Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, January 15, 2009, at 6:00 PM PST.

This is Thursday, January 15, and this is Carla Rueckert and Wynn Free on a conference line. We have a group in New Mexico, at the home of Linda Aragon, who has been studying Edgar Cayce’s work for so long. We’re having a conference between Carla and me and that group. Does the group want to say hello?

[The group responds with a chorus of hellos.]

I’m very honored to have this opportunity to share with you people.

Carla and I know each other because when I started writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, as I studied David Wilcock he was referencing Carla quite a bit and I studied Carla’s material at that point 1 and it was very much connected. I learned quite a bit from the study of her material.

Carla is an author. She’s written books from her own conscious mind. She has a book called A Channeling Handbook. In 1981 through 1984 she had channeled a source through her that identified itself as Ra. [I felt] that there was a connection between the Ra that was coming through her and the Ra that was coming through David Wilcock. 2

We met a couple of times. We met at Laughlin the first time, 3 and that was before I had finished my book. We met at Laughlin at the UFO Conference and I got to ask her some questions which were quite interesting, which I will show later. Then we met again in Palm Springs. 4 We met again when I visited her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

So on that note, what we’ll do is, turn it over to Carla for just a little introduction. And then we’ll go around the room [and get an introduction from] each of you in.

Hey, Wynn, thanks a lot and thanks to the group for inviting me to join Wynn today. It’s my pleasure and privilege to share with you any questions that you might ask. I’m up for it, so have at it. Wynn has already given you a lot of my background. I started channeling in 1974 after already having been working in the metaphysical area for 12 years and I have been channeling ever since.

The trance channeling that I had with Ra was the only trance channeling I’ve ever done. The rest of my channeling has been conscious and if you go to you can find over 1500 of my transcripts, and all my books are online for download. Not that we don’t want you to buy our books but some people can’t. So we want to make them available—my speeches also. I have a blog on, which is our community site at L/L Research—[the L/L] stands for love and light—and we have been chasing impossible dreams and trying to lighten the consciousness of Planet Earth since 1970 as a corporation and since 1961 as private citizens.

I am overjoyed to have been able to dedicate my life to this. I am well into my fifth decade of being at the L/L helm and writing, channeling, counseling, sharing, and having gatherings. We try to make it so that no letter here ever goes unanswered and we have blogs, forums and live chats on our bring4th site. So that is where I come from and what we have to offer at L/L Research; basically just a lot of resources for the person who is attempting to live a life of faith and offering resources for those who may find them helpful.

We have no axe to grind. As Wynn said, there is a connection between David Wilcock and us. In fact he lived here for a little over a year at one time, quite a while ago now, and there is also a connection between the Cayce material and us, in that some of Cayce’s world readings and the Ra Material coincide or are congruent.

Personally, I am married to Jim McCarty, who mows lawns and does gardening for a living. We have three cats and we offer [weekly] public meetings nine months a year. L/L Research is pretty much our life.

Bring4th is sort of a pun on bringing forth fourth density and bringing forth everybody’s desire to connect. You know, one of the great difficulties of being a spiritual seeker in this day and age, unless you belong to a church, is that you don’t have anybody with whom to discuss the stuff. So that’s why we have [this community site], so we can help people in meeting each other and finding somebody to talk to about these things, which seems to be a balm to people.

Lynn, I was going to suggest that as you go around the room and each person says something, they might say something about their experience of reading the material of Carla and myself and how it has impacted them and helped them to communicate better.

I have been here in Las Cruces for a year now and I started this Edgar Cayce group almost immediately upon arriving. We’ve been meeting for a year now and we just set up a system where we are going to look at Wynn’s book on the second and fourth Thursday of the month and then on the first and third Thursday we’re looking at The Ra Material. They go hand in hand, obviously, and we’re just beginning that, so some of us may not have gotten too far and some of us have read quite a bit. So we’ll let each one talk about that.

I’ve been seriously on my spiritual journey for about 20 years. I’d like to say all my life but it’s just not so. I didn’t get started until later in life. I do read avidly now. What I find is that the more I learn, the more I find I don’t know! And it’s definitely a passion with me. I’m very excited to have the both of you here with us today. So I’ll pass this on here and start with Marty.

I’m native-born to this area and I’ve been on my spiritual path for probably 15 years. I’m very new to the readings of Ra and Edgar Cayce, and will pass the phone off to Carol.

I thank Lynn for making this a possibility for us and thank you for allowing us into your life. I’ve been reading The Law of One. I’m on Book I and am almost done and am very much enjoying it. I feel that it’s opening some doors for me, paths of thinking, different ways of looking at things that will be very helpful once we are able to discuss it more as a group, and I can have input from everyone. I’ll pass the phone on.

My name is Bernetta Havlin and I’ve been on a spiritual path for 13 years, perhaps longer. But I started an Edgar Cayce study group in Arizona. The A.R.E. class went through the book several times and then we graduated to different material and kept on going. I have read your book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and it’s very inspirational. Thank you very much. What really touched me was that your view of your own self was very down to earth. It was very caring that you shared it with us.

Wynn, this is Mary Ann. I’m the one who sent you the Stewart [inaudible] information and it was pretty cool that you answered me back. Overall on channeling I’ve been the agnostic. I go, “No, they only tell you mush.” But I believe that the Ra group has really come up with some definite information, a lot of specifics and I can’t wait to learn a little bit more myself. I’ll pass this on.

Hello, this is Joanne Embry and I’ve been on this path since a very young age. I was fortunate enough to find the Edgar Cayce books. I’ve read several, not all, and I’ve also studied with the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Shambhala, Colorado. I’m just very interested in your work. I’ve only gotten through the introduction because I just found the book and I’m looking forward to studying it more.

Good morning, this is Jan July. I began my metaphysical study back in 1980 through astrology and then when the Law of One books came out I had moved to New Mexico and I guess it was 1983 or 1984 I first got the Law of One books, and I read all of them as they came out. I found the teachings to be profound and it really has influenced the way I look at life and I thank you very much for passing that information on.

This is Marilyn. I began my spiritual journey quite a while ago. I began reading the Edgar Cayce books about 25 years ago and then about 10 to 15 years ago joined a group back in Wisconsin. And then recently, this year, I’ve been happy to have a spiritual group for which I felt a deep connection. Also Wynn, [thank you] for your book. Being introduced to you has also opened me to David Wilcock and all of the channelings through him and Carla, I have recently been reading The Law of One and have found it, as others have said, very, very profound and inspirational. It’s affecting me in deep, deep ways in resonating with what is the truth. So I look forward to what you have to say today and meeting with you, Wynn, next week.

Okay, that’s everyone that’s here today—several members are on jury duty and hopefully they’ll get to hear the recording of this.

I’ll announce this: The recording is going to be on the following line, 218-936-1005 with the PIN of 37525#. We’ll also have a downloadable MP3 file.

Since we’ve never done this before, we’re still trying to figure out the format to give out the best value to all of you listening to this. Initially, I thought we’d start out with you guys asking questions with you addressing your questions either to Carla or myself or both of us. But I’m thinking, since some of you are still in the opening phase of discovering Carla’s information, maybe Carla and I should have a conversation with each other just for a bit, then open it up for questions. How does that sound to everybody in Las Cruces?

That’s perfectly fine.

Okay, so what we’re talking about really is the idea that there are intelligences somewhere else, out there, in other dimensions that can communicate through people and in some way have value for us down here in this dimension. And of course, Carla and I are two people who have had the experience of being recipients of those kinds of communications. Carla is a direct channel and as she said, she’s done it for a long time.

I, myself, wouldn’t consider myself a channel, although I’ve had this unusual experience of people that I’ve been close to in my life who suddenly start channeling around me. Then I have the experience of researching David Wilcock’ work very extensively and trying to integrate all of this to say, “What’s the value?”

Sometimes people, including myself before I got involved in the experience of channeling, are a little bit afraid of it, because they think that some force out there might try to take us over or tell us what to do or boss us around. I think that there is a tendency for people who have never been exposed to channeling to think that there’s this authority that knows better than they do about life.

And I should say that there could be channelings where the voice coming through might take that authority and then start telling you what to do. And I would suggest that if a channeled voice does that, it’s probably not of what we would call a “service to others” predisposition, because the intelligences and the consciousnesses that come through other dimensions that are service-to-others never take away one’s responsibility to apply their own discernment, in terms of figuring out their life and figuring out the value of the channeled material.

In fact, Carla, has 1500 channelings posted. [In the early eighties] she was channeling the Ra group and prior to that, I’m not sure who she was channeling. But after that she pretty much started channeling what she calls the Q’uo group. At the beginning of each of the Q’uo channelings, they say, “Take what works for you—I’m not an authority.” And I think that’s extremely important. Because each of us has to conduct our own life from our own center and no one can make decisions for us. And if you are looking for some force outside of yourself to make decisions for you, you are probably going to put a delay on your own evolution.

