Dear K,

There are a lot of questions here and you will get much more information if I ask these questions in Sunday night meditations and you might develop a series of questions that you would like asking in meditation and that channeling could be given on because of myself, I simply have my own opinions, which are as good as anybody’s, but how much good is anybody’s opinion? For us, not as good as our own.

What are the serial killers, molesters, what is their motivation? What of their victims? Are they predestined for this experience and why?

The victims aren’t predestined for the experience, but I saw an interesting statistic that people who install burglar alarm systems in their houses are successfully burgled; stolen from at the rate of something like three or four times as much as people who don’t even lock their doors.

Where you are putting your head? You know the more you worry about being a victim, the more likely that is to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. To be completely without fear of any kind will bring its own kind of immunity. I am not saying that everybody can be without fear all of the time. I am saying that I have had experiences where for some reason I was without fear, and was in a bad situation and it all came out just fine.

People basically predestine themselves by their thoughts. It is very important to realize that as we move into fourth density space time, thoughts are much more likely to become things.

Do we have a choice in our parents and environment, appearance and [inaudible]?

I think for all of those, the answer is yes. I think we choose our parents very carefully. At the beginning of third density, I don’t think any of us were doing that. This is the end of third density and the only people that are on the planet at this point are those who have some prayer of making the grade and graduating either positively or negatively into fourth density. Ra calls it seniority by vibration.

Naturally in order to get the right experience of life and learn the lessons you are going to learn, you would choose the path and environment, how you are going to look and even patterns would set in like in cases like mine where I worked as a librarian for quite a few years. I was almost thirty when I gave that job up to be working for Don and it was only after I started working for Don that I started having the real active rheumatoid arthritis, although I had it since I was thirteen. It felt to me as though it was something that had been programmed to kick in so that I would become more contemplative and less of a volunteer in sort of jumping-jack, knee-jerk reactions to everything. “Here let me help.”

I think we choose all of those things. I had a very difficult time as a kid. I don’t think I was ever really a kid. I was my parents’ parent. They were both functional alcoholics when I was a kid, and I learned to cook very early, and to baby sit when I was seven. I didn’t think too much about it at the time because I didn’t know what other houses looked like because I never did have a friend for about the first sixteen years of my life. I was a little odd kid. Suddenly when I was seventeen, everybody caught up with me.

I am sure that all of these things have been chosen for not only the good, but for the bad that they can do to us. If we are, as I believe I am, in this world to help others, my personal agenda was to learn better to love without any expectation of return—to love unconditionally. I received parents that would be very difficult to love unconditionally just as I have had some hard knocks as life has gone on, but I believe that it is very helpful. We need to keep the faith about what we pre-incarnatively chose and realize, like what I said, where we are is where we are supposed to be, and we need to find the love in that moment, not evade it for another.


Visualizations work on your emotions. There is nothing wrong with them. It is work in consciousness, but there isn’t anything with the clout to it as that of silent listening meditation. If one has a very strong bent towards visualizations, then one might want to consider the possibility of finding a teacher and learning about white ritual magic. I don’t really think that visualizations do much except change the way you feel, which is a very magical thing. But it is all feeling. There is not a lot of intellect involved in visualizations, only experiencing that visualization and enjoying it. Basically, it is pretty much time out. I don’t know what to mention that one would be thinking. I don’t know what creation-thinking is.

I am up to 25 here. I don’t know anything about the RH negative blood types.

Do entities of other dimensions limp?

Some of them are a little lumpy like they didn’t get put together quite right, but I am not familiar with other dimensional entities constantly limping. No. And I have no idea why a discarnate entity would limp because he doesn’t have a body to limp with.

Who are these entities who are being channeled? Where do they come from and why are they here?

I believe these entities are principles of social memory complexes that have gone longer than we have along the path of spiritual evolution that have reached a hand back, and are willing to come whenever called by a tuned channel to meet the challenge, and to offer information and inspiration in a humble way. The specific entities that I am channeling are those of the Confederation of planets in the service of the Infinite Creator.

Where do they come from? I believe that they are outer planes, in my case, rather than inner because they have such a strong dose of free will and I believe that anyone who has lived an incarnation on earth has the right to mix in our business far, far more than those who are moving from outside the local illusion. There are, according to good channeling I have seen, somewhere between five and six hundred planets in the Confederation of planets. They obviously have come from many different worlds across the galaxy and perhaps beyond. There are billions and billions of galaxies, as Carl Sagan would say.

Why are they here? They are here because there is a call just like any other service-to-others person. They hear a call for help. It doesn’t matter if anybody else is going to stop. They will stop and pick up the old telepathic headphone and go, “What is this you want to know?” They are here to help, the positive oned. The negative ones are here for conquest.

