Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, September 21, 2009.

[This recording begins after the broadcast began.]

I am Gina from San Diego, California. Carla, I have a question for you. Do you recognize former dolphins?

No. I’m not good at recognizing former dolphins. I recognize them when they’re dolphins.

Gina is a former dolphin.

Oh! [Laughs] It must be somewhat painful to be unable to move around so fluidly!

But I will soon!

I’ll tell you how you can tell a former dolphin.

[Wynn speaks but cuts out often.]

Wynn. You’re cutting out.

I’m just meeting everybody. Normally I say hello to everybody at this time.

Well I think that’s wonderful. It’s just that I couldn’t hear anything. If somebody asks a question later, be sure and repeat it for me.

Okay. Actually, I can’t hear them either. But they can ask a question by pushing * 6. That un-mutes them and then they can push * 6 again and mute themselves. Terry is with us. Carla, I called her about ten minutes ago and I said, “You know what, Carla said she would love to have you on and Terry told me, “Uh-oh, I’m blushing.” She got very shy. I told her she could be in the background.

That’s okay. You know, my husband doesn’t say as much as I do, but when he says something, everybody stops listening to me and listens to him because he doesn’t talk all the time.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve done these Monday night sessions. If I give you the agenda for what we do on Monday, Terry works with [a legal] office. And at 6:00, when she gets off from work, she goes across the street, drives her car into the parking lot of McDonald’s and she sits in her car. And then the Elohim talk to us. So actually people say, “Wynn, stop talking! Where’s Terry? Put Terry on.”

Terry, Carla and I were starting off tonight telling jokes because everyone expects [us to be] really heavy and intense. Carla, you didn’t know this but at one time I made up a bunch of jokes. I was waiting to be successful at it. I would know when I was successful when somebody came up to me and told me one of my own jokes back to me. But it didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll tell a couple of my jokes now and that way it gives it another chance to get it started, it’s actually a line of octopus jokes, okay?

I’m on tentacles, waiting to hear!

Oh, okay! Where do drunken octopuses hang out? Terry, do you know?

Yes, I do.

You already know because I told you, right? Where do drunken octopuses hang out?

Squid row.

Oh, okay.


That’s just the derelict ones. The ones that just take an occasional drink go to the sand bar. You know why nobody tells me these jokes back?

I can’t imagine why.

The best of the lot was, “What is an octopus’s favorite gospel song? “Put your hand in the hand, in the hand, in the hand, in the hand, in the hand, in the hand, in the hand of the man that crossed the water.”

That’s so cute. I have an Episcopalian priest who hails from Oklahoma and he was brought up in a hard-shell Baptist church. Every summer, when there are not quite so many people in the congregation, we lighten up from being high church a little bit. He starts bringing out those old Baptist hymns. In the years I’ve been singing in the choir there I’ve learned quite a few of them. They’re great and the basses love them because they get more work. They get to sing all the parts in between. I’d better stop on this—this isn’t even a joke!

Wait a second Carla. Would you sing a chorus of one of those hymns?

Yes. I could, only if you want to sing along.

If I know it. Do I know it?

It’s a wonderful tuning song. We were talking before we came on the air about ways of tuning. Telling jokes is one way. [Singing a hymn is another.] Are you ready?

Wait. Before you sing it, tell people what tuning is. You use that like everyone knows it, but that’s a special word.

Okay, well I figure most everybody has had “Oppornockity” come and tune, right?

What have they had?

Oppornockity coming and tuning your piano. Mr. Oppornockity? 1 Anyway, tuning is just like tuning an instrument, only the instrument is yourself. You’re a wind instrument and your thoughts have a certain kind of energy that’s like the wind and your voice is a literal wind. You’re using your precious breath, the breath of life, in order to say words. So with everything that you say, you’re basically saying it as a musical instrument that is tuned more or less in tune with your instincts and your intuition and the Creator in general. Basically that’s what tuning is.

