Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, April 20, 2009, at 6:00 PM PST.

[The recording begins with music.]

This is Wynn Free and we are now on the air live with my Monday Night Conference Call. I am the facilitator of it, the caretaker of it, in a way.

Our conference is really big today because Carla Rueckert and I are going to be chatting, and some of you are going to have a chance to ask questions, maybe. We never know what is going to come up. We have really interesting topics. We talk to people in other realms, I mean [their] not being human. They talk to us and they share stuff. You guys who are listening have got to decide if [our conversation] resonates or makes a difference to you.

Before I start talking to Carla, I know we have a number of people that are tuning in on BBS and also on the conference [call]. 1 We have Sandy in Cottonwood, Bernard in Worcester, Massachusetts—and who else is on?

Amy from Tucson.

Who else is on our conference line?

Maya is here also.

Maya in Hawaii. We love Maya. Nice to have you! And anyone else?

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Okay, good. What I am going to do is mute everybody. If you are listening on BBS and you are not on the phone line, remember to record it. If you are listening on BBS, you might want to write down the conference number because if you have a question, you will have the opportunity to call it in. And of course, if you are on the conference line and we are talking and a question comes up for you, then please write it down because you will probably forget it by the time we ask the questions.

So, what would you like to say to start with, Carla?

Oh I’m all about my new book. It came back from the printer and it is so pretty! I have never seen a prettier paperback cover in my life. The lady that has volunteered for us for three covers now created the cover. It is the chakra system, with the rainbow colors of the chakra. The green one, of course, gleams preeminently. The title is Living the Law of One—101, The Choice.

Now this is the book where you have taken all this [Law of] One stuff and tried to simplify it, right?

Well, it’s not that I simplified it. I needed to get it right in every detail or there is no use doing it. I don’t think that you can really simplify [the Law of One]. But it is a simple system.

The problem with reading the books in their original form is that for all of their excellence and brilliance, it is in a question-and-answer format. Naturally, through time Don would go back and circle [around to] the same questions again and again, hoping for more information, looking at sessions and making up the new questions. So there is a kind of a gestalt to it. You get it by reading through it, but it is not laid out.

So what I tried to do was deconstruct the flow of the story and start with the first principle of the Law of One. Okay, we’ve got unity. Second principle, okay, we’ve got free will. Third principle, okay, we’ve got the Logos—love, unconditional love. The fourth distortion of the Law of One is light that manifestly created the illusory universes. It is a wonderful thing to talk about!

Then I start getting into how you play the Game of Life, how you use this creation in order to accelerate the pace of your spiritual evolution. And of course then I am talking about the energy body with its chakras. Each chakra has its issues. And the goal of getting ready for 2012, or wanting to graduate, is simply to open the heart and keep the heart open. You can do no wrong if you are loving other people. That basically is the gist of the book.

I am concerned about people who are seeking right now because we are in the middle of such an amazing shift of vibration. I’m not saying that it is [happening all at once]. It has been happening for many years and I think it will continue reverberating for many decades. But for our planet, 2012 [is the time of shift]. And of course that is going to make a big difference in our physical environment. What [is that] difference, is the question.

A lot of people think it is going to change our environment into the next world. And that could possibly be, but I don’t think so. I think that we’re going to be right here.

But the shift of [the Earth’s] vibration at that time will make it very difficult for people new to facing the truth about themselves and taking all of themselves into their open heart to do that work. It will be harder to polarize by far after these next couple of years. That basically is what the book is about.

The other thing I am excited about is, I just finished teaching from [the book] for the first time. We had a Memorial Gathering here for a guy that produced a wonderful gathering for me in 2007 and he was all about 2012. 2 He was trying to schedule another get-together for people who were interested on getting ready for 2012. I was involved in that. So when he passed, very quickly, very suddenly, from a fast moving cancer, I figured that the best memorial [for him] would be to do that kind of weekend. We had that last week end and it was great, Wynn. It was just so great to see the book working. Because, as I said, it is not that it leaves anything out of the Law of One. I got the bullet, I think.

