Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, January 8, 2010.

Okay! This is Monday, January 18 and this is our live internet conference call. This is my once-a-month get-together with Carla Rueckert. For those who don’t know who Carla is, if you read my book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, she occupies a really big section of the book. [Her channeling] is quoted over and over again. In 1981, she had a voice come through her which identified itself as Ra. And Ra explained that Ra was not an individual entity talking to her, but rather a group energy, a group soul.

If you try to imagine how this works, which I have, it’s a group soul which is in [metaphysical time]. In this realm, there’s another [kind of] time. Words can come though. The whole group [is] working on all these words, bringing them through. It just comes through in a moment. The person who is channeling says the words. They were all worked on very deliberately. If you were in that realm, working on [the message], maybe you have hours to figure out each sentence. Then it comes into this realm. So their [messages are] very carefully constructed. It’s a huge group energy, maybe millions of individuals. Carla, do you have any idea how many souls are in the Ra group? Did you ever ask that?

No I’ve really no idea. I’m not sure that it’s the entire social memory complex. It might be a large clan within the social memory complex that decided to do it as a group. But it is certainly a group.

Yes. In other words, the way I would understand it is, there’s a huge group. So Ra was talking to Atlantis at the same time and it was in South America at the same time as they were in Egypt. So I think there are different clans that work together.

So Carla, when you were channeling Ra, they would have assigned a certain group to work with you, probably.

Well, according to The Ra Material, they had been looking for 200 years for someone who could actually channel their words. It was peculiar and wonderful that both of my research partners, Don Elkins and Jim McCarty, were very spiritually advanced people who had tremendous love in their hearts for me, as undeserving as I am. And I have felt the same about them. We had all given up a great deal in order to [work together]. That’s a long story! [Ra] also mentioned the fact that I was a pure person. They weren’t talking about virginity or sexual purity. They were talking about [my] single-mindedness in seeking the Creator. I was born seeking the Creator. It’s just a gift. I was born seeking the Creator. I can’t really take credit for it. I’m driven. I’m delighted to be driven! I’m delightfully driven. Ever since I was tiny I have sought the meaning of infinity.

You know it’s obvious to me that there has been many times in history when people in this realm have talked to high beings. [In most cases] the first contact was innocent and started out pure. And then it became like, “I can get a lot of attention for doing this! People will give me money for doing this. I can have power for doing this.” And so it gets corrupted. I would say they have to pick people pretty carefully since they have watched this occur.

You know they don’t have a lot of choice. They have to choose people that are on their wave length, literally vibrating as they vibrate. It has to be compatible. They can hook in with people that are on their station, let’s say.

If you get your ego involved and start thinking, “I don’t want to say that I don’t know,” [or] “I don’t want to channel that because then the person will lose interest in me, so let’s just dip into my own opinions at the moment a little bit and answer the question, because after all I probably know as much as ‘they’ do,” then [the channel starts to] give specific information or accept fear-based questions. And [the channel] drifts off the station, and they can’t get the positive contact any more.

But it’s a crowded universe, and a negatively oriented entity is rubbing his hands at that moment, [thinking], “Oh good! I’ll say that I’m that contact and they won’t know the difference.” And they don’t. So for the most part, they fool themselves, and they don’t know what happened.

If you read [the channeling of] people that have drifted off the [original] station, you will see that they start giving more and more specific information. They don’t [channel], “I don’t know” They don’t [channel], “I can’t tell you because that would break the Law of Confusion or free will.” They just answer the question. And the questions get more fear-based, and all of a sudden they are [channeling], “Flee to the country! Flee to the mountains!”

Would you like me to give a slight tweak to your explanation as to how they come to us?

Yes, please do. I’m only postulating.

I think the deal is that fourth density and above works in time/space rather than space/time. So they have a field of time and a river of space, as opposed to our field of space and river of time. I think they are very flexible as far as time goes. Time its simultaneous to them. That is the tweak that I would give to it. I think they’re on a metaphysical time line as opposed to a physical time line. That’s one of the joys of getting into fourth density. They have a lot of time. They can actually work for what seems to be a lot of time to formulate an answer, which then comes right out to you [in space/time].

