Carla was interviewed by telephone on Renee Martine’s Blue Edge Radio on June 16, 2010.

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My guest this evening is Carla Rueckert of LL Research. Carla is an experienced channel that has honed her skill for more than thirty years. She is best known as the channel for the Law of One series, which was channeled by tuned trance in the early 1980’s. Carla’s interesting journey is enlightening and educating many, many spiritual seekers. For more information about Carla on lectures, readings or events you can visit her website at or

Good evening Carla, and welcome to the show.

Hello Renee. It’s so good of you to have me. Thank you so much.

You are very welcome. It’s great to have you here. I’m very excited and all my listeners are very excited to share this hour with you.

I look forward to questions as well.

Oh, good, great. I was also going to put out there that if anybody does have questions, use the chat room which I will start in a minute. Also you can call in. The number is 347-215-6437.

So, Carla, I have some topics that I’d really like to go over tonight. There are three topics and they’re all pretty deep and profound. They are:

  1. Wanderers
  2. The Law of One
  3. 2012

These are the most requested questions that people have and upon which they would like insight. So I would just like you to pick one of those subjects.

All right. I think it’s probably simplest to start with The Law of One, which was a very special three and one-half year-or-so time in the life of L/L Research back in the early 80’s. I had never done trance. I had always been a conscious channel; that is, I was focused, but I was not unconscious. The only time that I’d ever done [trance] was working with a friend whose wife had died young. She had promised him that she would get in touch with him and let him know how things were going on the other side. So he asked me to try, and I did. Everyone swore it sounded just like his wife. I don’t remember anything about it. I was able to do it but it was very difficult for me. I felt draggy and tired afterwards and after a couple of discussions I gave that up for good, I thought.

But in January 1981 I was teaching an advanced student and I got the entity “Ra.” Not appreciating a fairly negatively oriented Egyptian God’s name, I challenged it with every fiber of my Christian being in the name of Jesus and Ra passed the challenge perfectly. I asked him to say, “Jesus is Lord,” three times and he had no problem with that. He said, “Of course, Jesus is Love! Love is the King of all! Love is Lord,” so I felt good about going ahead and channeling and—oops—there I went under.

So it was indeed a very difficult three years in my life. I went down to 80 pounds and was eating like a fool! I never got above 85 pounds. until the Ra period was over, when my beloved companion and research partner, Don Elkins, died [in 1987].

I knew not to continue without Don and Jim as batteries. I have not channeled Ra individually since then, although the Q’uo channel is a principle involving Ra. But Ra never actually speaks to me directly. A fifth-density entity called Latwii, which is also a social memory complex or an individualized group, speaks to me. Hatton from the love dimension is the third entity in this Q’uo principle and Hatton just simply lends an incredible love vibration to the channeling.

I think if you ever go to the research site, the archive site, you can feel the love that surrounds that, even if it’s just text on a screen. It’s incredibly loving. So I’ve been channeling Ra one way or another since 1981, but these three years was special because of the fact that it was “tuned” trance telepathy. ([This was] so-called by Don Elkins—he was a scientist, always into naming things accurately, so that’s apparently what I was doing.)

Ra came through with a philosophy and a cosmology that is tighter, more internally consistent and internally accurate than any philosophy or cosmology I’ve ever read. And I could have graduated in philosophy rather than literature. It was a toss-up. I’ve read a whole lot of philosophy. Actually, Ra reads sometimes like German philosophy because of the fact that in German philosophy you see so often where they’ll create a word in order to be accurate and specific about what they mean. Ra did that all the time. He completely reworked the word “distortion” and simply said, “All things are one; it is one universe. We are all connected as parts of the Creator—not only we, but also everything that is. Every inanimate and animate object on the planet and in the universe is entirely one thing and that one thing is love itself.”

The Creator, when He decided that He wanted to know more about Himself, created a principle or a Logos or a Thought, the one great original Thought of love. So there is nothing in the Creation that is not some distortion of love. Of course you see a lot of murdering and raping and pillaging and aggressions of various kinds and you know that love can become very distorted. But if you trace it back to the root, the root is love. So that is the kind of universe we live in and from that point of view, Ra simply develops the way they see the universe.

