Guys Roland here. You know, our rational minds make it hard to understand that everything comes from one source and everything is this one source, also known as the one infinite Creator. Today we’ll do our best to make sense of it. And I have an amazing guest to talk about this particular conversation with you. You get to meet them right after this.

Welcome to Conversations with Roland, where the goal of this show is to learn live secrets through diverse experiences. I am your host, Roland Achenjang.

Guys, welcome to another episode of Conversations with Roland. As always, I am super excited to record these conversations, and today is no different. Today with me is an amazing guest that you are already familiar with. They are a regular on Conversations with Roland, and they are here today to help us make sense of the fact that the one infinite Creator is the source of everything, is one thing, and is also infinite. And I’m speaking about none other than my very good friend Jim McCarty. Jim, welcome. How are you?

Roland, it’s very good to be here. I’m doing fine. I’m really eager to talk with you about the creator, and I hope that we can make a little sense of it, because sometimes not a concept that’s easy to perceive.

I could not agree more, especially when we try to use our rational minds to make sense of this. I have found it to be dang near impossible to explain. Most often it’s our intuitive mind, or maybe some spiritual transformative experiences that can help us make sense of this. Before we do get into this conversation, it’s been so long since we talked to Jim. I just wanted to take a minute to ask how you’ve been over the last couple of months, how covid has affected your way of life, if at all. And just maybe what you’ve been up to?

Well, COVID has affected my life by taking the staff that usually works here in the house with me to their own homes. They’ve all been working remotely, Gary and his wife, Trish, and then Austin. So, I don’t get to see them very often. We do have channeling circles every two weeks or so, so I see them twice a month. Other than that, I really do enjoy solitude. So actually, this house has become a monastery for me. My gardens and my yard, where I spend a lot of my time, both in the mornings, in the afternoons. And I grow a lot of flowers.

And I enjoy gardening. And I do writing and reading. And I’ve had a special writing project that I’ve gotten pretty much completed over the last six months. I’ve been having a good time. Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems with the virus, and nobody in my immediate circle of friends have had a problem. So we’re fortunate there.

Thanks for sharing. And that’s wonderful to hear. By the way, I do remember in one of our first conversations, we talked about you going off the grid to do some reflective work many years ago. I think this was after you got your teacher training. And so, you’re right. This sort of life of solitude is something that you’re comfortable with, and you’re certainly making the most of it. And I would even imagine if you weren’t, giving who you are and how much you understand about the Earth life experience, something like this, you would find ways to adapt and continue to be creative in whatever you’re doing, whether it’s gardening or stonework. I know you like that, too. Taking care of the cats?

Yeah. I have five Kitty cats that need some care. Food and Sunday medications because they’re older now. They’ve got various afflictions.

Yeah, that’s neat. I’m glad you guys are also able to come back and do kind of a closed-door channeling session with Qu’O. And for anyone who is watching this conversation, please reach out to LL Research’s website and read a bunch of those channelings. They’re amazing. It’s filled with a ton of information, and I like perusing through them when I have the time. So let’s talk about this One Infinite Creator. I am kind of giddy and excited because again, it will be interesting to hear how you approach your understanding of this.

And just right off the bat, what do you understand to be the source of all things, that is one thing and also infinite.

Well, trying to define the source of all things is trying to define what the infinite Creator is. It depends upon what stage of our process of evolution you’re talking about. In the beginning, there seems to have been just this infinite awareness that was not manifested in any way whatsoever. It was just intelligent Infinity, is the way that Ra described it. And at some point, it decided, it made a free-will decision, that it wanted to know itself better. And this caused it to create what we see as various logos or stars in the sky.

These are love entities, logos, or love, or in the Bible is described as the word. And these entities then were a creation of the Creator. And the Creator shined its free will through these entities of love. And what came out of it was what we see as light. And this light had photons vibrating at various angles and speeds of rotation. So planets were created and various forms of life were created. And eventually, as these forms of life went through the process of their own evolution through the octave of densities one through seven, and into the eighth, then each of them made free will choices as to how they would proceed in their own evolution.

These free will choices taught to Creator more about itself. They also gave each entity a chance to know more about themselves and the Creator, which is everything. So it all fits together. And eventually, as we all travel these paths through the densities of light, back into unity with one Creator, we bring the fruits of this harvest of all our choices and every incarnation to the Creator and give them to the Creator. And they are ways the Creator knows itself, and we all once again become the One Infinite Creator.

And there is no difference between us. And once again, there is only intelligent Infinity. This is apparently a process that’s been going on forever, and it’s a process will continue going on forever.

It’s so beautiful the way you describe it. It’s like the introduction to this amazing experience or movie, which in a sense it is. And I like that. Now you talk about this intelligent, infinite awareness that just was right at the beginning, that eventually, after having this awareness, asked that preverbal question, “What am I?” Or essentially, “How can I know myself more?” And then created what you call the logos or the logos, stars, essentially. And instilled in them, free will. Now, with my understanding, these stars, each one of them contains within them, essentially all of the Creator as well.