The other thing is, I don’t think they carefully shape the words. That’s not my impression. I think what they carefully shape—and I think you’re totally right about how careful they are. I think they’re impeccable in their preparation—is concepts. There is quite a bit of loss. I mean, I’m just a beginner, and I’ve been channeling for thirty-five years. I really want to get better! But I never come out of a channeling session content. I have got these infinite concepts, these round, 3-D concepts, that just have so many pathways and byways and nuances in them. And then I have to roll that out and then take cookie-cutter-shaped letters and stamp out words.

It’s the difference between our consciousness [and our minds]. [Our consciousness] is one [with them] in time/space; we’re in time/space all the time. But our minds, our intellects, are in space/time. And they have got to use the words. So I translate these concepts into words. I do think that I get some of it. What I get is legitimate. But I also can’t exhaust the concepts. I have to let [the effort] go. I have to. If I stay with one concept too long, I lose the contact. It’s like playing catch. You catch this concept-ball and then you throw it into words. Then your [hand is] empty again and you can get another concept. It’s kind of like playing catch. You get the [concept-]ball and then you can analyze the ball. Well, it’s more intuition that intellect. I think it’s the faculty, [the point] of view that writes poetry or sings rather than the faculty that writes prose. It feels more right-brain than left-brain. That’s the deal. So I always come out going, “I tried! I gave a hundred percent. I did the best I could.”

The thing that I see about channeled information from high sources is that humans want to know answers in their mind. If the source is really good, if you listen to what they say, no matter what it is, if you track the energy, it throws you into a non-linear space where you start connecting with it energetically.


So the answer is far less important than the tracking of the energy. That’s why reading channelings of high sources or listening to them can be such a great teaching mechanism of how to expand your space. Because the linear answer that seems to satisfy your curiosity is almost meaningless, okay, but the tracking of [the energy is] more important. Because then you can take something and use it and transform something. [It’s not the] curiosity about, like, what day will we ascend or will Florida be underwater in three years [that’s valuable], it’s like how does [experiencing the energy] change your life.

I tell people, “Don’t ask that [specific] question. Instead, ask what spiritual principles should I think about when I’m considering this question?” Then they might get a [spiritually] useful answer.

We got a nice email from James Stevens in Tomball, Texas. [He says,] “I just wanted to say hello to you and Carla. I’m thrilled to be here with you via BBS radio” Hi, James! Thank you for such a beautiful,, high-energy email.

We had better get to some questions. The first question is, “What do you think that ascension will be like? Carla, you’re my guest. You can go first.

All right. Ascension is a big buzzword. And, like most buzzwords, it has come to mean less than it should. There’s a lot of fear involved in it. I wrote a series [of articles] on 2012 recently in my column, which you can get from “Carla’s Niche” by going to, or It was a good series, I think. It had four or five parts. You might want to take it in, because it probably covers the subject better than I can in ten or fifteen minutes with Wynn here.

Long story short, I believe that ascension or harvest or graduation is going to be individual. It’s going to be at the end of our natural lives, when we pass from the physical and drop our physical bodies. I believe that we will then move into our spiritual bodies. I think for ascension you move into the violet-ray body. The violet-ray body is the read-out of the whole energy body. So you move into that body and you are in a place that is in time/space.

There is no perceivable break between physical life and awareness and metaphysical awareness. I know because I have died and come back. When I was 13, my kidneys failed. I died naturally. [Doctors] didn’t have anything to fix me, back then. They didn’t have dialysis. They didn’t have cortisone and they didn’t have transplant [technology]. So I corked out and was immediately in another place. That is how I know it is a very easy transition, not a difficult one.

If you have died suddenly, if you’re shaken by the fact that you have died, there’s a short healing process, as long as you need to get oriented. When you get oriented, you walk the steps of light. This is one of the nicest, most positive things from The Ra Material, because it is so reassuring and it’s so simple. Angels and guardians guard these steps of light so that the [vibrational] values will remain absolutely true and so that no one can fall away.

Each step carries a slightly higher vibration of light. It is not seen by the person walking the steps of light where third density ends and fourth density begins. The light just gets a little bit fuller, like walking into the sunshine. You walk into the sunshine until the light is so bright that it becomes uncomfortable for you. You stop there and that is where you have moved in your journey on Earth. That is how much light you can carry.

If you’re still in third density, then you’ll move to another planet. But it’s not a painful or an abrupt move. You know that you are going to your new home and you are guarded as you go. So “this day you will be with me in paradise”. 1

It might be a third-density paradise or it might be a fourth-density paradise. And I’ve often thought that some of us who are wonderers, if we have remembered enough and if we have lived according to fourth-density or fifth- or sixth-density [values]—wherever we came from—will probably walk the steps of light right back to our home density.

