Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, March 23, 2009, at 6:00 PM PST.

This is our Monday night conference call. We’re doing something different tonight. We started out with the conference line simulcast with BBS but I couldn’t get back on the conference line, so now we are just on BBS and I hope someone that’s on the conference line will turn on their computer and put their audio on so that the people on the conference line can hear the audio.

So I feel a little lonely! It’s kind of neat doing this call with the conference line because I know the people are there. It’s neat to have people holding light energy and saying, “Hi,” because it creates a supportive environment.

And you know what, I can still feel them! I know they’re there and I’m just waiting for someone to say, “Okay, we’ve got them on.”

For those of you that have questions tonight, we’re going to have to take your questions the old fashioned way, by your calling 877-489-6350.

I don’t like to call people “guests.” I have Carla Rueckert on, and we’ve known each other for probably a thousand lifetimes, though we don’t remember what they were. For those of you that are tuning in for the first time, Carla Rueckert is probably one of the most respected people doing something called channeling, which is being a human vehicle to bring in messages from other realms, from what we believe are very positive sources. She has influenced probably tens of thousands of people, particularly with her Ra Material, and currently with her Q’uo material. And she has been referenced many, many times in my book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

Thank you so much for the kind introduction.

I have a question that has been in my mind for a long time. Do you still think Ra is an ancient astronaut?

Well, I think that’s one true way of putting it. The trick of languages is that there are so many levels on which you can take things. You can take them literally. You can take them figuratively. You can take them on the level of a parable. There are at least three levels, and then there’s probably another one that comes as dreams when you’re working with the archetypical mind.

I think they’re from elsewhere.

I think that we all have a vehicle, a physical vehicle for those of us that have physical bodies, a light vehicle for those who are able to move as energy. And I think they probably did, at some point, come among us, in terms of being thought-forms that were about halfway physical, but whether or not there was any physical spacecraft involved, as we would think of it, I doubt that there was anything like that. I think that they came by thought and they’re here now by thought to serve. They’re very serious about that.

Well, the reason I bring that up is that Carla has five books containing her Ra channelings. They were done between 1981 and 1984. She was working with a gentleman by the name of Don Elkins who was very much into UFOs and extraterrestrial contact, [as well as with Jim McCarty], so when the first Ra book came out, it was called The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks.

Oh, we didn’t do that, That was done by the publishers who printed the book. They made that up. Isn’t that awful?

They made the title up?

No, they didn’t make up the title, they made up the subtitle. They thought it would sell better. We were silly, we let it happen. But it doesn’t really matter. I’m sorry about that subtitle, guys.

But I don’t think they’re using it now. They retitled it. Is that correct?

Well, I don’t know. They may have taken the subtitle off, I don’t know. It certainly isn’t used except for librarians, probably.

Okay, I’m glad I solved that for myself because I always asked, “Why did she title it that way?” Because when you think of Ra—how would you explain your experience of Ra? As an energy as opposed to a channeled voice? Can you feel an energy? I’m sure you can, but I’ve never asked you this question.

The only time I was conscious of channeling Ra was the first time, and I’m glad I had that because I was able to challenge them quite stiffly and the Ra group was perfectly capable of rising to the challenge.

But the first time I was aware of an entity that was overshadowing me was years before. An Irish psychic had met me for the first time and told me that I had a huge golden presence right behind me, just towering over me. He believed that I would come to know what that was, which was certainly true.

When I first felt that energy, I thought that it felt very good but it was like a laser. It wasn’t warm and fuzzy at all. It was like picking up a beam of sunlight or something like that—a very focused energy. It was different from anything I’d sensed before. But it met the challenge just fine.

The first time it came through, Don was in the circle and a fellow named Leonard was in the circle. I was teaching Leonard—he was very keen on learning to channel at the time and he was making good progress. Ra came through and Don immediately thought that this was unusual so he began to question him. “Can we write a book? Can we collect these messages?”

But the funny thing about that first session was that the water company was trying to fill the cistern—they had not been scheduled to come—but they just calmly ignored all the signs on the doors that said “busy—go away” and banged repeatedly on the door. I didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t hear it because of the nature of the contact, but I thought that was humorous.

After that we always put a chain on the driveway. Talk about resistance, right? But it didn’t seem to bother anything.

If you take all your channelings and move them into your own intuitive experience of what it means, how do you think these energies of the Ra group, the Q’uo group, work with us? Ra said they work with us in this realm.

Well, I think it’s just a connection. It’s like electricity. You make a connection across a potentiated space. When you’re tuning to channel, you’re tuning yourself to a specific vibration and that vibration is compatible with sources that you pick up. You challenge them. You say, “Who comes in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Well, somebody might say, “I am so-and-so.” Then you say, “Can you say that Jesus is Lord?” It’s pretty cut and dried.

