Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, February 15, 2010.

This is Wynn Free and I’d like to welcome everyone to our BBS simulcast conference line, where my guest tonight is Carla Rueckert. Carla and I have been friends for about seven years now. To some people Carla’s a legend, but most people have never heard of her. She’s had a series of channelings.

Of course, channeling is the common word [for something which] nobody really knows what it is. The idea is that some intelligent thing from some other dimension is talking through you and using you to get some kind of message into the physical world. Carla channels a voice which identified itself as Ra. She did that for a total of three years and [the material was made into five books. 1

Hi, this is Marty, here, from New York.

Hi Marty, is this your first time tonight?

Yes, it is.

Where did you hear about us?

I heard about you from Zoë in Sacramento.

Super. I just want you to know that you’re on the air right now. This show is simulcast on [BBS and] the internet, so don’t say anything you don’t want a bunch of strangers to hear!

This is a kind of protected space on this line. It’s really nice to feel everyone! Not only do we feel the people on this line, I think we feel people that are in another dimension; [we] feel energies that are not in the physical. They join us during this call. Some of you might feel that energy. It’s subtle. If you’re here for the first time, notice the spaces in between the words. Sometimes it takes a while to get your own radio receiver tuned into the energies. Who else is on the line that hasn’t said, “Hello?”

It’s John.

John McK, my favorite auto mechanic in Sedona. Those of you in New York that want to take a trip to Sedona, be sure to check him out if you need auto repair!

[Is there] anyone else on the line? Dominic from London? Dominic, would you send me an email right after this call? I want to mention something to you?

Anyone else on the line? Al, in Florida. Terry in Los Angeles. Michelle from South Carolina. We’ll let one more person say hello before we mute the line. Jackie from Massachusetts!

[There follows a non-relevant discussion about school coincidences.]

Okay, I’m going to mute everybody because we’re on the air now.

[Wynn explains why he kept the conference call format—to create a space where everyone’s energies create the space.]

I’m like the orchestra leader. All these vibrations work together. Is this true for you, Carla? When we talk I can feel you. You don’t have to try. You’ll find there are energies that you didn’t realize were there. It’s a community. The people on BBS are also part of this community, though it’s harder to feel people through the internet [radio] than with a conference line. The only thing, there can be 100 people on the phone line but not more.

You know, I had a very interesting topic to talk about tonight and I didn’t tell Carla about it. So since one of the prime directives of the source we work with is free will, and even though I think Carla would enjoy this topic, I want to make sure it’s okay with her, or if she has something in particular that she wants to say. [If so] she can mention it. And I think Terry could participate in this. All three of us [can]. All of us—the Carla-Wynn-Terry contingency that are talking—have had the experience of communication with interdimensional [sources] by this process called channeling, where voices speak to you from other realms.

I think that everyone that is first exposed to this has to go through an integration process, deciding, “Is this real? Are they making that up? Is it positive? Who’s talking to me?” You have to go through this process because this idea of communication from other realms approaches science fiction.

So I thought that [the topic of channeling] would be very interesting topic, and that [talking about] the process that the three of us have had to go through would help people who are being exposed to this kind of communication for the first time to decide whether it’s real.

We’re not making it up. It’s positive [information] and that why you [might] want to go share it with other people. What’s the benefit of that?

Carla, is that an okay topic for you?

That’s just fine, Wynn. I thought maybe you would want to talk first. I have a profound amount of opinion on the subject, so I don’t want to start blabbing right away,

I know you do. I just thought I would get my beginnings in, once you start blathering.

And Terry needs to blather too.

I think this is a really good topic to get recorded and transcribed, because there are so many people being introduced to it.

Let me say that Carla’s work is oftentimes considered the some of the most accurate, scientific, highly intended work [available]. And from knowing Carla to the extent that I have, I would say that she has extremely high dedication to a sense of service. She has helped so many people. She has no ego or, “Look at me! Aren’t I great? I’m bringing through this great source.”

Once [channels] realize what they are doing, it becomes a huge responsibility actually. If you don’t do it, you feel guilty, but if you do it, you might get negatively attacked. So these are some of the things that people who do this have to cope with.

Terry, are you on the line? Is this a good topic for you? I thought it would be a good topic. Most of the time on this show we don’t have guests, it’s just Terry and I. We ask questions directly, on the line, that are very interesting and we get our source answering them. It’s in the public eye and you guys can listen. Next week we’ll continue that.

