Carla was interviewed by telephone on Wynn Free’s Monday Night Conference Call program on BBS Radio on Monday, September 20, 2010.

“Channeling: The way it impacts people and the way people are benefited.”

I had announced a topic. I wasn’t sure Carla would go along with it, but she did. She said, “That sounds good.”

The thing that all three of us that are the speakers here have in common is that we all have the experience of having communications with voices in other realms. They talk about themselves. They explain who they are. Other people seem to get benefit by us sharing our communications. It’s a unique thing to be doing this.

When I say we’re all having communications, I should clarify that I officially don’t channel. The word “channel” means having a voice from somewhere else that comes through your body and talks through you. Its intelligence, added to or separate from your own, is able to know things, do things that humans can’t do on their own.

On one level, this is a phenomenon. Some people, when they hear about that phenomenon, might think that we’re crazy. In normal consensus reality, you would probably find people that have voices talking to them from other realms in psych wards. In fact, you [could] probably go to a psych ward and find people like us who didn’t figure out how to act normal and ended up in the psych ward.

Many people have this experience and they don’t talk about it. I get emails from people who say, “Oh my God! I’m so glad you’re talking about it, because I’m having that experience.”

When this first started happening for me, I had to make two evaluations: One, was it really from another realm, or was the person who was talking to me making it up? The other was, if it was a voice from another realm, who was it and was it positive?

Once I decided that it was from another realm and it was positive, I had to ask myself, “How does this work? How can other people benefit from these kinds of communications?” And, that’s the topic of our conversation tonight.

Although I’m not a person that directly gets voices, Terry, who is on the line, does get voices. And, Carla gets voices from other realms. And, we all get different voices. They all identify themselves and explain themselves slightly differently. We’ve all had to go through our own testing period. “Is this valid? Can I trust it? Who is talking? Could I be making it up?” Of course, Carla was in a trance [only for the time of the Ra contact], so if she was making it up it was not her conscious mind making it up.

I think many people who first are exposed to this idea of channeling, or voices from other realms, have a great deal of anxiety about it, like, is somebody going to tell me what to do? Is somebody going to take me over? What if there’s this voice that comes through that knows everything—is it going to start bossing me around and take control?

In general consensus reality, there’s a resistance to the idea of this happening, although there have been a number of breakthroughs into consensus reality. One was Jesus. I suppose He was getting voices from other realms. And in modern times Edgar Cayce. “Conversations with God”, and Carla Rueckert [channeling of Confederation entities for L/L Research] are two of the most respected and precise and accurate and articulate channels. [Carla] has been doing this for thirty-plus years.

She has a website where she has posted literally thousands of her communications. If you ever look at her website and start reading these communications, you will see that the intelligence that speaks through her can look at the history of mankind and very precisely talk about almost anything with total omniscience, total viewing of that event as it actually was. It’s really fascinating.

What is the value to get this information? Carla, why don’t just share anything you want about all of this and help get the ball rolling?

All right. When Wynn asked me about tonight’s session, he said that they’d sort of like to talk about what changes or what a difference channeling has made in my life. I thought about that. Bear with me while I take a walk through memory lane, because the answer isn’t short, but I think it’s sweet.

I was born with a lot of gifts, more than my share I’m sure. When I was a little girl, I danced and I performed and I was considered professional. That came to a screeching halt when I discovered that on toe, my toes bled. My teacher said, “What do you expect, you’re landing on a block of wood.” And I said, “That really, really hurts.” And she said, “Well, that’s the suffering that you do for your art.” And I said, “That’s not the suffering I am going to do for my art.” So, at age 14, there went one career down the drain.

But, I loved to sing and I collected old folk songs and I collected Irish poetry and I wrote my own poems and put them to music. I had a fellow that played the guitar with me and sang with me, and we were professional after a while. This was back in the early and mid-60’s when coffee houses were all the fashion. We ended up being asked to open for Peter, Paul and Mary on tour, so we were pretty good.

Then I discovered that this gentleman, who was my starter husband, did not like to sign autographs. When push came to shove, he did not sign the contract to open for Peter, Paul and Mary. He put up the guitar and I was left with the shambles of a marriage. I had married the guy because it was the only way I could go on tour with him. He was hard-shell Baptist, and felt that we would be sinning if we went on tour and we were not married. So, here I was married, which is not something you take back easily, and not singing. There went that career down the drain. I think probably that one would have lasted better than any other would.