I worked a lot [on the book]. I worked for two and a half years to get it right. But it flows! I treated it as if it was a story, just as if you would tell a story about a myth or a fairy story. Every cosmology has a story. “Okay, this is the way the world began. And this is what is happening here.” I kept telling the story. I [told it to myself] a lot of times out loud. I was up here in my office, just mumbling to myself, just telling myself this story and seeing, okay, this is where that comes in. I just kept telling the story to myself until I got my outline. And then I wrote from that.

So what is new with you?

What’s new with me? What is new with me? As soon as you asked that question, I forget everything. Let me try. The challenge for me, as I am sure it has been for you, is how do you use this experience of some kind of communication with other realms? (Of course, you have been doing this for a long time.) How do you take it and turn it into something meaningful, that other people can use, that helps them understand and also helps them expand?

I was going to ask you that question. I’ll ask it to you and then I will ask it to myself. Before I ask you this question, I invited a lot of people to put it up on BBS to listen to us tonight. I think before we go into anything I should say just a little bit of introduction to you and to me, because there are probably people listening for the first time. Both Carla and I have had the experience of having communications with what seems to be intelligence in another dimension. Now Carla is certainly my senior at this. She has been doing it for a long time and she is recognized around the world for the—how would I say? The amazing? The what?

The Law of One material is usually what I am known for.

The Law of One material and …?

And a whole lot of other stuff.

A whole lot of other stuff. What she’s done is created a body of knowledge and wisdom from a voice in another realm that identifies itself as a group soul. [They] explains that a group soul is a conglomerate of individual souls that have graduated from this realm and are now off of the wheel of reincarnation, so to speak. And they are trying to help those of us who are still stuck here to graduate, to get up and go to a graduation.

There is a whole cosmology! If you have never exposed yourself to it, [you may find that] it is totally different than anything you probably ever heard. And yet, it explains what our planet is going through right now. It explains Jesus. It explains the long haul of evolution and not the short haul, because we can’t see those patterns. We can only see seventy-five years at a time, a hundred years at a time. We can’t see ten thousand years at a time. We have to read history. But these energies can see ten thousand years at a time. And so they can look at us as evolving beings. And they have information and understanding of ten thousand years at a time, about what is important, and it is different than what is important for seventy-five years or a hundred years, or whatever your life span is. Carla is probably the outstanding person representing the messages from this group soul on our planet now.

Or course, how do you know it’s true? You know [that if] you have voices talking to you, you don’t know if it is true or not. You have to decide over a period of time by the wisdom, by the consistency, by many, many things. And so that’s how I would introduce Carla Rueckert—as a person who has had thousands of conversations with voices in other realms and is taken very seriously by many people. Now, is there anything you’d like to add to that?

You were asking at the beginning of this, how I talk to people about this. And what I do is, I don’t talk to people about this. I listen to what their concerns are. And I wait for a question about, “What do you do?” [I wait for] some way where I am not infringing. Then I will find a way to work that situation around to a matter of love. And I talk about how you can be the love in the moment, or what is the loving thing to do. It just depends on the person and it depends on the problem. It depends on how far away they are from being awakened and aware that there is “more in heaven in earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in our philosophy.” Thank you, Shakespeare. 3 But there is always a way to help somebody who has asked for help in such a way that they begin to see the universal love and that we do love each other and that loving and being loved is really the heart of existence and actually why we are here. It is the learning to do this better. That polarization that gets us out of here and you see, that brings me into far deeper waters than before now that a person has been asked to wade.

Now there are people who eat up the Law of One, eat up the Confederation philosophy or as you might term it, more humbly, the eternal wisdom because a lot of the repeats throughout cultures that have not had access to so called civilization. The Indians and part of their cultural myth is that people from the sky, the sky people. George Hunt Williamson wrote a great book about that a long time ago.

So I think that there are all kinds of ways to get into the beautiful message that there is to share, because of the fact that the message [is so simple] at heart, without all of the blending, the cosmology that talks about all of the mysteries of the earth and solves them. That is nice, but the heart of the message really is love. And this is a universe of love. The Creator itself is love, unconditional Logos, just as it says in John I in the Bible, the first chapter. ‘In the beginning was the Word.“ The “Word” which the Confederation uses for the infinite Creator’s Logos or Thought is that one original Thought of unconditional love, so given that it is a universe of love. And, given that, almost anything somebody will ask you about, besides who is going to win next week at the ball game, is going to involve love. It is going to involve the application of the principle of love, or the golden rule, or some aspect of loving and being a good person.