I’m very honored that I have this loving connection with Carla and that we can be so loose and flexible and just be ourselves and talk about these things in front of you all. I know that many of you that are listening to this are going through, “Can this be real? Who are these guys? What’s the advantage to me of listening?” It’s a little bit intimidating when you’re first exposed to the idea of communication from other realms.

Before I turn it over to Carla, I would like to say, from my own consideration of this in my own channelings and in Carla’s channelings, there are two aspects to these communications that we have. One aspect we have is wisdom. You don’t need to believe in anything. It doesn’t matter if it comes from Wayne Dyer or the Ra Group. Wisdom is wisdom. It’s something you can apply to your life, and you don’t have to decide who the source is. If you can take anything and make your life better and improve some quality of it, then it stands on its own.

The other aspect of channeled material as I have experienced it is cosmology. You have beings with tremendous amounts of understanding about the greater cosmos and how it works, things which are not available to humans in any [other] way, shape, or form.

So there’s where you have to decide if you trust your source. Because they’re telling you things you cannot validate. So, I’m going to turn it over to Carla and she can share her process, or anything she wants, about how she came to the conclusion that she could trust the voice that was speaking through her.

Okay, do you want that first and then free will? Or do you want to talk about free will first?

Well, since we’re talking about free will, you can decide, okay?

I don’t think I can moosh them together so why don’t I talk about free will first? And then, if Wynn reminds me it’s time to stop talking about that, I’ll talk about how come I believe what’s happening to me is real.

First of all, I tend to share the opinion of the Confederation that I channel, rather than sharing my own opinion or the personal path I follow as a mystical Christian, because of the fact that I have become convinced, by being very familiar with the group of sources for the last 35 years, that they’ve got it together; that they are telling it precisely the way things are.

Why don’t you say what the Confederation is, so people who are listening in that don’t know will have some idea [what that is].

All right. “The Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator” is a long name for a group of planetary and inner-planes sources that work together on our Earth at this time from the inner planes. They believe that we are approaching a critical point; in fact, we’re just about there. And they want to help to increase the harvest of those who are able to go on to the next Density of Love and Understanding. We are now in the Density of Choice.

I first became aware of these energies, these sources, and these alleged extraterrestrial communicators in 1962, when I was part of an experiment in Louisville, Kentucky, started by Professor Don Elkins of the Speed Scientific School, the Engineering School of the University of Louisville. He found some information he thought was very interesting. He was a paranormal investigator from about 1955 onward. He had investigated UFOs quite a bit and most especially the “close encounter” phenomenon. He talked to a fellow that had had a close encounter in Detroit named Walt Rogers. Walt showed him a whole notebook full of stuff that he had gotten from alleged extra-terrestrial sources.

Don thought this was very interesting and when he found material in that book that suggested that one could begin an extra-terrestrial type contact without having a close encounter of the third kind, he thought, “This is worth experimenting.” So he got his twelve favorite physics students together (I was the girlfriend of one them, so that made thirteen of us plus Don) and we started meditating together, following the instructions in Walt Rogers’ channeling.

And by golly, we started a channeling group. It took about six months. Just about everybody in the group besides me began channeling. I liked the sources very much. Twelve years later, in 1974, almost all of these people had gone on to jobs in other states, some of them in other countries, and there were almost no people with whom to continue the experiment. Don asked me if I would attempt to learn channeling. I adored the man and I said, “Okay,” being fairly reluctant, actually. Don always thought that was one of the best things about my attitude. I had no desire to do it; I was just doing it for a service. That’s true to this day. It’s a lot of work and it calls on everything that you are in order to be able to do the job. And even then I don’t ever feel like I’ve done a perfect job. I always wish I could have done better.

So I’m reluctant to this day, but I do it because it’s obvious it’s a service to other people. The feedback has been incredible! So I’m still doing it. And I’ll keep doing it until I don’t get the feedback. Then I’ll quit doing that, and I’ll finally have the time to catalog the library that we have here at LL Research! That seems not to have happened at all. The interest has grown and grown and grown.

I picked up the channeling work in about two months and immediately I became very interested in it. It was easy to do, but so difficult to do it well! And I love to do good work. I want to do excellent work. I became fascinated and really focused on how to improve this contact.

