We are happy to announce a new addition to the family of forums at Bring4th.org - a sub-forum dedicated to studying what many consider the most difficult, and in some cases impenetrable, topic in the Law of One material: the archetypes of spiritual evolution.

This new sub-forum, rose from the ashes of its predecessor, “Advanced Studies”. The former incarnation has since moved onto greener (or bluer) pastures in densities other than our own. There, advanced-level discussion continues unabated on topics such as, “Why did we the Confederation not see that our teachings would be misused and distorted?”, and “New drinking game: Drink a shot of golden ambrosia every time we tell them to meditate”, and, “Is Charles really in charge?”

The new forum, “The Archetypes of Mind, Body, & Spirit” will be headed by Justlikeyou, a Bring4th member who graciously accepted the invitation to serve as that particular forum’s volunteer coordinator. Justlikeyou created - and will maintain - a master thread containing the Table of Contents for the forum, and will see to the forum’s organization and on-topic-ness.

Many thanks to Justlikeyou for taking on this honor/duty, and many thanks to Plenum for thoroughly combing the forums to identify archetype-related threads that needed to be moved into the new forum, and old Advanced Studies threads that needed to be moved to other homes in the forum.

Please dig in an enjoy the new forum! And no penalty for double-dipping.