You can get support, you can get counsel, you can get a way of looking at things, but the bottom line is, it must be your own decision. So that is my little introduction on channeling in general and, Carla, I’ll send it over to you.

Okay, I’ll talk a little about channeling too, because several people mentioned it in one way or the other. If you go to the archive site,, and go to the Library and look up my speech to the International UFO Congress last year, in February 2008, I went through the entire history of how I began channeling and what channeling L/L Research has done.

It precipitated from information that my research partner—who died in 1984 which is why the Ra contact stopped—found which suggested that you did not have to have a UFO encounter or to be taken on board in order to take on their information. Their basic suggestion was that if you sat silently in a meditation group that over time you would begin to receive the thoughts that were theirs.

The basic theory is that we all vibrate at a certain energy level, or our energy body has a set of vibrations which is very characteristic of us. The vibration of Christ, for instance, would be at a fairly high level, obviously, of vibration. What you’re doing as a channel is to tune yourself to the highest vibration that is an authentic vibration for you personally, and then to open to what sources may be coming in on that vibration that’s congruent between you and the source. So I, over the years, have developed a fairly lengthy tuning procedure where I pray and I sing and I work to bring myself to the deepest me that there is, the one that vibrates as closely as possible with Christ consciousness. Then I ask for the highest and best contact that I can carry in a conscious and stable manner. That’s why I’ve been getting the same source, Q’uo, for years and years now, because of that prayer.

I found that praying that prayer really helped to sift through the voices that are out there. It is a crowded universe. There are a lot of voices. I wanted to get voices that I thought would be helpful for people to use as a resource for spiritual evolution, and when I started praying that specific prayer, “Give me the highest and best contact that I can carry in a conscious and stable manner of the consciousness of Jesus the Christ,” then I got Q’uo.

Q’uo is a principle made up of Latwii, a wisdom-oriented social memory complex or group of people that speak as one, Hatonn, a love-centered group that supports not by speaking but by being, and the Ra group, who is there also. The Ra group is from the Unity Density, love and wisdom combined and harmonized. I cannot catch Ra consciously. So what I hear when I get Q’uo is the fifth-density, Wisdom Density, Latwii. But they identify themselves as a principle. I guess they, in their own way, discuss what they’re going to say to a question before they ever get online with me, and I just let them speak through me until they’re done.

That’s my experience of channeling. It’s unfortunate but true that a great deal of channeling is simply marshmallow fluff. It’s very pretty but it doesn’t really function as a resource except for some people who really need that heavy love energy without the discerning part that wisdom plays.

Then in other channeling, oftentimes the channeling will start out being very positive and be a very beautiful source of spiritual information and inspiration. And then, because they allow fear-based questions in the group or very specific questions along certain lines, tuning drifts and the channel is no longer able to channel the original contact, because the vibrations have become different in that group. So consequently you get a negatively oriented channel, a voice from the service-to-self polarity who knows very well how to sound positive, but there’s always the fear inserted into that: “The end is coming, run to the country,” that kind of thing.

I would not advise you not to read those, because depending on where you are in your search, in your journey, anything might be resonant to you, anything might be helpful at that particular time. So read it all, but listen to your own particular discrimination and don’t stop until you feel that resonance that says, “Okay, I’ve hit pay dirt, this is resonating to me and I’d like to work with this.”

I’m thrilled at those of you who said you’d found really resonant stuff in the Law of One! That’s why we stick it out at the old pop stand, just to hear that! I’m so happy for you who’ve said that.

Wynn, I think we’ve covered channeling pretty well. Where would you like to go from here? Would you like to go to questions? I want to bring something up before we go to questions. When you have these experiences as a human, your conscious mind has to figure it out and I know that you used the word “Jesus.”

Well, I think the thing about Jesus is that you don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate Jesus Christ. He’s pretty much the icon on the desktop that when you click on it you get unconditional love. It’s not just Christians, or even Muslims and Jews, who have Jesus and Mary and so forth in their sacred scriptures, but also when you talk to a Buddhist or a Shinto and they will go to Jesus as that energy of unconditional love, because it’s the most widely recognized symbol of unconditional love on that desktop.

I’m a mystical Christian, anyway, and go to church and so forth, but even if I were not, I think I would still tune to the Jesus frequency.

I want to make a comment on that. The “Jesus frequency” represents using the Law of One in action. And the Law of One, as I understand it, as it comes through Carla Rueckert’s Ra channelings, 5 has to do with the fact that the entire universe is one energy. Intellectually, you can say, “Everything is one.” But when you download that into a human experience it means that you have now moved into your own personal ability to recognize that oneness in your own life. And I believe that’s what Jesus was able to do, to recognize and share that oneness. When you are in that experience of oneness, then when people presents themselves to you, you see them as part of yourself and you can’t help but extend compassion, because they are an extended part of you. They have their body and you have your body in the physical realm, but you could say it’s an illusion of separateness, that we’re all separate.

We are all separate, physically. You have your bank account and I have mine, I have my bed, you have your bed. I eat my breakfast you eat yours. But each of us does not just exist in a physical body. We exist in an energy form which you could call your spirit, or your soul, or the part of yourself in the matrix. Energy forms are not limited. They’re not contracted into a specific individuation. They’re changing all the time.

So if you meet somebody, and if you can meet their energy form, then you will, if you’re evolved enough or open enough to experience it, then your energy and their energy become one. And as you become one you look at them and see them as an extended part of your energy body, if not your physical body.

And I believe that that was the experience that Jesus was exhibiting as to a very high degree. And other people got that experience, other people got it and felt it. [Even now,] they feel that love and it transforms them. So many people have never felt that kind of love. The love that they experience is always an earthly, worldly love where it is an exchange—you do this for me and I do this for you. And so it doesn’t have that Law of One experience attached to it.

Carla, how does that fit into your experience?

I think all of that is very good information. One thing that might help people in thinking about this Law of One business, is that the scientists state that also; certainly not in the classical scientific beginnings—[it started with] Heisenberg really, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Quantum physics asserts that separation between the observer and the observed is an illusion. You can’t really dismiss the Heisenberg Principle as mystical because it has produced the computer, lasers, superconducting devices and fluorescent lights. It produces observable, useful results. So scientists are acknowledging the inseparability of the observer and the observed.

What they haven’t done for the most part is link this awareness with consciousness. From Ra’s point of view, and the Confederation’s in general, it is consciousness that is the common ground that links me, you and the universe, so that we are parts of one unitary dance of nested illusions, and we are wending our way, over a very long period of time and over many incarnations, from the point at which we don’t really have enough intelligence or data to make a good choice as to how we want to live our lives to a point where we think we do.

We know how we want that to go—we want to choose the positive, radiant service-to-others path and leave the magnetic, selfish, service-to-self path behind. That is a choice that I think is fundamental to the spiritual life and to accelerating our pace of evolution. I think that this I the first choice, “Yes, I want to be a service-to-others person; I want to specialize in compassion and allow the light and the love of the Creator to flow through me and out into the world however it chooses to go.”

That’s, I think, the beginning of an accelerated pace of evolution for ourselves.

So, it’s not simply “all is one” without anything to back it up. In fact, one great thing about the Law of One material, as opposed to the other part of my channeling, is that Don Elkins was a physicist and a mechanical engineer. And although I am not any sort of scientist, in the [Ra] channelings, they were able, working with the information in my mind and working with the words that I have, to create a body of information which appeals to technical and scientifically minded people, because they can go and plug in, as Don did in his questioning role, the physics, the science, and find out what Ra is saying, not simply as abstractions but as, “Yeah, that’s the way things work, as a matter of fact.”

It’s a very helpful system in that it is a cosmology that is internally consistent. So once you grasp the basic cosmology—why we came here, where we’re going and so forth—it doesn’t let you down. It continues to work for you, no matter what other information you’re looking at. It’s not the kind of information that’s dogmatic. It’s the kind of information that gives you an environment in which you can investigate absolutely anything and find that, okay, it slots in here in Ra’s cosmology. So it kind of organizes your mind for future meditative, mystical, analytical, intellectual, whatever, insights you have.

Okay, with that, I’ll say one thing about my own experience before we open it up to questions. I read Edgar Cayce probably 30 years ago and then when I discovered David Wilcock in, I think it was, 1999, and started studying him, it all started to connect with the Edgar Cayce material, plus there were all those bits of evidence, all the people that look the same, the prediction in the Edgar Cayce material were all pointed in the same direction.