There is virtually nowhere that I give up hope at all. If I can end up being an alarm clock for somebody saying, “Hello,” and then letting it go, that is fine with me. I do think that there are just tons and tons of people who are just so eager to wake up and so there. And you know, you are nudging somebody over a little bitty edge and they are going, thank you for that. Like that book you have written. 4 I have had more people tell me that that is how they first heard about the Law of One, or my channeling in general. It is through the reincarnation book that they read about the Law of One, and they decided, “Well I’ll check it out.” So I thank you for that.

You are very welcome.

So have you gotten anywhere in your own thinking about how you talk to people about this? I can basically dodge the question by saying that I wait for my shot.

Well somebody has to ask and be interested.

That is right.

But part of the challenge is, how do you tempt somebody, to figure out if I’m right? You have to tempt somebody to ask you a question, okay? Or you have to tempt somebody to reach. You have to give them something to grab for.

I don’t know. I get a lot of people coming to me for advice, even if they don’t know that I do counseling. I guess I am just one of those people.

I am different. I would just probably recede into anonymity if I didn’t put myself out in a public way. So, putting myself out in a public way, I have had to learn a vocabulary that allows people to draw their own conclusions, but at the same time, [allows me to] tell them what my experience is. If I am talking about the Elohim, I say “the voice that identifies itself to be the Elohim.” And I won’t say it is positive or negative. I say, “This is what they say. You have to decide [if you believe them].” Part of the lesson in this realm is discernment so I am going to give people something that starts them being interested. I am not dictating their truth. That is what I have learned in doing this.

Don Elkins, my research partner, felt exactly the same way. He was asked one time on a national TV show 5 what he said to people who said they didn’t believe in UFOs and Don replied, “I don’t say anything. That’s fine with me. If people don’t want to believe in UFOs, that is perfectly okay.” He said, “Now if you want to talk about UFOs, I’ll tell you anything I know.” So it was like, “Hey, the data is out here, and if you’d like to know about it, just ask.”

So yes, I think you are absolutely right. You don’t tell people, “Okay, this is the way it is.” You say, “Now here is an interesting thought.”

If I am having a dialogue with a source, I can repeat what they say and I’ll say, “This is what they said. Does it work this way? You are going to have to decide.” The thing about it is, as you study [my channeled material], I don’t know if you use that recent material, but there is so much correlation.

I haven’t read it at all.

There is so much correlation between your stuff and my stuff in terms of the description of what is happening on our planet and how that all works. And it is fascinating. Let’s just say I am actually talking to the Elohim. Let’s just say that might be true, because I can’t prove that. That is just the word that they use. But then I start investigating and the Elohim say they created this realm. And then in one channeling, they explain to me how they did it. And intuitively it makes sense. And then they’re explaining that their group soul, the ones I am talking to, never had bodies. So they are different from the Ra group. The Ra group had bodies and graduated [through the densities]. In the Elohim group they didn’t graduate. And the two of them have acted together. Maybe the indications are that the Ra group was actually more caring or more concerned about human evolution and they had more compassion because they had been here and done that. And they were, according to your channeling, responsible inadvertently for some screw-ups down here. Do you know about that?

[It was] one of the guardians, not one of the Council of Nine, but one of the guardian, named Yahweh, by the way.

Was that Yahweh?

Yah-weh. People say Yahweh, but actually, to show respect, there would be a stop between the two syllables. Now I try to say it that way just as, if I happen to mention Mohammed, you know, I say, “May he be blessed.”

Before I forget, your new book is available on your website. Yes?

Yes, on the

Is it also on Amazon?

No, it isn’t on Amazon. I have a great difficulty in working with them. We don’t price our books high enough to work with them, let’s put it that way.

They want to discount it too much, right?

They want to discount it 55%. And that is [less than] what we pay for books. It is like, “We can’t work with you guys.” We actually were losing money, way back there.

Seth is here. I keep hearing his voice and he is telling me somebody is calling in with a question, I think. Am I right, Seth?

I am here.

Is somebody calling in with a question?

[Maurice is] here with a question.


Can you hear me? My name is Maurice.

Hi, Maurice. Yes, we hear you.

