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Dear M,

I just did an act of service to self by moving Chocolate Bar, who had to yield before my strength. She was sitting in my spot. It is good to notice that kind of thing, but only if you have some mental equipment that puts it in perspective.

What is service-to-others? What is service-to-self? What is good? What is evil? What is the nature of it and this experience, which is the experience of good and evil? The illusion of that?

I am going to do some highly original, not necessarily orthodox, talking about cosmology and it comes mostly from the Ra material, a contact I have found to be illuminating. It is a backdrop that helps me a good deal to understand my Christian religion.

Ra describes God, the ultimate being, the essence of everything as Infinite Intelligence or he puts it Intelligent Infinity. In its unpotentiated state, it is completely at rest, endlessly intelligent, but not doing a thing. The first distortion into this Godhead is that the Intelligent Infinity uses free will to choose to experience itself. That is why so often in the Ra material, free will is called the first distortion. It and not humanness is actually the very first distortion of God. Therefore Infinite Intelligence, Intelligent Infinity, sets forth intelligent energy. This intelligent energy is called by Ra the Logos, or Love. That is the one great original thought that has created all things that are.

Love, therefore, is much fierier, and much more intense and certainly has nothing to do with romanticized and the watered-down version that passes through as romantic love. Most of the Creation dwells in that state of being intelligent energy, that has not decided to know itself. It is still the Infinite Creator. It is resting in the Logos, but It is thinking. It is experiencing Itself thinking Itself. It is being Love. But It does not have a personality. It does not have a consciousness. It is not self-conscious. It is infinitely intelligent, but It is just there.

A lot of planets are like this. A lot of suns are like this. A lot of our illusion is like this. That is why we get such a hit from walking in Nature. It dwells not in good, not in bad, but if you will recall, in the Garden of Eden was the Tree of Good and Evil. Good and evil is a concept foreign to spirituality in general. It is a very worldly concept and it has been made popular by the basic Christian attitude of “Lord have mercy on me, a sinner,” and I don’t think that there is anything we can do besides that, and I think that is really the heart of our faith in recognition of who we are as natural people.

Spiritually speaking, sin, the whole idea of evil and wrong is irrelevant. That is why the felon (I can’t remember whether he murdered or thieved; I think he thieved), the fellow who deserved to die on the cross, said, “Will you think of me when you come into your kingdom?” and He said, “On this day you shall be with me in Paradise.” This shows that this guy is not going to go any more and sin, right? He is forgiven up to that point. (The value of confession becomes obvious here.) We are in a constant state of self-forgiveness. It is just that we don’t know it.

So that beyond this illusion, which I like to think of as “the valley of the shadow of death,” we experience an illusion, which has its very nature in polar opposites. And we will continue experiencing the illusion of good and evil beyond the time when we are spending time in this body according to Ra, as long as we have not balanced wisdom and compassion, or have gained enough wisdom. Now I really think it does take the balancing. I don’t think Ra has actually said that out loud. We are working on compassion right now. We think we are working on wisdom a lot, but that is too bad. That isn’t what this illusion is all about.

This illusion is learning the lessons of Love. That is what this illusion is for. That is what Ra says. That is the assumption that I make. Jesus said it over and over. Paul even said it. “Without love you are a clanging gong, a banging cymbal” (I can’t get it quite right, in Corinthians somewhere.) We are here to learn compassion; we are here to learn love. The lessons of love are what our business is here. Making choices is our business here. So the concept of good and evil is a very important thing to think about, in the illusion always with a backdrop of understanding that in eternity, good and evil have no meaning. In the infinite present moment, let us say, that is eternity, Intelligent Infinity is unified. It is unity itself. We are all one. The good and the bad that we see outside of ourselves are reflections of what are inside ourselves.

Most people like to stay in the macrocosmic world. I was born with one eye looking inward, I think is very symbolic of the way I look at life. I hope one day that my interior world will be stronger enough than my exterior world. Then I am able to lead an impersonal life and be of true service. Up to this point taking my own spiritual temperature, I am a rare beginner, fighting with Paul for the least of all Christians.

We see ourselves first of all as a mixture of God and the first distortion of God, or Intelligent Infinity and free will. God and free will. The free will portion of ourselves causes ourselves to feel variously at various times about various things. We do have some internal hint as to what people tend to call the moral imperative, but anybody that thinks that the world is black and white is just not looking. That is whgood and evil are such worldly concepts. It is very difficult to make something be good all the time. It is very difficult to make something be bad all the time. There are always special cases and, of course, a good and evil mentality is the mentality of a child. It is the mentality of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and I am going to get you back to this.

Even if it is an angelic child, even if it is a child of infinite wisdom and compassion compared to our own, that person has not yet learned that evil is not to be resisted, but to be loved as a portion of the self. Evil is that wonderful devil against which we push in order to polarize more and more towards service-to-others. Those of us who wish to live spiritually continually find ourselves in the midst of an ordeal. I am not saying that it happens all of the time. I am saying that it happens from time-to-time. I believe that continuously means it is happening all the time. Continually means that it will predictably happen fairly frequently in your life that you will be in the midst of some ordeal.

