Dear J,

Greetings and love to you, J. Thank you very much for your letter and transcript or rough draft of the summary—I’ll get to that in time. First, I’ll just answer your personal letter.

I certainly understand if you’re working hard at being able to stay in Britain you’re not particularly looking forward to visiting the U.S. much less back and beyond here in Kentucky. I do hope that you are successful in gaining at what you wish.

As far as my tape being boring, it could well indeed have been boring. There are many reasons that someone can be boring to someone else. The one that comes to mind to me is that you’re very much a scientist and I very much am not. I’m not a scholar and I don’t tend to concern myself overmuch with facts. This can drive a scientist completely nuts.

Also, I could have been boring that day, or I could be boring in general. In any event, I’m certainly not going to listen to the tape to figure out whether or not I was boring. I trust you (laughs) and being boring is not a killing crime. Nor have I been accused of it often so my sincere apologies for running you through a real time experience of having to listen to my words on tape instead of reading them on paper. And my being boring on top of it all does seem to add insult to injury.

Probably I didn’t have a sense of you as you have of yourself and probably my commentary was off point as far as you are concerned. I really would leave it there. I don’t have anything to defend. Basically, I do what I do and I suppose part of what makes me a fair medium is that I don’t worry overmuch about going back and polishing things up.

My response, which you said you were very interested in, is simply to apologize to you for having a boring experience.

You and Mary have some good work it sound to me. The relaxation tape which subjects receiving experience a lesser need for pain medication when listening to it is very good. The only problems that I see with that and in a controlled hospital situation this would not be a problem, is that some people have a tendency to go into trance very easily and leave their body.

This is not a good idea for people who are not experienced leaving their body. They do not grasp what might happen if they left their body and had an experience out of body. It is a crowded universe and it is a potentially dicey situation largely because of the fact that especially in a hospital atmosphere, but at any time when a person is feeling weak, it is, I think, to the weak-minded that the negative entities have the most access.

So, you might include in any audio tape the elements of simple protection. I realize how difficult that is because of all the emotional overloads that people have on most of the words which may be considered religious in our language. I think that working with vocabulary above all things in order to avoid touching people’s buttons that turn them off and using vocabulary which each person can accept is probably a primary challenge having to do with working on the protection.

I think the “Creator” or “Higher Power” or something like that is probably along the lines of the more neutral of the words having to do with God (which is a very heavily emotionally laden and/or very negative word for a lot of people because of their experiences.)

Carry on with that—it sounds great.

I constantly have problems with my recording equipment and it could be endemic to myself but I believe it also could be a function of attempting to get some positively oriented work done that has absolutely nothing in it for you but that you are doing for the benefit of others only. If you continue to have trouble with recording equipment my best suggestion is redundancy—that’s what we used with the Law of One.

We have three tape recorders, two of which in one session quit. They were all brand new, there was no reason for them to quit. Also I discovered that if I get Jim to switch tape recorders on me about once every two weeks I do avoid really wasting an hour or whatever it takes to write a letter to respond to what someone has written to me and it not record or have it record in a voice that is distorted. I’ve had problems like that all my life. Not just with tape recorders, but watches don’t run on me. Crystals and I seem to get along all right.

As to the power of music, I would strongly support that consideration. My singing in the local Bach Society and Anglican Churches since I was four, the singing of sacred music, and luckily for me very good sacred music, has been a great deal of food for me, the heavenly food that we all need. And indeed, I find that one of the most challenging parts of my continuing experience limitation is learning how to be the song and not the singer.

I identified myself as a singer of praise to the Lord for so many years that it was a part of me that was excised surgically, basically, by the fact that I couldn’t sit up long enough to do the rehearsal necessary to sing the cantatas, pieces from Elijah and Hayden and Handel and those guys, which I am fortunate enough to have been singing for 22 or so years, not just in the Bach Society, which is a world class Bach Society. Some British fellow review I saw one time rated three in the U.S. as world class; two of them were in New York and one of them was in Louisville.

It simply has to do with the fact that there is an extremely dedicated couple who create together an ambiance in which the very best is called out of you and the emphasis is on the choral presentation. Not to sound like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with lots of warbles but to sound more purely like the baroque music that Bach heard in his head when he was writing it. We do feel that we don’t have to sound as scraggly as the boy’s choir that he probably had but we do try to keep a straight tone, a floating tone much like the boy’s soprano and indeed I suppose that’s where I came in as a valuable person.

I used to do singing for money in a church choir when I was very poor. But I have absolutely no ability to sing solos in anything but folk music because my voice is like a boy soprano’s, or alternately, depending on how one feels about listening to the piercing high notes of the boy soprano like a tin whistle.

I feel that the studies that have been done on plants vis-à-vis music are probably relevant because our bodies are second density animals, separate life forms from our field of consciousness which is our third density beingness. I think we identify ourselves with our bodies much more than we ever should or need to—our bodies only having a tangential relationship to the mind complex, to the spirit. The vocabulary on this is a little bit difficult but what I’m trying to say is that every cell in the body reacts as the plant does to the soothing or unsoothing effects of that which is going on around them. A lot of that is in the fields of consciousness which touch them; the field of consciousness that touches our bodies, of course, is our own field of consciousness for the most part, ourselves, which mean that our own attitudes are probably even more important than music. I think it’s quite clear that music has a positive effect on planets.