The first principle of this unified Law of One which is love is free will, because it was free will that caused the Creator Itself, intelligent infinity, to choose to know more about Itself.

The second distortion of the Law of One is love, the Logos. If you are a Christian, you can read that very word in the Gospel of John, First Chapter. They call it “The Word,” but actually, translated from the Greek, the original is “Logos.”

The third distortion of the Law of One, after free will and love, is light. Light was the principle that caused the universe to come into being. So when the Confederation channels greet one in the beginning of the session and say goodbye at the end, they greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator and basically they’re greeting you in terms of all that there is.

They go on to talk about polarity. We have two ways of working, spiritually speaking, according to the Confederation information, Ra and Q’uo and other entities I’ve channeled. There is a “service to others” path of polarity, and there is a “service to self” path of polarity. Basically you focus on one of those. You make a choice. This is called the Density of Choice by Ra. We’re here to make a choice. We’re here for only 75,000 or so years and in cosmic terms this is really like a blink, a heartbeat. But because of the fact that we’re here not to refine anything but simply to make the first choice of a self aware, ethically oriented individual, it’s a short density, this third density.

According to Ra, the densities span the experience that we have of setting out from the Creator to learn, witness, act.

I want to ask you a quick question about density. [The word], density, is interesting. Can we get a definition of what first, second, third, and fourth density is?

I’d be glad to. I’ll tell you all of them very quickly.

First density is the density of elements and powers, chemicals, wind, fire, earth and water.

Second density is the density of plants and animals. They are striving towards the sun. It’s the density of growth, turning towards the light, advancing up to the point where they can graduate into third density, which is the Density of Choice.

In this density we are self-aware. We become aware of ourselves, which animals basically are not. They are perfectly aware. They are intensely aware. But they’re not self-aware. We, on the other hand, are very self-aware, sometimes agonizingly so. And so we’re making a choice here. By our free will, we are choosing to express love and light by serving others or expressing the love and light of the infinite Creator by serving ourselves and causing everyone else to obey us and to be controlled by us.

So you have your choice of being a positively oriented entity and moving on to fourth density positive or you have your choice of becoming more and more polarized as a service-to-self entity until you are able to graduate in the negative sense.

Percentage-wise, if you are 51% or more oriented in service to others; that is, more than half of the time you’re thinking about whatever relationship you’re dealing with in terms of how to serve that person, you’re ready to graduate.

On the other hand, if you are a negatively oriented entity, it’s quite hard [to graduate]. You have to be intending to serve others no more than 5% of the time, and 95% of the time, you have to be thinking about numero uno.

I am a service-to-others polarized person and I think the people I’m talking to are also.

So, when you’ve made your choice of polarity you simply press on. Naturally, we all fail a lot but you get up and shake yourself off and know that every day is a new day, and as long as you’re just trying to be a good person and do the right thing, you’ll probably graduate. You’re probably there already.

And what you do in this density is, you don’t just use your mind, you don’t just use your body, you also use what Ra called “the energy body,” which is an electrical type body which the Buddhists and yogis talk about quite a bit, that intermingles with the spine from the bottom to the top. These energies are that with which you work in this life. Your catalyst comes in through the red ray first and then up through the rainbow colors of orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We’re in an illusion where the things that we see are not actually as visible or important to us as the things that we can’t see: what our energy body is doing, what our vibrational level is, how we are tuning and so forth.

Now where we’re aiming in this Density of Choice is the fourth density, which is the Density of Love and Understanding. The path splits at that point, to reunite two densities later in sixth density. So you’re seeking to polarize further to refine that choice in fourth density, the Density of Love, and then in fifth density, the Density of Wisdom.