Is that the same way you understand it?

That’s true. All of the Creator is actually contained within every portion, or Ra said, every Iota of the creation contains the complete one infinite Creator, which is a paradox. And there is so much in the creation and our lives, as spiritual seeking that is a paradox. We seem separate from each other, and yet we’re not. We are all one with each other. We’re all one with the Creator. And so this Creator’s everywhere. Ra also said that it begins and ends in mystery. So there are some things we cannot understand with our minds.

There are some things that you have to experience. And that I think is throughout all history, the various Mystics and entities that have had enlightenment experiences or Nirvana experience, or Samadi, I can show whatever you want to call it, in various cultures. They began to understand more and more. They’re illuminated, and they feel more and more of a kinship or a unity with the Creator. And this is something we’re all going through in one degree or another and will go through. And it’s an endless process.

Yeah. No. So left behind. When you say every Iota of existence contains all of the Creator in it, the implication, there is that part of the One Infinite Creator may be suppressed or not expressed in the way an Iota of itself is being expressed. And I’m going to use myself as an example. So if you look at me, I don’t look like this Microsoft Surface mouse, for instance, or this microphone or you, for instance. Jim. So do you think there are aspects of the Creator that are suppressed within the way my expression shows up in the world versus yours or this mouse?

I don’t think it’s suppressed. I think that we do not have eyes or mines or hearts to see and understand what we’re looking at. If you get into subatomic particles, there are entire universes that could be revealed to us within your microphone, within your earbuds. This is something similar to what you might call the fractals, where you can go smaller and smaller and smaller. Or you go larger and larger and larger, and you go in the same direction. You’re going into the Creator, the Creator, which exists everywhere in everything, and it is total power is within everything? We just don’t see it because we’re not evolved enough in our own particular expression of the Creator. We’re moving in that direction and we’ll get there.

Like I said, this sounds so inspiring, and I love it. Now. To add to that, I think with my enlightenment experience, I saw that. I saw it as maybe something that was beyond just the physical. Looking beyond the limitations of the physical, I was able to remember that the microphone I’m speaking to, you, myself, my hair cells, my eyeball, and my eye cells, where all this one infinite Creator being expressed in unique ways, interacting with itself to gain this experience and knowledge and understanding of what it is.

But it’s really kind of bizarre that when you look at a computer, for instance, you think there is no way this thing is aware or alive or exchanging information with its surrounding, including me, and that this surrounding, including me, is actually the same thing. It’s kind of bizarre in a way.

That’s true. We live in this third-density. We are apparently at the third level of light, where we have a mind, body, and spirit. The first two levels is basically the mind simple awareness. The second level of plants and animals has a mind and the body as they become invested with the spirit, then they move into the third-density. Here, in our third-density, we live in a situation, which Ra described as beyond the veil of forgetting. Before we were born into this life, we had a larger point of view, spiritually and intellectually, and emotionally.

But we wanted to learn more. And it was discovered early in the process of evolution that if entities forgot that they were the one infinite Creator, before they came into the third-density, illusion that there would be more of a chance they could discover this. They could polarize their consciousness in a way that would be more able to perceive the Creator and be of service to each other as the Creator than if there was no veil, because apparently before the veil third-density took a long time for mind, body, spirit complex.

This is what Ra calls us, to evolve, to get past the third-density, to be able to make it into the fourth-density of love and understanding, to polarize conscious because they knew, without doubt, they were the Creator. Everybody was the Creator. There was no reason to try to change your situation. No reason, as Ra said, to act out of love or fear to go forward in evolution. If everybody’s a creator, it’s an idenic. It’s the Garden of Eden.

It’s like heaven. Yeah. You know, as you’re talking about third-density and how difficult it was for souls to advance again, the thing that comes to my mind is it’s as though we were all already in heaven. And when everything is perfect, there’s like, almost no need to move forward. And it reminds me of one of my mentors statements about moving forward. Essentially, you need to be out of balance somehow in order to progress forward. Even if you’re just walking. When you take a first step, you’re kind of out of balance before you take your next step, which is back in balance, and that’s how you progress forward.

So do you think the veil of forgetfulness was a way for entities to be a little bit out of balance, and that would motivate them to then seek answers?

Indeed, what seemed to be the situation then after the veil was that that knowledge of unity was no longer available to the conscious mind, but still somewhere within the subconscious was this knowing this feeling that we are all somehow more than what we think we are. That we are more than just an individualized separated entity separated from each other. If you follow that feeling of there is more, then this is the beginning of the spiritual journey where you try to figure out what more is it? How am I connected to everybody else?

What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? And as you begin asking those questions, that is the beginning of the spiritual journey, and that’s where the effectiveness of, as Ra said, polarizing our consciousness, wanting to be of service to others, wanting to see the Creator, and everyone wanting to serve the Creator and everyone to love the Creator and everyone. Now, that is something that takes a while to develop. But eventually, all religions of the world have aspects of this desire to discover what God is or where God is, or how to be of service to God.