Since I am not a scholar I try to stay out of the debate between so-called “new age music,” and the baroque music in which so much passion and so much devotion is controlled and disciplined into expressing a great many levels at once which I think Bach always did. I don’t believe I’ve ever been bored, the entire time I’ve sung Bach. It always hits me on a level where I am at that moment, whether it be the text painting or the way a fugue is wound together in such a way to underline or emphasis the tone and the messages being given. The background sound I do feel exactly as you do are crucial and as I said, I personally feel more fed by the singing of sacred music, in other words music that has not only the beauty of tone but has also the honest prayer inherent in the words which accompany the music.

This does not mean that our cells have some kind of intelligence, but rather that the cells of our body are reactive to love and if one is praising the Lord and praying while one is singing I think that comes through whether it be to the congregation or audience that is hearing the piece or to someone in the hospital or just generally.

The key thing being that I do think that it’s very well to realize that our bodies are a separate life form from us. They are second density beings and they react and live as second density beings having given up a great deal in order to make this sacrifice to carry us around while we gather the fears we need to do the work in our incarnation.

People are often quite bitter about the childhoods they’ve had and the fears they’ve picked up but actually I think that that is very valuable and planned carefully ahead of time because we need to learn the lessons that are given us by the particular kind of fears that we have retained from the portion of our childhood in which we are helpless to do anything about our situations and our environment. There is a good deal of control—the control issue between parent and child and I think that’s why you have the terrible twos of “no, no, no.” My first complete sentence which was at about the age of nine months was “Put me down!” I wanted my own autonomy very badly, obviously.

I think this will get to you by the end of October and if not I’m sure you’ll leave a forwarding address. The place that you are in Cornwall is the place that has long been linked in my mind with both the blustery conditions of weather and Wuthering Heights and Tristan and Isolde, that kind of thing. It sounds just lovely.

We are lucky enough to have a very park-like atmosphere where we live. We are in a sort of enclave and fairyland, as I call it. It was an old village that incorporated a city before Louisville started gobbling up the environment around it for tax purposes. So we do have a place where there are rules, if you have a big house you have to have a big yard, basically. It’s a pretty high rent district—we are probably the owners of the cheapest house in the neighborhood.

But again, even though it’s just a two story bungalow, it has a little over ¾ of an acre which Jim is turning into a wonder. I call it the Magic Kingdom because he has built it with stone in so many ways and had so many different kinds of gardens put it. It’s just fascinating to me. I’m a city gal and I had not come into contact with the miracle of growth, of seeds blossoming and becoming beautiful and giving fruit. I have found this to be absolutely wonderful.

The best response I can give it with my limitations is to go outside and sing to the plants and oddly enough, it does seem to help the plants and makes everything taste better. You might give that one a try if either of you likes to sing. It’s a wonderful thing that not only feeds you but feeds the environment.

You have a wonderful English gentleman’s wardrobe for your use. How lucky you are that you’re both the same size—you and your lessor.

Okay, as to the summary, I think it’s probably the best one that I’ve seen so far. In your first paragraph—I’m taking it for granted that this is a printout of which you have as many copies as you want to make so I’m not sending it back. Correct me if I’m wrong and we’ll dig it out of the box we put all of the stuff we’ve answered into.

Let me correct a couple of wrong facts in the second paragraph of page 1. We are in Louisville, Kentucky, and the entity does not call itself Ra, it calls themselves Ra. They are a social memory complex.

Perhaps this isn’t at all important in terms of your making a quick, easily read summary of the Law of One, but there are many trance states. I have not done any research into what kinds of levels of trance state that there are but I think that we all experience mild trance states under certain conditions. It depends on what people are moved by internally, and by the persistence with which they put themselves in a position to be moved this way.

I really appreciate where you say “which appears to come from a source distinct from this person.” I think it’s very important that people realize there’s nothing to prove here—that there are no axes to grind. If that came out of me at some deep level of my beingness, then fine. I’m looking at the information and the information strikes me as being the only self-consistent cosmology that I have seen so far. Not that I have sought out each and every one, but it is true insofar as I know.

You might go through, by the way, if you want to be old fashioned about your grammar, and note when you’re using a noun as an adjective, as part of an adjective, as in “service to self person,” because as an adjective, it would be hyphenated: “service-to-self,” whereas if you’re using it as a noun: “This person is interested in service to himself,” that would not be necessary.