Then, two years into writing the book I had the experience where I’d met Daphne and we had begun a personal relationship and suddenly she would be knocking me on the shoulder and saying, “Those guys want to talk to you again,” and I’m having conversations with a voice through Daphne who identified himself as the “Council of Elohim,” and I started asking all the questions to that voice. If you’d read the story then you know that they were not only a voice but there was some amazing phenomena, such as a healing that took place with my sister that would qualify as a medical miracle that really shouldn’t have happened. I had ask them if they could assist in something and suddenly she shifted in her physical—something physical in her body that couldn’t go away but it did.

I asked all these questions about the material in the Wilcock channeling and the material in the Rueckert Ra channelings and I was getting exactly the same answers as were presented in those two other sources and Daphne did not know those answers, so I was faced with an amazing circumstance—that, say, maybe I got this right view on the way things work, because I tend to be very skeptical myself—I used to be a physics major myself.

When it comes to wisdom I can recognize wisdom very easily because it resonates with me. But when it comes to specific information, for example, in Carla’s Ra channeling, the Ra group said that they moved souls from Maldek to Earth to continue their evolution. Well, that’s a piece of information that I can’t validate directly so when I read it at first I say, “Well, maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not.”

There’s a lot of information in the Ra material that is very, very specific about the history of the universe. So when I would cross reference this and ask the voice that was speaking to me through Daphne, I would get exact confirmation of everything that was in that material, so that was a bit of a shock and it was a bit of a responsibility. I was thinking, either I’ve got the right information about the way things work or there is some misinformation society in the other realm that is giving the wrong information to three other people.

I had to evaluate that for a while and there was no indication that there is a disinformation society in the other realm and so this probably is an explanation for the way things work.

In terms of this aspect of the materials, I believe that many of us have had past lifetimes in these very areas that they are discussing, say Maldek, for example. When you read about it, for those that have had lifetimes in those areas, there is a cellular memory or awakening that starts to make sense in your own unfoldment because you start, even though you may not remember it in your conscious mind, the find that it starts to ring true and things start to make sense that didn’t make sense previously. That is a really amazing phenomena that all these different sources are saying the same thing.

Then I started Googling different channels and I found that there were quite a few channels that also reiterated a very similar point of view, in terms of the history of not only our planet but of the cosmos, and what has happened historically.

I just wanted to share that, so that those of you that are not specifically aware of my experience know about it. On that note, why don’t we just open it up and you who are with us who have any questions can direct them either to Carla or myself or both of us.

Okay, thank you both so much! We’re really enjoying this. I’m going to jump in and ask a question, primarily to Carla. I have read Wynn’s book and I have read the Law of One through Book III. To say that I resonate with it would be an understatement. It felt like more a remembering, a real excitement that happened for me, just unbelievably resonating with it.

The last time I felt that kind of resonating was with The Seth Material 6 of which I’ve read a great deal. I’m wondering how The Seth Material relates to your material, or what you might have to say about that. Also, Carla, I’m wondering too, in your Law of One beginning, your placement, the coverings, the Bible, the water, the rulers, all of that, I’m guessing that you no longer need to do those things to get the channel. I’d like to hear your comments on that.

Well, first of all, I cannot speak to The Seth Material because every time, in my entire life, that I’ve tried to read that, I go to sleep. I think that it is because of the very apparent substantial similarities between the two bodies of material. If people knew [I’d read it] they’d think, “Oh well, she’s read The Seth Material and she’s ripping off that.” Well, I never did. I’ve been protected somehow from reading that material.

Other people think it’s just wonderful, and I’m sure it is, but I can’t speak to it myself because, like I said, each time I take that book down and start reading, I just conk out. It’s very strange but that’s what happens. I think it’s just to maintain the integrity of the Law of One material.

The other question was about the accoutrements of The Ra Material. The reason that all of that happened was because the Ra group asked for that to happen. They were concerned from the get-go with my energy level. My physical energy level has been in substantial deficit for most of my life. I was born with birth defects and then just went on from there, one chronic illness after the other piling up. I’ve got quite a stack. So I deal, on a daily basis, and have since I was a young child, with discomfort and am not in robust health.

So the Ra group seemed to be very concerned to support me. And the way to support a person physically is, from their standpoint, to look at my vibrational level, look at what gives me good energy, and then try to create those distortions so that I would be cradled in the most possible comfort, metaphysically speaking.

So they suggested that Don and Jim McCarty erect an altar, which Jim built by hand. Everything was done by hand with great love. And then they put on that altar the Bible, opened to the Gospel of John, Chapter 1, verse 1, “In the beginning was the light.” That was the place in the Bible that most resonates with The Law of One. And then they gave me an incense stick because we use “smells and bells” in the Episcopal Church. And then they gave me a chalice of water over which Don and Jim held their hands to put their love into it, to magnetize it with love. If you’ve seen the water crystal technology that they’ve done in Japan, 7 you know you can indeed magnetize water.

So all of those things were accoutrements from my Episcopal Church experience. I’ve been a church mouse all my life. I have been in the choir since I was four and I expect I’ll be attending until I’m in my grave. I think that their idea was to maximize my vital energy.

Now, when I’m not in trance, I don’t have those needs. In point of fact the group around me is creating a group energy and when I come out of a channeling session [I am fine]. You can call it a conscious channeling session because I can take a drink of water or come out of the session if I didn’t like it, but I do sort of go into a half-hypnotized state, very focused state where I count down from my age. This count takes longer all the time. At 65 it takes a while to count down now.

So I just get myself into a good place so I’m in a very light trance but I call it “conscious channeling” to differentiate it from trance, because during the Ra channeling I was asleep during the times that they were speaking through me and I had no idea what was being said. It just about drove me crazy because Don wouldn’t let me see the material for the first 23 sessions, believe it or not.

Finally, he asked Ra whether it would pollute the material and they said, “No,” so after that I was all right. But until that point, Jim and Don would be talking and they would ask me, “Does your mind/body/spirit complex have a distortion towards hunger/fullness?” And I’d go, “What?” They would be asking me if I was hungry. But that’s the way the Ra group approaches things.

They have a term for a human, a person, which is very specific—“mind/body/sprit complex”—so that shows you what they think a person is. And everything to them is a distortion, because the only thing that is not distorted is the undifferentiated, unpotentiated Creator, and by the time the Creator decides through the first distortion, which is free will, to create an energy which is its nature, which is Logos, or unconditional love, or the one great original Thought, and then by that Thought creates light to make everything manifest, we’re already deeply into distortions.

So everything to them is a distortion of one kind or another away from absolute unity. But the way they see distortions is that every distortion has an equal and an opposite distortion. So the idea is at all times to come into balance. So that’s why I don’t have to do anything like that now.

I do go through about a half an hour of tuning and then I challenge the spirit when it presents itself. I challenge three times just to make sure that I’m not being lazy. I make them say, “Jesus is Lord,” three times. And again, they are obviously not Christians—ETs weren’t born on a planet that had Jesus on it—but Jesus is the icon for unconditional love. So they have no problem saying that indeed, unconditional love is the ruler of all.

I have been able to do without all of the accoutrements, although I do have an altar in our living room nicely situated on a shelf between the sound system and some books that are important to me. Everywhere [can be] a place to have your altar. But I don’t do anything formal like that any more. And as a matter of fact, when I come out of a channeling session I tend to feel better than when I went into it because all the good energy of the people in the circle has been rotating through me as we blend our auras.

You know, we’re doing that right now! Because in the metaphysical it does not matter how far apart we are physically. All is one. And we’re in a circular instead of a linear creation of space, so we’re all in the same space and are creating a sacred circle whether we’re talking or listening. Our vibrations are merging together to make this beautiful, sacred tabernacle in which we’re all seeking the truth. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of that tabernacle today.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, I’m going to pass it to Joanne for a question.

This is for either one of you, but what I would like is some insight into the numerous large and small UFOs being sighted here in Las Cruces since October 14.

Wynn, I don’t know anything about that, do you?

No, but I would bring up a question and that is that many people are looking at UFOs as, hopefully, a potential deliverance for what ails our planet. And I know, if I have this correct, reading the original Ra Material, it was stated that most UFOs, 70% were operated by service-to-self consciousness.

The way that breaks down is that the positive polarity people call themselves, “The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator.” The Confederation tried to enter our skies to land and to help and the pyramids were the result of that back in Egyptian days. However, they discovered that they were simply increasing distortions. They flubbed up, and so they scooted out of here as far as being physical.

By the way, that was the point at which Edgar Cayce’s Ra-Ta was part of the equation; that’s the point of contact. But ever since then they’ve been in our skies hoping to decrease distortion and bring people more to the feeling of “all is one.” So if you see a UFO and it’s not making dents in the ground and it’s strictly a psychic sighting, it’s a service to others [UFO], it’s the good guys. If they’re making dents in the ground, they’re not the good guys because the Confederation vowed a long time ago not to interfere with our planet and to preserve free will, way back 5,000 years ago.