And every religion has various ways of doing that. And Ra suggested that even though each religion is somewhat distorted, as according to the real understanding of things, each one does have a pure path to the one Creator. That’s what we’re all doing here, trying to figure out not exactly how to go to heaven, but how to make a graduation into the fourth-density of love and understanding, which is where we are now. We’re at the end of this third-density cycle, and now every person who passes from this life has the chance to walk into the light.

And that light gauges our energy systems, our chakras to determine how well we’ve done in seeking and serving and expressing that one Creator to everyone around us, and how well we’ve begun to understand that we are all one, we’re not separate as we seem to be. So this is the whole process, and it’s because we seem to do better when it’s more difficult, when there’s a veil there that keeps us from doing it, we constantly want to know. So that polarizes us; it gets us going.

That in and of itself is kind of funny and also a paradox that we seem to do better when things are a little more difficult, which is true. It pushes us to the extreme. And I would just like to say this for anyone who is listening to this and kind of wanting to understand a little bit more about the different densities because Jim has mentioned the third moving on to the fourth, which is what we’re doing right now, please take a moment to go and listen to a previous conversation I recorded with Jim where we went to our eight densities.

It’s about an hour and a half long. It’s gotten some pretty amazing reviews and comments, and I invite you to definitely check that out. Also, read the Ra Contact any one of them and get this information there. So, Jim, I could not agree more with everything you’re saying. And this question that I want to ask you is kind of difficult to ask, but I’m going to ask anyway. This Awareness that was the beginning of everything, before it even asked the question, and also that is the source of everything, do you know what it’s like in its purest state? Many people call it energy, but how do you think it’s expressed in its purest state? Just being or being aware?

That is really hard to say, because as Ra said, this whole process begins and ends in mystery. So what you’re talking about is the mystery of the creator, and we can only hypothesize and try to figure it out. Intelligent Infinity is what Ra called it. So there is no end to it. We can figure that’s probably true. And that it is intelligence that it knows. And what does it know? Well, it knows everything that ever came before, what’s come now in our particular octave of experience. So it knows an infinite amount of information, and it knows everything that has made it what it is up to this point.

And then it knows that there’s more. And how shall it discover more of itself? By making another creation? The last one seemed to work out. Let’s try it again.

It sounds like this kid experimenting with a bunch of stuff that is all aspects of itself.

I think you’re probably right. I mean, it is truly a paradox that this infinite intelligence that has so much experience recorded in its state of being would want to know more. Just like a child growing up explores the world around it and grabs this and that and taste this and that and does this and that learns to walk and all these things. But this is a child upon a scale we can’t even begin to imagine. Imagine this is a child that knows so much more than any of us can even imagine ourselves.

And yet it has this curiosity that it wants to become more, and it knows that it can do by creating what we call the infinite creation. All these stars in the sky that are forms of intelligence. The Various logoi that have all this history as well, that the Creator has given to them as memories. And they can begin to create the creation that we have. And we can all play our part and evolve into whatever we are here in this illusion and begin to dream of going further into the fourth and imagine what it’s like going further.

We are all also seekers of truth. Just as the Creator is a seeker of knowledge of itself, we reflect that we are the Creator. Each of us is the Creator. And we all have that innate desire to know and to grow and to serve and to be. So we reflect that in one way or another more or less effectively here in this third-density illusion. So that’s real. As Ra said, we’re all God’s into making. Young gods. We’ve got a lot to learn, but we are still the Creator.

No kidding. The thing you said there, Jim, I particularly appreciate that we are all mimicking the Creator in one form or another. And this is so true. And we can kind of shift to discuss this a little bit more here, particularly in the notion that within us is an infinite number of expressions cohesively working together to express one body, for instance. And I’m talking about the trillions and trillions of cells that we have in our bodies. And within each one of those cells, you have ribosomes, mitochondria, etc., all these things that I expressed within each cell as well.

And these cells are not the same. So we have cells in our fingernails, cells in our eyeballs, cells in our hair that aren’t expressed in the same way. But then put together all of them now create Jim McCarty or Roland, and they’re working together cohesively. Expressed differently but working together. And it’s interesting that in the happen circumstance where we were trying to identify cells of yours, we could take any cell and do a DNA test, and we would say this is Jim. Whether it’s a hair cell or a fingernail cell or a toenail cell, and still end up with that conclusion.

And just like you said, do you see this as mimicking the way the Infinite Creator is expressing itself as well?

Yeah. We are all little portions of the Creator, and we have various ways of expressing our identity. Ra suggests that each of us is unique, and we are all the same too. Most of us have two arms, two legs, two eyes and mouth, and all that. But we are all unique. There is no other entity in the universe exactly like you or me or anybody. And if you also take it further with every creature, all the animals and the birds and the plants, you can do the same thing with them.