The sixth density is where it all comes together again because of the fact that the service-to-self polarity. Ra called it “the path of that which is not,” because it leaves out love. They can’t move any further. They can’t learn any more. They come to a dead end. And they’re sitting there looking at the cul-de-sac wall and thinking, “Hmmm, I’m going to have to revisit this thing about love.” So they’re sort of like new Catholics or born-again Christians or Jews or whatever. They become more polarized toward love than the people who have already made that choice because they realize, “This is it.” The density of unity is where you take all that you’ve learned about love, all that you’ve learned about wisdom, and you unify those two paths of awareness so that you are expressing love with wisdom and you are expressing wisdom with compassion.

A lot of people [currently in incarnations here on Earth] are wanderers from sixth density. There are some from fifth and very few from fourth. The graduation has already started on Planet Earth. And so far, as I understand it from the readings, almost everyone has at the time of their death gone through the transition into larger life, the steps-of-light process, and found themselves to have graduated because they are comfortable with the steps of light that are fuller than third density.

You choose your next density not because of judgment but because of comfort. You choose where you’re comfortable in terms of the density of the light. That’s what the densities mean—how dense the light is; how dense that light is with information. So you’re not just getting more light in fourth density, you’re getting a different type of light. That’s what all of these particles are all about that we’re starting to see. The physicists are going mad trying to figure out, “What is this?” Well, it’s fourth-density characteristics starting to bleed through into the waning light of third density.

So it’s a marvelous thing to get into fourth-density light with all that extra information! And you have so many more choices! But the interesting thing is that just recently, people newly graduated from Earth are going, “I can do anything I want? Well, here’s the path of service I’d like to do right now because my third-density planet is having a hard time. I think I want to go back and help.”

So then, bam, you’ve got more and more millions of people on the Earth. As I was telling you earlier, Renee, probably almost everybody that’s under thirty is a wanderer from fourth density now, just touching base [into fourth density] and then coming right back because there is this overwhelming desire to help the rest of the global tribe of humans.

I’ve heard that before, that people are coming in different phases.

Yes. Actually, there are three generations of wanderers. I’m a wanderer of the first generation. I’m an oldie. I came in a long time ago and probably have been here at least one minor cycle, at least 25,000 years. My hope was to help, to lighten the planetary consciousness.

There was a second generation that coincides neatly with Generation X. This is a group of people that became aware of how efficient third density was and how if they piled in at this very intense, very catalyst-full point in our history, they could get a lot of balancing done. They could make a big change in their basic vibration. Second generation wanderers tend to be a little bit thicker headed and stubborn about getting their lessons learned, not so much oriented toward lightening the planetary consciousness. But once they wake up and realize, “Okay, here’s the picture,” then, of course, they become the best of helpers. But it tends to be a little bit later in life, maybe when second-generation people wake up not just to their own path, but also to the fact that they and the entire planet are one and that their path is one with the planet.

And then there’s the third generation that started about 30 years ago, as I said.


They are often called “Indigo Children” or “Crystal Children” and they’re making a difference.

So that’s the basic deal with wanderers. Of course all wanderers have problems in common because of the fact that they’ve seen better ways and they see that Earth hasn’t really gotten it yet. So they tend to feel isolated. They tend to feel bewildered by the energies here and unhappy with some of them. Some of them are very fainthearted and don’t want to jump in and try to change anything so they become very reclusive and retreat. Some of them remember a better way to the point where it’s painful for them and they feel they’ve just landed on a planet full of crazy people.

I have a couple of callers here. Do you want to take a break and talk with them? Okay. I’m going to take the first caller. Hello, welcome to the show.

[A pause ensues while the callers don’t answer, so Renee explains how they can get into the queue.]

So, okay, let’s just jump back into where we were. Thank you for the definition, because the definition was one of my questions. I wanted to get a little more clarity on that because you read different literature and get these different perspectives. That made a lot of sense to me and hopefully to other people also.