I am calling from Massachusetts and it’s a long way. I hear you.

I forgot all about that! I told people to call. I kept hearing this voice, and I said, we’ve got a screw-up [on the] line tonight. This is what happens—spiritual Alzheimer’s. So anyway, go ahead.

All right, I want to tell Carla and yourself too, that this is one of the greatest moments of my life that I can actually speak to Carla.

All right.

It really is. I’m just bowled over. I am a UFO investigator, researcher, whatever you might want to call me, for most of my adult life and I came to read the Ra material quite a while ago, but I put it aside like most things and ten years ago or so, I had a reading from David Wilcock, who said that I was from Andromeda so I am a wanderer from Andromeda the last 25,000 years or so and I am here during these end times to be of help, in whatever way I can.


The question is to you, Carla. I have never been able to find [this] in any of your books but I know that Don Elkins appeared three times [to you after his death]. At least this is what I read.

He did at first. And then there was a later chapter. What was your question?

My question was, what did he appear like?

The first three times I [saw him] were immediately after he died. He was letting me know he was fine. It was in the first couple of days after he died. I saw him three times and he was golden. I saw his face and part of his shoulders. I didn’t see his whole being. He was just in the air. It was an impression rather than a vision and that was very clear. It was very lucid and very comforting. He was laughing, golden and wonderful. So immediately I knew he was okay.

The second chapter to that—and I think a delightful one and certainly one that has given me tremendous comfort through the years—is that [before I channel,] in my tuning process, I invoke the Holy Spirit. I ask for the male and female aspects of it because I want to hold [spirit with] both hands. That is the way I visualize it, as I am getting ready to challenge. In my final tuning, part of that is connecting with the Holy Spirit, which happens to be my guidance system.

So I ask for the male and female [aspects of] spirit. For years I have been getting a female who is actually is still alive, but who, to me, totally embodies the wonderful feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit. {For the male aspect] I was seeing a British chap whom I actually had never met in this life. [He had ]a little sandy mustache and a hacking jacket. [He had] a British accent and he was the male aspect of the Holy Spirit for years for me. He was very helpful, but I didn’t know him in this life. Anyway, who comes through the door, shortly after Don died, but Don, the Elk! Here he is! And oh, it was so good to see him! Of course, I wasn’t actually seeing him, you understand. This is an impression. But I could even see, he had gotten a new shirt. And his hands felt the same. Then about two months after that, who should I see come through the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit’s door but his mother! So now, when I sit down to challenge the [incoming] spirit and do a session, I am holding hands with Don and his mother, who was called Sister in the family. It is just a very, very strong guidance system. Lovely!

She was a Christian Scientist, I do believe.

Yes, she was a Christian Scientist. She was a Reader, actually, in a world where a lot of times women aren’t allowed in the chancel. She was a Reader for her Christian Science church. 6

Now I know you have never contacted Ra again. But at the same time, did you ever ask other guidance, perhaps, [about] where Don is now and what he is doing?

No I don’t have to, because I hear. People will write in to me and say, “You know, Don came to me and he helped me with this problem.”

I wish he would come to me. I have a lot of problems.

I know what he is doing and I imagine he is waiting for both Jim McCarty, and I when we are I finally called [from this lifetime to larger life].

I am sure he is waiting for you.

He is waiting for us before we go on to further adventures in service of the One.

I am sure you are right. I did want to let you know that this is one of the great moments of my life, talking to you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Maurice, for being here.

Wynn, isn’t that great?


Do you want to get back to what you were saying? I realize we were in mid-roll! We were talking about who was going to believe that these messages are valid.

I will tell you something that I have adopted, okay? I have been getting there for quite some time and it has been working. When you take the idea of love—many people start with the idea of love—then they go out and they can’t find anything with which to balance it off. And they get hurt. They get rejected, and they say, “This love doesn’t work.” Because they can’t project out through their own shadows. After many, many lifetimes, now they are trying to break through that.

Now you know, with your work with the Ra group [and my work], we work with those people that ask for our help. Am I correct when I say that?

Are you saying that you are talking to [entities] who want to help?

Well they work with people. They have not exactly said how, but they work. They say they are in communication with many hundred thousands. 7 That was in the original Ra Material. I don’t have it here to read it exactly. How does this group soul actually work with us? What do they do?