So really, those small and large lights, if they’re the good guys, what they’re trying to do is just to let people know that there’s more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy as Shakespeare said in Hamlet. And if it’s the negatively oriented UFOs, what they’re here to do is to collect genetic material and to foster fear.

I would suggest that if the result of these lights is to make people get excited and think, “Maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye,” than that’s positive, and if they’re instilling fear in people then it’s probably our loyal opposition.

I know that one of the questions I ask in my own channeling has to do with what are called probability vortices of what could happen, what might happen. No one can say for sure what might happen, but the positive forces can give probability vortexes. One of the [probability vortices] was that there was the possibility of an agenda of creating lots of fear on the planet and then having negative UFO’s, service-to-self UFO’s, make some kind of physical contact so that people would be rushing to yield, to surrender, to what would be a service-to-self source. Did you ever hear about anything like that, Carla?

Well, sure, but I think we can all resonate to the fact that at least we here in America are not at all prone to surrendering to anybody or anything. And that’s as it should be. So I think their time is almost up. I think that there are still service-to-self folks, who seem to reincarnate in groups ever since Babylon and have met again and again to bring this planet to Empire. And they’ve met again here with those who want a brave new world of one globe, one corporation, one big brother, and people are just going, “I don’t think so.”

They may be thrashing their tail; we may be experiencing some negative feeling events, war and violence and so forth, unquestionably.

[Side one of tape ends.]

But below the radar of all of that, national policy and so forth [the world is] full of people that are awakening and are getting energized and engaged and [have], I think, this feeling of, “Oh, it’s so great to be awake! It’s so great to look beyond this little life and to see this life as a chapter in a great adventure; to use every bit of it that we can here in this incarnation, knowing that it’s a good part of a great picture.” I think that excitement, that feeling of increased fullness of light, has a tendency to affect others.

So I think as we wake up and become little lighthouses and let the light of the Creator shine through us, the lighthouses are increasing and we’re starting to get groups of lighthouses and its really starting to snowball. So below the radar, where the news doesn’t usually go, I think that we are [progressing by] leaps and bounds. I know that the Confederation entities, especially Q’uo, are excited about the way the planet is awakening.

You know, in one of Wilcock’s channelings they were saying that they can do many, many interventions to help us, but they can’t violate our free will, so we have to ask.

That’s true of angels. If you want to have angels in your life—and it’s a blessing to—you do have to say, “Please be in my life,” or they can’t infringe on your free will. It’s a universal truth of positive help that you must ask—you know, the old biblical thing,“ Ask and ye shall receive.“

To me this is one of the most important aspects of this channeled stuff. It establishes the reality that they do exist, for those that study it. The traditional aspect of God doesn’t fit in a lot of people’s minds, so this is a new way of looking at how the universe works that makes more sense to people.

Joanne, do you have any more questions about that?

No, but we’re going to move on to Marilyn now.

I have a question about the use of crystals—the best use of them today for us as individuals and if there are certain ones that are better for us in certain ways or are there certain ones to avoid, as well as the tuning methods for meditation that you mentioned in [The Law of One] Book I—have those changed throughout the years or do they remain the same?

Okay, as to the crystals, I think that it’s a very personal and even intimate choice as to the crystals that are for you—very individual. So if you want to make crystals a part of your practice, what you need to do is just, very leisurely, taking all the time in the world, take a particular crystal that has caught your eye and move it over by itself and sit with it for a while and see if it truly is for you. You will be getting a hit off the crystal. It sends out waves that interact with your energy level.

Healers often find them useful and use different crystals for different applications. And again, that’s very intimate and personal to the healer as to what he chooses. If you have a powerful enough crystal you can pretty much power through; it will work for everybody, like a really good diamond or a really good ruby, but I think that the best use of crystals is if you are feeling unbalanced in some way, maybe it’s your work or a relationship or you want to meditate better or more deeply, there’s a specific use you want for it, then what you need to do is expose yourself to a bunch of them, move to the one that speaks to you, and then keep it near you so that its vibration can touch and can get into your aura.

For a long time I used a little grey rock—I don’t remember the name of it—because I was trying hard to be better and more efficient at my work. I have a tendency [to take too long with things]. If I’m writing a letter, it will be a really good letter but it’ll take the afternoon. I was trying to get more done.

That crystal helped me for quite a while. When I showed it to someone who knew crystals, she said, “Oh, of course,” and then she rattled off what the nature of the crystal was. I think a shortcut is to look at one of those books that discuss crystals from an author that you trust and that can kind of help narrow the search down.

What was your other question? Oh, how I tune, okay.

It’s been basically the same through the years in terms of the large block where I do some praying, I’ve always sung one particular hymn—the words go:

Temper my spirit, oh Lord, keep it long in the fire. Make it one with the flame. Let it share that upreaching desire. Cast it thyself, oh my God, swing it straighter and higher. Temper my spirit, oh Lord. Temper my spirit, O Lord. 8

I always start with that song, an old Unitarian hymn. Then the next thing that I do is, these days—I started this in 1993—a prayer. I’ll say it out to you and you can see how it feels to you:

Come Holy Spirit! Fill the heart of your faithful and kindle in me the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit and I shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth. Oh God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit I may be truly wise and ever enjoy Its consolation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. 9

Then the other one that I have always used ever since I began tuning is the Prayer of St. Francis and it goes something like this:

Lord, make me in instrument of thy peace! Where there is hatred, let me show love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. Oh divine Master, teach me to seek not so much to be loved as to love; to be understood as to understand; to be consoled as to console. For it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in giving that we receive and it is in dying that we rise to larger life.

I use those three things always. Then I call forth the archangels and set them about the group and I do some protection of myself physically by asking the angels to dip me in a pool made of the violet-ray energy from the top of my chakra body and the red-ray energy from the bottom. [I ask them to] mix that up and dip me in it and then dip me in the limitless white light, and that way my physical body is protected and my energy body is protected.

Then I set my chakra body. I never crystallize my [chakra] body, it should flow freely at all times. But for the purpose of being very stable during the channeling I ask the angels to help me see the colors and then after I’ve seen them I ask that an adjustment be made so that my energy body is completely stable and balanced according to the least powerful chakra. It’s sort of like a default setting on the computer—you might not get quite as brilliant a picture but it will be a sturdy one. It is somewhat of a risky business to channel so I am limiting my liability.

Then I count down from my age, doing some self-hypnosis. I put myself [into a more focused state by] counting down as if I’m walking down stairs and on every stair I see the number and the word “relax.” Every ten numbers I go through a door and see it close behind me. This is just a mechanical means of focusing my attention so I’m not restless.

After I get to the bottom of the count, down to zero, I tell myself to dive. I go down as deeply as I can and still be conscious and able to have control over what happens to some extent. Then I ask my guidance to join me in my workroom—I have created a workroom in my mind. It’s not physical. And I have a Gatekeeper that checks me out before I go into my workroom. Then I have the male and female aspects of my guidance to come through doors on the left and right of a big screen which I turn on, and then I say, “I’m ready now.”

After the screen is lit and I’m holding onto the hands of my male and female guides, then we’re ready for business.

I have all this written out, by the way, in a series of lectures that I have given. 10 I started a channeling circle—a series of channeling circles—last year. We’re going to do our fourth one in February, so it’s February of last year and it will be under the heading: “Channeling Intensive I.”

We got all of those lessons recorded so that if anybody wants to know what I know about channeling, you don’t just have The Channeling Handbook to read—that’s a little book that I wrote in the middle 90’s—but in February 2008 I did a four-day workshop introducing people to the nuts and bolts of what I understand about channeling.

I may say that several of the people in that group are coming along beautifully and just about everybody has made some progress.

Okay, thank you so much. Okay, we have a question for you from Bernetta.

Good Morning! My question is this. Early this morning on awakening I remembered a dream I was having and it was very fearful. The dream concerns President-elect Obama and the dream was that he was in great danger and that anyone in his presence would be in great danger.

Well, I think that is certainly true.

Is this just a dream? And what also came through was that it wasn’t visual, it was just words and the words were that the group that is involved against his presidency is massive. And I woke up with a heavy heart.

Yes. Well, I think you have to look at Obama and his courage and realize that, like every president from Lincoln onward, he has taken this job knowing that he may be asked to lay down his life but he’s willing to take that risk in order to do his job.

I saw a movie recently with Nicolas Cage in it, Bangkok Dangerous. One of the lines he said in that movie was that it was easy to do a political assassination and that the difficult part was just in getting away. We all know that if someone has a desire to put a hole in him with a bullet, they will likely be able to do that. It doesn’t matter if you’re a president or a farmer or an auto mechanic or Joe the plumber, we’re all vulnerable to these devices that we’ve made with our clever minds.

