Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, December 21, 2009.

It’s Monday, December 21. This is Wynn Free with our live BBS simulcast conference call. My guest tonight is Carla Rueckert. My other guest, my constant guest, is Terry Brown. Carla, you’re there, yes?

I am indeed.

And Terry, you’re there—right?

Yes, I am.

OK. I want you to know Carla, you’re upstaging the Elohim, in case you didn’t know!

Upstaging the Elohim? Is that possible?

We were having a conversation with the Elohim, where they were explaining how they created this realm, how they shot energy into space creating anchor points of space and time and it ended up being a physical realm. I had no idea how deep it was going to get! We just about got it started and I said we’re going to do this again next week. So we’re going to have to tell them—they’re probably listening—we’re going to continue with the creation of this realm next Monday.

For anyone listening, last week was supposed to be caller’s night and Carla was in Nebraska. 1

I was. I couldn’t hold the phone, as there is no headset there. 2 So it was better that I get back home. Also I had acute sinusitis, and my voice was almost gone. This is definitely a better week!

Is your voice all fixed?

Oh, I hope it is. No, it’s no longer tweeting. It was before, sort of like an animal sound.

You can’t use the word tweeting anymore, because everyone thinks it has to do with Twitter.

Well, my goodness, my vocabulary is becoming more limited by the minute!

That’s right!


But we can always talk the language of love, can’t we, Wynn.

That’s right. Are you on Twitter?

No, it is foreign to my vocabulary. I’ve heard the word, I’ve seen it done—it seems to have something to do with thumbs going very quickly! But I really don’t have so much craving for communication that I would to run my thumbs1 I avoid the telephone entirely. Ask Wynn! No, I’m just not there at all.

But then, you know, I don’t feel lonely, I don’t have a huge need to communicate. I love to talk to people and I love to communicate, but if I’m not communicating then my head is full of what I’m doing. When Don Elkins was alive and he and I were mated—he was a pilot and was gone for days at a time—I wouldn’t talk to people sometimes for days at a time. I was in my own little heaven, being able to do my work, correspond with people, do the channeling, do the editing, the writing and not be disturbed. It was just bliss.

Of course I’m thinking seriously of taking off my clothes—at 180 pounds—and sexting! Now this is something that definitely should be done!

Wait a second! Are you saying you’re going to take off your clothes?

I was joking about it. I was saying that people are making all the right uses of high technology today.


Well, you know, everyone looks beautiful when they’re on the phone or on the internet!

That’s a good way of putting it, yes.

We don’t have to worry about combing our hair or losing weight or whatever. We can all be our ideal selves.

I guess we’re all right then. We’re who we think we are in our emotional hearts, I suppose. We’re all full of ideals.

When we get together, you know, people wonder, “How come these guys are such jokers?”

Because the universe is hilarious, that’s why. And the Lord has a sense of humor, that’s why. A little dry sometimes, though, huh Terry?

Well, here we have three people very involved in hearing voices. I guess I shouldn’t include myself. All I get is dream messages. I don’t get running dialogues. But you and Terry get running dialogues of voices that comes from somewhere. I think that it’s rather hard for people to grasp that you’re still human when you’re having that experience.

Well, not if you listen to us for five or ten minutes! You might wonder us after that!

[Carla dissolves into laughter.]

Boy are you giggle-ish tonight!

I’m just being silly, having fun.

Well, no matter what you do, you can’t get out of this body—at least not while you’re in it.

Well actually, I would say you can. Having been a dancer, and a singer, as well as a channel—and to a certain extent having maternal feelings for my little brother, who called me Mama until he was almost two—I think [I can say] you can get out of this body because of the fact that you’re in the moment so deeply that you’re in the universal [present]. Your body is an instrument, and you’re singing the Creator’s song. You know when you’re there, and it’s a wonderful thing.

I think that dancing is probably the most immediate experience I’ve had of being moved by the moment, being an expresser of the rhythm, not of my body or the movement but of the spheres. Everything is rhythm and your body is an expression of it that goes far beyond your anatomy.