So when I say that I think these people are real, I’m not saying that I’ve seen them or that I can prove it to you. That’s the whole point of free will, you see. Something that has this much importance in your life cannot be proven. So everybody has to gather their own intelligence and create their own opinions and do that completely through your own free will in your own time.

When this was initially happening, were you getting any kind of phenomena where they would make a prediction about the future and it would happen, or where they demonstrated some ability to know something in this realm that they shouldn’t have known?

Interesting question, Wynn. One of the first things I learned when I was trying to make my channeling better is, that’s not the kind of question you ask if you want to keep a spiritually based, metaphysically based channel. You do not ask, “Where’s the next earthquake or horrible weather phenomenon going to land?”

But before I knew that, I did do that once, when Don asked, when I was channeling, “Tell me the places that are going to be hit by disasters in the next twelve months.” I have a block against geography, I don’t think I really took it after the sixth grade. But I could “see” the map of the world and I’d go, “Here, and here, and here,” and describe what I was seeing. And Don was able to pinpoint them.

He put [the sketch he’d made] away for a year. We got it out at the end of the year and they were all hits. This did not excite me in a good way. This made me feel that here was something that I did not want to develop. It had nothing to do with the development of our minds, our bodies or our spirits. It was not important information. It was completely transient information. And I became aware very quickly that when you ask a metaphysical-type channel that is running on the energies of love and light, or love and wisdom—that’s unity—if you ask questions like that, you will quickly detune your channel. There are negatively oriented entities that use exactly the same light and are very good at pretending to be positively oriented channels. So then you get those channels, and they’ll tell you anything that you want to know. They’ll give you all kinds of specific information. But what happens is, it is all fear-based, you see. So they’re distracting people, very subtly distracting people from their spiritual paths.

So it’s really a choice we have to make between love and fear. And when I get fear-based questions, specific questions, I simply decline to accept them. Or, if it’s in the group and I have no control over somebody who has come to the group at a public meeting, and they ask who’s going to win the next Kentucky Derby, I let the Confederation entity that I’m channeling tell them that that’s a very humorous question but that they will not be able to answer it because of—guess what—free will!. And is that a good way to segue into free will, Wynn?

Yes! I wanted to say that one of the things I’ve noticed is that the key to this is, “What’s the benefit to someone else?” And sometimes people email me and say, “Why doesn’t your source say this and this and this, and tell us what’s going on?”

What’s going on upon the planet, even a catastrophe, is directly related to the consciousness—this is my feeling—of the consciousness of the collective and the consciousness of people in a given area. If everything was the way it is right now you may be able to make a certain amount of predictions based on how things are right now. But in the future anything can happen, especially right now on the planet. There are many people that are hungry and open and looking and scared. If they find some[one] that makes predictions [that come true] it may make them addicted to [that person]. They may keep coming back and say, “Is this going to happen? Is that going to happen?”

That addiction is attention. And being attached to attention is an aspect of the negative. You have to do this being detached from the attention you get, because as soon as you are attached to the attention, you lose your own sense of centeredness and you try to please other people. And that is an opening for negative sources to come in. That’s not healthy, in terms of spiritual evolution.

In my own case, they did do it one time, very dramatically. That’s when Daphne was first channeling and I said, “Is she crazy? Can you guys predict a newspaper headline?” But they did. They [made the prediction] the weekend of what happened and it [came true]. Two weeks later [it happened again] and I guess it was something that was very locked in stone. It was some kind of plan that was already set. At that point I knew that she was not crazy and that something real was coming through. But they’ve never done anything that specific [again], nor have I asked for anything that specific.

That’s my take on it. Does it make sense to you that the consciousness of all of us is creating things and that if you make a prediction then, particularly if it’s a negative prediction, you actually are affecting consciousness to [tend to cause] that to happen?

I think psychologically we’ve all seen that happen in our own lives, where we’re afraid that something’s going to happen and so we focus on it and we just about bring it about. Instead, if we were focusing on the positive outcome the whole time, at least we’re leading into helping [the positive outcome] come about. What we pay attention to creates our day-to-day reality.