And think of what an amazing creation it is. Each of us has all these little particles that identify us as being unique, but a certain type of being. And we all have the ability to learn in one way or another and to grow. And we all live on some sort of foodstuff. We are all given light and life. The sun that shines its light Love to us. Our Mother Earth provides us the food to grow. All of these systems. All of these animals and creatures and beings work together and give the Creator ways of knowing itself.

And all of them are also evolving. Everything is evolving. Nothing is staying the same. It looks like things are the same, but they’re not. From one moment to the next, you cannot put your foot in the same river twice. It’s a different river and different life, a different experience. So it’s just amazing if you just stop and think about that. I sit in my living room. I look out at the bird feeder there and the birds, how they come and they land without thinking about where they’re landing, and they hop from one place to another without thinking about it.

And they come in like the split, and all of a sudden they’re stopped and they’re picking away at the food and they’re getting the food. And you look at every animal. You look at squirrels, the way they operate to jump from one limb to another limb. How did they do that? From one tree to another tree? It looks like our second density animals use telepathy. I’m pretty sure they do. But how all of this creation comes together to function to give the Creator ways of knowing itself is truly amazing.

And that all of these systems that we call people or animals or plants have these ways of propelling themselves forward in growth and in life and in searching and seeking. And it’s just absolutely amazing how the Creator can express itself in an infinite number of ways. And we get to be part of that.

No kidding. It really is. It truly is amazing, jim. And I have felt the same way, just observing all aspects of life and trying to Marvel about how it works. And it could be something as mundane as frying plantains or frying eggs. And this is true. The other day I was trying to appreciate just what it takes to Fry eggs. A heat source, and then a pan, and then, like vegetable oil and eggs. And many of these things don’t exist naturally. Like you have to convert something into something.

Take vegetable oil for instance, I was trying to imagine who first came up with the thought or idea to extract oil from peanuts. And then who thought that could hit that oil to a certain temperature? And then, like, crack an egg and mix it and then throw it on the oil for it to Fry to a certain amount of change that you would then be able to consume as fried eggs, whether it’s scrambled, over easy. All of these things are infinite ways you can experience peanuts, peanuts as oil, peanuts as oil that’s heated, peanuts or that’s heated with eggs on top of it, eggs that you have fried in different ways.

And then plus the pan that you actually have to Fry all of this in. And it’s easy to see how you can get lost in the infiniteness of which any one unique aspect of the Creator can be expressed. And it doesn’t stop there.

I know it’s a truly infinite process. It’s all been developed over thousands of years. We have a highly technological society, and in some ways, it seems like that technology has taken us away from the concept, but it all comes from the Creator. It all is the Creator. But if you really start exploring it like we’re talking about here, it can also be an Avenue or a way of rediscovering the infinite nature of the Creator. How it’s being expressed technologically. And yet it’s it’s more than technology. We’re more than human beings.

We are all the Creator. Everything is the Creator.

Oh, absolutely. And you know, to add to that Jim, what I’ve come to appreciate is that because everything that is in existence that we can witness, experience, touch, is this Creator being expressed still working on this, but I’m beginning to appreciate that if you study any one Avenue of these things, you’re eventually going to be revealed this infinite information that many of us on the spiritual community or on the spiritual path eventually tap into. It could be as simple as studying a rock every day or a leaf off a tree or technology as you said.

These are all the creators being expressed. And every other subject that is in existence, whether it’s English or French or philosophy. All of these are ways the Creator is expressing itself. So a discerning person who s very passionate and focused in trying to understand any one of the subjects eventually will also, I truly believe, tap into the same paradox that we’re trying to understand here as one thing being infinite and what it’s doing, creating all this infinite aspects of itself to help understand itself even better.


I think there are people in all fields of endeavor, scientific exploration, or whatever type of a way of life they have. If you’re open to the larger perceptive and perspectives that there is a way that you can discover the meaning of life and your part in it, in whatever field do you happen to be applying your trade?

No kidding. Oh, goodness, Jim. This is so much fun. So as we’re trying to understand this one Infinite Creator again, what we’ve kind of established, or at least what I’ve come to understand, is using our rational mind, It’s really tough. It’s really tough to make sense of this. And many times it’s our intuitive mind or spiritually transformative experience, or maybe a near death experience that helps us tap into this kind of knowledge and helps us remember. And so at this time, I don’t know if you’ve had some experience like this that was supportive for you in understanding this information that you would like to share?

Well, I guess throughout my life, more and more meditation has been a way that has inspired me through the types of impressions or information that can come through meditation. Way back in 1961, when Don Elkins, who was the questioner for the Ra contact, began his first channeling circles, the group of extraterrestrial entities that channeled in was called the Confederation of Planets in the service of the Infinite Creator. And they said that meditation was the most available means for every person to discover more of their own nature and the purpose in their lives.

Because in some fashion, silent meditation is a way in which we can listen to the Creator within us. A dialogue, of some kind, can be developed. Whether it’s words or feelings or directions to go or emotions, to help us grow. These kind of bubble up from the depths of our being to help us on this spiritual path that we are all on, whether we’re conscious of it or not. So when I joined Don and Carla in December 1980, I had been coming to their meditations.