And I think people that sing—I’ve not been a soloist except for folk music about 30 or 40 years ago, when I was in college. But when you’re in the middle of the music in a large piece, it sweeps you away. And you’re not just singing your part, you’re singing the whole orchestra and chorus and all the parts. It’s all coming together and it’s all speaking through you. And you simply are no longer you. You’re the music, the instrument of the music. So I think regular people, without channeling, [do have] the experience of being a Mom. There’s something about moving into the rhythm of relating to your child, relating to the infant that is completely dependent upon you, and is utterly in love with you. And you are utterly in love with that beautiful baby. It’s just an emotion that is so sublime and so perfect that truly you [are] playing and dancing with this other entity in a place that is not local. This little entity doesn’t know how to be local yet. He’s still singing the music of the spheres. What is it William Wordsworth once said? “Streaming clouds of glory do they come into this life”—I can’t quote it right. 3

Anyway, I think everybody can get there from here, I think we can all get into the now and abandon the body, so that the body is abandoned to the now. I think we really, really do get out of the body.

Carla, I have to start my tape recorder here.

You forgot to start your tape recorder?


I never heard you so giggly, Carla!

Well, you know, I’m feeling a little bit out of it because of the fact that I’ve had this sinusitis and a lot of nerve pain. If you’ve never had nerve pain, it’s like having a toothache. But you know help is coming, help is galloping down the road. I’ve got a epidural injection of cortisone coming tomorrow which will begin to solve the immediate problem, and there are a couple of hospital tests before a surgery that will implant some pieces of metal to stabilize the spine where it’s falling apart.

I’ve had arthritis since I was 13 and I’m 66 now—so go figure. I’m very lucky that we’re at a point where they can at least mechanically sort of keep me going, and keep me using my arms. But if you don’t medicate it, which I don’t, it puts you in a space where you can do a spiritual process with it. And you can get very silly because its perfectly obvious that “life is just a dream, sweetheart”. 4

Merrily, merrily, merrily?

Oh yes! I think that’s what people miss if they medicate the problem. If I could, I would, but I just can’t, because my body can’t stand the medication. I can’t take aspirin. I can’t take Tylenol, because it interacts with the medicine I take for arthritis. In my long history as an arthritic patient I have taken medication by mouth until my stomach can’t take it. So there is nothing for it. I really do have to go through the fire

What I’ve found in dealing with it as a spiritual practice is that it really does release you into your joy and your freedom and your laughter, as you look at the absurdity of the situation. Of all this incredible energy, all of the humanity, there is this little contact place in space and time that has the name of Carla Lisbeth, and it’s so huge! And the less that I can move, the more absurd it becomes. And yet there is so much, such an incredible amount of emotion and curiosity, and all of these wonderful human traits that just bubble up into that place where you aren’t paying attention to the fire except to give thanks for it, to offer gratitude to it for the gift it brings, to count your blessings. That’s a huge one when you’re in a situation like this. Count your blessings! Every blessing brings you more into your own rhythm and your own now.

So you end up half the time feeling extremely weary because you’re running a lot of energy without having a lot of physicality. But at the same time, a lot of the times, I feel extremely present and aware. It does really put me into my giggle mode.


I’ve been watching my house. The people around me have come and decorated the Christmas tree. They’ve put lights up. I have a huge collection of [Christmas items] and we re-use the things. My mother was Christmas mad! So it’s a matter of, “Well, what do we put up this year?” I don’t have enough house to put up all her incredible Christmas crèches, angels and statues, but I love to have it around me at Christmas. And it’s so funny just to watch it happen. When you’re a full-service human being, you’re making it happen. You’re baking the brownies, etc. I certainly have shaped a lot of the way Christmas is turning out, [but have physically done nothing. It’s all happening around me like a blooming flower. It’s just amazing to feel this energy take hold. I have a feeling it’s like this all over the world.