You’re trying to tune to the vibration that created all that there is, which is love, unconditional love. You’re just tuning your instrument and trying to get it closer to that vibration that is the Creator, so that when He sings through you it will be melodic and it will be helpful to people, because they’ll just be glad that there is a good vibration around. It’s not necessarily what you say but more or less what you bring to saying it. I tune all the time.

I was telling Wynn before we came on the air that when my beloved companion, Don Elkins, was alive, before 1984, when we had a meditation group, he allowed three ways of tuning. We could “Om” together, we could sing together or listen to music, and the third way was, we could tell jokes.

The idea, of course, was to get everybody in the circle—who might have come from anywhere on the globe or across town, but from separate lives—into one group that was a circle of seeking, that could focus together and bring in the highest and best station that you could hope for from that group, and get the best information and inspiration. So it was very specific tuning for blending and allowing the harmonics of our auras to flower and welcome each other.

We can do that on the air. It doesn’t matter where we are. We can do it here on the radio as much as we can do it in the room together—except we don’t have all those visual aids that are so helpful. But I can feel it and I think most people can.

You know, what you’re saying I do [on] almost every one of these shows. I do this meditation, or invocation to the light. I started this experimentally. I didn’t know if it would work, but I’ve had many conversations with these guys. I’ve learned that, either we being out [there with them] or they being [in here within us], that we can touch each other energetically. See, even when I just say that I feel the energy shift.

Yes. So you allow whatever is true of that thought to resonate and it gradually becomes your creation. We have this thing in common. I think it’s so important, and not just when we’re on the air, because we’re always “on the air”. Don’t you sometimes feel that there is a camera following you? Sometimes things are so priceless, I’ll look over my shoulder and say, “Did you get that?”


Anyway, do you want to do the tuning? Do you want to sing this song? I think it’s a good one? You don’t have to join in unless you just want to. Everybody can join in if you want.


Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found Was blind, but now I see.

So welcome now to a well-tuned circle of seeking!

Did you ever read the channeling on grace that Terry did? Did I ever send that to you?

I did, yes. Thank you for that, Terry. I know, it only comes through you, but thank you for being an instrument.

Did I ever tell you who we think Terry was in her past life?

If you did, I’ve forgotten.

This is kind of a good story and I’ll bet you’ll appreciate it. You know, at one point I had discovered some of my past lives and I was fairly certain that it was accurate because all the pictures matched and all the other people in my life matched, and so I asked the question. Terry is so shy and so pure, and she’ll be in a room and change the energy of a room, and no one will even know she’s doing it because she does it so quietly.

Everyone is always glad to see Terry, I’ll bet.

Yes. Much more than me, because I just catalyze everybody. So I asked them, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” Normally they don’t answer that, because people will take it into their ego and it wouldn’t be good to know that. But in Terry’s case they answered it because I think they knew that she would be more confident if she realized who she had been in a past life. So they said, “Look up St. Catherine of Siena.” I’d never heard of St. Catherine. I found a picture of St. Catherine and Terry was the spitting image of her. If you don’t know who St. Catherine was, I just started reading about her. She lived in Italy in the 1300’s. She would go to the local monastery and she would start blabbing and the other people in the monastery would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking through her. 2

St. Catherine’s dialogues with God are still a part of [Roman] Catholic history and they’re outselling my book! Terry says she wants to go back and edit it.

That’s always the feeling you have after you let a child go, isn’t it?

I’ll send you the pictures.

Well, you certainly did a wonderful job in that lifetime, Terry.

Are you familiar with St. Catherine?

Well, I’m very fond of the saints, yes. She helped the pope, who deserved help.

She was a letter writer.

She was a politician. At any rate, she was a most blessed one and a martyred one also. But you know, you leave your works behind you, don’t you?

Yes. You know, when you tell a story like that it’s not to exalt somebody or go “Ooh! Ah!” For many people I think this channeling stuff is so far out, [since] it’s hard to believe that intelligence can come through somebody. And when you have a case like Terry, or David Wilcock, where you can show the amazing connections between lifetimes, the advantage of that, for somebody who is skeptical, [is that] it’s hard for them to put that aside. Because they look at the pictures and they look at the personality and they read about it, and there’s a congruency.

