Carla was interviewed by telephone on Brad Johnson’s Self-Empowerment Radio program on Thursday, June 16, 2011.

Hello everyone and welcome to the debut episode of Self-Empowerment Radio here on the Awakening Truth Worldwide Network. I’m your host, Brad Johnson, and today to kick off this very wonderful, immense debut episode of Self-Empowerment Radio, I have a very special guest. I have Carla Rueckert here.

Carla, thank you so much for being a part of Self-Empowerment Radio today.

It’s my pleasure, Brad, and thank you so much for asking me.

Thank you very much. I’m just going to give a brief introduction in regards to Carla. With degrees in English Literature and Library Service, Carla Rueckert was working as a librarian and researcher when, in 1968, she founded, with Donald Elkins, a group called Love/Light Research. Together with James McCarty, who currently runs Love/Light Research, Rueckert has examined new messages and ongoing contact with extraterrestrials. Through this contact came the publishing of five volumes of the series involving channeled sessions with the entity known as Ra that became the Law of One.

You can visit Love/Light Research’s website at and you can also visit L/L Research’s website with Carla’s blog at

So, Carla, again thank you so much for being a part of the show and of course, with me also having a background in channeling as well, I thought the best way to open the show would be to have an amazing channeler, of course, on the broadcast. I’ve really looked into your history with a lot of the interviews being done in the past and seeing how all of this unfolded for you. Did you ever think that you would go into this direction about being a channeler, connecting with the Ra energy and actually bringing out the kind of information that you have brought out? As you look back into it, how does it feel as though it has been played out throughout your life?

That’s a difficult question to answer in a brief way but I will do my very best. It seems to me that my life has been a series of ethical cruxes at which I needed to take the high road and that, although it doesn’t seem that there could be any correlation between making choices like that and doing what you want to do for your service, that it has been the way it was for me. Let me give the quickie of my early life.

All through my childhood I was talented in various ways. People thought I was going to be a scholar, or a dancer, or a performer, or a singer. I did all of those things when I was a kid and went pretty far in a couple of them, especially the singing. But in order to go along with the man who was my singing partner in my college days, I married him because we had been offered a contract. We were to open for Peter, Paul and Mary in their very first tour.

That’s how old I am, by the way. I’m sixty-seven going on sixty-eight. So, this was way back in the beginning sixties and the guy said, “Well you know, I don’t believe in people travelling together unless they’re married. So if you want to sign this contract we’ll have to get married.” And I said, “All right,” and we got married. And then he refused to sign the contract. Somebody asked him for an autograph and he freaked. And that was the end of our singing career.

Now of course, I could have sued him for breach of contract and so forth but I’m not a litigious person.

So I married him. Well. He left me seven times, took a lover and he had a fairly busy four years, not working, not going to school and acting in general like a kid who just doesn’t know what to do next. And at the very end of the marriage he left me again and I decided, “Well, this is a good time for a change.” I was a children’s librarian here in Kentucky and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to live in Boston, that wonderful city’ and see if I can’t get a job as a children’s librarian at the second oldest library in the United States: the Boston Public Library?”

So I got that job. I was up there [in Cambridge] looking for an apartment and my husband called me and said, “I need you to come up to Vancouver and take care of me, because I can’t find a job.”

I reviewed the marriage contract and there was definitely no small print. “For better or for worse.” So I cancelled the [Boston Public Library] job that I had been looking forward to so much, left my digs here in Louisville, Kentucky and went to Vancouver—a wonderful place—and had a great five months there and while I was there I got an even better offer for a job. I had been working as a research librarian for Simon Fraser University there in Burnaby, right outside Vancouver.

I’m very close to that, actually …

Absolutely gorgeous there.

Mmm hmm.

I was offered a more prestigious and remunerative job as chief librarian for British Colombia’s teachers and I was all ready to go into that job and was thinking, “Oh, my future is wonderful.”

So my husband asked me for a divorce. He said in order for us to get the divorce, “I won’t do it here, I can’t leave you here. I want to take you back to Louisville.” The last thing I wanted to do was go back to Louisville, Kentucky. Again, the high road seemed to be to do exactly what he said.