Well I think they do the same kind of thing in the metaphysical sense that I was just saying that we do in the physical. I think they have dedicated themselves to listening for requests for help, requests for information. For people that can’t pick up the telepathic contact, which is 99% of everybody, they can help in ways like simply being with you as you meditate. If you ask your favorite social memory complex to be with you, they are with you instantly. They are just waiting to be asked. So it is not like everybody has to be able to channel to get the goods. Because what they have to offer is better without the words anyway. It is just that carrier wave to your meditation. It helps with the mediation. It is like a stabilizing carrier wave on a radio. Just meditating with that carrier wave with you, you kind of smooth out the tendency to vary in your tuning and so you get a better meditation.

That is exactly I came up with but I don’t use those exact words to describe it. The words I use to describe it is just another way of saying [it]. That is that every human has a hologram, an energy form to which that you are connected. That hologram is a precursor to [the self in] the physical world. And it is a mirror image of our hang ups, whatever they are. The hologram is not in this realm. You can’t see it. The energetic group soul can connect to a [person’s] hologram if you ask them, and when they connect, it is a big deal because they can now help with any messages that can help you. It is just like having a companion, energetically.

Right and the whole idea is to lighten the consciousness of Planet Earth.

Right, and the more people that make that connection, [the better] because then people start holding the unique energy at that connection and it is an expansion. When you learn to do that, you walk around in your life and other people feel the expansion around you and then they automatically feel uplifted. They don’t have to understand it.

No, no, love is infectious.

Right, exactly.

You know how a smile just spreads

Right. Everybody loves a lover.

It infects people. Pay It Forward 8 was a good example of that.

Let’s open the lines up to the people and see if anybody has a question. If you have a question, I’d like you to say your name before I ask your question for when I have ten people with questions, then we are just going to have a Greek chorus. Here is one. Is anyone on the line.

This is Carol.

Hi, Carol. Go ahead.

My question is, “Why do we have to live through such [inaudible] to get to the point of recognition or how shall I say, redemption for our sins? I had a traumatic life as a child. It didn’t get much better [after I grew up.] I spent all afternoon trying to plant seeds and flowers—and I don’t know. When you think about love? What am I doing wrong?

Carla would you like to take a shot at that?

Sure. I know that there is a tremendous amount of suffering in the world. I have had a certain amount of it myself. You certainly have had more than your share. And I stand with you on that and honor your suffering. I don’t mean to diminish it in the slightest.

What I mean to do is to take a larger view. You are never alone. You have yourself. You have the Creator. You have all of the angels. You have the seraphim and cherubim. You have whatever you allow yourself to have, as far as an expanded inner life, by standing on your own two feet and just saying, “All right. These are heavy dues to pay for getting to this party. Now let’s see why I came to this party.” Then you kind of lift. You don’t need to carry this burden all of the time because you are in the present moment. You are in control over your creations. You may have a good day every day.

I am not saying a thing about your suffering. I am uncomfortable all of the time physically. That is not as bad a emotional suffering—and I must say that I am relatively free of that—but I really, truly have paid my dues in finding out how you live with rheumatoid arthritis and kidney failure and some of the stuff that I have gone through.

So I am not talking from the standpoint of, “Oh, it is just all love and light.” I am talking from a standpoint of earning the right to say, “It is about love,” because you can fall in love with yourself and you can become a light house all by yourself. You don’t need anybody else to be the best you that you can be. You can just shine forth, because inside—and you know this—inside you are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are a great person.

I think it is a matter of being your own mom and taking yourself in your arms and hugging yourself and saying, “Honey, I know. I really know,” and just letting those fears come and letting the healing of your childhood come and all of the other hard knocks you have had in this life—letting it all slide because whoever you are, even you are on your death bed, you are a light house if you are just letting the love and the light of the infinite Creator shine through you. You don’t need anybody else to do this practice. You can offer this practice to the Creator all by yourself.

I have been alone sometimes in my life, and it has been a doable thing. I think that a lot of times what keeps us from our own peace of mind is that we can’t lay down the past or forgive the past. I realize just how hard that is. I am still working at some of those things. I still get triggered by those memories of how things weren’t fair and how much I resented this or that. But I think that there is a wonderful healing in forgiving yourself for being the person that went through that. Whether you thought, “I was unworthy,” or, “I was stupid,” or whatever it is that you are telling yourself, your voices have called you from your path when you can’t stop listening to them.