I have never known a single entity I didn’t trust to be able to pass that challenge. So it’s not just for Christians, but also for people who want an easy symbol of absolute, unconditional love. So I pretty well trust that challenging to deliver me to a good source that’s compatible with the highest and best tuning I can carry.

This is basically the best service I know how to do. And so that’s the way I always tune and the way I always challenge. It’s a very specific energy exchange. They’re always talking, when they’re working with new channeling students, about working with the connection. They want it to be comfortable for the person, yet they want the person to feel secure and they want to be heard, of course, that’s number one.

A lot of people are slow at that so they are constantly working to see if they can get a more comfortable connection or a louder connection—volume up. I think it’s a connection, not just a blending of energies, though I’m sure that takes place at a personal level between everyone in the group, just like everyone that’s listening is actually creating a sacred space by our talking. We can reliably count on people being able to hang up the phone in a far better fettle than when they got on, because we’re here to talk about love and to talk about how that works.

So, on a personal level I certainly think they are blending with everyone in the meditation group to create the sacred circle but in terms of their service, I think it’s very specific.

That’s exactly the word I use, “blending.” My feeling is, and you can give your take on this, is that we talk about them energetically. Like when you and I talk, we start to blend.

Everybody does, although some people fight it.

Well, some people maybe are holding their energies in a more rigid formation so when they’re talking it’s like from one mind to another mind.

Yeah, some people are very well defended.

Yeah, but if they can let that go, the communication will move into a blending. And the way I understand it from my own questions to my own sources, is that when we blend our energies, our energies become visible on the other side of the veil. Of course, I’m on this side so I can only hypothesize how that might be, but they seem to be able to register that. They, meaning these high soul-groups. And the negative ones perhaps also can see the energy of people blending in other realms.

So when people consider a group like the Ra group, or in my case, the Elohim group, they can start to blend with them It’s an invitation to them, of their own free will, to have them blend with us. And it becomes expansive. Those of us that are listening can start to feel that energy of the blending and it starts to change the vibration on this level.

But it’s our vibrations as well, because we respond, we feed back and then it just keeps going. It’s all very legitimate and organic, which is nice. It’s the kind of high that you might find in blending with nature or blending with any part of the dance. I think you’re right about the blending, but there’s a difference between that energy and the energy of channeling.

Right. When you’re channeling, I would think they’re giving instructions a little bit. I’ve read your channelings out loud and I can feel the energy shift, just because I’m reading out loud. In fact, every Tuesday night, Wayne Smallridge, in South Carolina, reads one of your Q’uo channelings on a conference call.

I wanted to say, Wynn, pardon me for getting off the subject but I always forget this, we have a Gathering Newsletter and we list the study groups. We would be glad to include all of your material about when people get together on BBS to study the Confederation material. We’d be glad to put that in the newsletter if you’d just get me all the information and we’ll do it.

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s an official study group. We’ve gotten a conference line. People on my conference line have taken initiative, a number of them, so for a long time we have had a discussion group on The Law of One. In Arizona there’s a lady that just loves your material and then she discovered my material. And even though they’re from different points of view, she saw the correlation, the very similar cosmologies, so she conducted a Law of One discussion group for a long time. And then they got tired of discussing the Law of One, so many people who had joined the group opened up to talk about other things as well.

Of course, once you’ve assimilated the Law of One as real, you can’t talk about anything without it being part of the Law of One.

It’s a big barn.

So the only thing is, are they talking about the Law of One from the view of the positive or from the negative.

Positive or negative—that’s one thing. But also Eastern or Western. They tend to give a couple of different examples and points of view. It’s sort of like, “Oh, that goes into the part of the Law of One where it talks about polarity,” or, “Oh, that goes into the part where it talks about chakras,” or, “Oh, that goes into the part where it talks about healing.” Things tend to be part of a puzzle.

The Law of One sessions, with Don Elkins asking the questions and Ra as the responder, has to be the primo conversation in the Western world since Aristotle, because he was so well prepared to ask questions. He was a physicist. He’d been doing a lot of reading on alternative physics. He’d been studying UFO’s since 1955, and he was all through with the part where you ask “Are they real?”

He was interested only in talking to people who’d had an experience with something that made marks on the ground, who had had some communication, were taken on board, they had a trip. That’s the kind of UFO stuff where he’d get in his plane to go to see about it. And there are new cases like that all the time so he’d been through all of the preliminary heat for this particular race, and he was ready.

And I had been practicing channeling at that point since 1974 so I had worked a whole lot trying to make it better. I’d gotten interested. I wanted to do an excellent job so I began figuring out, “Okay, that made for a bad session, or okay that won’t work,” and stopped allowing fear-based questions or specific questions unless the person asking the question asked, “Can you give me some spiritual principles or resources to work on as I look at this problem?”