I went back to Louisville, got my old job back as a school librarian and proceeded on with life. But life seemed to change, a little bit at a time. I had been meditating with Don Elkins and my first husband in an ET channeling group since 1962. I went back. I was going back to those meditations. Within the next few years Don asked me if I would learn to channel. I was reluctant to do so but when the last person that had been able to channel left town I realized that if I wanted to help Don—and I really did—I needed to make an effort to channel. So I said okay.

So in 1974 I started to try to learn with Don as the senior channel. He was a very good channeler himself. And Don was pleased enough with my work that he began recording the sessions. He had never recorded anybody’s channeling before, so he encouraged me greatly. I got interested in trying to do better because, as you know Brad, channeling is very easy to do but it’s the most difficult thing in the world to do well.


It’s like you look at the piano and you say, “Well, it’s a pretty easy instrument to play, isn’t it?” and the answer is, “If you just want to confine yourself to chopsticks I can give you fifteen minutes and you’ve got it.”


But there’s a large distance between that and something that moves people and may help them.

I also discovered that there was a tremendous amount of refinement involved in preparing oneself to channel and knowing how to handle contact appropriately. So, with typical librarian-researcher mentality, I studied what I was doing and I could see that if I restricted questions to those that were not fear-based, for instance, I got much better energy [in the] channel and so forth.

So gradually through the years I learned enough. I guess I would say I was confident but, even after all these decades of channeling, I always feel that I’ve not done a great job because there was so much that I couldn’t get out.

You know, they give you a burst of information and you basically have to sort of pick it apart and make some words out of it and it’s endless.

Absolutely. Oh, yes.

So all you can do is grab what you can get and then say it and then let go. It’s a constant surrender to the moment. And then you’ll get another ball of concept, and you turn that into words.


So a channeler is basically a translator.


So that was my drift into channeling. I didn’t study for it, I didn’t prepare for it, but then when you look back on it, you can see that everything in my life—the dancing, the singing, the skill with words, a reading habit that puts me squarely in the ranks of bibliophiles who love of language and love to read. I have a lot of advantages. And even things like the singing and the dancing give what I express, it gives the Confederation entities that I channel the opportunity for more rhythm, more balance and they have a larger bunch of words from which to choose.

So, I ended up not being a bad channel but I have never liked it. I have never enjoyed it. However I got so much positive feedback, from the very beginning, that I never questioned that it was a service, because people simply told me so over and over again. I still get heartwarming letters and e-mails every day. It’s just an amazing, fulfilling, wonderful way to see a life turn out.

And I firmly intend to be at this pop stand until hopefully I’ll be serving the Creator the instant that I die. I’m very happy where I am. I can’t think of anything that would be more exciting.

Exactly, exactly. And I think just, just getting the glimpse of The Law of One and The Ra Material to discover the information [is helpful], because again, Don Elkins did ask a lot of technical questions and I think, as a channeler, that can always be the most challenging thing as well to do.

Oh, especially somebody [like me] that studied the arts and never got any further than plane geometry.

Exactly. But, I mean, just studying the essence of the Law of One and how it is portrayed and how Ra came through and just, all the information, it is unlike anything else out there in regards to channeling.

I think that credit is not just Ra’s but also Don’s.

Exactly, exactly.

Don was incredibly well prepared for this. He had been studying the paranormal since the mid-fifties.

Exactly. And I think it’s almost like unto the idea of how people study Edgar Cayce and what he was doing and his information that was coming through himself, of course then transitioning into The Law of One. It’s, like, you can literally say it’s the purest essence of channeling itself.

And you know, there have been people who have been studying it, like David Wilcock, for example. He just lives by The Law of One [and is] still trying to decode a lot the enigmatic principles that Ra brings out in The Law of One.

Even trying to study it myself and looking into its principles, [I feel] like I’m understanding a lot more too, through the help of guidance.

It’s just a phenomenal piece of material that has transformed so many. And I think that has inspired some to become channelers as well, too. It was an incredible accomplishment, basically which has been done through that team effort of Love/Light Research.