Hopefully, it is a dream that explores the possibility that has been lingering, not only in your psyche, but in the national psyche, ever since Kennedy was shot. There have been attacks since then but no other president has actually died. I know exactly where I was when John Kennedy was shot and ever since then I’ve had like a contact concern. Any time I think of the president, whether I like him or not, I know that president is in danger because no matter what his politics are there will be people who don’t agree with him.

As to Obama, I would say certainly that the term “Orion Empire” is really easy to use, I don’t mean any slur against the entire constellation of Orion, but at any rate, [it is reasonable] to say that the Orion Empire would find it very helpful not to have Obama because he has good qualities, good values, he’s a loving man, he wants to do his best, certainly they would want to put that light out.

But you know, during the time of the Ra contact I was constantly attacked psychically but it never came to anything because I wasn’t scared. So I think that the response to a dream like that is to honor it and say, “Yes, I know, it is a dangerous job and we’ll just put every effort into making the intention, here and now, that this man is not going to be harmed. There will be angels around him. There will be guidance and guardianship, not just physical guardians but psychic guardianship.”

I think that’s true. And I think that we can all help, when we have a scary dream like that, by balancing it out, by affirming what we know, that this is a spiritual universe and that our concerns and our prayers do make a difference, so turn that concern into prayers and let it go, knowing that that prayer is going to find its proper home.

You think that if we, as a group …

Yes, I think that if you did this as a group it would be more powerful.

Thank you very much for this information, I will pass this on.

We do, by the way, have a daily meditation at 9:00 Eastern time, 7:00 your time—but it really doesn’t matter about the time. We come together to pray for Gaia, world peace, for the Earth itself. I heard from a psychic recently who didn’t know anything about our work at all, and she did a reading for someone that I know, and she said “What is this L/L, what is that?”

And Gary, the guy that was getting the reading said, “Well, it’s the group I work for.”

And the psychic that was channeling said, “Well, tell L/L that the thing that they’re doing every night for peace is really working and to keep it up.” In realms unseen, the work we do really makes a difference. So never fear, you will make a difference.

Okay, Carla, David Wilcock in his book, when he was channeling Ra, I assume he’s still channeling Ra, and they were telling him that we shouldn’t eat white sugar and white flour and butter and all those things, you wouldn’t think that it would make a great deal of difference, but do you keep a vegan diet?

No. The Ra that David channels—and we’ve talked this out—is not the same source as the Ra Group, it’s his private guidance. He feels that he is a sixth-density wanderer and that he came from Ra, so naturally his higher self, his guidance, would be Ra, so he’s picking up his own guidance for him.

I think that what the Confederation generally says about diet is that we all have individual body systems so there’s no one diet that’s going to work for everybody.

One person may need to go vegan. But during the Ra contact they counseled me to keep eating red meat because I was weak and I needed to eat off the top of the food chain if I was going to thrive. They just suggested that I try to find what we now would call “organic, biodynamic, free range” type meat where the animals have been treated well and honored and not pumped full of antibiotics and other things.

I think that [in explaining] the gist of what they had to say, [this example helps.] A prisoner had written in. He had contracted cancer in prison and he was trying to change his diet in prison. He had read a book about cancer and they said not to eat sugar and various things. And so he was trying to follow the instructions in the book, not from a spiritual point of view necessarily but just from things that promote cancer and things that don’t. He was saying how hard it was in prison because you just get the food that you get and if you don’t eat what you’re given then you don’t get anything. You don’t have choices.

He asked what he was going to do about that and [the Q’uo group] were very good. They said that the way diet works is, you can choose to diet and what that basically does is nudge your inner sense of who you are, so that you’re saying, “I honor myself, I love myself, I’m respecting myself by making these choices. And that mends the tear or the lack of activity in your self-confidence and your feeling of self-worth. So there’s healing involved in it, but it’s not physical, it’s metaphysical in the way it works.

Basically, through the years I’ve gotten the question numerous times, and the consensus of all the readings I’ve done on this is that it’s not what goes into the mouth of man that causes the problems, it’s what comes out of the mouth, or it’s what stews in the brain. Negative thoughts, anger, resentment, tear down your vital energy and create the open possibility of picking up on some of these diseases.

Now I’ve been ill all my life, so from a New Age point of view I’m just a total jerk. But I think there are a lot people that come into this world with pre-programmed difficulties and what the difficulties do is focus the mind on inner things and steer one away from all of the glories of the outer world.

In my life, when I’ve gotten really sick, it was when I was helping out at the soup kitchen, or when I was helping to clean the church once a week, getting out and expressing my love in this physical way. And yet my gifts are inner, the channeling and the creative work. So I couldn’t afford to spend all my energy out there because my creative work was zip, I was too busy helping the people in Louisville, Kentucky.

So I think that a lot of the times, no matter what you eat you’re going to have some difficulties physically. And even if you eat the very best you can, you’re liable, if you have this particular setting before you come into incarnation, to have some trouble adapting to the vibrations of Planet Earth. You’ll have allergies and other problems that are typical of those who want to live at a higher vibration than that of Planet Earth.

Hi, there! I was wondering, in your Law of One material, it was a question-and-answer format for the channeling. Is your channeling today that same format?

Yes. Occasionally, there won’t be a question in the group and so they’ll say, “Can we take potluck?” And even then, the interesting thing about that is, at the end of the channeling session people in the circle will say, “Man, I’ve been wondering about that. They answered the question I had on my mind.”

But for the most part, I think the question-and-answer format preserves free will the best. I certainly have no axe to grind and think, “Oh, I’ve got this message to get out,” I’m just a translator. That’s how I think of it. Because when I receive information I get it in concepts, a ball or a cluster, and I sort of have to roll it out like cookie dough and stamp words out of it and make what they have to say available in words instead of in concepts, which are much richer and fuller of nuance than I can ever really get when I’m doing the translating.

It’s like a game of catch. You catch the concept and then you throw it out in what you say as you translate it into words and then you’re empty and you can catch another concept and throw it out.

Great. I like the idea of “potluck” because when I talk to my guides they say, “Well, we have to have a question.” So I’m going to try that next time. Thank you.

Are we presently in the fourth density? And I have another question about wondering whether we can take others with us at harvest?

Well, I think we are in the fourth density and have been for some time. That is why there is a tremendous feeling of challenge or excitement. We ‘re just being bombarded by the interpenetrating fourth-density light of a density that is much fuller of information and much fuller of truth. So if there’s something that we’ve had all of our lives, and really not wanted to go there in thinking about who we are, from about two years ago on it’s been, like, “Okay, now’s your time to think about this and integrate it into your full personality because you’re going to have to take all of yourself into the process of choosing positive or negative as your way to go forward.” So it makes it challenging.

If you look at fourth density and third density as being in the same cup of liquid, then the fourth density would sort of be floating on top and not able to penetrate into third density because it’s a different kind of structure—like oil will separate from water. I think what is happening is that there is more and more of fourth density and less and less of third density and that means that there’s only a limited amount of time where we still have enough third-density life to make our choices. Because, say after 2012, the big shift date that is offered, we may see how we could live a better life but we might not have the third-density energy to do it.

So now is the time to choose the light and choose the love and choose moving forward in a positive sense.

Can we take others with us that have not fully made the choice yet? I don’t think so. I think,

You’ve got to walk that lonesome valley, You’ve got to walk it by yourself, Ain’t nobody else can walk it for you. You’ve got to walk it by yourself. 11

But we have help with our own walk and what we can do for others is to be, because more than anything we say, it’s the way we are that just speaks to people.

You know people that, when you go into the room and they’re there, it just feels good. Then there are other people that, when you run into them, it doesn’t feel good, and that’s on a very gut level. It’s nothing intellectual or even obvious. But just the way you are is going to help the people around you.

I get that [question] again and again. People just so much want to bring their loved ones with them. What you have to realize is that everybody is on his own schedule. It may not be time for your loved one to wake up yet. It might be that he or she needs to repeat third density and if so, there’s no harm, no foul, there will be another major cycle in which that person can make his choice according to when he wants to wake up.

So there’s nothing lost. There’s no eternal fire. There’s no hell. There’s no penalty. There’s simply the necessity for repeating third density. And for me that’s enough. McDonald’s for another 75,000 years is just not my cup of tea! I want to go on and have more choices. I want to get more into the light.

But if a person is not ready to get into the light and you’re trying to drag him, kicking and screaming, then that is just not going to work, because you just need to let that person mature, spiritually speaking, along his or her own timeline. Have absolute confidence that all is well with that person, so that there’s never a pull from you or a concern but always this boundless optimism.

I remember again and again in my counseling career that I’ve heard the person that I’m counseling say, “I need to do this.” I go, “Well, here are the things you might think about. But in the end I support you absolutely.” I can see that this is not going to work and she’s going to crash and burn, and she does, but she has to do that before she is able to understand what it was that was in that decision. And then, just like a baby that has burned itself on the stove, she won’t do it again.