I was also good in school and people kept telling me, “You should be a professor of this, or a professor of that.” Unfortunately, I could see right through that. Intellectual discourse is largely the relating of Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D, and after a while it just gets abstruse and you can relate a giraffe to a wing nut and get away with it. It’s just not that interesting to me. So I settled down and became a librarian, which I loved. I dearly loved that.

Now all this time, I had been meditating with a group led by Professor Don Elkins of Speed Scientific School, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics. He was also a paranormal investigator back in the day, back in the mid-‘50’s, 1960, before anyone else really took it seriously.

He was going to séances and he was talking to Tom Edison via a channel in Chicago, and he was talking to J.B. Rhine in North Carolina and he was flying his small plane around to talk to people who had had UFO experiences and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) would call him, or one of the other UFO networks, and he’d be off and he’d be investigating. He had done a good many regression, hypnosis sessions back before birth just to find out whether reincarnation was accurate or not—this kind of very far-flung research.

He had found, in 1961, a fellow in Detroit by the name of Walt Rogers who had a UFO experience of a psychic kind, not a close encounter of the physical kind. As it happened, he was looking at [a UFO] as if it were projected on his bedroom ceiling. He began getting information, and it was spiritually-oriented information which Don found was almost always the case if there was information with a UFO sighting.

In this information were instructions on how to create a UFO contactee group. Don decided he was going to create a grand experiment, so he asked his twelve favorite physics students—I was not one of them—if they would form a meditation circle and meditate silently once a week. I was, at the time, a freshman in college and I was looking for a silent meditation group and I thought, “Perfect.” I said to my future starter husband, “Ask Elkins if I can sit with you-all.” And he said “Okay.” And Elkins said “Okay.”

So I began sitting, and within six months everybody in the group except me was channeling. The information gathered was precisely in line with the information Don had seen before, and he was very happy with the experiment. It continued for twelve years like this. I didn’t particularly want to channel. I’ve never wanted to channel, except to be of service.

Fast forward about four years from 1964. [The] marriage ends. I’m back in Louisville, and Don asks me if I will learn to channel. I would have done just about anything for Don. By this time, I was over my divorce. Don and I had moved in together and we were hand-fasted, which was as close as the man ever came to marriage. He wasn’t what you would call a real ordinary guy, did not like the idea of providing a cave for the she-bear. We had an understanding, and we were very happy.

And he says, “Alrac,”—which is what he called me—“I need to carry on with this experiment, and I think you might be able to channel. If you’d do it for me, I’d appreciate it.” What could I say but “Yes?” It took me about two months to get started. For a long time, I was not getting it, and then one day I did, one day I got it and we were off. Don began to think, “Wow, we’ve got something here. She’s a pretty good channel.” So he started recording me.

Meanwhile I, being a librarian and a researcher, was very interested in doing a better job [of channeling]. So I started what is continuing to be a life-long study of the genre called channeling, or “spirit communications”, that’s the library term.

I discovered some things about the channeling that made it better:

  • Never accept a fear-based question,
  • Never accept a specific question that has no spiritual content.
  • I also found that it was best to tune myself as if I were a radio tuning to the right station, big knob, little knob, little vernier, you know, get it just right on and that’s my highest and best me.
  • Then I would ask for the source that came in the name of Jesus the Christ at the frequency to which I had tuned.

I began getting a variety of energies and did a lot of channeling like that. I began to discover almost immediately that there was a huge interest in these spirit communications, and for the first time in my life I was feeling as though I were of service, really of service, to people.

The people that are close to my heart are people that don’t have a church. I’ve always been very lucky. I have stayed with my religion since birth. I was born into the Episcopal Church and it’s very understanding of mystics so I’ve never had to leave it. What I really cared about, though, was that I was so aware that most of my friends couldn’t take religion as it was given to them. They were needing to create their own spiritual life. They found the channeling that I was doing helpful, and the questions that they asked were very inspiring and it just kind of built on itself.

And I was suddenly—this was about 1976, 1977—receiving letters in the mail. Then when email got started about ten years later, I began receiving emails daily, thanking me for my work and asking me please to keep it up.

In 1980 I got the contact with those of Ra, and, as Wynn said, I did that in trance. It’s the only trance channeling I’ve ever done and I really wasn’t good at it, in that it took a lot out of me. I was just a mere shadow of a woman there for several years while that was going on because I lost a lot of weight at each session, two or three pounds at a session. Apparently I didn’t do the ectoplasm right and I was taking it out of my body.