I’m working with a PhD mathematician on this “one plus one,” and what I’m interested in most. I suppose is the mystery of the zero. Just a thought. I believe that there’s a good deal to be learned about things by gazing at zero, and allowing one’s self to, much as a philosopher used to feel parts of the elephant to describe the elephant instead of looking at the elephant, I think zeros are our way of sort of feeling our way around the concept of infinity. Probably the mathematics and physics of the time/space metaphysical part of this illusion has to do in some way with a coherent grasp of the elephant this zero is expressing, as we blindly touch the circumference of this thing which is actually not infinity, but something else, some kind of tool to work with which none of us has the comprehension at this point to do.

Unfortunately I was not encouraged to take any science when I was in school and although I have the ability to think logically I do not have the experience, the study, the confidence in the sciences to do any more than to pass along concepts that come to me, which might sort of serve as a beginning for someone with a much greater capacity for thought in this particular way than I.

On page 2 in the first paragraph you state “remembering our larger identity … completion of this task, so most of us have suppressed this knowledge.” I think this is probably a misleading statement. We choose to come here and know ahead of time that the veil of forgetting will drop but I don’t think that it is necessarily so, as a matter of fact, I do not think it is so, and this is only my opinion, that the veil of forgetting needs to continue to be let down. I think that that which lies beyond the veil, the subconscious, the deep mind, is more or less like a virgin to be wooed and courted and to be treated with extreme tenderness as opposed to looting it for information as fast as possible.

I simply state this because it could be a source of confusion for your readers. The beginning must be complete forgetting, but I think as one continues on persistently and systematically in a path of service and a path of loving, subjectively interesting things happen to a person that is going through this which create less and less of a veil and more and more of a confidence in our deep mind.

So I don’t think we suppress the knowledge, I think we forget the knowledge and when we have, as a being, gotten to the place where we want to know what the truth is, we begin a certain kind of search. We may or may not know that it is spiritual or that it has to do with spiritual evolution, it is simply a kind of instinct that is inborn in us and we don’t come across it until we’ve done a certain amount of the shaking loose of the shackles of conventional wisdom.

I think at that point the information does not need to be suppressed. I think there are two points to make here. First, we did not come into this incarnation in order to practice discarnate skills. We came here to engage ourselves with the societal, planetary consciousness, but when the information is right for us, we will more or less remember it, and it is not that it has been suppressed, it’s simply that it awaits a sincere and honest reaching for it. Seek and ye shall find, is basically what I’m trying to say.

I think that you are very sensitive and accurate in noting that Ra did say their identity, “I am Ra,” at the beginning of each answer. It was probably Ra’s way of keeping that very fine line of communication open. My not being a scholar, although being very intelligent, but being a person that moves through intuition and heart feelings was very helpful for this contact, because I really don’t care much about what people think of me. I care very much if I’ve hurt someone and do my best to redress that.

But other than that, I’m pretty autonomous. I know I’m here to love people and whether they love me back or not is relatively irrelevant though I have totally human feelings and am very capable of feeling rejected or unhappy in some way, it really doesn’t show up in my behavior.

Your discussion about freewill is clear and I appreciate the economy with which you address it. It is right on. Now on #5 on page 2, you’re talking about doing various things, using various devices to make the communications more extensive or more accurate.

I believe for each instrument, or receiver, the paraphernalia would be various. That is, idiosyncratic to the receiver. The reason these things worked for me, is that I’ve been attending the Episcopalian Church since the cradle and in the their choirs ever since I was old enough to be able to keep the hymn book open and that was the age of 4.

I simply have soaked up so much of the accoutrements of that white magic ritual, the Eucharist, that it fed me. It undoubtedly would fail to feed almost anybody else and this needs to be addressed, if only in a single sentence, because otherwise you’re going to find people lighting candles and incense and stuff and nothing is happening. It’s a matter of knowing what really does feed you, I think, and apparently those of Ra were familiar enough with what fed me to put me in that situation. I would not say that it would do the same thing to someone else.

A small point, but in actuality if your books are read by many it could save them a lot of trouble if you simply said “This worked for this receiver, but each receiver must be able to find the center of its own system of faith.” I was able to stay in the Episcopalian Church because I had priests who were mystics at each juncture of my life when I was about to leave the church because I couldn’t believe that the Virgin Mary was a virgin.

I told that to a spiritual adviser and he said, “You know, I’ve had a lot of trouble with that myself.” My chin dropped because the man was a Bishop, and I said “Well, how do you say the creed?” He said, “In hope.”

So I have had that kind of support and the support of this as a lay ministry to the church ever since I began and I think this is has been very helpful in allowing me to relax and move into the state of mind which is faithful and I do have a strong tendency towards purity in terms of keeping promises and being a real straight arrow.

I appreciated your discussion of the awkward word, #6 on page 2, also very concise, and I think that’s about as much as a person can say about that material was that as you inferred, words do not deal with non-physical things. We create words so that we can talk about things that have an objective reference or in general, a quantity of something in one way or another.

Whereas, what we are attempting in spiritual seeking is not linear, it cannot be held within words, it is in terms of concepts, concepts being infinite, and the best thing that a receiver can do under those conditions is simply to cobble up the best fence that she or he can around this area where this illimitable concept is so that people have some entry into that which is lying between the lines between the words.