The hardest thing is to get through people’s doubts. It’s amazing that no matter how clear it is that something is real [to you, it is not clear to others.] Carla, you channel once a week. You have people over. You bring through [material]. If you’ve never read Carla’s channelings, we read them every Tuesday night on our conference line. Carla has thousands of them up on her website. When this is happening, it’s almost like someone who lives in a beautiful city. [He] forgets that he is in a beautiful city because he takes it for granted. But in this realm it’s extremely special to be able just to even know that that exists, that you can go searching [for it]. There is such a wealth of understanding. How many channelings to do have up, Carla?

About a year ago, my webmaster said that it was over 1,500. Each one is somewhere between one and two hours long.

And I would say you’re channelings are quite different from [those of] most other people that channel, both your Q’uo channelings and your Ra channelings. They’re different in their specificity. There’s such a wealth of information available. People ask Carla any question under the sun!

Well, as long as it has to do with spiritual principles. They don’t talk much if somebody asks them, “Where should I go for my next appointment,” or, “When’s the next earthquake.” They’ll just say they’re not much interested in that. But, anything about spiritual principles, they’ll tackle. I’ve been surprised at how flexible they are. As long as you ask for the spiritual principles involved in thinking about such and such, you can ask about anything.

I’m amazed all of the time.

It’s been a blessing. Lately I’ve been editing an old manuscript I created in 1975. 3 At that time, Don Elkins was the senior channel in a circle that was teaching a group of us to channel, but I was the one around whom he formed the circle. I knew that, and I was doing my best to learn to channel. It didn’t come naturally to me. I had to work at it. And once I got it, then it did come naturally to me. I had a lot of things that I could use, but it was just tough.

During this time Don began taping our sessions for the first time. We just hadn’t done it before. And before we wrote Secrets of the UFO in 1976, we decided that maybe the thing to do, since we hadn’t been able to sell the novel that we had written, and which was the first way that we tried to talk about the Confederation, [we would] take our channeling [sessions] and cut them up into pieces [by topic]. Back then you couldn’t cut and paste, since there were no computers. You had to do it with scissors and paste, actually cut up the sessions.

I sorted them out into [subjects such as] life, polarity, love, and truth. I just sorted them out into all these little bundles. Then I sorted the bundles into chapters, and for each category I would select a little quote. Then I would make a little comment and then have [the collection] of these selections from the sessions on that subject, so you could really get what the Confederation was trying to say. It’s about a 200-page manuscript. We just dug it up! I had forgotten about it. We never went back to it after [we wrote]. We started to try to make a movie instead.

Now Don had grandiloquently called it Voices of the Gods because of Erick von Danikaan’s Something, Something of the Gods series.

Chariots of the Gods.

Yes. It was a punk idea and when I resurrected it—and it really is fun—I renamed it Voices of the Confederation, which has the virtue of being true. And I have had such a wonderful time rereading Don’s channeling. Nobody ever channeled just like him. It was so clear. He’d build one concept on another, taking little baby steps and building on a concept.

Don could channel? I didn’t know Don could channel.

Don and everybody in the original group, learned to channel except me. I was the holdout. That was way back 12 years before I learned to channel. 4

For people that are listening that don’t know about your history, let me just tell them that in 1981 Carla Rueckert started channeling a voice that identified itself as Ra. I don’t think [she knew that] at the time, but this was a very rare and special thing, in this realm, for someone to bring through the Ra group.

But you know who did? Don did! In that very first session, he asked if he could make a book out of this conversation. Anyway, go right ahead, Wynn.

So, for four years, she was bringing through this most extraordinary communication from this group-soul entity that was sharing how we looked, in an evolutionary way, from their perspective. They were explaining the way that the universe evolves. I don’t think I ever heard it from anyone before. And that was that someone in this realm, in third density, goes through many, many lifetimes, thousands of lifetimes sometimes. And they have this potential to graduate from this realm [if] they’ve mastered the lessons from this realm, in which case they don’t have to incarnate back into this realm. And when they graduate, there’s free will. So there are a lot of choices.