And in these meditations, these were channeling meditations and information from various planetary consciousness from the Confederation of Planets would speak. And at that time they were dealing with a fifth-density entity by the name of Latui. And Latui was reflecting and repeating some basic information that our creation is part of one great original thought of the one Infinite Creator, and we’re all part of that. So that type of framework was something that we were dealing with at the time I joined on and Carla, and they had started off with Hattan, which was another planetary entity that had basically the same things to say.

And then all of a sudden, three weeks later, the Ra contact began, and the three of us were in this experience with those of Ra, who gave us information through the trance state that Carla achieved, where she was able to leave her body and allow Ra, not to inhabit it, but to use it from a distance, shall we say, to make words that would respond to Don’s questions. And this was an experience that was truly an enlightening experience, because Ra would answer any question we had to offer as long as it didn’t infringe upon our free will, which would be to tell us something about our future.

They felt that our free will would determine what our future would be. And so we were able to ask, well, Don asked 2600 questions over 106 sessions and a little over three years. And this was truly enlightening in that it gave me so much more to think about and to put together as puzzle pieces as to how the creation works and what my part in it was. So this was an experience that was totally unique. I mean, we all have the unique opportunity to pursue this understanding in our own way.

But I felt so blessed and privileged to be able to be in this contact. Because, imagine you have one of the ultimate gurus of all time, of anyone religion on any planet, anywhere available to answer your questions. It was truly amazing. So I think whatever else has come from my life has been fruit of that particular contact with those of Ra, which was what they called a social memory complex. That means that they were able to graduate from their third-density into fourth on the planet we call Venus.

They had a total of 38 million people on their planet, and 6.5 million were able to graduate to the fourth-density as the social memory complex of Ra. The social memory complex has all knowledge shared. If you speak to any one of them, you’re speaking to the whole complex. So every memory from every incarnation they ever had was available to everyone. And so now Ra is of the 6th density. They’ve progressed through the fourth, fifth and into the end of the 6th. So they’ve had a lot of experience, and they were willing to share what we asked about as long as it didn’t infringe on our free will.

So that was an experience that was truly enlightening for 106 sessions and a great privilege and honor as well.

Man, that experience is legendary, Jim. Because it’s affected not only you, but so many people who have come in contact with your book and the work that three of you did and published. And I for one and one of them. It’s so fascinating when I came in contact with the information that you published, which was just last year, and I found it so true, so fascinating, so detailed that it supported a lot of what I came into contact with or remembered in 2018 when I had my own personal experience, which was and I love that you threw this out as a result of a daily meditating practice that I started way back in 2013, 2014.

And I sound biased, but it’s so true that meditating to me, is probably the most effective means to tapping into this information and knowledge for so many reasons. And I don’t mean to digress here, but one of them is if you think about the sages that we look up to, whether it’s Buddha or Jesus Christ, et cetera, and you ask yourself what they had available to them thousands and thousands of years ago, when they tapped into this information versus what we have available to us today, you’ll see that Meditating was available to them.

Not necessarily technology like you and I are currently taken advantage of, or religions for that matter, not to downplay the importance and the value that any one of these current aspects can’t provide anybody on a spiritual path. But Meditating seems to be like this tried and true ancient practice that has always been available and will always be available as long as you can breathe and think and sit in silence. And it certainly works. So thank you for sharing that and kind of highlighting the fact that a lot of times this knowing it’s really enhanced through personal experience, not necessarily the information being shared to you by someone else, which I have met people where that has also been the case.

So again, you’ve talked about this, Jim. But I want to now transition and ask about the third-density a little bit and why we struggle greatly in understanding this seemingly illusionary contradiction, that the one infinite creator is also the source of everything and everything is still this one infinite Creator. You talked about it already, but I think it’s worth mentioning, especially for folks who are listening to this for the first time. Why third-density, which is you and I as human beings currently interacting, why we struggle to to grasp this concept?

Well, as I mentioned, any third-density is more difficult to begin with because it has this veil of forgetting, and we have to feel that reality of unity within ourselves subconsciously at some point so we can begin our spiritual journey. And theoretically and many times it is true that as we continue going forward in our lives with this, who am I? What is life? Where am I going? All of these spiritual questions, we do develop a spiritual path, and we are successful in opening our hearts in unconditional love at least 51% of the time.

That seems to be the qualification necessary to make this graduation into the fourth-density of love and understanding. So that 51% of our thoughts, our words, and our actions need to be focused upon trying to be of service to others in some way. And if that is accomplished, then we can graduate to the fourth-density of love and understanding. But since we don’t have an understanding here, it is possible that sometimes entities are not able to move forward as they would wish to pre-incarnatively. We all have these pre-incarnated choices we make so that we hope during the incarnation we can realize those choices and move along a certain path of growth.