But I think that you caught very carefully and very correctly that Ra was not involved in double talk for the sake of seeming different or interesting, but was involved in attempting to put nuances into prose. The nuances that one gets from singing or from poetry or from the kind of prose that attempts to take one beyond the characters to express some stance that is within the book and not coming from the person telling the story in the book.

The power of the first quotation on page 3 is profound. It is a concept which the mind is not capable of enclosing. It is capable of seeing intellectually, the logic of it, but usually the mind, being a bio-computer which is involved with this second density creature, gets rather poll axed by the idea, “In truth, there is no right or wrong.” I’m not saying this because I think that you should change this, obviously you can’t change a quotation. But perhaps you could speak a little bit more to that concept right off, before you go into more explanation, or simply say this is a startling statement and seemingly untrue on the surface level, but there are deeper levels which come into play, and a deeper truth.

Please use the word “truth” as though there was one. Actually, I think there are truths, some of which last for a short time, some of which last for a long time, some of which are deep enough to create a center, a truth of yourself, from which you can begin to polarize as a magical being.

In your third paragraph you mention that the message in itself is not new, and that much of what is presented in the Law of One reminds one of other spiritual conditions. My only correction in that would be that probably all of what is presented is not new, not that I’ve read everything, as I say, I enjoy reading but I don’t claim to be a scholar, so that I can’t say definitely all of this material has shown up somewhere else, but just not in this form.

But my guess is that it is all, rather than just the majority. That there is probably nothing new under the sun.

In your last paragraph on page 3 you can just eliminate the “himself/herself” and say “themselves.” Ra describes themselves because it is a social memory complex. It undoubtedly has both male and female in that but I think the point of being a messenger to the Law of One is that the entity has achieved a sense of oneness which has enabled the entity to teach this. A teacher (I think Ra said) who is teaching what he is not living, is in for it.

Interestingly enough, I have not read the Course in Miracles.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Someone was really hoping I would read Walter Russell, and I simply could not promise to do that and asked that person not to send it because I couldn’t promise to read it right away. At this point, I have almost died twice this year so I’m dealing with a really interesting situation, the pain of arthritis and lupis which is pretty far advanced. Most of the Rheumatoid has burned itself out so that the joints are just rubbing bone on bone. I do have some new arthritis swelling, largely because in the hospital when they were working on the G.I. tract, they took me off any medication which was irritating my stomach—all the anti-inflammatory stuff, the stuff I normally take was in that category.

It’s better to have a pulse and be uncomfortable than to hang on to your pills and leave the incarnation. It would not seem to me to be a good choice so I really don’t begrudge becoming more limited. The limitation has a twist or turn to it that I did not expect and that is that I don’t know the time when the universe has been as spacious as it has been with me being almost unable to do any exercise at all.

I have tried to read the Seth Material two or three times because people have enjoyed it so much and it’s very interesting to me that I, who am usually a very alert person, although perhaps not alert to the reality that’s going on around me, I fall asleep before the end of the first page and I have that same reaction to Casey and my guess is that I’m just not supposed to be looking at that material. I certainly could be wrong, but that’s what it appears.

In the sixth paragraph of page 4, it may be something for you to think about although I don’t feel strongly enough about it to say “Let’s do this.” You say “We exist in space/time, while Ra exists in space,” I believe that Ra exists in time/space, that’s part of our illusion which time/space is part of but I also believe that Ra exists outside of space, because space/time and time/space are a local configuration of balances of energy fields.

This, as I said, may have no bearing on this paper because it gets into concepts that are a bit complex for a summary such as yours.

In the next paragraph about the harvest, I believe Ra said that the harvest was a process which would take about a generation and a half and Ra described a generation in the beginning as 900 years, or 1,000, a millennium. I feel there is enough ambiguity about the period of harvest that it is well not to give out a specific time. One of the reasons for that being people’s hunger for specifics which really draw them away from the study of spiritual principles and resources which may be helpful for them; certainly far more helpful than wondering if the earth is going to jump on its axis in the year 2011, like the Mayan calendar would suggest.

Ra, themselves, suggested that 2011 was a watershed type year. I do think it is a process rather than an event and there is good deal of time yet to go before the third density is completely phased out, in the course of which heaven only knows what we’re going to do to our poor planet.

In your discussion of density, my feeling is that you, yourself, might consider from your perhaps more informed point of view my hunch, which is that density means how much of the infinite light or prana of the Creator one is able to use, and each density, therefore, is more full of a coherent light that can be used as a tool in manifestation.

That comment also is not suggested to you because I would want you to change that but perhaps if you thought about it for a while you might want to add a sentence or phrase it in a different way.

On page 5 the discussion of polarity is very good although it is perhaps lacking in something that the intellectual mind can grasp having to do with what precisely “service to others” is, as opposed to “service to self.” I cannot tell you how many letters I get from people who are very concerned because they think of their own inner work as service to self—to meditate, to pray, to take time to do whatever it is they do in order to center themselves.