So sometimes you just have to have faith that this person is going to wake up—it’s going to be fine—and just abide in absolute serenity and peace, knowing that just by the way you are, by your support, your encouragement, and your living attention, you will give that person the best gift that you can possibly give. Then, if the person asks a question, well, you can talk, you can share information. But if the person is not ready, if he’s not asking, especially if he’s hostile, then just drop it and trust spirit to be with that person in his own time.

On that note, Carla, can I ask you real quick before I pass this one? If a person, say, has no consciousness of spirituality, no interest in it, doesn’t believe in it, maybe doesn’t even believe in God, but they’re basically a good person, can that person move on to fourth density?

You betcha. Absolutely. When you’re talking about graduating from third density to fourth density, the necessity is that you are considering others more than you consider yourself. It follows what Jesus said: All the Ten Commandments could be replaced by two: love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself. So if that person is loving the Creator in people, helping people, thinking of others the majority of the time, that person is in like Flynn.

The way the Confederation describes the process of graduation, it doesn’t all happen at once. There’s no rapture. There’s no ascension. After you die a normal physical death, then you in your energy body walk some steps of light. Each step is a little bit more intensely bright than the last. You keep walking up these steps, and at some point it stops being third-density light and started being fourth-density light. But that’s not told to you, you’re just walking steps of light.

So you walk until the next step would make you uncomfortable. That’s where you stop. If you’re still in third density then you’re going to go to another planet for another major cycle in the Density of Choice, third density. If you walk up to the steps of fourth density, then you have graduated and you will then be able to get with your guidance and figure out what, of all these brand new options, you want to choose.

Interestingly enough, almost every person that has been graduated from third density so far, and there are millions of them that have already gone through the process, has come back to earth as a wanderer. They are the indigo children and they want to help us. They want to help lighten the energy on Planet Earth. So we are receiving enormous amounts of help now from recent graduates of third density that love this Earth so much that they either want to continue in the inner planes or are incarnating again with dual DNA, so they have activated fourth-density DNA.

If you read the literature, there’s a lot of brouhaha now about, “What are all these strange DNA formations, over and above what we usually see?” Well, that’s the double activated DNA.

Okay, Carla, this is really on the mundane level. I saw this thing on TV that said that in the coming year it is possible for two governments to fail: one of them being Mexico, the other being Pakistan. Do your guides give you any information on really mundane Earth stuff?

No. That’s not the kind of information I have at all. I encourage people not to ask questions like that because it will pull the vibration down. If you asked a question like that by asking, “What kind of spiritual principles can I think about when viewing the possibility of some of these governments going under,” then we’d probably have a good channeling. But if you just asked, “Are they going to go under,” then they would say, “This infringes on your free will.”

There is a wonderful channel whose name is Barbara Brodsky, whom I always recommend to people who are looking for specific answers because she channels an inner guide known as “Aaron” whose last incarnation on Earth 500 years ago was as a Buddhist Master. He’s a delightful chap and because he has lived here on Earth he has no problems with infringing on free will. So he’ll tell you anything he knows.

Barbara’s website is That will link you into Barbara’s site and there’s a “contact us” page. Barbara does take private sessions. I don’t know what her charges are these days, I think probably $200 a session. You can also email to talk to a human, which is always a nice thing.

Are the human’s on Planet Earth governed by pre-birth contracts or karma through their lives?

Yes and yes. I think that we set up our incarnational service and our incarnational learning and the shape of our incarnation. We look, in between incarnations; at what it is we want to do next, how we feel that we could better balance ourselves. Are we too loving and not wise enough? Are we too wise and not loving enough? Are we too power oriented and not wise and loving? That sort of thing.

So we create a very redundant system of relationships and of challenges and the things that we bring into incarnation that we call our personality, our gifts and our challenges there, with the idea that we’re sort of on a spiritual GPS. We can’t really make a mistake. We can go a way that we didn’t think we were going to go before incarnation, but that GPS is going to keep guiding us back to our incarnational goal.

We’re not programmed so that we don’t have free will. We just have certain things that we hope to do in this incarnation. And it’s not from somebody else, it’s us. We had this bright idea. So it’s not a matter of saying, “Oh God, you’re really down on me.” It’s a matter of saying, “Why did I do this? Why did I set this up for myself?” and then trying to find the gift that’s hidden in the folds of that particular challenge.

Karma is defined by the Confederation as inertia. So if you have energetically let loose of a negative thought form, like “I hate that person, I hope something bad happens to her,” or “ I’m not going to be nice to so-and-so because he did such-and-such to me,“ you create an imbalance toward the negative. And that imbalance is going to show up in your life as a continuing theme of the same thing being done to you, until this magic moment when you forgive, and forgiveness stops the wheel of karma.

So there’s nothing to judge. When you hear people say, “I have bad relationship karma,” [you can think, “Okay, fine, love yourself, forgive yourself, forgive whoever else is involved in this realization.” Usually there is someone who has done you wrong or you wouldn’t be thinking along these lines. “Forgive the whole thing—yourself, the other self, the situation, just forgive, forgive, forgive, start a new life, don’t go back to it, just let it go and that stops the karma right there.”

So you don’t have to be burdened with karma. You simply have to see it as an imbalance and be willing to forgive it. And that balances you so you no longer have that inertia. You no longer have that on your shoulders.

So lack of forgiveness of self would create karma?

It’s [forgiveness of] the self that’s the most important thing. It’s a whole lot easier to forgive another self than it is to forgive the self. We’re hardest on ourselves, by far, I think. You know, basically, if you’ve gotten yourself into a situation of some kind that is difficult, what do you really think? Don’t you think, “Well, what in the world did I do to deserve this? I must be unworthy?” It’s an unworthiness thing and that goes all the way back to the red-ray chakra, which deals with survival and sexuality. When you feel down on yourself, when you feel a judgment, when you feel unworthy, you are basically constricting the amount of light that is able to enter your body from the infinite Creator.

So the work that you do in forgiving yourself is work that is directly related to your thriving on Planet Earth. I’m not saying that you just shouldn’t judge yourself, that you say, “I forgive myself for murder.” I’m saying, “Forgive yourself for being that person and then work to start a new life as a person that isn’t like that. And every time that you slip, then forgive yourself and start a new life.”

It might happen every day, it might happen every hour. In some very intense crises and dark nights of the soul, it’s like that. But you always have the capacity to turn and choose again and start again.

The Native Americans have this belief that every day is a new life. When you sleep you go away and when you come back it’s all new.

Okay, Carla, thank you so much. We’re enjoying this immensely and don’t want to take up more of your time. We have just one more question for you.

Linda, do you mind if I make one comment? And that is: What Carla said is exactly the way that I experience myself. I see that each of us is in a matrix and when you’re in the lower part of the matrix you’re dealing with all the karma, all the cause and effect, all the things, the unworthiness, and when you get into the higher part of the matrix you start connecting with the higher parts of yourself that are expanded.

How do you go from the lower parts to the higher parts? One of the ways is the channeling that comes from the higher parts of the matrix. It starts to expand your space into a blending of oneness and the place where all is one—we are essentially one with Ra, we are one with Q’uo, with Elohim, and learning and listening to their words helps you connect with them, and then the bottom line is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

When you truly do acts of real service, you automatically start blending with other people in oneness and you start moving yourself above the place in the matrix where your karma exists. So it’s a self-talk thing—“I should be worthy, I shouldn’t be judging myself.” Stop judging yourself and redirecting negative thoughts and attitudes moment by moment, simultaneously with taking actions that require a higher aspect of yourself to kick in, in that action.

For example, I tell people that if you go someplace where people really need you, like an old-age home or rehabilitation home and [if you are] of service to those people something will kick in that makes you forget yourself. And in that forgetting of yourself you’re starting actually to re-create your space so that you’re not looking at your karmic patterns every day. That’s what I want to add. Carla, does that makes sense to you?

It makes sense to me. I would just add one thing. It’s not a matter of leaving the lower chakras and moving permanently into the higher ones. Our energy flows throughout the system at all times and all the chakras are equally important. But it’s the balance and the opening of the chakras that’s important in terms of being able to get into the open heart and to be able to access the higher chakras.

In order to do that I greatly recommend in the Ra contact. This [channeling] was the first I’d run into this. It says in The Ra Material:

To begin to master the concept of mental disciplines it is necessary to examine the self. The polarity of your dimension must be internalized. Where you find patience within your mind you must consciously find the corresponding impatience and vice versa. Each thought a being has, has in its turn an antithesis. The disciplines of the mind involve, first of all, identifying both those things of which you approve and those things of which you disapprove within yourself, and then balancing each and every positive and negative charge with its equal. The mind contains all things. Therefore, you must discover this completeness within yourself. 12

What they’re suggesting is basically, just take some quiet time, not meditating, but contemplating your day. At the end of the day is a good time to do it. What gave you a buzz? What made you angry? Patience and impatience is a very easy one to talk about because any time I get on the road, I’m absolutely inundated with opportunities to work on the balance between patience and impatience. I get very impatient and even angry with the driving habits of some of the people who are sharing the road with me. And so, okay, I have to think about that.