Yeah, it really was and it was a golden time for all three of us involved. Don Elkins as the Questioner, I as the channel, and also Jim McCarty, who would power the sessions with the battery of his own strength of will and spirit. He worked as hard as any of us. He’s called the Scribe [by those of Ra]. It doesn’t sound very grand but, believe me, he’s the rock-solid base of the group and he is to this day. Bless his heart. I married him after Don died, so he’s my beautiful husband as well as my beloved co-worker in this wonderful collaboration in service to others.

Absolutely. Wonderful. And so again, for those who may not be familiar with The Law of One, of which I think are probably just a very few, would you give us the idea in a nutshell, I guess you could say? What is the idea of The Law of One?

The nutshell which we put on the back of our Law of One t-shirts is “All Is One”. Three simple words! But if you realize that the person to whom you’re talking is the Creator, if you realize that you yourself are the Creator, if you realize that the ground upon which your feet stand is the Creator’s dance of Earth, if you realize that every moment of your life is the Creator’s moment and is a sacred moment, then your life opens up to endless possibilities of soaring higher and more sturdily in the mid-air of faith.

Faith is so often a very difficult thing to pursue. People desperately want a spiritual life. They want a solid core to their walk. And yet they can’t fit into Christianity. They can’t fit into whatever the religion of their birth or culture might be. Nothing fits and they’re just “other than.” You know that last little check mark: “other”. When you can’t describe yourself as this or that, then it’s “other”. There are just so many seekers out there that are kind of dangling and twisting in the wind. And they’ve had my heart from the very beginning. My whole life is based on my love for the people I don’t know who might find the material we create useful and it’s offered.

And I also like the idea of the philosophy that you have for channeling. That is something, of course, where one person is channeling. When you move onto two people channeling almost the same information, it’s kind of like what you have done recently with this group. When you have a whole channeling circle and everybody else is able to tune into that particular entity or the collective consciousness of that entity and actually continue a story, continue the conversation, continue the dialog, then of course that’s where you get right into the challenge of channeling as well too. [You] actually have the continuing cycle within the channeling circle which actually has all this information passed on from one person to another and to me it[s absolutely amazing. 1

[I do] not [mean] to denigrate anybody’s channeling, mine, yours, or anybody’s, that is just one channel. But if you think about it, you’re getting these concepts. That’s the way this particular procedure works. You’re getting concepts. You’re sort of rolling them out into words and language and translating them for people [who may] possibly find [them] helpful.

The concept gives you more than you can express, right? If you have been able to train or come together with channels that you trust, then you realize that they have a better opportunity of fully expressing themselves if they come through more than one filter. I’ve got my blind spots. We all have our blind spots. But everybody around the circle has particular and very special skills that they bring to this art. And when every[one] around the [channeling] circle [has addressed that question, then I think that potentially that would be the clearest channeling, if everybody’s got a good contact and the energy has remained very stable.

So a lot of the training that I do when I teach people to channel is about discovering that stability within themselves so they can stand on their own two feet metaphysically and challenge spirits.

Yes, absolutely. And of course I really enjoy the idea of testing your entities. I’ve always done that, each and every single time, because you always [want] to make sure that you’re being connecting to that of the divine Christ consciousness. Are you of the Christ energy?

I love the way you put it as well, too. Do your service that [is] of the Christ’s light. Do you know that Jesus is the Lord? All that. And of course when you have that form of testing, even if it feels a little bit off, you do it again and you do it again until you are fully confident within yourself that that entity is that of the divine Christ-consciousness and it’s coming through and presenting you with divine information.

Of course having that continuity within a group environment is so amazing and special, from my perspective. And I agree as well, too, when you get into the channeling state. It’s like you have a gigantic funnel directly above you and you’re trying to squeeze out this little-bitty drop about what the essence is of that. I get that all the time. I’m trying to translate the entity I channel; trying to get all that information. Because he dumps a whole bunch of it on me.

It’s a challenging job. People ask me sometimes, “Do you like to channel?” I’ve always been a reluctant channel. I only do it to be of service. It’s not fun. It’s a hard job. You do not feel in any way, shape or form that it’s going smoothly. Because you’re catching a ball of concepts, you’re getting out what you can from it and letting it go, catching another ball of concepts. So it [feels] patchy. You’re doing this and you’re doing that. You’re catching and you’re translating and constantly letting go. Constantly letting go, not following your ego’s wishes that you could get the rest of what they were trying to say [in the last concept] but letting it go. So it’s a constant process of surrender. Nobody’s more surprised than I am when I see the final version of it, where its [been transcribed] and it looks so smooth. How did that happen?