Not everybody celebrates the same holiday, but there is that universal feeling of the beginning of the waxing of the light. Finally, tomorrow, there will be more light than today! And it’s a very intense time. I think a lot of people experience more difficulties. Certainly more of us who have gotten on in age have lost more people in our lives at this season than any other. I lost my mom, my dad, my two grandmothers, and my great aunt, and Don. [They all] died in November or December. It’s an incredible intense time of year. But it’s wonderful to feel it blooming.

I do accept the shadow side [of the Christmas season] and have certainly experienced it this year. But it has absolutely nothing that contracts or takes away from the authenticity of this season. Our hearts are stables and we have rough straw on our floor. And this is the very time when we can ask ourselves to prepare a manger in our hearts, and to furnish it not with the rough straw but to go and find clover and dried timothy and all the grasses that are soft [so that] we can make ready in our hearts a cradle for a new life, for utter and complete love; [for those spiritual qualities] that are developing and maturing with us as we go down our spiritual road.

You know each year, as the light beings to wax again, we feel that different love in our hearts. And [we can] make a real commitment to change and nurture and encourage it within ourselves, with that soft, soft hay and the rocking of the cradle by our own attention and devotion.

[Pause, then laughter.]

Sorry about that Wynn.

Hey, that’s ok. I was getting into a meditative state. I don’t know if you guys notice, but when Carla talks there’s all this energy dancing around in her voice. I just was listening to it and I spaced out. I thought I was going to have to talk a lot because you were going to have laryngitis!


So anyway, that’s what I’ve been getting out of this day—some of it’s silly and some is not so silly. How have you been experiencing this time, Wynn? Terry?


To me it’s been a time of shifting and change. I define that to feel that we might break through and do better. My office is moving and I’m moving. I found a great place to eat over here in Santa Monica. So it’s just a whole big move and shift for me right now. The lady I’m moving in with has a beautiful Christmas tree. She’s making all kinds of [delicious food]. On the 24th she is going to have a big party and invite people. I’m really excited about it.

Well, as for me, I’ve just been working on my web site. I’ll have a party when I get it done. I don’t know if you went through this, but for a long time I didn’t know how to describe what I do with the public. It was a little scary. In fact, I remember you [channeled] in your original readings—I think it was you, wasn’t it, or Edgar Cayce—that bringing forth this kind of information is very tricky, putting it out to the public and avoiding negative attacks. Knowing how to phrase it, how to anchor it so that it doesn’t provoke other people. 5 And for the longest time I didn’t know how to do it.

I could say I wrote a book. That was easy. But when you’re talking to guys in other realms and you’re trying to make it valuable to other people, [the question is] how to introduce that to people. One of the things I’ve learned is, in public, I never tell people I’m talking to the Elohim. I tell people I’m talking to a voice that says it is the Elohim. Then I don’t have to prove anything. I don’t have to say they are who they say they are. It took me a while to figure that out.

I mean it’s OK on my conference line. When people are [phoning in] over and over again, I say, “Here is the Elohim,” and it’s OK. But when you’re dealing with the public, you’re dealing with people that are skeptical and judgmental and who say, “That can’t be real,” kind of in your face. So making a presentation and very carefully crafting one’s words so that you can give people the free-will choice to investigate something without telling them [what] it is [is]something. The Elohim are worse than Ra. People know who Ra was—some Egyptian sun god. [When you began to channel Ra], did you know who the Egyptian sun god was, Carla?

Well, yes. That’s why I didn’t even want to channel [Ra] the first time I got that name. I said, “Oh, no you don’t! I’m not doing that!” I challenged with every ounce of energy I had in me. I challenged in the name of Jesus the Christ by asking, “Can you say that Jesus is Lord?” Ra answered the challenge just fine. And I thought, “Well, I’m not going to judge [Ra} if he comes in the name of Jesus the Christ! Who am I to say no?” So we had a good talk. But [first] I challenged that entity three times, just as hard as I could, before I accepted the first contact. I did not want to channel Ra, the Egyptian sun god because it was too distorted.

I have to tell you something, I don’t think you know this, as it is an obscure piece of knowledge and you have to study the Edgar Casey readings to find this, but it’s [in] the Edgar Casey readings. Do you know who the human was, who was Ra, the sun god?