The first thing you do, in this balancing process is to re-enter that emotion you had at the moment when somebody cut you off, or whatever, and let it build until it just overflows you and you’re just angry and irritated and impatient. Then allow the corresponding antithesis to form. You have within you a full awareness of patience. You know what that is. You know how that feels. You know how a lack of anger feels when you’re totally at peace. You allow those feelings to come in and replace the anger until these positive feelings, that are the antithesis of your anger and impatience have just flooded through your mind and you’re just full of patience and serenity. And then you hold in your mind these two opposites and see the balance and the beauty of the design. Because we are all things. How could all things be one if we were not all things? So we contain this completeness within ourselves.

It’s not that we want to leave the lower chakras behind, it’s that we want to keep them open and honor and respect and deal with them in a way in which we are specifically looking at our thoughts, looking at our emotions. [Emotions] are very valuable. I greatly believe in this. There is great importance to the emotions. Honor each emotion and let it tell its tale to you and then you can use that personal experience that you have in bringing yourself back into balance, opening up your lower chakras and getting everything flowing again, so once again you’re getting full energy up to the heart. Does that make sense?

Yes, I agree with you. I didn’t mean leaving the lower chakras behind permanently.

Yes, it’s hard not to want to, even for me, and I’m an old, experienced meditator at this point. You know, it’s so much nicer up there. But really, you’ve got to respect your sexuality, your personal relationships, your family relationships, work, and all these things. These things have their point too, and they’re not to be shunned.

Okay, one more question.

You mentioned that during your life you have had several illnesses. Well, I had polio when I was a little one. And the last couple of years I’ve struggled with my legs and my hips not wanting to work quite like I want them to. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who have problems like this with our health or some problem that we can’t seem to resolve?

I do. I would give thanks for it, and then, just very gently, ask spirit how this gift is to be opened? What is the reason for this?

One of the things that Don did when he was exploring polarity and how we progress within third density when he was talking to Ra, was to ask about specific people and the patterns within their lives. It turned out that Franklin Roosevelt had pre-programmed polio for himself, or whatever it was that he had—now they don’t think it was polio, but it acted like polio. They said that he had programmed that into his life so that if he became too enamored of the outer things, the polio would limit him so that he had to focus more on the inner and less on the worldly and that this was the balance that he needed in order to be a truly great leader. So I would trust that these problems that you are having are a positive thing in that they have gifts to offer you.

I have always found that when I get a new illness, that I need to spend more time in inner work. This last illness that I’ve had—nobody has been able to diagnose it—it completely eliminates activity. It makes me very uncomfortable to climb the stairs to my bedroom, or even to get out of my chair to go to the bathroom. But when I asked the Holy Spirit about that, she said that I was trying to live at a higher vibration, which was good. I was trying to live completely by fourth-density values—compassion and unconditional love. But I wasn’t supporting that decision with enough inner work.

So I began a program where, before I even get up in the morning, I have some prayer time. I call it my chapel time. I dedicate myself for the day to the one infinite Creator just 100% and ask the Creator to come into my life in power and grace and do whatever needs to be done that I may be assured of my highest. Since that time I haven’t gotten any better physically but my morale has just gone through the roof. I feel that I have responded to that catalyst now [in a way] that does me the most good.

So you might consider how you might alter your lifestyle somewhat to honor your inner work and change it so that the things that you used to do to be able to get around more sort of morph into activities that you can do with your present level of limitation.

I had a beautiful channeling session in 2005—a woman in England wrote in. She had gotten the beginning of one of those degenerative diseases that are pretty scary really. You have less and less ability to use your hands and get around. You might look up that channeling. Here it is, it’s September 5, 2005, “Question from V.” See if you can find the channeling that was asked for by this lady, because they give wonderful, very soul-inspiring encouragement to this woman. They say it’s not really a limitation at all, it’s the blooming of some of these things that you haven’t had time for until now.

One last question?

What is your vision on the Indigo Children that are growing into adulthood; their purpose, what will happen, what are they doing?

Well, they’re here to bust the system. Have you ever heard the term “system buster”? It’s a technical term in software and computers.[A system buster is] somebody that comes in and looks at a system that’s not working, and says, “That’s not working, I’m busting the system. I’m going to create another way.”

We have a lot of very dysfunctional systems on this Earth. I won’t get into politics or anything like that, but everyone would agree that there are some things that aren’t working.

For instance, I think everyone would agree, we don’t need to be bombing people. We need to be redecorating. We need to be creating infrastructure, schools, hospitals, information, roads. There are a lot of different things we could be doing with our money besides war. So the Indigo kids are here to bust any system that is not making sense. It’s possible that our politics are going to undergo great changes. It’s possible that our economic policies are going to undergo great changes. I don’t know which systems will indeed be busted, but I do feel that it’s going to happen, more and more.

The Indigo Children have a much thinner veil. They don’t have to struggle so hard to wake up because they have that dual-activated DNA. I think that at their heart, what they want to do is lighten the energy on Planet Earth by the way they are. As far as their outer goals, they tend to have to do with restoring the health of Planet Earth. They tend to be very concerned with what we’re doing and how to change our habits so that we won’t pollute the air, the water, the earth and so forth. I think that their goal here is to close out third density with a restored Earth and, hopefully, a class that has finally been able to graduate.

Carla, will we see any future books from you?

Yes, there’s one that’s just waiting for the cover art. I’m so excited about the book. I worked on it for two and a half years. It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked on a book. The Wanderer’s Handbook is 850 pages and it took me six months [to write it]. This book took me two and a half years and it’s barely 200 pages [long]. But I was writing about the principles of the Law of One in such a way that everybody could understand it.

Wynn was part of the Palm Springs weekend that started me on this book back in January of 2006. I wrote it at the seventh-grade reading level and I don’t use any information in it that isn’t taught by the end of the junior year of high school, which is our national average, both the reading level and the education level.

I call it Living the Law of One—101: The Choice. I [also] call it the “bullet” because when you send somebody to the emergency room the doctor wants to know the “bullet”—the blood pressure, the temperature, the situation. I tried to give a good introductory description of the universe and our place in it as the Confederation material has offered it. It’s basically a report. You know, “Here it is, if you’re interested in this by all means read it. Hopefully it will help.” It’s written at the level where you could give it to anybody, even somebody who’s fast asleep, and just say, “This is kind of interesting.”

I talk about the Game of Life. I talk about how we’re all Players and that there are two game boards you can play on—you can play on a flat game board, where you go through the egocentric processes of life and you push up daisies at the end without much happening, really. Or you can go to a three-dimensional game board which is really fun and which has to do with choosing your polarity and taking everything that comes to you as an opportunity to express that Choice. So playing the Game of Life is just like a book, itself. I hope that people like it.

I’m planning on writing a 102 book which is on the outer life and a 103 book which is on the inner life. That three book series will be the best that I can do in expressing as simply as possible what the Confederation material has to say.

We really look forward to that, Carla. Do you know when it will be out?

Yes. It will be out within probably six weeks. 13 We are publishing it ourselves. As soon as the cover art glitch is fixed, which will probably be this weekend; it will go to the printer and be back within about two weeks.

I like the idea that we can hand this book to someone who is totally asleep. Carla, thank you so much for your time with us.

I just wanted to interject something. We have a bunch of people listening on the conference line and maybe if Carla could take one more question, maybe we could open it up to the conference line group.

I was just going to ask Carla if you have a website or a place we might donate to you today for your time.

Oh, that would be lovely and we so need it now! I’ll tell you something Linda, in 2006 after I was energized, I came home and made some changes. I hired a bookkeeper—this was on faith, mind you—I don’t have the money to pay for it. I hired a bookkeeper and an admin just so that I could do creative work. I’ve been able to do so much since that time, but, of course, we have to pay our help so donations are more appreciated than ever.

If you go to [](] and go to the “Store” and then you click on “Donation,” you can click on whatever amount you want [to donate]. It’s really easy to do and it’s a secure site.

Okay, that’s great. Now Wynn, if you want to open it up?

Let’s just see, do we have some guys on the conference line, still? Do you want to say, “We’re here,” or something?

I’m here in San Diego.

Okay, anyone else?

I’m here and thank you so much, Carla, and thank you, Wynn, for letting us listen in. It’s been amazing.

This is Veda. It’s been wondrous. Thank you.

Anyone else? Do any of you guys have a question? Going once…

As Q’uo says, “We’ve exhausted the queries in this group.”