You could take the same event and have three different people experience it and there’ll be a positive, a negative, and then something else, maybe another type of positive or negative. There’ll be three unique reactions to the same event. The Law of One would suggest, or those entities that I channel would suggest, in that line, that we focus on those intentions that we wish to bring into manifestation, not the ones that we see in the headlines or the ones that we hear in the buzz but those things that seem to us to be of truth and beauty and love. [We need to] stay focused and set our intention every single day to be the highest and best carrier of love and light and truth and beauty that we possibly can be.

I start every day dedicating this day to the Lord and saying, “Please Lord, come into my life with power and grace. I dedicate this day to you. Use me. And if you have to shake and bake me, if something has to happen differently, please let that be. I truly want to be a good, sturdy servant of the light. I don’t exactly know what that’s shaped like. So please give me a hint, give me an inkling, give me a clue! Help me to be the voice of love today. Help me to be the hands of love. Let me open my arms and hug all of the good things and make people feel better and give people a grin as I go past and just generally be part of the good.

So I think it’s in how you intend. You create your own experience that way. Well, the Earth is the same way. Our environment is the same way. Let’s face it guys! As a planet, as a tribe, we have been so hostile and so aggressive! We have gone through so many generations of Empire, from Babylon and Atlantis to Rome and all of the different Reichs. And now we have the American Reich that all of us who live here in America are hoping and praying may end without further incident.

So you can either focus on what’s “bleeding and leading” in the headlines or you can focus on being an instrument of love. And if you focus on that, then you are lightening the consciousness of the entire planet. And again, this is totally a function of your free will. This is the Density of Choice. The choice is love or fear; service to others or service to yourself. So, let’s talk a little bit about free will. I think I can ground that a little bit in the cosmology that Wynn was talking about.

The Confederation philosophy says that in the beginning there was the Creator, and they call the Creator “Intelligent Infinity.” Now you can’t put your mind around that. That’s a phrase that’s guaranteed to stump you. Nevertheless, that is the unmanifest—sleeping, shall we say—Creator.

The first thing that happens before the universe begins, according to this cosmology, is that the Creator decides, because of the first distortion of the Law of One, which is free will, to know Itself. Therefore, the Creator says, “I think I want a Creation. Then I’m going to learn about Myself as I throw out all these splinters, or as Wynn calls them, holograms, of Creator-ness. They will all gather experiences and seek the things that they desire and in the process, I’m going to learn more about who I am.”

So the Creator sends us all out from the heart of Itself, and It does this in a certain way, because the very nature of the Creator is love, unconditional love, absolute, utter love. It’s a powerful love. It’s not a romantic love. It’s not a friendship love. It’s not agape. It’s love. It’s the love that creates and the love that destroys. And this love, this Logos, is the nature of all that there is.

Now obviously, as we look around we do not see everything being love. We see a lot of distortions. But no matter what we’re looking at; no matter what emotion, no matter what feeling, no matter what it is, it is a distortion of love. The Logos got together again with free will to manifest that which we can see and feel and taste, and that which is in the unseen realms as well. They did all of this by the use of light. So when the Creator uses love and light, the Creation appears, bursting forth from the great Central Sun of all of the infinite galaxies and all of those galaxies’ infinite numbers of suns and all of those suns with an infinite number of planets and then all of the systems that happen on all of those planets.

So it’s just “Boom!” But it’s not one boom and then that’s all. In the cosmology of the Confederation entities, that whole creation, from the big bang to the final black hole eating itself and becoming nothing again, becoming the sleeping Creator again, is one heartbeat of the infinite Creator. The octave of densities of experience in one Creation is called an octave because [it is] just as in a scale.

[Carla sings the notes of an octave.]

[The eighth density is] the same note but a different octave. So in that next octave, that next note, the last note of one Creation becomes the first note of the next. And when the Creator once again decides to know Itself, it starts with all that has been [learned by It] in the last octave; all that has been known; all that has been absorbed. And again, we bits of the Creator get to experience the whole octave of Creation and learn more and experience more and choose what we desire more. And all of this is done by free will.

Now, when it comes to this density, this being the third density in their cosmology—the first being the elements—wind, fire, earth and water; the second being the plants and animals who are aware but not self aware—third-density humans are self aware. So we have that density called the Density of Choice, where we decide what to do with our self-awareness. Upon what shall we focus? Upon what shall we pin our desires? How shall we set our intention? And we use free will.