So it would behoove us to wake up and practice holding the light, practice living by love, practice living fourth-density values. Because that ability to think of the Creator and to see the Creator in everyone and to love and offer compassion to people wholeheartedly is that which will help us in our harvest. Trying to polarize in service to others, so you are the voice of love on this planet, you are the hands of love, you are the thoughts of love, is so simple. So try to remember who you are and why you’re here. Hold the light, share the light and be the light.

I think after you walk the steps of light, say that you’ve graduated, and you’re in fourth density, again there is probably a certain amount of orientation involved, settling in. You start exploring all the options that you have.

The reason densities are called densities rather than dimensions has to do with how dense the light is with information. There’s something completely different about each density’s light. Each density can hold more information. It’s denser with information. This shouldn’t boggle anybody’s mind because computers use light and hold a lot of information. But fourth-density computers would hold more! And our fourth-density bio-computers, our minds, our consciousnesses, can hold more.

One thing that is different about fourth density from third density is that you are in time/space. There is no veil. You see all of your own thoughts, but you also see that they are acceptable. And you see everybody else’s thoughts but you also see that everybody else is acceptable, just as he or she is. And so there is a harmonization that is very effortless. It is much easier to work together. It’s not that your privacy goes away, precisely. It’s that you have no reason to hide anything anymore. Consequently, things really start to smooth out as far as interaction goes. It’s much easier to form clans, to realize that you have an intention in common.

Interestingly enough, the [L/L Research Confederation] readings have said several times that almost every third-density human that has now graduated from Earth, almost to a man and woman, [have] come back as fourth-density wanderers. There are millions of them that have already gone on. I think they have been graduating since 1987, [when] that harmonic convergence really turned it over and there was enough fourth-density light here that people started graduating, because third-density was waning. They’re called the indigo children or crystal children. There are about four or five different names for them. Indigo is the most common term.

These kids have third-density wiring and fourth-density wiring, so they are far more able to deal with the interpenetration of fourth-density [light] that is almost complete now. I think the majority of them are entities who, having moved to fourth density, look back and see the adhering karma from blowing up their original planet, like Mars or Maldek, so they want to shed that karma once and for all. [So they have come [back to Earth as wanderers] to heal the planet as much as to help hold the light. It’s not that they don’t want to serve. They do, and they want to learn. But I think they also are very much oriented towards loving Gaia, Mother Earth. It’s very touching to see some of these young kids. They’re just busting systems right and left! I think that there’s a much fuller and balanced energy, balanced male and female energy, there, seen as ADHD. But they’re not dealt with properly. They’re seen as great trouble makers. If something doesn’t make sense to them, they bust it. On the other hand, they hold the truth. So I think we’re in good hands as far as the days to come.

Let’s see, did I answer that question? Okay, go Wynn! What do you think?

You’re a hard act to follow! Geez! I want to point out to you guys, as you’re listening to Carla, you can actually feel this feels this space in her words. I can! Some of you can feel this. She is so used to being transmuted with non-linear energy and non-linear space that even when she is not channeling, if you listen, it starts getting to be lifted into another space. And it’s a beautiful quality.

Well, thank you so much, Wynn!

Well, I said I was supposed to make you look good!


I remember, when you got [cut] off the air a couple of months ago, I spent almost the whole time speaking about what a great guy you were. I was talking about how skillful you were at finding ways to say things that are kind of out there in a way that is listenable by anybody, even an entry-level person.

Oh, by the way, I just got back from Hawaii, where I talked about 2012. It was wonderful! It was the Fourth Earth Transformation Conference in Kona, Hawaii. I had such a good time! When I do presentations like that I get to sing. You know how I love to do that! I talk a little then I sing a little. It helps wake up people’s right brains so they can listen better. I just burst into song from time to time. It kind of startles people at first, but then they like it.

On one of our Mondays, you and I should sing together!

We should.

When I first met Carla I was singing in her bedroom! Of course, her husband was there. 2

And I think a couple of other people as well. It was not a “something” exactly, but it was an orgy of love, all right.


I was speaking at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada. Wynn peeks in the window! Because I have to have a hospital bed when I travel, I was put in a great big closet in the basement. He was walking along, looking in the windows, [since] he knew our room number. He saw me and tapped on the window and I said, “Yeah, this is the right room.” He came around and came in.