But certainly you have a fairly elegant description of polarity which is quite lucid and were I to suggest anything, it would simply be the addition of precisely what polarity involves. It is not “service to self” for instance to be working on your own spiritual evolution. That’s part of what makes one able to carry the energies of service to others in a stable way.

I enjoyed the last sentence having to do with “beings of the negative path being converts to sixth density.” They really don’t have a lot of choice. It’s either stop where they are and not evolve anymore which is unacceptable to us all, or switch polarities. And as you see on earth, when someone is being introduced to something that really works for that person, it is almost as if the convert were more focused on that truth, that process, that church, that whatever, than people who were raised believing something. There is, for instance, no more fervent Christian than the converted Christian because that entity has found a way which brings it into a more immediate experience of the Creator or of a higher being.

Your next paragraph was about catalyst and again, I appreciate your ability to be very economical and yet be very clear in what you have to say. But although it may well be true that the primary source of catalyst is other selves, I think it is misleading to state that in that way for the reason that each person has a different way of producing it’s own catalyst because of the way it thinks of itself so that it is not the other selves catalyst that is primary.

I would say that the person’s attitude up to the point where it meets its catalyst is primary because each person will view that same catalyst in a different way and there is so much judgment inherent in our way of doing things in this culture that one might feel, “Well, I should take something this way or that way because of what I’ve read,” and so forth. There’s some danger there. I would back off from saying that the primary source of catalyst is other selves, but would be more likely to encourage the statement that “We bring some biases into this life.”

We experience fears during our childhood when we’re helpless so each of us has catalyst which may be brought about by ourselves and our own lack of self-esteem or some other quality within ourselves, or it may well be other selves. But I honestly think that probably the greatest catalyst that “good people” have in this density is themselves. The great difficulty we have in loving ourselves without stint is simply due to the fact that we see our seeming imperfections. To use an old country phrase of Kentucky, “We see ourselves warts and all.”

And if we forgive and forgive and forgive everyone in our lives it is most often true that the person that we have not forgiven is ourselves. And it is just as important—as a matter of fact I think it’s more important that we do—to gain that feeling of centered selfhood which allows us to create the reactions, to some degree to catalyst.

So I think you were just a touch simplistic here but since I rattle on that could simply be my bias. I don’t say these things to you in an authoritarian manner.

On page 5 still, the third paragraph from the bottom where you’re talking about the lessons to be learned, I think that it is well to say that the lessons are always about love and almost always include lessons in patience, tolerance and the ability for the light touch.

The problem with that suggestion is, of course, I think of love as a fiery power which can destroy as well as create and which does do both with infinite compassion, but love is all that there is. No matter what we’re looking at in ourselves or in other people, we, as 360 degree people are beings that we need to fall in love with to have patience. And I’m not fond of the word “tolerance,” I would say that tolerance to me is a fairly cold word indicating that one is able to fit into the same room with someone else, or to listen to the person speaking even though the person speaking is not a person that you want to hear.

But actually I do think it is a key concept that the lessons are all about love in this density.

Your discussion of the Law of Confusion and the Law of Forgetting is very lucid and I appreciate your ability to write. The concept of freewill—the reason for the Law of Confusion, in other words that we must take our first leap of faith and enter into a path of spiritual evolution which is accelerated, has to be done completely blind, is a very important point. The reason that the Law of Confusion and the Law of Forgetting exists is because we must make this choice in third density with complete freewill.

In terms of wanderers, there are a couple of things I would say about that. When you speak about a wanderer forgetting its larger identity and thus its mission, I think that if I were writing it I would include the concept that no matter what density one came from, when one immigrates to this particular rock, one does take on the responsibilities of third density living, and that there may well be the lack of a person’s finding an active path of service, which is helpful in terms of your and other people’s feelings about what you are doing.

However, I think that we also come with our own agenda and a good part of our lives is coming to terms with that agenda so that there is not just our coming here as benevolent beings that are going to help with the harvest, which is true, but there is also the fact that we are also bozos who are stubbing our clay toes quite often in this very relativistic universe in which we find ourselves.

I especially find it difficult to gaze at politics or economics because of the fact that in those two places as well as in religion, it is most clear that ideology is completely without the opportunity to become perfect in this density.

Leaving wanderers to think “Oh, I’m a wanderer and therefore I have a larger identity and a mission to perform,” may well be true but it also may well be that this particular wanderer has not done the unlocking that is necessary to have the full flow of prana or life energy or limitless light into the heart so that one can do work which would completely burn out a person who was relying on his own abilities to love, to understand, to console, to shed light.

We are the people that we were before we came here deep within ourselves and we are doing the work we are supposed to do but we are capable, very capable as wanderers of finding ourselves attempting to be of service to others before we have fallen in love with ourselves. The word “redemption” is a word which has heavy and negative emotional connotations and so I talk a lot about “self-forgiveness” but it’s basically the same concept.

I think if a relationship has one thing it teaches (if that relationship is successful) that one is perfectly capable of loving another “warts and all.”