That was just a very gradual learning process, because really there’s nobody else that’s looked at channeling from the point of view of the researcher at the same time they were doing it. I actually wrote a book about it, A Channeling Handbook. So all of the elements came together to create a really big barn because Don asked, not all of the questions you could possibly ask, but he sort of covered the terrain of this puzzle. So when you read somebody else’s work it tends to be narrower in focus. So you say, “It goes into that part of the puzzle. It’s very compatible with what Ra said about that.”

I’m sure there are people that are listening for the first time tonight and haven’t read The Ra Material and are trying to pick up on the flow of things and are trying to figure out what we’re talking about. So, for those people who are listening for the first time, I would like to give my take on what Carla has brought forth in The Ra Material and then give her a chance to add to or correct whatever I say. My thing is to try to take all of this and synthesize it into the most simple form so that anybody, whether they hear it for the first time or whether they have heard it a hundred times, can understand it.

Carla started channeling a voice that identified itself as Ra in 1981. Ra was not identifying itself as a single, individuated consciousness. Ra was describing itself as a social memory complex or a group soul. They were composed of individuated souls that had gone through a series of lifetimes in this realm in the process of reincarnation, not on this planet, but on another planet, they said Venus, I forget how many millions of years ago, and they act as a helper for planets at a lower level of evolution, in particular Earth.

So Ra has been like an Oversoul or an energy that is observing us or helping us or connecting with us, inter-dimensionally, from a higher realm. They’re composed of graduates [of third, fourth and fifth densities] so they have a lot of wisdom about how this realm operates. Even though they weren’t on Earth, they were on other planets where the same principles apply. So they’re able to give guidance to us to help us graduate.

One of the ways they give guidance is through a channel like Carla, who has probably put together the most extensive body of information of anyone who channels. [The L/L Research archives contain] thousands of channelings done under rigorous circumstances to keep the energy pure, which you can read on our website for free, and you can also listen to her channeling being read every Tuesday.

I would say that the experience I have is that this social memory complex that identifies itself as Ra—I say “identifies itself” because when you’re dealing with an energy, what’s in a name?

The reason they probably used the name “Ra” with Carla is because that name gives certain historical antecedents. But I think that there are other people out there that probably channel sub-segments of the Ra group. But they use different names because it gets confusing on a human level. When we hear a name we identify it as an individuated voice, but it’s not an individuated voice. So they can identify themselves however they want because their goal is to try to help us, not to figure out exactly who they are.

I notice that with the Elohim I feel their energetic frequency coming through certain people, I hear them use words like “The Council of Light,” and I sense it’s part of the Elohim, but they won’t even tell me if I ask them because they honor the individuation of each person’s process.

So now that I’ve said all that, tell me if you think I said it okay?

Well, yes and no. I think you were brilliant with parts of it. I think what I would probably say about that contact is that it’s a communication with entities who feel the sorrow of Earth. I think they are a real source. I think [the Confederation is] a real group of sources The only reason I say that is that the accumulation of philosophy on our archive site is over 1,600 channeling sessions I’ve done over a long period now and you know, I couldn’t come up with all that stuff.

So at this point I’m pretty relaxed about it. I don’t have anything to prove to myself, which is comfortable. And it’s just a matter of moving into the very best tuning I possibly can and doing the job as long as people show up for the meetings. If they stop, I’ll just catalogue my library. It will be no big deal. But it is a nice service to be able to do.

I’m not at all convinced that it’s better than the service I doing by staying up and cheerful and comforting. At times it costs, and you kind of have to tune up to do that, and we all have those days. I’m not sure but that staying a lighthouse, steadily, in this world of all kinds of hustle and bustle and drama queens and stuff, in terms of sheer lighthouse power, could well wipe out channeling or any other outer service.

I think most of time if we’re on the beam our inner service is far more important than our outer service. I feel a real privilege to have been able to do this and I continue to feel it’s a real privilege because of the Q’uo group’s containing the Ra group within it in such a way that I can handle that energy. What a blessing!

I think that you did pretty well in your explanation. If I would say what I thought it was, I would say philosophy, in particular cosmology, along with a few other metaphysical points. Basically, it’s a view of how the world works, and not just the world but the universe, creation, all that there is, how everything works and that’s why it’s the whole puzzle, because it is a cosmology.

The spiritual or metaphysical aspects that are so dear to our hearts about oneness and unity and love and light and polarity, those stem directly from the very nature of the way the universe works so it is very internally consistent, a cosmology that creates a beautiful spiritual philosophy which is simply logical, once you accept the principle of their cosmology.

I have found that enormously helpful. I don’t feel at all that I did it. That would be a jump. On a personal level, I don’t even know that stuff.

So there’s no way a human could do that over how many years that Carla has been doing this and have a consistent cosmology. Actually, if somebody was writing a movie script it would sound like science fiction, it is so far out, and yet, it’s probably the way it is.

In fact, Gene Roddenberry who did Star Trek was going to a channel, right?

Well, he knew Uri Geller and he was healed once by Uri Geller, did you know that?

No, I didn’t know that.

[Tape ends.]