[The second tape is started.]

There is a wonderful healing when you cannot only forgive the other person in the equation, but can also forgive yourself and just let that be that. Let there be closure. Sometimes if there is something that is really griping me, do you know what I do? I will write it down on a piece of paper and I will take it out in the backyard and I will burn it and then I will stomp on it and just give it to the Mother, and take it away from myself because I don’t need it.

I am blathering on here because I’ve had some of these moments in my life so I really feel for you.

I wanted to share a couple of things from my perspective differently from the way you have phrased it—not completely differently but a little bit, adding something. I’ve worked on myself for a long time and I kind of see how things work and how I have overcome certain things which just seemed impossible. And what I have seen is that the most difficult things are the subconscious patterns that have been created that maybe carried for a very, very long time. And those patterns keep creating a response in the world and in yourself that aren’t necessarily understandable. It is just there. The most difficult things to work out [are hardest] because they create negative responses for many people. They create a lack of self-love.

There are two things that I have discovered that can really help me tremendously in overcoming my own patterns. It is always a process, and not with any end results, but [the difficulties] do become less and less. One thing is to observe and know what my own pattern is so when the pattern comes up, I can say, “There is my pattern. There it is being there again.” Then it is resolved. By observing it, the part of you that is observing it is not in it. So you spark your own wonderful, alternative part of yourself that is separate from the pattern that has been disabling [you].

The other thing is to take action that the pattern would stop you from doing and to jump in and do something, usually a service of care for someone else. Maybe you would say, “I am not worthy of doing that,” or, “I don’t feel like doing that,” or “People are going to see this part of me that doesn’t look good and I don’t want them to see it.” And [so you] stay home all day. Well, take an action that pushes yourself through it no matter how much you don’t want to do it. Do it and watch what happens!

The closer you get to doing that action, the more resistance will come up in you. [For] myself, I have to use a huge amount of will power to do it at that point, because every part of me says, “Don’t do it.” And then as soon as I do it, it is like a breath of fresh air. It is as though I am reconstructing myself, the part of me that was held back and displaced. Those are the two things that I have applied over and over again. I know they work. And anyone can do it. It is easy to do.

Now another thing we do [here at BBS Radio] is, we do these conference calls. [We send out] loving energy on our conference calls, and different kinds and planetary healing. You can participate in those. You can start to tune into these higher energies. If you are all by yourself, sometimes it is hard to get a reference point, and you need a reference point in order to make it work. And so that is my stake.

Thank you for that answer, good advice! You know, Wynn, there is one thing that she asked that we haven’t covered yet. The one thing we haven’t covered is, why? And that was how she started the question. Why? Why do we have to suffer so much?

There is a reason for that. It is the reason that we have the veil. It is the reason that we live in an illusion. It is the reason that we can’t read each other, and we have to find our own way, stumbling and having hits and inklings and never really getting past unknowing for all of this. The reason for the suffering is to create catalyst, which is processed in the fiery furnace of [experience] and creates the evolution of mind, body and spirit. We are here to evolve and we have a great hunger to evolve. So we have given ourselves a very big plate, sometimes, of catalyst to move through in a lifetime.

And why? Well we didn’t think we were being cruel to ourselves at the time. We and our guides were sitting there, before incarnation, and going, “I’d really like to work on the balance between love and wisdom. I think I need to open my heart for. I am wise and I know things, but you know I think I could improve the balance. And so you set yourself up with a big plate of catalyst, a lot of challenges, a lot of suffering.

You don’t see that when you are setting it up. You are thinking, “This going to be such an efficient incarnation! I am going to have so much opportunity to progress! You know it would take me a million years to progress in this density, but I am going to go down to the boot camp there on [third-density] Planet Earth and I am going to work. And I am really going to make some progress! And by golly, while I am there, I am going to help other people.