I think that kind of information tends to harmonize so even if you go from a seven-chakra system to a ten-chakra system or a twelve-chakra system—different Buddhist have different systems—you’re still looking at the basic concept of the fact that you have an energy body. That is where all the factory specs lie, where your default settings lie, so that you are always perfect at the level of the electrical body. It brings the knowledge of the most undistorted possible you right into incarnation so that even though we’re buried in a very dense illusion where, as I said, the chair and the carpet and the homes and the grass and everything, the things that you can see, aren’t nearly as deeply real as the things you can’t see—love, beauty, truth—all of these wonderful things that Plato talked about in the world of ideals, are actually the very meat of our existence. It’s a wonderful thing when you wake up. You go, “Oh, man, this is so neat! I’m out of the box! I am not trapped on Earth! I am not trapped in the hills and valleys of this existence! I can fly, I can soar, and I can ask for help!”

There’s so much help there. There’s your guidance system, because that’s inner, not a problem with a channel for that, you can access that yourself. It makes of life a very exciting journey with tons and tons of choice points where you get to exercise your choice to be of service to others or service to self, always working on your polarity.

I wrote a book about that recently, it came out last June, just about a year ago, and it’s called Living the Law of One–101: The Choice. I basically wrote that as a bullet for people trying to make it past 2012 and come out of it graduated to fourth density. People would really like to move on. 75,000 years is enough!

I am actually going to talk about 2012 in three different presentations at our Homecoming the first weekend in September over Labor Day weekend. I will first be talking about 2012; just what the fuss is about, in and of itself. It think a lot of people have heard a buzz that’s just really loud but they haven’t really gotten the spread of information, the spread of sources that find 2012 an interesting, indeed a completely unique event. So I’ll be giving one session on that.

My second session will be talking about free will and love, because why are we having a graduation? What is that all about? Why in the world is the world made this way? So I’ll be attempting to pull people in from that buzzword topic to the deeper waters of the first two distortions.

And then in the third presentation I’ll be talking about polarity, as I was talking about it earlier. 1 There is a lot of subtlety to working on polarity. Of course that’s the work in consciousness that you do. Trying to wake up and open your energy body is the meat of tons of different ways that all sorts of different world religions and philosophy and spiritual practices have developed to develop the energy body. That’s polarity, basically. So 2012 starts with a buzzword, but [I’ll be] going into Ra’s Law of One material.

[This material] was originally published in four volumes. The remaining research partner, who is also my husband, Jim McCarty, and I added a fifth volume about fifteen years after the Ra Material had ended, so that we could put in the personal fragments that we had taken out of the original four books because we didn’t want to distract people, we didn’t want to create some kind of a cult of personality, we just wanted to make the information itself available. We had a bunch of personal fragments that we left out of the first four books and that’s how Book Five came into being. It’s really a five-volume series.

I recommend it to anybody. It is hard to read and when I did A Wanderer’s Handbook in 2001, I thought I had explained it well enough for people at the entry level but au contraire! I had not reckoned with the fact that I’ve been to college and I use big words. People were writing in and telling us that they couldn’t read it. They loved what they could understand but they didn’t understand everything. So I realized I had to do a true, entry-level book. But I didn’t dumb anything down. I just took baby steps all the way through, talking about these same principles. I would recommend this book as an entry-level book that anybody can read, and I say that with some confidence. I was very careful not to give any illustrations or talk about stuff that we haven’t learned by the end of eleventh grade, which is our national average here in America. The average person has finished eleven grades but maybe not twelve. Also, the average person here in America reads at the seventh-grade level, so I didn’t use any words that people wouldn’t know at the seventh-grade level without defining them.

That’s the 101 book you’re talking about? 101: The Choice? So would it be your recommendation to start with A Wanderers Handbook and then graduate to 101? Or could they start with either book?

I would say you can pretty much enter this system anywhere. If you want the real deal, definitely go to The Law of One, also called The Ra Material. It’s called both, but you might be scratching your head because some of it is very dense information. A Wanderers’ Handbook appeals basically to people who feel that they are wanderers and 101 was written for everybody—your Aunt Susie, Joe the Plumber, or whoever you have in your life.