No, I don’t know the Cayce readings that well at all. Who was it?

Edgar Cayce. In your readings, you solve this big puzzle.

I thought Edgar Cayce was Ra-Ta, who was a priest at that time. But you’re in another reality, OK.

No, no, no, no. Edgar Cayce was Ra-Ta. Your readings refer to Ra-Ta, right? You know that?

Not by name but you could definitely build a case.

Yeah. If we go with Carla’s readings, 6 they said the group soul, Ra, was working with an Egyptian high priest in approximately 10,000 BC. They built the pyramids by levitation. The work that was done at that time got picked up by the negative[ly oriented priests] within the Egyptian government who used the expansion of the field to tap into the negative instead of the positive.

That’s not from The Ra Material. [The Ra group] was talking about creating by the power of thought. They were not talking about tapping into the negative.

You know what? I don’t have it in front of me.

You should tell me key words so maybe I can find it. I have [The Ra Material] on the computer.

Don’t you remember, they said that the work they did was used to control people? Remember that?

No, I remember they said they were about half-way into this reality, so they were about half-way visible [during the creation the Great Pyramid by Ra]. I’m not where you are. If you can give me a key word I can find a reference. I’m not trying to say you’re wrong, because I’m so often wrong it’s ridiculous! But I’m not recognizing what you’re saying.

I think this was in Book I [of The Law of One]. I don’t have the right computer open or I’d look it up. Ra said—this is my paraphrase of that reading—“We came upon a priest in Egypt. We worked with that priest and built the pyramids by levitation.” You remember that? Correct? 7

No, it wasn’t levitation, that’s what I’m saying. What I remember is, they said they built the pyramids by asking the living rock to create the pyramid and it did so. [It’s] sort of like Jesus saying, “All of these things that I do, you can do and more also.” “If you have faith, you can move mountains.” Sorry, but I don’t find this. I’ve looked for Ra-Ta and I don’t find it. But I don’t think it really matters.

You know what, it changed my life, finding that quote. 8 It convinced me of [the truth of] the Edgar Cayce readings, which never referred to a group soul. But they did say that Edgar Cayce himself was recognized eventually as Ra, the sun god, after the Ra-Ta life, when he died, because there were so many miraculous phenomenal things that happened around him.

But that is not from The Ra Material.

That’s from the Edgar Cayce material.

Well it may be true but it’s not from The Ra Material.

But The Ra Material most definitely said, I can almost quote it, [that] they have to stay in our realm because the work was picked up by the priests at the time [who] used it for power over other people.

No, but I do find what I remember. It said, “We are those of the Confederation who 11,000 years ago came into two of your planetary cultures who at that time were closely in touch with the creation of the One Creator.” And it said “We came and we were welcomed by the peoples whom we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with healing of the mind/body/spirit complex distortions through the use of the crystal appropriate to the distortion placed within a certain appropriate series of ratios of time/space material thus were the pyramids created.” And then, scrolling down here it says that Don says: “Well we’re interested in that. And he asked, “Were you responsible for the building of the pyramids? What was the purpose of the pyramids?” Ra says, “The larger pyramids were built by us using the forces of one. The stones are alive. It is not been so understood by the mind/body/sprit distortions of those of your culture”. 9

And that’s why I was trying to say. They used their energy to communicate in oneness with the living rock, and asked the rock to form a pyramid. So it wasn’t [accomplished] by levitation. It was by the power of thought. And I think there is a substantive difference. In one case you’re still on the level where things have weight and substance and have to be cut and put together and lifted and placed. And on the other you are transcending that reality to where you are moving, not in mass, but by thought.

Well I know that in the Edgar Cayce readings the word levitation appears, so I might be mixing up the two readings. I took what they said in your reading as another way of saying what the Edgar Cayce reading said. The premise is that Edgar Casey was connecting to some aspect of that source. That’s my premise and that’s why I went to meet you originally. I found that correlation between the two and it made me say, “This could not be coincidence.” 10

There is a whole lot in the Cayce material, his metaphysical readings, which is quite harmonious with The Ra Material, if not exactly alike. I think that’s true of positive information. It tends to harmonize.