Now as to wanderers typically coming from fifth or sixth density social memory complexes, I’m not a scholar but my impression was that there were many fourth density social memory complexes which are working with earth at this time and actually it was in the fifth density that some would refrain from coming because they are studying wisdom and realize how much there is to lose if they did indeed forget and get trapped in a unbalanced relationship or process of mind formation of one kind or another. So I would include fourth, as well as the fifth and sixth.

This discussion about the Law of One and the distortions that come from it, I think is very helpful, because there are a lot of people that are used to having some kind of structure that the Law of One does not give. The Law of One explains why you have to make a free choice.

While it is not specific in the Ra Material and only my opinion, I think where most entities go wrong is in feeling that once they have made the choice to polarize for good that each further polarization towards service to others will simply be doubled.

I think that there is a nuance here that is central and that is if people choose to be a service-to-others person, choose to live a life of servanthood, but then the next choice is service to self and then the next choice is service to others, and so forth, I think that we can not only polarize but can also depolarize and that perhaps is a statement that may belong in here if you think that is a valid one.

When you say “Those on the path of service to others find love, emotional support, openness and honesty and integrity to be of the highest value,” I think that the concept of compassion, again, is a strong word and a word that has a specific meaning, not just the way people think of it but also by its etymology, that we are learning to be a social memory complex by being with other people and their feelings.

I also think that it is a time bomb which is set to go off with anybody if you put information like this in an entity’s hand and the entity is of a certain nature, that entity will undoubtedly become evangelistic which is specifically not suggested by those of Ra.

On the last paragraph on page 8, I would prefer the term “psychic greeting,” but that is your choice. The concept of “psychic attack” is confrontational and leads one towards the type of hymn that sees us as “soldiers of the cross,” and we may indeed be soldiers. As a matter of fact, I think the concept of the warrior is important here because the warrior on the path of peace and love could well perish because of it, Gandhi being a dandy example of that sort of thing. Otherwise, I think that’s very clear.

It’s very helpful when talking about handling negative entities to give a very large perspective on the Deity. It doesn’t matter if you call the Deity “God,” “Krishna,” “Jehovah,” but it could also be the bedpost, George, anything, it’s whatever pulls to you that ever closer intersection between time and eternity. So I am questioning here the wisdom of expressing the various names of the one Creator, because one can never mention all of them, but I would probably go more towards “the one great original Thought,” “the infinite Creator,” “infinite intelligence,” “great Mind,” looking for a word which would include all the others generically, and give the person the freedom to realize that this person has a choice to make, has a number of paths, and is also capable of making up his or her own private myth.

I think we all make up our own personal myths as we live anyway. I find that to be true, at least for me and there is as much or more truth in the warped or distorted memory for us in our learning process as there is in the objectively observed process.

In the fourth paragraph I think the term “gullibility” could well be used, the wanderer being less distorted toward deviousness. It is gullible. Now you say it fairly clearly, “It often does not recognize as easily as a more negative individual the negative nature of thoughts or being,” but I think if one states the value of being a gullible person in spite of the fact that it gets you in hot water again and again, it might be helpful.

I thought it was a good suggestion to ask for protection and you might work a little bit on thinking about how you would say to someone in answer to the question, “Well, what is protection, and how do you suggest I go about it.” We both know there is a supermarket full of ways to go about it but there are certain things that protections have in common and it leads into a very difficult field to talk about. This is the unique position that we have in this particular density of being rained upon, shall we say, by many cosmic influences including the planets in all their courses and all the stars, biorhythms, lots of things, so that it might be addressed a bit as to how to ask for protection in words that do not bring a person to some kind of emotional rejection of what you’re saying. Good luck with that, by the way.

I thought that your discussion about harvest was very clear; in the discussion of fourth density, pretty clear. I think it may be misleading to say that fourth density is not physical as we know it. I think it might be more clear to state that in fourth density while we do have physical bodies, the makeup of these physical bodies is more full of light. The difference is simply saying that people in fourth density don’t have the kind of bodies we have here and so there is no possibility of deception or deceit, that’s true, but could be misleading unless you take that word “physical” and think about it, think about what physical means to us.

Physical means to us “subject to the law of physics,” I guess, basically, and there is another local kind of physics in each density.

On page 11, you were talking about “becoming” a social memory complex. You’re saying “It is this ability to know oneself and others intimately and without distortion, combined with a strong orientation towards harmony that allows the formation of the social memory complex.”

The suggestion that I would have as you say this, is that in third density although it is not possible to truly know oneself or another without distortion, the polarization is a strong orientation towards harmony and it is a primary central part of our lesson to learn to become the human family, to allow intimacy and openness, to be unafraid, and this always will have distortion in third density However, it is very much what we are attempting to do as we polarize, and I think that the key word there is faith. As we look at ourselves, we have the faith that we are not what we seem, as we look at other people then we are able to have that same kind of faith.

