All, Carla has asked for your understanding in her decision to take a small break from the Saturday chats that she hosts.

Many of you are aware that she has been suffering from nerve pain in her arm, which causes her pain when she types for a period of time. For those of you who haven’t heard, Carla is also undergoing surgery and will have a busy schedule with family and public speaking during the next couple of months.

Carla would like everyone to know that despite her health challenges and busy schedule, there are some ideas in the works to allow her to continue participating in the chats without having to type. I’ll post another update when she is ready to try again.

Please consider sending your love to Carla, as she appreciates the love that comes in, and remarks that she responds well to it. If you have any questions about the Saturday chats, please feel free to send Gary (Bring4th_GLB) or me, Steve, (Bring4th_Steve) a private message.

Much love, The Bring4th Admin Team