I also think that your way of describing it is probably a whole lot closer to the contact point for the entry-level person listening to you on the radio. And that’s what you were saying earlier, that you try hard to find ways to talk about this so that the entry-level person, in all their skepticism can think, “Well, it’s a good enough point. Maybe I can think about that a minute”

It’s almost like a DJ trying to find the right character that’s going to appeal to the drive-time crowds, and it turns out that the character that appeals to the drive-time crowd is generally kind of a schlemiel, but a schlemiel that brings up interesting subjects. Did you ever notice that about the shock jocks?

Are you calling me a schlemiel?

No, I’m calling you a metaphysical radio man! You know what I’m talking about—Don Imus—does he really present himself as though he’s like that all the way through? I think that out of all of the ways that you think about things, you pick the way that’s going to register the best—to your calculations, it will register the best to the entry-level person. And I think it’s a skill that is a very important one.

I’ve just barely begun to learn any of that. And that was because I wrote Living the Law of One—101: The Choice, where I wanted to talk to the entry-level person. And so I would write a section and then do it over six times, slowing down, using shorter words, using shorter sentences, using only the references that somebody in the eleventh grade could recognize and using no words that were beyond the seventh-grade reading level. I think I came out with probably the best book I ever wrote. It was hard work!

So, I’m just a professional dummy.

[Lots of laughter.]

Is that what I said? That wasn’t what I meant! In fact, I was trying to compliment you.

Oh no, I did take it as a compliment. I’m just doing what you’re saying.

Oh right.

I’m going to tell you an interesting thing—you can correlate this with me. There are people that have studied this and are very advanced in their understanding of it. But some of the people that know nothing about this are stronger Wanderers than the people who are experts. That’s why making it simple and dumbing it down can be really valuable for certain people.

I didn’t say dumbing it down! I don’t think that either one of us “dumbs it down”. I disagree with that completely. I think we’re just looking for ways to say it that aren’t unnecessarily complex. No sir! I did not dumb down anything! and I know you don’t either. You’re trying to share the best of what you know but you are being careful about the avenues [you take], the strategy, the angle of attack.

My way is sort of full bore. My stream of consciousness, it’s an ocean, and I’m just floating on it. I don’t have a strategy. I’ll never be anywhere close to the mainstream because I not really willing to do what you’ve done, as a way of life. You keep trying to find more of the essence of [the story] and say it in a way that doesn’t make people [turn off]. But I don’t get that. I don’t see that.

When I wrote music, that’s exactly what [I did]. I don’t know if you know the history of my music-writing years but I know you enjoy my music.

Yes, and you told this long story that first time when we met—you knocked on my basement window—remember? At our hotel.

Your husband was there, right?

Yes, I think there were about three people in the room. But anyway, that’s where you first found me. You knocked on the window and I motioned you around to the outside door and you came in. It was a fun meeting. And you did tell me that long story about your partners that sort of scooted away and left you dangling in mid-air somewhere—an excruciating position.

But you wrote some awfully good music then. It could have gone mainstream, man. You know that’s what happened to me, [too]. I wrote sixty songs with my partner and we got a contract to open for Peter, Paul and Mary [on tour] back in the day. But [my singing partner] hung up his guitar and wouldn’t sign the contract. Somebody approached him for an autograph and he said, “I don’t want to live a life where people come up to me and ask me for my autograph.”

And I’m thinking to myself, “Man, you have this opportunity to show love and light, we have great songs, we have neat voices that go together just right and you have great guitar hands, and you’re going to toss that over because you don’t want to sign your autograph?” I couldn’t figure that out! What’s a performer that won’t sign an autograph? I mean this is impossible! If you appreciate your audience, you want to give some love back. I mean, I enjoy signing autographs.

[The tape is turned over.]

[I enjoy writing thank-you notes] for people that donate. I try to love them and thank them. That’s just giving a little back. I love all that. I couldn’t ever fathom what his big [angst] was about. But it’s not that the same thing that happened to you.

