From Jim McCarty: Our good friend, Monica Leal, who has hosted the “In the Now” blog talk radio show for many years is retiring from that show. Recent catalyst has given her a clear message that she needs to pare down her schedule and focus on those projects that she needs to do and give up what can be given up. We join all of her listeners in wishing her well. We will miss her quick wit, her adept questioning, and her deep compassion. We do hope to get a new host for the show and perhaps a new night as well. Stay tuned to this site as we will announce all future plans here.

From Carla Rueckert: When Gary, Jim and I conceived of the idea of a radio show to answer questions from our spiritual seekers, Gary suggested Monica for moderator. I knew her only as a compassionate, dedicated, capable, and conscientious moderator of the forums. But I trusted Gary’s judgment and we set it up.

The first show was winging it, with no real idea as to how Monica would do, but I was mightily cheered by her clear voice and her ability to read the intro and outro with feeling and precision.

We decided that I would do an opening riff, just to get the ball rolling. I never expected that she would question what I said, but question she did, following up with concerns about the material and challenging me every step of the way. And I loved it!

Jim came on board fairly quickly, but it was always my show with Monica as moderator and Jim as second banana. Gradually that changed so that Jim and I partnered, Jim answering some questions and I others according to our fields of expertise. Jim is much more of a Ra scholar than I am.

And Monica excelled, stubbornly following up our answers with her concerns and never accepting what was said until she was satisfied. I was nothing less than thrilled. She had become a wonderful voice taking our seeker’s questions and really chewing them over until we all were satisfied. Sometimes we never even got to the questions. Other times there might be one or two that we got to. It was a rollicking, spontaneous conversation that I think fulfilled the needs of our seekers with real excellence.

Eventually Monica’s life took a turn. After considerable catalyst, she realized that she was going to have to simplify her life and take more time for herself. Reluctantly, almost tearfully, she felt she had to bow out. Her contribution was unique and I will never forget the fun we had doing our best really to engage with our seekers’ questions.

After she left last month Jim and I were at a standstill for a while. How could we possibly replace this intelligent and searching voice. We couldn’t! It was as simple as that. And I was losing close contact with a girlfriend that I loved with all my heart. I grieved, yet I wanted her to be well and totally supported her decision.

So the home crew, Gary, Austin, Jim and I, consulted together to retool our format. We were dedicated to continuing with the show because it was driven by the needs of our seekers. Serving those who look to us for clarity and direction had a heartfelt importance to all of us. We conceived the idea of coming on line with al of the home crew, not as Q and A by Carla, but Q and A by the home crew. We all liked that. It resonated. And so we will start again, knowing that we can never replace Monica but that we can continue to serve.

We hope that you enjoy this new format. We hope that you will continue to question, to doubt, and to ask us for new ideas and directions to try. So here we go!

To be of service is utmost for us and we hope that this will serve you. Go to the forums, where there is a thread strictly for the Q and A show. Go to the chat rooms when we are on the air and ask the questions that pop into your mind during discussions. We’ll also look on the forums for the threads of conversation that seem to be open to our contributions. And wish us luck, for again, we are winging it! Let us know how you feel. Tell us how we can be better. Thank you, dear seekers. We love you all. If we can help, it is our greatest joy.

In Love & Light, Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty Jim McCarty