What changed when I came to the channeling was that all my gifts melded together. In channeling you’re receiving infinite concepts, and you have to sort of roll them out flat and stamp out a translation. You miss a lot. No matter how hard I try I always miss a lot. What little I can get is enough to make a resource for some people, and that has been true ever since. It has always been my hope to be of service, so it isn’t that my life had changed dramatically because of the channeling in a spiritual way, as much as it focused me towards a career.

It is certainly not remunerative. At least, it hasn’t been for me. I put everything up for free. I don’t try to make money out of it. I just want to help people with resources if they want to create their own spiritual path and create a Rule of Life for walking it and really try to become, as Dewey Larson called it, “an ethically-oriented biological entity”—human being.

It’s really given me a lot of peace. I’ve never gotten to the point where I actually enjoy the channeling. It’s hard work to get tuned up properly and to focus during the translation process. What it offers me is infinite, and that is the feeling that I’m helping the people that I love, which is everybody, who are trying so hard to create a life of dignity and worth and freedom from confusion and fear. The material that comes through me seems to address that.

I’m very thrilled to be right here, right now. All the music, all the performance, all the dancing shall we say—all those gifts of grace, or wit, or whatever—have come together so that you don’t see the dancing, you don’t hear the singing unless I’m giving a presentation and I sing, but in the channeling you don’t hear that. It comes from the same place as those gifts, and is part of creating a message that’s as good as I can make it.

My goal every single time is just to do my best, 100% my best, [to] give it an honest whack. Give it a good try. Then whatever happens, happens. It’s certainly not something you can plan aforetimes, and I really like questions when I’m channeling that I haven’t heard until just that last minute when it’s put on the tape, which is the question for the night. Because it completely frees my mind from thinking, “Should I say this? Should I say that?” I don’t have to worry about that. I just have to let go, once I’m convinced that I have tuned myself and then I challenge the spirits, very carefully, in the name of Jesus Christ, and ask them to say that Jesus is Lord. Once all of that is done and I’ve got the contact that I feel is my best and highest, I just let go, and whatever happens, happens.

Of course, if it happened really, really badly, I think I’d probably stop it, because I am a conscious channel most of the time. As I said, The Ra Material is the only material for which I ever went into trance.

So there you go, Wynn.

Well, thank you! I noticed that I had a couple thoughts run through my mind while you were saying that and one is, if you ever need to earn a side income you could probably teach people to do trance channeling who want to lose weight. There’s probably a big demand for that, although they probably wouldn’t want all the side effects of it. [Note from Carla—no, you certainly would not!]

The other thing that crossed my mind was that there are a couple points of common reference that we have. One is, I followed in that same singer/song writer period that you were in. I was in coffee shops and playing music all over the place in that period of time.

Now we’re showing our age, Wynn.

The other thing was, the way that our (your and my) sources approach the idea of bringing information through have something in common which is somewhat different from a lot of other people who channel. One is that our sources seem to want us to ask questions, rather than to lecture us. There’s a unique quality in that.

I asked myself, “Why is that?” because when I was first having this experience with Daphne I was thinking, “Well this lecture, I’ll put it up on the internet and my job is done.” Then I realized, over time, that one of the reasons there was questions and answers was because through the mode of questioning and answering there was a dialog, there was an exchange, there was more of a co-creation involved than just having the source say, “Here it is.” Over a period of time for me that co-creative connection and the asking questions and trying to understand how things work has really expanded my own view of reality, beyond anything I could have dreamt of in my furthest imagination.

We [will] talk about the benefits of paying attention to these kinds of channeled materials—we’ll talk about the channeling that Carla experiences and I experience, and there are many other channels out there and I’m sure many of them are doing really great things, but I can only speak from my experience.

There’s a part of a human that wonders if life goes on, and how it all works, and how does this realm work, and why are we here? History [has] had so many people write books about this, theology books, philosophy books. And now, suddenly, we’re communicating with a source that has actually been around through all these epochs of history, has actually watched us through all our past lifetimes, or can tune into that if they haven’t specifically watched. They understand how it works in a way that a human could never understand directly. I think that when one listens to this kind of channeling over a period of time, one tunes into the love of the channel. One tunes into this information, and the information tends to wake up cellular memories.