And apparently a great portion of the population of our planet Earth comes from other third-density planets where they were unable to make the graduation there. And so when you don’t make the graduation at the end of the third-density cycle, then you choose another third-density planet just beginning its cycle or in some portion of its cycle, and you incarnate there to try again. So our population of Earth is made up of a lot of people in this situation. They’ve already failed to make the graduation on their home planet, and they’ve come to Earth to try again.

That’s why we have 8 billion people here. We have a lot of folks here, but it seems to be a problem that if you have had this failure to make the graduation, it can repeat. Like we have thousands of years of war on this planet. That this bellicosity, as Ra described, has been a feature of this planet and has made it more likely that we see each other as separate and we’re willing to fight each other and kill each other. So we’re, as a general population, all taken together as a soup, we’ve had a lot of trouble.

And there have been a lot of efforts made by the Confederation to help the concept of the Wanderer, an entity from a higher density that’s a member of the Confederation 4th, 5th, or 6th incarnates on this planet and goes through the same forgetting process, hoping to remember why they’re here, to help the rest of the planet grow. So there’s a lot of work from other densities and the Confederation that is attempting to help planet Earth and its population make this graduation at the present time. As suggested, that it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a large graduation because this sense of separation is so ingrained in so many cultures and so many people that it’s difficult to move beyond it, to see beyond it, to imagine beyond it.

Ra also said that there is one great possibility that our planet could polarize positively in one fine, strong moment of inspiration. They said, “Yes, my friends, it is not probable, but it is ever possible.” So there is hope. But the odds are against us as an entire population. It looks like there will be a significant number of entities that’ll need to find another third-density planet. But hope Springs eternal. And there are so many people now that are either Wanderers or seekers of truth that want to be of service, that want to teach as you’re teaching, and so many you’re teaching.

And we’re trying to help each other out and work together. So we’re always hopeful that this light that shines within us can be shared with others and awaken their hearts. They can be opened in unconditional love. And we can help each other get home to the one infant creator in the fourth-density of love and understanding.

Thank you for that, Jim. Now, let me ask you this, do you think there is a need for us to be concerned about the number of people who graduate from third-density to fourth-density? If we look at the grand scheme of what this one infinite creator is and how it exists and that it’s timeless and no soul is going to be left behind, is there a need for us to be concerned?

I would say in the short run, the concern is something that moves us forward to try to help. But like you say in the overview, there is no true concern, because everybody will eventually learn these lessons and will graduate through the fourth-density somewhere, whether it’s here or other Earth planets. And we will all eventually make it into unity with the one infant creation at the end of this cycle. And it will all have been a perfect journey. Everything that looks like a detail before is another opportunity to grow.

So there is really no concern. As Ra said, all is well and all will be well.

Okay. Thank you for that. And that’s something that I think I can speak for myself and say I struggle with it. Especially after going through the Awakening and really remembering that, My goodness, everything is okay. This is a game we’re playing, right? Even in the midst of all the pain and suffering and supposed hardships that we’re going through, there’s a beautiful designed reason behind all of them.


And it made me question why I do anything, including having the podcast, like, why do we need to have this conversation? Everything is okay. But on the other hand, there is a benefit to it, because it’s supporting both my conscious expansion and your conscious expansion. And if we go back to the understanding that there really is no real other, then if I’m growing indirectly, you’re growing to and whatever you’re doing is helping me expand my consciousness. And with Ra and its current state of existence as a social memory complex, there’s one thing that they always said that I found very, very beautiful.

And I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s something along the lines of existing as a end of six density social memory complex where they’re sharing all the information together and speaking to one of them, speaking to all of them, where our differences are eventually reconciled. I really appreciate that where all differences are eventually reconciled, because it speaks to this balance. The state of homeostasis, the state of no polarity, where they can see that every action has, like a balancing reaction or every nuance is kind of balance, where they’re just back to neutral and balanced.

And homeostasis is really the way that keeps coming to mind. I’m sorry that’s the medical side coming to play here. But I’ve always found that very fascinating. And some aspect of me thinks that even though we here on planet Earth might be worried about the eons of years of wars that were going through somewhere in the universe throughout, it’s already balanced. We may not see that in our current state, but it is. It’s kind of balanced some way. And I don’t know if you feel the same way or what kind of reaction you have to what I just shared there.

Yeah, Ra suggested, there are no mistakes. Everything that occurs has a reason. It has the potential for offering a way of growing. We can grow through the most difficult times. In fact, Ra said that much of our growth does come in traumatic situations where there is something that seems to be out of harmony or out of balance, and we give it our attention, and we’re able to achieve harmony or balance just by the intention, because this is not the density of understanding.

We’re trying to get into the density of understanding in the fourth-density. So what is important here are our intentions. That we hope to be of service. We hope to grow, and we hope to learn. And by hoping and having will and faith in the whole process, then it is a self-fulfilling prophecy, you might say. Will and faith are those two qualities that Ra said are most important for us. Our desire, our will to grow and to serve and to learn, and our faith in such as possible. These are what really propel us forward in a growth and our learning.