[However,] misfortune happened and you didn’t get to share all that good stuff. And that’s too bad. But you’re sharing it now, aren’t you, you’re putting it up on your web site.

If I had gotten successful then, I doubt whether I would be doing what I’m doing now.

Well, that’s true. But you know, life has so many options! You never run out of options. If we had to stop doing what we are doing tomorrow, we’d find another way to share.

Yes. My heyday of writing music was when I was hitchhiking around the country. It was a time when I was very much influenced by Bob Dylan.

And maybe Woody Guthrie?

And Woody Guthrie. I never rode freight trains, though it certainly crossed my mind, but I did hitch-hike around the country. It probably took about 4 years and it taught me. I can put this into words now, but couldn’t understand it at the time. When you’re hitch-hiking, you have a certain propensity for expansion. You get out of the matrix. You’re on top of the matrix; you’re not in the matrix anymore. I wasn’t. So I was experiencing miracles, synchronicities, impossible things on a daily basis. I didn’t know how to—I still don’t know how to—sit still in one place and even approach the level of speed of synchronicity that my thoughts manifested when I was hitch-hiking.

You were out of control. People think they are in control and it limits their ability to become aware. You were out of control. Hitch-hiking [is a ] perfect symbol for being out of control. You didn’t have your own car. You went where you went. And I think that opens you up. You had no pretense of being in control.

When I first started hitchhiking I was living in Berkeley. I put my thumb out in the street and said, “Okay, if there’s a God, I’m putting my faith in you.” It was the first time in my life that I ever did that. I didn’t know what was going to happen. And from that point on it was a magic carpet ride. It was unbelievable! And that’s when I started writing my really good songs. I remember thinking to myself, “There is an alternative reality that is parallel to this reality, but no one notices because they are so entrenched in this reality.” I was riding on that reality and my eyes were popping out of my head. It was like, “Can this be real? Is this really happening?”

Then I went to Hollywood, thinking I was good enough to be a song writer and be successful at it. And that is when I hit the skids. It was all tied into amazing cycles of synchronicity which I can talk about, but I can’t even fathom how it works. The way I thought of it is, I have my human body and my conscious mind but also all these other levels are operating. And I’m not aware of my other levels consciously, but they’re operating nonetheless. They’re doing things. They’re reading people. They’re reading energies and they are creating spontaneous intuitive choices that make something magical happen! I was part of the creation of it but I didn’t know that then. It seemed as though it was just happening.

That’s just it! That’s what so great about the spiritual path. It’s really hard to get a start—maybe more these days than it used to be. Back when I was a kid, love and light and hippies, sex, drugs and rock and roll were powerful enough to create a change in the culture. But that’s not happening now. You don’t see the people coming out against this particular war.

We have to get off the air. Did that go fast? We didn’t talk about too much far-out, did we? I have to see if somebody wants to ask a question. We have about two minutes.

Hello, I have a question. Hi Carla! Thank you very much for being here. It’s an honor for me to talk to you. My question is, when you mentioned the need of some medical help, putting stuff in your body, I wonder if you can explain [how it is], while we know that you are, in my terms, so far out there and having these communications with [the Confederation entities, that you do require medical assistance and they cannot help you with it.

Well I greatly appreciate that. I don’t have any sense about this operation. It’s just that my body is falling apart and if I want to keep being productive in the middle of a body that’s dealt with certain symptoms for over half a century, then I have to face the fact that, in order to keep my spine stable and keep myself being able to use my arms, I need to stabilize my spine.

Were I aware enough, I would simply see through the distortion. However, I have not been able to do that. I do think my body is very powerful and capable, but I also think that it’s done well just to hang in there for as long as it has with the diagnosis that I’ve dealt with since I was a little kid.

So thanks a lot for reminding everybody that all of this is an illusion, and if you really want to be healed, from the inside out, from the energy body down, [it is possible.]

I am getting a lot of energy [with absent] healing [and Reiki] massage. I’m working with a lot of people here locally. And I’m working with the energy of food, and totally believing that it’s possible to be healed. But it just hasn’t seemed to happen. I’ve come to a quitting point. So I’m going to the mechanic and letting him tinker and create some space in my spine so I can work.

