All that one enjoys about L/L Research, its two websites, its massive library of spiritually delicious information, its forums, its chats, its invaluable diamonds available at the affordable price of free, its workshops, its function as a center for like-hearted seekers, its admin hired to serve your needs, and what amounts to the crème de la crème of crème – is all possible thanks to the volunteers who so graciously offer their time and energy and the donors who so generously offer the green stuff.

L/L Research wishes to acknowledge and celebrate the larger community that keeps the lights on in this lighthouse and the windows free of debris, for shining without impediment out into the open sea, where those seeking navigational assistance may find their family.

We have created a thank you page to honor each who donated and/or volunteered in 2009. Please feel free to open the Donor and the Volunteer Roster in the attached files.

If you volunteered your time or energy to L/L Research in 2009 and do not see your name, please let us know and we will add it to the list.

Thanks to all who have so generously gave of themselves! You are all incredible and we thank you from the bottom of our love and our light.