. Every problem could be solved if you put your energies there instead of where they’re going now.” 3 Ra mentioned that this was unimportant information, and they were only giving it because we’d asked in this area, and they’d mentioned that there were landings, not only of UFOs, but some of the UFOs were from our government. So, they mentioned that this was not important information…

…it may not be important, but it’s interesting.

It’s interesting, it’s fascinating, that’s for sure, but there is so much more to our life and our purpose, but, yeah, we survived that particular episode [inaudible].

It’s becoming increasing clear, I guess one could say, from multiple sources from inside of the system and outside, that, in fact, all of this may be true, and that in fact the United States and maybe other countries, for that matter, for decades and decades have capabilities that far exceed anything that a conventional kind of physics understands or describes and that there are ongoing things going on up in space that we’re just, in general, not aware of.

Well, you know, it shouldn’t be too surprising, because you look at the military intelligence and their desire to protect the country, they can’t tell you everything that’s happening, and of course, things would be going on that would be secret, and, of course, they’re going to go forward in their technological abilities, so all of this are things you would expect, but then when you discover it’s really happening, you didn’t know anything about it, then, “Wow, really?”

But again, where do we put our attention? Where do we put our resources? Should we be doing that or could we be doing something that would be more helpful to the planet and to our people, than trying to protect them from…

Yeah, and some of this technology energy capabilities and so on could be amazing in terms of how it would change the quality of life and facilitate this transition into this new world.

So, it’s been wonderful to chat with you here. We’re out of time, I’m sorry to say, but our guest today has been Jim McCarty from L&L Research down in Kentucky, and came up here for the weekend to give a talk to us at Transition Talks, our series here in Berkeley Springs, sponsored by the Arlington Institute. We’d encourage you to come and visit with us and be with us. You can find out more information about that at www.transitiontalks.org. We hope you’ll come back and you’ll visit with us in our next Post Script presentation which will be next month. I’m giving the speech and the talk, and so I’m going to have a friend of mind interview me, so we’ll go through this ourselves. We hope you’ll come back with us. I’m John Petersen from the Arlington Institute, and this is Post Script.

  1. This may be a misunderstanding of Ra’s perspective. Ra indicated that “It is to be noted that among your entities a large percentage of all progression has as catalyst, trauma.” This doesn’t say that trauma is necessary or ubiquitous in the third-density experience. Rather just that it is statistically likely for entities to experience some form of trauma on this planet. 

  2. Ra: “We may note at this point while you ponder the possibility/probability vortices that although you have many, many items which cause distress and thus offer seeking and service opportunities, there is always one container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy. This vortex may be very small, but to turn one’s back upon it is to forget the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible.” – 65.12 

  3. Ra: “The technology your peoples possess at this time is capable of resolving each and every limitation which plagues your social memory complex at this present nexus of experience. However, the concerns of some of your beings with distortions towards what you would call powerful energy cause these solutions to be withheld until the solutions are so needed that those with the distortion can then become further distorted in the direction of power.” – 8.11