Thanks a lot though for your thoughts, and I appreciate your kind words.

Thank you everybody, thank you, caller, for your question. I hope I didn’t frustrate people by not letting them ask questions but I thought we were kind of on a roll in a funny kind of way, so we just stayed on the roll.

Thank you, Carla! Thank you, everyone with me on BBS. We’ll be back next week and will let you know how the Elohim created this realm. Have a great Christmas!

  1. Carla’s husband’s Mom lives in Nebraska and they were visiting to celebrate her 92nd birthday. 

  2. Carla’s arms, shoulders and neck are distorted from rheumatoid arthritis and holding a telephone to her ear is very difficult for her to do for longer than a minute or two. 

  3. The correct quotation, from William Wordsworth’s Ode, “Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood”, is:

    Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar: Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home: Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

  4. The song “Sh-Boom”, recorded by the Crew Cuts in 1954, contains the lyric, “Life is just a dream, sweetheart.” 

  5. This concept does not ring a bell as being channeled by L/L Research. 

  6. The point is worth making here that Carla never refers to “Carla’s readings” but rather to “L/L Research’s readings.” The reason is that the channeling that occurs is a function not of the channel alone, but of the entire group making up the sitting circle. In the case of the Ra channelings, that sitting group was Don Elkins, Jim McCarty and Carla L. Rueckert, who were at that time the three researchers of L/L Research. 

  7. Wynn mixed two different parts of Ra’s discussion. In Session 3, recorded on January 21, 1981, Ra told Don about the way the pyramid was built:

    How were the blocks moved?

    I am Ra. You must picture the activity within all that is created. The energy is, though finite, quite large compared to the understanding/distortion by your peoples. This is an obvious point well known to your people, but little considered.

    This energy is intelligent. It is hierarchical. Much as your mind/body/spirit complex dwells within a hierarchy of vehicles and retains, therefore, the shell or shape or field, and the intelligence of each ascendingly intelligent or balanced body, so does each atom of such a material as rock. When one can speak to that intelligence, the finite energy of the physical, or chemical rock/body is put into contact with that infinite power which is resident in the more well-tuned bodies, be they human or rock.

    With this connection made, a request may be given. The intelligence of infinite rock-ness communicates to its physical vehicle and that splitting and moving which is desired is then carried out through the displacement of the energy field of rock-ness from finity to a dimension which we may conveniently call, simply, infinity.

    In this way, that which is required is accomplished due to a cooperation of the infinite understanding of the Creator indwelling in the living rock. This is, of course, the mechanism by which many things are accomplished, which is not subject to your present means of physical analysis of action at a distance.

  8. The quote to which Wynn refers is found in The Law of One, Book V, a fragment from Session 27. Don asked a question on behalf of Paul Shockley, who felt he was Ra-Ta in a previous incarnation. Don said, “Paul has received information that there were other beings aiding in the construction of the pyramids, but that they were not fully materialized in the third density. They were materialized from their waist up to their heads but were not materialized from their waist down to their feet. Did such entities exist and aid in the construction of the pyramids, and who were they?” Ra replied, “Consider, if you will, the intelligent infinity present in the absorption of living-ness and being-ness as it becomes codified into intelligent energy, due to the thought impressions of those assisting the living stone into a new shape of being-ness The release and use of intelligent infinity for a brief period begins to absorb all the consecutive or interlocking dimensions, thus offering brief glimpses of those projecting to the material their thought. These beings thus beginning to materialize but not remaining visible. These beings were the thought-form or third-density visible manifestation of our social memory complex as we offered contact from our intelligent infinity to the intelligent infinity of the stone.” The Ra readings never identified Shockley or Cayce as Ra-Ta. 

  9. This material is from Session 2 of The Ra Material, recorded on January 20, 1981. 

  10. Wynn and I first met in person at the 2002 International UFO Congress. We enjoyed the meeting tremendously, as we had been corresponding for several years and it was fun to put the face to the name.