In 2004, a longtime student of the Law of One material, Tobey Wheelock, had one question: where do the omitted fragments contained within Book V of the Law of One series fit into the first four books of the same series?

Out of that question emerged a labor of pure love on Tobey’s part that endures to the present day and has resulted in the website

Among the many successes achieved in the past eight years, he has created a database of the Law of One material searchable in at least ten different ways, reintegrated the Book V material back into the flow of the 106 sessions, made each Q&A identifiable by number and linked to with its own URL, and (with the help of a few dedicated volunteers) produced the first completely accurate transcript of the Ra Contact’s 106 sessions, among other accomplishments helpful for the spiritual seeker studying the Law of One material.

Along with many of the seekers who use the Law of One material as a source of guidance, L/L Research feels that Tobey’s efforts have created the greatest resource for study of that particular body of philosophy. Thusly it is with great pleasure that we at L/L Research happily announce three new upgrades to the website, including:

Results of the Law of One Relistening Project

An Explanation of the Different Versions of the Law of One books

Expanded search options

The “Results of the Law of One Relistening Project” represents the culmination of years of volunteer effort. It presents an immaculate, exacting record of not only what the Ra transcripts actually contain in their entirety, but also details where and how all the puzzle pieces fit together. It is a thing of beauty.

Jim McCarty was particularly excited about Tobey’s work. Jim encountered material he had never seen, including a sentence in Ra’s response to one of Jim’s questions regarding feeding indigo-ray with the disciplines of the personality.

About the upgrades to the website and everything they represent, Jim has this to say:

Tobey Wheelock’s work in relistening to all of the 106 sessions of the Ra contact has produced a delicious fruit that enriches the experience of every reader of the Law of One. Tobey has done the equivalent of giving us another session of the Ra contact in his relistening project as he has added words and phrases inadvertently omitted from the original transcription. And for that massive scholarly work he deserves the undying gratitude of all readers of the Law of One books. Every new word is a gem giving clarity and focus to material that is unique for its precision with words and the depth of its message.

Having the fragments from Book Five placed back in their original order is another blessing for which we have Tobey to thank. Eventually Tobey’s ultimate goal is to have all sessions relistened to twice and then lightly edited for clarity. The questions as well as answers will all have been corrected for the precise terminology used in the original sessions so that every nuance intended by those of Ra will be available for all readers to consider. All this work is such a blessing and we have Tobey to thank for his constant devotion to the Law of One material and the Ra contact. So, thank you, Tobey for this wonderful work. We are most grateful to you. – James McCarty

If you see this seeker on the street, please give him a big round of applause for this monumental and endlessly helpful contribution to Law of One study. And then ask him why he is wandering the streets in boxer shorts at night so far from home.