Once you get familiar with The Law of One and you love it, and you want to share it with people, the way to share it is to give them 101, because it is easy to read and yet, at the same time, I really do go very carefully. I assure people it’s not a dumbed-down version of the principles of The Law of One. I don’t miss a step! It’s just that I take shorter steps or use shorter words or shorter sentences, more paragraphing, more air, so that it’s easier to read, that kind of thing. But it’s all the same material. And it’s a wonderful philosophy. I think in that it’s a big barn. It takes in the world religions. It takes in spiritual practices. It takes in not believing in anything. Where ever you are, there’s room for you in The Law of One material. There’s no judgment.

The Ra people and the Confederation people in general are extraordinarily careful to use words with no emotional load so that you’re not getting into heavily defended territory in working with this material. I think it’s powerful. It’s the best work on spirituality that I’ve ever found. You’d think that would be really egotistical of me to say, but I truly believe that channels have things come through them, not from them, so I’m free to say that this is good stuff.

It is. I’ve been studying it for a little over a year and The Law of One does take some time to go through. And you have to take the time to read through it. But it’s great to have the Handbook. And I know there are other people out there that are helping groups of people to understand it.

I’m going to try these callers again and see if they’re on this time.

[Again, there was a pause while Renee had no luck with that.]

I do have a couple of questions that were sent to me. There are three questions. One of them is

[The transcriber was unable to make out most of this. The question ended something like:]

With the planetary alignment at the end of June through August, will humanity join the ranks of the advanced civilization?

The answer to that varies with to whom you talk. Talking to me, I will say that the latest information indicates that we are going to go through the graduation procedure one at a time, when we move from this physical incarnation naturally. So at the time of our death, according to them, we move into our electrical body, which is how we became humans in the first place at the beginning of the incarnation. We moved into our physical vehicles, which is an opportunity for us souls to live in this density, in third density.

By the way, so many people are concerned about, “Should I get an abortion? Is it ethical?” And the answer to that is that every mother has got to commune with that child that is taking up the opportunity to come in. Some children are just, “This is a good opportunity. I’m going to launch myself using this person. But it could just as well be someone else.”

Other times there has been very careful planning. “I want that mom, I want that dad, whatever.” And there is a very close connection. After you commune with the unborn child within, with that soul, you get a feeling of whether it is a casual choice or it was a very careful choice. So it might be fine for somebody to say, “Look, you are the result of a rape and I really don’t want to have you. Can you come back when I’m in a better position?” And you work it out that way. Or you realize, “Oh, my God, I’ve made a sacred contract here—I think I’d better go on with this birth, whether or not it seems convenient, because this soul and I have made a contract to do work together.” It’s not a done thing. You don’t know. There’s not one answer.

So anyway, we come in, in this electric body. We hook up in a very strong and final way with the physical and we are with that body all the way through life. And then, when the physical body becomes unviable, the silver cord breaks and the electrical body moves on, without a single break of consciousness, into a larger life. And all of the sudden you are in this wonderful place.

A lot of people have a lot of healing to do. But after the healing is done, after it’s time to say, “Okay, I’m ready to move on,” then you walk these steps of light that I was talking about earlier. Every step has a very carefully controlled vibratory level of light. At one point, which is not marked, it goes from third-density to fourth-density light.

I honestly think that a lot of sixth-density wanderers who have awakened and who have taken hold and stepped up to the plate and said, “Okay, I’m going to do this incarnation up, down, and sideways—I will serve,” they’re probably going to walk all the way back to sixth density.

At any rate, the result of that is that either you didn’t make it to fourth grade, you’re still in third grade and you need to repeat, so your soul moves to another planetary influence where you will have another 75,000 years of third density and then you’ll have more time to make the choice, or you’ve moved into fourth density and you’ve got way more options on your menus as far as what to do, how to learn and how to serve.

It becomes a much sweeter place because of the fact that there is no veil. “You know what I’m thinking, I know what you’re thinking, and all is forgiven.” Everyone is considered to be a great person regardless of what they’re thinking. It’s all in the vibration. And so you see that you’re connected. It’s so much easier to make the choices. So in fourth density you begin that long, long series of incarnations where you’re refining that choice and refining it more.