Apparently, there are happier planets. There are easier planets. God knows I can’t even imagine the choices! But one of the choices is to join this huge group-soul that helps planetary populations in third density go through their graduation process. This group-soul is explaining that they hoped to help them to graduate. This group-soul was talking through Carla and identified itself as the Ra Group.

I don’t know if you take this to be true, but I have this idea that the Ra group has worked hand in hand with almost every positive religion, spiritual movement, all the New Testament [energies], and has been connected with all of that and is working with trying to bring the information that would be able to be received for this time period.

We asked the question about St. Catherine [to the Elohim], and who [Terry] was channeling. I went back and read her channelings, and the information that came through said it was the Ra group, that they were bringing through this amazing wisdom through St. Catherine but it was, it had to be, under the framework of strict Christianity because St. Catherine was going to a church. If it wasn’t under that framework, it wouldn’t have been acceptable.

She wouldn’t have been able to get it—she wasn’t on that station.

Right. So you, [Carla,] never said this directly, I don’t remember reading your take on this. But if you read the Ra Material, they said in so many words that that was who they were and essentially, because Carla was so articulate, [and because L/L Research] was such a highly intelligent group they could bring through information with far less distortion.

I think that’s true in [rough] language, but I think what really helped us bring through the Ra group was the purity of our seeking. We had joined [together to serve], and each of us had to make quite a few sacrifices in order to join, but we knew that we needed to have the three of us in order to serve and Jim wanted to join. I had become unable to type—typewriters were much harder to use than the keyboards of today—and I was sidelined from doing any more work. We needed somebody who could manifest [work]. Jim came in, as Ra always called him, as the “Scribe,” but we were three very imperfect and flawed people, as we all are, but with such a united desire to serve that I think we just had a good radio. We were able to tune in that station. And it is a blessing that one of the many gifts I had discovered that feeds into the channeling is a love of literature, a lot of reading. The more you read, whether it’s technical or not, the more words you have in your brain the more they can use. And [there are] other things too. I used to be a performer when I was a child and there is a certain element of performing in there, where you really like an audience, so nervousness never gets in my way. I just love feeling the love back from people and giving the love to them. I love an audience.

[The tape skips.]

I haven’t taken but one [IQ test series], but I did take a series of them, one after the other, trying to get scored. 5 That was when I was five years old. I really never needed again to go through some kind of narcissistic looking at the intelligence. My intelligence is such that there isn’t much that needs to be said about it. People pretty well grasp it. I don’t know, I don’t worry about it.

It is quite right that we are bound by our biases and our perceptions. However, the process of perception has fascinated me since I can remember. And I am gazing at it steadily for my 47th year, I’ll be 48 in July. So you are dealing with a person that is working in your field in a sort of sideways manner. I have no claims whatsoever to have scientific knowledge. I do have a marked proclivity for doing well in the sciences, tested by another one of those tests that people use, this one being the Graduate Record Examination which one has to take before one can receive an advanced degree in the United States, a Master’s Degree and doctorate level candidates all have to take the Graduate Record Exam.

  1. Needless to say, this is a groaner of a joke, but it goes like this. Mr. Oppornockity is tuning a woman’s piano. She hears a sour note and says, “Please tune that note again.” The piano tuner says, “But Madam, Oppornockity tunes but once.” 

  2. On scanning Google sources, I did not find this description, but did find that her letters to the Pope and to other religious leaders swayed them towards peace and the reformation of the clergy. Her over 300 letters are considered one of the great bodies of Tuscan writing. 

  3. The manuscript, Voices of the Gods, was a book of excerpts from the readings of 1974 and 1975. The editing consisted of filling out pieces of the format which were missing. Since that time, our archive web guy has been working to put this work up in’s Library. 

  4. Carla refers here to the “Louisville Group,” which was begun by Don Elkins and Hal Price in January of 1962. The L/L Research channelings are in a direct line of descent from this group. 

  5. Carla’s IQ is over 200. She went off the scale for her age group. The scale ends at 200. The psychologist was finally able to score her at 185 on the test meant for college-age women, after putting her through several intervening age-group tests, on all of which she scored off-scale at 200.