Now there are long-term ordeals like marriage in which you can measure your service-to-others and your good and evil ratio pretty easily, although it is certainly hard to know what to do in any one particular circumstance. In terms of whether you are giving sacrificially, an ordeal is something in which you give sacrificially for the result of a greater good, which is a we. In your and daddy’s case perhaps some of the gifts to the “we” have been hard to make, and perhaps not made, but certainly made to the extent that far exceeds most people’s capability, given the situation that you had when you married and what has gone between you during the time that you have been together. I think that each of you have given each other the biggest half of the sandwich and that is always the litmus test for service-to-others or good vs. evil: is if you are being generous or if you are thinking about yourself.

St. Francis, I think, wrote the prayer of the positive polarity and just to remind you of what it is like, it is my prayer, and it is what I use after the Lord’s Prayer when I am just working within my mental self to clear myself. And it goes like this,

Oh Lord, make me the instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me so love, Where there is injury, pardon, Where there is discord, unity, Where there is despair, hope, Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is darkness, light, Where there is sadness, joy. Lord, let me seek not to be Love, but to love, Not to be understood, but understand, For it is in consoling that we are consoled. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. It is in giving that we receive, And it is in dying that we rise to eternal life with Thee.

I always from that point simply tune on, “Oh Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace,” and wait until I feel I am clearer enough in my heart to open up to whatever can pass the challenge of Christ; that is the heart of my tuning procedure right there. And I think it says a lot and teaches a lot about the positive polarity.

What is the instant mechanical nature of evil?

Ra describes the body as carrying in its various portions (this is a very Buddhist way of looking at things, but not Buddhist in the sense that it is Buddhist dogma. It is just Buddhist ways of talking about the body, thinking about things.)as rays: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Ra uses the colors of the rainbow to describe the chakras or the centers of power in the body.

The first being red, generative. That would be sexual, fight and flight, involuntary muscles, anything to do with survival.

Orange: At a spot somewhat below the naval, you can feel it I am sure in dancing, it is the power spot. It is a good balance spot for the lower body. It needs to be tucked under. It is that spot, and it is the spot where you have your relationships with one other person or with yourself. It is a spot that is extremely liable to be blocked by desire to possess, desire to be possessed, a fear of being possessed or a fear of possessing. If you’ve got a couple of people that don’t want to be possessed and yet the same people also want to possess, you’ve got some real problems and energy is not getting up to the heart chakra. Energy is being locked by wherever you’ve got a tangled relationship.

The yellow ray is next: It is the solar plexus chakra and it is the chakra that people feel with each other when they are dealing with each other in groups. When they are dealing with each other as a basketball team, or as a school, or as Democrats, or as America, or as a gang, or as women or a cause. Anything to do with society, societal matters. And you can feel yourself getting tight in the stomach because of business tensions a lot. And you will notice that people who get ulcers often are businessmen.

Those three lower centers are below the heart. Then comes the heart chakra. It is an open heart chakra that is particularly valuable to the positively oriented seeker. To a Christian for instance, a Christian wants to get all the energy into the heart chakra, the green chakra, the green energy center to open that up because it is only when the green chakra has opened up that the work in consciousness can begin to be done.

The blue chakra is communication. The indigo chakra is inner work and the violet chakra is just basically a temperature. It is a read-out of all your energies, what they are doing and where the energy is, where the blockages are, and basically I guess like, if you have seen one of those metallographic indexes where you see all the different metals in a particular compound, all of the different colors strung together, that would be the violet ray. It is violet, but yet within the violet, is a very clear marking. Somebody that knows how to read can read where one is real quickly. Not too many people incarnate can read that. I can’t. I am not psychic at all.

The negative polarity, as well as the positive polarity, can achieve enough love, either of self or of other self. Now remember, both self and other self are the Creator, all are Creator, there isn’t anything that is not Creator. This is not pantheism. This is just a statement of how big God is. God is bigger than this since God is everything. This is Ra’s conclusion and I am saying all of this is a back drop against what Christ said and makes sense.

In Ra’s arrangement of things, there are two ways to go: the positive and the negative. The negative will get you into fourth density. We are in third density. Fourth density is the next illusion. That is the illusion in which the battle between good and evil is going on, by the way. Not just in this illusion, in which it is also going on, but in the next. We learn the lesson of wisdom and slowly in the next learn not to fight evil because we become wise. It takes a long time to become wise.

Jesus was trying to tell us that we don’t have to be wise in this particular illusion. We have to be compassionate.

So you can graduate to negative fourth density or to positive fourth density, which would mean to heaven, I suppose, or to hell. Although I honestly believe in heaven and hell being right here, but it has to be able to pass the same test for either heaven or hell. It has to be able to use a certain amount of the Creator’s light. In this illusion we use what would be a heavenly filtered light. It doesn’t have much light in it. The next density has a denser collection of light. The next density a denser collection of light until I guess eventually we become a great spiritual black hole and the light comes back to the source and a whole new creation begins. It should be really exciting.