One reason that people sometimes decide to come back into third density is because it’s like boot camp. You can get more done as far as rebalancing your energy body in third density in one incarnation, one short incarnation I might add, than you can in several [incarnations] in higher densities. So much more is known that there’s not as much power in any one choice. Power is different there. But it’s an electrically based illusion rather than a chemically based illusion, so one is finally done with things like constipation and diarrhea, those things about the chemical distillery of the body that are less than wonderful. But you don’t have to give up sexuality, because sexuality is basically an electrical phenomenon.

So you have the good stuff and you can drop off some the inconvenient stuff. You can learn in an atmosphere of loving and being loved, which is not always the case here on Earth. So I think we all want to graduate. Nobody wants to stick around in third density forever.

But it could happen. When people ask me the question about, “Is it going to happen at a certain time?” I say, “Well, say it does happen at a certain time. Okay, if it happened at a certain time then all of us would go together to walk the steps of light. I think it would be a great party. I think it would be fun to be there. I think it would be a gas, so I don’t see that as being a difficulty except for the fact that you wouldn’t have been preparing for it, whereas as your physical death approaches you do automatically start thinking about the afterlife and ‘getting your heart right,’ as one reader wrote to me. ’I have x number of years to get my heart right because when I graduate I really want to have my heart right.”

There are a lot of people that believe that this or that time is a time when, boom! We all go together and the ascension or the rapture strikes. You know, Jesus and the Bible talked about two people working in the field; one’s there, one’s not. You go on or you don’t go on. 2 But the problem with the way Jesus saw it was that there’s so much judgment involved. There’s Jehovah sort of looming down at you and saying, “You’re going to burn in the fire forever. You were evil in this life.” And I don’t think that’s the way it is. I think that we judge ourselves.

Yes. And I’m not trying to beat up religion, but in most cases judgment just comes naturally with it. There’s the sort of judgment that I was born and raised with. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness so I know.

I think we have a caller. Hello? Welcome to the show. Who are we speaking to?

This is Jim in Chicago.

Hello Jim. Do you have a question for Carla?

First of all I’m happy to hear you’re up and around! I know you’ve been sick and I’m just really happy that you’re pushing forward with all of your work. I really appreciate it.

You made a comment about people not preparing. What is there to prepare? It seems to me that if you haven’t gotten it down in the last 75,000 years, these last couple aren’t going to make that much of an impact, or are they? Is there a way to say, “Well, here’s what you do to prepare.” Is it about moving in happiness and following those things that make you individually happy? Because that’s really with the Law of One is.

Well, that’s what 101: The Choice is about—how you can do it quickly. It is designed to fill you in so that you can make your own choice to toggle off the flat gameboard, as I call it in the book, and move into the advanced gameboard which has got more space in it, more choices. It can be done in a heartbeat, actually. You can choose to be of service to others at such a level of setting your intention that your vibrational level immediately shifts to the point where you are over 51% service to others in your vibration. It’s not a hard thing to learn. It’s not even a matter of knowledge. In fact at one point the Ra group said to Don that there’s only one thing you need to know and that is that it is absolutely impossible to know anything. Everything is an illusion.

[The tape is flipped.]

So you need to move from this intellectual and emotional [standpoint] to a point of faith in which you say, “All is well; all will be well. I am a creature of love. Everyone else is a creature of love. Where is the love in this moment?” You simply start living a different way.

It’s not hard, it’s not complex, and I recommend my book for people who have that question that you asked me because I believe that by the time you finish reading the book, you’ve got all the resources you need to get out of this dump. No offense to Planet Earth in the third density but you know, the time here is at an end. And if we don’t want simply to repeat this Density of Choice; if we want to get into a place where the environment is more pleasant, now is the time.

If there were a stairway to heaven, you would be correct. The passage of learning and awareness on this planet has grown gradually and come hard and you look back just a thousand years and see a vast distance that has been covered since then in our understanding of ourselves as human beings. However, it is that witness inside you that awakens to being a citizen of eternity and to living by overarching values like love, compassion, beauty and truth. Those eternal values that are far more obvious in fourth density and above than they are in third.