You set all of this up. You set up relationships—your mom, your family, all of the people that eventually cause you suffering. And you make these agreements with them. You say, “This is the role I am going to pay in your life and this is the role that you are going to play in my life and this is our transaction for this incarnation. Let’s see how good we can get!” And you do this redundantly. A teacher of mine used to say that you should have redundant systems all over the place. [And we do.] We can’t run out of catalyst. We can’t run out of things that are apt. We can’t make a mistake. We can’t get off track. Because everything is just like a GPS. It is going to start bringing you back to your incarnational lessons.

Like you were saying, Wynn, there are patterns, and your incarnational lesson is going to come up again and again, All of this suffering has a pattern. So if you start to grasp the fact, then you start be able to have an objectivity about the suffering, as well as suffering. Not that you are not suffering, but that you say, “Okay. This the nature of my suffering. What’s the gift that it holds in it? What is it encouraging me to do? Is it encouraging me to get wiser? Is it encouraging me to open my heart? Is it encouraging me to improve some way; to change my concept of power or responsibility? What is my incarnational lesson?”

So you start having the capacity to work on that and come to some conclusions and try them out. Basically, you become more than your catalyst. You become the one who is figuring out the Game of Life. And here comes more catalyst. [And you think, “Well, I really gave myself a tough game.” So you are not just going through it. You are not swamped by it. There is a part of you that is in perfectly good position and in the observer viewpoint, and hopefully very, very thankful for the opportunity to go through it.

I think that’s the key to when I am having a pity party—and I am not saying you are having a pity party. I am saying that I do. When I start to have one, I am going, “Okay, hang on. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for this catalyst. Now I ask for the gift. What are you teaching me? What are you giving me? I am ready to receive it in my hands.” You do have to work with yourself. There are times when a catalyst can really make you feel like you are awash. It is always possible to pull yourself into a better state of mind if you can just remember to give thanks.

Carla, guess what! My show ends in one minute.

Oh my goodness. What do you have to say in that minute?

Well what I have to say is …

“Buy my book.”

Right! You can buy my book. I actually tell people to sign up on I have this program where people sign up on an auto responder and they get a message every day. [It is] preprogrammed. Some of them are channeled, some of them are not.

That is a lovely service.

[There is] guidance. I try to tell things to them every day. Whether you buy anything or not, you are going to get this every day. I have a great response. People look forward to them. It is something that they can [ use to] act energetically.

Yes, we have [a daily “Q’uotes” service] on our list of things to do. We even have a name for it. “Q’uote of the Day.” But I don’t have a volunteer who is committed to do it yet.

Why not? Is there anyone on the line who wants to volunteer?

Yes, tell them to volunteer. We have a website that would love us to put this up. We give away stuff for free. All of our stuff is up on the net for free, all of the channelings and speeches and all of that.

What [our daily service] does is, everyone starts out at number one, whether they started a year ago or a month ago. We need a story and a solution through it, so I bring in my own personal story.

What is that address again? It has been very effective because it is kind of multi-dimensional. It covers it all kinds of ways [to seek], from personal experience to [excerpts] from the channeling books, and I am getting a wonderful response from people. Go to if you are interested in this, and to l/l to read up on Carla’s stuff.

We are going to do this [Wynn and Carla conversation] every month.

For those of you on the phone, stay on the phone. Good-bye to BBS and everybody [listening on the radio].

  1. This particular show is simulcast on BBS and over a conference-call line on Monday nights. As this is edited in June 2010, this is still true. 

  2. Robert Reidel is the producer of the “A Time of Awakening” Gathering which we offered in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in August of 2007. It was a fabulous venue! To read transcripts of Carla’s two presentations at that Gathering, go to and These speeches were broadcast live on and can be found in audio form in their archives. 

  3. The misquote is from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5. Hamlet says, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” 

  4. Wynn Free and David Wilcock, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation : Berkeley, CA, Frog, c2004. 

  5. This interview was with Carla and Don, done by Bill Tush on the late-night TBS show “Open Up” in January 1978. 

  6. In Church of Christ Scientist services, the Reader offers selections from the Bible and from Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. 

  7. The Ra group said that in 1981, there were 65 million or so seekers who would resonate to material from the Confederation sources, and that more were being born all the time. 

  8. Pay It Forward is a film released in 2000. Its message was that people were at heart good, and that if one person was nice to another, then the receiver of good things was liable to “pay it forward” and do a good deed in his turn.