Now we use free will—the primal distortion of the Law of One—in connection with the veil which has dropped over third density. See, the rocks, the water, the air, they all know how everything works. They all know we are all one. They’re perfectly aware of that without being aware that they know that. They function in one great dance. If you are ever out in nature long enough to start becoming a part of that dance, you know exactly what I mean. Everything dances with everything. The energies and the rhythms are wonderful. It’s just this wonderful thing that we have within us, that we too can join the Dance of Creation. The plants and the animals will talk to us. The rocks, the crystals and the minerals, they do talk to us. They can be magnetized by our will, which we choose freely.

We keep coming back to the Law of Free Will. Now the Confederation calls the Law of Free Will the Law of Confusion. They call it that because third density is a density in which we hit the ground running. We don’t know where we are. We’re completely confused. It seems like a chaos out there. We start organizing our universe to make sense to us. At a certain point, we, as self-aware beings who are creatures of love, no matter what the culture tells us, no matter what our parents tell us, finally get it. We step outside the box, just like Neo, in The Matrix, and we go, “Okay, that is an illusion. Now, what about me is real?” And as you begin investigating what is real you keep choosing what to look at. “What shall I look at?”

So you set up a very fragile yet very important process called “The Spiritual Path” or “The Spiritual Journey.” I like to call it “The Path of the King’s Highway.” Being a mystical Christian I love that kind of imagery. But the exciting thing about it is that we, in our free will, [choose to] set out upon this path to penetrate illusion and to experience that which is real.

[The tape is flipped.]

We do that, eventually, by choosing to live by faith. We launch ourselves into the midair of faith. We “leap into faith” as Søren Kierkegaard said. Here we are in midair and we’re saying, “Love is the most important thing in the world.” We’re falling and we’re falling, and it’s chaos! And wait a minute! We’re not falling! We’re walking very sturdily in midair, on faith. [It is] about choosing faith by free will with absolutely no proof that, in 75,000 years of doing this in third density, we can make changes in our soul stream and bring ourselves more into balance and decrease distortion in our lives, more than we ever could in higher densities. In higher densities we know the score. There’s no veil. Sure, we can pass the test, but it’s a take-home test. All we have to do is look up the stuff.

In third density, we’re thrown back upon faith, faith alone, to experience the difference between the cultural miasma of “every man for himself” and all of those cultural belief systems that do absolutely nothing to enlarge faith, and the wonderful choice of love.

Now, our world religions tell us that there is love and if we believe, then we shall be “saved.” What does that mean?

When you start exploring the universe, knowing that you have free will and that you can create the universe that you wish to create, and that your judgment holds, so that what you judge to be loving is loving, what you judge to be imperfect isn’t perfect, then you start getting the feeling that, “By free will perhaps I can create a universe in which people are honored and respected and supported and sustained by my love, and in which all of the sudden, oh my heaven, everybody starts loving me back!”

And you’re dealing for the first time with this amazing dance of love, where love is reflected back and forth and you are suddenly dancing, again, not just with nature and with minerals and with mountains, but also dancing with all that there is. And we all can feel that. John Lennon wrote it a long time ago, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” 2

We are all one. So you start acting as if we were all one. Jesus said it so simply. He said, “Love the Lord, your God. Love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Okay, if I love you as myself, I want you to be warm and fed and comfortable and educated and anything I think is important. So if we could all just hold that intention, I think we would so rapidly become ready for fourth density, it would just be astonishing.

I want to make a comment here before I lose it, and that is that I think one can start in faith. There’s no evidence [that faith works]. This [illusion] is so insulated from direct observation of the truth of what you said, that people who are coming from total distortion, total fear, total alienation, are living in a universe that totally supports [living by fear]. And when they want to change that, by reading your channelings, by studying the stuff that I do, it gives people [a feeling of] “Where’s this coming from?”

It’s the beginning of the conscious, logical mind saying, “Maybe there’s something here,” that is the [first] step of faith. But then once somebody starts reaching, there are things that happen in their lives that give real evidence that it works this way. You don’t just have to continue on faith. You have synchronicities. You see a miracle. You see a relationship change. So you don’t have to stay in faith, My take is that faith is just the first step in this. You start looking for this higher possibility. It’s available to everyone, but until they start looking for it, they just keep bouncing around in their own contracted universe.