If all this is correct, we all have lived many, many lifetimes. We have no memory of that now, consciously, but we do have it at a cellular level. When the right information comes through, suddenly there’s something inside that goes, “Aha! That’s it! That’s the missing link.”

It’s not coming from humans. The best they can do is research everything and try to put it together, or write up their theology text and how they believe it works. It’s coming from a source that actually sees us from the place where they know. All these other things [people] are just trying to figure it out, they know it.

And they’re wise. They know the mistakes we make. They know how we make mistakes. And they can give not only the cosmology of how things work, but they can give the wisdom on how to correct [and] modify your own behavior so that you can accelerate your own evolutionary path. That’s one of the ways that I see this channeling to be of an extreme value.

You can’t approach it like a dilettante. You have to study it. You must pay attention to it. You must find the right thing to which to pay attention. If you pay attention to the wrong thing, you may not get the best information, you may not get the wisdom and you may get misguided. So the first thing you need to learn is discernment as to how to tell where something is coming from—the right place or the wrong place.

The other thing I learned from Carla, Carla’s Ra channelings—this idea of mixed polarity. Any channeling can come from the most positive, high place and suddenly have a little insert that’s not from that place that sneaks in, and gives misdirection. It’s coming from either a negative source or the mind of the person. So even in spite of all the positive benefits of channeling, or studying channeled material, you can never, ever let go of your scrutiny, your discernment—or you’re giving up your power.

Things that are really valuable empower you. They don’t un-power you, or disempower you. My experience of the work that I do and the work that Carla does, and the people that are connected with it that are being influenced by it, [is that people] are learning to have more sense of empowerment and more sense of the experience of connection—real connection—with higher dimensions.

Terry? Are you there? I don’t hear you, Terry.

Yes, I’m here. I was muted.

I figured that.

Can you hear me?

I hear you. Why don’t you share your experience of all of this under the context of the banner, “What’s the Value of Channeling”? What have you learned from it, being a person that does that?

There are several things that come to mind. One of the first things that comes to mind is that what Carla described as her experience with channeling is very similar to what I experience. When there’s a question—I don’t like to hear it beforehand, because as soon as I hear it beforehand I think these thoughts, like I have no idea what the question means, I have no idea what that word that was in the middle of the question is, then I agonize over it. I would just rather have the question when I’m connected with my source, because they seem just to come through with the answer and I don’t agonize over it and there it all is.

I am constantly surprised by some of the things that come through, and sometimes I have a conversation with them. I’ll give you an example: The source said that the loop current had stopped in the Gulf of México, and one of the reasons was that the Gulf was too cold. I’m sort of conscious there, and so my own thought is, “I thought if there’s oil in the Gulf that would warm up the Gulf. So it doesn’t make sense that it’s colder.” Then they just come through and they say, “Well, it’s colder. This oil has sunk to the bottom and it is definitely colder.” Then afterwards in this one case I went in and I checked on the internet on the satellite temperatures of the Gulf and the Gulf was definitely colder.

I feel when they’re coming through that there’s an intelligence there that is broader than mine; that I don’t really have. I mean, I’m delighted, watching the processes and watching how they [work]. It’s almost as if I become a remote viewer, and I see things. It’s been a little hard for me sometimes because they come through with something like, they say, “We see a big dome and inside the dome there are places to sit, there are benches.” And I’m still getting used to it, and I go, “Well, how do I know that there’s really a dome there? There are people on the call that know that town really, really well, and how do I know that there’s a dome there?”

But, I’m trusting it more and more and oftentimes I challenge it when it’s something like that, so there are some pauses sometimes in my channelings, because I’ll challenge it. I’ll ask them three times over—I say, “Would you repeat that? What did you say?” and they say, “Well, there’s a dome there.” And I go, “Could you repeat that again? What did you say—is there really a dome there?” “Yes, there’s a dome there.” And if it comes through three times then I say it. It’s similar, in a way, to the challenge that Carla gives.

What I’ve found is that this has brought through a source of love/light that is so pure, that I have not really experienced that before. And as I do these channelings, I get the information of what it is like to be in some of the higher densities and not to be in the duality of things, or the effort to make a living and to have that orient a person’s field. It’s just really pure there. It’s really expanded my spectrum of what I can see and there’s a whole world that I really have forgotten about, because I think I once came from there. It’s re-establishing a home for me, and it’s like an intense period of growth. So that’s a little bit about my experiences and how it’s helped me.