And this is a decision that is made from a holistic point of view with every fiber of your being as an ethically based person rather than being a person of a certain type or race or age or background or intellectual capacity. I would guess, in fact, that there are millions of illiterate people with no resources at all, as far as physical resources, that are way up there in terms of their vibration. You don’t have to know much in order to keep your heart open. And the work of keeping your heart open is the work of a lifetime! All I have to do is go out, get in the car and start driving down the road and before I go ten miles, especially on the interstate, there’s going to be some idiot that creates a difficulty for me by road rage and cuts me off on the right or tailgates me or just in general is an idiot to the point that I’m concerned for my safety.

And naturally I move off of my tuning of “All is love, all is light.” “Did you see what that guy just did?” It takes just that long and you’re out of love with the world. And so, there’s your work. There’s the catalyst that’s come in that’s there for you to work with. It’s grist for the mill, as Ram Dass said. I just look at every day as an adventure. I get up, I set my intention today: “Lord, I am your servant, my will is your will, please let my hands be the hands of love, let my voice be a voice of love, let my thoughts be thoughts of love, let me make a difference today, not just for myself, but because all is one, I’m making a difference for the planet when I make that choice.”

But, of course, you stray from that setting during the day. And the work of the day is not only to be a witness and to follow those desires that you have until you have no more desires. It’s also to keep yourself tuned up so you have an open chakra body, an open energy body, so the light of the Creator can move right on through, right up from the bottom to the top and out. And if you can do that, if you’re conscious about doing that, you’re living your life as a lighthouse. You’re sending light out that has been transformed by your intention to share it. It’s not your love; it’s not your light. Human love and light run out pretty fast. It’s the love and the light of the infinite Creator which is abundant. It’s infinite in supply. So as long as your energy body is open, then you’re swooping up energy into the heart and keeping the heart open. Then you’re ready to graduate, now.

When a group of people get together and start talking about that, you can instantly feel the energy change in the room. One of the glories of having meetings here at L/L Research is that by the time the weekend is over, people are consciously loving each other and of course it’s so nice! The filter of our material is such that the people who gather here are compatible with each other. So they immediately, maybe for the first time in their lives, have somebody they can talk to about what they’re interested in. That’s an incredibly powerful experience for somebody who has been isolated. Perhaps you can’t talk to your family, you can’t really talk to your friends, the best you can do is just like Johnny Appleseed—drop a spiritual thought here, drop a little principle there, but unless you’re asked, never, ever bring it up. It’s not what we know—it’s how we are. It’s being—that’s the real art. And that’s what’s going to make us able to graduate at harvest time.

As I said, I think harvest time is going to come, not at 2012 or at any one time, I think. It’s going to come for each of us when we pass from this mortal coil and begin to explore the universe without the heavy physical body.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, but I do have a quick follow up. When you talk about service to others, the message isn’t just to change a lifestyle or a profession, or anything like that. You’re talking more about the intent behind everything we do, is that right?

A person can be a mechanic, he can work in a grocery store. It doesn’t matter what you do. It matters that you do it with love. It matters that you do it with respect. Respect for yourself as a powerful person is a thing that is not translatable quantitatively. Yes, you can be a soldier and you can be incredibly powerful spiritually on the service-to-others path.

I did a reading for a guy last spring who had written a book called The Intuitive Warrior. 3 He was an incredibly positive entity. He had participated in Iraq. He had participated in Afghanistan. Now he is a private consultant and does security for things, but always with the greatest of love, to the point that he has honed his skills so that he is aware when violence will happen by remote viewing, and simply moves his company away from the violence so that no one ever gets hurt. He’s famous for that within the armed services. It’s a wonderful book. I recommend it.

But it doesn’t matter what you do. I remember loving being a barmaid, because first of all I could satisfy everyone’s desires for what they wanted—a beer! I could get it easily. “Here it is! Have fun.” More than that, though, if there was somebody coming in and sitting at the bar and was all alone, I could sit down, if I didn’t have any orders, and say, “How are you tonight? How are you doing?” I could just pay attention to this person who was lonely. There was a tremendous amount of service going on there. I thought it was a terrific job.