So Wynn is there and he’s got his guitar with him. Eventually he pulls it out and he plays one of his songs. I was just so charmed! Then he goes, “Man, you actually invited me!” He didn’t expect me to come through with, “Yeah, come see me!” I said, “Sure, come see me.” You lived pretty close then. You just drove over.

Let me dig out this question, okay? I want to approach it from a bigger perspective. When a lot of people hear of the idea of ascension, that word or even the idea of a separation of souls, some graduating [and] some repeating, just the thought of that creates fear. So they want an answer that they hope will take their fear away. If one tries to approach that, guess what? [It] won’t work. The fear won’t go away.

So the first step in even considering a question like that is, “Are you worried? Are you afraid to die? Are you ready at any moment to leave this realm? Where are you? What would it take for you to adjust your life so that if it ended right now, you could have smooth sailing or feel good about it?”

The challenge of everyone in this realm is to figure out what they need to do, what they didn’t complete, whom they need to thank. What do they need to do in this realm that they didn’t do [yet]?

Whom do they need to forgive?

To whom do they need to apologize?

Forgive, forgive, forgive! That’s how you get ready.

I’ve asked this question of myself and I can repeat the answers to the questions. In recent times, when I’ve asked that question, I have said most people are not going to leave this realm with their bodies. They are going to leave having a natural death. It is possible to leave this realm with your body, so they say. I don’t know. I haven’t done it. What was said in a channeling [of the Elohim] is that if you wanted to leave with your body, the criteria is that all your chakras have to be open, every single one, not one hundred percent but more than fifty percent.

If you want to graduate to the higher realms, the only chakra that really needs to be open is your heart chakra. That will ensure that you don’t repeat this realm. But if you want to do it with your body, all your chakras have to be open. [That] is an impossible task for most people. I mean, you need to have your sex chakra open, your power chakra open, your survival chakra open, and your crown chakra open. And as I see it, you have to be able to create an energetic model of yourself in the realm to which you would go. You [would] have that energy model very firmly established in another realm. Then, somehow, your body can move through a portal and end up in that realm. But its not going to happen in some magical [way] as maybe Christians would think of it.

And since it’s going to be out of the reach of most people, it’s not worth focusing on. The focus has to be on how I can just be loving right now and keep my heart chakra open, stay out of fear and complete everything so I’m ready to go at any moment. That should be the focus, not worrying about, “When am I going to leave here with my body? And are they coming?” Okay, that’s my opinion about that. It seems to make intuitive sense.

As Carla described that staircase, right now each of us has the opportunity to connect with the parts of us that are beyond the veil. It is possible to connect with your energies that are beyond the veil. In fact, that’s what I do on a lot of our conference calls and a lot of our Sunday healing [programs]. I do a meditation. And I think people experience the energy of the connection. And if you get used to making the connection, when you die you go to what you energy is connected to.

So if your energy is connected to a lot of uncompleted things in the physical realm, if it’s connected with a lot of desires in the physical realm, if it’s connected with, “I never made a lot of money and I always wanted to do that,” if it’s connected to people that you have hurt or people that have hurt you and that you haven’t forgiven, that you need to get revenge for, guess what? That’s where your energy is connected and that’s where you’re going to go. You’re going to have to go finish that in the realm where those energies are. So the key to [ascension] is learning how to connect your energies with things beyond third density. The more you do that, the more you create where you’re going to go when you leave this realm.

[You’re] really creating heaven on Earth.

Yes, you’re creating heaven on Earth. You’re actually bringing those energies into this realm. And you’ll love it! You know, when one says to love everybody, it doesn’t mean you have to wear your heart on your sleeve [or that] you have to go round telling everyone you love them. Love is an energy. If you’re in your heart and you’re in that space, people are around you will feel it. And you will lift them. You don’t have to try. If you start talking, you will come in at the level of loving, not at the level of trying to love. I think people miss that. I think they try to be nice. It’s okay to be nice. It’s like charity. It’s okay to have charity, but its far better to give to somebody because you have compassion for their condition.

Really, the only way that you have compassion for someone else is to have compassion for yourself. I think that is job number one for all of us—simply to accept ourselves for the first time, without saying, “I wish I were this, I wish I were that, I wish I could do this, I wish I could do that.” Forget all of that stuff and say,


That’s great, man.

You like that? Okay, now we’re running out of time. Carla’s talking too much!

Don’t I always?