Thank you. I have learned from the people that have been attending our Sunday grid healings particularly—we do these sessions every Sunday morning at 10:00 am PDT, and this has been going on for a few years. It started out one way and it’s been growing and growing, and it blows my mind what it’s become.

The first time we ever did it, it was just kind of a happenstance where Daphne and I were in New York City and we got the idea of going to the World Trade Center and calling in the light. Calling in the light is the process of invoking a vortex to higher realms and clearing the space. It’s become a regular event on our conference calls. We were calling in the light. Usually when we make the connection, something shifts inside and you can feel a change in the energy. We kept doing it, and we couldn’t make a shift. So, that night we did a channeling, and I asked about that. We were already holding Conference Calls. And I said, “What would happen if we got our Conference Call people on the line with us and we went back and we called in the light with everyone on the call?” And they said, “That would be a great idea!”

So we did—we went back to the World Trade Center and we probably got about ten or fifteen people on the line. We called in the light and the energy of all the people was able to overcome the negativity that was hanging in the space, at least it felt that way. It felt as though the shift occurred. This was an entirely new concept for me, that a group of people could change and clear the energy in a particular space.

We started a program of doing it every Sunday, and people would go to an area and we would call in the light, focus the energy on that person, and they would feel it. We got the idea that maybe we were helping to clear the energy in that space where the person was. So it became, like, we had a bunch of people on the line and one person was on Mt. Shasta, one person was sitting somewhere else, and then we would go from person to person to person and bring in energies.

Somehow it started to happen that people would show up and no one was going anywhere, and people were just sitting in their homes. We started doing remote calling in [of] the light. This was all experimental. I didn’t know if this would work. We would take a problem in the world and we’d get a group energy going between us, call in the light and then send it to that area of the world. Our sources were saying this was good but I couldn’t validate it.

Then we had a couple of circumstances where we did this and something changed that couldn’t have changed. So now, we’re doing this every Sunday and it’s almost like I can’t believe we’re doing this.

I learned something about the nature of prayer. I don’t [generally] use the word “prayer” because I don’t like to sound religious because it’s not a religion. But I started to understand how each human being is a little piece of the universe and through their own intention, all of our [combined] intentions, we re-create life around us to a greater or lesser extent.

When you have a group of people creating an intention, it becomes more powerful. When we have a group of people that are connecting with these huge group-soul energies, suddenly a small group is leveraging [into] a huge group.

There are [two] criteria to this, and the criteria are that it always has to be done for [the] highest good of all concerned, and it can’t violate any free will down here. So you have to find little places of flow where it’s possible to send the energy and not violate that. Our sources won’t go with it if that’s the case. That’s really a major thing to have learned through the communications.

I don’t think if they just lectured me and said, “Do this, go there, bring a group together” [that] I would have done it, because I have to experience it on a gut level to see it work. I can’t just believe it because they tell me. I used to be a physics major. I tend to be very skeptical. I tend to challenge things all the time.

I have been constantly applying all of that on these messages and they stand up in their consistency. Carla Rueckert’s channelings stand up in the consistency over years and years and years. If you read them, you have a consistent point of view, a consistent cosmology. There’s no way one person could even remember all of that to keep it consistent over such a long period of time. Carla, do you want to say anything?

Yes, I think it might be helpful at this point to say that one of my favorite channels in the world, Barbara Brodsky, first wrote me and said, “I became deaf as a young woman because of an infection that I got from my baby boy, and I had not heard anything for three years. All of a sudden I began to hear a voice that called itself Aaron, and said that it was my inner guide and that it wished to help me achieve realization. So I began asking Aaron questions.”

“I’m very concerned” she said, “I’m a professional sculptor. I’m well educated. I have a great career but I’m being pulled towards doing this channeling.” We ended up, by the way, doing a lot of co-channeling and the book of our co-channeling is coming out next summer. It’ll be called The Aaron-Q’uo Dialogues.

So Barbara said, “How do I know that it’s real?” I read Barbara’s channeling and it was excellent. It was beautifully positive, it was very pure and it was very helpful. And Aaron is a charming fellow. He hasn’t been on earth for 500 years, but in his last incarnation he was a Buddhist monk. Barbara in that incarnation saved his life, and so he achieved realization at that moment and decided he was going to stick with her as an inner guide until she achieved realization.