Now some of you may notice that you’re feeling really good and that your energy has shifted during this call. When you hang up, you’re going into the day and you’re going to feel a little bit of upliftment. That experience is you opening up to the blending of what I would call our group consciousness and also blending with those sources in other realms that don’t necessarily have to be present in the channeling, they can be present energetically. I always tell people that although channeling is a fairly rare experience, the ability to blend energies with positive forces in other realms is something that is available to everyone.

So when you feel this energy of upliftment while we’ve been doing this, you might consider the possibility that you were connecting with higher dimensions of consciousness, becoming one with them and that’s one of the ways it feels down here—an upliftment of energy, like little things inside of you that were upsetting you or angst or pain or traumas, suddenly seem to have been dissipated. That happens when you’re around a group that has a high intent. And there’s a great access particularly with people who have verbally connected with these other dimensions. And the goal is not to make you addicted to the group but to be able to learn how to take this experience and hold it for yourself in your own life.

Linda, anything else from your side?

No, thank you again for your time and the time you take to do this, Carla, and I hope that we can do this again sometime.

Let me repeat Carla’s website, which is

And every Tuesday on our conference line we read one of Carla’s Q’uo [sessions]. Carla, could you tell me the pronunciation again?

I say Koo-oh. When I’m channeling, I say it differently, but I can’t do it unless I’m channeling. Apparently the way they say it, there’s an extra something in it, but basically Koo-oh is fine.

Okay. There are probably a thousand Q’uo channelings posted on your website, right?

Oh yes. Close to 1,500, just from Q’uo, not to mention all of the others. When I first started channeling in 1974 I got inner guides, I channeled the Earth one time. I did all kinds of different channelings before I started refining the process.

Can I ask something real quick? I’m sorry to interject, but what’s the best way for us to gain information about the higher self or with other realms? Would it be simply to ask? Would it be to tune yourself and simply ask?

Well, I think that’s probably the very best way. If you’re comfortable on the computer, do it that way; if you’re more comfortable with a pad of paper and a writing instrument then do it that way, but find a time and a place that you’re not going to be disturbed, move into your own open heart, spend some time getting yourself tuned so you’re present with yourself, so that the things of this world for that moment are not with you, and when you’ve centered yourself then consider what it is that your chief concern is and ask about it.

Just write it out on the computer, “What about such and such?” And then the next thought that comes into your mind, type it without editing, without judging, and just start this conversation. It feels a little dyslexic because you’re asking yourself and then things are coming through you to answer you and it’s all happening through your fingers. You just have to trust the process. Sometimes it takes a little while to get going because you have doubts and you sabotage yourself, thinking, “Is that me or is that them?” But you do have a guidance system—you have a very good guidance system and it’s absolutely present with you at all times.

So that’s probably the very best way to do it. Another way to do, it if you don’t have the time [to do the journaling] is to ask yourself, “What does my highest and best self have to say about this?” Get to a little role-playing place in your head and say, “What does my highest and best self suggest?” And then you’re going to get the same kind of guidance.

We did an exercise in a workshop at one time where I had each person say, “I am Ra,” and then whatever they said next, not to censor it. It was very interesting because it was as if they imagined that a high force was going to speak through them and examine their life and then give them guidance. So they would ask a question and then write it down. And just by having a high intention like that, there’s a good chance that you could tap into it because it’s part of you. It’s not thinking that there’s an external part that’s going to starting telling you to do this or do that. It’s accessing the part of you that can look at yourself and give you a take on your own life. I think that’s something that’s accessible to a lot of people.

Another thing [you can do] is to start writing your dreams down. Because in a dream state or in a sleep state you are automatically in higher dimensions but you can’t remember it when you come back because of the veil. So it takes some discipline to catch yourself in that moment between sleep and wakefulness and write down what’s in your mind. I’ve been doing this for years now and I get verbal messages that are [helpful]. It is obvious, given the wisdom that is coming through them, that it is a higher aspect of myself that is communicating. So that’s something I’ve done.

Here’s an example from my own experience. Last year when I was just being inundated by my new symptoms, I said, “What is your work for me today?” She said, “Greetings, dear child, I see how bewildered you are by this illness but there is love in this illness. We suggest that as your body alters to find a new and higher balance that is stable, this period of adjustment is needed. The only occasion for concern on your part, dear one, is that you not become discouraged. Trust that all is being made well in its own time.”

And I said to her “Holly”—I call the Holy Spirit “Holly, I figure she doesn’t need to be called holy—I had determined to go back to work today and yet if anything, I feel worse than when I began this period of rest. The bronchitis is diminished, but the earache has settled in and I have developed charley horses in my calves. What should I do about trying to work?”

And she said, “If you work from the love of it, then work. If you work from the feeling of obligation, rest. You shall need to use your sense of discrimination.”

And I said, “Is this psychic greeting or am I sickening?”

She said, “It is half and half. You are naturally rebalancing your body and releasing toxic material at the same time that distortions are being energized. Lay to rest any thought of resistance and cooperate with the healing process in good cheer. The only way a psychic greeting is effective is if you become discouraged. Focus on love and be not afraid. Focus on Jesus the Christ and commit to being of service. Jesus is counting on you.”

So, I came away from that conversation knowing that all is well. It was a wonderful conversation! I really recommend the exercise. Since you guys have been studying together for a while, maybe you can work on it together, taking time, even within your meetings, say a five or a ten minute period, to talk and become blended with each other. And when you are a unified group, use that group energy maybe, and try to do a little journaling with your guidance. That might work.

We certainly will consider that.

It’s just been a real privilege to talk to you guys. I have a feeling that the energy is running out! The time has certainly run out.

Is there time for one more question?


I’ve heard that it’s okay for any one of us listeners to call on Ra or Elohim or maybe now Q’uo and I’m wondering what is the best reason or purpose to call upon them?

Well, I think the best reason of all is simply that you’re feeling the need for support. A lot of times we, in our spiritual lives, have a feeling of isolation, and sometimes there are problems that we really can’t share but at the same time we need comfort. So I think that is the time that you say, “Okay, Q’uo, okay, Ra, okay, Elohim, or whatever you resonate to, [be with me.]

You have to do a little bit of reading to find out who your favorite is. A lot of people call on Ra because they’ve read my stuff. Other people like Latwii, other people like Q’uo. I’ve even had people tell me they call on Don Elkins. When you ask there’s no time lag. That energy, that essence, that vibratory level is with you immediately.

They say that, especially if you want help meditating, they can act as a carrier wave so that it strengthens your meditation. If you’re having to meditate alone and you don’t have a group that kind of gives you more stability, that energy can come in there. It’s not that they are going to talk to you; it’s that they are going to companion you and love you.

Oh, that’s really helpful. I meditate alone a lot and sometimes it’s very difficult to get myself going and I’ll ask my angels, “Please help me meditate.”

Good, good. And you know another good place to ask for angelic help is in the bath. When you’re in the shower or bath, water is so easily magnetized. You can ask your angels to help you through the water. I get a lot of healing out of my bath and the angels are always glad to help.

I even once wrote a story about a Christmas tree angel. This angel decided she was going to have to incarnate as a Christmas tree angel to see if she could get somebody to ask for her help from the top of the tree because nobody believed in angels any more. And so finally a little five-year-old caught on that this was a real angel and said, “Would you be with me?” And the angel said, “Sure I will.” So it’s just that easy. The help is right there.

So what you gather is a feeling of support?


Thank you.

Well, you know what? We’ve gone for two and a half hours. Does everybody feel complete?

Yes. We do feel complete. Thank you again, Wynn and Carla, and all that are listening, thank you for joining us and thank you very much.

Let me remind you again: [L/L Research’s archive web site is] It has lots of stuff but it’s mainly a library of her work. [And there is], which is the community website, [where you can find] Carla’s daily blog.

And I have We have various messages with my comments from what I’ve determined to be positive sources, including Carla’s sources.

  1. Carla: Wynn recalls this incorrectly. We were in correspondence for some years before he wrote his book. Indeed, I worked with his manuscript to bring his discussion of L/L Research into better accuracy and wording. 

  2. Carla: Wynn and I differ on this point. 

  3. The date was March 7, 2002. The event was the eleventh International UFO Congress. Wynn came to hear me speak. That speech is archived at ([]. 

  4. That event was a weekend conference held by Bill Hay. Its intent was to explore possible ways to help to spread the Confederation message. The consensus was that I should write a book about the principles of the Law of One for entry-level seekers. That book, now published, is Living the Law of One–101: The Choice

  5. Wynn has a tendency to say that the channelings come through me. I corrected his saying that a lot in his book. I believe it is more accurate to say that the channelings come through L/L Research. I always channel as part of an L/L Research circle of seeking, and I feel that the messages that come through in each session are a product of the group as a whole rather than strictly me. 

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  13. Living the Law of One–101: The Choice is available on the Bring4th store: