Jim McCarty had been living contentedly alone on his 132-acre piece of wilderness in a log cabin in central Kentucky for some years when late one summer night in 1977, Jim was listening to a radio broadcast out of Lexington, Kentucky, on his battery-powered radio. The program was titled “UFO Awareness Week,” and the two guests were Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert.

Jim was fascinated with the broadcast and wanted to meet the two people he had just heard. Sometime later, members of his food co-op told Jim that they were also members of Don and Carla’s Louisville meditation group, and could take him to a meditation to meet Don and Carla.

The rest, as they say, is history. Events from then on changed the course of not only Jim’s life, but may have had an impact on yours, too.

Jim recently re-discovered a forgotten cassette of this interview stored away in a box - listening to it for the first time in over thirty years - and now we have the joy of sharing the transcript with you!


The audio of the interview will be published soon as well.

Also upcoming are two other (re)discoveries Jim recently made.

  • A 1978 talked titled “Introduction to Metaphysics” given by Don Elkins.
  • A 1976 radio interview that Don and Carla gave to an Elizabethtown, Kentucky radio station.

For those of us at L/L, listening to the recordings was less about the content and more about the persons, Carla, and especially Don. You can hear how much of the framework of the Confederation perspective that Elkins has in place, but how unrefined it is in places relative to what he will learn from Ra.

Most tellingly, in the 1977 interview, Don described how he was “building an ET philosophy” by way of communicating with them through channeling. His objective was, quite simply, to amass data, feeling that its meaning and message, and perhaps even its veracity, would derive from its sheer bulk and consistency.

In this effort he was laying a foundation so that a bridge could be made from our present level of understanding to a beginning understanding of ETs, to an understanding of the service they come to share, to an understanding of a clearer cosmic picture - one from which humanity has become somewhat estranged - and, more fundamentally, an understanding of our selves.

Present-day readers generally know only the Law of One and afterward, but there was a lifetime prior to the golden period of the Ra Contact. So much work, so many years of sustained investigation into the unknown.

It has been personally very fascinating to hear so much of Don’s voice, especially, at times, in a conversational tone, or when cracking occasional dry jokes. We (who did not know Don) felt like we were meeting him for the first time.

Also interesting was the sound of a very youthful Carla, a voice palpably pure, even delicate, but strong with will and faith.

Carla said of her life that she lived two different incarnations, one before Don’s death, and one after. The Carla that so many of us came to know and love was always front and center, playing in the leading role of L/L Research. The Carla in the 1978 and ’77 interviews is a different version, somewhat in the background, serving as a sidekick to Don Elkins.

These are just two humans, of course; two of the infinite and countless faces of the Creator, but two faces personally meaningful for those of us who, like you, have been aided by, and, indeed, love, the light that they brought into this world.