That rings to me is very true and very accurate. And it’s kind of funny because in this podcast we’re trying to understand what the one infinite Creator really means. Or make sense of the one infinite Creator. But third-density is not the realm of understanding. That’s funny. I love it. I want to shift gears here a little bit, Jim, and I know this question is going to be super easy for you, but when you talk of the one infinite Creator, right?

Basically saying this entity is expressing itself infinite number of ways that we can’t even begin to fathom. And so for someone like yourself, would you mind speaking just a little bit if you can about this whole alien phenomenon. Because you’ve had interactions with beings from different planets? And so what can you say about it, if you don’t mind? I’m just kind of curious.

Well, when a planet like Earth that has difficulty in perceiving their purpose and has so much war and disharmony, that quality of disharmony and lack of understanding amounts of what Ra calls a call to the Confederation of planets in service to the infinite Creator. And that call is answered in a number of different ways. Sometimes a planetary consciousness would just send love and light to the Earth as a type of metaphysical food that can be ingested spiritually for those who have the desire to grow.

Sometimes channels are established through such as with Carla, and give information. Sometimes incarnate entities come from these distant planets and incarnate, as I said, as Wanderers. And sometimes we see the craft. The UFO craft actually materialize in our third-density skies. And these crafts are seen by some people and not by others. Basically, they’re seen by those who have eyes to see. As Jesus said, ears to hear, eyes to see. And Ra suggested that the basic purpose of these UFO sightings is to create an air of mystery and an air of questioning.

So people ask, Well, are we not alone in the universe? Are there other consciousnesses? If there are, they must be more advanced than we are. How did they get there? And so if we begin questioning these sightings of UFOs and the mystery of the UFOs, then Ra said, we start to become aware of the concept of Infinity. And that awareness then opens up the possibility of more spiritual growth for those entities that really investigate the phenomenon and open themselves to deeper or higher, whichever way you want to describe, messages and purposes.

So it’s the concept of Infinity that once it gets planted as a seed within our consciousness, then it can also become the motivator or enhancer of a spiritual path. So that seems to be the purpose of the UFOs of a positive nature. There are entities that graduate into higher densities in a negative or self-service nature as well. And those UFOs are here to attempt to form a negative society. We have a lot of negative energies going, and they are hopeful that they can make contact with negative entities on Earth and make an elite so that that elite then gives directions for the rest of the planet to abide by.

It has suggested that Adolph Hitler might have been contacted by such entities, and that it was the hope of those entities that his third Reich could become the governing force of the planet, and that negative polarity would be established here. Now, I want to add that this negative path is only good for so long within this octave of densities. This negativity of serving the self and separating the self from others, controlling others and taking their power, and so forth, goes through the fourth-density and the fifth-density, the densities of love and of wisdom.

But when they get to the sixth-density, where love and wisdom must be balanced, that all must be seen as one, that every other self must be seen as a self that can no longer be any separation. And at that point, the negatively oriented entities which are also part of the Creator switch polarities. They don’t have to go back and start over because as Ra said, their power is the same as ours. The one infinite Creator blinks neither at the light nor dark. They’re all part of the Creator.

So the negative entities, when they get into the sixth-density, they’re wise enough to see we cannot go any further seeing a separation between ourselves and others. So they switch and become positive. And then at mid-sixth-density, both the positive and the negative sources that are now positive drop all polarity, so that after the mid six density, polarity is no longer a concept that is used to graduate or to polarize. All the polarization is done at that point. And then you use your understanding to be of service to others by reaching the hand back, figuratively, shall we say, to be of service to them, as the positive polarity has always done.

And as a negative, polarity has now learned, is the way to go.

Well, this would be a great time, Jim. If you quite remember those percentages of polarization that third-density beings need to attain in order to polarize on the positive side. On the negative side, I think it would be great to share.

Yeah. Well, as I mentioned before, for the positive, it’s of all of your thoughts and your actions and your deeds and words are positively oriented. In other words, you’re trying your intention is to be of service to others. That’s just enough to point the Compass, to sway the balance, and to go forward into the fourth-density. Negative polarity is a little harder because it’s based upon an omission. It’s based upon the heart that sees everyone else as worthy of love, to love, serve each other. So that omission makes it a little harder to polarize negatively.

The negative entity has to be 95% successful at separating itself from others so that it can control them and manipulate them and take their power. And these others that are controlled are willing slaves of such entities because they know that’s their path, too. They’re learning from their teachers how to do this to others. So that’s how the negative path goes forward. However, Ra said it has a problem with spiritual entropy. They call it because they are not unified in their service to each other. Their energies of control eventually begin to Wayne or dissipate, and they find that they must work individually.

They’re not so successful at social memory complexes, although they are successful as far as we would judge it, looking at other negative planets, so they have to work a lot harder at it. But, eventually, they also go the positive route. And eventually, the positivity and polarization is also dropped as a tool. And the unity of all things then becomes the reality of all entities.