The positive polarity works very hard on clearing the lower energy centers so that there is no desire to possess, no desire to be possessed, all of that stuff is clear from the red, the orange and the yellow, so that you are doing your job. You are following your ambition. It is whatever you have. You are doing what you think you ought to be doing and if you don’t know what you ought to be doing, you are praying on it constantly. And your heart chakra is generating—open, open, open so that you are able to receive and channel through yourself an increasing amount of the light of the one Creator.

A Christian has a tremendous advantage in doing this because a Christian is working a program. A Christian, has a way, thanks to Jesus, to look at God and does so over and over so a Christian is working to open that heart chakra and Jesus is certainly a wonderful teacher of Love and my teacher, my personal savior. He’s got my vote.

The negative polarity is very interested in controlling other people. Instead of serving other people, he wants other people to serve him. He wants to manipulate other people. He believes in an elite. He does not believe that everybody is the same inside, that everyone has the same spark of perfection, of Godhead. He is disdainful of people that he can control and take their power for his. He thinks he is more and more powerful. He thinks that he is being compassionate by sharing with other people all that he has learned about controlling his own life. That is why so much of the New Age is negative. It is about controlling your own life. Of course, you don’t want to control your own life. You want to surrender it to the God-light within you. That is not something that the negative polarity sees the same way as the positive polarity does. The God-light in you is exactly what you want because you are God. What you do is you skip in the negative polarity the heart chakra and you concentrate on making very strong the red, orange and yellow. You skip over the heart chakra completely, but you have such an intense control with that position thing of the orange and yellow rays that you are able to communicate and gain strength and do work in consciousness without opening the heart, and that is what evil is. Paul said it clearly, “If you have not loved, you are a clanging gong.”

When you think about good and evil mechanically, you can simply realize that if you are thinking a thought and it is going to open a separation between two people, that is, thinking about one person is better than another, or that there is an elite, or that you need to get certain people together and other people excluded, or if you are giving somebody the smaller half of the sandwich, you are acting in such a way as to be of service-to-self. You’re thinking in terms that separates you from your brother or sister. You are attracting to yourself what you want and you use whatever powers that you can, persuasion, lying, etc. within the solution to sway people. Advertising is inherently evil, for instance. Anything that puts people up against the wall where their free will is being pushed, infringed upon, is intrinsically evil. Anything that does not recognize some attempt to declare a moral rule, some attempt to be fair, is intrinsically evil.

You see, evil is very worldly; it is very much of this density. It is not of God. It is a working out of the human condition of free will from variousness. It is to be understood and felt compassion for and certainly wherever we can, it is to be extirpated, but the way that we root out evil is to find it in ourselves and correct it. I believe that. That certainly has not made me a public servant, but that realization has kept me out of appearing at City Hall and being in demonstrations, etc. Basically I am content to follow the rules of my society the best I can etc., but the way I see it, we, who are working spiritually, are dealing with the realization that evil is part of our illusion that we are going through at this moment. What we want to do is to realize that evil is illusory and is good as illusory, but that which comes from God passeth understanding and is realer than good and evil.

Ra says that our particular Logos has a bias towards kindness and so shows in many ways in His creation that He would prefer for His little specks of consciousness that are experiencing itself to follow the somewhat shorter and easier way to make it in each density until you can’t make it at all and have to switch over to good, which is in the sixth density, which is the density of unity—love or compassion being unified with wisdom so that you have compassionate wisdom, which is not something that is possible here. It is impossible to understand anything here. That is not of this density and people who think that understanding is of this density in any absolute way, I have a lot of trouble with. I have a lot of trouble with scientists.

They are playing with crayons. Don always said that. All of the basics of science, the things that they count on to make everything work, all that they know about electricity, all that they know about quantum theory, the speed of light. Why is Pi Pi? You can go to all of the different qualities. They can measure them, they can use them and they figured out ways to make gadgets. We have wonderful technology, but nobody to explain the basics. Nobody to explain action at a distance. Nobody is unified things. Nobody has gotten to the bottom of this illusion. And I don’t think we will from within the illusion. It wouldn’t really make sense that we would.

Anything more about good and evil? I said that we exist in a state of constant self-forgiveness and don’t know it. The reason is that our God-self is hidden from us as far as we are concerned in our natural realization of ourselves. We are free will, not God. Or we are free will over God instead of God over free will, or something like that, or we are largely free will for the most part, or we are largely free will with a little spark of God. That is the way we see ourselves. That is the way we will perceive ourselves and that is the way we act.

When Jesus came, he asked us to be a good deal more like God and it is interesting to know that the God-self is very humble and seeks to serve in the service-to-others’ path. I am sure that there has been many a god and we have one that showed very clearly how to live the negative way. The negative way is the way we live on planet earth in this illusion. The whole concept of justice is negative in our court system, the idea of a defender and a combatant attorney that is accusing the defender is negative, and jails are negative, and everything about it is negative, but you see we have this variousness that we have to attempt to control in order to exist as a society.

[Tape ends.]