So you need something, say Jesus. I’m not a traditional Christian, but I’ve seen Jesus. He was able to demonstrate a kind of love that rubbed off on other people. They could feel this love. [They] ended up saying, “This guy’s for real. Let’s listen to him.” So he created an opportunity to go from faith into experience. [Faith] has to go to experience. You have to see your world change. You have to see some kind of phenomena. You have to see somebody that hated you, love you.

We’re never going to get to the question I started on, because what you’re doing is you’re expressing the cosmology that you’ve learned through your channelings. But [you are] not saying how you’ve proved it to yourself.

Oh, I think we all prove it to ourselves subjectively. We can’t prove it to anybody else, but once we decide we’re going to take that leap of faith, then, it’s as if our vibrations become congruent with the dance. The dance starts dancing with us, and street signs come at us—that’s exactly what we were talking about—or something happens on TV or our totem animal shows up and says, “Okay, you’re thinking the right thing,” and we start getting this very rich stew of experience where one thing after an another is [relevant] to our path. That’s why the path is so important. And that’s why, when the Confederation comes in, they always say, “Please use your discrimination when you listen to what we have to say. And if what we have to say doesn’t work for you, toss it away. Move on.” Yes, you have to start with faith. But as soon as you do, I think you start calling to yourself all of these levels of synchronicity that are incredible. And everything you said is true from that point on.

But the thing that you missed there, if you say it that way, Wynn, is you have to say, “This happened for me. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen for you and I can’t prove what happened to me in such a way that you get to slide in on my coattails.” Everybody has his own path to follow and everybody has her own timing. I was trying to set up the structure so that people could see, “Okay, this is where I am, this is where I’d like to be, this is the [path] that I need to [choose]. As far as witnessing to how my path has opened up in my life, I can say it just keeps blossoming and blossoming and blossoming some more.

Terry, what do you think about that? Does it keep blossoming for you?

I was thinking, while you were talking, concerning free will. And I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute. I was thinking that there was one good reason to go and take a look at some negative stuff and that is to purify it. I believe that there is a bleed-through of future events, when they’re beginning to start to manifest and come into this realm, but they haven’t happened yet. I still believe in free will and that those events can be changed. So I would like to be able to be aware of those things, so that if I see those things start to come in and bleed through, that I can do prayers or [something else in order to] get help to come in and investigate those events and see what can be changed about them so that they can be averted. That would not be the free will of specific entities but the free will of the consensus-reality [population] who doesn’t wish these negative things to happen.

Yes. I can see that.

It would be like, if somebody’s sick and you’re praying for them, those prayers can shift the potential outcomes in that person’s disease. Right?

Well, Christian Scientists would simply say that what you do is you hold that person in mind and know the truth for that person, that they are perfect, they’re healed, they’re well. And you give that person the opportunity of choosing the knowledge of the Christian Science practitioner.

I have one example of that. It was one of the more dramatic things that happened to me during the Law of One contact. This [unseen] entity said to me, “I’m going to kill you.” And I said, “You can kill me, but you can’t stop me from loving you.” And it just vanished.


So we’re at 7:51 and we never covered our topic.

[Everyone laughs.]

How did you become convinced to take the responsibility of writing books, thinking that what you’re doing is going to benefit others? I know that one of the tests that I did on the work that I was doing [when I was writing my book] was watching how people reacted to it. Did it help people make better choices or go through any kind of transformation? I looked at what Jesus said and I thought this was a very good criteria: “By your fruits ye shall be known.”

What you’re doing is impacting other people in a really positive way. That’s a really good indication that what you’re doing is positive. That was one of my litmus tests that I applied very carefully for quite some time. It gave me the courage and the confidence to put something out in a bigger way, because I saw the results people were having.

We’d better say goodbye. If anyone wants to follow up on Carla’s work, she has many of her channelings posted at She has five books of her Ra channelings. We have some of her work posted on

I love you guys, thank you, goodbye.

We love you too, and we’re so honored to have these monthly discussions. We’ll be on again in about four weeks.

  1. Carla channeled those of Ra from 1981 to 1984. She has channeled and still channels other Confederation entities such as Q’uo, Hatonn, Latwii, Oxal and Laitos. 

  2. This Lennon-McCartney song is titled, “I Am the Walrus,” and was recorded in 1967 for the video, Magical Mystery Tour. The actual composer is John Lennon.