She said, “How can I know all this incredible detail and richness is not just me going quietly crazy because I’ve become deaf?” I said “Barbara I’ll tell you what. Keep channeling, keep recording it, and after a few years take a look at the millions of words that you’ve channeled and ask yourself, ‘Could I make this stuff up?’” And she said that did it for her. She did exactly that, and like myself—she’s about my age, we’re both 67—at this point, we’ve both spent quite a few years at it. I’ve been channeling since ‘74, I think she began channeling around 1990. That’s 20 years for her and 35 for me.

Basically, when you’ve gotten to a certain point with this practice, and you look at the harvest of it, you don’t worry any more about, “Is it me or is it Memorex?” You just let it be.

It’s helped some people. It’s there and that’s basically my thrust at it. It produced itself. I make it available and then it’s tough on me that I have to accept the love offerings of many people who write in or come to our Gatherings and just say “Thank you.”

The great thing about the spiritual search, whether you do it within the arms of an established religion or whether you’re pretty much creating your own path, is that the one thing you cannot do is prove anything. When you contact spirit and you’re genuinely seeking, you set up a resonance between your inner self, the self that you have in common with the Creator, and your surface personality. That Creator-Self that’s within you is right in your heart, is pulling for you, loves you dearly and wants nothing but your good. There’s a feedback, and you get this resonance going.

And you think “Oh, that sounds good!” And you start reading that and you see something else and it resonates. And you follow the path of resonance. As you do so, you open the gates of spirit. Spirit doesn’t work linearly. It works intuitively. Instead of being able to say “If a then b, if b then c, if c then d, then Q.E.D., this is correct,” which you can’t do, you say, “I had this thought and then I saw my totem animal. I had this thought and then the song on the radio repeated that thought. I had this thought and I got confirmation from a street sign, the lights on the highway going out—who knows how it happens.”

Resonance sets up synchronicity. So you’re off on your own journey. You can become subjectively confident that you’re on the right track. You can keep deepening that confidence as you continue following the path of resonance. As you build your intelligence, you become comfortable within a new self that is as much Creator-Self as it is surface personality. That’s a wonderful comfort and a wonderful peace of mind that just comes to you because you have unlocked, as Ra said, “the gates of unknowing.”

The key to unlock that gate is some form of silence, usually. It’s becoming silent, focusing in the present moment and allowing yourself to tabernacle with that Creator-Self within. When somebody else says, “Prove it to me,” you can’t. You can only be sure for yourself. You’ll have to let that other person make his own journey.

We’re out of time. It’s 6:52 pm.

Well, shoot. We didn’t hear enough of Terry.

One of these days we’ll have three hours. There’s a bunch of people on the line, and I was going to say if anyone wanted to say how they’ve grown through paying attention to channeled information, maybe we have time for one person. We’re extended over, but let’s see. If I open the line, does anyone have a quick sharing of what they’ve gotten out of paying attention to either my channelings or Carla’s channelings or both?

Goodness. It just seems to confirm a lot of things that have been happening to me for years, and it just seems to go in the same vein, as you say, synchronicities and insights and things happening at the right time. Listening to your show just seemed to open the floodgates of blessings coming into my life and things happening the way they should and I just have to say, “Thank you,” to everyone.

Who is that?

Colleen in Vancouver.

Thank you, Colleen.

We have about 30 seconds. I want to make sure that people know Carla’s website is and if you want to learn more about my work, go to If you’re listening and you’re not hooked in, just start reading these things and look for resonance and draw your own conclusions.

We’re running out of time. Okay, I’d better say goodbye. Maybe next time, you guys that have had comments, we’ll start out with the comments, in a month from now, about how channeling has affected you, impacted you for the better.

I thank Carla so much for being here and honoring us with her presence and her wisdom and her experience, and Terry the same thing.

We’ll see some of you on our Wednesday-night Question-and-Answer Call. Anything else Carla, before we say goodbye? No? Okay guys, we’re off the air, thank you so much. Did some of you have things to share that you didn’t share?

Maybe, yeah.

Okay, think about it and then next month when we do [the Monday Night Conference Call Show with Carla] I’m going to have everyone make their comments at the beginning of the show, of how all this has impacted you, even open up the phone lines and take the first fifteen minutes or something and do that. Thank you all so much.

We’ll see some of you on Wednesday. If any of you want to send emails to Carla, send them to me and I’ll forward them to her. She has been going through a recovery of a pretty serious spinal operation and she’s been in a lot of pain. Just send her emails of wishing her well and I’ll forward them. She usually answers emails so that’s nice. I’ll see you all later, okay?