Yeah. And what I always found fascinating is even to polarize negatively, it’s so difficult. But there is still this 5% of service to others. It’s not just a full… Like you’re never going to not be providing the service to others. And then it’s really beautiful the way all of this is designed, because once you get to the mid of the sixth-density, all of this is, you know, kind of gone by the wayside. So there’s just this progression that we need to make. The other thing I really love is that the intention is the big piece here.

And with intention, I’ve learned you can’t lie to yourself, which is something many people may struggle with. I just intended to be doing good here. Or maybe you’re saying I’m going to just pretend to intend for my action, my words, or my deeds to be of service to others. But I’ve learned through some of my meditating experiences and some of my spiritual experiences that you can’t lie or you can’t pretend on that intention. And so it may seem like all you have to do is have the intention, but it needs to be like a legitimate, honest intention for it to work that way.

And 51% doesn’t seem that hard. So why is graduating so difficult for us? Why are we stuck between 5 and 50%? It’s where it seems many people are as far as polarizing to the positive part. Many of us are stuck between 6 and 50%, because if you’re at 5, then you’re negative, but at 6, that’s enough to kind of shift you towards the positive, but you’re not reaching that 51% threshold. What gives with that?

Ra calls that the sinkhole of indifference, where the life is looked upon as what you do in the workday world. You get a job, a good job, hopefully well paying, that your family is supported. You become a member of the community, and you don’t look too much further. It’s an inability, apparently, to utilize the pre-incarnated choices that our subconscious mind biased in a certain way so that we look at the events of the day in a certain way. Ra calls these catalysts.

Our interaction with others can become a means by which we grow. And these catalysts then usually comes in the form of some sort of disharmony or misperception or lack of desire to partake. The catalyst isn’t used, it’s not processed, it’s food that is not eaten. And so we don’t grow in the way that we had hoped to do, because we have been, you might say, mesmerized, hypnotized or enchanted by the world around us. We think that a good job, in a good position in the community, in a nice car and a pretty home is the end of it all, even though we may go to Church.

And how of the words? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. And that is where those entities that probably would not make the harvest will once again, on the other side of the veil, say, okay, well, I didn’t do it quite right there. They will review their lives with their guides and say, Well, I missed this opportunity. Now I need to try again on this planet here. So then there will be another effort made, and eventually, they will do all of that. They will discover a spiritual path on another planet, and they will polarize positively, and they will begin their progression through the densities.

And at the end of it all, we will all be one once again. And as we become the one creator, we’ll say, “You remember that time on Earth? Yeah, that was a tough one, you know. But, hey, we made it on the next one.”

Yeah, the reminisce. I certainly look forward to that. Or doing it again, because by my understanding, this is it my first go around on planet Earth.

Yeah. We’ve all been here a few times.

Man. Jim, we’ve talked about so much. This has been an amazing conversation. We started off really trying to make sense of the One Infinite, sounds like a paradox, Creator. And I think we’ve done our best to really express how we each understand this. There have been a lot of similarities, some new enlightenments, and illumination. And then we also talked about this whole polarizing aspect that is really part of the third-density, which was a willing choice we all made to partake in, the benefits of it, and how, eventually helping see that this one Creator is everything and expressed in everything can really help us propel forward.

And I don’t know if there’s anything else you like to add for us as we’re about to conclude this conversation that you think would benefit us here, Jim.

Well, I would just remind everybody that it is the intention that you have on your spiritual path to be of service to others. You don’t have to be able to accumulate a lot of or money or gold stars or anything like that. It’s just your intention opening your heart in others to others. Seeing others as you see yourself. As what Ra called your other self, because we are all part of the same self and just realize that you are traveling the path that is yours to travel and your spiritual journey doesn’t have to look like everybody else’s.

It can be unique. In fact, it’s going to be unique, and that’s the way it is. We are all unique entities. And your paths, all paths lead home to the One Infinite Creator. So just keep doing your best, open your heart and love every other self that you see.

I love that. Well, Jim, thank you so much for coming again. Guys, if you’re listening and you’re finding this valuable, just FYI if you reach out to there is a trove of information, spiritual information that can be additionally beneficial for you that Jim has been working on way back with his partners who are now on the other side – Don and Carla. And he continues to do this with Austin, Trish. And I forgot the other person.

Gary Bean.

Gary! Tell him, please don’t be mad at me. But anyway, this information is all available on LL Research’s website. And I will have links to the website in the Notes section of this podcast. Please check them out. And also, if you can, please get a copy of the latest release of the Ra Contact – two books, Volume one and two. I have mine here and I’ve been reading this. Such fascinating information. And Jim, I like the way you said this. I know you read my book and you said my book was like the simplified version of this.

So if you’re reading this and you find it difficult, go ahead and check out, Who and Why You Are: All you need to remember. And by all means, reach out to any one of us. I mean, at this time, I can only say thanks for listening, and I invite you to create an amazing day. Thank you, Jim.

Thank you very much. Been an honor to talk to you all. I love you all.

Thank you.