She loves to be the center of attention and the know-it-all!

Oh God, such a big ego here!

You know, Carla calls herself “a small medium at large,” 3 which I think is a good name.

We have about five minutes and we have a bunch of questions. I’m going to pick the question that I think is the best [of those which have] come in. It is an email from Suzanne R. Hi, Suzanne! How are you doing?“ She asks—you can answer this one, Carla, because I’m on every Monday. So let your wisdom shine! And if there is any time [after your answer], if I need to make a comment, I will.—“Does Carla believe that an appreciation of the smallest of things in our lives can raise our vibrational energy and thus help us through the shift that is happening now? How else can this be helpful to ease our symptoms during the shift?”

What a great question! And it’s so true. There is something that Ra calls the magical personality. Q’uo has actually talked more about it than Ra did, because there’s such a great length of time since Ra was with us. The magical personality is what we achieve when our hearts are open and we set an intention to reach through the gateway of intelligent infinity into time/space to bring inspiration or information back from that realm. When we do that, we can pull in that which we can’t get from our intellectual minds, and we can move into much more deep space. That magical personality is the personality of a priest—not that the priest is all preachy or acts out in public as a priest. It’s rather an attitude that you have where everything in your life is sacred. You are sacred. Your life is sacred. When you are washing out the toilet bowel, you are loving the toilet bowl. You are creating a ritual of cleaning out the toilet bowl. And when the toilet bowl says, “Oh thank you! I love to be clean,” then you know you have made it. When you dishes start talking back to you, and when you walking down the street and you begin to feel that nature is all around you and you are a part of nature, you allow yourself to become magical.

That difference is a huge, huge difference. It enables you to focus your life and have a rule of life, so that all of the things that you do become meaningful to you. Chop wood, carry water. 4 We have talked about this a lot. It’s not a new idea. It’s eons old 5 that priesthood has been with us. In the Bible it said, “You are a nation of priests.” 6 We all carry the godhead principal within us. And as we honor it we become more and more capable of setting an intention and following through in our minds with attempting to live that.

Being the priest at the altar is evoking the personhood of Jesus the Christ, in the Christian religion, and calls it down into the artifacts of bread and wine—or for some grape juice—and offers to the people that which he has brought through because of the strength of his faith in things unseen. And people, because they also have faith, are imbued with Christ, so that they walk out of that church and are hoping that if they meet somebody, that person meets Christ first and only secondly them.

And that is the beauty of living for the tiny things, honoring everything. My husband, for example, is probably the most priestly man I have ever met. I noticed long ago that when he turns left in the car, his wrist makes a most beautiful arabesque on the way to turning. I asked him about it recently and he said, “Oh well, I could just see it.” So even turning the wheel of the car is imbued with ritual.

It’s not that ritual is a staid or stodgy thing. It is living and it’s moving and it’s dancing. But there is an attitude where you really have to set your intentions to bring back that radiance of being, that dolphin energy, and live that energy, not just know about that energy. And when you imbue all of the things that you do with sacredness I believe your life changes completely.

What a beautiful answer! Thank you. Carla gets the last word! I don’t have time to say anything. I don’t even know what I would say after that.

Terry, are you on the line?

Yes, I am! Hello! I have been enjoying listening

Well, thank you! You should have interrupted us and said hello! I just thought, “Where’s Terry? I bet you she’s in the background and listening.

Intently listening!

Okay! So listen, this is the end of the show tonight. I’m sorry, to all of you who asked questions, that we didn’t get to them. But Carla talks too much!

I got the other [questions from asides].

Did you? Actually we did hit on the answers to the other questions, didn’t we!

Yes, I think we did!

[Desultory chatter continues for 45 more seconds.]

  1. Holy Bible, Luke 23: 42-33. This is the story of the thief on the cross beside Jesus, who asked, “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.” And Jesus said unto him, “Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise.” 

  2. It was in our hotel room at an International UFO Congress in 2002. 

  3. “A Small Medium at Large” is the name of my column for UPI’s 

  4. Chop Wood, Carry Water - A Guide to Finding Spiritual Fulfillment in Everyday Life is a book by the editors of the New Age Journal. It was published in 1984 by Putnam and is still available. 

  5. The notion of sacredness in the everyday is at least 1000 years old in Zen literature. 

  6. Holy Bible, Exodus 19: 5-7, “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel. And Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before their faces all these words which the LORD commanded him.”