I remember another job I had in college had to do with being the reproduction officer for the University of Louisville in the Reproduction Department. That’s what it said on the door—I got a kick out of that—I never have had kids. Anyway, I would be sitting there sorting a 35-page paper of which 39 copies were needed for somebody in law school. I would get into the rhythm of the sorting and all of the sudden I would be in the best meditation I’d had for weeks.

If you play with life, if you respect yourself enough to be a consciously spiritual being, any job opens up and blooms so that it is the best possible place in which you could be right now. When you’re done with the learning that that job offers then, boom, synchronicity speaks and you get into a different situation—you’re offered another opportunity that’s a different kind of opportunity. I don’t look down my nose at any job as being a place where there’s no way that you’re going to be able to carry on a spiritually oriented life, because life itself is sacred.

I have had awareness, when cleaning the john, of the water closet saying, “Ah, it feels so good to be clean, thank you so much.” So you just are making those energies bright and shining and full of love. My power as a person, every little humble chore that I do, driving somewhere, whatever, I am a creature of love with the opportunity to create my environment so that it’s all loving. And I’m the boss. I’m the little creator of my own subjective universe.

If you want [this life] to be a density of love and just not bother with third density, you can pull it off, with the exception, of course, of getting pulled off of your tuning by things that happen in life. And we all have that, but for every night, there comes the dawn, and we don’t have to accept the things that happen to us that are harsh.

For instance, the first two months after my spinal fusion operation, because of the fact that I had eight vertebrae done at once, I was sort of down for the count for about two months. But it was a chance for me to do more deep inner work than I had been able to do for a while because I was always busy. So I really enjoyed that time, not that I enjoyed the pain of it, but that I enjoyed the emptiness of it, the spaciousness of it, because my job was to be and to take care for my tuning and not to let this turn into a negative situation. And indeed it did not. I’ve always been lifted up. And of course I had the help of so many people that were praying for me! You probably were praying for me, and some of the other people were as well and sending me absent healing. And by the way, for all of those who may be listening absent healing works. You can’t see my scar and it’s only two and one-half month into recovery.

Wow, that’s amazing. That’s great.

I hate to cut you off right now but we’re a minute out of the show. Thank you very much, Carla, for calling in. Would you please talk about anything that’s coming up for you? You talked about some conferences, if you wanted to let us know where they are -

You can go to my website, the archive site, where you can read everything I’ve ever channeled. You’ll be able, once we get a transcript of this interview—one of our transcribers transcribes it, I edit it, it goes to our site, to read the interview. All of this material is available for free. Our spiritual community site is I blog on it daily and people can keep up with me that way. I ended up having to do that in 2006. I knew too many people and could not write letters any more so I just write one letter to the world every day.

Our next Gathering—and my first since the surgery—will be September 3 through September 5, 2010, and that will be our annual Homecoming. You can find out about that by going to and looking in the news. It’s mentioned in there. You can look up the cost of it, the curriculum, et cetera.

I want to thank you again for having me on.

Thank you very much for coming on! I’d love to have you back on, and to do another hour. They go by so fast! You can also check my website: I also post all my shows there. Come back and visit the show! So, everyone, have a good evening, and thank you very much for tuning in. Thank you very much Carla.

Delighted. Happy dreams, everyone.

  1. Editing this interview before the Homecoming has taken place, we can only tell you what is intended. It is intended that we will broadcast the three speeches on BBS radio after the live date of September 3-5, 2010. They should be available in audio form in the BBS archives shortly after September 10, 2010. And as soon as we get the talks transcribed and edited, they will be up in our Library. You’ll be able to find them by clicking on the Homecoming for 2010. 

  2. Holy Bible, Matthew 24: 37-42: “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” 

  3. Michael Jaco, The Intuitive Warrior: Austin, TX, Synergy Books, [2009], ISBN 10-0-9840760-0-X. Jaco was a Navy SEAL.