Light/Lines: The First Twenty-Five Years

This large volume had its unpretentious start in 1962, when Professor Donald Tully Elkins of Speed Scientific School, a researcher into the paranormal, found Walt Rogers’ Brown Notebook and decided to produce an experiment in creating extraterrestrial communications.

Elkins had been researching in the area of UFO contactees for seven years when he found Rogers’ little notebook of recorded extraterrestrial messages allegedly received from a group called The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. When he read the simple directions for creating more of these contactee messages, he felt that it was an experiment worth doing. He selected a dozen of his best engineering and physics students and asked them to join in the experiment. I, a friend of one of these students, and a 19-year-old college student “across the street” at the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Louisville, asked if I could join the group.

In January of 1962 we commenced this experiment, which consisted of gathering together once a week for an evening of silent meditation. Within six months, most of the members of the meditation group had begun receiving telepathic communications. The messages were quite similar to the messages received by Walt Rogers and his group in Detroit, Michigan.

The experiment continued through the decades as the original group at first swelled to over a hundred members and then gradually almost died out. I became a channel, at Elkins’ request, in 1974, at a point when the original channels had moved away and the experiment was close to being forced to an end.

As I practiced channeling, the messages I received became longer and more eloquent. However, it wasn’t until 1975 that Elkins felt the experiment had come of age and was worthy of being archived, at which time he began recording my work on audio cassette tapes.

In 1980 Elkins and I joined forces with another researcher, James Allen McCarty, to form a 501 (c) (3) charity to support this work. We gave it the publishing name of L/L Research, since we had already published a book, Secrets of the UFO, using that name. It is a “doing-business-as” name and is the publishing arm of The Rock Creek Research and Development Labs, Inc., our official name, the name which the IRS knows and to which it granted non-profit status.

By the spring of 1982, when L/L Research published its first newsletter, which we called Light/Lines, our work had become better known. We had published some of our channeling in books which later became republished under the title, The Ra Material. These modest volumes were originally titled, simply, The Law of One. Our readers wanted to keep up with our work, and the newsletter was a response to this demand.

At times, the sessions contained channeling by a circle of channels, especially in the early years. In more recent years, the number of channels dwindled to two, Jim McCarty and myself, and then to only me. However, the voice of the Confederation has remained quite consistent, no matter who the channels are.

As I write this introduction in the summer of 2009, L/L Research’s experiment continues. We inaugurated the first Channeling Circle in two decades two years ago to develop new channels, and hope that we may continue to produce these contactee messages for some years to come.

Reading through this volume is a quick way to see how the channeling has developed through the years, as the issues of Light/Lines always contain either portions of several sessions or one session, whether abridged or complete. Twenty-five years have passed, yet the message remains the same. What is amazing to me is how varied and interesting the sessions are, as the Confederation seeks to tell its story of unity and unconditional love.

We at L/L Research hope that you will enjoy this collection. Carla L. Rueckert July 4, 2009

Light/Lines: The First Twenty-Five Years