I have finished with the questions that you asked and perhaps if my sentences are not tidy, you can tidy them up for me. I would appreciate that. I really don’t deal willingly on run-on sentences. It is just that one sometimes talks oneself into a loop.

I will just briefly tell you what is going on here. I enjoyed the Northern Lights. You are doing a really great job with that and hope you get the money to keep on publishing it because it looks like something that is a really unifying portion in your part of the country. I know that part of the country is very sparse with people and something like this would really be a community builder because then people just don’t feel so alone.

I think we may have gotten hung up on two different hopes that I was not able to accomplish. One is to channel information on all of these things today because Jim is down on the land for three days and K. and I are here by ourselves. I never believe in channeling without a group of three. It is needed for the protection and the universality of the contact. So all I have given you is my truly humble opinions.

It is my best guess at things and after you hear what I have to say about things, jot down the things that you still really are puzzled over. Things that when I spoke to the point didn’t make sense or not much. Get those together specifically for Sunday night meditations. We take a group question every Sunday night and I will put these questions in the question notebook for you and, therefore, will have your questions here, all 27 of them, in the event that somebody in the group here on a Sunday night decides one of your questions is what the group question should be. Because of the fact that everything is only subjectively true metaphysically (there is no objectivity to metaphysics), opinion serves one fairly well, and the longer a view one can get, like ten thousand years, the better suited one is to deal with whatever.

Congratulations on this paper. If I can help you in any other way, like I said, with the channeling questions if you just want me to eventually get to these channeling questions, I can. It is just that I can’t do it right now. Really, a lot of these things are not general spiritual principles. “The RH negative blood types are descended from space people who integrated with earth people.” I don’t know why people fuss around with that stuff because there is no way of telling. My opinion again.

The whole point of space is that it cannot be proven and it would take a very courageous blind leap. We would become a hero to rush off into space. We would be fighting windmills—hopelessly, idealistically fighting windmills and that is where we learn.

What is happening here? We got a third person to our staff at L/L. She had been asked three years ago, but really needed to take the time and think about it and work out a couple of relationships, etc., so she is now here and has been here for a couple of months. K.H. is her name, who I really like to know and share the house with. We are having a good time and it also makes Jim, who is probably the most complete loner I have ever met in my life, it enables him to go up on his wilderness homestead land every once in a while for three days, like he is doing this week, and just be by himself. He really, really likes that. I am kind of into that too because it is a very free atmosphere. Jim is a bustler and I am not.

K. is out applying for a temporary full-time job because she has some debts to pay off. She can’t say, “Hi,” or anything, but she is around and will be back and so will Jim.

Sunday night meditations are going on as usual. In my Thursday meditation group, which is a channeling intensive, I happen to have three channeling students this year who are basket cases and are not ready for the energies to be worked with yet. I am getting Jim to help me work with them, work with their dreams, work with essaying, work with rescripting traumatic situations that have caused them a lot of trouble, to get those energies more peaceful so that I will not feel that I am risking them coming unwrapped when I start passing the energy to them.

I can bring it in, but it is not everybody who can take it, especially if you are really confused, and mixed up and kind of a basket case. We are doing preparation for channeling work on Thursdays, which is really interesting because Jim is teaching more and more of it. He has a lot of training I don’t have in working through early childhood experiences because he learned from a fellow, L.,and that was very big on L.’s list.

So that is where our normal activities are and I think we are doing pretty well. I am down to about five letters now. There were twenty left a week ago. I had a whole lot of church work to do and I just had to get it done, so I didn’t write letters for a while and it backed up. This happens to me constantly, the juggling effect. If I get the bills paid and the books in order, the correspondence suffers and if I do the correspondence, the church work suffers. If I do the church work, I don’t do the bills. That kind of thing.

So I am generally running a good bit behind, but I have made that okay because there is no way that I am going to be able to do the kind of work I used to. I am just lying back here and doing the one thing that I really can still do, which is communicate. Not that I am a cripple. I go out and exercise six days a week, but just because of the way the arthritis hits me, I have to lie back against something most of the time.

K. and I both sang in the first Box Society concert, the local Box Society. It was really fun. Now we are working on the Messiah. We are going to do the whole thing, which I am not thrilled about. It is about three hours long and I think that is too long to sit. On the other hand, I don’t like opera either, so there you are. I must be a light weight.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but we have sung it two years in a row and this is the third year and there is just only so much you can get out of the Messiah. If we put it away and forget it for a while, perhaps we would appreciate it again. I haven’t had the time, one little tiny year to be ready to go back to rehearsing all of those same choruses again, but no problem. I enjoy singing in the concert. I just don’t want to sing rehearsals because I really know the stuff already.

My father died recently. It was a good death. He was prepared for it and it was easy. It was in his sleep and I am sure that he is much more pleased with the situation than he was before he died. That has affected me somewhat. I don’t really know how yet. It just depends on how mother leans into the situation and into me.