That’s exactly how it happens. I just read the way that you channeled and how you brought it out. Oh my goodness!

But you know I’m grateful it works that way.

It’s amazing that it’s so wonderful. You know, Carla, all I can say is that to me and I think to quite a few others, you’re almost like the mother of channeling.

Well, thank you, I feel like everybody’s spiritual mom.

Oh, thank you so much. And, I mean, the way that everything is presented [on the web sites] and the information and how calm, how loving it is. Literally you could hold up love and start feeling it vibrate. It’s so passionate. It’s so beautiful! It is so divine and so full. I just wanted to say on behalf of so many people, thank you so much for your blessings, for your dedication for doing this over the years. You have really impacted people who really wanted to [seek with your] channeling—people who are looking to understand, “Why am I here on this planet? What is the truth?” And you have really brought that out.

So, Carla, on behalf of everybody, I want to thank you so much for your dedication over the years, your support, and your love in bringing about The Law of One and your [conscious] channeling services as well, too. It’s highly appreciated by me and many others.

Thank you so much, Brad.

Thank you very much, Carla. What we’re going to do right now is, we’re just going to get into a bit of the conclusion. I’m communicating with Carla here for just under half an hour 2 and so, Carla, please tell me about L/L Research, and its archive site, What is that all about? Is it kind of like an archive of the channeling material you have as well as some form of product[s offered for sale]. Is that right?

Well, various parts of my channeling tapes have been transcribed, and around 1990 a fellow in Canada wrote and said that he would be honored to create a website for me. He had retired from business after selling his business to Bill Gates. He was very good with computers and his plan was wonderful, simple and logical: an archive site.

The first thing we did was, he scanned what we had [already transcribed, but not on a computer]. This was before the days of computers, so everything was hardcopy. It had to be scanned and OCR’d. He started out with those [sessions].

And then we went on a big push, using many volunteers to get the rest of what I had recorded into text form and onto, our archive site. As you can see, Ian’s been doing this for a long time now, twenty years or more. And he’s put everything up there. As people have begun translating our work into other languages he’s put that up there. I do conscious channeling as well as the channeling that was done during the Ra contact and he’s put all that Q’uo channeling up. Some people actually prefer the Q’uo channeling. I think it runs a little heavier on inspiration and it isn’t so much that steely information. I think there’s inspiration in the Ra material but it’s a little easier to understand, shall we shall, in the Q’uo material. Each thing has its fans, so I continue channeling to this day. 3

Excellent! It’s just a wonderful collage of so much information and material. So everybody who’s not familiar with it just be advised to go check out Love/Light Research’s website at and of course there’s the companion site that has Carla’s blog on it that is That’s with the number four (

So Carla, again, thank you so much for being a part of the show today. I really appreciate having you on. Again, everybody, please go check out her websites and check out the information that’s contained [in them]. There’s a lot of amazing and wonderful information in there, especially if you want to become a channeler yourself. 4

If you’re really, really curious about the information that’s brought forth, this is really just the purest form of conduit you can find in regard to an online website that contains a whole plethora of amazing knowledge.

Carla, again, on behalf of Self-Empowerment Radio and myself, thank you so much for being a part of the show today. I really appreciate having you on for the debut episode and again, just much love and blessings and of course, love and light from the one infinite Creator to you as well.

Indeed and to all, we love you.

Thank you very much Carla. Thank you.

  1. Since Carla began her teaching of channeling in 2008, L/L Research has had a lengthening series of Channeling Circle sessions where a group of students, with Carla as senior channel, offers co-channeling around the circle on a question. 

  2. Carla’s bouts with infection after lumbar spine surgery in April kept her from being on the telephone longer than thirty minutes. 

  3. All the material on the archive site is free to download and use. It is on our spiritual-community site,, that we have the on-line, secure-site store that sells our materials, as well as offering free forums and many other features for building community. 

  4. Brad refers here to the transcripts of Carla’s channeling workshops, where the best of her advice is contained in full for free, in the “Carla’s Niche” section.