As Jesus said, “Love the Lord, thy God, and love your neighbor as yourself.” So you have to have a large amount of faith and a large ability to forgive yourself for subjectively incorrect or erroneous action or inaction. At the point that we can do that for ourselves we find it easier and easier to blend into people and cross the boundaries of the magnetic field of each consciousness, which strengthens harmony, without the knowing of everything, or anything.

The possibilities in late third density are very strong for a very good learning situation for people who are attempting to become social memory complexes. I rather have always had the feeling that the mated relationship was so instinctive to us, not simply because of the needs of the second density creature which needs to propagate the species, but it is a bait by which one is lured into what seems to be a trap wherein one has to get along with someone else.

It is important to know oneself intimately and without distortion in fourth density but it is also important in third density …

[Side two of tape ends.]

I think I’ve finished saying what I need to say about the central place that faith has in third density because we can work in the mated relationship and in larger relationships—Don, Jim and me, for instance, that threesome was as harmonious as I ever experienced any twosome.

I think in this third density we are sort of practicing through the mated relationships and through friendships that go very deep, we are practicing the disciplines of the personality which allow each person freewill to think what he thinks, and act the way he acts and still be loved, even if the person has done something that he or she considers unacceptable. The job of the person with faith is to say “I accept this. I accept you as a 360 degree being. I accept that this happened. I forgive that this happened,” and so forth. Largely the person that needs to do this is the self.

I didn’t know Bly Bond, sounds like good material. I’ll write down these books figuring that at some point I won’t be able to do work but I will be able to read and so I am grateful for the reference.

In preparing for harvest I feel that you were completely successful and I wouldn’t change any of it. I especially liked the paragraph where you say, “Implied in this is the concept that it is not necessary for an individual to consciously know/understand the Law of One to be harvestable. The information presented here can be useful in this process, but is not necessary.” Too much attempt to impose these ideas on oneself is not only useless but counterproductive.

I truly appreciate this point and I really think it is very good that you put this in. Good job all around. You might even talk a little bit about refraining from evangelism because it is not something one does. When one is asked, one may speak, but a person really does need to come to you and ask, otherwise I do think it is an infringement. Not putting a book out in a store, but talking to a person face to face.

The reason that it’s so bad to attempt to put those ideas on oneself is, as I said before, that we all have work to do in balancing our feelings about life support, fight or flight, sex, eating, that kind of thing, our relationship to ourself, our relationship with other people, our relationship with groups that we work in—environments, such as work, the state, the country, the whatever.

So we really need to respect, as a kind of Eucharist, the clear expression of each energy, including the red ray energy. So many people get stuck on the fact that human passion, sexual passion is not a particularly big item in the book of what to do next, yet it is my opinion that until we come to terms with our sexuality, come to rejoice in it, whether we make love or are celibate is irrelevant to how we feel about our bodies and about their sexual feelings.

Expressing this in some way at some point would be helpful to people in that they could see the near impossibility of doing service to others in a way which will not wear out. Because if there are these blockages, and women especially, have a really strong blockage sometimes toward passion in a sexual sense because of childhood upbringing, they are trying to do work at higher levels and they’re not getting enough gas and the poor old spiritual vehicle is sputtering.

You fill yourself up by hollowing yourself out, by making yourself more and more empty so that the spontaneous and infinite love can come through you and you don’t wipe yourself out just simply attempting to help other people, or yourself.

As you were talking about yourself, of course, that’s the main point, but it is also a reason not to try to teach other people unless they come to you. We really can’t judge ourselves, we can only experience ourselves and then watch that and say, “Oh, here’s anger again, I wonder how long it’s going to stay. Oh, that’s interesting, there it went. I’m not angry now.” It’s not a refusal to deal with the situation, the situation needs to be experienced in the fullest manner possible and with a great deal of intensity. At the same time, there is no need for the person’s observer self to run away and hide while this is happening.

The observer is not to interfere with the experiences, the emotions, the reactions that are happening, it merely is to observe, it isn’t to change. But this capacity of self-observation is very helpful.

All in all, I really think it is a great job and I truly wish you to have whatever more that you wish to add to this, I encourage you to do it. I’ve seen quite a few attempts to boil the Law of One down into some sort of tea and for the most part, the tea has been off.

In your case, my basic feeling is that you are hitting closer to being able to put the Law of One material into a more sensible form to people who don’t like to read, than anyone I’ve seen yet so I do encourage you.

Last note: In the Bibliography you might want to note that the title “The Ra Material” was specifically not selected by Ra. He only asked for the title to be “The Law of One,” didn’t even want any credit, and finally we got Ra to accept that they could be called “by Ra, a humble messenger of the Law of One.” We were very fortunate in that the book has become a kind of classic and our original publisher was the kind of publisher who would change the title to “The Ra Material” to try to ride on the coattails of “The Seth Material,” but the whole thing is not something that I would have preferred.

Luckily, Whitford is third generation family owned, Mom-and-Pop type publishing company and it makes its money by buying up from other publishers that which they have found to be a classic within its field and if that classic proves itself out then they are willing to consider other projects by that same author. So they are truly an author’s publisher and we feel very, very fortunate that they were so impressed by our stuff. We will soon run out of those big blue books in Vol. II, III, and IV and only have the four volumes that will all be the same design as “The Ra Material, an Ancient Astronaut.”