As I said before, I have had the habit in the past of my being co-dependent with her. In other words, I would do things for her because she couldn’t do them, etc. We are both determined to change that and she has been sober for thirteen years, but she still has the same instincts and the same desire to get somebody else to do things for her that put her in the situation of drinking too much anyway. She is just too irritable to live and everything gets to her. I feel for her, but it is difficult to like a thoroughly selfish person. Although I love her dearly, I am still working the liking part out: forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. That is where it all shows up.

We are going to have an intensive for out-of-towners some time this winter but it is not going to be a teaching of channeling. It is going to be doing the work preparatory to channeling: clearing the lower energy centers by means of the above-named techniques and any others I can think of or get inspired of. I remain calling it an intensive because when people come together from far away and are really working and studying together, they just sort of explode with unconditional love in that situation. It is like it is a safe place and they feel protected and they know that they are all there for spiritual reasons, and it does become intense because people are really paying attention to each other and really intent on what each other has to say.

I will be channeling every night during that week, but I am not going to teach channeling except at least this is my feeling now, except to trios or more if they come from further away than being able to make it every week. I tried carefully to analyze what my record was on channeling and subjectively, if you don’t look too closely, the record sounds good. Everybody that I have ever taught to channel has said how wonderful and this is a truth of experience, but I was trying to think of one channel that was still channeling that I had taught. The only person I could think of was somebody who definitely did not learn very much before he left the group and he is now channeling faith in American Indian lore.

There is a problem here. Unless a person has a support group to go back to, the person will stop channeling if the person is obeying my orders, because it is dangerous to do vocal channeling by yourself. It just plain is. It is a big universe out there and it is pretty crowded with all kinds of people, so I look forward to that.

The Book of Days didn’t make it. I think we got about $2,000 out of the $10,000 so after we sent back everything that people hadn’t said to keep, we found that we had enough to upgrade our computer and this means that we can get a printer and that K. will have her own work station because she would much prefer working with a computer. It is an IBM clone, to working on the typewriter. I can see that.

We have it put away. It is just me practicing in the mornings for two or three minutes. I just ask for a thought for the day. But there is more than a year’s worth over the time that I have been practicing this, and that is why I thought of the idea of a Book of Days or if we sit on it long enough, maybe we could publish a three-year book of days, which would be nice because then by the time you got back to the front of the book, January 1st, year A., hopefully you would have forgotten it for long enough that it would be fresh to you and it would be three years since you saw it.

I am perfectly willing to let the rhythm of money energy, etc., carry it wherever. Not a big deal.

I look forward to Christmas Eve service. We are going to sing the first day of The Twelve Days of Christmas of the Christmas oratorio by Bach. It is quite a wonderful rejoicing sort of piece.

We just got our newsletter out. Good response from the first week. I think that pretty well brings us up to date. I am sitting here juggling church work, this particular correspondence ministry to which I am the most dedicated of any because I think that few people are attempting to address New Age questions with any kind of dimensionality at all. If Christ was here, he would would not be in the churches. He would be out on the streets talking to the poor and the troubled, etc.

I think my philosophy has come to an abrupt end. I truly believe I have told you the news, such as it is.

My cats are fine; Jim is fine. K. has got a cold, but she will be fine. I am fine. The house is cozy and a very enjoyable place to be. It is like living in a park. All I can see from my vantage point here in the nook of the windows is trees and that is really nice.

Happy Indian summer to you. Hope that you get a little bit of what we are getting. It is 70 today, another special. Let me know how I can help you further. Let me know if you want any or all of these questions to be asked in the channeling sessions. You would, of course, get a much more comprehensive and sensible, I would think, from the Confederation entities on some of these general questions. My favorite contact right now talks at least half an hour, usually forty-five minutes or more, on whatever subject is brought up. So you can see that with 27 questions, it would be the work of half a year to simply to answer the questions that we have here. I have enough experience with channeling in the past, that I have some fairly informed opinions.

Revise the list thinking about what would really be good for a channeled question and I will be glad to pick away at it and send you the results as we get that, but do correct your thinking in this regard. That is, the Ra contact ended in ’84, but I did not even miss a week of channeling. I channeled from ’74 until the contacts began in ’81 and I have channeled since ’84 until now in a non-trance state.

I think of my work as all one piece. I certainly do have a favorite contact and that is certainly is Ra, but Ra is no more and we move on. If you want channeling from me, it will not be from Ra. It will be from someone else in the Confederation that responds to the particular vibration of this call. So let me know what I can do for you and I am sorry about the inevitable wait before you got to my nos. I really am sorry about that.

Thanks a lot. Good luck with Northern Lights. I think it is a really good effort. God bless. Lots of luck.