It is now entitled “The Law of One, Book I,” and they’ve splashed “The Ra Material” fairly largely across the cover of the book. They intend to sort of lean people into realizing that The Ra Material is “The Law of One, Book I,” and we just feel tremendously grateful to them.

We had absolutely no idea what we were doing when we signed on with the first Donning Publications, an American Publisher, to do the first book. We had no idea we were signing away our rights to have the title our way. The only thing we had control over was that specifically written in the contract not one word was to be changed.

Okay, I think that probably does it, as I’m looking at the end here. Thank you very much for your comments and please do not feel that you have to be interested in me. I’m just the receiver, or whatever you want to call me, of this and other materials. I’m working at this point with an entity which calls itself Q’uo and it is coming out with some information which is helpful, I think to people to whom the Ra Material would be inaccessible. Not that it is “Simple Simon,” but that it is good material in a more conventional English usage.

In addition to that, we have three other projects going right now. We’re dubbing some tapes to make a commuter collection because so many people really can’t read, as Peter Sellers said in that really great movie. They drive though, or they’re on the train, they’re commuting and they can always stick it in their ear and listen so we’re hoping to start out with maybe a dozen tapes and see where that leads us.

We also have an unpublished but finished Book of Days which comes from my several years of working on my own tuning and channeling processes because I wanted to get better than I was. I simply felt that once I had gotten that contact that I should release that power back to the universe in some sort of thought, and Jim liked them and simply started recording them. They then became part of our morning meditation, and we even have a wonderful reader, JW, who has been doing line drawings for each and every day so I think it might be a very nice project.

Then last, but certainly not least, is a fascinating and ongoing project wherein a stone deaf woman (she was hurt in an accident—she absolutely cannot hear) can hear Aaron talking to her. She stopped some sort of projectile aimed at this man (Aaron) several lifetimes ago, according to his personal myth, and Aaron has made the decision to stay with Barbara until she, too, achieves realization. Very Buddhist. We’ve only had one weekend but produced quite a large amount of material—we had five sessions in two days, all of them about two hours long.

We expected it to be all over the place because we didn’t really know where to start. But we ask what the most unambiguously central question was to all of those present when we did the first session and it boiled down to having a fear about something. So it turned out that all of those sessions revolved in many, many different ways around the subject of fear.

I think it’s really good material for a beginner. Aaron is really down to earth, very Buddhist, simple to understand, makes a great point in that Q’uo is sort of vaguely Christian, vaguely. It answers the challenge anyway, whereas Aaron is specifically and up front without any vagueness at all, a Buddhist teacher, and it’s wonderful fun and it was just exactly what I expected to see that Aaron and Q’uo were really getting off on working together, just loved it, and of course I love working with Barbara.

And I think the point is being made that it is not necessary for either one way to be the truth and the others not to be, that’s not necessary. The truths are there in any religion, you simply have to dig down past the rubble of people who’ve been throwing stones at the religion ever since it started, having to do with private human or mundane agendas.

It’s also interesting, I think, for people to see two channels who like to work together and who do not feel threatened by “who’s the better channel.” That would never occur to Barbara or me—we’re just doing this together to see if we can be of service. I think once finished it will be a fine project and will see the light of day at some point. I’m not too concerned about that. Time is plastic in that I think when the time has come for some material to come forth, it will come forth. It may not come forth from L/L, but somebody will have it covered.

As to my difficulties, I realize that there may be some curiosity about them, but it’s nothing interesting. My G.I. tract has always been real weak and at this point it is refusing either to accept food or to eliminate it and I look about four months pregnant without having any swelling on any other part of my body. So it took six years for doctors to diagnose that I had a gall bladder problem because they were looking for stones and instead it was just a mass of infection. It is my guess that at the end of this period of severe discomfort a diagnosis will be made and I will find some relief.

I hope it happens before I pass from this illusion because I really am having a ball. My universe truly is spacious, I get to talk to you and many others about what’s happening in their lives and what they are doing to be of service and I’ve just never been more fascinated by life. My only problem is that I occasionally get really, really tired of people having to do things for me because I spent all of my early life, up to about the age of 30, doing for other people and that’s what I wanted to do.

It’s really hard, much harder than you’d think, to accept service from other people. You don’t want to put people out. It’s an instinct. I feel very uncomfortable about it though much less so now than I used to because so many people have told me that it is a blessing to help me out—for giving them a chance to be of service to others. Which makes perfect sense. It’s just that it’s not that easy to grasp if you’re really oriented towards doing for other people.

But it’s a lesson that I need obviously and I will sit with it until it comes into balance for me. It has not yet.

As to your project, I truly wish you light on your path and that your service may come to fruition. It sounds like a goodly deed. I wish you much love and light. God Bless for now. The boring one is signing off.

With all love, and believe me, you do not need to find me interesting, I find you interesting. Carry on, Cheerio.